Oh I ll be sociable too for once and post a pic of me and beast 1998 low... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


Oh......I'll be sociable too, for once, and post a pic of me and beast. 1998, low mileage, all sorted for the summer. New tyres, new rear shock, new CCTs, new chain, Scottoiler checked, full service......and the only non-standard part (except the exhaust, which is nice and thumpy)......a whopping big LED day light fitted up front in the vague hope car drivers will see me coming!

Bought this from policeman in Birmigham over ebay. He said he was not pleased it was an overseas buyer at first, due to the dangers of the sale falling through......but I WANTED this bike! Previously owned Suzuki SV and Ducati......a Firestorm seemed the obvious thing to top these.

Other bike is an R1 which has 3 LED fittings up front. (Drivers are generally dozy in Ireland! :-/ )

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Scottoiler system on VTR — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Scottoiler system on VTR

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voilà TINOUNOURS de l avant je n en ai pas pris avec le feux seulmais si tu... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

voilà TINOUNOURS de l'avant je n'en ai pas pris avec le feux seulmais si tu veux je peux le faire l'araignée est simple a faire un peu de soudure et de la tige inox(que j'ai recuperé)et le tour est joué

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  • the more i see it the more i like it jealousy not very nice

  • i want plastics like that!! i have a vtr without plastics and i want just like that! please, can you tell me from where i can get?

  • oui,durites de frein plus longues et modifier le passage du câble d'embrayage / yes, longer brake hoses and change the way the clutch cable

Hi All see if anyone can help checkin out some exhaust for my 750 and don t... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hi All!!!!! see if anyone can help checkin out some exhaust for my 750 and don't see anything that catches my eye any ideas!!!!

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  • I suggest you cobra streedrod slashdown bro.

  • V&H !!!!!! They have nearly any kind of exhaust, black /chrome straight / slash, short / long .....

  • Really happy with my cobra pipes, love the sound. I just don't know what ones they are, they were on the bike when I bought it.

i cant post pictures any suggestoins — Honda Shadow Aero

i cant post pictures any suggestoins?

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  • the pictures wont upload..

  • I've had a time or two when some pics just would not upload; I would have a 'progress indicator' that would hang. Clear out your browser caches, close it and re-open and try again uploading one at a time and see if that helps.

— Honda 350x

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  • the engine is a brand new honda take off in 1986 when honda was banned from selling them they removed the engines and destroyed everything else and donated the engines to a school down in baton rouge la and several years later in the process of the school being demolished low and behold these were found in a storage room been there since 1986 this actually happened in several states with very similar stories i feel very privileged to be the proud owner of this piece of history

  • 350x old school cool.

  • Awesome!

Ny last post was a question about apehangers now I m beginning to wonder if it... — Honda Shadow Aero

Ny last post was a question about apehangers, now I'm beginning to wonder if it's just the mustang seat that's pushing me up towards the tank... Comfy seat, but I feel so close to the stock bars... 5' 7", about a 30 inseam with jeans... Just barely stand flatfooted at some small discomfort, (it's a wide seat!). Any other seat thoughts? The corbin ad below made me think of it...

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  • Hmm. I can hit my knees with levers at full lock turn. Someone said to get forward controls, but I would imagine they would put my feet inside the highway bar. I learned on an 88 Roadking, but it was 2" lower and I had one of those low profile uncomfortable flat seats... Maybe I will try to just twist the bars up a bit... I still think those bars feel goofy, but...

  • I very seldom get to a full lock turn.

  • I'm 6'3", and after sitting on a friends bike decided not to get a Mustang seat because it moves you closer. Not what I need.

Love riding mine now that i know how — Honda Shadow Aero

Love riding mine now that i know how :)

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  • Ahhh...not near me either...I'm in OKC. I will be in St. Petersburg in Sept. tho lol Nice bike!

  • Ty ... my son bought it for me for xmas. St Pete is about a hr away hopefully I can ride dwn there soon lol

  • Lol...just be careful out there & whatch out for yourself b/c traffic is not watching out for u! Take as much time as u need too to get that "confident" feeling.

What s best brakes set up for storm got hell braided hoses lookin at wavey... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

What's best brakes set up for storm got hell braided hoses lookin at wavey discs any recommendations on them and pads as seam to have warped mine again

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  • Fireblade Master Cyl, Braided hoses and EBC pads. Very powerful, good firm lever - happy.

  • I do like your colour scheme, lots :)

  • GSXR 1000 K1 callipers (bolt straight in) and K1 master cylinder. Six pot Awesomeness!

Does anyone know where i can get three sets of pannier racks — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Does anyone know where i can get three sets of pannier racks?

And real panniers bags.

And flags - must have flags!

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  • the racks wouldn't be too hard to knock up, just need a vice, drill, hammer, hacksaw and some ali. Its the bags that are tricky

  • sent you a message

  • I saw some stuff on eBay

Someone had posted about the flame mirrors a few weeks back sorry I ve... — Honda Shadow Aero

Someone had posted about the flame mirrors a few weeks back, sorry I've forgotten who it was. This photo shows them a little better, extensions were added to the stems and I swapped out the actual mirrors as I found them to be a little too small for me.

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  • Thanks, the mirrors are from custom cruising

  • what year ?

  • This is a 2012

Sooo ape hangers. Any personal experience in the difference in handling — Honda Shadow Aero

Sooo, ape hangers... Any personal experience in the difference in handling? I learned with apes, and now have stock bars on my Aero. New to me... For some probably irrational reason, I would imagine balance would be easier with your arms out front somewhat as opposed to down stock height. Not to mention the levers hit my knee at full turn. Thanks for the opinions!

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  • It's a "style thing" -

  • The stock bars just seem weird to me. and my jacket sleeves are just long enough at that position to want to swallow the ends of the bar.

  • you need extensions on your foot controls if you are hitting your legs, mine legs are well below the tank so if bars hit my legs I wouldn't be able to turn.

Is it normal for my storm to lose oil Not leaking from anywhere I guess its... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Is it normal for my storm to lose oil? Not leaking from anywhere I guess its burning up, after most rides I hav to top up!

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  • 2 stroke smoker

  • As you may know, in italy they burned lots of oil during voting for new pope ,wondering what the smoke came from, a bad engine ????

  • It will burn a bit of oil if you "trackday" thrash it. But normal riding shouldn't.

Did the hole saw mod and just like everyone else I M VERY PLEASED WITH THE... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Did the hole saw mod and just like everyone else, I'M VERY PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS!

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  • Ok cool thanks for the info. Very helpful. I appreciate it

  • Did the same to my bike sounds way better!

  • I have friends who ride Harleys and they say they like the sound of my bike because it has that "Harley" sound when we ride....reality is you can make just about any V twin sound like that. I had a Honda cx500 with true straight pipes. That thing sounded like a cross between a stock car and a big cubic inch bike. Definetly louder than a Harley. It was badass and quick for a 500

My new toy I ve got a new bellypan coming and maybe a seat cover but have you... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

My new toy :) I've got a new bellypan coming, and maybe a seat cover but have you guys got any ideas to trick it up without costing a fortune?

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  • Hi guys, I saw a link for VTR seat covers somewhere but can't remember where. They were black with whatever colour piping you wanted and VTR written on the pillion seat. Can anyone enlighten me with the link please :)

  • Amanda you will find the seat covers you are looking for on eBay for £44 I think with an array of colours for stitching and piping. Hope that helps

Anyone ever take the bike fishing — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anyone ever take the bike fishing?

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  • Does that mean you ditched it or with a rod and reel? I've taken a rod & reel.

  • Lol! Ok yes I mean bringing rod and reel!

  • personally no i haven't... but when i was a kid dad would load up his old chopper and we'd head north to go trout fishing a cpl times a year... had a great lil creek that ran along a dirt road going to an MNR airport :) lotsa great times learnin ta ride on the runway :D and lotsa speckles ta take home too :D

How about now — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

How about now?

I recently repainted the bags, can you tell

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  • Fortunately I didn't have to worry about that. You can find Youtube videos on it

  • I've also read that if you block the cross over it gives it a deeper sound.....have you heard of this?

  • I have not... Sounds like it would work though. I had a Honda cx500 a couple years ago. Took the balance box our and ran straight pipes. Made a Harley sound weak lol

Anyone used throw over panniers on their Storm — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Anyone used throw over panniers on their Storm ?

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  • Coat , shoes , food , thermos , any tablets , then extra for night shifts torch , radio , coffee sugar milk , book and depending where I am compact DVD player.

  • My advice would be to Go tank bag then, the panniers will take you about 10 mins each time to put them on/take them off unless u our bike is in a secure location.

  • got a tank bag, panniers and tail pack from GhostBikes, cheap but very good quality, have done miles with them, they have waterproof covers with them, have a rentec rack which carrys a 3 man tent easy, but like nick says get some grippy matting stuff as road grit from spray soon gathers up, happy touring !

quick question does anybody know the largest risers ape hangers I could put on... — Honda Shadow Aero

quick question does anybody know the largest risers/ape hangers I could put on my 05 aero and not have to change any wires of cables. I'm really thinking about changing them. I have seen a pic of someones bike on here with the zbars and it looks like they have stock cables and wires.

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  • Yeaa... Maybe later. It's 8am on a sat... I'm still laying in bed haha

  • sounds good. appreciate it.

  • Posted a pic. Tried to tag you but duno if it worked

Anyone changed the airfilter to an open one Wonder if anything fits on the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Anyone changed the airfilter to an open one? Wonder if anything fits on the carbs....

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  • Loosen the chain so its tight enough not to be too slack.or tighten the chain so its loose enough not to be too tight <: )

  • Wow you know what you are talking aboud lmga

  • You mean chainslack? Not so difficult, should be between 30-40 mm midway between the sprockets. Axle nut torque 93 Nm



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    Michele Amason shared International Female Ride Day's event to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    For the Ladies.

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    • Riding to work lol, wish i had it off,

    • I will be riding to work as well. I ride to work most days, now. It still counts.

    • We have a group of about 20 women who are taking the day off to ride. Hoping for good weather!

    Here s my Shadow Aero 1100 with the new Corbin saddle Hollywood Solo and the... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Here's my Shadow Aero 1100 with the new Corbin saddle "Hollywood Solo" and the new lightbar bracket of the "Custom World International" very elegant, ready for the streets after a careful control coupon: I thank the utmost professionalism, courtesy and availability of Giampaolo!!!

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    • @ Rob: I too was afraid it was not very comfortable but the gel used for stuffing and materials make it very comfortably, having a very low sitting close to the cruise line allows you to ride the bike much better and to control it in an optimal way!!

    • VERY NICE!

    • Probably my favorite shadow

    Hi Guys just a quick heads up i m clearing out the shed so over the next few... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Hi Guys just a quick heads up i'm clearing out the shed so over the next few days a heap of postie parts are going up on ebay (i am not a retailer or business just need room) all post 98 parts so if you're chasing something before it goes up let me know (australian riders).

    Frames, wheels and engines are all staying but every thing else is up for grabs.

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    • Sorry for the late reply I've gone all weekend. The spring and c pivot are included.

    • Penrith

    • Sold

    thinking of buying a metal toolbox for the postie what measurements would be... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    thinking of buying a metal toolbox for the postie what measurements would be the best?

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    • I picked up a box a while ago for mine, its an inch wider than the tray, and about half as long (it opens lid onto the seat). Just be aware that a taller box is better for storage but it reduces your ability to swing the leg over. I'll get proper measurements for mine tomorrow sometime.

    — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • Do you have rear signals?

    • LED's up on the sissy bar.

    • Thank you, but I prefer the hard ones.....these are bad, just not the look I had going on the bike....

    — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • They dont lock, they are in fair condition, and I had them mounted using riverroad brackets, with thw harley quick release brackets also. With some creativity, they go right on. I had to remove the factory turns, and run LED.

    • These bags are up for grabs..200.00, you pay freight.

    • my phone number is 501.339.5076

    A BIG Thank you to Sunrise Honda in Searcy thought we had the deal done on the... — Honda Shadow Aero

    A BIG Thank you to Sunrise Honda in Searcy...........thought we had the deal done on the VTX.... so, I stripped my bike, which is a whole days work.....to get it ready to trade. A dude wanted to buy my hard bags, so, I, thinking they wouldnt look as good on the VTX....and the Shadow will be gone anyway, sold them to him, with some decent hard leather bags from a road king in trade....but long story short...the friggin deal on the vtx fell through.......I finally talk myself OUT of my bike, do all the work gettin it ready to trade, for nothing, plus, lost my favorite bags...WHY did it fall through you might ask?.....Here is what I know...Our credit score was nearly perfect, and the bank gave us the go ahead....however, since Sunrise was so overpriced on the bike verses it's year model, the bank wanted US, to pay the difference in cash...NOT!. We told the salesman, who SHOULD have known this would be an issue, not to run our credit unless we could do the deal with our trade and NO money out of pocket! Thanks for listening. NOW, as you may know, we are trying to sell our house, and with Sunrise having run our credit, it affects our score, meaning, that when we sell our house, and find another one, them having run our credit could really affect the new home loan.

    Again...thanks Sunrise Honda, for being such f'n tools.

    I have vented.......and really dont feel 1 bit better about it.

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    • Hope everything works out for you Lance.

    • Honestly Lance C. McKellips, no it wouldn't. When you pre-qualify for a loan, you score is run. I had a similar instance happen to me. I was thrust into buying a vehicle while house hunting. And I didn't pre-qualify. Bought a car and two weeks later a house. And 5 points won't make that big a difference. The lender will see the inquiry. In reality, going through with the purchase would have affected your loan amount more.

    • I agree, its just the point of the salsman not listening. we were willing to take the 20 point hit if the deal could be done....

    So the doctor tells me that I have sideways movement in the crank of the 110... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum


    So the doctor tells me that I have sideways movement in the crank of the 110 and that it is a death sentence and now I have a rattle in the head area like the piston is hitting the top of the head, any suggestions for the new motor, can anyone advise of a place to buy new or good second hand, or what about these replacement chinese, a young bloke at the bike shop rekons they are no good ? your sage and considered advice would be appreciated, I live in east gippsland.

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    • I've heard that YX motors aren't as good as lifans out of the box. Nothing will top a postie motor though. Just don't run them off the dip stick because once that happens its only got 250ml of oil to run the whole motor. a lot of people have trouble with the chinese pit bikes because they don't look after them. Make sure you start them at TDC everytime (easy once you're shown how) and run the motor in properly. I just bought a 125cc lifan because I couldn't register a 140 (plus I wanted a cleaner look, 140 has an oil cooler and is slightly larger)

      The 125cc lifan engine was 300 bucks posted from DHZ. Of course I've spent another 400 on everything else (mounts, carbie, chain and sprocket, cable, oil etc) but once that motor dies in the arse its 300 bucks for another one. Considering that it costs 80 bucks just for a gasket set on the 110 motor I cant see myself rebuilding it rather than just buy another 125

    • that is somewhere to start, thank you for your time

    • Regarding the yx vs lifan debate, I read that lifan is better out of the box but yx has more upgrades available. Horses for courses but seeing as how mine is a road bike I won't be doing much other than tuning I think, so its lifan for me