• Shitty phone photo at night — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Shitty phone photo at night.

    You get the idea though

    • Something needs to be organised i.e a ride with all the ct110 riders in Hobart.

    • Agreed

    • Nice bike

    — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    • How's you go finding longer cable for the throttle and electrics?

    • Throttle cable was a DIY kit brought off eBay and the wiring I done myself.

    • Oh nice and easy then, (:

    • How hard was it putting motocross footpegs on it?

    • Same fitment. Same pins, no drilling required.

    in spain listerning to the sports bikes whizzing up and down the local country... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    in spain listerning to the sports bikes whizzing up and down the local country roads outside my house. i'm gutted because I can't join them as my bikes in the uk.....i'm now sulking

    • 3 days to the chunnel and and slept in essex the first nite,took the ferry back and wont ever do that again. More money and less fun. Also not to fun to ride here in the south now,it's averaging 48C here and with leathers you are fucked,my bike almost throws fire out the fan at my right leg!!!

    • I driven from London to tarragona a handful of times, chunnel or boat, 15hr straight drive in a car, ferking knackering tho. I've also done the Portsmouth/bilboa ferry a few times, it bores me silly tho. when I finally do the trip on a bike, i'll take it easy and spend a few days riding the pyrenese. if ever you do the trip again, let me know, your welcome to stay at my place on the way thru.

    • next yeay isle of man I will be in touch good liuck

    Hey guys i m trying to find a way to put a manual override on my posties clutch... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Hey guys, i'm trying to find a way to put a manual override on my posties clutch, to make it a bit easier to control going through the city traffic (stop-start stuff and the like) but i have no idea how to do this or if its even possible, its a 1999 model, has anyone done this before or know how to do it? any help/advice would be great, cheers :)

    • Im pretty sure i read somewhere a bloke was looking at doing the same thing but was gonna cost more the what the postie is worth .

    • cheers Billy-james, yeh I've thought about the cost and will probably buy the bits and do it myself but I've just replaced my third clutch (the whole unit) in 2 years and i'm sure they're not meant to wear out that quick (checked the idle speed as well), so I think the cost can be justified in this case

    • Yea i dont do much stop start thank god . Pretty much always 4th gear flat out haha

    I know it has probaly been asked a million times but im doin my p s tomorrow in... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    I know it has probaly been asked a million times but im doin my p's tomorrow in nsw on my postie , it is gonna be classified as a manuel ? Im hearing all different things ?

    • Well done Billy.

    • Did you ever find the seat base.

      I found one over the weekend.

      Mind you it's only the metal base.

    • Yea i did find one , cheers

    SOLD OUT waiting on next batch to arrive make sure I have you on my next list... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    SOLD OUT waiting on next batch to arrive... make sure I have you on my next list if you want some...

    • Let me know!!!!thx

    • I have a list going for patches and window decals

    • The

    • ?thx

    Lance Ziolkowski shared his video to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    Posted this here a year ago but since there are questions on power ports.. I have installed this in the neck plate on my bike to keep the hidden look. It clears the bars even with things plugged in and works great for my gps.. charging phones. etc. Run lines under tank with inline fuse to battery. should cost you less than $10 to do this modification and if you have the plastic plates unlike the chrome metal ones your talking a really really easy mod as drilling the metal plate was the hardest part for me on this.

    • this one is for Lisa Brantley

    • Thanks for posting! Cool color on your Aero.

    • No problem. Its one of my favorite bikes

    Well my cct broke You know the rest of the story Kinda sucks No noises or... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Well my cct broke. You know the rest of the story. Kinda sucks. No noises, or signs of it going bad. Not shure what to do. Fix it or part it out.. FML !!!

    • Gunna tear it down. Order some valves. Machine the valve seats. And after my wallet stop crying. Be riding again. Oh ya some manual ccts too

    • Have sets cct available again end of the week, incl. Shipping and vat € 92,50

    • Get them from Rob .reliable service and quality.

    How do you guys feel about the oil mod — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    How do you guys feel about the oil mod?

    • Ooops pressed wrong button: to continue. 1) it provides oil at a higher pressure,not the low pressure from transmission. 2) the oil is filtered and not dragging any thing from the trans. My experience with Dave. His kit is very well made and easy to fit (especially with carbs off). Does not interfere with looks of bike. Even if not required is a hell of a lot cheaper than a top end rebuild at any age. Dave can be a bit of a challenge to deal with - i paid up front and took quite a while for kit to come (admittedly to Australia) i had to ring him a couple of time to remind him!!. But if in the US and can get hold of him I do recommend his product. Cheers Ian C

    • I still dont have but I check my cams and so far so good I have an 86 VF700C magna

    • G'day - from my research it is only the first models that suffered the problem with cam wear (hardening too thin and lack of oil caused failure,particularly if you let it idle - anyone correct me if they know different) here is a bit of history to the problem http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~ rblander/V4_cams.html

    G day everyone the other day late in the evening I had just finished refuelling... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    G'day everyone, the other day late in the evening, I had just finished refuelling my storm and was about to start the engine when a four wheel drive reversed into me at the service station. I had absolutely no where to go and couldn't get out of the way quick enough. The mild impact threw my VTR and subsequently... me over on our right side damaging the fairings, bent the rear brake pedal and squashed my leg (not badly) as I threw myself under the bike to avoid major damage, to the bike ofcourse ha ha :(

    Anyway, the fairings are off being repaired so I thought I'd take the opportunity to wash and detail it. Scrubbed up really nicely.

    Ps - thank god for Oggy-knobs. Protecting riders from other 'Knobs' for years!

    Pss Anyone know where I can get a new rear brake lever?

    • as long as the bike alright you leg will get better !

    • Ha ha, totally agree David, the bike was all I was worried about. Afterall... we have two of them! Legs that is

    • Did the person not stop?

    • No Ryan, not straight away. Someone shouted out to the driver luckily. All fine now, can't wait to get the fairings back and my bike back in one piece :)

    I have another question for you professionals At idle when I pull in the... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    I have another question for you professionals. At idle, when I pull in the clutch, idle gets a bit smoother. Make sense? Is that normal?

    • Jon is right, you could kill it Ken, the largest part of an engine rebuild is the cleanup and prep. If you do that part right, the assembly is a breeze and quite enjoyable. We've seen your prep and clean up work already and your bike is looking great so an engine rebuild is not beyond you at all. As far as technical info goes, the guys on v4musclebike forum are quick to respond and very helpful. Your transmission repair is not as bad as you may think Brad.

    • I wish I had one to practice on. Or someone experienced enough to work alongside.

    • I am not too far away Brad.

    Has anyone here had good success adding installing a car charger on their Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    Has anyone here had good success adding/installing a car charger on their Aero? I'm debating between mounting a GPS or phone holder to assist with directions on longer trips and just realized I could use a charger (if available). I've seen it available on some other bikes-just wondering how difficult it would be to add and where you placed the plug. I have a 2006 Aero.

    • could one of you please upload a picture of his mountingplace ?!

    • oh I have something special you're going to like.

    • I just posted a vid I did for the group over a year ago. You can mount the power port in the neck plate as there is plenty of room there and it wont detract from the bike. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • That's it I am done any more and my GF is gonna have my head or better yet tell me the BLING stops Here. HA

    • Sharp looking bike!

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! I love it!

    • I am a recent retired veteran this was my present from my father to say thanks for the 22+ years - it's a 2000 but it is in super clean condition.

    • Couldn't ask for a better present! Enjoy your riding time!

    • Thanks Christine.

    Martins pillion is in intensive care recovering but in a lot of pain as has 10... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Martins pillion is in intensive care recovering but in a lot of pain as has 10 bust ribs, punctured lung, broken wrist and leg and a few other injuries n finding it hard to breathe poor soul. She is expected to make a long but slow recovery..Get well soon Erika as it is understood she was conscious throughout the whole accident and was informed of martins passing at the scene after a nurse heard the noise and went to his aid and performed cpr for 40 mins whilst waiting on emergency services but he never regained consciousness so at least we know he passed without pain! ..

    • I've just looked back at previous post on the vtr1000 forum.... Very Sad News.!...

    • I expect he had a moment of panic and thought here's another bike written off before blanking out. He won't end up in a nursing home though like some of us or suffer the indignity of a death bed. He'll forever be in his leathers.

    • TOTAL on VTR forum today £840!! Hoping to crack the £1000 mark by Friday!

    Just written Vee Vtrs card out It goes something like this as it took me ages... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Just written Vee Vtrs card out..It goes something like this, as it took me ages to think of what to write and wanted to ay more than just 'sorry etc' :

    Words cannot describe how terrible this feels inside,No words can do it justice or even begin to describe the heartache you must be feeling this day having your loved one suddenly taken away.

    Take comfort in the knowing that he is now at peace and rests,he touched our hearts and made us laugh,he was a gent,top bloke best friend at best.

    To all who knew him may we express our sincere sympathy to you one and all, after all 'Benny' was our family too, top bloke, a Star.....

    He will be sorely missed by many, for a long long time to come.May God watch over you and keep you all safe and free from harm,now he's gone to a place that's calm..

    Now I'm away to place in soggy envelope, feel so sad...


    If anyone would like to contribute any donation towards helping the family and... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    If anyone would like to contribute any donation towards helping the family and buying a VTR Wreath, we have raised over £600 just from the VTR forum alone since Monday morning (prob more than that since y'day afternoon) and the money will be collected either via paypal or on the memorial ride itself via a Forum Mod Admin bod who will meet with a Mod Admin from NWBs on Monday and present to the family. Anyone wishing to donate even the smallest amount to help the family, please pm for the Forum members paypal details. Happy to pass it along if it helps his wife and children :-(

    • i'll be having a few beers for martin next Friday, even tho i'll be 1000miles away, i'll be at the funeral in spirit, that spirit might be whisky tho......lol

    • Over a grand n a half n on the way to 1100 now n hopefully more come the ride tomorrow given on the day!,. Please guys,if you're on the memorial ride,and taking a pilly,could you maybe,someone,get it videod for those of us who cant make it!, cheers guys :-)

    • Martin was also on the ZX7R (Red Monkey) forum - and they want to get involved and to help. See: http://www.redmonkey.com/7r/?m sg=30618.26

    I am going to need tires soon and I m thinking about white walls What are you... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I am going to need tires soon and I'm thinking about white walls. What are you thoughts?

    • Thank you.. we get a lot of comments on the bike, and on the color in particular...

    • Definitely wide white walls

    • White walls would look great on that bike. The light color on the bike is actually a cream color, so white-on-white would not be an issue....

    Tracy Mckie Peart shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    An update for 'Benny' Vee from the VTR Forum guys if anyone is wanting to send a card or something..

    Re: Benny Update

    Guys current total is £450

    Banksy just called me and told me about this evening, he is also going to give me details of Daz from NWBikers who is one of their MODS. Think they are going to try and organise a mass rideout in Bennys memory (details to follow)

    NWBikers are also doing a collection and we will put both funds together to give to the family. We are also going to do a VTR wreath if everyone is in agreement.

    Will keep posting on this thread as and when I hear anything.

    If anyone wants to send personal flowers or letters of condolence to his family I have been given his address for this to happen. If you require it send me a PM

    • too soon to speculate hun..

    • It looked a lot bigger/wider and sweeping than the police photo showed it to be..Will have to wait to hear..

    • I know it's too soon to speculate but it's hard not to.

    To all bikers To many families this year have received a phone call they never... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    To all bikers...... To many families this year have received a phone call they never want. To many families have been left with a gap that can never be filled. To all of you, stay safe out there and make sure you all get home to your loved ones. Hearing of a fatal may make you wonder whether riding a motorbike is worth the risk but stay with it and do the ones you have lost proud. Stay safe out there boys and girls. We don't want any more accidents this year! RIP and ride free to all those who have lost there lives doing what they love.


    Any ideas what to use to make some lower fairing brackets for my Vtr Or has... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Any ideas what to use to make some lower fairing brackets for my Vtr ? Or has anyone any bracket knocking around please ?


    Well today is bitter sweet for me Today I traded in my Shadow Aero for a... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Well today is bitter sweet for me. Today I traded in my Shadow Aero for a Suzuki V-Strom. It was my first bike but I had already outgrown it. Actually I was too big for it to start with but it was an excellent bike to cut my teeth on. Best of all, through this group I've met a couple of people who now ride with me on a regular basis. Thanks Honda you make great products. Twist the wrist and keep smiling all.

    • I wouldn't feel right posting a non Honda here. You're going to have to go riding with me instead..LOL

    • We're riders first and foremost. We love our Hondas, but we love motorcycles!

      We wish you the best and enjoy your time going forward. Be safe, keep the shiny side up, and maybe you'll find you're way back to a Honda again someday!

    • The V- Strom is a proven machine; I'd say that and the Shadow are partners as far as the reliability goes....but in a differently styled package...

    A BIKER PRAYER — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


    Biker Angel be my guide

    As I climb upon my vtr to ride.

    Let your halo guide the way and

    Keep me safe from harm today.

    Let your wings provide me wind and air

    And send it coursing through my hair.

    Find for me a sunny place and let

    It shine upon my face.

    Keep the clouds and rain at bay

    And keep me dry throughout the day.

    Watch over my brothers who ride with me

    Keep them safe and close to thee.

    Keep my wheels upon the ground

    So I'll return here safe and sound.

    But should disaster be my fate,

    Guide me through to heaven's gate.

    If I must join my fallen brothers and sisters

    Please show me the way to Biker Heaven. amen . take your storm to the skies brother when i hear thunder i know its you and your storm enjoying the best ride . rip m8


    Belly pan primed just needs a little finally fettle before the top coat of... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Belly pan primed, just needs a little finally fettle before the top coat of paint is thrown on. Also had time to stick some of that carbon fibre stuff to the front cowl, still not sure whether it looks right yet.

    • aye it does get abit snug to the pipes especialy where the heel protectors are at the rear hahah

    • Looks good Stephen Kay looks real good

    • Thanks Jason, do we know each other? Only my mum calls me by my full name and spelt correctly :-)

    Forgot to mention. put the hurtin on an 883 during this ride yesterday — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Forgot to mention....put the hurtin on an 883 during this ride yesterday. The guy asked what motor I had. When I told him "750" he kinda cocked his head then asked what bike. "Honda Shadow Spirit"....he says, "oh, really? Thats a pretty nice bike" Got props on that.

    Think he'll reconsider his bike choice?

    • I've had similar instances. For example, a friend of mine wants to get a bike and learn, but is stuck on the Harley thing. I asked her about one like mine because she's always liked it. She said, 'yeah, but yours is a Honda but not really a Honda.'

    • Lol it really doesn't matter what brand it is. If you want a bike with noise just modify the exhaust. That seems to be what a lot of people look and hear for, plus quality and comfort

    • 883 isn't that hot a bike. Resale is crap on them and they don't ride nearly as nice as the shadow. You probably should have been able to cook him easily. Glad that you held proud and showed the honda colors!

    • Yep and I was havin fun while doing it!

    • I really got crankin on it....70 mph in third gear. I love that 38 tooth sprocket!

    Wife and I took a little ride yesterday and went 155 miles without switching to... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Wife and I took a little ride yesterday, and went 155 miles without switching to reserve. Unusual, because normally around 130 is where I have to switch. 105 miles non-stop on stock seat.

    • I usually get around 55 mpg or so but I usually have a heavy throttle hand. I took a ride two up with my wife and my sister and her boyfriend on their Harley and let them lead and we hardly broke 55mph all day and I got 67 mpg. My bike is an 04 with the baffles knocked out in the exhaust desnorked air filter housing and carb jetted with a 140 main 55 slow jet and a couple washers under the stock needle.

    • Also, I only use 87 octane and all the stations around here are 10% ethanol.

    • I normally get about 155 miles without reserve.

    Cancer benefit ride for a friend of a friend today. Good time for a good cause — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Cancer benefit ride for a friend of a friend today. Good time for a good cause. This is just part of the 130 bikes that rode.

    • Did a lot of romping on the throttle on the back roads coming out of curves and off intersection stops today using 93 octane and actually somewhat keeping up with the 100s and up. AND...still got 55.83 mpg

    Who fancys a little competition I have downloaded a db meter for free on my... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Who fancys a little competition. I have downloaded a db meter for free on my samsung galaxy s3 I reckon we should make some rules e.g phone placed 4m away in open area and rev bike to 4000rpm and see who has the loudest storm. What do you all think ill post a link to the app if you want.

    • Currently have a set of Quills, with the baffles out, but that’s all going the change in the next week, will post when fitted plus the new belly pan when painted :-)

    • I used to have quills but fixed baffels they sucked lol

    • BTW, had to stop the DB experiment, one to hot, two we could see the neighbours coming down the street with their pitch forks, three the db thingy didn't, I’m sure they love us really :-)

    hello ha As mad as cheese i have the same problem rectifier and having endless... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    hello ha! As mad as cheese i have the same problem rectifier and having endless bad luck as well. Mine decided to blow fuse then i pushed n replaced fuse got a while down the road n stopped at traffic lights saw smoke shot off pulled fuse and chucked me pop over it. Surely they dont go like that it still starts but rectifier smokes? Any ideas?

    • Yeh, Once all the smoke has leaked out they stop working. :-(

    • The part number in that picture says it all...

    • Also vfr 400 one fits. Sweet! Just for now gona buy a finned one me thinks. :)

    just turned my factory mufflers into stubbys with a sawzall removed baffle... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    just turned my factory mufflers into stubbys with a sawzall, removed baffle, sounds excellent, noise deep tone also. I got another pair of perfect factory pipes if i ever wanna go back.

    • Mac advertised no rejet required. It's the paradox we 65 owners all have. Such a beautiful running machine but lacks that beautiful exhaust note....but in the end, she puts a big grin in my face regardless of the quiet honda exhaust note.

    • Collector is the back pressure source, for sure. I run mine sans factory mufflers. Nothing after the collector. It's loud but in a good way, not painfully loud, and has a pretty cool mid range note to it

    • I'd say the collecter provides 95 percent of the back pressure

    Hey Guys I have a 2007 Aero and am looking to put aftermarket exhaust on it — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hey Guys, I have a 2007 Aero and am looking to put aftermarket exhaust on it. I want something that has a good sound but is not obnoxiously loud either, plus looks good on the bike. Does anybody have any suggestions with what type has a good sound on the Aero? Thanks in advance for the input.


    • Cobra!

    • V&H with quite baffs

    • Randall D Rhodes, can I change subject and ask you about your windshield. It looks like you have a shorter windshield than what came on mine. Can you see over the top of your windshield? Can I ask you how tall it is? I would like to order a shorter one, but not sure which size to get. I already pitched my older and damaged one before measuring it. Thanks

    After with pegs out — Honda Shadow Aero

    After with pegs out

    • If they are big enough to dance on, so long as it helps your knees and makes it so you can ride... no one will care that it makes your feet look tiny lol

    • There has got to be a better way to install the pegs to get them even. We have tried adjusting them four times now to make them match and 'perfect'. So this must be the hardest part of the install-getting them even and in right position. I'm not 'that' picky. :)

    • Good to hear about the 70-mile ride working out OK. Looking forward to hearing about "final" adjustments.

    Tools needed instructions I found online much better then the short ones that... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Tools needed (instructions I found online much better then the short ones that came in box-and photos).

    • Lisa, where did you get those funky blue tools? Kinda cool :) Oh, and great job on the install, they all take fine tuning...

    • I have the same bars!

    • Christopher Souris, the blue Craftsman tools you see in this photo were a gift from my brother a few years ago. Craftsman had some sort of catalog/online special where you could order a choice of colors/tool sets and have them personalized. Wish he would have got me a set too, now (these are my husbands). :)