My Aero with the new rectangular mirrors American Honda — Honda Shadow Aero

My Aero with the new rectangular mirrors American Honda ....

  • DId you do the tombstone yourself? J&P catalogs aren't very helpful with questions. Dig the tail light and the close rear turns as well!

  • @ Curt Randa: I bought the tombstone taillight and I mounted it on my aero with the help of a friend of mine who works at a bike shop

  • Looks good.

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Nice ride!

  • That is a nice looking ride. Any special cutting or fitting for the tombstone and/or the slick turn signals? I like them both!

So iv booked in the storm for an mot today started her to check alls well only... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

So iv booked in the storm for an mot today, started her to check alls well, only to hear a very worrisome noise.

Its coming from the front cylinder fright side, and it sounds like the cam chain is grabbing/slipping like an intermittent click

It's now not running well but running but i turned off as soon as i heard it,and although runs when the click which is quite load happens, there's a dip in idle.

Could this be the ominous sound of the cam chain tensioner failure?

Iv heard a few horror story's about this been a common problem especially to the front cam chain.


  • It's an 18mm narrow socket I doubt they have, usually come in the tool kit, there none on eBay iv got 18mm deep socket but it too thick to fit down.

    So i may grind it down see if it fits in.

  • Some autoshops sell the thin walled sockets for exactly what you need.

  • I bought a 18 mm narrow socket at carshop, ca get them everywhere.

I laid my shadow down this afternoon for the first time I ve got road rash and... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

I laid my shadow down this afternoon for the first time. I've got road rash and I feel like I've been beaten but it could've been much worse. My poor bike though... Her whole left side (happy it wasn't my chrome side) is so scraped up. My tank has a cantaloupe sized dent it it. And I was handed my left mirror after I got her off the road. But really happy my guardians (angels, spirits, good lunch, whatever) were with me today. Counting my blessings for sure.

  • Yeah I had/have insurance on her. I did get pictures but I'm going to post them later today hopefully

  • So the frame is scratched but still sound but insurance deemed her totaled. I chose to keep her and get her repaired. Hoping to have her back before I'm even fully healed up.

  • Happy you were not hurt badly...

Heya peeps need some advice got a 2004 Firestorm and its developed a missfire... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Heya peeps, need some advice, got a 2004 Firestorm and its developed a missfire between 3000/4000rpm, it isnt the cam chain tensioners as there only a few weeks old so it cant be that.. any ideas? cheers =)

  • would start with cheapest thing , plugs and go from there , everything ok with carbs and so on

  • I took out the iridium plugs and put standard ngk fire blade plugs

  • Hi, I had the same flat spot and also have performace exhaust, changed to iridium plugs, new standard air filter and took the carbs off and cleaned all the jets and bowls from old fuel deposits. That did the trick for me, no more supprise power wheelies lol

Wow my 2008 aero has 20000 miles — Honda Shadow Aero

Wow my 2008 aero has 20000 miles!!!

  • What would you say is the max you have heard people getting on these bikes as an average?

  • my 07 750 has 33007

  • Lol... My 98 has 7000 miles on it.

  • I ride on an island every day...pretty good i think

  • My 2003 shadow Spirit 750 has 53000 miles on it and still runs and rides great.

Anyone ever see any honda shadow areo tee shirts on the market — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone ever see any honda shadow areo tee shirts on the market

  • Yes on eBay occasionally

  • Are you looking for something specific? I design stuff from time to time... Never printed any shirts for anyone but my brothers business, though. Just curious.

  • I bought denim jackets a few years ago that have the extract color scheme if my aero embroidered on them.

  • I had a friend that bought me one for my birthday on ebay. He had it custom made.

How far would you feel safe on your reserve — Honda Shadow Aero

How far would you feel safe on your reserve?

Myself get about 215-225km until I get that chug then switch over to reserve.

Have gone 50kms on reserve

2006 shadow areo 750

  • 200km ... than reserve (RC50 `04)

  • my 750 spirit goes about 225-230km on reg then about 50-55 on reserve... coasted into the pumps on fumes at that point

  • on the 06 Aero that we had, I was ranging between 135 to 155 miles until reserve, depending on the temp, and other riding conditions. I have been up to 50 miles on reserve. Never ran out, but as they said before me.....pushing sux, so I never "pushed" my luck anymore than that. ;) Hope that answers your question.

I have a 2000 VT1100C3 Has V N longshots and is jetted I am about to have... — Honda Shadow Aero

I have a 2000 VT1100C3, Has V&N longshots and is jetted. I am about to have around $1000 to blow on it. What are some good investments? I was thinking a new seat, stock sucks, highway bars, maybe hard bags?What do you like/have? Thanks!

  • I do not think they make a hypercharger for the 1100 that is not just show.

  • You were right Curt Randa, mustang puts me way to far forward. I just got it and put it on. It was on the bike for about 5 min. Back in the box and back to the drawing board!

  • Dang, sorry to hear that. I'm only 5'7", too. I still haven't pulled the trigger on anything, so if you find something good...

My petcock — Honda Shadow Aero

My petcock.

Res is left

On is right

Off is down

So, if I'm thinking correctly, the flap needs to be left for reserve?

  • yes, you are correct

  • Thanks Kenton Quint!

  • y ...... there is a little arrow on it btw ;)

    On -> basic position

    Off -> winter time (Out of Order)

    Res -> reserve mode

Ok fellow Honda riders What is with the petcock position Which way is reserve... — Honda Shadow Aero

Ok, fellow Honda riders. What is with the petcock position? Which way is reserve, and which way is on? After 3 years on my aero, I finally ran out of gas. Thought I had it in correct position for reserve, but I guess not. ( never let it get that low before) soooo, which way is the right way?

  • Way too many answers I think... What year Aero? I know visually they changed early 2000's. Anything can change year to year...

  • 05' Aero here, had no idea they were so different year to year.

  • there is a little arrow on the petcock btw

    On -> basic position

    Off -> winter time (Out of Order)

    Res -> reserve mode

Kevin R. Mueller shared his photo to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

With guests in with motorcycles for a couple of days, we took advantage and did a little exploring. What therapy!

  • Looks just like mine with minor differences

  • I saw the Albertos in the background. They have them in SLC too, if it's the same business. KILLER burritos. And where is the Blue Swallow at? I've seen pics before, but never knew where. Cool shots!

  • You have great taste in motorcycles

  • The Blue Swallow Motel is located in Tucumcari, New Mexico, established 1939.

This is my 1985 Honda 350X with big bore kit — Honda 350x

This is my 1985 Honda 350X with big bore kit

  • No but, i will now...thanks Ryan ! I just got this not too long ago...I always wanted the 350X. I have an ATC250R as well, but that does not get ridden. It is in mint shape and stays parked. Once a year start and thats it

  • Electric start not so good or at least my experience. Have goki on one of my 350s lasted 6 months broke starter motor

  • Thanks for the info Mark !

Hey guys n gals I have a friend here in Arkansas with a very very nice VTX for... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hey guys n gals, I have a friend here in Arkansas with a very very nice VTX for sale. I told her she should post it on this page. I hope you dont mind. Here is her info....

Sheena Cantrell Hare

2006 Honda 1300 VTX

39,000 miles - Excellent condition


  • Price?

  • Call her up is priced very right....

  • If any of you are looking for a bike, or know someone who is, this one is well worth your time..seriously.

I am going to be a royal pain in the ass over the forthcoming months while I... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I am going to be a royal pain in the ass over the forthcoming months while I sort my bike so please be gentle with me guys! as you will tell I am totally new to sorting a bike out but hey I guess thats how we start :D is anyone here failiar with the electrics? my main fuse kept blowing, so disconnected everything, put fuse in and plugged things in one at a time, til I narrowed it down.... any takers on a 5 min chat with me to help me out lol

  • Sent you a PM on how to test diode.

  • Thanks :) tried that, one of the outers doesnt show anything so looks lik you guys are right

  • :)

shit damn wiring — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

shit damn wiring.

So I'm having trouble with the wiring. How do I tell if my alternator is putting out enough charge and also how do I tell if my regulator is working? I have a multimeter at the moment but don't know how to use it lol. trying to avoid 110 bucks and hour


  • Put the voltmeter on volts DC , put the red and black leads across the battery and measure voltage.

    Now start the bike and do the same , voltage running should be around 13.5ish volts , you may have bring the revs up . It shouldn't go over 13.8-14 volts , if does could be regulator. Check water level in battery too and make sure is ok.

    This should work for almost any 12v charging system.

  • I would also assume the CT110 doesn't have a huge output alternator , because all the components would have a very low draw on the battery. Lights , ignition etc

  • I've been playing diagnostics all day, starting to look like I was given a faulty stator from the get go

  • You should be able to measure the resistance of the stator and compare with the specs in the service manual

I gots new tyres invoice says new tyres are slippery how long until new tyres... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

I gots new tyres, invoice says new tyres are slippery, how long until new tyres are no longer slippery? When the hairs are gone?

  • I also say bout 100kms , I worked in two bike shops and have seen people crash bikes straight after tyre installs

  • < full time Postie. I find new tyres come good after the end of the second day (100km)

  • thanks all. I also asked on NetRider, which is great for motorcycle/scooter stuff. I've got Michelin M45's and they are some sweet tyres. Gotta get my lights running before putting some serious K's on the clock, but I'm looking forward to it

anybody know where i can get a front rack for my postie from in nsw preferably — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

anybody know where i can get a front rack for my postie from in nsw preferably?

  • should do, took some wrestling to get it on a 2007 model, but once on it sat there nicely

  • If it doesn't fit Lee, I'll take it off your hands.

  • sent you a message Lee Hawkins

Hey Guys new to this group This is my 95 CT110 How many members are from... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey Guys, new to this group. This is my 95' CT110. How many members are from Southern Tassie?

  • not sure about on here, but I see a few getting around. There is one on youtube (search postie 140 lifan) and he's in kingston, great ride I had a go and it was awesome

  • scroll down there was someone looking for riding partners around Hobart the other day

  • yeah that was me :)

My 02 1100 spirt with a batwing fairing and new headlight Turned out good i... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

My 02 1100 spirt with a batwing fairing and new headlight. Turned out good i think...

  • Looks good! Really changes the look of them :)

  • That looks really good!!

  • my next purchase for my 04 1100 looks great

  • this wasnt made for my bike. it took quite a bunch of form and fit to make work but it looks good. i believe its a quadzilla. i dont know for sure i bought it used and for cheap so it was worth doing. my next project is to put a street glide fender and extended bags on.

This bobber a Honda Shadow. It s from www. ahsh. hu site too — Honda Shadow Aero

This bobber a Honda Shadow?? It's from site too!!!

  • Not sure, but I like the tank. Simple.

  • That it nice

  • Very H-O-T retro ..

  • Jonathons right... it's either the ACE or a Spirit... foot controls make me lean towards the Ace like Jon said.. the Dash also sems a fair bit diff from my spirit but Dashs are easy ta change/modify

Just hit 200 members it s only taken 7ish years Good work team To celebrate I... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Just hit 200 members, it's only taken 7ish years. Good work team. To celebrate I recommend the abuse of alcoholic beverages then doing a burnout in your garage, helmet optional. Carry on.

  • Im keen for a beer boys.

  • good work mate

  • Anyone going on The 2013 South Aus Apex Outback Postie Ride??

Its finally time to replace my old Corbin Seat I thought I would make the... — Honda Shadow Aero

Its finally time to replace my old Corbin Seat. I thought I would make the switch to a Mustang for a little more comfort on longer rides, but it appears that Mustang is no longer making seats for the VT1100c3's and I can't find one in stock anywhere. I have seen a couple on eBay, but not the 79170 model(the one with a backrest). Does anyone no where there might be one available? I would even consider an old beat up one that I could have recovered if there were one available.

  • Outch. Ultimate, corbin, and saddlemen make good seats too. People love ultimate and are a lot like mustang

  • Yeah, the real selling point for the Mustang for me was all front to back adjustment in to backrest. I may just wind up having my Corbin redone, but would really like to give the Mustang a try if I can find one.

  • My mustang seat with the passenger seat installed is great for back support. Adds like 2-3 inches to the saddle

anyone here from the general Hobart area want a ride somday I ve got some time... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

anyone here from the general Hobart area want a ride somday? I've got some time off in a couple of weeks and looking forward to a spin on the pimped out postie

  • Did you finish up the build? if so, post it up man :D

  • I've got a little bit to go before its up for a photo shoot. Actually I got a fair bit to go but the initial motor transfer is done. Just getting an earth fault looked at on monday (whilst getting new tyres).

    Going for a roadworthy on Wednesday so I'll get pics up after its legit

  • Nice man! keep us posted! (pun intended) hahaha

There s so meny hid kits witch one should I be looking for any in particular — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

There's so meny hid kits witch one should I be looking for any in particular??

  • WOW!! Info overload.

  • Wow, I didn't know that, so filament alignment would be critical, yes, brighter but it may be scattered and not properly focused on where you are going.Now it makes sense.

  • Exactly young man, you got it!

Who else is putting some miles on this year. Anyone up for a VA WV run sometime — Honda Shadow Aero

Who else is putting some miles on this year? Anyone up for a VA, WV run sometime? Generally I do 600 miles on any given weekend so I'm down for some bike camping too.

  • I just love the look of your bike!

  • FYI I just posed it on craigslist for the low price of $5200.. wife says I have to thin the herd of 4 bikes if I want to buy a new KTM Adventurer.

  • LOL! I love the looks of your bike, but I can only ride one bike at time!

Attachment Unavailable — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Nice twin pipes!!

  • That should read a mile every quarter of a second! Mad!!

  • I have flown in Lancaster, Shacketon, Chipmunk, jets...But I would love to fly in an English Electric Lightning, 2 stacked engines and designed as a high speed interceptor.

    Which jets these days are not designed to do.

    The Lightning possessed a remarkable climb rate. It was famous for its ability to rapidly rotate from takeoff to climb almost vertically from the runway, though this did not yield the best time to altitude. The Lightning's trademark tail-stand manoeuvre exchanged airspeed for altitude; it could slow to near-stall speeds before commencing level flight. The Lightning’s optimum climb profile required the use of afterburners during takeoff. Immediately after takeoff, the nose would be lowered for rapid acceleration to 430 KIAS before initiating a climb, stabilising at 450 KIAS. This would yield a constant climb rate of approximately 20,000 ft/min.[18][nb 9] Around 13,000 ft the Lightning would reach Mach 0.87 and maintain this speed until reaching the tropopause, 36,000 ft. on a standard day.[nb 10] If climbing further, pilots would accelerate to supersonic speed at the tropopause before resuming the climb.[7][18]

    U2 interception joke.. lol

    In 1984, during a major NATO exercise, Flt Lt Mike Hale intercepted a U-2 at a height which they had previously considered safe from interception (thought to be 66,000 feet). Records show that Hale also climbed to 88,000 ft (26,800 m) in his Lightning F.3 XR749.

    Not many jets can still accelerate at that altitude...even now...

    If you don' believe me try it for yourself.

  • Four

Fuel dependency I have a sneaky suspicion my bike prefers to run better on... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Fuel dependency? I have a sneaky suspicion my bike prefers to run better on posh fuel! Is there such a thing? can your bike become fuel dependent if ran purely on the Super stuff as opposed to the norm unleaded? Dave seems to think my bike prefers the super unleaded but I am not sure! Anyone have any experience of this and found their bike runs smoother/performs/behaves better on superior fuel or is it all a myth!

  • For a Firestorm down here in OZ with out sh!tty fue I've found it doesn't seem to make a great deal of could be just our crappy fuel though...

  • Air temps make more difference then fuel ;)

  • This is true Ryan but with shit fuel you are fucked either way.

Not a storm I know but I was chuffed to bits when the rider pulled up and asked... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Not a 'storm I know but I was chuffed to bits when the rider pulled up and asked for directions! First RC30 I've seen for years :-)

  • Was 6:45am at Winchester market! Coffee and a sausage and egg mcmuffin as usual. Then totally out of the blue an RC30 with a termignoni exhaust burbling up the high street. Excellent!

  • They did have a unique sound. I had a VFR750FJ at the time, when I saw one at a car dealership. Being naive I went in to see if I could hear it started up, (had a race pipe, mine had standards & I was after fitting a set to mine & had no idea they were totally different cranks/firing/sound etc). Guy said call back later, so I did to which point he said, "aah, so you are here for a test ride", like I was going to say no, lol

  • very nice. Would like to have one! :-)

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Ill take more pics later..cant beat a honda..was under water from storm sandy!

  • Yes it is

  • it is stock on the older ones :)

  • Nice paint job!

  • Ty!

SMD light strips oh yeah — Honda Shadow Aero

SMD light strips, oh yeah!

  • Do they come in pink?

  • Joe lights in Florida has the newest stuff I have um in blue with remote for them. They have them in every color.

  • Thanks Tony D'Aloisio!!!!

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Wow, that's a load. Be safe!

  • It was a safe ride, the wind was a little tough on the way home Monday but she ran great!

  • Moving?

Somebody but them before I stick em on the Yamaha. lol — Honda Shadow Aero

Somebody but them before I stick em on the Yamaha!

  • BUY them it should read......dang, been typing long?

  • Yama what?

  • Roadstar 1700 Silverado.......Giggity

  • Sweet ride!

  • Thank you. I miss the Shadow some, but this bike is just like it, only on steroids. lol

Still have these Road King bags and this fairing for sale — Honda Shadow Aero

Still have these Road King bags and this fairing for sale. .

Bags with brackets that fit the shadow-200.00

Fairing with brackets- 100.00


u pay freight.

  • where at you Lance?

  • Central Arkansas.

  • Will they the fairing go, on a 98' Aero 1100?

  • no clue. it has a 7inch headlight hole...

  • the bags will mount to anything that you MAKE them mount to. They are Harley bags, so anything else you put them on will require some modification.

Hi every1 i dont suppose any1 has a front cam chain for sale cheap do they — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi every1 i dont suppose any1 has a front cam chain for sale cheap do they ?

  • Its just messages on fb or chat if ya friends on fb coz were not on friends list my message probs went into ya others box click messages then click others

  • Ding Dang. Always usually post from phone, so have found a few missed ones, by using the laptop tonight. oops, sorry Rob de Hoo..

  • when my CCT went boom and took out all the vales the lot, I used and got an almost new Cyclinder head incl all vlaves for £90. It's free to register and they send your request to breakers all over the land who then email you back etc. ;-)That was 4 yrs ago but it's a good site for loads of bike parts..

Hi Folks — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Hi Folks,

New to the group here and wanted say Hi and give some back ground of my V45 Sabre.

I'm located in the UK and have a sad looking Sabre (photos coming soon) which was a US import, from what I've found out so far is it used to belong to a US Military guy who brought it over from Oklahoma while stationed here.

My wife and and I intend to restore / modify it once we have more time to devote to it. Along with a custom paint job we intend to do a copper and gold theme running throughout.

One question I do have is:- Knowing the Gold Wing has a similar final drive system, are the tyres (Tires) bigger, as I'd like ti increase the width a little without having to do major re-work on the drive shaft or frame to suit.

Any tips hints etc most welcome

Adrian Cox

  • I'm not sure on the sabre but the magna has very limited options on wheel size because of the swing arm layout. I saw a killer pic of a magna on the forums with a wider rear tire but it was essentially a magna motor in a custom frame.

  • Hi Ken, and thanks for the input.

  • Do a web search. I did a little digging and saw several sabres that had the swing arm sectioned to open up the inner part but maintain the outer dimensions. Not sure if your handy but it looked like something that you can do in the garage with a good band saw and welding skills.

  • Again..thanks Ken...Yes all within my skills :)

Hi — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum


  • gday

  • Hey

  • Hello scrawnqlder That's an awesome profile pic. What's the story? Do you race a postie?

    Have you done any interesting rides?

    How do get me one of dem stickers for my postie?