GAIN ON THE SAT 17TH RIDE(this weekend).

Stamford hotel carpark Crn Stud and Wellinton Roads(Mel 72 H3) @ 8:15.

Look for the Shadow with the Scotland badges because that will be me or you should spot me with my kilt on!!!!!

Ride out at 8:30 fuel up at the servo on Stud Road.

Then ride to Crn of Warrendyte and Kangeroo ground cafe "THYME ON THE TERRACE" (Mel 23 G11) to pick up any bikes from the East and north.

Takeoff about 9:00, wait for us to turn up for the bikes from all points north and east..

Stops at kinglake(chat), Yea (lunch) and Healsville @ AJ's Car Park..

its 275ks for the round trip back to the Stamford.

Polish up the bike and drag all out for the day.

If on the ride, you and those with you want to peel off to stop at a pub or what ever takes your fancy then do so..

nothing is set in stone its a free and easy ride...

I will be doing the round trip back to Stamford hotel anyway..

This run is a brother hood and sisterhood ride and will be broken up for chat stops.

all invited and remember a journey is not the final destination but enjoying the company..


just broke in my new chain sprockets and my chain needs readjusting Can I... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

just broke in my new chain/sprockets, and my chain needs readjusting. Can I adjust the chain while its warm or should I wait until its cool?


  • would assume wait til its cold

  • nah adjust whenever neccesary. all chains stretch after first ride or two.

  • chances are it'd be col by the time anyone replied :P but yeah, I'd do it cold, though there's probably not much difference...

  • Yeah I did it cold, just wondering if there would be much difference hot vs cold, I'd hate to adjust hot and have it too tight when cold

I have a cobra medium sissy bar and a pair of hard chrome stripper exhaust... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I have a cobra medium sissy bar and a pair of hard chrome stripper exhaust pipes I want to sell. Bought the pipes new last year for 500 make a reasonable offer and I'll take 75 for the sissy bar I paid 250 2 years ago its been on about 4 times. Also I have a west eagle solo seat that has one season on it and its discontinued. Paid 200.00 plus 40 shipping will take 125 shipped. And have stock shadow risers and stock drag bars. And stock shocks.

  • I'm always looking to sell stuff for some cash back too. Stuff in general that is

  • I can use the cats eyes tail light and can I get a picture of the exhaust? Thanks

  • The exhaust is in a picture in a post below .

— Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

  • I'm italian and this is my Honda shadow spirit.. Bye

  • Where is your backlight?

  • Is in italy

  • Is a later ti bag

  • Sweet!

heres the damages — Honda 350x

heres the damages

  • I would take those ohtsu tires off those suckers are getting hard to find and bringing good money for them I seen them go for 300 to 400 bucks mine are up on a shelf

  • I dont ride alot so they dont get much miles, plus i just got Westcoast hubs to go with my flat tracker tires!

  • nice score they are nice pieces

here is my honda firestorm 1000 in near mint condition — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

,here is my honda firestorm 1000 in near mint condition.

it has had a lot of money spent on it over the years including:

engine removed and professionally sprayed gold.

engine covers, yokes, rear subframe, cam covers, foot rests sprayed black,

frame and foot rests polished,

wheels refurbished,

scorpion exhaust system,


tinted rear light,

k&n filter,

double bubble dark screen,

dark head light cover

carbs balanced,

m c t,

chain and sprockets,

new rear shock,

fireblade fornt forks,

wavey discs front/rear,

and a dyno jet kit fitted at the weekend.


Looking for expressions of interests — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Looking for expressions of interests..

For sale: 1980 c90 Deluxe Honda step thru/ postie bike. Complete and was running a few months ago. Has since been sitting in shed and needs carby cleaned out and a service to run again, but does have compression. Would be a good start to a project or fix up and register or use for a run around. Make an offer. Also have a large amount of parts wrecked from other Honda postie bikes, including one frame with id tags. Can sell as whole or split if need be. Located in Leeton NSW 2705.


which sprocket should I get if I want a higher top speed the 14 or 15. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

which sprocket should I get if I want a higher top speed, the 14 or 15?|


  • yeah I was looking at onetenmotorcycles at chains/sprockets and saw there was a few options. Prices seem reasonable and I was very happy with my last purchase and also their customer service was excellent.

    I was told that these things were limited so you couldn't blow em up, I take it this isn't true

  • i've heard of people blowing them from over revving for long periods of time, but essentially they are bulletproof...........:) yes oneten are very good at what they do, but bottom line i always look at the price and i've never had a single trouble. mind you i do keep my little machine very clean and serviced, plus being a mechanic helps.........

  • I'll bet it does. My old man is a mechanic and I learned a thing or two off him but it was always cars, so this is a rushed learning curve. Got grand plans but limited by budget. I should stop looking at the forums they have so many cool things to do I'll need more than one bike

— Honda Rebel 125 250 450

  • I always notice the license plate is on the side of a lot a in Canada we have it mounted above the rear tire.

EX BRITISH SUPER BIKE RACE BIKE — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


one of only 6 built / all the rest gone im affraid .


producing 150 BHP built by REVOLUTION / roger again





























Read more: http://ozfirestorm.proboards.c om/index.cgi?board=UsersRides& action=display&thread=14808#ix zz2Br1RbxxW


  • casting in middle of frame down to swing arm mounts

  • where i can find this front cover?

thinking of selling the storm and getting a sp1 Thoughts ive never been on... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

thinking of selling the storm and getting a sp1 . Thoughts? ive never been on one whats the differences . I know its basicly the same bike

  • Stick with the firestorm the sp1 is too track focused not nice at slow speeds or round town

  • Give a Storm an Sp paintjob and take 15 teeth off the rear sprocket.....

  • Lol yer

This is my 2006 750 Aero. I bought it 16 months ago with only 1 550 miles on it — Honda Shadow Aero

This is my 2006 750 Aero. I bought it 16 months ago with only 1,550 miles on it. Now it's a few miles shy of 25k.

  • Good times.

  • awesome!

  • The gradient black looks great when new, but mine is starting to "snowflake" in the black. I think it still looks better than a plain clear one.

Very reluctantly selling the 98 firestorm I have owned for nearly thirteen... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Very reluctantly selling the 98 firestorm I have owned for nearly thirteen years. Comes with Ohlins rear, Maxton front, Six pot calipers, Harris rearsets, Titax levers, carbon hugger and lowers and loads more. It's on Ebay 43593612?ssPageName=STRK:MESEL X:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

I'm off to cry a little

  • i would cry to phil...! dont sell it.!!! apart of you will go missing for ever!!! you can see this bike is loved! sell somethink eles!

  • Thanks John but I am selling something else too, my Deauville, my GSXR street fighter project and my old Peugeot 306. Will also be selling a loft full of parts that I have accumulated. Well overdue a clear out and then I will try a different bike maybe a TNT, a Brutale or a Tuono

  • That's well sorted.

I have noticed that my headlight gets brighter as the engine revs and not... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

I have noticed that my headlight gets brighter as the engine revs, and not knowing anything about bikes I just assumed that the electrics would run off the alternator. Is this the case or is my battery dying?

  • heh, i ride my bike at 2 am every day, headlights work alright, ut only work when the bike is running, i think my battery is and has been dead since i got it (was unregistered for 13 years sitting in some blokes garage. but it doesnt bother me as it doesnt affec tthe starting of the bike i dont believe.

  • i dont know alot about my postie in that regards

  • Not sure about postie bikes, but US models have a separate alternator winding for the headlight. Battery makes no difference on how well the headlight works. Headlight circuit is A/C and totally separate from other lights.

10. 5 inch apes — Honda Shadow Aero

10.5 inch apes

  • Do you know about the spread?

  • for some reason the link doesn't work. not sure if they're out of business or what. it was halt brakes. the width of the bar is the same as stock. 33" they're just higher

  • put the bars on before you order the brake line. just might fit and if not you can order the correct length. I believe its a 30 degree banjo and a single banjo bolt for both ends. can't remember for sure. lenght is about 43 inches when ran through the proper stays on the bike. let me know how it goes

Why do Firestorm owners not move up to SP1 or SP2 big brothers — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Why do Firestorm owners not move up to SP1 or SP2 big brothers.

  • id love to

  • The sps meet old, nevertheless for the fire the time does not pass, is so nice as the first day, long life to the fire

  • Because it has more smiles per mile than almost any bike I've ever ridden its fast enough the engines as good as anything still looks the part after sixteen years there fast becoming classics and you do meet the nicest people on them

— Honda Rebel 125 250 450

  • si jajaja , saludos kuki ya nos veremos en algun encuentro , mira que el mes que viene se hace en villa elisa, el 7 ,8 y 9 de diciembre un encuentro internacional , asi que seguro te invitare jeje, saludos amigo y aguanten las rebel 86

  • Cuanto hay que esperar para que entre en nuestro pais este modelo? Hermosa moto amigo. Yo tengo una 99 y estoy feliz. Vendi un Honda XLr 125 0km recién comprada que la use un par de meses; cuando la vi a la Rebel que tengo ahora, me enamore y la canjee y encima puse dinero, pero estoy copado con mi Rebel; es...simplemente otra cosa.

  • tengo una 2001....y creo que no importa el año, las rebel son todas inmortales! saludos a todos!

Hi guys here we have my 2001 storm with 12k miles that im looking to sell on... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi guys here we have my 2001 storm with 12k miles that im looking to sell on her loads of extras like double bubble screen carbon fibre levers rear hugger seat pod mini indicators brand new tyres dan moto carbon cans and everything to put it back to original full service t+t 2 keys im only the second owner from new dry storage for all its life only seen the rain twice when its caught me out £1995ono im in leeds west yorkshire i also have a baglux tank cover in yellow and a renntec luggage rack that comes with the lucky new owner



— Honda Shadow Aero

  • I ride a lot of back roads in Apple Country, Henderson county, NC, also up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  • Beautiful bike!

Interesting morning I got rear ended by a car at a stop light. very low speed — Honda Shadow Aero

Interesting morning, I got rear ended by a car at a stop light (very low speed), no damage to bike (metal skeleton behind fender works well) but car had a ding in bumper and broken licence plate plastic cover.

  • Thankfully that's all that happened!

  • I hope when my time comes, the driver takes a lesson from yours!

  • Glad you are ok.

  • glad your ok, idiot! driver!

  • I had a similar experience (not this morning) but the rear-ending car was an import with a bunch of aftermarket body mods and it left with a giant crack in it's fiberglass bumper. I giggled later as I replaced a reflector below my license plate.

When buying parts do you find going and getting whatever on ebay or do OEM... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

When buying parts, do you find going and getting whatever on ebay or do OEM parts last longer/perform better? Looking at sprockets and chains right now but eventually it will be a full rebuild.

Also whats the general consensus on onetenmotorcycles?


  • the ct110 shop in brisbane i have always found helpful,theyre honest and deliver!

  • Thanks, I'm about to place an order I think. Could easily spend a fortune there. I just read on a forum post that someone wasn't too happy with their service, but that was old

  • they did the righty by me! i rode my postie from southern tasmania to brisbane and back!

FOR SALE 1979 trail 90 great condition all original features the rare spare... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

FOR SALE 1979 trail 90 , great condition all original !features the rare spare fuel tank and the high and low range gear box , off a farm with a genuine 9k on the clock , tail light is broken an also needs a new ignition lead to start , would love to see it go to a good home to be restored , $$ 1000.00 Ono for further photos or questions message me on Facebook thanks

  • Would you sell the fuel canister on its own?

  • Prefer to sell complete mate , as it's fully original now ,

  • fair enough, don't ask won't know. Good luck

— Honda 350x

  • You break mud flap?

  • no thankfully its still good

  • Well I am a little happy that someone else has wrecked besides myself, sorry John Miller. Glad your alright. The bite of the X. Worse than a woman! To bad about the OEM fenders.. Why you should always have two sets of plastics, one set for Show, and another for GO! lol.

Maggie May shared a link to the group: HONDA SHADOW RIDERS GROUP. — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Hi all, I have not been here in a while, those that have been here for a while know of me and my wife Marjorie, her love to ride with me and her illness. Im actually swallowing my pride and asking for help. Marjorie passed this morning at the young age of 42. With bills stacking up we are asking for donations to cover funeral expenses. Follow the link for donation information. Thank you all and ride safe jorieparkermemorial?utm_source =facebook&utm_medium=fb_wall&u tm_campaign=vanity_page&og_act ion=hug&fb_ref=419933

  • Wow. So sorry. Thoughts and prayers.

I ve been looking into extra fuel sources and saw a picture of a postie with a... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

I've been looking into extra fuel sources, and saw a picture of a postie with a sub tank, underneath the rack. Looks like a built in jerry can. How does this work? Does it feed from a hose or is it removable and tip into the main tank? Also what capacity and would it fit on a 2007 model?


  • yes it just removes from the holder and pours into the main tank when needed. from memory they are about 2 litres. another option that alot of people do is to remove the downtube cover and fit a XR tank which holds about 10litres.

  • Thanks, I'm talking to a fellow on gumtree about an XR250 tank, I'm just not sure if its the one I want. I've also then need paint etc and fitting. I'm doing at least 60km's a day and trying to avoid filling up at a servo every second day.

  • yeah i'm not sure about what model, my suggestion would be go to a wreckers and try a bunch. as for paint get it mixed up at your local store, i got a pressure-pack can for $30, i was also quoted $84 elsewhere for the same thing, so shop around.

  • the one I was looking at is over 100 so I might skip that.

    Other question, is it much problem to change the headlight for a brighter one?

    Also what about swapping out the horn for something louder? Can I just install a 12v (assuming mines a 6v) or is that a problem


  • first up work out if it is a 6 or 12volt system. as there are alot of options for 12v systems, but i have no idea what is around for 6v. that will also answer the horn question, ebay usually has the cheapest stuff around.

I got my L s postie went over the pits and I ve been cruising on the road for... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

I got my L's, postie went over the pits and I've been cruising on the road for two days now. Did 80km's and had to switch to reserve, by the time I managed to get to a servo I had done another 15, and it cost me 6 bucks to top it up. So about 95km's for six bucks. Thats cheaper than the bus. Happy with that.

Now, for the mods....

  • That's about 4.7 litres per 100 kays. You must have been givin' it the berries !

  • I was on the highway givin her stick. scared the shit out of me the first trip, I've never been so exposed in traffic lol

  • also apparently I pay a lot for fuel, about a buck fifty. Was paying that back in Esperance so to me it isn't much.

— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

  • Factory recommendations are WAY too high. They always are if you want grip, they're for tyre longevity. I used 30 cold when I used the VTR on the track, heated up to 36. . Lower pressure also means a bigger contact patch = more grip.

  • Lower pressure means more heat, until the running pressure is 36, then pressure is standard but tyre is hot and sticky Lower pressure flexes the tyre more to heat it up.So the grip at running temp is not because of lower pressure/bigger contact patch at the time, the pressure is now standard, 36.So is the contact patch.?

  • Racers use Nitrogen instead of air, because Nitrogen stays at a constant pressure no matter what temperature, so makes setting up easier.

the 916 is over rated a vtr can kick the shit out of it sorry to say but the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

the 916 is over rated... a vtr can kick the shit out of it. sorry to say but the tl1000s will kill us all..! we"vtr´s" are fast around the bend cos the tl has a mess of a back shock,but for bute power the tl wins!

all said and done i still would not sell my vtr she just so nice to ride!

  • It is true, the vtr is one f sports very good, for circuit they did the sp, but the vtr is one f very R

  • I feel the need to comment here. I have owned my VTR for nearly thirteen years and in that time I have upgraded many parts, I love this bike. I have upgraded to suit me and what I want from a bike but even with all the mods I understand it will never be a ducati beater. I have read in this thread that Ducati's don't handle as well as the storm. This is ludicrous. I also read that the firestorm was Hondas sportbike until the blade came out .. again, crap. The blade came out 5 years before the storm, the SP1 was the sports twin. The VTR has never been competitive for racing or anything else without massive money being spent on it whereas the Ducati has. Now don't get me wrong I love the firestorm but you have to be realistic. A firestorm can give any R1 a run for it's money??? WTF??? a fairly heavy 110hp sport tourer against 170+horsepower cutting edge sportbike? The ONLY way these two could really compete without the R1 clearing off is a dreadful rider on the R1 and a decent rider on the storm. Then it's not down to the bike. The storm does not handle great. The front end on earlier bikes suffered hydraulic lock and the rear end was such a budget shock that Honda should have been ashamed. I have Ohlins rear and Maxton front forks which have improved things hugely but I am still realistic. Love the storm for what it is, a great fun, decent looking, forgiving, flawed gem of a motorcycle.

  • I share it, this way it is the fire, a great motorcycle, it is not possible to ask for peaches to a tree of oranges

Any thoughts on Lindby Highway bars — Honda Shadow Aero

Any thoughts on Lindby Highway bars?

  • Thanks alot! I really like the Lindby's, seen them on some Honda's at BBB......they really looked good but they have to be functional as well. maybe better read some more reviews.

  • Yikes, I gotta stay out of that catalogue! lol :P

  • lmao yes that catalog, I am definate those nice Lindbys you like are functional Rhonda, just dont go for thin ones, get a good thickness, at least 1 1/4 - 1 1/2, I added pegs to mine, short legs here lol, easier another nice add

Both mileage meters reset on there on sometimes. Any thoughts — Honda Shadow Aero

Both mileage meters reset on there on sometimes. Any thoughts?

  • what? mean they blink on and off? I know you have a old c3 like me.. it might be as simple as a low battery or poor connection. tighten down the terminals.

  • They just start over at 0 miles when i start the bike.

  • You might be having a "groundhog" day experience. Consult Bill Murray as soon as possible. He will know what to do.

Would anyone happen to have the paint codes for the ct110 — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Would anyone happen to have the paint codes for the ct110

Tarhesian red and Monza red ?

  • Honda Red R-110 (monza red), i got a local paint store to mix it up. the other one i've heard of is the tarhesian, but not sure what years they used it.

  • just found this> honda-r110-monza-red-1323.cfm and via a forum

    Tahitian Red = R23 ( Honda Paint Code )

  • thanks guys for the responces, big help

Hello Everyone Glad to be a part of the group This is my 2007 Honda Shadow... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello Everyone! Glad to be a part of the group. This is my 2007 Honda Shadow Aero. Picked it up last Friday.

  • Thanks Brad I am hoping to get out there today. Sounds like our weather is going to take a big change around mid-night. Enjoy your travels. What part of Michigan are you in? I use to live there. Grew up in the Detroit area and lived in Jackson prior to moving to Indy.

  • Congratulations! I'm sure you will love it!

  • " Congratulations Cynthia...We have a 2004 Aero/750, black,silver & love it. They are great cruisers. RIDE SAFE "

  • Thank you, I appreciate the warm welcome.. I really am enjoying these two great weather days we're having to get out and ride. Safe travels to all of you as well.