I m in. I m somebody now — Honda Shadow Aero


I'm in! I'm somebody now!

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  • cool ride - you will definitely get the respect you deserve.

  • The lowers are from National Cycle and use the Switchblade windshield mounts. The windshield is off in this pic. And thanks!

  • Enjoy~

Hey does anyone know if you can find nerf bars for the 350x or if you can... — Honda 350x

Hey does anyone know if you can find nerf bars for the 350x, or if you can custom fit a set.

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  • Friggz yeah man! that would look pretty wicked

  • Probably take me awhile.. However, it should be a kick ass build, I can't wait the seat cover should be here tomorrow.

  • Most deff gonna be one badass 350x man gonna coast a nice chunk of cash but it'll deff be worth it in the end

I need a clutch any suggested type had a barrnett it sucked — Honda 350x

I need a clutch any suggested type had a barrnett it sucked

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  • Hinson clutch

  • oem stock is the best for all 3 wheelers, atv's and motorcycles,,,,,,,,, aftermarket clutches are not made with aspestice because they are made in the us, however, when you get stock ones from china they are, same goes with brake pads, thats why stock brake pads out last aftermarket!!!!

  • mine are still stock ,what does that tell ya OEM

Well all in all spent another 150 00 today for the X for parts here s the... — Honda 350x

Well all in all spent another 150.00 today for the X, for parts.... here's the list of what I bought, shorty clutch with perch, shorty brake lever, bars, grips, 400ex speedlinez rear brake line +2, air filter, new spark plug. What I have on order or am biding on, oil cooler, 350x owners manual, 350x custom chain cover as I can't run case saver due to oversized sprocket. I also picked up a shit load of very expensive paint today, including filler primer, and finish primer, and some nice gloss black paint. Oh and some clear finish. Total bill 225.00 Wonderful.

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  • it wil be worth it when it's done when were all droolin' hahaha

  • I'll have over 2200 in the build alone it's crazy total investment will be under 4000 so thats a plus

  • Thanks man your comments keep me going when I want to screAm at myself wtf are you thinking !!!! Hahaha

Hi guys I m looking for a change of exhaust mainly for sound I love the twin... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi guys - I’m looking for a change of exhaust mainly for sound. I love the twin sound but my original cans are a bit quiet. And do i always need to engine work after fitting? I’m looking for a much louder option not just a 5% increase. What would ye recommend??? What are yours like John?(taffy)

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  • The danmoto carbon cans fall to pieces rather rapidly on firestorms according to several that have tried them, the full metal ones, stainless/titanium seem to have a bit more longevity. They also recommend baffles either end of the can if you want them a bit quieter, but loud cans save lives so the saying goes and ear plugs are cheap lol

  • remus grand prix on mine certainly turns heads, after all loud pipes saves lives :-)

  • i can recommend titanium laser hotcam!with out baffle's.....!real nice sound.!

hey guys well i was working on my new 250es and came to a sudden revelation — Honda 350x

hey guys, well i was working on my new 250es and came to a sudden revelation. i think the carbs from the 350x and 250es are identical. maybe im just stupid or a little late on some news lol

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  • 83 200e carb looks a little like the 350x carb, However, you can still see a difference. The 85 carb is WAY different, than both the earlier big red carb and the 350x carb.. I just checked diagrams and pictures of all three. If you looked at one, then went a week later and looked at the other, you would probably notice the similar features, as they're all honda products, which would give the impression, but side by side you can clearly see they're different.

  • Last note, that's not to say you couldn't use a 350x carb on a 250es, perhaps as an upgrade such as the 400ex on the 350. If it is the same carb, then perhaps this is what you have. Otherwise you should see the difference.

  • all i was saying they look identicle, only difference i could see was the choke lever compared to the cable

Ok silly question do the tail lights stay on all the time or only when you put... — Honda Shadow Aero

Ok, silly question, do the tail lights stay on all the time or only when you put the turn signal on? The front turns are on all the tine and blink when the signal is on. My rear are off and blink when signaling...

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  • Is there a way to keep them on like the front?

  • There's a module you can wire in that will flash the rear turn signals when you brake. I'm sure there's other modules.

  • very nice!

Attachment Unavailable — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Looking awesome Mr P! Your bike will look the mutts nutts when all put back together..Don't forget folks, pm me for the guys number if you lot ever want a really great paint job at a very affordable price with no corners cut in the making! He's baed in Hereford. Excellent job! pick up whole fairing kit tomorrow..

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  • His bike was all different shades of yellow when we picked it up last week, so a paint job was always on the cards but it is all finished now and pick it up tomorrow!!

  • That's OK glad to be a friend anyway....you sure love your VTR and that's OK by me.....thanks.

  • I do, a lot! these are VTR number 2 for both of us..Mine is fantastic but hubbys gonna look mental tomorrow when put back together! Can't wait to photo them both side by side lol..Thought my paint job looked menta when I bought my bikel, but his is gonna look brilliant..I've got the guys number to pass on to anyone wanting theirs done :-)

this 350X is so sooo SAAWEEET — Honda 350x

this 350X is so sooo SAAWEEET!!!

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  • Na I backed out, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that... I did pick up a 85 350x owners manual to go along with it, I got a few parts. Front fender, fork boots, shrouds, front rim/tire, carb, graphics kit/seat cover.. have new set of rear plastics that need to match the paint on. need a bunch more, but don't want to get in over my head get the major overhaul done and then work on it from there.

  • biggest is new pipe, bars, found a set of black shorty levers "2 finger" that I'm going to run on it.

  • Patching my SUV back together for inspection at the same time, and being busted up all to hell and sitting on my ass the cash flow is very limited so it's gunna be slow going.

Attachment Unavailable — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Daves Pyramid bellypan...WAS Yellow..3 coats paint 5 coats laquer later....Looking good gud! Can't wait to see the bikes side by side!

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  • it's a bit of a custom job, not a "plain" colour :-)

  • Like mine? my bike was a custom paint job and very very nice...Daves is gonna be a custom job as not plain colour either..:-) You liked mine :-)

  • metallic paint with a heavy flake amd frame, subframe and swingarm powdercoated black :-)

Get Daves his whole bike panels back on Friday 3 coats of paint in Italian red... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Get Daves his whole bike panels back on Friday, 3 coats of paint in Italian red and a 2nd colour on cpl of other panels, 5 coats of laquer and oven baked the lot. Should look really good, will post up pics when done but anyone wanting the guys number, he's in Hereford and does it in his own time (did the whole bike in 4 days) so pm for more info & I'd be happy to give you his number. His rates are very VERY reasonable :-) I took a before pic so will post up once the bike is put back together. Can't have a nice shiney bike with old bits on..Dave had whole bike stripped down whilst he had chance so carbs have been cleaned out properly..So got bought Dave new led rear unit with built in indis (same as our old ones) and we can leave the arrow indis on back and just disconnect the rear built in ones for mot /6mm spacer for rear shock, new spark plugs/battery/xenon headlights/carbon look levers (really nice I bought some for my bike!) Carbon fuel tank protector x2 (as we had them before) don't need tyres as has Avon Storms on..I polished up the cans a treat with autosol for him.Just got to get gel seat made up and new indi mirrors from somewhere as ones from China are cheap and crappy.. Pics will follow soon :-)

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  • hell yeah

  • So drivers have no excuse for not knowing I'm there!! lol..

  • Daves bike is gonna rock when it's all done :-)

New swing arm — Honda 350x

New swing arm

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hey guys I m going to have a bunch of 350x parts for sale If anyone is looking... — Honda 350x

hey guys I'm going to have a bunch of 350x parts for sale.. If anyone is looking for any let me know I'll have everything from plastics, to brake hardware to foot pegs, and a okay set of bars, honda tree, and more. I'll get a full list up tomororw.

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  • How much you be lookin for for yhe tanks shrouds and coil Richard Getchell Pm me

  • I'll let ya know, I'll get some pics tomorrow an you can let me know if it's what ya want.

  • Okay perfect was gona ask if ya had pics ill be waiting thanks man

Hey if anyone happens to come across a decenting runnign project atc let me... — Honda 350x

Hey if anyone happens to come across a decenting runnign project atc, let me know like a 200X I'm trying to find one for my father for when he gets out of rehab, he just entered himself into rehab for a drug addiction. Anyhow when he gets out I want to have something for him to do. I think a decent runnig atc project bike would be a good start. He's the one who got me into them at 4 years old when he said you start it you can ride it, took me 2 1/2 hours, but I finally got it to start, and he kept his word and a 4 years old he let me climb on his honda 125 and take off. WOw that little bugger was fast! Anyhow If anyone has one or comes across one let me know.

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  • Na, man ebay it.. It's way better to put it on ebay, than to let it go to waste, just rip every little usable part off of it that's any good an sell it, the frame if good is gotta be worth 50-100 bucks ot someone who wants to rebuild..

  • Collectors that restore will even pay money for original bolts and hardware.. There isn't anythign that isn't worth something to someoen.

  • ok well i listed it all at 50$ i just dont wanna mess with it i cant get any bolts off

Ahhahaha just made my night I pulled out my cam and valve spring papers as I... — Honda 350x

Ahhahaha, just made my night, I pulled out my cam and valve spring papers as I wanted to check and see if I still have the settings for the clearances. ( I do) But I also realized something that tickles my pickle, a brain fart somewhere had me thinking I was runing a (all around) cam. No, I'm running the stage two. My XR had the stage one.. How I ever screwed that up I have no clue.

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  • I don't think it's the rings... That things got more compression that it' ever needed.. I can't say on the seals or not. It's just the slightest puff of white on start up, then gone. It happens every now an then, not all the time. I'd say out of every 25 start ups it happens twice. I ride pretty hard sometimes though. I could probably go 5 years without worrying about it. But I like to keep it fresh, plus gives me something to do with my time.

  • probably the shitty gas they are selling us these days. pour some in a glass jar and let it sit for a couple weeks. you will be amazed

  • I run race fuel you can buy good gas even in low octane but it all comes at a price however when I had the smoke I may have been running pump. I was experimenting Damn. Em all I'm going to put gas in a jar and see what happens

hi guys. i ve a question — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

hi guys! i've a question!

the police has bring me and now I will do a control by the motor authority.

I've no original exhaust on my bike and I must buy it!

can I install on my VTR of '97 the original exhaust of the VTR of '02? it could be better if there's no modify to do..

please, answer to me!

son disperato!!!!

and sorry for my English..

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  • they don't accept the exhaust hm mbb e2 on hm mbb e1...


    anyone of you have to sell the original exhaust?

  • have you got a honda sp1 or 2 ??.

    because if you trying to fit honda firestorm exhaust to an sp you have no chance. vice versa they got a totally different system

    but like i said above. and these guys have backed it.. firestorm original exhaust never changed through all the years.

  • i've a vtr f!

    i know it's the same exhaust but I have to make a special control by the authority and they want the hm mbb e1, not e2, exhaust... ;(

Does anyone have a Mustang touring seat with the driver s backrest i m getting... — Honda Shadow Aero

Does anyone have a Mustang touring seat with the driver's backrest? i'm getting one this week and would like to read some reviews from aero 750 owners. Thank you.

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  • Mustang is slightly higher then stock. Remember full break in period is approx 1000 miles. (Don't let that scare you, its comfy from day one and just keeps getting better.) At 5' I can manage to get on and off with the driver backrest in place without much trouble, but for short trips around town I just leave it home. I did find the set screw that adjusts the back rest likes to back out of adjustment, so I put a drop off light thread lock on it after I adjusted it where I wanted it.

  • I love mine :-)

  • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I rode to Longview, TX from Texarkana, AR to pick up my seat. Installed it there and rode the almost 2 hour trip back home with the Mustang seat on. Man, what a pleasant difference. I think it was worth selling my other bike for it.

Has anyone done a CDI upgrade on their 350x I was considering this upgrade... — Honda 350x

Has anyone done a CDI upgrade on their 350x I was considering this upgrade along side the others I have? Let me know who has, and what it was like. I'm considering the MSD unversal tunable CDI, the only thing I don't like is that it needs a 12volt source.. However, that isn't really a big deal.

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  • it sticks out some but I think it would be easy to get used to :)

  • I dont' mean to sound like a cocky prick or anything in what I'm saying and I honeslty have never done this with any atc/atv. I've only done it once with a car, and had a lot of help. However, this ATC almost killed me and broke 14 bones in my body. I'm half way scared straight, so I'm coming back with a vengence. A bad ass, all out bike that not only looks the par, but can back it up is what I want to climb back onto when I am able to. I guess this is something I've decided I need to recoop from what happened.

  • go for it

Heres a question what is a good performance exhaust for the 350x while keeping... — Honda 350x

Heres a question, what is a good performance exhaust for the 350x while keeping noise in mind, I'd like a real deep quiet low tone..

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  • Supertraps are great, I noticed a huge improvement over the stock pipe. More discs give you more power and a louder exhaust, less makes it quieter with more back pressuure so less power.

  • When you use less discs and up the back pressure do you notice any gains on the bottom end? I guess that's how they claim it works right? more discs less pressure more HP and top end, less more back pressure and low end TQ? I figure it's gunna be all about finding the balance.

  • I've heard of people using a stock 450R exhaust but u will have to weld up a mid pipe for it to fit. Better performance and quiet stock sound

Hey guys I finally put together a list of my build wit both current and coming... — Honda 350x

Hey guys, I finally put together a list of my build, wit both current and coming modifications. I have most of the parts in, and or on the way, minus a few thign that I will order up next week. This is going to be my winter build, I'm hoping to have this build completed within the next few months at most. This is the list of everything I have so far, Let me know what you think and please feel free to shoot some recomendations if I've forgotten anything! Visual upgrades;

All new plastics, (black) Frame and accessories are midnight black metallic, only a slight difference with a metallic flake.

Custom built west coast +4 Swing arm. (Midnight black metallic).

Frame and accessories, are also (midnight black metallic). accessories include,

brake res. guard, Skid plates, (motor and swing arm) Foot pegs, rethnal bars, thumb throttle, custom sprockets, hubs, and brake calipers. (midnight metallic)

VPS Grim reaper graphics, and VPS Grim reaper seat, also VPS Grim Reaper Shock cover.

Custom 350x logo sprocket cover.

New black fork boot covers.

Bluetooth audio system, with marine grade water proof speakers. Run off of independant battery system for entertainment before/after the ride.

(Links to Cellphones, Ipods, and Laptops)

Motor upgrades are as follows;

Honda 450R exhaust or DG Krome full exhaust and header. (One or the other is going on it)

400ex carb conversion with thumb throttle, Jetted. I have a twist throttle as well.

Air box delete with custom built (midnight black metallic) air intake tube and K&N air filter.

Wisco 12-1 compression ratio. with 377cc bore.

White bros cam, aka (Hotcam)

HD valve springs.

Rest of motor was fully rebuilt, including rebuilt 350x crank,

all new gaskets, valves, and more.

New clutch kit, and Valve adjustment.

Drivetrain/brake upgrades;

upgraded steel braided brake lines.

upgraded custom built sprockets.

Also have the stock sprockets, and 14T front and 36T rear aftermarket.

X ring "gold" chain.

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  • Everywhere I ride is dry, I was thinking of building a custom three sided shield, but the main reason for deleting the air box is for better air flow, and The battery boxes, and audio system will be tucked in that area.

  • K and n's suck ass. Not made for dirt. Buy a Uni.

  • I'm running Uni Right now, Love it. I had a K&N with prefilter on a bike some time back, I don't remember having any real problems with it.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to remove small surface scratches from an... — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone have a suggestion on how to remove small surface scratches from an acrylic/plastic windshield ? They seem more like rubs and are on the inside - possibly from resting helmet up on the handle bars - not really sure ... thank you for any suggestions.

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  • The marks might be where the inner material cracked from an impact. My lower part has many such impact marks but the outer shell is smooth.

I am 56 and my husband is 58 and just a couple month s ago decided to get... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

I am 56 and my husband is 58 and just a couple month's ago decided to get beginner motorcycles. I found a honda rebel which is perfect size for me being about 5 foot tall...love it.

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  • Great bike !

  • Rebel is a perfect beginner bike. You'll LOVE it :)

  • Good strong bike, mine still runs even with all the problems she has. Most comfortable bike except the size.

— Honda 350x

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  • Just a bad cable?

  • NO, when I got out of the hospital I noticed the airbox boot had come off the carb, this has happened before. There was a good amount of dirt, dust, and crap gunked into the carb, I'm not sure if this had something to do with it, or what exactly. The cable and everything prior to the accident was almost perfect. The cable god pinched/smashed in the accident, so it's kind of unknown.

  • Hope you are feeling better!!

Mira la mia — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

Mira la mia!

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  • muy bonita

  • Gracias, lo malo es que como no tengo la documentacion me toca venderla, no la pude disfrutar...

  • Si! Es muy bonita!!!

Ran into the first problem with the 400 carb screw for the bowl was striped... — Honda 350x

Ran into the first problem with the 400 carb screw for the bowl was striped wasn't easy getting that sucker out

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  • Richard you never showed us what your bike looked like after the crash or did i miss it

  • I didn't show it, honestly the bars took a beating, the tank a dent, and the headlight guard got busted. The fact it landed directly on me, means I saved it a lot of damange. I have a few pics I'll throw them up in a bit. I also have one of the crash sight.

  • K

Can any1 help I think I have a buzzing rattling noise on my firestorm it... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Can any1 help...? I think I have a buzzing rattling noise on my firestorm, it appears to b coming from around the front sprocket drive

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  • Yeh only rattles when pulling in the gears

  • cant see its the cam chain then. cos it would rattle on tick over. cam chain should have a whistle.. i not sure on that one thou. ill ask my step dad and get back to you if you like mate :).

  • Yeh plz m8

Richard Getchell shared a link to the group: Honda 350x. — Honda 350x

I know a lot of people didn't like the idea of the spacers I purchased, as I'm already having to swap a lot of things around as I've purchased a custom swing arm should I just buy the extended axle, has anyone ever used the durablue extended? I have heard a lot of good things. But I'd like a first hand account before I commit to spending that much money!

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dura-Blue-Axle-HONDA-ATC-3 50X-ATC350X-EXTENDED-DURABLUE-/200674407485?pt=Mot ors_ATV_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2eb920743d&vxp= mtr

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  • Yeah, I don't really see them being a problem.. However, I'll just throw them aside, an perhaps I'll use them on a smaller machine in the far future.

  • I have the extended axle, love it.. no problems what so ever... I was thinking of buying the stock size and then adding spacers but didn't want to put the extra stress out on the end of the axle... plus the price difference wasn't bad

  • I may stick with the stock axle for the moment.. I'll have to see how it's going to react with the extended swing arm.

I broke my rear turn signal on my VT1100C3 — Honda Shadow Aero

I broke my rear turn signal on my VT1100C3.

Anybody done any aftermarket turn signals, or do I have to go with oem?

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  • I prefer the stock license mount over the asymmetric sideways mount the custom bikes tend to have. It makes the license look tacky and an afterthought. And I also agree that the tiny blinker replacements are not suited for a cruiser rear end. Another option would be hard saddlebags with integrated blinkers.

  • The aero makes a beautiful bagger. Would be cool to see one with lighted bags

  • I agree. To each his own. I stripped any extra chrome, rivets and fringy stuff I could but others love adding it all over the bike.

First off anyone in the market for a 350x piston It was in the machine for all... — Honda 350x

First off anyone in the market for a 350x piston? It was in the machine for all of 1 week, and removed, its in perfect shape.

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  • but piston size and bore size is very different

  • I know, I can't put it together, the hardest thing about buying an already built machine is figuring out what you really have going on, and with the individual i purchased from being older, and having about 15 different machines he was building couldn't quite remember the exact specs for this machine, just knew that he did bore it.

  • have to get out the caliper's

Kenda front max AT tire an polished rim shipped in paid 100 decent deal or no — Honda 350x

Kenda front max AT tire an polished rim shipped in paid 100 decent deal or no? You decide

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  • I bought an 85 frame to replace my 86 frame that was trashed when I got it. Most 86 frames were the same other than cable clips in different locations unless you got a late model 86 that had the frame wrap added fir strength on the rear engine mount. It didn't matter to me because I welded the gusset kit from tpc trikes onto it plus extra welds and washers in special places they suggested. To look at my 86 with technically a 85 frame you'd never know. I paid 150 for it and it was already cracked at the rear engine mount but I knew I was going to strip it down and rebuild the frame anyhow... it was better than trying to fix my junk 86 frame which yes I do still have for who knows why

  • Because a junk frame, is something that me need to be used for something at some point in time, and to get rid of it would just cause for that need to come forward in which would spark regret for doing away with it. So to avoid the whole situation you just keep it.

  • may*

Well put some time into this 350 Gussit welded frame painted engine in and a... — Honda 350x

Well put some time into this 350. Gussit welded, frame painted, engine in and a couple other things installed. Coming along nicely. Went to a motorcycle junkyard today that said their speciality was three wheelers. Got there and the lot was vacant. Sucks.

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  • Hmm thats what I was thinking....I didnt' think they'd hold up

  • Yeah, I considered that... But I'm trying to figure out a way to do some sort of clear coat on it..

  • Not sure yet, I just know I don't want to keep it black, as a all black atc, with a black motor is going to be very.. Black..

Anyone have a highway bar they might want to donate of sell cheap Had a dog... — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone have a highway bar they might want to donate of sell cheap? Had a dog run out into me today, neither the dog nor the bar survived.

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  • The paladin bars work. Got home late one night, pulled in my garage, stopped, and stepped off the bike. Yep, no kickstand. No damage.

  • I bet that made a little mess too.. bar vs dog at 65 no bueno.. seen it vs deer once.

  • I dropped mine (pipe side) in the mud yesterday - leg was hemmed in under the hot pipes - hit the kill switch - managed to wriggle my leg free - pulled the bike up - and re-mounted and slowly pulled away from the mud back on to firmer sand - should have taken my dirt bike - cruiser not made for sandy muddy roads. No harm done. If you're gonna drop it that's as good a place as any - just hosed her down and dried her off - good as new. A little freaked out when I returned to the open highway - she stopped running at 65MPH ... slowed and turned off - switched over to reserve and she immediately started back up and I returned to the open road - can't imagine what that would be like at 65MPH pinned in traffic and losing acceleration and no place to go ....

Hey guys my Facebook had somehow been hijacked I was away for physical theropy... — Honda 350x

Hey guys, my Facebook had somehow been hijacked, I was away for physical theropy, when I returned everything was screwy and I had been kicked from the group. I'm home now, and I'm back on my feet, sort of. Anyhow I'm rebuilding my 350x and have a ton of new parts on the way I will take pics as they arrive an then update as the build goes along. Should be a great experience as this will be my first real trike build. Hopfully for my first go round it will turn out pretty well.Going with a grim reaper theme, after all the trike did almost cause my death!

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  • Yes, I did like it before hand. I did choose a similar set up, but I didn't do so to steal your thunder, it just fit with my situation.

  • And to be very honest, even if I hadn't seen yours once I found it on ebay, very easy to do. I would have purchased it regardless. Although I will admit that seeing how nice it looked on your X didn't help push me away either.

  • http://www.ebay.com/itm/230840892966?ssPageName=ST RK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 See, it's different color differet design.. not the same one... just same theme

Hello fellow vtr lovers my poor bike seems to be loosing some water out by the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hello fellow vtr lovers my poor bike seems to be loosing some water out by the rear exaust outlet through a weep hole has any one had the same problem if so please help ... I do like to ride her quite hard but it's never missed a beat till now !! Any help will be my h appreciated

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  • Ohhh I hope it's not the head got a big ride to motogp comming up I'll cross everything thanks for your Input guys

  • Check your coolant system for any oil/white sludge deposits, expansion bottle is best place to check.

  • Hey Colin that's what I thought to but that looks clean as and checked the oil and that is spotless ?

Stock vs mustang — Honda Shadow Aero


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  • I have the same.

  • I have similar w/driver backrest. My first mustang had no driver backrest and it cannot be added on. Just a fyi.

  • Gordon this vid