Honda ATC Production Numbers — Honda 350x


Honda ATC Production Numbers:

1979 ATC110 – 69,489

1980 ATC110 – 75,225

1981 ATC110 – 25,983

1982 ATC110 – 52,100

1983 ATC110 – 53,415

1986 ATC125M – 8,520

1980 ATC185 – 27,319

1981 ATC185S – 44,012

1982 ATC185S – 83,135

1981 ATC200 – 36,204

1982 ATC200 – 56,771

1982 ATC200E Big Red – 40,969

1984 ATC200ES Big Red – 208,427

1984 ATC200s – 15,149

1983 ATC200X – 76,334

1984 ATC200X – 31,371

1985 ATC200X – 47,339

1986 ATC200X – 19,130

1987 ATC200X – 3,538

1985 ATC250ES Big Red – 109,842

1986 ATC250ES Big Red – 28,674

1987 ATC250ES Big Red – 4,889

1981 ATC250R – 11,176

1982 ATC250R – 19,527

1983 ATC250R – 14,754

1984 ATC250R – 12,486

1985 ATC250R – 26,844

1986 ATC250R – 13,093

1985 ATC250SX – 56,966

1986 ATC250SX – 11,909

1985 ATC350X – 25,499

1978 ATC70 – 10,787

1979 ATC70 – 14,684

1980 ATC70 – 11,705

1981 ATC70 – 11,214

1982 ATC70 – 17,795

1983 ATC70 – 27,269

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  • Up to 85, the 200X has a round frame. 86 and 87 200X have the square frame.

  • What about 88 250es?

  • I have seen one.

This guy is good. I have already posted the work He has done on my seat unit — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

This guy is good. I have already posted the work He has done on my seat unit. He does far more besides motorbike seats.

Else Made

Those of you that have seen my work knows the great quality it is and the absolute ridiculously low prices i charge compared to other trimmers but i need you to spread the word amongst your friends.

So at the time of posting this i have 145 friends on FB. If by the end of the mouth i have 500 friends on FB i will give the first five customers that contact me via Facebook in April a 10% discount.

For every additional 100 friends added over the 500 i will give another person the 10% discount.

So to sum it up. if you want a bike set doing before the start of the season now is your chance to save even more cash. Just get your friends to add me on FB then msg me your order on the first of April, as long as i have 500 friends by the end of March and you are in the first 5 customers to place an order you will get the 10% discount on any quoted price.

So common and lets get them numbers going up

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    Street glide bags mounted on my 1100 aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    Street glide bags mounted on my 1100 aero

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    • Mine uses tubes due to spokes. If you got spokes you need tubes. Not pinching the tube is the hardest part of the job.

    • Ok thanks Sean guess I need um then I have pics of mine on face

    • just checked it out. like that paint job. good looking bike

    Ride safe folks — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Ride safe folks!

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    • But have lots of fun doing it.

    • Keep two eyes ahead of you, two to each side, and two behind you..,. all at the same time :)

    • good advice Bob Garneau

    Photos from Brett Kline's post — Honda Shadow Aero

    Sadly I'm having to sell my bike. It's 2006 with less then 10,000 miles on it. If anyone is interested let me know

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    • That's less then I would have guessed.

    • Not to be a dick or anything, but your flag decal on the side cover is on the wrong side. Stars always toward the front! (right "sleeve")

    • I hope you get what you're asking for your labor of love. Nice paint job!

    Anybody know what the Brown and White Yellow wires are for that go to the OP on... — Honda 350x

    Anybody know what the Brown and White/Yellow wires are for that go to the "OP" on the wiring diagram? I replaced my on/off ignition switch today. Didn't go anywhere on the old switch either.

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    • I think those wires were there to power the honda line speedo on my 350 the regulator went and I bought a kimpex snow mobile regulator and hooked it up to those wires and it worked well, also the 350x can use 100w bulbs they cost a lot more but they are awesome

    • blue magic headlight lens restorer works pretty good. also used it to take off oxidation off the outside of my air box. worked great

    • those two wirese are for the optional tach kit that went on the 350x

    New seat unit recovered by Else Made — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    New seat unit recovered by Else Made.

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    • You will if it only has normal stuffing in it cos my old gel seat was gel both parts and you couldn't grrrrr.... so if you only get rider part gel'd or riple foamed, and leave pilly bit as is, = ok..

    • That was one of my requests about the seat cowl going back on. It is foam not gel. Check out his Facebook page, Else Made. The guys name is Alastair.

    • I know from experience that gel in the pilly bit does not fit under the cowel so if normal foam, it should be fine ;-) I'm looking at getting my seat redone and toying with gel or triple foam as Dp Leathers really rates triple foam but I loved the gel, but I won't be getting the pilly bit done as I don';t carry anyone ..period! lol..

    Godspeed Taoki shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

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    • Now we wait to see if it will go from concept to production.

    • It is said that it is the April sale in Japan.

    • Thanks for that Taoki san, I'll be back in Kobe in April and will visit the Honda Bike shop then.

    Has anyone used one of these — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Has anyone used one of these....

    "Oxford Solariser Battery Charger" latest 2012 Version with 3 ways to connect to your battery ( Leads Supplied)

    Solar battery charger for maintaining 12Volt Automotive batteries all year round ( Even on a cloudy day!)

    Perfect for where there is no mains power source

    Ideal for vehicles left outside or in remote lock-ups where the Solariser can be left outside or attached to a window or garage roof.

    LED light shows battery will charge with available light

    Simply attach the Solariser by:

    – plugging into the cigarette lighter socket or

    – with the permanent battery connection leads

    – with the crocodile clips supplied

    Operates in extreme temperatures –20°C to 100°C ....if so any good?

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    • they should make a water wheel powered one, just fit the wheel on the down spout on the bike shed guttering, free unlimited power !

    • untill it snows, like it is now, thought I was onto dragons den with that one !

    • lol Andy Lincoln-Smith

    These pipes growl like a 500 lbs Rottweiler and the bars ride like a dream — Honda Shadow Aero

    These pipes growl like a 500 lbs Rottweiler; and the bars ride like a dream!

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    • Cobra Dragsters with a Dyna jet kit. Apes are 18", just hooked both up and the finished product exceeded all expectations.

    • Yes! Another naked Aero! Looks great

    • Nicely done Jim, this is a 750 looks like, i ride a 750 Aero, and want nic pipes, get rid of the plain quiet stock, if your able share a video of how they sound, :-)

    Lance Ziolkowski shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    I will be walking you thru how to place the modded pipe in place of the baffle in part 2. This vid goes thru what you will need etc so I can talk more about placing the pipe next video. There are plenty of vids on how to cut the baffle out of honda's so I thought I would focus on fine tuning that sound we are looking for.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to make the videos Lance. I would like to "fine tune" the sound on my bike too and will be looking forward to the next video.

    • got hit with a sleet storm here.. never fails with Virginia Weather.

    • Ya thanks for the video looking forward to the next video.

    Mich Seme shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    WHATS A NICE STEREO, OR JUST MUSIC SPEAKERS FOR AN AERO ~ SOMETHING WITH GOOD SOUND, WANT SOMETHING I CAN PLUG MY IPOD IN, OR CELL WITH MUSIC ~friend mentioned shark makes some ok ones ~ what are your thoughts and views cycle.motorcycle_audio/?gclid=CMjs2ceTgLYCFdE-Mgod -iAAOw

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    • < THIS GAL LIKES HER MUSIC! & once those louder pipes go on hehe, let the MUSIC PLAY too!

    • it depends on the look you want. my bike has tons of chrome so I gravitated to the sharks shiny nature. The screened ones I think look good in a fairing etc.. but I'm a chrome snob.

    • i like chrome too forsure :)

    Purchased her with the Shield it is a nice look it matches the pinstripe it s... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Purchased her with the Shield it is a nice look it matches the pinstripe, it's my first street bike I am a converted Motorcross Guy, Man this is a whole different game out there with other humans and no trails and trees - CD

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    • Thanks Chris

    • Very nice bike - be very aware of them cagers, they are not biker friendlies ...

    • Thanks PAUL - HA

    Added this retro front chrome piece very satisfied with it Blessing to all of... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Added this retro front chrome piece very satisfied with it. Blessing to all of your Aero Squadron friends

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    • It looks great. the Shadow lends itself well to dressing it up with chrome bits. Its all in the styling of the 'core' of the bike. Honda did a good job in their basic design....

    • I like it too! Where did you get it?

    • Rodney give me a few and i will get you the name etc

    Robin Thomas posted in Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club — with Carr Lowe. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    New 110 on show at the Osaka Bike Show

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    • Too modern. Stay true to the old school style.

    • its starting to look like a scooter therefore not good

    • Maybe that's part of the reason the designation was changed from CT110 to CC10? They don't want it trying to compete with the legend directly.

    alguien tiene el manual de propietario de la rebel 250 en pdf y pueda mandarlo — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    alguien tiene el manual de propietario de la rebel 250 en pdf y pueda mandarlo?

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    • me lo envias? ... Gracias!

    • Manual de mantenimiento honda rebel cmx250 1996 - 2000

    • gracias Emilio!

    Hola buenos dias necesito de su ayuda o asesoria donde puedo comprar... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Hola buenos dias, necesito de su ayuda o asesoria, donde puedo comprar refacciones y partes de mi rebel, en mexico, especificamente cancun, honda es un dolor de cabeza no manejan las piezas y tardan mas de 1 mes en traerlas.....gracias

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    • Any members in mexico?

    • hola fijate en ebay , ahi tenes de todo y te lo envian a domicilio , sino si en mexico tienen la mondial hd 254, los repuestos son casi iguales, suerte amigo y buenas rutas a todos

    Hi all just a quick intro and thanks to Nighthawk for adding me to this group — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Hi all, just a quick intro and thanks to Nighthawk for adding me to this group. I'm an Aussie living in Philippines and have had this V45 Sabre for about 8 years now. The bike has always ran great until it went under in a flash flood and was submerged for around 12 hours so you can imagine the dramas I've been through since. Mechanically it is good again and electronically it is almost sorted except for a few problems that crop up from time to time.

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    • Best way to go.

    • If it was salt water you should disconnect every electric terminal possible. Emery cloth them and dialectric grease back together... Water attacks the aluminum connectors hard... Especially salt water.... Nice bike

    • Thanks Andy, luckily it was fresh run off from heavy rains. The electronics gave me the biggest trouble, had to throw out the gauge cluster, CDI igniters, go through the harness and connections and now from time to time another thing will crop up. The ignition coils and pulse units are suspect now when hot, I've got a replacement set of pulse units and think I'll invest in a set of Dyna coils soon.

    Powder coating oven red neck style — Honda 350x

    Powder coating oven red neck style

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    • Only when I'm powder coating

    • yea if you use a shop propane heater just keep heat about six to eight inches away from frame or whatever and paint will turn smooth then i usually move to a different spot after about five mins. ive had really good luck doing it this way on large items if it starts to smoke a little be sure to move it soon or it will turn out dull if its left on that spot too long. ill get some pics up tommorrow of a few things i did last weekend

    • got my frame professionally powder coated for 90 bucks.. looks OEM..

    Not to bad in the Valleys here in VA but up in the mountains it was a little... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Not to bad in the Valleys here in VA but up in the mountains it was a little brisk today.. Blue Ridge Parkway still closed :(

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    • sent a email lol no reply guess they want a call lol as they had requested :/

    • I'm letting mine go before May. I'll be out of the country for a while starting then and don't want to put this bike in storage if I can help it. 8k miles..

    • Nice machine, would really like to have it if you weren't so far away!

    Another crummy day in Ojai 80 degrees I nearly froze — Honda Shadow Aero

    Another crummy day in Ojai, 80 degrees I nearly froze.

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    • Lol Chris, +2°C, here & dirty snow is slowly melting

    • 27 F on my way to work this morning, but a nice 60 degrees on my way home in Arkansas.

    • Going down to -7°C :( this weekend, and its the Spring Toronto Bike show, I'll be definitely be going as I'm in biker fever lol

    First thing i had put on my bike. Honda Engine Guards — Honda Shadow Aero

    First thing i had put on my bike! Honda Engine Guards ~

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    • you'll have to give us the definitive must go to rallys then as being down here where I live there are three main ones people talk about. probably because of driving distance.

    • Im organizing a group ride to the Ride Manitoulin bike Rally, here in Ontario that's where i grew up a beautiful place, so many locally to choose from, as I am in Ontario. Will take us riders a day ride to get there from the Toronto area. A good 8+ hour ride

    • I will be with my bike up that way I believe in July. I rent a cabin at Allegany state park in NY.. but often ride up to Niagara falls etc.

    view of shark 250 w speakers — Honda Shadow Aero

    view of shark 250 w speakers

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    • Im wanting a nice one on my bike, love having music, shhh i ride with ear phones in my ear in one ear lol should get a stereo, or just AWESOME speakers to go with my cell or Ipod

    • I paired it with a 250 W system.. MP3s etc. going to upgrade power supply though as I find when I take the bike out.. It's the music of the party which kills my battery

    • look on ebay for shark speakers. You might have to get creative with the mounts like I did.

    Beach bars with risers See speakers have low profile and blend well with... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Beach bars with risers. See speakers have low profile and blend well with headlight can

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    • I love the color and look very nice Lance ~ nice antique blue, i dont normally like blue lol, find many men do though lmao

    • Thanks :)

    • lmao ok, my Baby 750 HonDa Shadow Aero, coming right up!

    Lance Ziolkowski added 7 photos to March 11, 2013 in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    1999 Honda Shadow Aero C3 1100

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    • Just bought a 66 Pontiac....... Seriously thinking of makin an old school color schemed look alike to the shadow, complete with 2" wide whites

    • Nice! I like the chrome on the sides of the front fender, what do you call those?

    • fender accents. They are stock

    When any of you other cats are doing mods resto work you ever get into it and... — Honda 350x

    When any of you other cats are doing mods/resto work, you ever get into it and scratch your head with a SEVERE case of WTF did a previous owner do to this thing?

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    • lol... he coulda' but said Screw it..

    • One of my personal bests were a JB welded side cover where the chain tore it up. Then jb welded sheet aluminum all over the side of the motor to plug it up....Was a goddman mess to get off and change

    • Hope he didn't ride to hard, he coulda' been "screwed". Ba dum duh (rimshot)

    Aero Squadron. very nice — Honda Shadow Aero

    Aero Squadron...very nice!!

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    • Can you give me the guys info please, I cant find it....

    • Dig down this message post on delphi. I don't recall exactly who I purchased it from a few years ago. But if this post dosen't say, im sure the people in it can tell you. g=41225.1

    • I bought some t-shirts and a sweatshirt aero squadron, from this website:

    My Shadow Aero VT1100C3 — Honda Shadow Aero

    My Shadow Aero VT1100C3....

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    • The seat springer I liked more than anything else for the esthetics and the retro style but it is not comfortable for long journeys being made of leather and a little soft; two months ago I ordered (and I'm waiting for me to be delivered to mount) the saddle Corbin Hollywood Solo

    • ejection seat lmao, awesome!

    • gorgeous bike and the seat lovely

    Nice weekend for a ride. Got the daughter out for a sunset ride on Lake Erie — Honda Shadow Aero

    Nice weekend for a ride. Got the daughter out for a sunset ride on Lake Erie.

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    • Ok, in miles, for us not military trained! Lol

    • 560 miles. ;P

    • Ohh, ok. If you ever find yourself in Indy and need someone to ride with, or a home base, let me know. I'm only 15 min from the track.!

    Steve Thompson added a photo to March 11, 2013 in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    First Ride of The Season

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    • Agreed. That's the worst thing about getting the early rides... Sometimes you spend almost as much time cleaning as riding. That said, I rode again today because after the long wait, its worth it. You couldn't chisel the grin off my face.

    • mid summer up to low 40s, just a heat wave late in our Australian summer. (Dec-Feb)

    • And agreed about the salt used to seize up my front brake on old honda 750 chopper in Canada.

    Steve Thompson added a photo to March 10, 2013 in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    First Ride of the Spring Season

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    • Steve, we just bought an '09 Aero for my wife with 3K on the odometer. I rode it home and have been riding it around some and it is really a fun bike. I have two other bikes, but this one has some fun in it...

    • Chris, Glad to hear you're lovin' the ride. All the Shadows are great bikes, but I really love the Aeros. Mine is a '98 VT1100c3 with over 44K on it now and still going strong.

    • I'm thinking the 1100 is the way to go, as the 750 has to be down-shifted when climbing hills....but fun anyway because of it's low seat height...I like having my feet firmly on the ground.

    Sean Ridgway posted in Honda 350x — with Josh Gettemy and Matt Bills. — Honda 350x

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    • My account of the condition were as follows. Snow in places, mud, dry areas, melting snow, run off, puddles, frozen ice, chunky ice, deep chunky ice and flat ice. Up hill spinning, down hill sliding, switch backs almost out of control. Deep ruts, logs in the way tree down stick jammed in the break. Rock on the front shock, No rear break, blown fork seals and one numb foot cold soaked caked in mud new 350x friend. Hardest skillful riding i have ever done. So many condition changes so quickly. Wouldnt trade it for the world.

    • Tips for unswamping a 350x. Step 1 remove 350x from water. Laugh alot. Step 2 tip to side of muffler and 1 wheel piggy back. Stare at muffler hope water comes out. Nothing. Step 3. While it is stood up turn kill switch off. Kick 20 time each person and slowly watch water come out of muffler. Stare with amusement of the different toilet sounds coming out of muffler. Step 4. Put back on three wheeler turn kill switch on and fire her up. Its a honda it will fire. Dont over rev the throttle, watch more water come out. Step 5 contunie having fun. Last step remind josh to change his oil just in case.

    • lmao... i knew she'd fire :-) josh had his doubts but i was positive i would get her running if everyone else gave up lol

    Need a little help ya ll I just replaced my clutch on my 04 Aero with the EBC... — Honda Shadow Aero


    Need a little help ya'll...I just replaced my clutch on my 04 Aero with the EBC Redline Clutch kit and the EBC Hi-Po spring kit. I can't get the clutch adjusted enough to idle in first gear with the lever pulled. It's as thought the clutch won't release enough, even with the throwout lever manually pulled (twisted) forward to it's furthest point. What gives?

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    • New clutch cable?

    • Disregard my question...As they always say: Readers are leaders! I somehow overlooked the little part in the manual about A clutch plates and B clutch plates. I had the 1 "B" mixed in with the 7 "A" plates. After draining the oil and rebuilding it again I now have a nice happy clutch and an even happier rider! 70,000 or so miles on the old clutch, I think I got my money's worth

    • Cool. Glad you go it fixed!