• It s supposed to get up to 68 today in Okc. hoping to find time for a ride — Honda Shadow Aero

    It's supposed to get up to 68 today in Okc...hoping to find time for a ride!! Enjoy ur day folks!

    • Enjoy... and think of those of us who are still slugging out the cold and waiting for the first chance to ride again. Its 19 here right now and with some luck we might see 21 or 22 today.

    • @ Steve...Burr, I am all for the cold as long as I have some snow along w/it...we don't get much snow around here & if we do it melts off by the next day...I will definitely think of my fellow riding friends while I am out : )

    Well me and Daddy s little girl We desided on the colors and the final look of... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Well me and Daddy's little girl. We desided on the colors and the final look of the Rebel yesterday. It's going to be Red & Gold.

    When I got carried away with polishing all the aluminum. The HONDA on the clutch cover just came up missing and never could find it. LOL

    So this is what I'm engraving in it by hand. Enjoying every min of it.


    Photos from David Lee Watkins's post — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Well me and Daddy's little girl. We desided on the colors and the final look of the Rebel yesterday. It's going to be Red & Gold.

    When I got carried away with polishing all the aluminum. The HONDA on the clutch cover just came up missing and never could find it. LOL

    So this is what I'm engraving in it by hand. Enjoying every min of it.

    • I'll let you deside where this look is headed.

      Here is my muse as of right now.

      http://www.bourgets.com/marine s.htm

    See Tee Mike Oneill shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    why pay more ?

    get your self a discount !

    .99cent start price ,

    i sell these kits for up to

    $45 dollars!!!!


    $89 dollars

    was opened to check...all there and ready for you...cheers team lambda

    • What is Max bore size the head gasket will take?

    • .54 cheers Mike lmc 4510

    OK we all own a Storm but why did you buy one my V4 burst her head gaskets... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    OK, we all own a Storm but why did you buy one?.........my V4 burst her head gaskets last summer so i purchased a cheap Storm to finish the good weather with...when my V4 is fixed I'm selling her and keeping my Storm!!!!!

    • ......but really, I saw the VTR at the 1996 bike show in Brum and got my yella one on 01/03/97 and I still have it and it looks stunning and goes as good as it did in 1997. It's done everything; track days, long distance tours, country road scratching, commuting, MotoX, OK well not MotoX. It's never let me down. Best mods in my experience; Scott Oiler, Ohlins rear, Maxton front end upgrade and GSXR K1 front calipers and a Corbin seat for those who suffer from arse ache.I will never get rid of it - ever. And yes, less is certainly more!

    • Got knocked off my Hornet for the third time in less than a year. I let the insurance take it for a few months as repair was more than just swapping a couple of tiny parts and bought myself a firestorm for an interim/summer bike as I wanted a second bike anyway and the firestorm had pretty much everything on the label I was looking for: Well balanced, loads of torque, nimble, comfortable and most of all sexy. =D

    • I had a CBR600 and wanted something physically bigger as I'm quite tall. I fancied a TRX850 but while looking I saw the Storm for sale for a good price, standard apart from hi-level Remus carbon cans. That was about 13 years ago now. I agree with Stephen Austin above that Ohlins rear and Maxton front along with GSXR1000 k1 calipers absolutely transformed the experience of riding the VTR

    I know it aint a Honda but anyone looking for another bike. 2nd or for partner — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    I know it aint a Honda, but anyone looking for another bike(2nd or for partner) I said I'd pass this along for a friend in Neath South Wales.

    Dan Taylor is selling his bike folks if anyone is after one of these, said I'd pop it on here yous to have a look as he's only in Neath. Gsxr 750 k1 Immaculate bike with full service history, 13,000 miles and im 2nd owner from new



    Loads extra on bike Goodridge hoses (lifetime gaurantee) full arkapovic system, iridium screen , brand new dark smoke double bub screen , lens protector, spare exhaust springs, bobbins , rear jack for it can go with bike, Tax n tested ,New front on and will put new back on..

    Contact Dan Taylor direct Dan 07584281971

    • just two cilinders to much ;)

    • Yeah, I just said I pop on like cos sometimes you guys have more than 1 bike kind of thing!

    • nice bike... suzi are top bikes

    • Seems a fair price for the amount of miles covered

    • He's in south wales so anyone interested can hive him a bell.. I used a bike courier Dave Stoppie to get my bike from Donny to SW Wales,brilliant job for £99 nationwide all insured etc door to door!! It'd cost hell of a lot more going myself for fuel both ways n time involved!

    Brian Gillis shared The Clubhouse's video to the group: Honda Rebel 125 250 & 450. — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    https://www.facebook.com/photo .php?v=385036501576868

    I had to post this...No Rebel here..but funny !

    Yo tenía que escribir esto ... No Rebel aquí .. pero divertido!

    • HD smoked his but.

      Sports Bike is geared for the long haul. The HD looked to be geared a little on the low side the way he hole shot the sports bike.

      Anyway it was fun to watch and to root for the underdog. Who turned out not to be the underdog after all. Lol

    Lance Ziolkowski shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    Someone wanted to trade me a 1980 AMF era Harley Sportster.. argument ensued after me laughing a lot whilst pointing at his bike. Here is what he wanted to trade for my 99 aero c31100 (see link). He brought up that it would get more looks then the areo where I promptly agreed that most people don't see these bikes of this era outside of mechanic work benches..

    these were not real Harley's in my opinion. They were built and managed by a company who are primarily known for operating bowling alleys and are more known for driving Harley's name into the ground until 13 execs broke the brand free from their pin headed umbrella company. He seemed oblivious to this history.

    Moral of story Ride your Aeros proud because they are some of the best damned bikes made in my opinion.

    and that concludes my late night rant inspired by people on craigslist.

    • Traveled to Tennessee a few years ago and was caught in a downpour to end all downpours near none other than Jelico. Stopped at the first exit right in front of an old Road King. He promptly got out his tool bag and began tightening bolts on the bike, motor mounts floor boards, exhaust etc. after ten minutes he looks over at me and offers his tools so I can tighten the mounts on my "soft tail ". I laughingly replied that while I appreciated the offer, I found that my Honda didn't require an every 100 mile checkup. He had to physically walk over and read that it was a Honda, and not a Harley.

    • But alas......20 miles later my battery shorted out........ The Harley gods smacked me with the karma kane

    • Lol

    Talkin Tyres — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Talkin' Tyres...

    I was offered a set of knobblies the other day - but I remember reading somewhere that you really only need a rear knobbly for off-road stuff.

    Front, back or both?


    • I hear they are not so flash on the road, and I'm in Tassie so I'll keep maximum traction. Wonder how hard it is to field change tyres?

    • I don't think the Postie puts out enough power to warrant knobbies. I've had mine on some long stretches of dirt with the standard tyres with no problems.

    • what about serious off road? Being in Tassie there is extensive wilderness that I'd like to adventure, maybe get road/trail tyres? Someone at work said you could get 25/75 nobbies

    • I did the gibb river road on standard tyres. They were fine. Remember that you aren't riding enduros.

    • "remember that you aren't riding enduros"

      You take that back!!


      Thanks for the advice,

    my arsenal of bike cleaning goodies. minus bags of terry cloths — Honda Shadow Aero

    my arsenal of bike cleaning goodies.. minus bags of terry cloths.

    I cant stress good wax enough. Mothers chrome polish is also a pain in the ass but works well with a lot of elbow grease. Clean your bike right the first time and you don't have to clean as often. :) And although Marvel Mystery oil is a fuel additive that removes crap from the inside of your engine it is hard to beat in wiping off road crud from the belly of the bike and any aluminum casting parts. Chrome shines up well with it too. It really is Mystery oil

    • Product made from real corn

    • Great so there is only one good thing about California.....

    • I know it took my time per truck from 12 hours down to 6, and my profit margin went up 75%. 1 12oz bottle of wax would do two (2) trucks and a bottle of aluminum cleaner and a bottle of polish would do 4 trucks wheels tanks steps and grills. I could polish a wheel in under ten minutes by hand........ Without breaking a sweat

    ok having problems with my 400ex carb on my 350x idk if its just not getting... — Honda 350x

    ok having problems with my 400ex carb on my 350x idk if its just not getting enough gas or what the problem is. any ideas?

    • Correction of last night, mine is somewhere between 150-162. I have a dynojet, and I can't remember if it is 162 or if it's dyno 138 which is 150.... Stock jetting should be 38-148 which is not enough for 350x it'll probably run but your not going to get the full potential out of the 38mm

    • sean i put a dynojet kit in my friends EX. I had to take the bowl off, drill the hole out thats got the air/fuel screw underneath and use a small stubby screwdriver to adjust it.

    • thanks ryan, however as lean as it was running before that wouldn't have helped... it was soo bad that with full choke and three pumps of gas it still didnt want to start last month... thats when i went and jumped from a 42 to a 48... starts like a dream now and im waiting to see if its too fat once it gets hot out... thanks for the tip, that will help with fine tuning

    Tracy Mckie Peart shared Owl's Nest Tea Room Diner's photo to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    The road to Llandovery and the tea room today..

    • be good to meet up and see the pair of storms in their new shiny colours :)

    • in 'his'new shiny colour lol.mind you they're both gleaming now lol..

    • hopefully have my red beast back on the road come the summer with a few modifications :)

    My rebel — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    My rebel

    • Nice..

    • hot.....jejejej!

    • Nice looking bobber you got there. I bet that seat has to be a little rough if you have to ride very long. But looks good.

    • Yes, looks great

    Did a main bearing at 70 thousand ks new motor time after a reasonably fresh... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Did a main bearing at 70 thousand ks :( new motor time , after a reasonably fresh donk

    • would be much easier to do them out of the bike to. Doing the front cylinder was a bitch. I had instructions which said about only removing the rear valve cover and winding the engine over 450 degrees or something like that but again I just wanted to make sure everything was timed correctly.

    • You can time the front cams from the rear cylinder, there is no need to remove the front cam cover.

    • Yes you can Donald but mine was a tooth out. If i had have done it that way i might not have realised it was out. I also was to see the correct tension in the chain between the cam gears for myself.

    anyone else ride a naked Aero. no windshield no saddlebags no passenger seat — Honda Shadow Aero

    anyone else ride a naked Aero? no windshield, no saddlebags, no passenger seat?

    • I did when I first bought mine

    • I do occasionally. Usually when I do a thorough cleaning, I take off the windshield and bags, then ride it that way for a while.

    • I agree Jeff. I have an 07 with 30k miles and still havent dressed her up. Ive changed the bars and exhaust but thats about it. Just my preference.

    Looking forward to getting my blade wheels fitted — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Looking forward to getting my blade wheels fitted

    • Yes you can but the profile will be diffrent, more flat....

      On my bike I have CBR 600rr. Just change the bearings to fitt the SP1 axle... :-)

    • I don't really do bends and flatter the profile better for the wheelies

    • Am talking shit it's a 5.5 rim

    I just took my Aero for a 40 miles cool ride here in Southern Maryland — Honda Shadow Aero

    I just took my Aero for a 40 miles cool ride here in Southern Maryland! I can't wait for springtime!

    • That's why I love CA, I get ride even during "winter"

    • I miss that part of CA, the part I live in now can only ride a few months out of the year. I hate it.

    • Just rode 4 days in a row. Got an early glimpse of spring. Looks like it might rain tomorrow though! Californy that's the place you want to be!

    • I ride 3-4 days a week here in Tampa, FL, during what the locals mockingly call "winter."

    • I can't wait to retire and hopefully find a place to live where I can ride year round.

    i know this is a 350x page but maybe you guys can answer this i have a 85 200x... — Honda 350x

    i know this is a 350x page but maybe you guys can answer this. i have a 85 200x and i aways liked the look of the big 2 stroke exhaust like on the 250r. if i was to get one and mod it to the 200x would it make it run like crap ?

    • ive never had a 2 stroke bike. what about his idea about just moddin a 2 stroke around the stock pipe.

    • yea might be. well the originally i thought it would look bad ass. didn't really matter if i gained any power as long as i didn't lose any. i do like trintons idea.

    Has anybody else done the trx400 cdi swap. I tried it and it didnt even start — Honda 350x

    Has anybody else done the trx400 cdi swap? I tried it and it didnt even start. The carb is a beauty tho haha

    • Advance the timing on the flywheel, and upgrade your Coil, the 350X makes it's max at 7000RPM stock, IF you have an 86 use a 400ex CDI, stock is fine or a cheap aftermarket, yes they have a limiter, it's like 9,1000 RPM, which is more than enough to make peak power even with a cam, and any more your just looking stupid, and stressing the valves..

    • Richard the benifit comes when you go to a PROGRAMMABLE Dyna OR Vortex ignition!!! You can set your ignition curve to match your cam/riding style. Advancing the timing via ignition trigger on the flywheel works but your set with whatever you move it at. I personally like to move my timing advance around.

    • I agree with that, but I'd only go that far once you've upgraded everything else, for the money on the CDI, there are a lot of other performance upgrades which will give you more bang for your $

    I love the fact i get about 50 MPG — Honda Shadow Aero

    I love the fact i get about 50 MPG.

    • my 1100 gets like 30 I feel.

    • I have a DynoJet Stage 2 Jet Kit and High performance K&N air filter kit

    • I also run nothing but 93 octane or better. Also Star Tron every tank full.

    • Great minds think alike. This is my 8th cycle been riding for almost 40 years. All kinds of makes and models.Also have in Florida in storage a 2005 GSXR 1000 with a Yoshi 1240 Big Bore kit in it.

    My lights cut out on my 85x Is there any aftermarket for voltage regulators or... — Honda 350x

    My lights cut out on my 85x. Is there any aftermarket for voltage regulators or swaps cause i seen the market is slim for oem. And i needed insight to better gearin cause i top my x out pretty fast 68mph and theres so much power down low on it that it wont have a problem going upits like 1st through 3rd are only there to start going lol. Let me know guys thanks

    • I heart ryan lol

    • first of all a 450r isnt a slacker...they run pretty good...My 426 was built by TC racing...he's been building 350x motors since 85...the 426 is fast for a 350x...But if a guy knows how to ride a 450R and it is jetted and piped right...most likely h e'll beat it...I also have a 350x taken out to a 550 it has 16-1 compression and it flys....it has most everything done to it....but when the guys work up the 450's ...? its just old school...

    • I think everyone is misunderstanding the topic here. I said i have no problem stiking with 450s. I just want gearing options people have been running for more top end is all

    sorry to bombard the group with tons of posts — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    sorry to bombard the group with tons of posts,

    need help for a while now my bike has been randomly back firing quite alot while trying to accelarate, but then it could be ok for days then randomly start doing it again!

    i assumed it was the plugs and have been abit lazy and only just changed them thinking that would sort it back with no luck, still doing it :(

    could it be possible that the ecu maybe shot?

    as a mate of mine had a vfr with witha similar problem but his just gave up all together so he brought a new ecu plugged it in and fired first time.

    please someone help at a last resort i'll have to put her into a garage £££'s! :(

    many thanks in advance

    • or i could just be a blocked jet lol i'll strip the carbs out at the weekend

    Just changed plugs any clue as to whats wrong here left is front right is rear — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Just changed plugs any clue as to whats wrong here left is front right is rear

    • Supprise supprise lol the technical term fucked why wouldn't it be is the question! So you've had my bike since last friday and all you've done is balance the carbs and repaired the puncher it didnt have before it went in, i ask you to call me if theres any other problems and you call saying it stalled in traffic and wouldn't start again till it cooled down so youve taken the tops off to have a look. What did I ask you to do? Guess it didnt make you enough money so better fuck my bike up that should bump the cost up a bit :)

    • Pissed off is a slight understatement!

    • That's a really shitty story !

    Just wondering how many people are still riding on the horrible stock... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Just wondering how many people are still riding on the horrible stock suspension, and or what upgrades people have you done ?

    • your not the only one Dougie Brimson lol the guy i got mine off must have been at least 16 stone and im only 9 stone 7. saying that i really should get it set up :)

    • Mine was the other way round! There was nothing of him and I'm a proper fatty! :-) Must have a play with it soon though. I might actually learn something.

    • HA HA you and me both then buddy :) just wish this crap weather would do one! roll on summer!!!

    Zillion Oito shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    Chrome Teardrop Bullet Motorcycle Mirror - Free Shipping Worldwide @

    • I think everyone would agree we can figure out how to buy mirrors if we want them. Please leave as you are spamming the useful threads here that are for the discussion of Honda Aeros.

    • Thanks for speaking for me Lance. Without you I'd be lost!

    • I agree Lance Ziolkowski... however maybe Zillion Oito would like to send you a free pair to demo and report back to us on. Just sayin' - A good review is the only way to sell them here in this group.

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • Is that designed to melt snow?....

    • No but it will melt asphalt .

    • 6 cylinders? Not for stop and go city traffic, I'm guessing.

    • It was a beast . but a blast to ride. You could feel the engine try to twist the frame as you twist the throttle

    • Nice CBX

    Hi guys a while ago someone mentioned to me that if a CCT has an orange dot it... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Hi guys, a while ago someone mentioned to me that if a CCT has an orange dot it is an upgraded version.....fact or fiction please, bike is a 1998 with 11.000 miles on clock but I've only owned it for eight months. thanks for help.

    • I know the guy who owns this

      Check out eBay stuff


    • nice one ryan thanks for that

    • There work is top notch, they've made me stuff before like sprockets etc!

      O there drag bike is nice....

    Photos from David Lee Watkins's post — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Something I've been tripping over for a while now. So the other day I mounted it up to see what it would look like on the Reb.

    So here we go.

    • It's a Fat Bob's Extended Split Tank.

    • how much capacity?

    • 5.5 gallons

    Here s a Rebel Trike — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Here's a Rebel Trike

    • maybe they are add on wheels?

    • Hard to tell from this photo but only Rebel trike I have ever seen had 3 back tires, so not a trike but a Rebel with training wheels :P

    • Yes, now that I look closer... it's probably made up for an older person or someone who has balance problems or maybe just a project.

    • It looks like a Voyager kit. They are just an add on. You know training wheels. Lol.

      Jack's and one other are the only 2 true trikes I've seen. Not saying their aren't anymore. Will post a picture if I can find the other one. It was sweet.

    Sooooo I can save over 100 if I take the wheels off my 08 Aero and take them... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Sooooo. I can save over $100 if I take the wheels off my 08 Aero and take them to the dealer for new tires. Front one seems easy, once you get the bike upright and off the ground. My question is, how about the rear? How high off the ground do I have to get it? Will taking off the rear fender make it easier? HELP!!!!!!!!

    • I'm having a hard time buying in.. I like working off my chicken strips lol

    • It's not for everyone. I know some that turn their front tires around at 4,500 miles and run them backwards 'til they wear out. I've been told they get an extra 1,500+ miles out of them. I can't go for that one.

    • I change my own tires at home. I guess I save some cost there but I like hitting the twisties too much to commit to a car tire. Even Jaguars use soft tires for performance so they burn off quick but I like having the soft rubber of motorcycle tires on the pavement. I did run through the forums to see what there is about them and some people swear by car tires.

    Hi — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum


    We are riding from Brisbane to cairns on our postie bike on June the 8th to the 16th 7 days riding around 300 Km's inland on the back roads staying at pubs raising money for the RACQ CQ rescue helicopter we still have a few spots left if any one is keen to come along its $500 to hold a spot and you get $300 back on as we leave Brisbane and the other $200 goes to RACQ CQ rescue call me if your interested on 0415675121


    Just put 11 apes on it — Honda Shadow Aero

    Just put 11" apes on it....

    • The manufacture sent me the ones without demples by mistake.

    • Yeah had to file the nubs down too.

    • I just bought the same bars and 1.5" risers. Hope they fit. Going to shave my nub off too.