i have ZMR i am going to buy another one but i am confuz between Bajaj Pulsar... — Hero Honda Karizma

i have ZMR & i am going to buy another one but i am confuz between Bajaj Pulsar-220, Yamaha YZF R15 & Apache RTR 180 ABS, Which iz i chose...? Please Help Me...

  • yes ... no doubt laucnh isnt fixed... but its very soon ...

  • lol @ new R125..its not possible to launch same European R125 as it'll cost much more then R15 here & this new bike has to be new R15 with better n flatter torque curve..that would be an awesome bike if they'll increase power even slightly & provide some better torque in lower cogs..i suggest you to wait for it..

  • Thanx for segations..

Im looking for all of kind accessories including exhaust for my 99 Shadow Aero... — Honda Shadow Aero

Im looking for all of kind accessories including exhaust for my 99 Shadow Aero 1100.. by my working condition i'm living in Dubai now, so I need to buy online.. which pages recommend me?

  • JC whitney all the way

  • www.denniskirk.com

  • Meancycles.com

  • I have Vance and Hines Long Shots on mine. You cannot go wrong with any Vance and Hines product. Dennis Kirk is good, as is J. C. Whitney.

Thanks for letting me in the group I just started riding August 2010 and... — Honda Shadow Aero

Thanks for letting me in the group! I just started riding August 2010 and purchased my first bike a stock 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750 with 3900 miles for 4K. I have added several upgrades: Ultimate Seat, Cobra Floorboard, Cobra Exhaust, Freeway Bar with Cruiser Pegs, Swithcblade Windshield, Spot Lights, Chrome Battery Covers, Clock, Cup holder, L.E.D. Tail Light, and Turn Signals, and a Magna Throttle Lock/Cruise Control. I really enjoy the bike and have already put over 8600 miles on it!

  • Rubber side down! Welcome!

Lance Ziolkowski shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

took the baffles out of the Aero and sounds great.

  • I'm in Martinsburg, WV. I love the emblem, I wish my bike had that, much classier look than the painted Shadow!

  • you can find them on ebay once in a while.. none up now though. you could put one on

  • Okay, I'll keep checking Ebay.

I put the Vance Hines Straight shot on my 09 Shadow I hear a rattle coming... — Honda Shadow Aero

I put the Vance & Hines Straight shot on my 09 Shadow. I hear a rattle coming from the pipes. Like the metal from the pipes shaking. Is that normal? Does anyone else ever have that coming from the after-market pipes

  • My Cobra pipes had a rattle when I installed them. I was in a hurry to hear them and didn't tighten up the heat shield on the pipes and that was rattling. Good luck.

  • I have V&H long shot hs on my wifes bike, no rattles.

  • No rattles on Short shots-but my guy said I couldnt put the straight shots on because they would hit something on my frame- make sure theyre not leaning on something, but if they are, and its not in the way, I would think a little heat resistant stick on pad may help-

Hi guys. wanted to say that my 1999 honda aero recently started to — Honda Shadow Aero

Hi guys ... wanted to say that my 1999 honda aero recently started to

vibrate more than usual. What could that be?

  • So I also think it's an unbalanced wheel, possibly the front

  • bingo

  • Wheel unbalanced or the steering bearings are going out. Wheel unbalanced would also be noticable at lower speeds and increase along with the speed.

Anybody done a L E D Light swap I was going to order the bezel lens and... — Honda Shadow Aero

Anybody done a L.E.D. Light swap. I was going to order the bezel, lens and bulb kit from J&P Cycles. Just hoping to have all my ducks in a row to limit down tim

  • I think so

  • Ok, cause the kit I'm looking at has load levelers to compensate for the lighter amp draw. Supposedly the kit has everything you need.

  • it was worth a look or your lamps would be on all the time

Lance Ziolkowski shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

I always have to wonder what people like this are thinking.. Harley sued Honda over the Design of the Rebel and he wants $2k for the bike. I'm looking for a little bike to teach the other half of the duo to ride and felt this was funny.

  • Seems like everyone that has a honda thinks Harley sued them for their bike.. only think I really know for 99% surety is the tissy over the 250 being sold for under cost which was an unfair trade practice. If anyone has links to cases I would love to be educated.

  • Harley did sue Honda over the sound and lope of our beloved Aero. They were shot down in all the rebel glory, as the judge stated sounds were not covered under Any patent or copyright laws. This is straight out of a Honda employee newsletter circa 1999. Harley never did say anything about the look though......which is soooooo Heritage Classic it isn't funny.

  • pansys.. if they put enough effort into building a good bike they wouldnt have to worry about how ours sounds as we pass them broken down on the side of the road ;)

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

This is the 2009 Shadow Areo after I put the V&H Straight Shots on...These pipes sound great...I'm happy I put them on..

  • Did you need to rejet your carb?

  • Yes!!

  • Is the added performance noticeable?

  • Yes in 4th & 5th it just opens up..Very smooth..Took so much weight of the bike as well.. Feels & sounds great..

  • Thanks Denise, was pretty sure I was going to do the same. Now I convinced

Puerto Rico — Honda Shadow Aero

Puerto Rico!

  • Nice, are there places to rent bikes if on vacation there?

  • @ Daniel: Yep

  • ¡Que linda!

Bought my 01 ACE last week and have a few questions and hopefully someone can... — Honda Shadow Aero

Bought my 01 ACE last week and have a few questions and hopefully someone can help. Where do I check the coolant? How much stays in the bottle? What type of coolant do you recommend? What type of oil do you recommend?

  • I do use Honda oil- but regular- and the K&N filter is great for me bc it enables me to do my own oil change without that crazy Honda oil filter tool!

  • I went to Autozone and bought a oil filter cap wrench, fits over the end, haven't used it yet. Speaking of oil changes, I have not figured out how to get to the oil plug. I see it, i feel it, can get 17mm wrench on it but can not break it loose with the bike on the kickstand. Not enough clearance to budge it. Think I have to put it on a lift.

  • you can use one of those rubber wrenches to pull off the filter easy too... the one that is a long piece of rubber with a handle.

Installed a throttle lock yesterday Can t wait to use I have carpal tunnel... — Honda Shadow Aero

Installed a throttle lock yesterday. Can't wait to use. I have carpal tunnel and after about 15 minutes my hand goes numb, way before my butt.

  • I have the cramp buster and throttle lock and personally I like the cramp buster better since most of my interstates have hills and I would have to constantly adjust going up and down. I seem to have less problems with carpal with it.

  • mostly flat here in Ohio, but see where you are coming from, actually looked at one of those.

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Here is the hitch it was on a 750

  • did it mount to the fender rails like a sissy bar would?

  • yes that is where it mounted

  • I dont think it would fit mine as the rails are different on a 99 c3... but I will research and see

  • Yeah its a no go for me.

i have a trailer hitch that came off a 05 aero for sale if anybody interested — Honda Shadow Aero

i have a trailer hitch that came off a 05 aero for sale if anybody interested

  • to hard to carry extra ammo especially in a post apocalyptic zombie infestation. I'm more of a AA-12 guy myself... easy to find or make ammo and you can punch a hole in just about anything. ( wow this has to be the coolest 180 on a thred I've seen in a while)

  • .223 vs 7.69, smaller, can carry more, less punch

  • nothing says luvin like a ak47 with the 7.69

Anyone ever use Rain X on their helmet s face shield — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone ever use Rain-X on their helmet's face shield?

  • Thanks for the idea about the ski wax. My glasses fog here in the winter on the way to work.

  • I Never use a face shield...

  • I wear a full helmet with a face shield. Thought I needed a windshield but so far don't mind the wind.

Anybody out there done the stock exhaust mod and punched the baffle caps out — Honda Shadow Aero

Anybody out there done the stock exhaust mod and punched the baffle caps out? As whats on the aeroforum? If so would you be willing to send me a sound clip? Money is tight and I really don't have the money for new pipes and re jetting. I just want a bit louder sound.

  • LOL! Got drag pipes on my 1100 Aero, installed a bad ass sound system too, pulled up beside some harley guys at Fayetteville last year and their girls were jammin to my tunes while my bike out rumbled their hogs,,,,,,didn't make me real popular with some!

  • I did the rebar/punch out end caps mod on my 09 Aero,moderately louder when you open it up,just a bit louder at idle.will do until can afford some new V&H pipes.

  • But be careful- in NY, State Police are looking inside pipes-I got Vance and Hines Short Shots for 250 on EBay- sound great-had to use Jet Kit tho for the carb-

Any recommendations for rack and back rest — Honda Shadow Aero

Any recommendations for rack and back rest?

  • been years since I JCed

  • I probably have $2000 from JC in extras on my bike and all of it is quality goods. So its a good place to shop. Ebay is a tossup depending on whos selling

  • Cobra makes a removeable sissy rest with rack. You just unlock it and remove it when you want the original look. Honda makes a half back rest as well as a full size back rest and the rack fits with either one.

note to self and all here. the shadow tourer rack is a little small for an aero — Honda Shadow Aero

note to self and all here.. the shadow tourer rack is a little small for an aero.. $100 down the drain. Anyone have a tourer? Sell ya a rack half price

  • Been there done that brother. Anybody need a gunfighter seat or 10" apes for an ACE?

  • Rack for the Shadow ACE T? Smaller than Aero???

    Anyway, I also have an 1150 ACE T, *without* a rear luggage rack (like I DO HAVE on my 750 Aero), though it has HUGE hardshell saddlebags. Do you have a pic/s of the rack for sale??

    Also, what's a gunfighter seat?

  • *1100, not 1150. My bad. It's late. It should be Friday...but it's only Wednesday night.

  • sure email me at lance.ziolkowski@gmail.com and I'll take some pics tomorrow

  • It's a one piece two seater but the passenger portion tapers to the fender. Looks good but not the favorite of ol' ladies. Very similar to the one on my bike

Since the start of spring I have put 920 miles on the bike Can I put 2000 more... — Honda Shadow Aero

Since the start of spring I have put 920 miles on the bike. Can I put 2000 more by the time autumn starts? Sure hope so.

  • I've done about 700 miles too.. its a haul and I wouldnt want to do it on the stock seat of the aero. Been looking really hard lately at the mustand wide tourer seat though..

  • I know what you mean about the stock seat, unfortunately that's what I have. I want to at least try the seat mod and replace the inside with memory foam, but havent' yet done it. We took alot of little stops so it wasn't so bad.

  • I do have a gel pad that cinches to the seat but it's only so so

This is the airhorn I installed on my bike 139 decibles Some of you expressed... — Honda Shadow Aero

This is the airhorn I installed on my bike. 139 decibles!! Some of you expressed interest in getting one. My source said to first check with your local harley dealer. Ask for the Amenet 139 db airhorn. If they don't carry it you can email him at: eric@feinmotorsports.com for your nearest dealer or direct purchase. An excellent purchase!

  • How much?

  • eBay has them, less than $100

  • mine is just black. I had to use it today, someone looking at their cell phone instead of traffic. It sure woke them up:)

  • Thanks

Note the placement of my Stebel airhorn — Honda Shadow Aero

Note the placement of my Stebel airhorn.

  • Nice, thays actually the stock colors for my bike too

  • did you just unplug the wire from the factory horn and use it on this?

  • Yeah, did you have to use their wiring kit, or...?

  • The horn comes with a wiring harness with a higher guage wire then the stock horn needs.

Think it s Baffle Busting Day. See what you went and made me do Lance — Honda Shadow Aero

Think it's Baffle Busting Day!!!! See what you went and made me do Lance!

  • took the bike for the first real ride since doing it. I noticed a considerably improvement in hp too. Shifting seems to be at higher speeds. It does shake more at low speeds but feels better at high speeds.

  • Must be a liberal? Blaming someone else for your actions. haha

  • You bet I am!!!! Going to be on Obama's Cabinet within a week!!! Then a week or two later , run for the hills and bail like all the rest of his lackies!!!! lmao......

  • And when i do bail, I'll take the bike that i just removed the baffles on....

  • like the sound?

Going to take the bike out for fathers day. dodging raindrops in va today — Honda Shadow Aero

Going to take the bike out for fathers day... dodging raindrops in va today

  • Rode home in some sprinkles with the wife after taking my mom and dad out for local sushi.

    I wear a full face helmet and she wears her black "ping-pong ball" big half helmet...and get this - going down the road in heavy sprinkles at about 40 mph, she tells me lighten up, this is FUN. She thinks riding in the rain is a wonderful adventure, that since we're stuck in it, we might ad well enjoy it! How did I get so lucky!?

    It's the second or third time getting caught in the rain with her. It's Florida!

  • We had to dodge a sheer down pour, weather here really sucks!!!

I think I need some new shocks Any ideas on what kind to go with I need some... — Honda Shadow Aero

I think I need some new shocks. Any ideas on what kind to go with, I need some pretty stout for two up riding. I would rather get full chrome shock bodies. 2000 100 Aero.

  • Also, you know you can adjust the stock ones to fit basically anything you need. makes sense to upgrade if you have a euro bike or something or plan to do a lot of different driving conditions..

  • I just put a pair of Progressive 412-4222C shocks on my 1999 Aero. They are heavy duty and slightly longer (13") than stock and work GREAT!!! It was a super easy install. The only bump was on the left side bottom bolt we had to use a bushing. We were replacing the shocks on 3 different bikes and I'm not positive the bushing we used on my bike was the one that came with it or from another bike. But even without the bushing, you can take the bushing from the original shock and file it down slightly on the outside to get it to fit the progressive shock. I can't tell you how much better the bike rides. I'm a big guy (6' 3" and 275#) and was always bottoming out the stock shocks even with the pre-load set at its highest setting. I have yet to bottom it out with these shocks and we hit some big bumps on a recent ride through the Texas hill country. I replaced the fork springs at the same time and those made a HUGE difference as well. I used Progressive 11-1122 fork springs. These are a little longer than stock, but we made new spacers from 1" PVC and kept the total length the same. We cut the PVC spacers shorter to make the total length of the spring + spacers the same as the stock legth spring + spacer. No more front end diving unless I really brake hard. The bike corners alot better, and the whole ride is SOOO MUCH BETTER...can't tell you how happy I am with it.

  • interesting.. I do have a front dive problem and was considering changing out the front shocks. thanks for the head start. I dont seem to bottom out in the back though even with a extra rider

Any Ideas on a better air intake system than the stock under the seat filter — Honda Shadow Aero

Any Ideas on a better air intake system than the stock under the seat filter???

  • some modify the air scope, but results are small.

  • Kuryakyn make a kit that runs the air straight into the carb after a K&N filter. Bit pricey, but great quality. The butterfly valves are vacuum operated so they open and close with the throttle. Pretty cool.

In search of a more Manly horn. Any ideas — Honda Shadow Aero

In search of a more "Manly" horn. Any ideas?

  • I've seen those wolos on ebay for cheaper.. just watch out for them. All good things come to those who wait

  • I have Stebel Nautilus, Compact Air Horn, just black but would probably go for chrome version as mine is mount in plain view beside stock horn, above shifter.

  • I'm still sticking with the mounted shotgun.. not only does it make noise but its functional and a positive influence in evolution of good drivers.

Off to work. Hope it don t rain. 62 mile round trip. Far more fun the the car — Honda Shadow Aero

Off to work. Hope it don't rain. 62 mile round trip. Far more fun the the car!!!!

  • Nice aftermarket PA trunk

  • very portable. It even comes with an external 1 gallon thermos.

  • If it does rain, it's just water...

  • cold water

  • stayed dry

400ex Carb on my 86 350X — Honda 350x

400ex Carb on my 86 350X

  • if u heat the boot up with a heat gun a little its will soften the rubber and u will have no prob just dont sit there melting it like an idiot u can do this with airbox boot also works the best its doesnt take much to soften up

  • yup same idea as heating rubber hoses

  • I would love a 400ex carb. Someday.

    Selling parts and a 350x rebuilt carb!

Classic Honda CT90 and CT110 parts FOR SALE — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Classic Honda CT90 and CT110 parts FOR SALE.

My name is Brett, I have been restoring these bikes for years.. My friend Bill......would like to sell his collection of CT parts and bikes. WOW BIG BIG BIG COLLECTION ..He has more parts then I have ever seen for these bikes.He also has hard to find parts,new and used engines and also has complete bikes that need to be restored.Here is Bill's # 626-429-4464

any Q,Brett 760-219-3419

  • looking for to 110s with transfer hhi/low

  • Hi Mitchel,call Bill 626 429 4464 he as ct110 for sale.have a nice day.....Brett

just chiseled out the baffle and its 100 louder and deeper. sweet — Honda Shadow Aero

just chiseled out the baffle and its 100% louder and deeper.. sweet

  • I had that mod done a few years ago..wait til ya get the HD guys coming up to you and commenting about having done something to your bike..they know these bikes don't sound like that normally! HAHA!

  • sounds like a old harley with the single pin c3... and doubles as a leaf blower

  • I need to do something with my pipes. The people I ride with are always saying my bike is too quiet!