• Got an 85 rebel 250 took it to the shop needed a carb clean brakes and a tune... — Honda Rebel Riders

    Got an 85 rebel 250 took it to the shop needed a carb clean brakes and a tune up. Now its running i love it easy to drive . Just wish i had a tach. Rpm gauge. Oh wjat can i do to make it sound a little beefyer?

    • I'm installing some Jardine Pipes on mine, I have also heard of people getting Stock sportster pipes and using them... I agree, It really needs a beefier sound.. I worry about people who can see me, at least the'll be able to hear me.. ya know?

    • Jimmy & Kimmie....I have a 250 Rebel as well and just got it running last weekend and learning how to ride it. I LOVE IT. and am so excited about fixing it up! Friend me so I can see your pics of what you've done!

    • Update: my rebel is currently in the shop hetting a top end rebuild. I dunno jow iy happened but my valves got hot and bent alil so they atarted making a big clicking sound. Il be getting it back this monday so im hapy about that

    • GREAT! Mine sat in smeones garage for 9 years, and then I got it and it sat for another year before I could get someone to help me with it...now it's running and I need to rebuild or replace the front brake master cylinder...the glass window is gone and so is one of the screws, so after I replace that, and the license plate light cover it should pass inspection and then I can get it on the road (legally)....I love it! I just learned to ride it last weekend....has been my lifelong dream!

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman — Honda Rebel Riders

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman.

    I have recently acquired a CA125 in black, which is damaged. There are a few parts I can immediately see, which need replacing, so my hunt for these parts has started. They are:

    * R/H foot rest

    * Rear brake assembly (including brake pedal pivot shaft with springs and brake rod)

    * R/H rear shock absorber

    * Front headlight (or bigger aftermarket)

    * Fuel tank (in decent condition)

    Please feel free to contact me stating price. Preferably parts in the UK would be appreciated.

    Thank you!


    — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    • Got hit on my bike Tues. 7/12. Hit and run driver took me out! Bike is in the shop now getting a "crash estimate". Very lucky that i was only scrapped and bruised up, couldve been alot worse.

    hey guys just found this place. Thought I d drop in some photos and say hi — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    hey guys, just found this place. Thought I'd drop in some photos and say hi. Just in Sydney on a postie for a month or two.

    • hy me and a few mates are riding from vic to sydney in april will ya still be around.

    • Hiya Jamie, yeah I should be mate. I take it you're coming up on posties, I'll still have mine if you're up for a local ride once you get here.

    • Yeah there are 7 of us on posties and one bloke drivin a van. Will be good I'll send ya a msg or something closer to when we leave

    • Guys if you need POSTIE PARTS CT110 or CT90 please let me know or see my web

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    salve ho un problema con hiss in pratica quando si accende lo start l hiss... — Honda CBR 954 RR

    salve ho un problema con hiss in pratica quando si accende lo start l'hiss emette un suono...oggi mi si è creato un problema quello che muovendo i fili dietro il blocchetto dell'hiss questi si disattivava spegnendo la moto...rimuovendo i fili riprendeva a funzionare...ho smontato il blocchetto hiss controllato i fili che non fossero tagliati o usurati ma tutto ok...rimontatolo adesso pur muovendo i fili del blocchetto non si attiva. Volevo sapere se qualcuno di voi ha avuto lo stesso problema e come lo ha risolto!...altra domanda: si può escludere l'hiss? Grazie ancora Fulvio

    • Credo che per escluderlo del tutto ti debba rivolgere al centro autorizzato Honda ti sconsiglio di guidare la moto con i fili staccati in quanto ho letto da qualche parte che è controllato dal software della centralina ci sono alte probabilità che con i fili staccati ti ritrovi a piedi con la moto che si spegne di botto.Se la centralina ha un problema e non legge il sistema HISS va tutto bene ma se dovesse riprendersi e non avere risposta dal HISS la moto si spegne e così rimani fermo.

      Dubito che la Honda abbia progettato un sistema che poi basta staccare due fili per fregarti via la moto di più non saprei aiutarti...

    — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    • Shit hot !

    • Awesome, I am tempting the fact of pimping my postie, 2000 model only done 13000km's, rides awesome just don't want to mess with perfection really

    • Looks awesome, are those former chrome parts powder coated?

    I have an 86 rebel and am looking for parts in and around alabama was... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    I have an 86 rebel and am looking for parts in and around alabama. was wondering if anyone had some leads.

    • I have an '86 rebel as well...I get my parts from Motosport.com and Ebay

    • A & B Cycle Honda(251) 666-7690 3755 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL 36693

    • hondarebelforum.com. look around there, some people have parts, some will point you to parts sellers.

    • http://www.rebelcatalog.com/ He does his business by phone, very good customer service, call him.

    My Vehicles — Honda Rebel Riders

    My Honda Rebel 125cc Cruiser...

    Bought in 1996 new - still owned now, although it needs restoration before taking to the road again.

    This shot was taken by a professional during a bike show!

    • Seeing as the 125 version needs to be seen more - just a reminder of what can be done even on a small one...lol;)

    • I didn't arrange the model - it was the photographer's idea, just in case anyone thinks it was in bad taste......... ;)

    • I 'like' the bike! Model doesn't do it for me haha

    • I understand Tracy :) I'll dig out more shots - I used to run the Honda Rebel Owners Club actually - my bike turned into more show bike than I would have prefered - gonna have to get her going again as I'm missing the open road on 2 wheels ;)

    Side tank view — Honda Shadow Aero

    Side tank view

    • Sweet Paint !!!!

    • Thanks

    • Whoa! Somebofdy

    • somebody on here did that paint?,...awesome!

    2000 Shadow Aero in Porsche Sikkens White Irredesent Pearl Paint — Honda Shadow Aero

    2000 Shadow Aero in Porsche Sikkens White Irredesent Pearl Paint.

    • Very cool!

    • I love the paint and the white walls!

    • Nice. Very nice.

    • Thanks everyone for the compliments! Bike is not overly done up, but gets alot of attention everywhere I go. Bike is now for sale and located in New Jersey.

    my 86 saved it from a guy trying to part it out — Honda 350x

    my 86, saved it from a guy trying to part it out!

    • yeah, they are currently on my dads 440ex.

      i love how they can give you all the traction you want while also letting you break loose and drift corners.

    • They will break loose, just watch the drifting with them... make sure they have at least 9 lbs of air in them if your gonna play loose like that so that you don't "hook" up and get sent over... otherwise 4-5 lbs is fine

    • yeah i have been running 4 lbs for 3 years now. they work great.

    Hey all Got my 2009 Aero a couple months back Just put a Mustang solo saddle... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hey all. Got my 2009 Aero a couple months back. Just put a Mustang solo saddle on (picture predates saddle) and ride to work every day. Feels great! Going to add a lightbar, windshield and some hard bags eventually, but she's still mostly stock at the moment.

    • Added the lightbar - works great. Next up are some floorboards and a windshield to deal with the wind on the bridges during the daily commute

    Traded the Rebel for a 2009 Honda Shadow Aero I love this bike Right now she... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Traded the Rebel for a 2009 Honda Shadow Aero. I love this bike. Right now she's just stock but by the spring, I'll hopefully have a windshield, highway bars and pegs, a sissy bar and some saddle bags. Awesome bike and so easy to ride.

    • How in the world did you pull that trade off?

    • I'll give you the basic ingredients. Bad economy. Desperate for a sale Honda Shop. Money to bargain with. Mix all that well and it cooks up a good deal. Trust me, it also is a major advantage to walk into the shop knowing what you want, and being willing to stand your ground to get it. Playing cards right will get you sweet deals right now, especially with shops in a frenzy to rid themselves of the 09's on the sales floor.

    — Honda Rebel Riders

    • Will post other pics soon... 2002 Honda Rebel!

      I love this machine! I don't think that I will ever upgrade!

    Is it necessary to have saddlebag guards I just got the saddlebags in and they... — Honda Rebel Riders

    Is it necessary to have saddlebag guards? I just got the saddlebags in and they dont touch the chain or tires.

    • i wouldn't take any chances, it wouldn't be pretty if those saddle bags got caught in your tire or chain...it would rip them right off and you would probably go flying off....they are not that expensive to get.

    — Honda Rebel 125 250 450



    Shouldn t Honda be able to build the three wheeler again. Here s why — Honda 350x

    Shouldn't Honda be able to build the three wheeler again? Here's why...

    Ok all you HONDA 350X, 250R lovers out there, answer this question for me before I write to Honda and ask the same thing-----The consent decrees, which put a stop to the production of three wheel ATC's effective December 30th, 1986 stated that as of that date the following needed to be done (In short form) 1.Stop sales of three wheeled ATV's. 2. Implementation of a nationwide training program. 3. Implementation of public awareness campain. 4. New labelling of bikes, and owner's manuals. 5. Implementation of a toll free consumer inquiry phone number. 6. Implement an outreach program to disseminate safety material to consumer groups. And finally 7. Agreed upon age recommendations for operating ATV's. Now here is the question.....The consumer product safety commission (CPSC) also states that the consent decrees will be in effect for 10 years, or till December 30th, 1996. If this is the case, wouldn't Honda be permitted to re-instate the three-wheeler and start production again?

    • I may be misinterpreting the consent decree, however, it has since been ten years, and assuming that Honda or other manufacturers support steps 2 through 7 while the trikes are in consumers hands, maybe, just maybe we may see these bikes ressurected. The only other reason I can think of is that the quad (ATV) has greater interest with consumers and find that building the trike (ATC) for production would quickly decrease in sales.

    • If you look closer you will see that they re-signed a bill to further ban production, of course, this new ban is only until standards can be put in place to produce three wheeled ATV's.

      The Consent Decree Act expired in April 27, 1998. However, it only applied to manufacturers involved in the case. Those manufacturers included Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Polaris. No other manufacturer was bound by the Consent Decree Act until Arctic Cat joined on Sept 27, 1996.

      On September 9, 1998, the ATV Action Plan was introduced. It basically extended the former Consent Decree Act on a Voluntary basis.

      Yamaha, Kawasaki, American Suzuki, Polaris and Arctic Cat have voluntary agreed to participate. However, Arctic Cat has only agreed for 5 years. Also, any company can withdraw from the agreement with a 60-day notice.

      Neither the Consent Decree Act nor the ATV Action Plan has ever applied to any other manufacturer.

      In August of '08, the CPSC submitted proposition bill H.R.4040. A bill primarily concerned with lead paint in children's toys. However, hidden in the pages and pages and pages of this bill, was a little known paragraph, effectively banning production 3-wheelers indefinitely. However, this bill which has since been passed into law, only concerns production-based 3-wheelers. It does not include prototypes, conversions or custom one-off 3-wheelers.

      The bill also states that this is a temporary ban until industry standards can be set.

    Honda Rebel Bobber — Honda Rebel Riders

    In this video new fish tail exhaust!

    • when you changed you exhaust did it effect you gas milage?

    • no not really it got about the same mileage. I actually cut off the emission pipe that goes between both mufflers and made them individually. Got better shifting and better sound.

    • thanks for the info bro...