Family history I think i will come to the UK and ask the queen to give... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Family history...I think i will come to the UK and ask the queen to give Buckingham palace back to me.

The Manor of Luton Hoo is not mentioned in the Domesday Book and the first reference to it in the surviving historical record is in 1245 when Thomas de Hoo conveyed land to his father Robert. In 1292 a Robert de Hoo received a charter of free warren for his Manor of Hoo and in 1306 he conveyed the manor to his son, another Robert, who in 1319 leased it at £10 per annum to his mother Hadwise de Goushill.

In 1337 Thomas de Hoo, son of Robert, held the manor and in 1391 his widow, Isabella held it. William, son of Robert and Isabella, was dead by 1415 as his widow Eleanor held the manor. And conveyed it to her son Sir Thomas de Hoo, who took an active part in the wars with France, being created Baron of Hoo and Hastings in 1447. He died in 1455 and his half brother Thomas succeeded him. This Thomas died in 1486 and Sir Thomas’ four daughters Anne, wife of Geoffrey Boleyn, Eleanor, wife of Sir Richard Carewe, Elizabeth, wife of Richard Devenish and Anne, wife of Roger Copley inherited the manor jointly.


  • "Arise Sir Roo" pml..

  • In the middle ages they probably where lookin' for the holy Twin instead of the holy grail

  • I have knighted myself as Knight of the Twin Table :-)

anyone here with the lifan engine swap how have you done the rear sprocket — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

anyone here with the lifan engine swap, how have you done the rear sprocket? Standard postie chains are 428 Pitch, and the lifans are 420. Cannot find a postie rear sprocket in 420. Anyone got some tips other than buy a blank and have it machined?

  • I too have thought about such a swap, as the top end of my engine is sounding fairly loose these days.

    There seems to be mixed views on the swap, some people love them, some had their Lifan detonate not too long after install.

    I would love to hear from people who have made the change over, and their thoughts as I am still interested in doing it.

  • Early on there were a few China bike rear sprockets that ran a 420 pitch that suited the postie hub but the mounting holes had to be opened up a touch.

    There is a fine line between performance v's longevity and most of the china engines can get the legs under them but their life span is usually short lived. China engine swap I would keep the 428 pitch chain and rear sprocket and look for a 428 sprocket to match the out put shaft spline, even tho the postie rear is cush driven a higher torqued engine will put a lot more load on a little 420 through traction transfer

Could you tell me what the hell is that Is that CCT or am I paranoid I am... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Could you tell me what the hell is that? Is that CCT or am I paranoid? I am having VTR not for so long, and I have no idea how it should be working

  • PS You don't necessarily need to replace the cam chain as they don't readily 'stretch' even over high milages - only if it has got chewed up.

  • if i must make the decision i would check te valve clearence like John Hepburn say's,make shure the engine timing is stil right en replace the cct's for manual and hope for the best!

  • @Dominik: send your engine to me, i will do it for you

So was on my way to work this morning and engine suddenly starts making a loud... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

So was on my way to work this morning and engine suddenly starts making a loud rattling sound any ideas? Which cylinder cam tensioner tends to go first as I've notice a sort of ticking sound from the rear one recently. Many thanks

  • My engine was slightly noisy but better when warm just before the rear CCT went.

  • Holy crap... I'll post vid with that noise, you might tell me if it is ctt or not...

  • front one normally goes first get new manual cct's asap don't start the bike again untill you get the job done. Go to Krieger Cam Chain Got a set of manual ones myself from him 67 euro delivered to my door from america to ireland with great instructions on how to fit them.

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • from what I hear it should be over should hit you around the nose and mouth.......

  • twins

  • Over is definitely better.

I have an 07 the head light wen out so I got a new light bulb but it wasn t the... — Honda Shadow Aero

I have an 07, the head light wen out so I got a new light bulb, but it wasn't the bulb so I check the fuse box but its good... Any Ideas what can it be..?

  • Dimmer switch?

  • Possibly

  • Starter switch, It is a common problem with the Aero. It turns off the lights when you start the bike and if the contacts get dirty or burned the lights go out. Just take it apart and clean the contacts carefully.

O k Here Is a question My American vtr is a SUPERHAWK SUPERCHICKEN as per my... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

O.k Here Is a question, My American vtr is a SUPERHAWK(SUPERCHICKEN as per my Ducati friends....) Why are European vtr's called FIRESTORM????

  • Toyota asked the Uk importers about a name for the bigger replacement for the COLT, when the uk importers agreed on a name for a bigger car than the Colt, they were surprised to find theJapanese had called it the STARION.........Too late to change, it went into production with the name.

  • The name Superhawk in US and Firestorm elsewhere has to do with legal rights (marketing) I think. But for me the name Firestorm is the best representation :-)

  • The American RVT 1000RR RC51 is the same as the Australian VTR 1000 SP1..... Same shit, different smell....

All i hear is DUCATI DUCATI DUCATI — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

All i hear is DUCATI DUCATI DUCATI...!

why cant poeple understand i am happy with my VTR1000f SV690s and my KATANA 1260... i dont want a fucking ducati...!

  • John I rode this SS 900

    Super Shit...! Sounds like a tin box and drops out at every bend..!

  • John, at least they're not recommending a Harley......

  • Sorry guys, but i simply do not understand the word Ducati, i cannot remember it, forget it all the time.

Rear one Not much to play But planty thread on front from where noise is... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Rear one. Not much to play. But planty thread on front.from where noise is coming

  • I spoke with Mark about your problem, seems to be uncommon. Please check if camchain is in proper position.

  • bike is fine,noise the obvious one is gone only distinctive 'honda 'whistle'.and vtr farts. I thought t I supposed to use the jam nut to lock the one to a body. meanwhile turning topnut fully on the thread, so yes if I return topnut to orginal position ,along with jam nut will have good 8-9mm visible thread. is that somehow more familiar ?

  • Are you sure that isn't done up too tight giving the 'whistle' noise - Should be some slack (finger tight and then a 1/4 turn back) and did you apply some loctite sealer to the threads to stop any oil leaks. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=28161#p258 380

Looking for a replacement Instrument Gauge Cluster for my 1985 Magna V65 — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Looking for a replacement Instrument Gauge Cluster for my 1985 Magna V65.

Any ideas to replace with a different cluster or a more modern item ?

The ones on eBay are acutely overpriced...

  • Thx Peter

  • Welcome Ken, your bike's coming together nicely, have been following your progress with interest

  • Thanks. I've got two and a HD says this weekend to work on her. Hopefully I'll have it all together except the bodywork. Paint is last.

shit shit shit — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

shit shit shit

So I got my postie back together, and had a little spin up the road. Everything sounded fine, motor had started a few times before hand so I put it all back together and went up the road. Got about 100 meters and turned around, then on my way back the back wheel skidded and the engine stalled. All sounded fine at the time. I guessed that the chain had binded and caused me to stall, because it was tight as. So I took the chain off and walked her home. Stuffed around with the chain a couple of times and couldn't rock the bike into neutral. Then I decided to see if I could kick the motor over and I could stand on the kickstarter.

So what do you guys think? Gearbox won't move and neither will the motor. I did all the work myself except for pull the flywheel and press the crank together. I followed the clymer manual and I think I've totally fucked everything.

I do have a loaner vehicle, but I've got two weeks until my next chance to fix anything.


  • Doesn't sound really good mate. On the upside though you have pulled it down and put it together once so this time will be easier.

  • I'm wondering if I should go the 140 and put this motor on the workbench for the adventure postie down the line..

  • Sounds like you have seized something. pull it apart and take a look!

Been putting some miles on the magna after I finished the motor swap and she s... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Been putting some miles on the magna after I finished the motor swap and she's doing pretty good, although there's a noticeable flat spot around the midrange rps, so eventually I'll have to pull the carbs again and clean them, just can't afford to have the bike down right now since it's my only way around.

  • Nah the flat spot is because I'm missing a couple springs on the carburetor linkages so that at low RPMs the butterflies aren't opening evenly. You know where the throttle butterfly adjustment springs are where they go together? A couple of them came off. I am planning on removing the carbs and finding longer screws so that I don't have to use the springs at all, just tighten the screws all the way down

  • I suppose that isn't a terrible Idea... I have been miffed with the use of springs on those butterfly pedestals since I first ripped my carbs down.

  • yeah same here...mine have popped off before but these are the first I've ever actually lost....I am missing two of them and it must have happened while riding since they were there when I put these carbs on my bike after trading for them and rebuilding them

Want to put some bags on my 04 750. Hard or soft — Honda Shadow Aero

Want to put some bags on my "04" 750. Hard or soft?

  • i have soft on mine with a plastic insert.

  • Hard bags are great, but I've never really liked the look as much as leather. My current leather bags are getting a little older and when the time comes to replace them, I will go with Mustang covered hard bags. They look great and provide the best of both worlds: http://www.cruisercustomizing. com/mustang-seats-studded-cove red-hard-saddlebags-with-conch os/part/M-13300

  • Everyone has their own opinion on bags. I prefer hard bags, but have had both hard and soft. Soft are lighter, and easier to find for the bike. Hard bags may require some creativity to install, and tend to be heavy. I have rotated between all of them. It all depends on you, what you like, and what you will need from your bags.

Hi guys need a bit of advice please I ve just bought a VTR and it has manual... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi guys, need a bit of advice please I've just bought a VTR and it has manual cct's. Should I assume they have been changed as they are manuals? Also it cuts out and stalls at 6-7 rpm! Blocked breather pipes have been suggested but they've been checked and ok. The exhausts have been cut down and the carbs haven't been rejetted so could this be the problem?

  • Andy if it was the coil would the problem be there all the time and not just over 6k rpm?

  • it was just breaking down intermittantly, she set off ok then just didn't do much, there was a wire that was corroded, took ages to find, got a coil off fleabay for 25 squid, I'm no good with the dark art electrickery, on the volt meter she was fine on the bench, just lost it under load

  • Hmmm..... that could be mine too! This process of elimination is gonna cost a fortune! Think I'll start with a new fuel tap/diaphram as that's probably the cheapest :)

SHADOW PARTS FOR SALE. Lindby Bar 100. 00 — Honda Shadow Aero

SHADOW PARTS FOR SALE: Lindby Bar- 100.00,

Custom World Drivers Back rest- 150.00

ULTRA CLASSIC HARLEY BAGS/also have the chrome baskets that they sit in- 500.00

Trading the bike in, and am not leaving all of this stuff on it.


Central Arkansas

  • Harley Hard bags are sold.

Oiler on — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Oiler on

  • kewl ill see if i can dig it up...appreciatcha!! gdluck on ur project. lookin good man

  • Thx....and now I hope my covers don't leak!

  • lmao.. they seap but it accumulates and kinda hard to keep clean.. but the reward of having high pressure oil to the top end is worth it. i have that kit..a dynatech ignition, ported and polished heads... kerker header and jet kit in the carbs 25's in the front and 27.5's in the rears. it hauls mucho ass!!

I ve been looking for some folks who may or may not have had the same problems... — Honda Rancher Forum

I've been looking for some folks who may or may not have had the same problems I'm having. I have a 2005 rancher 400at, and it's not starting. I've got nothing to the display when the key is turned, I've tried multiple batteries and tested them all, not the issue. I'm thinking charging system or ecu (which has been replaced twice) but idk, any opinions on what to check would be much appreciated.

  • Yeah, that's happened too, but it was a simple wire short for me, which was an easy fix. But this bike has done something silly, it worked great after the second ecu swap....for about 6 hours. They said they'd found a bad ground and replaced it for us so we wouldn't have to swap an ecu a third time. Both times the ecu blew, the bike never started again until after repair. This time, it started back up twice, and acted just fine, but would seemingly out of nowhere, sometimes while not even moving. So no shaking was to blame, just a quick click to death....not even a bog or hiccup to hint she was going to clunk out...just out. Now she does nothing (granted she sat a while) but I should at least power to the display. I have a bad feeling I'm in for a rough time getting her back running, but that's the nature of the beast I guess

  • Damn double post...

    I honestly couldn't tell you how I damaged my ecu's, had to have shorted them on the bad ground, because I never really cares to take it swimming. Lol, but I did shut off the fuel to the carb before she sat. Which I do every time I park them anyways. So the carb is still clean, but the tank needs some work. :-\

  • There's a website that has a lot of experts active on there daily. Its a forum, and they talk about all different models of Honda ATVs and then some. They helped a ton of people including me

Foothills of the Sierra Nevadas ca — Honda Shadow Aero

Foothills of the Sierra Nevadas ca

  • how are those bars workin out for you? personally, when i put my apes on it was a world of difference

  • This was the first cruiser I've owned, so the stock bars too... Relaxed, for lack of a better term. I had drag bars on my bobber and before that was a duelsport. I'm used to extending my reach. These are only11.5 inchers... But like I said, I was never used to any kind of pullback

Hey how many of you riders of anything out there are pool players Like pool... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hey, how many of you riders of anything out there are pool players? Like pool league, cue stick owning players?

  • I play pool in a casual league here in Tampa, FL, where riding season never ends (if you don't mind hurricanes.)

  • lucky you Jeff, we here in Canada have only so many months to ride, so most of us here who are serious riders take it in as much as possible & during off season then comes along the other recreational activities, wish our insurance was cheaper due to not being able to ride 12 months of the yr, grrrr if i could id be in Florida during our winters lol not retired just yet though :/

  • Heated snowmobile suits...

See Tee Mike Oneill shared a Page to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum





  • POSTIE CLUB BRISBANE hello i have made a page of my own so that i can do THE business ADDS away from this page.

Seen on Ebay a set to reduce power from 78kW to 25 kW on a VTR How stupid can... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Seen on Ebay: a set to reduce power from 78kW to 25 kW on a VTR ?????? How stupid can you be !!!! It should be forbidden !

  • I can't see myself ever riding different Rob, there is too much to the Storm I would miss

  • @andy: and what about insurance issues if there is an accident???

    That's unresponsible behaviour to yourself as well as others.

  • only joking Rob ;)

people on the vtr owners are telling me to change my regulator rectifier why... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

people on the vtr owners are telling me to change my regulator rectifier why would I need to ? and what probs would it cause . I don't like putting none genuine Honda parts on but it sounds like I need to lol


so basically a few months ago i blew my postie motor by running it dry of oil — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

so basically a few months ago i blew my postie motor by running it dry of oil. (didnt realise it requires every 1000km service not 5k like my other bike.

anyhow so my mate and i did a top end rebuild of the postie (i have no mechanical clue but my mate is a mechanic and had rebuild a bike 10 years ago)

we were successful at the rebuild and got the timing right

filled and got it going after a fair few kicks, after the first 200km or so i changed the oil (didn't really push the km/h in the first 200km).

changed it to the stuff my local ktm recommended (they service all the local posties apparently)

not measuring how much oil i put in but cause it was so clean i couldnt see how much was in put a little more oil in some motul 5100 10w50 stuff. which is what they said.

problem is a day or 2 later riding it to work noticed it blowing alot of smoke on start up. as in heaps of smoke. after 2 days of riding to work i decided to drain thinking i overiflled the bike.

only 750ml or so came out (drained when cold though) and i was certain a few sites said 900ml is whats required. it is a 1993 ct110.

as well as the fact only 750-800 ml came out down the bottom of what i drained there were black flakes like carbon flakes. possibly still coming out of the motor from when i blew it previously.

what im trying to figure out is why its blowing blue smoke now and alot of it. its got lots of compression and working fine. don't really wanna fully pull the top end off again.

maybe i should try a totally different type of oil and what amounts should i be putting in. was told 10w50 mineral oil.

was told something about the valve seals or something. are these easy to do or expensive. and is this a common problem?

any advice would be appreciated.

  • Not sure of the cause of your issue but I use Shell 15W50. It's in a 1 litre yellow container and on it says 'optimised for scooters', i.e. frequent start/stop riding. Technically the posties hold 1.1 litres & I find that a 1 litre bottle is the perfect amount when I change mine every 1000k. It may be worth checking your tappets spacing with a feeler gauge. They should be 0.05mm for both top & bottom.

  • Yep, they've got just a tiny little bit of oil, no filter and no cooler so those regular changes are critical to longevity. Congrats on the rebuild rather than taking the replacement with a Chinese motor option.

  • from what a few mates and other forums guys have pointed out to me, sounds like a valve stem seal or so might be kaputt, going to pull the head off wit hma mates assistance (he can watch) and take it into the shop to get them to replace. or so, will post up in the next week how it goes :)

Todd Reinert shared Laughing My Ass Off's video to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

LOL! Watch till the end!

  • Ya deperdis una moto de esta mi Jose Herrera. jajajajaja

  • nice

  • Reminds me of those slammed pick up trucks because they look pretty damn good until you try to do something useful with them.

  • Gotta be work to ride that thing.

My new shadow — Honda Shadow Aero

My new shadow

  • Nice! How do you like the Tsukayu bags?

  • Don't know haven't had time to radio

  • Ride it yet

here s some new pics — Honda Shadow Aero

here's some new pics

  • nice fairing, now to finish it as you have a fairing on this Honda, add some elephant ears/wind deflectors, if you have engine guards ~ looks pretty good Kevin ~

  • yeah still got to get the road bars with the fiberglass shell for the speaker and looking for Harley had bags , and the wind deflectors, and already have a touring pack of a Harley to put on it.

  • nice ,... yes all takes time n money, so far good job kevin ~

  • dont go crazy spending though on your Honda, no retail value, well as long as your happy thats the main thing, as i know for some this is a fun thing making your own bike to suit your liking, making it your own custom bike

  • Yeah thanks Michelle , yeah that what i'm doing is making it different. And to suite my personality .

Hi — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum


Does anyone kno what motocross footpegs can bolt straight onto the existing mount or what the best way to fit them is? And what pit bike exhaust fits without much modification?

  • KLX 140 pegs are an easy fit with an adaptor plate and they are strong.

  • I have a 12 volt postie :-) and thank you I will order some klx pegs next payday

Anyone put disc brakes on their postie I m going to put a 150 or so in mine... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Anyone put disc brakes on their postie? I'm going to put a 150 or so in mine later on and would like better brakes first


  • That's a big hill your riding down I'm guessing?

  • there is a couple of big hills, but if I'm sticking more go I'd like more stop

  • Great link to a great forum Glenn.