Time for new carrier and front swingarm bearings — Honda 350x

Time for new carrier and front swingarm bearings

  • do i have to do anything to my x before or after storing it in the upright position?

  • it doesnt harm the bike at all... just be sure your carb is drained so that the excess doesnt drain into your air filter and cause it to deteriorate

  • sweet. thanks for the info.

This is what my exhaust looks like Jonathan — Honda Shadow Aero

This is what my exhaust looks like Jonathan

  • Enough to turn heads and force people to hang up their cell phones. Especially when I line up the rear to their front bumper downshift and keep it steady.

  • What she said ^^

Who has Made the Pipes LOUDER Im thinking of having mine done may Cobras... — Honda Shadow Aero

Who has Made the Pipes LOUDER? Im thinking of having mine done, may Cobras & exhaust , ideas to share what have you done?! & what is best for bike for longterm.

  • I have cobras on my 750 and they sound good but I get a lot of popping and cracking when I back off. Is that because I need to rejet or do I need to change the timing?

  • back fire no good lol, its a laugh though,

  • Thanks Jonathan

Took the Aero up in Shenandoah to see the leaves change on Sunday — Honda Shadow Aero

Took the Aero up in Shenandoah to see the leaves change on Sunday.

  • Nice color :)

  • Man, you have a beautiful bike and a great camera.

  • Are you familiar with GoPro? It can mount in various places on bike or helmet and take neat video of your rides, with high high quality for the tiny camera.

  • I have used them before and they do work. I find the Go pro pulls a lot of drag on the helmet so I've invested in a SOny cam and tether a hd lipstick cam when I do want to shoot video.

Got this from the MRA website regarding the GP ride next Saturday. — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Got this from the MRA website regarding the GP ride next Saturday:-

The 14th MRA Cranbourne GP Run will be held this year on Saturday 27th October 2012.

On the Saturday of the Moto GP each year, the City of Casey hosts the MRA Cranbourne GP Run from 8.15 am in High Street, Cranbourne.

The MRA Cranbourne GP Run is one of the most exciting motorcycle events in Victoria, as people assemble to watch the wave off of thousands of motorcycle riders travelling en masse to Phillip Island for the Moto GP.

The MRA Cranbourne GP Run is an opportunity for riders of different backgrounds and abilities to get together and participate in the biggest group motorcycle ride in Victoria. The event is a major attraction to the South East region and attracts thousands of people to the City of Casey.

We need to organise where to meet in Cranbourne before the event and what time?

it starts at 8.15 and I think it usually kicks off from about 10am in Cranbourne.

Do the Pakenham people want to meet first and ride together to Cranbourne or should we all meet in Cranboune at a set time.

Was Thinking that we could meet at Maccas on the corner of Camms Road and the South Gippsland Hwy at about 7.30am so we can get a coffee/breakfast before the event and then cruise down to the start area in the main street together?


— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

  • the chinese ones are getting better than they used to be, at least 2 on the forum have bought them and been very impressed, of all the mounting points only one was out and that was just by a mill or two....bought through us ebay you can get a full set for just under £300 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/ABS-bo dywork-for-firestorm-fairings- superhawk-996-VTR1000-97-98-99 -99-01-02-03-G-/271078695111?p t=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessorie s&hash=item3f1d8ca0c7&vxp=mtr

  • the chin jobbies are good cheap and they will do what ever paint job you like...! as soon as my katana 1100 is done i will start on my vtr..! i was thinking about cbr 1000 front end and and vfr back and some nice wheels form dymag or somethink.

  • nice def love the front end an single sided arm would be nice touch unfortunately we dont know what cbr it came from lol o my

How hard is it to fit a long range fuel tank Also once fitted can I still feed... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

How hard is it to fit a long range fuel tank? Also once fitted can I still feed off my stock tank? I assume that its just a gravity feed from one tank to the other.


  • It's pretty damn easy. The ideal tank is from a 1980's Honda XR250 although some others will also fit. It's better to connect the XR tank to "on" at the petcock and join the seat tank's hoses together with a 'Y' joint and then hook that up to the reserve on the petcock. If you gravity feed the XR tank into the stock tank it may overflow via the breather in the cap.

  • Check out our page "Postie Bikes to Cape York" there are some photos there of posties with the tanks on.

  • Also I can take some photos of mine bike if u like. T-parks above helped me put it on.

  • Yeah definitely easy if you have an old XR250 tank - I've done it twice with no skillz. The most(slightly) tricky bit is attaching the back of the tank to the downtube. I used a big U bolt ($1) and a bit of scrap aluminium strip ($1) bent with pliers and a hole drilled in it to attach to the rear bolt on the tank. At the front, I made spacers out of copper pipe and some washers, and then you just need 2 long bolts. Did that on 2 bikes before our outback trek (oodnadatta track and flinders ranges) and both are still going strong after about ten thousand Ks :) Also, I just stopped the seat tank main hose with a bolt and some silicon, cos I'm too cheap to buy a Y join. That's also still going strong :)

  • awesome thanks for the info, I'll start the hunt for a 80's XR250 tank and get the project in motion....

Richard Getchell — Honda 350x

Richard Getchell

  • You see the simple design flaw but can't see how an axle comes out. Just saying not hating

  • I seen the design flaw after I learned the ins and outs of the axle. My only point is, I've never touched one, and yet within 3 hours I seen the lack of any purpose to the 85 set up. You would think the guys who lived, breathed, and created these beauties would have noticed right off. That's all.

  • I guess it's what sets them apart. IT's not that it's a bad set up, just seems they would have caught it earlier.

Jonathan I need your pipes — Honda Shadow Aero

Jonathan I need your pipes!

  • Hi, we have the 2004 of this model. Husband changed the mirrors to oval ones. He does not have the windshield & he put on a great back rest for me. Ours is black, red stripe in middle & silver. Great cruising bike. Enjoy & Ride Safe.!

Here it is Jonathan — Honda Shadow Aero

Here it is Jonathan!

  • where is this? Mt Mitchel in NC I thought was the highest area..

  • This is the highest elevation on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  • Ok, after a quick search on google it's out past Mt. Pisgah in NC. Very cool ride down there. I have to recommend buzzing up to Mt. Mitchel sometime too. It's an off shoot on the parkway apparently that leads to the top. Highest point east of Mississippi.

  • Yes, this was in NC. I road the parkway from Virginia through NC in May, on my way to the Tail of the Dragon. Beautiful country and great curves!

Which way does axle come off — Honda 350x

Which way does axle come off. ??????

  • For 2 atc's too

  • I could only find one place local that does it maybe they're prices are high?? Lol if that's the case I'll shop around...they wanted 225frame 125 swing 45 per caliper 45 per peg about 400 for motor etc plus shipping to them that still leaves exhaust to be redone and bars plus brake res' an what not I'm not sure what all Ya had done but I wanna do the whole bike top to bottom unless I can find a place that will do a set price for the whole deal? Let me know where/how you went about yours?

  • How in God's name did you manage 70.00 ????? Lol I first thought it said 700 lol

Okay so I figured out the intake boot bolts had come loose causing an air leak... — Honda 350x

Okay, so I figured out the intake boot bolts had come loose causing an air leak, I tightened back down, and I put a new clamp on the carb. Nice and tight on the intake side. Now, I can't for the life of me get the dang 350x air boot to fit the 400 carb I've tried everything. Does anyone know of another boot that will fit? Can you use a 400ex boot to the 350x air box? I can't get it right, I had it running and idling, but then it stalled on me while adjusting the A/F screw, and it wont start, then I noticed the boot I did have on slipped again. probably why it quit running and had problems. Throttle response is dead perfect so I don't think it's jetting at least not the main jet. I'm about to scrap this 400 carb which I DO NOT want to do! HELP!!

  • I tried all that. I think the problem is with the broken ribs I just don't have the strength to fight with it as much as is needed. So, I went the cheap route and made a spacer from a old inner tube, worked out really well. Didn't get a chance to put the airbox on and try it out but no way it's leaking air or coming off.

  • I'll do it right when I'm in a little better shape to fight with it.

  • Buy an 300ex boot...it bolts right on and the 400ex carb fits like a glove...

How hard is it to do a valve adjustment on your own Having never done one... — Honda 350x

How hard is it to do a valve adjustment on your own? Having never done one before? Just wondering I know it requires a feeler gague. Doesn't seem like it would be all that hard is it?

  • See I have a stage 2 "whitebros" which is same as hotcam. So I'm just wondering if it's because of that.

  • make sure when you align your timing mark that youre on the compression stroke... yes, it makes a huge difference ... otherwise your adjusting your valves basically 180° out of time

  • and youl know it immediately when you start it... tons of valve noise

i have a question fellas so i am not that expert rider but i try to learn real... — Honda Shadow Aero

i have a question fellas! so i am not that expert rider but i try to learn real fast; however, i rode my motorcycle in dirt road and it hustled me a lot. i was about to crash that day. Are there any kinda tips or ideas for riding on a dirt roads with a motorcycle??

  • lmao listen to Jason! geesh, cruisers are not built for messy dirt gravel at your own risk roads lol, i rode on a gravel road this summer too, i managed, but not recommended at all, good to experience though as sometimes while we ride we should learn how to maneuver our bikes in these situations, but by choice NO! Sometimes all riders riding may fall into situations and you as the rider must learn what to do safely.

  • Well if you have to there are some tricks. I see the more intimidating the road is the more I want to see whats up there. Normal gravel roads you need to maintain speed in low gear and rely more on your rear brake as opposed to the front as it will be easy to break loose and slide out with a front brake. Also stay on the grassy or beat down parts of the road as opposed to the loose part. Also going down hills are particularly tricky and once your going stay low and ride it out much like a turn. going up hill you can slip the clutch which will help you. when I say this I'm thinking of the cow path type gravel roads. As for your normal asphalt to rough gravel roads.. slow maintain speed with loose grip on handle bars is best.. best advice I have is to loosen up and don't be tense. Even with a cruiser you can do some crazy things. I about shook my saddle bags off on a 4x4 trail to a lake last weekend on a 9% grade washed out road.

  • check out some of the pics I loaded in my post before from WVA. I had a lot of odd looks from dual sports that day.

  • slow and steady wins that race;)

Okay where can you find MX helmets in larger sizes like 3xl I have a really fat... — Honda 350x

Okay, where can you find MX helmets in larger sizes like 3xl+ I have a really fat head, I want a new helmet before I start riding again!

  • Nothing to laugh about brother take care of yourself the kids need a father not a vegetable.

  • Honestly, I just don't like how they limited my view. But I put together a kit of what I want from Rocky mountain, a full set of gear minus boots for under 400.00 not a bad deal.

  • Amen, I don't think I'll be doing much riding without gear, aside from moving it around the yard or little "putt putt' rides, I'll be wearing the gear.



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  • can you please refrain from this garbage.. your posts spam us all now this please !!

  • I can respect your lack of humor, but out of all the crap thats been posted on here lately this is the garbage? Come on now, it's your choice to read it. IT wasn't foul, no extreme language. Its only a joke..

  • I guess what I'm saying is I respect your opinion, but there are a 192 members here. Not everyone will like it, but some will. I could understand if it was "dirty" or foul, just not the case.

  • Haha good one Richard

  • Lmfao good one man

Apex Outback Postie Bike Ride — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Apex Outback Postie Bike Ride

  • i joined apex recently and they told me they do this :), though my postie dont have the long range tank

  • They're not hard to find mate and pretty easy to install. It's a phenomenal ride!!! Or could just use jerry cans lol

  • i have a 5 ltr red jerry can in my crate on the back of the postie lol

hey my wifes got a vtr 97 it started to smoke out one pipe then hurd a gurgling... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

hey my wifes got a vtr 97 it started to smoke out one pipe then hurd a gurgling sound an now the bike hows no power , im guessin the batterys toast but why the smokin pipe ??

  • that is the funniest thing i've read in years thanks a lot mate for cheering me up :)

  • When I had a few old bikes, the best thing I did for electrical reliability was to fit a Quick connector to the wiring harness for the smoke injector.In the 70's smoke injector bottles were as common in Halfords as Tyre weld puncture sealer, now its a forgotten memory.

  • In the past i owned a moto guzzi sports 1100 carbur.

    Electric reliability was about 10% and allways smoke but it was big fun riding this "shaking stevens".

    Jet needles broke every 2000 km due to vibrations.

    Where's smoke there's fire, where's fire there is ignition.

Just wondering guys will the 400ex head pipe fit on the 350X — Honda 350x

Just wondering guys will the 400ex head pipe fit on the 350X?

  • Maybe just slightly.. if I remember correctly the problem is the curve in 400 head pipe connects with the 350x frame, it takes lack of care for your frame and some serious prying, or modification to make it fit. But again, the 350x header is spot on for these machines. Don't need any larger, it's pretty much a waste of time. Unless you needed a head pipe and had a 400ex an no cash for the stock. I could be wrong here, but I believe that is the case.

  • You make power with a good flowing head pipe. Figure it would not be an easy install.

  • IF you really wanted to go that route, you'd have to cut it an re weld to fit around the frame, go a step further, an where the two come to one cut an take it up two inches. Then you'll have some flow, pair that off with a suppertrapp and you'll be ready to rock. If you have the equipment to weld/cut and time to do all of that, then hell yeah.

aero and rocks — Honda Shadow Aero

aero and rocks


Hey Guys — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey Guys,

Having some issues with my postie. just finished a full rebuild and everything is sweet except i believe something is wrong with the carb settings.

i can ride the bike fine, but it just feels like it is not making as much power as it should. First gear only gets me to around 15kmh, 2nd =30 if im lucky.

Any ideas?


Gaetano Egisto

  • Google it up mate its to much to explain on here there's a wealth of info out there cheers

  • All good mate, will do! thanks!

  • The o mark on the cam gear should be lined up with the - mark on the front of the housing at TDC. But yeah google it, it's pretty simple.

ways to prevent people from stealing your postie especially from out the back... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

ways to prevent people from stealing your postie. especially from out the back of your work in a lane way.

basically i am a baker and begain riding my postie to work as im sick of dogs vandalising my car (twice in 1 week earlier this year) and this morning people tried a half assed attempt to steal my bike from the back of work,

now i use the steering lock and a 3 meter steel cable with a padlock on the end (one from bunnings) to lock it up. and it was quiet successful. just thinking if you would advise something a bit more heavy duty. or something. ideas maybe.

oh and cause they couldnt steal it and i heard them and i called the cops. they threw a few rocks at it. (which better at hte postie than my xr6 ute :).

please any ideas

  • horse thief's get shot around here!

my little baby — Honda Shadow Aero

my little baby!

  • Super nice!

  • no kidding Rebecca Colbert! sounds awesome.. love this color,btw! :-) what year is yours tho?

  • 2011 Aero 750 here.

  • Mine is 04, Aero 750

  • What kind of tires are on this bike

Okay so I got it running but it wont idle and the only way to get it to fire is... — Honda 350x

Okay, so I got it running, but it wont idle, and the only way to get it to fire is to hold the throttle wide open then kick it like it's the last thing you'll ever kick, then it will fire, stay on the gas a little and it will run fine. Perhaps I need a smaller slow jet? Another thing is when I had it idleing for a tad, when you'd hit the throttle, it would stay at "high idle" then slowly come back down, slow jet? or something else I'm missing?

  • Oh, I also wanted to mention that the A/F Screw is all the way in, and it starts to run worse as I turn it out, probably consistant with the air leak problem right? To much air?

  • I am running a moose racing 1 piece high flow honda 250R filter as well. About all the info I can give at the moment.

  • Trying to get this done as soon as possible, that way I can play in the snow..

Hey guys couldn t get the 350x to fire up with the 400ex carb today Didn t put... — Honda 350x

Hey guys, couldn't get the 350x to fire up with the 400ex carb today. Didn't put the air box or anything on it yet, just open wanted to make sure it would fire up, nothing. Running 42 slow, and 150-155 main, any ideas of what I'm missing here? I cut the wires for the teather switch, caped both of them off, they shut down if touching, run when seperated right? Make sure I have them right.

  • Lol I couldn't find a plug wrench with clearance it's a tight fit. Today if weather is good she will be alive again

  • Okay, got gas, you can see the acell pump spray through the back of the carb when you punch the throttle. I pulled the old plug was "red" most likely from the gas. I'll post more in a few minutes.

  • heading out to check a few more things.

wt abt dis. — Hero Honda Karizma

wt abt dis.......>

  • LED??? 3000??? Angel eyes are available at 150 in ebay, and park lights, 28 smd for 500 IshAn RàNá Çrüpt RiDêrs

  • HID + Angel Eye + Parking Lights

  • Sorry bro. Dint c d hid. Also, r u using hud widout projector?

Pete Buckingham shared a Page to the group: Honda Rebel Riders. — Honda Rebel Riders

Well I've been busy with the new page - uploading a huge archive of the sort of events the Honda Rebel Owners Club got to attend during it's history from 1999 - 2006. Please take a look through by all means:)

https://www.facebook.com/Honda RebelOwnersClubMemories

  • Not forgetting of course that one of our members keeps the original club website alive complete with it's active message board:


  • And he's been updating it slowly and will hopefully relaunch not too far into the future!!

Hi there — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hi there

Anyone know where to buy posties in Hobart? On the hunt for a registered one for work/play


  • posties are ever work, only play or transport.

  • Yeah mainly play, but for transport to work.

    Once I get one I imagine I'll get another for modifications and stuff, but for now I'm just hunting a good daily ride.

    Also this group keeps popping in and out of my groups section and I notice that my request hasn't been approved (or maybe my browser is a joke)

    Can someone please approve me?

  • I would but only follower like your self.

    https://www.facebook.com/group s/112101625540151/

    This group run a postie Trek and are very Postie orientated check them out.

  • Got myself a 07 postie today. Good one too. Just needs some mirrors and a trip over the pits. Good times to come

HELLO — Honda Rebel Riders


Mathews Cabot

Rada Tilly - Pcia. de Chubut - Patagonia Argentina

Fotos de amigos, motos y rutas en:



Would like to share my little deilema getting the bike registered a few months... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Would like to share my little deilema getting the bike registered a few months ago I wish I could have recorded the conversation..... "So I see here your registering a toyota yaris?.... ummmm nope it a honda ct110 motorcycle.... are you sure about this?..... ahhh yeah it has 2 wheels and honda written on the side.... are you sure about this?... ummmm yep its not a car look on the blue slip..... hmmmm yes your right" .... end result they ring me back after sending someone to a car yard in syd and finding out that i had the right VIN number and a toyota yaris had an error on the blue slip lol

  • does that mean i can buy the yarris and rego it for $300 a year?

  • i was hoping i owned the yaris cause then i could sell it and buy another postie and also a bigger bike lol

  • MULTIPLE posties more like it! :P

So I ve been working on this guys yamaha I got a full new pipe air box new carb... — Honda 350x

So, I've been working on this guys yamaha, I got a full new pipe, air box, new carb, new choke, an the carb was fully rebuilt all stock. Now when I start it, starts right up. idles for a moment, then it starts to die out, when it starts dying it does this weird 'choke' like it's misfiring, an you hear a little "clunk" then it will pick back up for a second. then bog, miss, an clunk again. However under throttle it it has great response and runs strong. Also idles high. I can't put my finger on it. Any ideas I'd owe someone big time!

  • I'm 90 percent sure it is an air leak. Spray some wd 40 or anytthing like that around the carb and intake. If any change in idle you have an air leak. The only thing that causes high idle and/or rough idle is an air leak.

  • The float/needle were sticking. I don't know why, but a few taps on the carb, then I drained all the gas and loaned a little of my 110 race fuel. still sticks slightly, carb was sitting for oh 15 years. although everything is new maybe just needs a little time to loosen up, possibly some burrs or something in the needle chamber? anyhow, I just turned off gas when not in use, starts, idles, rides, stops, rides, idles, etc. ALL GOOD!

  • I got the guy full air box, all hardware, filter, full exhaust/header, new carb, carb rebuild, rebuilt the choke, fixed the wiring, rebuilt the pull start. changed the oil, plug, an fresh gas, full tune, I offered to pull carb off an fix the slight stick an he said "na" he's goin riding. I told him parts with shipping and labor 450.00

  • Considering the carb alone was 100.00+ gives you an idea, fair deal or no?

I m about to go freeze with a friend in Shenandoah national park Putting up... — Honda Shadow Aero

I'm about to go freeze with a friend in Shenandoah national park. Putting up the half face for the full haha.. Already have wind burn from a morning ride.

  • Nice Fall Fresh Air is good for you :) I rode this morn, loved it :) Ontario Canada here :)

  • meeting start in October end in May

Howdy. From Ontario Canada — Honda Shadow Aero

Howdy! From Ontario, Canada :)

  • You're welcome here anytime you like. We'll even feed you!

  • Awesome! :-) B-)

  • Have a great weekend HonDa friends whoot!

Just got this today Loving it Has anyone on advice on these bikes such as... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Just got this today! Loving it. Has anyone on advice on these bikes such as common faults etc??

  • Got 120 miles before red light yesterday and ran over ten before I found a garage. And that was a good mix of cross country n towns. No boring motorways.

  • Last winter I got 30 ish miles ( my bikes a kph import )from reserve light to empty at 45-50 mph.Ran out coming into the garage forecourt in the snow..: / Miles per gallon varies a lot depending on amount of acceleration used and ..err..cruising...speed....you certainly need to be careful on a run out on a Sunday evening.. in these parts....fuel can be few and far between..: ))

  • Nice man! Looks v clean love the white wheels

Hi I am selling my lovely VTR firestorm as I am moving abroad If anyone is... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi, I am selling my lovely VTR firestorm as I am moving abroad. If anyone is interested give me a shout. i am looking at £1200 but I am willing to negotiate a little. Details below.

It is 2000 model and has covered 27,300 miles. This bike goes stops and sounds as it should. It has been tuned (for rideability) by HM Racing last year and have the dyno results showing 100hp at the back wheel. In their words “it is very very healthy”.

I am a mature owner and have cared for this bike properly. I am regrettably selling this for a very genuine reason.

Good Bits:-

Blue Flame cans that sound awesome

Oxford heated grips

Handlebar risers (17mm)

Mirror extenders

Powerbronze screen

VTR Custom Seat

Manual CCTs fitted last year (essential on VTRs)

Valve clearances adjusted 4,000 miles ago

Chain and sprockets replaced 2,000 miles ago

New brake pads just fitted

Michelin Pilot tyres with loads of tread left

New front fork stanchions and seals

Oil & filter just changed.

MOT to April 2013

Tax Till Sept 2013

The bad bits:-

Well the bike is 12 years old and is not pristine. The fairing has a few scratches and minor cracks.

  • fair price, the right colour too....

  • Thanks all who commented, it must have been the right price because it went after 5 mins on ebay

  • Good price, always sells fast..

Thinking of racing my X in a 40 mile timed trail race tomorrow this will be the... — Honda 350x

Thinking of racing my X in a 40 mile timed trail race tomorrow this will be the first time I have riden it since I got it a few weeks ago. Taking my quad in case it gives me some trouble.

  • top ends same as a 85-87 225 moto4 atv and we put some newer 250r forks on it and had an atv front rim n custom hub....we were quite the engineers

  • I picked the 225 I had up at a "yard sale" some woman was selling all her x husbands stuff. Mint conditon 425.00, it was pretty quick for what it was, but the "spunk" was just wow for a shaft drive 225, no problem wheeling in 3rd gear, forth if you put forth effort. my 86 200x was faster, but still the TQ of the 225. Awesome, poor guy, but I wasn't sorry. haha

  • fourth**

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Hey if your still in the area lets ride tomorrow.

  • I was down a few weeks ago! Sorry I missed you

  • boo