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    • Last week I asked this group what I should do for the inside knee pain I experienced after long rides...I learned I needed to buy highway bars and pegs. Today we installed them. Thank you everyone who shared. :)

    • Good job, girl!

    • Interesting! I installed the Cobra Highway Bar last week. A piece of cake to install! Next ... the pegs. THANKS for the photos!

    • Tell us if they help with the knee pain.

    • Rob Michlig, haven't had knee pain since getting them. It works. Tokes a little getting used to using (I'm also still a new rider), I put one foot slowly up at a time like trying on ice skates or something. :)

    I m getting close to time to replace my tires When doing a quick internet... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I'm getting close to time to replace my tires. When doing a quick internet search on tire reviews, I see some strong reviews for Metzeler ME over Dunlop (which I have on my bike now). Anyone is this group have better experience with one or another? Is there a big difference?

    • Don't know if the car tire flexes or what, but don't have a "break-over" like it rolls over the shoulder. It feel a bit different at first, but after a ride around the block I adjusted to the feel. I owned an old nighthawk that had a factory fat rear and skinny front, and the Aero now feels more like it did. Can drag the pegs if you like, never felt it slip. Wet road grip is great.

    • Interesting. Thanks

    • I'm running Shinko 230 tour masters on my 1100. they feel good with plenty of grip and seem to be wearing nicely. have only 1500 miles on them but very happy so fair.

    ok folks i need your input so before priming the tank and getting it ready for... — Honda Shadow Aero

    ok folks i need your input. so before priming the tank and getting it ready for paint, i have to decide on something. the wreck left about a 2 inch dent with a crease near the front left curve of the tank. should i bondo before paint or leave the little battle scar?

    • Unless your gonna go ratrod status, fix it if your gonna paint it

    • i've done everything on my bike myself. its never seen a shop. i guess i'm just being lazy lol. plus body filler can be a pain sometimes..especially with etch primer. and Kevin, if i was goin rat rod, i wouldnt keep that huge tank on there anyway!!!

    • FIX it '

    Finally got it home My 85 is ready to ride Still working on a few little... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Finally got it home. My 85 is ready to ride. Still working on a few little things and getting used to the sounds and such. Question, how my dots do you typically run on the temp gauge? Coming home I had 4 unless I stopped at a light and then it went to 5 and maybe 6 once in awhile. It's 86 degrees here in Oklahoma.

    • That is my next step. Rode to work today. Ran 4 bars consistent. Didn't even try to inch up. Fanstat ordered this week.

    • The fan is definitely working. Installed fanstat. Had to change the tabs to bullets. Not a big deal. One DIY page said when one takes out the fanstat, some coolant may leak out. HA! Could've drained it. It was a fountain. Didn't have time to ride today. Wednesday.

    • Yep....you'll loose what in the rad for sure!

    The front of my 2000 Honda Aero Yes for those Military types I do have an Army... — Honda Shadow Aero

    The front of my 2000 Honda Aero, Yes for those Military types I do have an Army Infantry and Marine Corp Emblem together, I served in both of them 14 + 12 and I can even add, WOW - Hope u enjoy CHRIS D

    • Those are Mini Medals and the last one I received was on my retirement day the MSM - Gorgeous Medal - PINK - Go Figure - I was 0311 0r 11B Infantry from day one to day END

    • Thanks for your service...!

    • Black and cream separated by maroon pinstripe

    A spiraling sunny Day in NJ — Honda Shadow Aero

    A spiraling sunny Day in NJ


    Photos from Scott Guyan's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    What does everybody think of the new model.

    • the CT110 rear drum wears out and and the shoes can lock after about 40 000 ks , or just after posties stop riding the rear brake and sell them off to us but yeah a disc front would be wonderful on the road but useless to someone stopping at 5-10kph (or from letterbox to letterbox) the fuel injection of the new model is welcome < btw I am not making any claims, its just my opinion and I am sure you all know a lot more about these machines than I

    • Apprently made in china these ones

    • also I am not sure but I think Aus post has gone with the variant with the fully enclosed chain, I must say I like that tread pattern in the above image, also the new guards look cool

    G day everyone I ve just joined the VTR group and have been very impressed by... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    G'day everyone, I've just joined the VTR group and have been very impressed by everyone's bike. I have a 2000 model VTR which of course is my pride and joy. Have owned it for over two years and I've got to say, it's the best bike around. Here is a picture of her. Presently saving for some locally manufactured high level staintunes, which will be perfect.

    • Hey Stuart Criddle you won't regret the staintunes, I love mine

    • nice bike matey

    • G'day John Hepburn thank you for all the I formation mate. It's really appreciated

    Played slip slide this afternoon on the way home from work after a light shower — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Played "slip-slide" this afternoon on the way home from work after a light shower. Didn't realize that rear tire was THAT smooth so time for a new one. Old one is a 9 month old Bridgestone G702 and NOT impressed. Local shop suggested a Shinko 770 but I'm thinking about a Metzler. Any suggestions?

    • I have 15k miles on my Metzlers. Still at 50%.

    • Wasn't able to find any kenda kruz but got the Avon on yesterday. I'm sure it's because the bikes been parked a week and a half but it feels so much better! Solid hug around corners and comfortable riding too. Going to hit the interstate a bit to see how she feels at higher speeds and then do a little trip (250-300 miles) this weekend with a friend to break it in proper.

    • i got bridgestone on mine,,no issues ,good tyres

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • soooo fine! great job

    • Now that is smoking hot look - wow gorgeous bike Jamey.

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • I am VERY interested in the specs on the front rim. Any chance you have a write-up on this on any forums???

    • I don't have it on any forums, but I can give you all the info you need to do it. The rim is a BKR 21x3.5 60 spoke Harley rim and a 11 1/2'' rotor with button head bolts. The tire is a 120/70-21 Pirelli Night Dragon. You will have to turn your stock front axle down to 3/4'' to match the 3/4 Harley bearings and 2 new stainless steel spacers for the axle. You will have to shim your brake caliper with 2 stainless steel washers.

    • That is a nice look.

    • Thanks for the info Jamey! I am doing this during the winter for sure.

    anyone taken the front fender off yet looks like i need a 17mm hex to drop the... — Honda Shadow Aero

    anyone taken the front fender off yet? looks like i need a 17mm hex to drop the wheel to do so

    • Yea it's a 17mm hex head for the axle. Then you take the fender bracket off the fender in order to get it off without scratching the fender. It's a tight fit push in on the sides of the fender as your pushing it down between the forks

    • thanks man

    Picjed up this 82 with 620 original miles from my friends dad Needs a little... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Picjed up this 82 with 620 original miles from my friends dad. Needs a little carb work(bowls leaking) but should make a fun cruiser.

    • If you aren't knowledgeable about the carb work, send them out to someone. I tried to rebuild mine on my V45 last year and I still haven't gotten them right. Be extra careful with the vacuum diaphragms. That bike will flat out haul ass like no other cruiser!

    • Yea I'm mechanically inclined. Dealt with dritbikes, quads, sport bikes, Weber dcoe carbs. Just going to take my time and take lots of notes/pics.

    • You can go to several websites for help, this one is the one I use allot: http://v4hondabbs.com/index.ph p free to join, I think you can read posts without joining. Make you sure you visit the forum "They all do that Sir".

    My new ride — Honda Shadow Aero

    My new ride....

    • Sweet wheels, and looks like a great place to ride.....

    • Very nice! Love the red as well.

    • @ Cindy, she's a 2012 also...and like you I'm loving the ride.

      @ Christopher, we're along the Ottawa River and it was hot, 40 something with the humidex!

    Anyone selling an old seat All i want is the base so doesnt matter is foam and... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Anyone selling an old seat ? All i want is the base so doesnt matter is foam and vinyl is torn

    • Where are you ?

    • Im in coffs harbour nsw but will pay for postage

    • i need a top valve cover (bit you open up to check valve clearance, if you got one spare :)

    Armoy Race Week 2013 — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Armoy Race Week 2013

    SUNDAY 21st July – Bike Run & Barbeque:

    Now becoming a popular event to launch the Armoy Race Week, this years Bike Run will head down to Larne and return back up the beautiful coastline road to Ballycastle before heading to the mysterious “Dark Hedges” on route back to Armoy Village while taking time for a lap of the Armoy circuit before returning to Tilly Molloy’s for a Barbeque on the decking overlooking the River Bush. And all for only £10.00 - BIKE RUN leaves Armoy at 10.30am.

    Any Irish Stormers coming along for a run? the weather is forecast to be great. Shetland Storm is booked for the run, am looking forward to this trip.


    Good morning stormers. My bike went in to have cct s and carbs balanced — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Good morning stormers. My bike went in to have cct's and carbs balanced. Was running fine when went in. Got her back and she was popping on tick over once she was warm and she popped back threw the carbs. So they picked the bike up to check it out and they trying to tell me its a tight shim. So my question is..... Why would they take the rear head off for a tight shim and would it cause the problem?

    • We nearly broke your bike - but we wont charge you for it. That's very nice of them! I always say spend a bit of time to learn and do those jobs yourself, it might take twice as long but at least you know it will be right in the end.

    • they fkt up, let them know that you are aware of their fk up so if there is a problem later they will have to fix it f.o.c

    • yeah, simply send them a letter in which you confirm their story, it gives some back up in case of ...

    Right to left 1mm oversize Honda piston 140cc piston and 150cc Now I have a... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Right to left:1mm oversize Honda piston, 140cc piston and 150cc. Now I have a 140 piston from one ten mc and this matches perfectly and is half the cost Inc postage here in Sydney. I got the 150 to try it out but I know the cylinder walls will be too thin to cope.

    • What's the diameter of the 140 and 150cc pistons ? Do you think the comp ratio will drop much , with not much of a rise on top of piston (std)

    • 55mm and 56.5mm, i dont think it will drop too much but its being upped with a 24mm mikuni taken off my mini race bike. Its pointless over sizing the bore then upping the jetting so much on the stock carb. Freshly pressed crank went in tonight with all new guides and cam chain

    • I recently put a 140cc kit from One Ten MC in mine. Still running it in, but seems to have more torque if not horsepower. I did all the work myself and it was still pretty exy. Probably $350 all up with new timing chain and tensioner.

    • Whats the dia of the bottom of the 110 barrel where it slips into the casings? Ive got a 150cc engine here im thinking about swapping the barrel onto the honda bottom end

    got all the parts and paint picked out i need to redo the bike after the wreck — Honda Shadow Aero

    got all the parts and paint picked out i need to redo the bike after the wreck. to match the theme, i took a matte clear coat to all the "plasti-chrome"

    • Nice

    • Can't wait to see the final outcome!

    • So the matte clear turns the plasti-chrome into the gray look simply by spraying it?....looks like it was painted that color...

    • yes. matte clear turns plasti-chrome gray

    • youll have to wet sand at least once after the first coat. matte clear can leave little white specs if youre layin it on too thick. just clean the chrome and spray it on

    Felix Smith added 5 photos — Honda Shadow Aero

    Felix Smith added 5 photos.

    me & my riding partner...took a venture cruise down to Chesapeake Maryland for lunch and to chill on a sunday afternoon.....nice!

    • Is that the rt. 4 bridge in the background?....

    any mechanic lol 2003 yamaha r1 starts up but cuts strait out says its summin... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    any mechanic ? lol 2003 yamaha r1 .. starts up but cuts strait out says its summin to do with the alarm been pulled out of it caused it recon this is true ? or recon it cud be summin more serious ?

    • origionally he says he been told its probably the imobiliser but he went for a new fuel pump ? seems weird the running time has increased since new fuel pump but problem of cutting out is still there

    • Possibly a fuel pressure regulator? Won't be the immobiliser, more tests need to be done, can a bulb/testlight/meter be wired over the fuel pump terminals to see if the pump is dropping off?

    • no idea mate lol its just info being passed to me as im swapping my bike for it but if all goes to plan it will be here with me tonight late hours so ill know alot more then

    Any suggestions for good websites for reasonably priced saddle bags — Honda Shadow Aero

    Any suggestions for good websites for reasonably priced saddle bags?

    • The best prices you will find are at jafrum.com I bought hard sided lockable leather bags for $50 last year.

    • Bikebandit...jcwhitney...

    • Thanks for all the suggestions. Now the research

    This pretty baby for sale — Honda Shadow Aero

    This pretty baby for sale:

    Honda Shadow Aero VT 750

    Very EXCELLENT condition

    It has about 7220 miles.


    I am the 2nd owner of this sweet baby..

    • Located in Boulder, CO!

    • Oh yeah! It's 2004; asking $4.375.. OBO..

    • It is very urgent to sell!!! PLZ contact if interest and we can work somthing out...

    Oh I almost forgot peg type foot boards for sale 50. 00 — Honda Shadow Aero

    Oh I almost forgot peg type foot boards for sale $50.00

    • Need to change shifter?

    • WHERE?! 750 Honda Aero here, Oshawa, Ontario

    • I will take them if they are still for sell

    • Wait, that is if they install where the factory pegs are without any additional changes needed.

    If anybody is interested. I have a 17 Memphis shade windshield for sale 75 — Honda Shadow Aero

    If anybody is interested....I have a 17" Memphis shade windshield for sale $75.00

    and also a rear luggage rack for sale $50.00 and also saddle bags supports for sale $50.00

    also rear tail bag for sale $60.00

    • Felix, I sent you a message privately regarding shipping.

    • Felix. I'd like to buy the windshield and possibly the running boards. Please respond back.

    • Do you still have the windshield?

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • Beautiful bike

    • Nice bike. Beautiful scenery to take a picture!

    • nice airbrush flames.....discreet style

    Thanks for the group I own a 2004 Spirit just got it last year I thought all... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Thanks for the group. I own a 2004 Spirit, just got it last year. I thought all Spirits were 1100?

    • i love riding my husbands 1100, very laid back and easy power

    • I have to constantly work to keep up with the big bikes.

    • Wish they would put the 1100 or 1300 in the 750 spirit frame...Really like the 26" seat height & low center of gravity.

    I have a comfort question I ve only had my Aero for a month now and first... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I have a comfort question. I've only had my Aero for a month now and first season riding altogether. Yesterday we rode almost two hundred miles round trip, and the inside of my knees were killing me when we stopped. There were very few stops (stop signs/lights) along the route, so I am not sure if my knees hurt because of the vibration on the floorboards or the way I sat with them in the outward 90 degree angle for the length of time. Has this affected anyone else? Something I just need to get used to? I guess I am wanting to know if pegs or highway bar would bring more comfort for the longer rides. I seem to be the only one in my small group of riders who experiences this. Thanks


    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • is that a 21" windshield?

    • To be truthful, I don't remember... sorry.

    • found my new 21" Memphis shade....whoo hoo!

    I HAVE A 1986 VT1100 HONDA SHADOW FOR SALE PLEASE MESSAGE ME FOR INFO — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders


    • how much ;mileage and condition


    Bike now being broken up. because of broken exhaust stud in front housing — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Bike now being broken up (because of broken exhaust stud in front housing). Parts for sale from Andover, please contact me for enquiries.

    • Hi Geoffrey, postage is £18 cheers

    • Hi Geoffrey, just had a thought, just assumed you wanted the pair, was it just one? If so its £15 for the part and I will recheck the postage if you let me know, thanks.

    • Just added a pic of most of the parts that are left from my storm. See above

    Rhonda this is my 2006 — Honda Shadow Aero

    Rhonda this is my 2006.....

    • Thanks Buddy

    • Nice ride!!! Like the saddle bags !!!

    • Where did you get the tank decal? I NEED one!

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • wow....Robert, what a Sweet ass Machine...Awesome man!

    • I"m jealous!!!! lol!

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • Your bike is stunning I love the Soldier shout out and flag - Wonderful just wonderful

    • thanks

    • I love that flag, is it a decal? Where did you get it? I can't stand the "shadow" wording on my tank and have always wanted to cover it up.

    • I think it was freak decals

    • Nice ride

    2007 Honda Shadow Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    2007 Honda Shadow Aero

    • Nice!!!!

    • So is yours!! Love those saddlebags you got!!

    • Nice! I have a 2007 Aero myself and really love it!

    • looks a lot like mine.great bike.

    • I was thinking about putting aftermarket exhaust on it but can't decide which brand to go with. Any opinions on what sounds the best on the Shadow?

    My ride — Honda Shadow Aero

    My ride!!

    • simply Beautiful ride!

    • Im getting white wall tires on my 2005 in August sometime :-)

    • nice!

    Blairsville Georgia My Angel Baby — Honda Shadow Aero

    Blairsville , Georgia My Angel Baby

    • I Love the color sceem

    • Sharp! Enjoy!

    • Hi Lynette, what size windshield is that, im considering to change mine, to a larger one...thx!

    Good evening fellow stormer s or morning depending on which time zone you re in — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Good evening, fellow stormer’s, or morning depending on which time zone you’re in. Thanks Marcello Castellucci for making this a closed group, I too didn’t realise others could see our postings.

    Well, courtesy of Vee Vtr my belly pan arrived yesterday (Thanks Vee) immediately after I unpacked it my 7 year old son dragged the enormous cardboard box into his bedroom and is living in it now (what is it with kids and cardboard boxes!) Thanks again Vee I’m very happy with it and glad I held back for almost a year for one to come up, now all I’m doing is looking at it this evening with a cold can of Strongbow pear cider in hand and wondering what colour should I paint it :-)

    • ahahah if you want an even bigger box i can send you one lol - we get some that could be used as sheds lol!

    • Gona get my son on FB, he'll be in contact with you :-)

    — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    • nice

    • Crash bars on way postage was 20$ i will email bank details later

    • Thank you so very very much Phil