• Qui a un pot filtre bmc ou K N et dynojet pour savoir comment se comporte votre... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Qui a un pot, filtre bmc ou K&N et dynojet pour savoir comment se comporte votre VTR avec tout ça? Moi jai pas mal "d'etouffement" moteur en 1ere a bas regime et mon ralenti n'est pas stable. Ça petarade pas mal aussi...

    Merci d'avance

    • en configuration origine l'essai d'un filtre air KN sur la mienne le moteur broutait dur remise de l'origine honda plus de problème.Faut passer par la case pot/carbu et réglages pour obtenir qq chose bien...

    • sur ma mienne j'ai des térmignoni,et un filtre k&n,pas de kit dyno (sur ma premiere je l'avais) et elle marche du tonnerre...des fois éssaye de voir a metre un peut plus de richesse.

    • C normal que le ralenti ne soit pas stable dapres vous?

    Anyone do any nice mods to their bikes besides just bolting on handlebars or an... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Anyone do any nice mods to their bikes, besides just bolting on handlebars or an exhaust?

    • Best Mod I ever did was put a bitch on the back. Nothing makes a bike sexier.

    • Would that be an inflatable mod or the real deal ? The inflatable mods are much lower maintenance.

    • i cut off the reflectors as well. does clean up the look a ton.

    I want to split the exhaust on my 2008 Aero by plugging the splitter any advice... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I want to split the exhaust on my 2008 Aero by plugging the splitter any advice for me before I start?

    • Yeah, I think you're right Lance. I do remember reading how the NASCAR boys found that the pulses from each cylinder can affect overall cylinder exhausting and re-filling. Of course, they run much higher RPM's but it's the same principle...I think I'll just let the wifie ride hers for now as is...

    • just know it messes with inline 2 cylinder honda's and I've had to fine tune things. I'd say mess with baffles before messing with a slave tube.. or find new pipes

    • thank you very much for the advice that makes sense

    — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    • hermosa, de que año es???

    • gracias amigo, es 2006, saludos, era negra yo la pinte de ese color azul metálico

    • That came out really nice! Love that blue.

    I want to ajust the manual cam chain adjusters on mi Vtr I ve been told to only... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    I want to ajust the manual cam chain adjusters on mi Vtr I've been told to only turn them 1/8 of a turn I wouldn't want to get this wrong so just so I'm more clear on this could anybody tell me what way to turn them would it be lefty loosi or righti tighti or anti or clockwise?? Thanks.

    • Karl, with respect that's a stupid post. Yes, most people will understand you are joking but there are people from overseas who read this page who might not necessarily understand English humour.

    • I've had a cupple of VTRs I'm not an expert so I do respect and appreciate the genuine info off those guys who no what there talkin about so cheers to those who gave me good info.

    • Warm engine. Tighten all you can with your hands. Start engine( do not rev it) tighten with a tool until the rattling is gone. Good luck :)

    See Tee Mike Oneill shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    the last cheap gasket set CHECK iT oUt

    .i sell these kits for up to

    $45 dollars!!!!


    $89 dollars cheers team lambda

    • Anyway to get one of these but not using eBay or PayPal?.

      I wanna pull apart my 93 model ct110 and try fixing it. Blew a or some rings and its burning oil. (a mechanic mate will be watching over me :)

    • you can make an offer if you like, or bid & pay with you card over the phone or bank transfer ? i have eftpos here..up to you 0413395565 or email me at lambda_motorcyles@live.com.au cheers mike

    Sun 17th Mar 2013M — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Sun 17th Mar 2013M

    Williamstown Motorcycle Club bikes by the Bay Held each year on the 3rd Sunday in March Bikes By The Bay is WMCC’s biggest annual event.

    The aim’s of BBTB is two-fold. The first is to promote motorcycling in a family friendly environment that appeals to both the enthusiast and those who have a less intense knowledge. The second is to provide a show that is “all about the bikes”. There are no prizes or competitions, just a chance for motorcyclists to get together, talk about, and show off their bikes. held on the foreshore in Williamstown from 10 am until 4pm.


    Check this out emailed the dude inquiring on his parts inventory — Honda 350x

    Check this out, emailed the dude inquiring on his parts inventory;

    http://denver.craigslist.org/m cy/3666552966.html

    • $5K for everything, or 1700 for first in the pic, 1300 for second in the pic and 1200 for the third. The third is an 86 that's been converted to a quad. But he's NOT interested in selling ANY of the parts strore separate.

    • Yeah, the quad would be cool for novelty, etc. But he didn't say what kind of conversion it was (Astro, etc), getting parts for it could be a PITA, and I don't like quads. I don't see why he doesn't want to make some cash just selling some of the parts individually.

    • That's what I'm thinking. He's got a frame, forks, looks like an engine/crankcase, gas tank, front tire, etc.

    anyone ever had a problem after riding the engine wont start until it cools a... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    anyone ever had a problem after riding the engine wont start until it cools a bit?

    • I had same problem. Got to point of not riding bike as wouldnt start after a run. New battery and regulator and s/h starter - no change. Cleaned leaned to starter and poitive battery lead. So far this week has started every time. Fingers crossed.

    • Had any luck yet Adam Slothman Troth?

    • Its the lead to the starter motor, don't waste money on rectifiers or batteries.

      Take the starter motor out and take it apart, put a new bolt in, clean the commutator, copper contacts with fine scotchbrite pad, plastic pan scrubber stuff, green is ok,wrap it round the copper bit and twist it round, clean with a clean cloth after. and run a toothpick in between the copper segments to clear out any carbon.

      Put a bit of vaseline on the terminal bolt after cleaning and refixing the lead, with the boot on... it should now be sorted.If it was the starter clutch it would be spinning and/or making a noise.

      The starter CAN still turn with a corroded terminal, but stops when it cant turn anymore as theres not enough power.

      If you do buy a second hand starter(why?) strip it and clean it before fitting.

      Good luck.

    Feu LED — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Feu LED

    • I have that on mine too n on my old VTR,just make sure you disconnect it for mot n use the minis :-) as I had to do that for 2 mots as they can't be connected to the brake light as legally too close for mot so just use the minis on the back too and all good..get it home and set it back up and leave minis on there too as better to be seen as I remember some of the VTR guys saying they're hard to see in daylight so added some arrow minis where the stocks used to be..simples..

    • Hello, où l'as tu acheté ?

    • Hello... Trouvé sur leboncoin ... ;-)

    http. www. orkut. co. in Main Community. cmm 94287211 — Hero Honda Karizma

    http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Co mmunity?cmm=94287211

    Those who are part of this group must be knowing that we started the Karizma ZMR group on orkut when the bike was launched but as the orkut was about to over that time I started this facebook group. Yes I am still on orkut and log in once in a while to check out our beloved group which once had over 7000 members but now member count is around 6000 as people have stopped using orkut. http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Co mmunity?cmm=94287211

    Ah Nostalgia!

    So guys please do update your friends who are owners or fans of Karizma about this group by sharing the link of this group

    https://www.facebook.com/group s/125221250849531/ on your fb walls.


    my 2008 aero in maui hawaii — Honda Shadow Aero

    my 2008 aero in maui hawaii!!!

    • I just got it two weeks ago and I love it!!!

    • Nice bike. Bet you have lots more opportunity to ride than I do. Enjoy!

    • yes it's my everyday ride for work and fun!!!

    Glenn Desmond uploaded a file in the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    have a quick look and tell me what you think

    Probably upload in this format, chapter by chapter. Its 400 pages long so too big for one file

    • I can also do two pages at a time (so A3 size, that is A4)

      A3 would be easier to scan but it means it would be too hard to print out copies for yourself.

      Are the pages too large? I could probably make them 50% or even 25%

    • Looks good, thanks

    Is sad to announce that I have sold my trusty VTR have got a Blade now don t... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Is sad to announce that I have sold my trusty VTR, have got a Blade now, don't worry too much as I still have acsess to the wifes storm, will get another for a track bike, didn't really know how the jump from 2 to 4 cyls would work out but the blade is a very quick well handling beast, love the storm but fancied a change, am starting too save my pennys for another storm, how nice will that that be, a storm and a blade ! hope you all have a great, safe summer, remember its not the bike its the riding that counts.... Aj......

    • He he, I don't think she let you ride the Storm. ;-)

    • we all have to do these things mate, ive done it and came back to my storm that is pictured i just cant break away from them just keep it shiny side up and ride safe ish

    Après séance de nettoyage de mon Vtr — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Après séance de nettoyage de mon Vtr....

    Acheté il y a 1 mois .... Pour 3350 euros avec 21000 km de 2001.

    - changement du feu arrière à Led avec cligno intégré.

    - lèche roue arrière en cours de recouvrement de tissu Carbone et bientôt le dosseret de selle.

    - et pose de durite aviation avant arrière et embrayage.

    • Qui a pot, filtre bmc et dynojet pour savoir comment se comporte votre VTR avec tout ça? Merci

    • Cool pour toi moi jai des ratés a bas regime et mon ralenti n'est pas stable!! Des fois on dirait quelle s'etouffe et assez souvent sa fait pchhh quand je met des coups de gaz dans le vide.

      Désolé de poster ça ici mais je profite un peu des français!!

    • Ok merci. Le ralenti est a 1200 tours mais il dance entre 1000 et 1200!! Ta raison qques essais avant le bon reglage

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • Hahaha... just a photo I found at one point while surfing the internet. Thought ppl here would find it interesting/entertaining... guess I was right! :D

    • Yay!! Karma. Just bought this bike today.

    • Thanks Beth.

    Photos from David Lee Watkins's post — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Got my front wheel painted. Now for the rear wheel.

    • What did those wheels come off of? or are they aftermarket? because im sick of doing tubes on mine lol...

    • They are Johnny Pag Raptor wheels

    • ahh, thanks! ima do some research on em =D they look sick

    • It will take custom spacers and different rear break plate. A Honda Shadow rear break.

    Just brought a storm and well she s quick But she is standard Should i leave... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Just brought a storm and well she's quick. But she is standard. Should i leave her nice and standard or get modding

    • Ian once you start there's no stopping you'll always be looking at the next fix and if you listen to these nutters you'll have a shit load of standard honda shit on one side and your modded prodded beast on the other had mine three years and I won't part with it

    • Ohlins at the back, Maxton for the front with a pair of GSXR1000 K1 calipers and master cylinder. Scott oiler (quality kit) doubles the life of yer chain. eBays the way.

    • chrome-camera points-custom seats-leds underneath-double bubble-heated grips-spounge grips over them-hi level cans-belly pans-rear huggers and one of these to top it off.lolhttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/350727848768?ssPa geName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

    ok ik this is a 350x site but ik you guys have 200x to haha so i have a 2000... — Honda 350x

    ok ik this is a 350x site but ik you guys have 200x to haha so i have a 2000 400ex and a guy wants to trade me a 84 200x think its a good deal? not sure if i want to coz the 400ex is nice but yet again it smokes a bite and idk three wheels r better than four but the 200x was just rebuilt .20 over brand new hole shots new plastics new fork boots easton exp bars and dg full pipe .. the 400ex has maier front plastics power sport front bumper brand new clutch and some other little things but idk the 400ex is nice but its a four wheeler

    • im 14 by thee way

    • Now you really are an asshole lol man I thinka 350 would rock

    • hahah yea there lota fun more fun than i thought

    Thanks Beth Germann — Honda Shadow Aero

    Thanks Beth Germann!!

    • Your welcome Jennifer Hecke Wilding. Now you have to post a pic of that baby! As the rule goes... no pic = no proof!!!

    • Yup I know ... Once i get her i will!!

    • PHOTO?!?!?!

    • Posted a pic!!! I forgot lol.

    — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    • This thing is awesome. I would expect to see it ridden by villains in a dystopian sci-fi flick.

    • Ghetto! Love the speedholes!

    For Glenn Desmond Full black paint job Chrome leavers foot peg bars fork... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    For Glenn Desmond : Full black paint job, Chrome leavers, foot peg bars & fork clamps, Home made "custom" seat extension, Chrome skull mirrors, Hand made carved chain guard & front cog cover, Polished engine parts, Highway bar, LED blinkers & instrument lights, Modified & polished speedo mount, Skull valve caps, Modified front guard, Recovered & thinned seat, Colour coded "Black" hand controls.

    • Think that's about it.

    • That's awesome Dave! Some similar ideas to mine. What material is the chainguard made from?

    • The chain guard is the original one just with a bit of Dremel work and chrome.

    • Nice one. I made a chainguard from aluminium for max weight savings lol

    • Haha I should have thought of that. Would have been easier than exercising for the last 2 months. Although I have lost 10kg. Best weight saving I've been able to get for the postie :)

    Just installed my shiny new clear LED tail light from Lambda Motorcycles — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Just installed my shiny new clear LED tail light from Lambda Motorcycles. Thanks Michael Oneill.

    • Move indicators to, where did you get them?

    • Nice I meant, stupid Droid

    • hahah thought so, well was thinking 'Love'. Picked them up from a local Honda shop. Haven't been able find the same LED ones since. Only similar ones.

    • so what mods have you done to that other than lights? I can see paint and either a buddy seat or an extension so you can sit further back, what else you got?

    • Slick

    Honda Roots — Honda Shadow Aero

    Honda Roots

    • lol, yup thats a HonDa! & guy taking his own pic, nice one Endy Cano

    • Not fair, you have palm trees. 6" snow on ground here. Can't wait to ride...

    • :) I feel you Justin a few perks of living in Miami

    • Ontario Canada here :-( waiting for spring, ohhhh how id love to be in the warm south riding,

    • Spring is on its way dear Michelle :)

    Hello everyone. Just a fellow Aero rider here in Indianapolis — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hello everyone! Just a fellow Aero rider here in Indianapolis.

    This is my 06. Better than my 1976 CB 550 that I banged around on! Glad to be part of the group!

    • Will they hold my beer? Lol!

    • lol...I also have a cup holder for my coffee or water...no alcohol when riding.

    • Yep, no alcohol while riding!

    From last few days whenever I start my bike via self starter the trip meter and... — Hero Honda Karizma

    From last few days whenever I start my bike via self starter, the trip meter and clock resets, No matter if engine is cold or hot. I have filled distilled water recently and used the bike for few hundred kilometers to allow it to charge fully but the problem is still there.

    Bike is taking self though cranking is little slow along with trip/clock resetting.

    Battery is stock - Amco brand which is now four years old. Over 16,000 KM on odo

    What you guys suggest? Should I replace it now or use it until it dies permanently. What should be the perfect replacement? New Amco battery is 700 rupees and Exide is 1250 rupees. I am thinking of getting Amco battery!

    • Yes, better go with AMCO than Exide. Exide, I hate it. :)

    • Got Exide Xtreme zero maintenance battery for Rs. 1200 after returning the old battery. Warranty period is 18 months. Self starter is now firing the engine with just a notch of the starter button.

      The guy checked my old battery by shorting both terminals using a wire and water was coming out of two cells which means two cells are not working.

      I was looking for Amco but was not available anywhere near my area.

      Now this battery is labelled as zero maintenance and the person told me that there is no need to add water ever in this battery unlike the stock amco battery. Is this true? Also he has not connected the overflow pipe with this battery stating that battery is sealed?

    • Amco not availaible in stores,,what to do???

    I ve been having a problem with my 08 750 Starts up fine then dies 30sec... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I've been having a problem with my '08 750... Starts up fine, then dies 30sec - minute into warm up. Then won't start up again. Wait a day or so and it starts right up. Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem?

    • Nm found it

    • Seafoam is an additive that goes into the tank. Very good product. if you mix in fuel, and can get it started eventually she will start running better. Follow directions on can for the ixture. Seafoam is at walmart or any auto parts store. Lowest price is of course walmart.

    • They make an airosol also thay works great on bike. Spray into air intake on carb and make aa cloud. You will know its working if the epa shows up

    Derek Quinn shared a link to the group: Honda 350x. — Honda 350x

    Should I buy the 86? It's got red fenders, I'd swap back to original white if I pick it up;

    • Man where are you getting these retarded prices from lmao. There are classifieds ads on 3wheeler world.. i built half of my X for the price of them parts u listed off lmao ur gettin ripped. You must be a noob if u cant fix a frame

    • Man, we got some haters out there.........

    • Just picked up the 86, runs strong. Got it for $600

    Today I heard a funny noise I have decided is the chain slapping on the center... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Today I heard a funny noise I have decided is the chain slapping on the center stand, and I went to adjust it and its at its max adjustment with still an extra 15mm of slop. Can I just remove the master link to take the chain off and then grind/punch off a couple of links and feed the chain back through? Or should I buy a chain breaker and do it on my weekend? How urgent is it that I get this done?


    • I'd say weekend is fine but in saying that I take no responsibility for anything.

    • I bought a chain breaker on the way to work and managed to get some spare time to remove a couple of links and now it's sweet. Another skill under the belt

    • A chain breaker is awesome. I got one too and makes light work of removing links.

    I have a 2004 aero 750 anyone know where i can get some louder pipes reasonably... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I have a 2004 aero 750 anyone know where i can get some louder pipes reasonably priced i am still running the stock two into one pipe. Just want her to make some noise without being to obnoxious.

    • Yikes ouch good luck with that!

    • Yeah genetics. Basically i did a supply vid and theory.. i will install exhaust mod this weekend and show how that is done.

    I have V H longshots on my 2000 Aero but no baffles Anyone know some nice... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I have V&H longshots on my 2000 Aero, but no baffles. Anyone know some nice sounding baffles for the longshots? I am haveing some trouble finding some. Thanks!

    • I dug out my old longshots and it looks to me like they just had the standard baffles. They were VERY loud. A lot of fun at times, but didn't go over too well with the neighbors (at least the non-rider ones closest to me). Anyway, I found them to have a little more volume than I wanted, especially for longer trips, but slip them in and see what you think. They''ll definitely be a little quieter than what you have now. From what I can remember, they should make the tone a bit lower and more pleasing, but still leave you with a lot of volume. And they'll still attract plenty of attention!

    • I called v&h and got the origional baffles and got them in, like you said, didn't take the volume down too much, but it does sound a little lower. Is there a way to get it a little more like the Harley rumble, or maybe my idle is just a little high.

    • Ditto. I think the sound is much nicer with the quiet baffles, deeper, but still plenty loud. Personally, I converted mine back to OEM. Not quite as loud, but a very nice rumble, plus I just like the retro look better. And you can always do the baffle mod if you want more volume. I'll post a photo from today's ride.

    — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    • muy buena bellisíma

    • Nice looking Reb you have there. Ride hard but do it safe.

    My 2009 Rebel — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    My 2009 Rebel

    • The bags blend right in

    • Was not the intent when I bought them, just kind of worked out that way.

    • Very nice bike

    — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    • Thanks Brian.

    • the dark rebel !!!!! jajaja

    • es la de dark vader

    I m going to be removing the front fairing on my Storm for the first time this... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    I'm going to be removing the front fairing on my Storm for the first time this week as I have a couple of little jobs I want to do. It looks fairly straightforward but if anyone has any tips, they'd be appreciated.

    Also, I'll be tightening up my steering head bearings so any advice there would also be useful. For example, do I need to take the bars and top yoke fully off?

    • Take your time its not hard just a bit of a pain . Still easier then a hyosung #$$@/ me

    • Twat it with hammer

    • Hammer fixes all.

      Had mine off yesterday to do checks. One man job but be careful it dont flex fairings 2 much when removing. Stresses joints.

    Anyone else feel as if there V65 were a dog from a rescue shelter — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Anyone else feel as if there V65 were a dog from a rescue shelter?

    I felt bad and adopted it... but it's temperament makes me think it may be beyond repair sometimes...

    The carbs and wiring on this bike are PFM, I sync the carbs and test for shorts and yet they find new and inventive ways to mess with me.

    They have become the bane of my existence and I refuse to spend the exorbitant amount "classic" bike shops are asking of me.

    PFM= Pure fucking magic

    • thats the hope I had with mine a little under a year ago. Unfortunately I am all too aware that without a complete strip and resto of the bike I'm going to nickel and dime myself insane. Should have just did it while I was still in the service and seemed to have all of the time in the world.

    • Don't worry within the first couple of months that I had my first magna I cleaned the carbs probably six times. you'll get the hang of it!

    • Mines not like from the pound.... But then again I paid money like it was a prize show dog from Westminster show !!.. Awesome bikes though