This is a picture from a Benefit Ride I did on June 12 2011 I m in the Lady... — Honda Shadow Aero

This is a picture from a Benefit Ride I did on June 12, 2011. I'm in the Lady Biker Vest. We raised $10,372 for a family in need. Had an awesome turnout, approximately 138 bikes!

  • And so not to be confusing, the profile picture is in honor of my father for Father's Day, it's not a picture of me - LOL!

  • WOW that is an amazing amount of $$$ raised you go girl :)

ma baby — Hero Honda Karizma

ma baby ♥

  • i dun wanna say nethng but kzm-r selling more than zmr...

    n p220 can beat at any track..dont like to say bt its true...

  • m not saying anything abt sales figures..for sure ZMA will sell more as it costs significantly lower then ZMR, now second thing P220 & ZMR both aren't for tracks but ZMR(not saying ZMA) will still produce lesser timings on a curvy track whereas P220 will score on a track have less curves n more straight patches cuz of its heavy handling..

  • ok p220 is low cost and zmr is high but zmr spare parts are good thn t p220

Drag racing grandson — Honda Shadow Aero

Drag racing grandson

  • Challenged grandson to a drag race.

  • Ahhhhhh! That is awesome!

  • very cool :)

Do you use the clutch when shifting I use the clutch to get into first but... — Honda Shadow Aero

Do you use the clutch when shifting? I use the clutch to get into first, but after that I just release throttle, up or downshift and off we go.

  • What??? You mean you don't pull the clutch in when shifting gears? I have never heard of such a thing, I thought that was the whole purpose of the clutch. Are you saying you let off the gas and change gears?

  • its called power shifting.. basically it came out of racing as a form of shaving off a couple seconds in races. Your right the invented a clutch for a reason.

  • Well, I'm not worried about shaving off seconds so I will continue to use the clutch. Thanks for the information, at least I learned something new today!

Or source for a true left side right side dual exhaust — Honda Shadow Aero

Or source for a true, left side/right side dual exhaust?

  • Thanks Rob, I'll check it out tonight. Great marketing idea with the sound on line.

  • There on my bike see my facebook picture.

  • which pipes did you buy from them? I'm having a hard time navigating their page.

2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750 — Honda Shadow Aero

2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750

  • COOL THX,,,,

  • They kinda look like the Cobra pipes I installed on my 2007 Shadow Aero. Thas a good looking bike!

  • They do look like the cobra shorts, I have the longs on my 2005 Aero and love the sound nice and loud.

2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750 My first bike January 2011 18k miles but gorgeous... — Honda Shadow Aero

2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750. My first bike, January 2011. 18k miles but gorgeous and shiny!

  • Wendy is a great person! I go down there and visit her on occasion. I know she is very active in her church, just don't remember the name of it.

  • It's either Plantation UMC or FUMC Coral Springs.

  • It's Plantation UMC I believe.

Pick up is poor compare to Karizma r — Hero Honda Karizma

Pick up is poor compare to Karizma-r...

still ppl go for kzm-r..

  • I have done 138kmph on my zmr. But I believe that was the road(NICE road,Bangalore) which did the trick. Other wise max I have achieved is about 130-132kmph.

  • good post guys...:)

  • lolz..

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • My 07 aero with new cobra drag pipes

  • Nice. Very nice...

  • Arter i change pipes bike become more balanced because the stock pipe was very heavy. İ increased acceleration and max speed more than 10 km with k&n air filter and drag pipes and now i am waiting my cobra carb kit for customise carburator. :)

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

My Lady "Red Rocket" 2008 Aero

  • really?

  • quick release brackets?

  • now i got to get some......Later man riding for a ride to Camp Kemo bringing toys to kids with cancer!

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

This is what happens when you leave an 2005 Aero for 2 years with no treatment and no gas in the tank. The tank looks worse. Luckily I treated my lady with respect and dignity. He will be paying me an arm and a leg after this. Sea foam it works!


Has anyone switched and went to tubeless tires I know you have to change the... — Honda Shadow Aero

Has anyone switched and went to tubeless tires? I know you have to change the wheels or weld a strip of steel under the spokes and then rechrome the wheel. Just wondering, looking for ideas. I do some longer rides, 200-300 mile rides out here in AZ and finding a tow truck in the middle of the desert is tough. Thinking about changing to tubeless so I could do an emergency plug if I had to.


Hi new to the group Here s me with my 2002 Aero 1100 I just got home from a... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hi, new to the group. Here's me with my 2002 Aero 1100. I just got home from a nice ride with my local CMA chapter!

  • CMA, like Ride Safe, Give 'Em Jesus? The guy who's been my mentor since I started riding about a yr ago is the President of our local chapter. :)

  • Cool! Yup, that's the group :)

  • Cool! I've thought about painting my side covers and hardbags. Now I have some ideas :)

  • <3 mud flap

Rode Shadow to work today She was my first and still my favorite To clarify I... — Honda Shadow Aero

Rode Shadow to work today. She was my first and still my favorite. To clarify, I've had my own for about 6 months now, been reading for almost a year now, and in January I got my first - 2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750 with 16k miles, but in shiny gorgeous condition, and I haven't had a hiccup or bump since I got her!

My work ride is 45 up the interstate from Deerfield Beach to Palm Bch Gardens. The reason for my ride today is my wife and I work at the same company and always carpool together, but she had a half day for a doc's appt and so I got to "ride" separately!

It's supposed to be rainy here in South Florida all day today (all week, too) but it was nice on the way up and I'm just prayin' it stays that way for the ride home!

Picked up a Shadow ACE Tourer 1100 ("Ace") almost 2 mths ago and she's just...bigger. So while she's more powerful and a little smoother, I enjoy jumpin' back on the smaller one more often than not! Plus, I can't even hear the bigger bike, with the quiet Hond stock pipes! My smaller bike came with mod/custom pipes, no baffles, I don't think. So it's not the typical two-into-one. Nice and growly, but not REAL LOUD.


Me and my 99 1100 Aero near Leakey Texas Great riding in the Texas Hill... — Honda Shadow Aero

Me and my '99 1100 Aero near Leakey, Texas. Great riding in the Texas Hill Country.


— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Is that somewhere in Daytona? I was just trying to figure out th beach inthe background.

  • Yup.. The publix in Daytona..

  • The Bellair Plaza! I know right where that is! With the Ruby Tuesday and the Salty Dog Surf Shop. I live 300 miles from there but I know the area well. Vacation there most summers, actually up the road in Ormond Bch. Haven't been since I started riding, but maybe this summer I get to ride up for the first time!

Honda Shadow — Honda Shadow Aero

My 09 Shadow Areo before the Vance & Hines Exhaust.

  • I'll put a new video on next week after the pipes are on...

  • How do you like the 2 into 2 exhaust? If you get a new high flow intake you'll notice the increase in power. I added a Kuryakyn airscoop intake with a new exhaust and loved it.

  • Oh yeah, love the blue paint.

  • I'm thinking of putting V&H on my bike also. I'm anxious to hear what you think after installing them.

  • Thanks..I purchased the K&N air filter, but did think about the airscoop..

Me and my new to me 2005 Aero 750 — Honda Shadow Aero

Me and my new to me 2005 Aero 750

  • Love the color!

  • You will LOVE IT! But get some Vance Hines Pipes, you will love it more.

  • Bulletproof bike.

  • I agree, put the vance & hines cruzier pipes and you will love the sound!! I love the sound of mine! Congrats!!

  • got a set of Cobras to go on her

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • pretty cool.. cops dont like them in VA though so cant rig my bike with them

  • That stinks. Luckily, here in Pennsylvania motorcycle accent lighting is legal.

  • so is riding without a helmet.. <3 poconos

  • in Ohio also

My 2006 — Honda Shadow Aero

My 2006 :)

  • Love them! Wouldn't want to ride without them!

  • Floor boards and highway bars were already on when I bought my bike.

  • stock on my bike too

  • What kind of saddlebags are those?

  • They are the Hondaline studded bags with liners. I love them! They look great and they're very roomy!

Scott Collins shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

The AAR is listed under rides and events, this is a great forum for any Aero/Shadow owner. I can't tell you all the great tips I have gotten from this site. Great bunch of helpful guys

  • I'd be down where in VA?

  • I hate weeding through old forums to get the basic info... someone needs to design a better site for this stuff.

My 1999 aero 1100 — Honda Shadow Aero

My 1999 aero 1100

  • I love it! Bucket Sim Card! I'm only able to knock a few things a year off my list, I will probably end up with a Bucket Sim Card or Jump Drive before I'm expried - LOL!

  • I don't trust anyone with my bikes. Had we not been in a lurch, and all of my equipment was back here, 500

  • mile away....... Took the Wing in for a recall and came back with major scratches down the side bags........ I hit the roof.

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • nice

  • nice lookin bike!

  • Thanks, I sure do love it!

  • My license plate its "Luv It"

  • Perfect.

I traded my Honda 600 in for the Black Shadow Spirit just over a month ago and... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I traded my Honda 600 in for the Black Shadow Spirit just over a month ago, and I love it. Should've done it years ago

  • Nice one

  • Niiiiice bike

  • Bought my 03 VT750DC in 03 with 800 miles on her, last year I pushed her into the living room for a rebuild with almost 91k miles!

is headed to Thiel s Wheels to ask them why my 2008 Aero is slower than what... — Honda Shadow Aero

is headed to Thiel's Wheels to ask them why my 2008 Aero is slower than what the spedometer says.

  • Hey what do you expect? It's not German engineering

  • Honda had a large recall because all the bikes of a certain model read 5 mph under. Too many people getting tickets.

  • MIne reads faster than what Im going....same in my Accord and My Odyssey......

Hi guys i bought a 2011 karizma zmr before three days To say my bike is... — Hero Honda Karizma

Hi guys i bought a 2011 karizma zmr before three days . To say my bike is fanatastic in its power and style. But i now going with a serious problem tat is my gearbox is very hard to shift gears…. I have done 150kms… When i shift from 1st gear to 2nd gear many times i find the gears gets struck at a point and never gets shifted… i hav to put my foot with full stress and by doing after several clutch action to release the gear… but others gears r fine…But wen i brought my bike i found oil leakage in near gear pedal. Is this a problem?… people in this blog and everywhere says gearbox is butter smooth but not me… pls help me to find a solution…

  • Mahindrabalan Gs : gud 1s....had 2 c d changes dey'v made....

  • Swapnil Harsule, Not big changes they did, only body colored mirrors and grab rails, then astra gold exhaust shield and disc brakes also touched in gold coating.... And ZMR logo in dashboard ... tat's all dude...

  • n de've changed d seat too.....anyways....its gud 2 keep updatng bikes...

Anyone have tips about raising the handlebars up about 6 inches and back about... — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone have tips about raising the handlebars up about 6 inches and back about 4 inches. The bars hit my legs when I do a u-turn. (I can hear it now, "then don't do u-turns").

  • I have a same problem :) did u find any solution for it?

  • No, but I'm contemplating buying a set of risers and instead of mounting them to raise up towards me, mount them to raise up away. It's a serious undertaking. With the higher risers, I'd need to replace my cables to longer ones. Which in itself isn't a bad thing thing since the cables are 6 years old and it's ridden 5 days a week. Just low on my priority list right now.

  • Thanks. I think with a short set of risers and handlebars with a different shape it should eliminate my knee hitting problem. I just don't want to go changing everything just for the sake of something new. I love the bike the way it is.

Postie cruise Sydney June 25th — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Postie cruise Sydney June 25th

Hi guys and girls (if there is any)

Just wondering if anyone is up for a bit of a cruise and strech the legs of our super beasts on June 25th in Sydney.

Thinking maybe head out from Manly and go up to Bobbin Head Road/ Ku-ring-Gai Chase road which is about 45min-60mins away.

Up there is really nice with some interesting roads with a spot to eat and neck coffees.

This is not a definite route and if anyone has a good trip give me a msg on fb.

If anyone is interested or got anybetter ideas dont hesitate to msg me.

Sweet as - Tim




  • zmr is the bike!

    R15 is nothing in front of it!

  • the zmr any day !

    It will take out a r15 ! Hands down

  • Siddhanth ur hieght is gud...zmr definately suits u

The wife s first time aboard — Honda Shadow Aero

The wife's first time aboard

  • Tell her it's a great stress reliever. It is to me. You have to fully engage to ride safely and it just pushes aside the worries and stress. At least for me. My husband and I don't get to ride together as much as we want, he works a lot so I ride alone, mostly. But when we can ride together, it's a nice thing to do together. I hope she comes to love it!

  • Love the gloves!

  • I'm 5 foot nothing... and this bike is PERFECT for me!

I have a question does or has anyone relocated your rear turn signals to... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I have a question, does or has anyone relocated your rear turn signals to accommodate for saddlebags? I got saddlebags for my bike but there are 2 problems..1-turn signals are in the way and 2-the shocks are in the way. They also might be to tall in height too as they just barely touch the exhaust. Any help would be great, thanks!!

  • TAS motorsports? 260 563 6937. Ask for Mathew. Tell him I sent ya ;)

  • Got brackets the bolts replaced the fender bolts. The bags touch the taillights but not only when riding...

  • Thanks for all input/advice. I got it figured out but had to buy longer bolts and spacers.

ahora. yo tengo una HOnda hero. NECESITO SU MANUAL. no saben como conseguirlo — Hero Honda CD 100

ahora.. yo tengo una HOnda hero.. NECESITO SU MANUAL.. no saben como conseguirlo

I need the manual

  • by the way this motorcycle was big in THE JUNGLE TOWNS OF PERU IN SOUTH AMERICA. the Indian made a great Job. We have some modified one on the streets still

  • tengo una cd 100 modelo 97, este aparato tiene muchisima fuerza, pero necesito el manual de taller o despiece.

Girl. Am I pretty — Honda Rancher Forum

Girl: Am I pretty?

Boy: No.

Girl: Do you want to be with me forever?

Boy: No.

Girl: Would you cry if I walked away?

Boy: No.

She heard enough and was badly hurt. She walked away with tears running down her face.

The boy grabbed her arm;

Boy: You're not pretty, you're BEAUTIFUL.

Boy: I don't want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever.

Boy: I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would DIE.

Boy *whispers*: Please stay with me.

Girl *whispers*: I will...

Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you. Something good will happen to you between 1-4 p.m. tomorrow, it could happen anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of your life! If you don't post this to 5 other pages; you will have relationship problems for the next 10 years. :(


I have a question for you guys and gals When you take a picture of your bike... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I have a question for you guys and gals. When you take a picture of your bike which side do you prefer?

  • Pipe side! Love the look of the short shots! Short and fat!

  • My good side! Oh wait. The bike. Hahahaha!

  • LOL, if you have a good side too then show it I guess.

hey guys mine will not push 75mph on the highway WTF — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

hey guys mine will not push 75mph on the highway WTF

  • These bikes are all that fast to to begin with but it should to at least 90. Check all four of the plugs for one, then the wires for spark. Try to run as much 90 plus octane as you can. I put 87 in once by accident and I thought I had a hole in my tank the gas went so fast.

  • put some cleaner in your tank to that might help, carb might be a little dirty.