Thank you for allowing me to join the group. Looking forward to participating — Honda Shadow Aero


Thank you for allowing me to join the group. Looking forward to participating.

This is my ride.

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  • On the tires, they are a little larger than OEM, so they do correct the Speedometer discrepancy that most of our bikes have.

  • It's an 08, bought it new. The only thing I would change is the Exhaust, I would like an 04 - 07 2 into 1 stock exhaust. Cant seem to find one with the mount.

  • Welcome to the group. Nice ride.

I m new to the group so I thought I d show you my wheeler It s an 85 200X that... — Honda 350x

I'm new to the group so I thought I'd show you my wheeler. It's an '85 200X that I bought as a rusted non-op, hotel for mice. Here's where it sits now. It's a mix of 85,86 and 87' graphics plastic etc to get it how I think it should have looked. CR85 r-brake and KX85 front brake conversion. 4" + rear axle, fresh suspension and bearings. Tires suck but I'm building it as money allows. You guys have some nice X's and I'm looking foward to owning a 350X some day. This is my 1st ATC and I love it.

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  • even modded banshees.

  • shit i had a 200x and and used to run the game wardens on their sportsmans thru the trails id lose them quick 2 sometime alot has to do with how good of a rider you are and with atcs its all about leaning ive beeen on them since 8 ive had them all but honestly best all around atc is the 86- 250sx shaft drive with reverse them things just wont die not the fastest of the bunch but has the most goodies

  • i had an 85 250r a few years ago when i was like 13 lol. i sold it and moved to a banshee. ill take the banshee any day. i just restored an 86 350x though checkout my pics on my page. cant get much nicer then that.

This pic is a little older. before more chrome and whitewalls were added — Honda Shadow Aero

This pic is a little older.. before more chrome and whitewalls were added.. :)

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  • Sweet Bike

  • as you can see just behind the clutch cover, i am missing a cover for over the master cylinder.. has anyone got a spare kicking around.. or know where i can get one? at this point dont care if its chrome or black..

Without forking out for different forks how do you improve the handling at the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Without forking out for different forks, how do you improve the handling at the front end. Mine seems very unresponsive, tyre pressure is good according to tyre specs, dont want to start messing with fork settings without having a game plan first, as far as I know they are standard setting with the slot facing left to right

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  • Jack up the rear shock to it's tightest setting for a start...I found my Firestorm fucking WALLOWED like a barge when I first bought it, front felt vague and as the bike sunk into a corner would pull itself off line, always came out a little wider than it should have....this was easily solved by changing the rear shock setting.

  • Sounds just like mine , will do that this weekend

  • Hogan rear shock

Question My wife has a 2007 Shadow Saber with low mileage and it has developed... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Question, My wife has a 2007 Shadow Saber with low mileage and it has developed a tapping in what seems like the rear head. We have had it in the shop and worked on but it is still happening. Has anyone had the same problem???

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  • It could be anything really, but I'd try the screw first. Check spark and so on. Good luck!

  • thank you

  • Your valves are above the "head" A lean fuel mixture can cause the valves to "slap." Also, a valve could be out of adjustment, or bent, if the bike was over-revved.

Photos from Lisa DeBattista's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Here she is!

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  • Nice ride! I was looking at getting a red one myself but ended up with purple....thinking it was blue as how it looked in the picture.

  • Thanks. I'm super new to riding too, but I did take her out for a nice ride on Sunday. Getting bags and

    Windshield for longer trips.

  • I just got back from a very nice ride. approx 140 miles of nice country roads. They could have been nicer, but for a first long ride it was great. Going up was great, coming back was tedious. I really need my windshield and as it was so cold this morning and warmed up nicely this afternoon, bags would have been nice so I could peel off some layers. Next week she'll be all tricked out and I'll be ready for another great ride. Hoping I can get a good group ride in.

I just bought a used 06 Honda shadow spirit 750. 5k miles. I m a new rider — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I just bought a used 06 Honda shadow spirit 750. 5k miles. I'm a new rider. Is there anything special that I should know?

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  • Just be confident and don't second guess your decisions! RIDE SAFE, Welcome to the SHADOWS!

  • don't ever be afraid of it but have an immence respect for it

  • Thanks. I'm not afraid of the bike. Stupid people, well that I am a bit afraid of. I am just going to ride as if everyone is trying to kill me. It's about avoidance, safe riding is my only must.

is there any mechanics local to me newcastle upon tyne please — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

is there any mechanics local to me newcastle upon tyne please ?

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  • ive done that now mate got flywheel off eventually but have a new problem .... snapped the bolt holding exaust to front head now i cnt get it to hold it place at all

  • i have no dam luck like lol

  • Yup snapped mine. Needed oxy torch to get snapped stud out. Studs are 3 quid each gasket is 6 quid

Freshly Washed and Detailed Shadow Spirit 750 — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Freshly Washed and Detailed Shadow Spirit 750

Unfortunately I decided to ride from Couva to Petit Valley for 6:00 pm Mass on Saturday...

Coming home at around 1:30 am it starts to pour Bucket a Drop... Just after Caroni River on the Highway... It's raining so hard I can see and stop to wait it out.

Sunday morning she looks like a Rat Bike full of mud.... All of Fridays work gone down the drain....

Those mooks like Patricia, John, Richard who pray for rain and Pat's Bajan Boyfriend the Weatherman Eric Mackie.... you are not my favourite people right now.....

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  • I like the rego plate on the front. Thx goodness they are not required in Australia. But the revenue collectors with speed cameras are trying to push for them. Just saying.

  • I know, I owned 2 bikes when I lived in Australia Daniel Kenneth Hume

  • Daniel Kenneth Hume, ever rode Kangaroo Valley, or Kiama Bends near Wollongong.... love those rides... And Pacific Highway in VIC..

Attachment Unavailable — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Motorcyclist in Australia are very weary of Volvo Drivers, as they have a particularly bad reputation with motorbikes...

It's the same in Trinidad & Tobago, I am very weary of Saburu Drivers, BMW Drivers, Mercedes Drivers, Audi Drivers, Volvo Drivers, VW Drivers, Toyota Drivers, Honda Drivers, Mitsubishi Drivers, Nissan Drivers, Nissan Drivers, Ford Drivers, Truck Drivers, SUV Drivers, Pickup Drivers, Drivers of Police Vehicles, Male Drivers, Female Drivers, Cell Phone Drivers, Drunk Drivers, Teenage Drivers, Partying Drivers....

But I do think Saburu Drivers have an edge for being dangerous inconsiderate assholes....

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    Phil Farmer. no where near 111 hp K N Dyno jet and stubby cans — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Phil where near 111 hp, K&N, Dyno jet and stubby cans.

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    • IIRC it was MZ that pioneered expansion chamber design...?

    • MZ, CZ and JAWA pioneered with it. I owned a PUCH SGS 250 1956 , very nice engine design, two cylinder, 1 combustion chamber !They called it a two stroke double piston engine.

    — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • Thanks everyone!.......I had both main jets changed...its so Sweet now!

    • That's corresct, is made by corbin and pretty comfortable!

    • nice bike

    Hi guys i m having a trouble with my aero and i need if anyone else ever... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hi guys!, i'm having a trouble with my aero, and i need if anyone else ever happen the same. When pull the throttle i hear a whistle near the shaft. At the begining was thinking that it could be from the air filter but doesnt come from there. Can someone help me? Thanks!!! Sorry about my english :P

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    • That's strange.

    • you may have a loose baffle. in the exhaust pipe. - make sure it is tightly secured.

    • sounds like a seal leaking , check around carb and air cleaner..

    I have a couple projects about to begin on my 03 Spirit First is a chain and... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    I have a couple projects about to begin on my 03 Spirit. First is a chain and sprocket upgrade. Going from a 42T to a 38T rear sprocket should help lower the rpm range just a bit on the freeway. This may or may not throw the mph off. (?)

    Next is a jet upgrade along with a K&N (or similar) in the factory air box. This should give the bike a little more "umph" since the smaller rear sprocket will actually be slower on take off....not that I'm drag racing anyway. The mpg as of now is around 38 as I am running factory pipes with baffles cut out. The mileage may or may not change. Either way, this is an upgrade worth having!

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    • Was thinking that after my post.... Thanx Robert!

    • what did u get for mileage before you took your baffles out?

    • Around 42 to 48 mpg or so depending on the quality of fuel (watered down) and type of driving. Use to get anywhere between 125 and 145 miles before going to reserve.

    How do you identify rubber cush drives that are past their best by physical... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    How do you identify rubber cush drives that are past their best by physical inspection?

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    • Oddly enough ,the cush drives on my SP1 are perfect after 4 years . Better compound ???

    • Softer motor Martin ... lol

    • HRC Colin Pearson .. much softer ! ;)

    — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

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    • i've been down the route of black spray, i've used eastwoods, which is considered one of the best, but it wasn't any good. and even if you use spray paint, you still have to clean it first. i attacked mine with a dremel and a wire brush, it took some time, but it looks great, its one of those jobs you have to do each winter, if you want the bike to look good, the only other options are to use exhaust wrap, or splash out on some stainless steel headers. are your mori's road or race?

    • yea i might have to try & give them a clean with a wire brush it does stand out a bit looking like that, yea my mirowaki exhausts are race lol

    • unless the wire brush is connected to a power drill your going to struggle. I ended up using a dremmel with the round circle sanding attachments, then different grades of sandpaper, I've yet to put a top coat of autosol on tho, here's a pic of my handy work, I've still got a little to do. [URL= media/IMG-20130610-00453.jpg.html][IMG] hmarty/IMG-20130610-00453.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    took a spill on wednesday morning no broken bones just some road rash and... — Honda Shadow Aero

    took a spill on wednesday morning. no broken bones just some road rash and bruises on hands, leg and side. lucky i'm still, to buy a helmet.

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    • Your bars were in line with the forks? Or forward or pulled back? Btw, I HATE the look of bars that are leaned back farther than the forks... Anyway, I have a mustang seat that I need to swap out for something (not sure what yet), but I'm 5'7", so it's good to know. Thanks!

    • aligned with forks. no problem, man

    • side of the road. pic was taken after my buddy picked it up

    Hi I was just wondering if any of you guys and gals know where I can source a... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Hi... I was just wondering if any of you guys and gals know where I can source a right hand side fairing... had a minor slip.... and need to get rid of the gaffa tape plaster on my baby!!!!

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    • What condition is it in Rob and where are you based?

    • Based in Netherlands, will send you picture this evening with price and description of condition if it's ok with you

    • Poor Bee!! I Hope you get him fixed soon Caz, that yellow gaffa tape is a great idea in the meantime though :) x

    Right guys need some guidance Just fitted some new manual CCT s after the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Right guys, need some guidance! Just fitted some new manual CCT's after the front one went bang a couple of weeks back. So, its all been done by the book, put back together and when i came to start it, it struggled to start and was then a tapping noise coming from the rear cylinder. Now, i've tried adjusting the tensioner but still no joy :( any ideas?!

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    • Thanks for all the help guys! I went by the kreiger fitting sheet and did it all as per the instuctions but obviously there was something i did that wasnt noticed, im 99% sure its the timing anyway :)

    • It all depends if there was damage done when the CCT initially failed (chain jumps and valves meet piston) or when you rode it afterwards *eeek!* Then when installing manuals the cam chain could have jumped a tooth or three if timing not set right. Back to square one....

    • had the same story.tough that i fucked engine,it turn out to be loose tensioner. tightend and alles gut!

    Dynorun at Motoport Leeuwarden 08062013 — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    My VTR dyno testrun :-)

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    • I checked with guys from the dyno, they told me topspeed was 153 as they checked my files.

      With another airfilter they expect better fuel/air mixture and performance would go up another 2 or 3 bhp which would mean also a bit more topspeed.

      Seems that the LV cans have positive effect on performance, pleased with result.

    • nice

    • I have an Ignition advance,kn filter ,jardine rt1 cans and my bike was jetted by factory performance in California 6 months after I bought the bike new,with I think 2 less teeth on the back sprocket. we got 116 hp and 162mph top speed.A t the time it had about 2000miles on itShe is a bit more tired mow with 67,000 miles and in Spain but still rocks...

    I m going to be moving from Colorado to Oregon in July on my motorcycle — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    I'm going to be moving from Colorado to Oregon in July on my motorcycle (taking very little with me). I know the signs of dehydration and too much sun/heat for myself, but I don't know what I should watch out for with my Shadow. She's an 07 spirit 750 DC (I believe it's dc, she's chain driven). Also, any tips or tricks you've learned/heard about for long rides? I'm planning on it taking 5 days (200-400 miles a day)

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    • I didn't think about the spare phone. I'll have to look into that before I go.

    • Discovered that issue riding around Georgia. I've got AT&T iPhone and had to buy a phone to get any cell or text reception if I wasn't on an interstate! The other handy item is my AAA Premium membership which now covers motorcycles.

    • I installed a $10 power outlet on my handle bars so I can charge my phone and GPS while riding so no worries of battery going dead.

    VINTAGE Style without the Batwing price — Honda Shadow Aero

    ***VINTAGE Style, without the "Batwing" price***

    Universal fit Wixom Brothers Fiberglass Fairing. Will fit most motorcycles that have a 7inch headlight or smaller. It doesnt come with a headlight, or turn signal. It fits around your existing headlight, and your factory turn signals can be mounted in it.

    I had it mounted on an 06 Honda Shadow Aero as seen below.(****BIKE NOT INCLUDED****)

    Asking 150.00 u pay shipping, but will respectfully entertain serious offers.


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      Dean Emmerson My split diaphragm that was causing my running problems — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

      Dean Emmerson My split diaphragm that was causing my running problems :)

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      • Never ride on a split diaphram...don't wanna get pregnant.

      • Same thing happened to my vtr,worked going slow but give it gas and it stopped running,I hadone sent over from the U.S ,cost 11$ put it in myself.

      • Hera, why are YOU liking my comment about my problems with the VTR?? WHEN IT'S YOUR BLOKE THAT SOLD IT TO ME IN THAT CONDITION!!!!!

      Some info on the Krieger cct s as i got questions about possible leakage of... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

      Some info on the Krieger cct's as i got questions about possible leakage of tensioners.

      Krieger cct's have the O-ring in, it shouldn't leak. If it does due to damage to ring that can be cured with a slightly larger O-ring. I think it is a 2mm x 8mm that is next size up. If you do, that is the fix. The APE and others have no seal !!!!!!! They try to get by using a nyloc nut, which doesn't actually seal. It also doesn't seal at the base of the nut. With the O-ring calculated the area of the chamfer and thread, sizing it so it should be slightly smaller than that of the O-ring. That should squish the O-ring into the threads, against the body and the nut, sealing against leaks.

      Hope this answers the questions.

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        Nice to see some newer members. welcome all — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

        Nice to see some newer members...welcome all

        I seem to be in the minority of one of the Sabre owners...haha

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        • I like what you've done with the back end of your Sabre Peter Coumbe I'm sure to use something similar on mine when I get to that stage

        • Thanks, I still have to find some fibre glassing products here to finish it off under the back half of the seat and around the tail light and mudguard

        • Thanks, I think was a member at one time. Previous deletion of FB profile.

        — Honda Shadow Aero

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        • no doubt.......I take the aero

        • I have both and 2 more :) so I get to ride what fits my mood that day

        2 into 1 pipe for the 1999 Aero 1100 yes that s a Thrush Cherry Bomb I must... — Honda Shadow Aero


        2 into 1 pipe for the 1999 Aero 1100...yes, that's a Thrush Cherry Bomb...I must be heard...

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        • note: done the above in the early '80s, but the bike was a '72

        • Glad to hear they still make those! The only cherry bomb I've heard of in the past 10 years were the shooters my girl orders at the bar lol

        • Shes running smooth...not much lean out needed. Thanks for the posts! Papa Cap