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Well that's that finished off to great yorkshire show tomorrow

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  • Ooo-errr missus!

  • How much does hydro dipping cost for a little msx ???

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Started on the BBK build

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  • What is that blue wire? Is it the jumper for rpm limiter selection?

  • It's a type of switch

    When plugged in it puts it in race mode and unplugged it's touring mode

    I bought a switch extended the wires and attached them to it so I could control it on the hope instead of messing around under the seat

  • Will probably never try the race mode anyway. 10.500 rpm is enough :-)

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  • Please. Any chance you'll sell them?

  • No soz I'll need them again for lightened clutch basket

  • Jonno Owen made one to fit my bike

    I've tagged him and he will tell you what you need to do

    He just used a socket set and a dremal :)


— Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

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  • This is what I got with the yuminashi kit

  • Yes same here, but the owners manual you can download says that the blue springs are the stiffest and should go with the bolts. I read that too late so I didn't try to test the springs before installation. I think the little note could be correct.

  • Well the clutch is mega put bike back to standard and selling yuminashi on eBay 99p start

    The clutch springs were defo worth it it's well good on take of no slips

Colour match — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Colour match

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  • Yeah I know a few people with the car so I'll get the colour code

  • Buster Bradbury I can get you the codes... any I can get pretty much..

  • I want the Rs colours

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heres my msx/grom standard at the moment done just over 3k miles and had 80 out of her just mostly on a good day 74ish came off it end of may minimal damage no panel damage at all from a 30mph off will be updating you next week or 2 when all parts are here and fitted having exhaust, fat bars n clamps, levers, grips and rear tyre :)

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  • That's mine

  • I like that sometimez i do wish i got a diff colour as blue was one of the colours that my dealerships could get hold of fast so i went for blue yet itll look nicer one my side exit, gold bars n clamps and that are on ;)

Aurora trip — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Aurora trip.

Nueva Vizcaya, Ifugao and Quirino province sana may meet ups din at h0pefully makabuo ng gr0up. Dumadami na XR125L/XR150 users dit0.

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  • Sali kami sir jones isabela area namin

  • Sige sir set tay0 meeting.

  • Cge kita kits set nyo lng dáte. Sana un holiday



FOR ONLY 2,280 FREE SHIPPING NA.. meet up?? sa area na meet lang ko lang only.. may bawas pa !! ..


PM ME OR TEXT ME @ 09067075747 AND 09487725584..



PM ME OR TEXT ME @ 09067075747 AND 09487725584..

PM ME OR TEXT ME @ 09067075747 AND 09487725584..


TEXT ME @ 09067075747 AND 09487725584.


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    For sale.... Bawas Kalat.... Makati PRC or Makati puregold lang pick up and mit up... 09328596574 (SUN) & 09274960331 (GLOBE)

    * LED headlighs = 450php

    * Speedometer w/braket & stainles cover = 1500

    * Voltmeter Analog = 150php

    * Cable cover = 80php

    * Hand Grip = 400php

    * Original tmx 155 cdi = 700php

    Rfs: nagbabawas lang ng kalat.. Hndi q na need yan kaya benta q na...

    * working lahat yan test all u want

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    • 450 Yan

    • Hh 450 dalawa boss

    • Uu

    Had a nice little 50 mile putt this morning I ran her up to 10k in first and... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Had a nice little 50 mile putt this morning. I ran her up to 10k in first and second at one point. Seems much smoother than the other times that I wound her up to 7k.

    Harley came up quick in the left lane. Did the little wave gig as he passed, passenger responded. I slipped into the right side of his lane 3-4 lengths back, right in his mirror. Sure enough light turns red, and we stay staggered in our lane. Turns out they're on a nice looking Victory. As we move out he nails it...I have no trouble staying right with him up to around 40, when he seems to relax a bit. Then he rolls her on hard. She has no problem staying right with him without even a downshift. I love my V4. 8^)

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    • I got a 65 and that's a true story

    • Mine's only a 45, and I was shifting gently as I've only had her for about a month. My old 65 smoked everything, and I was very impressed at this little 700.

    • My 82 750 would've had no problem smoking it down!

    Another question for the group Bike came with dunlop tires Rear is bald time... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Another question for the group. Bike came with dunlop tires. Rear is bald time to shop for new tire. What's everyone recommend. Links to purchase would be appreciated! Reasonable priced as well

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    • I settled on the commander 2 aswell. But pricey but reviews are phenomenal

    • Todd Grace thanks for the heads up on the 777. I really wanted some whitewalls but couldn't find a set in the size I need. I found Shinko 777s for $172.98 at J&P cycles.

    • Michelin commander 2 > 5k later,, Not even half way done

    Does anybody else have issues with their hands going numb from the vibrations... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Does anybody else have issues with their hands going numb from the vibrations of their 250 rebel? I LOVE my baby,I have a 2004 rebel 250, but when I get up to or over the 35 mark the vibrations make my hands numb? Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

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    • I want to thank everyone for their input I got some bar ends they helped out tremendously :) But I want to get lil heavier and then I believe will be perfect!!!! It sucks when your hands go numb safe riding to everyone and Thank you all again :)

    • Believe it or not... jet kit. Helped on mine, lol

    • Oh, and loosen your grip on bars aka death grip

    Jack Dempsey Osborne not best video but I m half cut and you get the idea — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Jack Dempsey Osborne not best video but I'm half cut and you get the idea

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    • Yeah I do - I lift back wheel backward into the ramp and then sit on her and roll her down - can't really show how since need someone else holding the phone t film it properly

    • Oops sorry mate, thought you were trying to put it through the gate front end first. Looks like we're both singing from the same hymn sheet lol.

    • Yeah haha it's why I still have stock seat and strap... Want something comfortable but need the strap for manoeuvring... Catch 22 situation

    Anyone know an aftermarket seat wit a seat strap. Stock one is killing me — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Anyone know an aftermarket seat wit a seat strap? Stock one is killing me... But I use the seat strap t lift bike and turn around in alleyway before taking bike through gate

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    • Charlie Reeves, If you happen to purchace yourself a rear luggage rack, It's a very handy addition for carrying a couple of messages etc, but, as I also found out, Its a very handy thing if you need to turn your bike in a confined space, I personally don't have a problem with space , but, if puting it on my Bike Lift Table, I can lft the bike at the Back end to ensure its going on the Table nice and straight.

    • I'll have a look Jim Dalrymple... I've got like a couple inches either side of bike to turn around, and lifting her is easiest option... Can angle it and then lift back wheel onto my ramp, and then roll her backwards through the gate... Need 2 people t get video properly but it's fecking tight

    • Karl Waldron I'll have a look in morning, still tbink it's gonna be too tight tho.. I'll try get one of brothers t film it if their in.. Then ya can see lol

    What clutch springs shall I get. And where can I get wheel bearings from — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    What clutch springs shall I get ?? And where can I get wheel bearings from ?? And brake and clutch levers

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    • Gold wheels and bearings gone bad?

    • Not gold wheels rear wheel bearing has gone at 11k

    • Stock are crap mate not surprised they have gone!!

    I ve gotten too old and out of shape to bend over and crawl around on my knees... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I've gotten too old and out of shape to bend over and crawl around on my knees and my chrome rims and spokes show it.................any suggestions on quick, easy, effective product(s) and/or methods?

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    • Yeah, I agree, they need to mount valve stems on handlebars! Lol....

    • Mothers and and cone shaped polisher on a drill


    Photos from Mikael Lundin's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    I'm new to the group, my name is Mikael and I'm from Sweden. Here is my MSX. Done some mods to it. :D

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    EOI who would be interested in a remove before flight tag like in the picture... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    EOI - who would be interested in a 'remove before flight' tag like in the picture, but with a picture of a Postie and either CT110 or Postie Life for the text?

    I'll need to find a picture that would translate well into embroidery.

    I'd be aiming to have them priced at $6 ea delivered Australia wide.

    Timeline would be 4 weeks from time of order plus postage from me, I'd need to have some reasonable interests, as there's a minimum order number.

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    • For those who I've PM'd and can't find it, check your "other messages" folder on a Web browser since you can't see it on the app. If you've said you want them and haven't paid, I wouldn't want you to miss out. But I won't be holding if you haven't made contact again or made payment

    • Any left?

    • Are they still available?

    may tanong ulet aq mga papzie pag pina change oil q b c alpha after 500 kl — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    may tanong ulet aq mga papzie,, pag pina change oil q b c alpha after 500 kl. provide b ng dealer ung oil n ggmiten? thanks :-) s mga ssgot.:-)

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    • Black papzie

    • Hindi po.

    • Nope. Hati kayo minsan. Kanila change, iyo oil. Hehehe... Gamitin m stub na bigay nila...

    Having a bad start to your day How do you spell relief Ride Hop on your bike... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Having a bad start to your day? How do you spell relief?.....Ride! Hop on your bike and let your spirit soar! Have a great Sunday. Ride safe.

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    • Going for my first ride in over a month today. Life is just to busy :-/

    • Yeah, but it would be so much nicer if Ron's bike wasn't in the shop :(

    mga ka alpha 4x na po ako nkapag change ng oil pero ang gmit q yung honda 4t... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    mga ka alpha., 4x na po ako nkapag change ng oil pero ang gmit q yung honda 4t lng na red.,yung monograde lng..bago q lng nlaman na yung gold cap o multigrade pala recomended..ok lng kaya yun?wla ba pocble side effect sa engine? kasi naaawa tuloy aq ky alpha..plano palit na agad ng gold cap.

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    • Advise lang po: avoid FULLY synthetic...

    • dati rin ung red cap gm8 ku naka 7tyms na cya dun, lasday kulang pinalitan ng gold c, wla pa naman aku pncin na pinagbgo alpha ku,

    • Sir Neuro, ask ko lang kung bakit i-avoid ang fully synthetic? pls. share! tnx!

    Roger White shared a link to the group: Honda Forza 125 Club UK. — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

    So the only thing I am disappointed with on the Forza is the screen. I'm 6' but have shortish legs, and so have a long torso. This means I sit above the screen, and with the screen at full height the air hits my helmet at about nose height, which at 70 mph means my head gets the full force of the air, which is unridable.

    Looking for an extension, I found this ycle_Screen_Flip_Spoiler_Air_Deflector.html#aCOL59 188

    which I thought I'd give a try.

    I fitted it onto the screen this morning, and so far so good. Had a quick ride out, and 1st impressions are it does the job. I need to have a play to see if altering the angle makes it better or worse, but having a 9cm extension means I sit below the screen now.

    I've used the clamps to fit it to the screen, but you can screw it on ( both fittings are supplied) which I'll do if it still works after a few weeks of trying.

    The service from HPS was great, I got it delivered next day, and for £70 it's cheaper than a new screen.

    I'll post some pics of it fitted.

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    • Good old 'You Tube'

    • Saved me plenty o' time.

    • Looks like I better do the same when mine arrives lol

    Anyone want these indicators for 20 posted. Brand new unused. No relay included — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Anyone want these indicators for £20 posted? Brand new, unused. No relay included.

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    • I bought some ebay 6 quid ones they are perfect

    • Thanks Joshy. That will help me sell them lol. These ones are £30 brand new on eBay though.

    • I know sorry mate what ya get when ya buy named stuff dude

    Photos from David Brightman's post — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

    Thinking of getting the rear box for my Forza. Any issues with stabilisation and weight etc.

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    Thinking of selling my Tyga full system had for 6 months Good condition looked... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Thinking of selling my Tyga full system - had for 6 months. Good condition - looked after on a well maintained bike. Reason for sale is i now have 183cc BBK. Looking for £200 plus post. Let me know if you're interested.

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    • No probs mate ;-)

    • how much is the exhaust new thanks

    • £285

    Is this the flapper everyone talks aboit deleting — Honda CBR 954 RR

    Is this the flapper everyone talks aboit deleting?

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    • Just take the flap out, discard of the cables and silicone the hole into the air box simples

    • Great job! Does silicone will hold it? Which one did u use?

    • Yes it holds and any general purpose silicone will do the job mines been done for 5 years now

    Brothers ask ko lang sa mga may bagong Alpha kung saan kau ngpapa change oil at... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Brothers, ask ko lang sa mga may bagong Alpha kung saan kau ngpapa-change oil at tune up? Sa casa kung saan kau bumili o sa trusted motorcycle shop? TIA

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    • ako paps sa kakilala ko lang naka cg din sya mag mamaintenance at cya din nag aayos kung may sira yung akin ngaun naka clutch spring sya gumawa 300 lang ang bayad kk sa labor pag tune up nmn 100 lang 13600 na kc odo ko tapos na warranty

    • Sa casa, or kahit saang honda 3s kung discumpiaydo ka da mechanic ng casa mo lipat ka sa honda 3s,

    • Salamat mga brother... Mhirap kc bsta bsta pgkatiwala investment nting motor s mga pulpol n siraniko db? Ride safe brothers.

    Normal ba po ba eto 2nd day saakin ayaw mag quick start kahit padyak kailangan... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Normal ba po ba eto? 2nd day saakin ayaw mag quick start kahit padyak kailangan mo pa ichoke para bumukas.. Pagkagising ko ganyan nangyari. Pag hnd ngmit ng matagal. Bago ako matulog mga 4hours siguro hnd nagamit gnun ulit ayaw rin mag start kailangan ulit ichoke. Hnd ba dapat pag brand new quick start sya palagi?

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    • Opo sir ganun na din sakin kaso pag nalamigan tinakbo ko kagad namamatay kinakapos ata. Kailangan pa iwarm up. Heheh

    • Mao ni imo ingon sir Victorino Cadano

    • Bai, dili ingon sa nang hambog ko ninyo apat ang motor nako 3 na xr125 L at 1 nga xr150 L gamit nako karon ang150 L na astigan kasi ako sa xr150 kaya gamit ko pang personal.ang 3 xr125 gamit sa cadano cargo customs brokerage sa mga colector ko gamit ang xr125 dahil ang sabi nla ndi daw takaw huli.araw2 ginagamit yon.after 6 months garalgal na ang tonog pag nag warm up ka 30 mins.bago mo mabitawan ang trotle.1 year tagas na ang langis sa pork.two years ndi na makatakbo ang dalawa 1 nalang tumatakbo ngayon.bakit? yong mga pesang na sira walang mabili sa pinagbilhang HONDA TRIUMPH CALOOCAN,nag order ako ng piston block sa sera na xr125L ibinigay piston ng XRM 125 KASYA BAYON? nag intay ako ng 3 months ibinalik ang bayad ko.ingon ba niani ang sinapit nyo sa akin mga kapwa ko BISAYA?pero tulad ng sinabi nyo sa akin na intindihan nyo ako maraming salamat sa inyo, indi naman kayo ang nadusa.aminin na natin na ang mga pesa ng honda ngayon gawa na ng CHINA.Kron kong duna moy ORING HEAD GASKIT diha honda XR150L papalita ko.message lang kayo sakin at cp# nyo usap tayo.barato ramana ba ang problema walay mapalit nahurot na nako ug pangutana ang mga tindahan ng motor sa calookan ang sabi miron daw pisa sa honda truimph.ang dinila alam doon ko binili ang mga motor ko.salamat mga igan.maganda ireklamo kay President DU30.kabayan natin DU30 PANAMAN ANG LOGO NG MOTOR KO.thanks again.

    Good day everyone planning to get an xr150 in a few months my question is hindi... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines


    Good day everyone, planning to get an xr150 in a few months, my question is hindi ba mahirap o costly ang maintenance? Availability ng parts?

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    • p check mo n bro sa honda mechanic

    • Ok thanks

    • Ganyan din yung sa akin sir two weeks palang sya sa akin pag na ka bukas makina wala naman lagitik at whiatle pero pag nag sisilinyador kana at tumatakbo na meron na sya... Natural lang ba sa xr natin yan kahit bago