Anyone ever load two bikes in a truck bed I m assuming its possible but... — Honda Shadow Aero


Anyone ever load two bikes in a truck bed? I'm assuming its possible but figured I'd ask. Friend just moved out of town wants me to bring him his out of town and I figure ill bring mine too so we can ride while I'm there.

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  • ok bro be safe, a lot of assholes out there

  • That would kinda match my truck hah. If I hear of anything ill let you know.

  • ok bro thanks

Ok see if anyone can help me I want to lower the indicators on my shadow I have... — Honda Shadow Aero

Ok see if anyone can help me I want to lower the indicators on my shadow I have seen in Ebay the rear number plate and indicator holder from an Honda Ace 750 right question would it fit the pnumber plate holder with no modification or do I have to drill new holes


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Finally got to ride last year was only able to ride a couple of times and then... — Honda Shadow Aero

Finally got to ride.....last year was only able to ride a couple of times and then it was snowing. I was a little nervous because it has been a bit, plus had eye surgery. But it is like riding a bicycle you just don't forget. Now I am real comfortable with it again. (Thank goodness). I l LOVE my stress relief!!!!! :) Thanks for letting me talk. Love this site it gives me lots of ideas for my bike.

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    — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • Yea I use to have a 07 yamaha YZF600R but I like my shadow better now I dnt have to pull over every 30 mins:)

    • I get at least 170 to a tank on my aero

    • my 1999 1100 aero will give me about 180 kms to a tank and i start looking for a fill up...

    I have an 04 Shadow Spirit 1100 V T. I am thinking of cutting the baffles out — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    I have an 04 Shadow Spirit 1100 V/T. I am thinking of cutting the baffles out. Would I need to make any other adjustments or not. Like on the carb.

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    • my advice is spend the money and atleast get slip ons. i put cobra slip ons on my 02 1100. i never touched the carbs and ive put 20,000 on mine.

    • If you do cut the baffles you will have to monitor the spark plugs for at least a couple good rides to kinda see where you're at with air/fuel mixture.

    • Ok cool ty

    How many of you have done a jet kit on the Spirit Did the mileage increase or... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    How many of you have done a jet kit on the Spirit? Did the mileage increase or decrease?

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    • mines been done but was the previous owner so unfortunately can't help ya with any advice... but i get about 270-280km from a tank of gas without runnin dry (but am well into reserve) if that helps any

    • I did when I put my Hard Krome pipes on. There was not a noticeable difference in mileage. I still get 53-56/mph

    • Only reason i ask is when I took the baffles out of my stock pipes I lost some mileage. I dont really know if I lost power or not but on the way to and from SD there were times I couldnt get past eighty mph. A couple things I must consider though on that are; wind both ways, and smaller rear sprocket. I believe I am getting about fourty two mpg when cruising about 60-65 mph....without fighting wind LOL

    I took my bike out on what is now a routine trip but in the middle of it I... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I took my bike out on what is now a routine trip but in the middle of it I seemed to have gotten an anxiety attack or something (dizzy, loss of balance...) I had to pull over several times and l let the feeling pass. My friend said it sounded like I might be tired and possibly dehydrated. What ever it was I hope I don't experience it again. I am taking the bike out again tomorrow just to make sure.

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    • Doctor first, ride later. Could be something as simple as the heat but it could be something worse. You certainly don't want to suddenly pass out on the bike.

    • Sounds like symptoms that my friends daughter was having.. she has blood work done and her B12 levels were out of whack... and she is only 27...

    • In extreme heat, I can see it happening. Being to tense while riding, combined with shallow breathing can cause it; I've had it happen to me....stopped, took some deep breaths and away I went with no further symptoms....

    Photos from Guy Basile's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Went for a ride up the high country the other week.

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    • Photoshopped my foot scrawl you idiot :-). You were there weren't you.

    • ahhaah... what tyres you ruining ?

    • Didnt ruin any. :-) but Had the Kenda knobbie on the front and the Michelin road on the rear. It was errrrr interesting.

    Just wondering on a well working 350 how hard they are to start I ve had mine... — Honda 350x

    Just wondering on a well working 350 how hard they are to start? I've had mine two months now and bought it not starting all it was was a plugged pilot jet but still takes alot of kicks cold and cold now is around 75 degrees out. I just ohm checked the spark plug cap and resistance is high and im sure this will take care of the hard starting but just wanted to know on your 350 how it starts for you?

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    • Check timing

    • I put new spark plug cap on starts mush easier now idles better and doesnt make a pop noise out the exhaust anymore when off throttle thanks for all the tips guys

    • Mine starts first kick cold 2 kicks hot. Check jets, if everything is sound and in good shape it should start on 1-2 kicks.

    — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • thanks everyone. 2006.

    • Nice looking bike! Don't think I've seen one in that color combo.

    • Nice bike....Like the colors.

    — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • Nice bike

    • Thanks man!!!

    • Very nice! Love the hint of flames over the paint :)

    — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • what kind of brand is that leather protection shield on your rear fender? looks nice!

    • I purchased from JP Cycles I will get you exact info, I was sent a second one but did pay for it, so I have an extra one also, fits a Honda 2000 1100 aero perfect

    So I was in first gear and came to a stop. Couldn t hit neutral to save my life — Honda Shadow Aero

    So I was in first gear and came to a stop. Couldn't hit neutral to save my life. Thankfully not on the road. Didn't want to shift at all. Had to really jam hard for any shifting at a stand still. Just got frusrated and hit the kill switch. Funny thing is , once I had it shut off, I shifted through just fine, found neutral and started back up and off. Keep in mind, I was only in first. Back trails on the property... Thoughts? Been out of the motorcycle thing for many years, crawling my way back.

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    • Just another comment regarding safety. You mentioned wanting to shift into neutral while sitting at the light. Generally it is a better idea to keep the bike in first gear and keep an eye in your mirror. That way if some cager "didn't see" you sitting there,you would still be ready to make a quick escape.

    • Back property. No cars.

    • Just a gear question.

    since having sorted the split diaphragm in the fuel tap the bike is ridin like... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    since having sorted the split diaphragm in the fuel tap, the bike is ridin like a dream, even before the main problem arose, occasisonly would hav a little flooding affect, so makes me think how long had the diaphragm been on its way out, but now the beast is back and havin some right cheeky fun once again,,,,, but new rear brake pads and caliper seals to fit over wknd, and wait for posty to deliver my new undertray :-)

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    • hahahah same as, i though it was ignition problem, not an over fueling problem,,,, wen i opened up the fuel tap the split must have been atleast an inch

    • We even bought another CDI and everything lol..

    • I was all for throwing in the towel in and selling the fcker and just buyign him another one.. We're both now onto our 2nd VTRs lol..Only way mine will go will be tothe scrappies lol.

    One to watch out for guys has happened to me twice now my fan stopped working... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    One to watch out for guys has happened to me twice now, my fan stopped working due to a small stick getting stuck between the motor and blades. Mines a streetfighter so probley more prone to this happening.

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    • I dont know if this will help.. the fan has never come on by itself on my storm..on motorway or in traffic alike.. however, when I have run her on the spot making a effort to get her hot the fan kicks in at a fraction over half way on the temp gauge.

    • mine comes on at about 103 and goes off again at 100

    • Karl Fox, the fan will always turn on when you touch the wire to earth, you are switching the fan on, this just shows the fan is working, or the temperature /fan switch is not working, not the thermostat, which diverts coolant to the radiator when the coolant reaches running temperature.That works independently of the fan.

    Would like to post an event to the page how do communicate this to We have a... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Would like to post an event to the page, how do communicate this to? We have a postie bike ride in kinglake victoia in september.

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    • no idea how to do it, but kinglake isnt that far from me, quite interested in teh ride

    • At the top of the ct110 home page click on "events" then go "Create event"

    • Interesting that option was not on my mini I pad, on to it now so will list the event soon.

    — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

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    • Want a high guard on yours guy?

    • Yeah if y can find one. Looks cool I reckon.

    • Hit up ebay or any of the china bike importers. You will have to make your own mounts cause the crf mounting holes are reversed to the ct holes

    Hello my friends I am looking for a waterproof cover for my Honda Shadow — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hello my friends, I am looking for a waterproof cover for my Honda Shadow. Is there anyone who has one for sale or suggest a good brand of that?

    Thank you in advance...

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    • Cycleshell....

    • The best investment for my motorcycle ever!

    • It is more than a cover... It is a portable motorcycle garage...

    My postie loaded up with my spear fishing gear — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    My postie loaded up with my spear fishing gear

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    • Scooter Gal got the frame work from the and had a mate make up the bags but you an buy ones from the store as well.

      Jordan Adderton I'm in Broome WA so not to sure if our laws apply to where you are but from what I know of ours, is walk in buy one and go for it, I think it's a minimum of 150m from sure that they can be used.

    • Alright cheers mate (:

    • nite one coles

    I have a 2003 Shadow Spirit 750 Is there an adjustment for the clutch besides... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I have a 2003 Shadow Spirit 750. Is there an adjustment for the clutch besides the adjustments on the cable and lever? My lever is almost all the way released before the clutch engages and I would like to have it engage closer to the grip. Aldo how much of z ride on the handle bars can you use before needing longer cables?

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    • Gotta take off the clutch cover on the motor. Then you'll see the clutch cable with an adjustable mechanism. It's usually a cylinder like tube with a nut on the bottom and top for adjustment.... Real easy.

    Who has a street legal 350x — Honda 350x

    Who has a street legal 350x?

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    • I agree with the honda riding spirit. I own 2 atcs and ride them all the time. ride it to work everyday and it will be a parts bike forsure

    • I'll be riding my collection as much as I can till the day I die. If it comes to it I'll be machining my own parts. I've wore off 5 sets of tires on the 250es in my profile picture.

    • $$$ & time can fix anything I break on them.

    Ok everybody another question lol Wat does everybody like better between real... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Ok everybody another question lol.. Wat does everybody like better between real leather saddle bags or the ones made of that PVC materiel??

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    • Had PVC tourmaster bags on my bike, but have always liked hard bags, so I changed them. But never a problem with the old ones. I ride in all kinds of weather and they were easy to maintain.

    • I picked some from They claimed they are leather but it looks like some kind of leather like material. They are very convincing and they were pretty cheap. Held up over the past 4K miles alright.

    • answer will be as vast as the people answering it.

    Theresa Reimer shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    Please spread the word to anyone in the area to help block these hating morons from dishonoring these fallen fire fighters and their families!

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    • If interested in learning more or joining us, here is the link:

    • Thank you Steve. I think it's a great organization and wish I had more time to spare for it. I currently work 1 FT and 1 PT job supporting myself which doesn't leave much open. It is on my list to join when I'm able to quit one of the jobs or finally retire.

    • Very understandable Theresa. Just consider it an open invitation for anytime you can make it. I'm not sure about your area, but here there can be 2 - 5 missions each week and another rider is always welcome. The guard provides escorts and flag lines whenever a family requests them and our presence is always greatly appreciated.

    Anybody no of a simple way to remove baffles on my 04 750 aero The 2 into 1... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Anybody no of a simple way to remove baffles on my 04 750 aero?? The 2 into 1 factory pipes?

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    • rebar isnt big I had a heavy duty crow bar, almost exactly same diameter and punch em both. damn thing got stuck, but I got it out.

    • mine was 2 into 1 too. I still have a 2 into 2 set off of an ace I think, if anyone needs em.

    • I was looking for at least a 1 inch bar but 3/4 is as big as they had and I am happy with the results so never bothered with trying to go bigger. It sounds good and runs strong as is. One thing I forgot on my setup is that I have the stock air box desnorkled and modified the stock air filter by removing all the paper element from the metal frame and cut a piece of uni foam filter material to fit in the paper elements place. Works great and can be removed and washed when needed. Cheaper than stock or K&N and works as good if not better.

    My 04 aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    My 04 aero.!!

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    • Purdy bike in a purdy setting!]

    • Looks so good!

    • Nice bike Josh! Just like Terri said, it looks just like my 2012 too! B Happy and B Safe!!! ;)

    I m new to the Shadow the last bike was a Honda Rebel The Rebel had a puke... — Honda Shadow Aero


    I'm new to the Shadow; the last bike was a Honda Rebel. The Rebel had a "puke tube" that collected crud. It was drained every time I changed the oil, or more often if significant highway riding. Does the Shadow have a "puke tube"? I can't find anything in the Owner's Manual.

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    • Nope, just a standard oil and filter change.

    • I think its pretty standard on most cruisers. I can't say for sure about the 750's, but my '98 1100 has one. Just take a look underneath the bike. It should be a black tube with a cap on the end. I generally clean mine at each oil change just because I'm working down there anyway.

    • I'm going "looking" this evening! Thanks!