I think the time has come to sell my much loved Firestorm I have owned the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I think the time has come to sell my much loved Firestorm. I have owned the bike for about 12 years but it doesn't get the use it deserves.

It's not immaculate, there are a number of small marks here and there with a bit of furring on the engine and possibly a small mark on one of the engine cases where it was dropped at standstill a few years ago. Will check this out later and update.

It's a 98 Firestorm in black with about 32,000 miles on the clock. It has good DID x ring chain, Renthal sprockets (1 tooth down on the front), Michelin pilot power tyres, EBC HH pads, EBC front discs.

It also has the following parts fitted

Dynojet kit

K&N filter

Hel front brake and clutch hoses

Goodrich rear brake hose

Renthal soft grips

Titax short levers

GSXR 1000k1 six pot calipers with new seals

Maxton modified front forks with recent new oil and seals

Ohlins rear shock

Harris fully adjustable rear sets

Arrow carbon cans

Moko frame protectors (crash bungs)

Carbon hugger

Carbon lowers (been repaired badly but not visible when on bike)

Double bubble tinted screen

Renntec (?) grab rail

Flush mount front indicators

Clear rear light lens

Polished swing arm

Repainted wheels (a few chips from tyre changes)

CCT's have been replaced

I think I have all old MOT's and some other bits and bobs of paperwork.

I am open to sensible, realistic offers for the bike as it is. Also open to offers for the bike with all the original parts back on except for forks, k&n and dynojet. Or for bike as it is but without the Ohlins shock and Harris rear sets.



  • Photos?

  • Added them after, should be on another post on here

Finally — Honda Shadow Aero


  • Love those bags! Beautiful bike!

  • love it. i have the same color. great bike.

  • I have a 2012 exact same color....I love my bike!

Taking the Ol 99 aero to western NY to explore some back roads next weekend — Honda Shadow Aero

Taking the Ol' 99 aero to western NY to explore some back roads next weekend. Will be up there for a week.. been a while since I put some real miles on that bike. Poor honda has been collecting dust while I've been putting some serious miles on other bikes.. Been a lame duck since I noticed a little oil from the guide plug.. anyone else done this repair yet?

  • Watkins Glenn at the southern tip of Seneca Lake is also a great spot. (http://nysparks.com/parks/142) If you're interested, there are also lots of wineries along all the Finger Lakes. They are worth checking out, just can't sample that much when you're up on two.

  • very cool. thanks for sharing all these places.. generally I just follow the horse poop on the roads until the roads end while I'm up there. I will add these to my gps and check them out.

  • Glad I could help. Ordinarily I would like to join you for a ride, but I am leaving on the 911 Ride (Shanksville, Pentagon, & Ground Zero) next Thursday and will be pretty busy getting ready to leave.

Photos from Nigrophotography Nigro's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I am selling my 2008 Honda Shadow Spirit. The following options have been added. Mustang seat with sissy bar, Hard Krome pipes, windshield, brand new Saddleman bags, Kuryakyn grips with throttle boss. The bike has 6000 miles and is spotless. I will be posting photos shortly. $5000.00 Included is the original gunfighter seat, and stock pipes. Brand new Avon tires (less than 500 miles) The bags shown are also included however there are brand new Saddleman bags on the bike.


Here s my 2003 Shadow 1100. I bought it back in March of this year. and love it — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Here's my 2003 Shadow 1100. I bought it back in March of this year...and love it. Vance pipes and K&N air cleaner. I've put about 2.5K of the 26K miles on it. I love this bike.

  • Kelly, I had to put a couple extra ties thru the inside of the bags to the supports to keep them from moving. I hate flopping saddle bags. lol My right side bag sits just about a 1/4" above the pipes. And like Danny, mine are holding up well even though they are "pleather". So far so good. Danny, I've had nothing but good experiences ordering from Leather Up. However, I'm going to wait for the October bike rally here to get my chaps.

  • Did you have to move your signal lights or did they fit. I have same bike 2004

  • No Jim, I didn't have to move the lights. The slant of the bags fit just right with the lights where they're at.

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • This was a salvage purchase this spring. My cousin has completely brought it back to life and then some. Yes it's for sale.

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

Food for thought.. Looks alot like my 99 aero

  • If its mechanically sound, the only things I would change are cosmetic....tank symbol, seat, etc. minor things really....

  • Considering these "start" around $29,000... I'll keep my 1999 Shadow Aero.... what i paid for mine 3 years ago wouldnt pay the taxes on this one... lol

  • Old is new again... and very expensive.

I m ordering a tire online but can t seem to figure out which tube to get for... — Honda Shadow Aero

I'm ordering a tire online, but can't seem to figure out which tube to get for my front tire. They aren't listed in the same size order as the tires (120 90-17). Anyone replace the front tire recently? Know what size tube you used? I looked in the owners manual, but didn't see tube information listed. Thanks

  • tube is the same size as the tire

  • That is what I figured. JP Cycle's website wasn't showing the tube for the front. I will call them tomorrow. Thanks

Photos from Stefan Kopke's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

The joy of motoring pic 1 bent exhaust valves ,2 slight marks on piston but could be worse 3 the offender (cct)

  • Only one place for auto cct's, the dustbin! Manuals are the answer

  • @Andrew: if manual cct's are fitted correctly you will not have any problems. Together with Mark around 600 VTR's worldwide are running with our manual cct's without complaints !

  • Ah Yes been there a couple o hundred quid and a set o Kriegers later and all good

— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

  • Lol, Sebas, I do ride it, just not on wet days and dirt roads. I have good hand cleaner Tracy. ;)

  • My wheels were chrome originally but it was flaking off due to the previous owners dog pissing on them. I was going to full metal polish them or re-chrome them again but a mate suggested he could get them powder coated for me so I went with that for now anyway. Might still get chrome ones but I have been told by the big boss in a year if I am not happy with them. lol

  • Mmm.! Yoshi's.

When I got my storm it came fitted with a K n air filter — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

When I got my storm it came fitted with a K@n air filter

And had been stage one tuned and dyno jetted

I am giving bike a service and was thinking of replacing K@n with Honda filter as some say this is less restrictive

Would appreciate your input on this

  • Honestly Rob

    This past month or so has been a right pain with it

    Going to drill and use what's called an easy out hopefully that will do it

  • be very careful and once it is out flush it through to get rid of any metal that might be lurking around inside :-( , be a real shame if the engine got damaged .

  • Drop the sump before you drill it .

    I had to do it when I first got mine well I just changed the sump .

Bennys pilly update from herself today. Thought I d update myself — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Bennys pilly update from herself today: Thought I'd update myself :)

I've just had the plaster on my wrist changed to a nice lightweight one, that feels a lot more comfortable. My fingers feel freer and I already have more movement in them. I'm having physio on everything. They are determined to get me out of bed this week - every day we say "it's today!" but doesn't happen for one reason or another.

We're also trying to wean me off oxygen. I have been on it permanently due to the rib fractures and punctured lung. We've reduced it down today and sats have stayed above 96, so that's good. I'm having physio for my chest too.

I've had a load of cards arrive today, so thank you for sending me cards :)

I'm sad that I cannot make Martin's funeral, but I will be there in spirit, will be thinking of all of you, and know that you will do him proud.

Feel free to drop in and see me - Ward 2, Fazakerley Hospital. Visiting hours are 1.30-2.30 and 6.30-7.30.

If anyone is local ish, think she'd really appreciate a visit guys... (y)


A lot of you are probably already updated with this but just in case you ve... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

A lot of you are probably already updated with this, but just in case you've missed it or are not on the VTR Forum,this is from NWB:

Vees Funeral tomorrow Info:

Update to funeral arrangements as posted by Dad on NWBikers

Everyone the family have requested that we meet at Martins house the morning of the funeral for 8.45 leaving behind the cars at 9am.

Please no overtaking this is a steady ride in procession as a mark of respect. There will be no need to stop traffic at junctions as this could be dangerous and we do t want to see any incidents. There will be no speed involved so keeping up will not be an issue.

I will speak with Rob J about warning the local plc about the funeral procession just in case there's any issues.

Please make every effort to be there in plenty of time and thank you all for your support.

The address:

16 Gilderdale Close



England< /p>



Thinkn of selling my ct110. 91 model in great condition and has 24000ks — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Thinkn of selling my ct110. 91 model in great condition and has 24000ks. Rego runs out sep 24th. Any one interested can message me

  • Bit more info would help .... Where? How much etc

  • Sorry, location in melb lookn around $1250. Will sell at the end of august.

  • Dee I hope it's real nice and has lots of extras. A current sale ex Aussie post bike from auctions is only 850$ + rego. And would have 24,000 k's . Having sold a few of these on gum tree I would think $1000 is near the money if its mint condition.

  • Thanks for that phil, I havent done much research as of yet.

UPDATE Between The VTR 1000 Forum NWS Forum and FB members raised a staggering... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

UPDATE: Between The VTR 1000 Forum, NWS Forum and FB members raised a staggering amount of around £5000 in a week and were able to tax and insurance Martins wifes car for to get her around with her children and put them back on the road and the funds that had been raised in a week, were handed to Mrs Martin Leyland on the Memorial ride 28/07/2013 exactly 1 week after Martin (VEE Vtr passing) ..Extremely proud of the guys and girls who made it happen. The stickers will be going on sale of a logo of Vee with his DOB DOD on it with his infamous image of gloves boots and lid really soon. All info on this coming real soon on how to order etc.. All I could do was offer some small part in passing info to the masses and help in any way I could, and I am proud of you all for standing tall when the chips were down and especially during such economically challenging times for us all and pool our resources. It was apparently an extremely emotional time to present the family on Sunday and Martin will be sorely missed and leave a void I believe will never be filled.

The smallest amount all helped.. News on Martins Pillion: she has had 10 broken ribs, a punctured lung,a badly smashed wrist and leg and has had 2 operations this past week, one to rebuild her leg last Friday and another to rebuild her arm y'day. This info was gathered by a fellow VTR forum member. She is now thankfully out of ICU and on a normal ward and will,thank god, make a long if not agonising recovery. Our thoughts are with her at this time as she was concious throughout the whole incident. Her children were shared care 50/50 with her ex husband who is looking after them at present and someone has kindly offered to look after her dogs until she is able to cope. So at least she doesn't have that to worry about! Here is the address for the hospital for cards/flowers etc if anyone should wish to send any, please send to






L9 7AL

I am just waiting for clarification of where to send donations to exactly and order the 'Benny' stickers. I'll get back to you as soon as it is made clear. You'll have to pm for those i'm afraid as private emails will not be divulged on the forum. I have kindly asked Marcello Castellucci to pin this post as this highlights the tremendous efforts made and will give everyone a chance to post cards/flowers etc Erika and also obtain the info for ordering stickers if you don't already have that to hand. I'm trying to help as much as I can in any way,so please bear with me guys and gals. I gathered my information from all different sources to put together for all to see. Some of the guys are mega busy and do not have the time to do this when working etc. Cheers. T x

  • My card to Erika will go out in this evenings post. I cannot begin to imagine what on earth that women must be feeling after knowing of the tragedy at the scene and trying to cope with her injuries at the same time.. In my thoughts and prayers for a full if not lengthy recovery x

  • What a shock, I'm so saddened to hear of VEE's passing whilst i was away at the Armoy road races. I had just purchased his Harris rear sets prior to my trip but never had time to fit them. I can't make the run but i will be thinking VEE, his family and friends at this sad time. I'd like to purchase some VEE stickers.

  • Aye Colin Pearson, it was a huge shock to all... Most tragic and sad..:-(

I m going to have to quit the group I just worked a trade in for an 07 Electra... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I'm going to have to quit the group....I just worked a trade-in for an 07 Electra-Glide. It feels kinda weird. I saved so long for the shadow and outgrew it so fast.

  • Don't leave. They let me on and I have a spyder but enjoy the group

  • i may also be getting rid of my spirit 750. i love the bike not a bit of problem but it isnt enough for me anymore..looking at a new yamaha bolt 950...

  • They look nice

Can someone tell me what is the difference between shadow aero shadow ace and... — Honda Shadow Aero

Can someone tell me, what is the difference between shadow aero shadow ace and shadow spirit?

  • Thank you guys for all the info, appreciate it

  • Hey Lance, any comments about bike overheating?

  • they are liquid cooled so if your having overheating problems I would look at your fluid lvl first.. check fan.. etc

— Honda Rebel 125 250 450

  • como suena con ese escape?

  • Se la estaba por canbiar pero es el original y no lo quise midificar no quiero sacarla de lo que es

  • suena bonito yo creo, ruge

  • Me dijerom que modificando suena hermoso pero la prefiero original

Amigos se vende mi nena si a alguien le imteresa y la va a cuidar y a amar como... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

Amigos se vende mi nena si a alguien le imteresa y la va a cuidar y a amar como yo contáctese

  • muy bonita la nena amigo....saludos desde cancun...

  • aunque no estaria mal importarla...

  • hola decime de que año es y cuanto pedis, si queres por privado ok esta hermosaaaaaaa

Hi guys — Honda Shadow Aero

Hi guys,

how long do it take till the fan behind the radiator start working at your bike?

Looks like mine never spin a turn :/

  • Ya Skip. I've heard that too. Dont want to learn the hard way. Alot of stone dust gets thrown in there from the front tire.

  • It takes a lot for mine to come on....the bike seems cold natured...it did run more when I was riding in 90 deg. F or 32C or higher temps...might want to check the mix of the coolant using a hygrometer to make sure its 50/50....if the t-stat was stuck closed it would high temp quick, open and it may take forever to reach proper operating temp.....

  • will check it after work, thanks.

For all who knew and loved Vee Vtr can I just say the fact so many fellow... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

For all who knew and loved Vee Vtr, can I just say, the fact so many fellow bikers n friends alike raised a staggering amount ITRO £5000 in a week stuns me.. AMAZING effort and unbloodybelievable! It totally restores my faith in humanity and just goes to show how we can all pull together in times of a crisis for a family to help them in their hour of need. God bless every single one of you and I would like to say thank you for all who pm'd me for an address to send a card. I think the family were overwhelmed beyond words.. Truly magnificent guys and girls, you should all be extremely proud and stand tall come Friday..Just shows you how much Martin touched the lives of so many... well done!! Mrs Leylands car is now tax'd n insured and back on the road so she has wheels to get around!

  • Us bikers always stand together in the hour of need

  • As John 'pinkyfloyd' Christopher says, that is without the sticker sale yet!! I did see some nice Vee decals on one or two screens and front guards etc..very tasteful..

  • Wow impressive amount collected !

my 04 shadow aero — Honda Shadow Aero

my '04 shadow aero

  • Beautiful!!!

  • Nice bike. Does it have a tail? :) It looks good.

  • silver fox tail

Bikes washed an polished now — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Bikes washed an polished now.

Just thinking to myself when I brought my bike she'd been rejetted because of the straight through pipes, I still have the original jets. Is it worth me holding onto them or should I put them up for sale, their off a 98 shadow spirit 1100 American import?

  • If you dont plan to go back to stock....why not sell em?

Hello Stormers. at what mielage did yo l encounter cct failures — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hello Stormers...at what mielage did yo'l encounter cct failures...??

and how many of yo'l have shifted to manual cct's...??? im still on auto cct with 22k miles on the odo....

  • I fitted brand new cct's justto be sure but I've since been told they can go at anytime whether old or new. However I've also been told that it tends to be the firestorms that are only used occasionally that have the problem and not firestorms like mine that are used daily. I'm still on auto cct.

  • How much are standard CCTs

  • @KEVIN: don't buy them , you will regret it and the costs compared to manual ones are equal

Thank you manual camchain tensioners what you see there is the rear cylinder... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Thank you manual camchain tensioners ... what you see there is the rear cylinder with it's cylinder head, including cracked (!) cylinder, 1 disintegrated valve and 3 seriously bent valves.

Tensioner became undone during a "spirited" ride through the harbour ... most likely aggravated by a worn camchain.

  • Paul, I have a stripped down spare engine with a lot of parts, if you interested in spares for repair. Rear head, pistons, and top engine block, cam chain.

  • if you want shit sorting join VTR1000.ORG if you had used ths site you wouldnt be in this mess with poorley installed MCCT's

  • Unm threat lock

Useful day yesterday Put the RC45 throttle tube on mine swapped my old SP1... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Useful day yesterday. Put the RC45 throttle tube on mine, swapped my old SP1 tube onto Pauline's. found a K&N When I had her air box off, so cleaned and re-oiled it. Stripped starter button on bars, it doesn't always throw the motor - needs a new solenoid...

Gonna clean up races on replacement bottom yoke, and swap on Pauline's today.

Then clean up rear sets and get them and Brembo M/Cyl down engineers to get holes opened up for M8 bolts - I need them to get a torch on the bottom joint so I can swap a rose joint on....

....or maybe I go down the pub....

  • First option sounds loads better mate I gota tinker with my bike today cant wait! !!

  • I was getting excited when you mentioned getting Pauline's airbox off ;-)

Tassie Posties — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Tassie Posties!

Anyone in Hobart, wanna catch up for a ride or a chat in a couple of weeks?

I'm in West Hobart but don't mind cruising around. I'm still on my L's so it'll be coffee if anything.

It'll be a couple of weeks for me to organise anything, I'm a shift worker and have young kids, so everything revolves around those two things. Outside of those two things though I am flexible. Weekend or weekday is fine, day or night also fine. half hour to a few hours.

  • Definitely keen for whatever happens. Coffee for me also. !!

I hate the headlight on my 2009 750 Shadow Spirit It looks too small for the... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I hate the headlight on my 2009 750 Shadow Spirit. It looks too small for the bike. Has anyone changed out their headlight?Any photos of what you used?

  • No, but I did replace the stock bulb with a sylvania star bulb which greatly improved night vision..

  • I might add a visor to it to see if it looks better its just small and tucked to far back in the forks. The Areo headlight looks good, it's much bigger.

  • i put the aero light on my 04 1100 i love it

My Shadow Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

My Shadow Aero.

  • Nice bike. When I took the back seat off my 2007 I had to undo the screw above the taillight and then the two screws on each side of the front seat to lift the back and front seat off together. When I flipped them over the back seat was screwed into the front seat. Once you unscrew those and put your front seat back on, your ride has a new fresh look. I reinserted the screws from under the front seat into the back seat brackets they were in originally so I won't lose them and then reinserted the screw that was above the tail light. I can post pictures of what I am talking about if you want.

  • Its no big deal. My back seat and front seat were separate. I did not have to remove the front but the different years and different seats are different. Lol. You just have to look at how your seat is attached lisa.

  • After I said that, I got to thinking I need my rear seat to hold the saddlebags on. I like the look though. Maybe I can add hard bags to my list of bike wants and remove the rear seat then. I'll look for the two screws you mentioned, Kevin Lanham. There is definitely more than that one screw.

I got my new windshield from Rifle this week Got the fairing on It s a little... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I got my new windshield from Rifle this week. Got the fairing on. It's a little crooked, but I can fix that later.

Stuck the wiring harness together and the left wires popped out. Unwound everything and found the previous owner had just stuck the wires in and then taped them. Grrr.

On the bike it's red, black and brown. On the new wires it's red black and white. I matched the red and black. The signal still acted erratic. So, I unwound the right side and boom! I had them wrong. Switched them and the signal is strong and consistent. Yeah! I'll go back and solder them later when I straighten the fairing.

NOW, the tail light button on the gauge is moot and won't go off. Brake light still comes on when I depress the pedal, but won't stay on for clearance.

Did I bust a fuse?

  • Well, praise the Lord! I slept on it and decided I cross wired and blew a fuse. My Clymer hasn't a thing on the magna fuse box. So, I went to the forums. Got my answer. Popped the fuse box. First fuse was a blown 15a. I read it's supposed to be a 20a?? Anyway, grabbed a spare from the jeep and the light went off. Fixed. Now to straighten the fairing. Have a nice weekend all!

  • Pics!!

My 04 Aero 750 — Honda Shadow Aero

My 04 Aero 750

  • Uhmmm, you know the spokes are red, right! Looks pretty cool.

  • Not sure what you mean about the spokes Bruce. But thanks for the compliment.

  • Looks good! Some small hot-rod style pinstripe work on the tank would really top it off!