Any advice for torn diaphragms on two carbs — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)


Any advice for torn diaphragms on two carbs?

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    I guess there was only one... Just keep looking there are a bunch of good deals out there.

  • And trust me, they're worth every penny.

  • thats sweet

2006 Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

2006 Aero

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  • Just like mine. Love it!

  • very nice and clean bike!!!

  • It's a beautiful bike. Just be careful buying a bike with very low miles on it. It usually means its been sitting up for a long time. We bought a 2003 a year ago with 10,000 miles on it and it ran perfectly for the first year. Then found out that the fuel tank was completely rusted up. We had to change the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel line, and basically the whole fuel system. 1400.00 later it now runs good again. But apparently they let it sit up without a full tank of gas which causes condensation to form in the tank and causes a lot of rusting. Just an FYI. Check your tank. But it is a beautiful bike and I hope you have many hours of riding ahead.

Throttle drum cover fell off when I first got my baby finally fabricated this... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Throttle drum cover fell off when I first got my baby, finally fabricated this to replace it. Now going to put LEDs behind the eyes to light em up.

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  • Nice work! Fabricated from scratch?

  • I'm not that good! It started life as a stick on and we modified it. We tapped screw holes and a bolt hole in a piece of flat stock cut to fit flush inside. That way it would bolt from the back without putting a hole in its face.

Photos from Tim Caplinger's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

1986 Honda Shadow VT 1100..custom paint, front tire less than 2 years old/rear tire less than 18months/new stator/rectifier/front/rear seats recovered/new saddle bags/new windscreen/new hand grips/front/rear brakes less than 2 years old/Exhaust was Thermocoated(will never blue or rust)has after market mufflers(loud) bike has approx. 53000 miles/just had inspection and serviced at turner Honda and always serviced by Turner Honda for last 7 years. Battery is about 2 years old. asking 2500.00/ send me a private message if interested.......I have more pictures if requested.

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    Vance Hines bagger dual exhaust system for ace tourer can be mounted on 1100... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Vance & Hines bagger dual exhaust system for ace tourer can be mounted on 1100 shadow aero 1999? I saw some photos of aero that were equipped with this type of discharge; require some changes? I would be willing to buy it and replace my original exhaust ... thanks

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    • you'll probably have to fabricate a bracket but yes they work

    • you would be committed to the bags once you put the pipes on. bike dosnt look right without the bags and those pipes on

    • Ok, thanks Lance!! :-)

    Advice from the more mechanical minded needed please For an extended tour of... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Advice from the more mechanical minded needed please. For an extended tour of several months what apart from tyre and tube repair parts would be considered absolutely essential spares to carry. I'm not talking about things like brake shoes and cables which can be purchased along the way but more the "show stopper" items that could leave me stranded far from the next village. I'll be in Indonesia for much of the time and expect to be able to get the consumable items just about anywhere.

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    • I carry a spare brake lever but have never needed it, I was gonna say a can of chain lube but your O ring jobbie sounds cool, maybe a 22 ring so u can adjust the chain but its sounds like you have it all sorted, tape and cable ties are good, ive never needed a fuse but have gone thru a few bulbs.

    • Thanks Ian, I've got a spare tail/brake light bulb. Not too concerned about the headlight as I've fitted a LED Driving light. I'll scout out Crime Converters for some random ring spanners or sockets. I figure that if I bend or break the lever for the front brake I can get by on the rear brake until I find a replacement. I copped a bit of flack from the parts bloke at Honda for buying the "O" Ring chain, he reckons it's overkill and he's probably right.

    • I only ever run an O ring chain. Nothing is too good for the postie. Last ride I did I carried some auto wire and gel crimp connectors, just in case of a damaged wire etc. not likely but worth the few grams it takes up. & Just enough tools to get to the show stoppers i.e. air box, carby, spark, & wheels. Duct tape for sure!

    I have a 2005 Honda Shadow Aero 750 with a mustang seat Any ideas where I can... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I have a 2005 Honda Shadow Aero 750 with a mustang seat. Any ideas where I can get a driver backrest for it at a decent price?

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    • I'm interested in a back rest also...I will have to check into the compatibility too. I still have the stock seat and am enjoying that still (for now). Planning my first big road trip next summer and bet it would be nice to have.

    • Bought the same Mustang but with the backrest built in. Mustang told me the backrest could not be added later. Only have about 150 miles with it, but I could never go back and without.

    • By the way, what bags are those on your bike?

    I will ask a supplier to quote me for a pair of highmount linkpipes same as the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    I will ask a supplier to quote me for a pair of highmount linkpipes, same as the LEOVINCE linkpipes as i have on my blue VTR. If more people are interested let me know, probably will give better price if produced in small quantity.

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    • Linkpipe has approx. 52,5 mm inner diameter to connect with slip on can.

    • Yh that should fit. Will they come with all the spacers etc to retain the rear pegs

    • I'm in the middle of sorting something for my bike but if it goes pete tong, a price would be good to know! I don't need apacers as not keeping my rear foot pegs on, they never get used and I don't bother putting it on my insurance, it all adds up so I don't bother but then I don't need to..

    My Honda Super Cub110 — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    My Honda Super Cub110.

    I want to ride a CT110 as well, but it's too expensive in Japan!

    Wow!! $4100 (¥400000).

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    • Robin, Thanks so much. The new CC110 is made in China... ¥278250

    • Thanks for the link, I should visit the Honda Sales Room in Sumiyoshi to see it.

    • nice

    Ok question. I may be paranoid but. sometimes when im riding at speeds between — Honda Shadow Aero

    Ok question... I may be paranoid, but... sometimes when im riding at speeds between... idk... 40? To 75? Mph I hear a light "rattle" noise on my 2000 aero 1100. It basically sounds like I rode over some loose stone and oil road and I kicked up a tiny loose stone into my front fender or up under my tank. Except obviously there are no actual stones that im kicking up.

    Sometimes I only hear it once. Like I only "kicked up" a single stone. And sometimes its repetitive.

    Although im not sure if there is an actual correlation or not, today I noticed it happened after I shifted. Never happens when im standing still reving it etc. So I dont know if it would be a rod or valve. Anybody have any ideas??

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    • Thanks for the tip! And whether this solves the issue or not i will be picking som e of this up on the way home

    • I don't see the correlation with fuel and a rattling sound coming from the front fender. Chances are you might be picking up a stone as said. Also vibrations you might be hearing could be coming from a windshield.. your indicators.. even headlight mount.. your engine creates vibration and that can reverberate anywhere on your bike as a noise.. notice if you hum at different pitches it you will feel it in different places of your body. I wouldn't worry about it as its probably something as stupid as a loose bulb socket in a signal or something. I too use marvel mystery oil mainly in the engine oil a little. I would recommend sea foam in your fuel to clean out any carbon build ups etc.. still wont be an issue for the noise you hear.

    • similar issue at certain "rev's".. turns out it was my highway peg rattling.. the sound seemed to travel through the bike and made it hard to pinpoint

    Photos from Kelly Gibat's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Well I have giving up on putting saddle bags on my Spirit. I bought a leather bag, built a 1/2 inch ply wood frame and slipped it in the bag. I loaded it with 2 two liter soda bottles and a gallon of milk. Could hold more small items. I went on highway and went 80 mph, the two bungees held tight. Best of all my backseat is there for my Wife.

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    • I have a bag on the back of mine also, unfortunately it was made for a Harley but it works ok

    • Kelly Gibat, send me a PM tomorrow, I got very effective saddle bags and matching top pac .... Very economical from amazon

    Hello gents Just to let you know I have adjusted the bars So there now... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Hello gents. Just to let you know I have adjusted the bars So there now straight and all is ok. Took the trike out for its first 10 mile tonight went ok, I think the carbs need setting up, but ill run it a bit first. Also there's a little G/box chatter on over run, or at least it sounds like it, so next questions is what grade oil do the 750s take and can you put a little thicker oil in there?

    Also when I was in top gear cruising about 70mph the digital temp gauge was on 5 bars is this the normal place for it to sit. I will put some pics on tomorrow.

    Many thanks guys

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      installed an aftermarket headlight and my front turn signals are acting as... — Honda Shadow Aero

      installed an aftermarket headlight and my front turn signals are acting as running lights as well. im sure i wired it up correctly but i cant remember if the front turn signals were running lights with the oem headlight. can anyone refresh my memory?

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      • Yes. They are on all the time.

      • Yep, they stay on, the rear are just signal lights.

      • thanks for the reminder. the bike is about 98% done since the wreck.

      After YET ANOTHER amazing amount raised again an extra 1200 from all Vee Vtrs... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

      After YET ANOTHER amazing amount raised again,an extra £1200 from all Vee Vtrs mates via a VTR Forum Auction of bits and bobs from his garage! Good job folks, well done everyone who 'bought' .. I nabbed the swing arm for hubbys bike, a spare almost new front tyre, a fuel filter (as a spare as had massive problems with a ripped diaphragm that Martin had helped me with few weeks ago) So well done guys.. Great effort in a week! All donations going direct to the family.. We will all be riding about with bits from him on all our bikes lol.. x There really is no getting away from the little bugger! lol..

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      • just hope he dont start adjusting mid ride xx well done all xxx

      — Honda Shadow Aero

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      • Make it leopard and I bet lots will sell! HAHA!!

      • Python, they said me

      • I hope sintetyc...

      — Honda Shadow Aero

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      • Ciao Marco la mantieni sempre bella la tua SHADOW,il cambio di tappezzeria alle selle mi piace molto,ora ho la moto in riparazione,in seguito ci sentiremo per qualche consiglio.Un abbraccioRenato Ombra

      I m lookin to change the seat on my 99 a 949 mile weekend was a bit... — Honda Shadow Aero

      I'm lookin to change the seat on my 99, a 949 mile weekend was a bit uncomfortable on the stock seat. I'm considering the Saddleman explorer. Would some feedback if these are a good option and other brands to consider.



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      • Mustang.

      • Seeing a pattern yet?

      • Thanks guys

      How important is the weight used to balance the front tire I had my tire... — Honda Shadow Aero

      How important is the 'weight' used to balance the front tire? I had my tire changed yesterday and while observing, the guy threw the weight out. He said he doesn't balance tires and I will never notice the difference. True?

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      • I've always had the weights on mine but a friend said HD shops have been switching to them and he hates it. Said he can definitely tell the difference - this guy can ride at 80+mph for hours with out hardly touching the bars but said with the beads it vibrates so bad he hates riding interstate anymore. Has been looking for the equipment to buy and balance his wheels himself now.

      • I would find a new tire guy.

      • Not sure I would go with the beads, but thats me. I'm leery of any advertising that touts them, as it might just be that, advertising. If it was a viable option, they would have been using it many years ago. Personally I'd use rim weights instead of the spoke weights, but I never had a spoked rim before....

      We finally get a perfect week in Chicago to ride and what happens My bike... — Honda Shadow Aero

      We finally get a perfect week in Chicago to ride, and what happens? My bike overheated, now I have to find out why.

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      • my mechanic was lucky enough to be able to have enough slack to cut the problem piece out and reattach... if necessary you may be able to cut at the problem area and use a joiner rather than a whole new hose if you cant find one..

      • and oddly enough when i had my issue .. the thermostat had gone at the same time.. perhaps it had caused it to create enough pressure to blow the weakspot in the line at the same time??

      • I spent a whole $6.00 to fix my bike, now that's nice!!!

      — Honda Shadow Aero

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      • Hi just a quick question I am think of put some ape bars on my aero what bars are they cause they look great thanks

      • They are just Harley Davison 1" bars. I think they are 14" tall I just bought them at a local motorcycle shop for $40. The cables are what's expensive I ordered them at motion they were like $123.00 but it's worth it.


      Photos from Nigel Playle's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

      Hi all, thought it about time I put up me ride. My bike, its a 2004 model and is sporting some Scorpion aftermarket cans which give it a really good rumble when going down the road, enough to set off motion sensors in high end car alarms, pmsl. I hail from New Zealand and I've toured most of it on my VTR, I wouldn't have any other bike for long hauls, as we all know, a twist of the throttle in 3rd from town speeds and you are on your way without having to scream its nuts off like a four. Waiting for our winter to finish up so I can get her out and click up some decent km's again. I've done some mods to the air cleaner box, removed the carb restrictors and put bigger jets in, its given her about another 10 ponies on the back wheel. I've done a number of hillclimbs, 1/4 mile and flying 1/4 mile events. Top speed attained thus far is 255km/hr. Here is a Youtube link to a local hillclimb which I have riden in, it's footage of the latest winner of the event this year =player_embedded

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      • Cheers mate I appreciate the advice. I've had it for 4 days and its rained everyday ! Who ever said it doesn't rain in Australia.

      • Taran, that hillclimb is a piece of cake compared to the likes of the Isle of Man race, I did near canned off the first year I raced it, only because I was running hard compounds, but I got to live and remedy the next year after with semi racing tyres. The gripper tread shaved off heaps of time and I was throwing the bike into corners like a demon possessed, lol. Catcha

      • Haha Aaron, its still less rain than in NZ right at this moment, hehe. Summer is near around the corner, can't wait myself.

      Hi guys question — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

      Hi guys, question!

      Can you adjust the handle bars on a 83 Sabre VF as mines a trike a would like to have them a little more straight across. Looking at them they look like they can be twisted?

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      • I haven't Brian and don't even know if they would fit to be honest

      • have heard they are "clip on" smiliar to the baby sabre. Check for info, might be able to help

      • Peter - had a look on my bars on weekend (Sabre) - If anyone wants to "turn" the bars to make them less of an angle. Had a look at mine and there is a spigot on the bottom of the bars that fits in the bolt gap of the top triple tree. By removing the bars and filing / grinding the spigot off they will be adjustable to any angle. Cheers Ian C

      Hi All I have just started listing all my firestorm spares on eBay There will... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

      Hi All, I have just started listing all my firestorm spares on eBay. There will be more coming on in the next few days including the bike itself. So far I have listed an Ohlins shock, Harris rear sets, PFM cast iron discs (never been fitted) and Moko crash bungs. I have loads of bits including titax stubby levers, rentec grab rail, carbon lowers (bit of damage), spare complete clutch and lots more.. User name is manwithadan. Will add a pic here of the bits. I haven't got fixed prices in mind but I know what most the bits are worth. If you want any of the bits before they go on eBay then make me a reasonable offer (but please be sensible about price) by sending me a message but don't ask how much do you want for ....

      Thanks all

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      • shock**

      • Have you listed the arrow cans yet mate?

      • Hi all, I have decided that I'm just going to put everything on eBay and see what happens. Will hopefully list the rest tonight if time permits. Thanks for the interest so far and good luck if you decide to bid on anything

      How often do most Shadows need new plugs — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

      How often do most Shadows need new plugs?

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      • I do my plugs every year... I do put over 10K miles a year on though lol

      • over 250K on various bikes. Have never changed them less than 25,000 miles unless they died.

      • I pulled one out and it looks great, have 11K on it. A 2004 1100, bought it used last year.

      As noted in my earlier post I need a new headlight I would like an OEM 2009... — Honda Shadow Aero

      As noted in my earlier post, I need a new headlight. I would like an OEM 2009 stock headlight. Any recommendations on websites? Not seeing any OEM on eBay.

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      • you can find every oem part for your bike down to the nut and bolt

      • Biker bandit has OEM parts

      Think I found the problem — Honda Shadow Aero

      Think I found the problem

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      • Same thing happened to me a couple months ago, my 1100s lense came loose and the wires chafed until this happend

      • looks like a 100er bulb instead of an 55/65er

      • out of curiosity, where did you buy the cheap aftermarket

      Hi guys with reference to my last post I cleaned of engine and alternator... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

      Hi guys with reference to my last post. I cleaned of engine and alternator cover really clean , made a new gasket and used a little but if sealer, even let it dry for 24hr! Starter up today and she's still leaking and it's definitely coming from the bottom if the cover. Think I'm going to have to check it with a straight edge and then use s little my sealer!!!

      Also I cleaned and re gapped my plugs today, now these plugs were not identical to the ones that came out. However they have only covered about three mile, do I put them back and after the trike got hot it would idle ok then just start to drop till she cut out, it was difficult to start when hot. Now could this just be plugs, if so I'm going to put the old ones back in tomorrow, if not ill be asking some more questions, cheers guys.

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        I have a 1998 Firestorm Does that have a 17 litre tank My petrol light came... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

        I have a 1998 Firestorm. Does that have a 17 litre tank? My petrol light came on after 109 mile. It took 10 litres to fill it. So I work that out at about 50 mile to the gallon! I can live with that! My busa did 30!

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        • Hi Tracy, as you`ve had both models. Except for the fuel range what`s the difference?

        • Mine is a 98 with the smaller tank. I have run out at 165km's (approx 103 miles) I won't do more than 120km's without refuelling and as for the fuel consumption compared to my car the bike might get 1km per litre more. Lol. My car is a 5.0 litre V8 Holden VS series 3 Statesman though most of you guys wouldn't have a clue what that is being I am in Australia. :)

        • My car is an Audi A4 Tdi and I get 58mpg(uk) but I never use it..: ))

        Howdy team Thinking of selling my 89 110 w 30k on the dial Anyone know of... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

        Howdy team. Thinking of selling my 89 110 w 30k on the dial. Anyone know of someone keen to join the club!

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        • what are you asking?

        • Price ??

        • Open to offers. Think the stator is overcharging and could do with a new seat cover and handlebars. Just had a road worthy a month ago so all can't be too bad I guess! I'm in Burleigh heads (just moved) so no room!

        Riding this morning front headlight blew lamp and fuse lost odometer... — Honda Shadow Aero

        Riding this morning, front headlight blew, lamp and fuse, lost odometer, speedometer (blown fuse). Replaced speedometer fuse, blew again immediately. Suggestions??

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        • Check leads from lamp. Was it an old lamp or a new? Bad lamp still in the headlight? Could be causing a direct short across the leads. Check for other shorts, sounds like a short if you're popping fuses.

        • Headlight replaced with aftermarket this spring been blowing headlight fuses all summer. Today is first time blew other fuses as well.

        • Voltage regulator????

        Hey folks disaster after disaster After getting the tools sorted I managed to... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

        Hey folks, disaster after disaster. After getting the tools sorted, I managed to get those circlips out and and see why forks leaked. The bumhead who rammed the seals in by force he completely ruined them, shreaded them, cut the outer of the seal and of course it leaked. Is it possible just to gently sand them to smooth is out or they will always leak from now on?? the other fork is the same if not worse. Also I put the forks back into the bike, tighten and tried to undo the air caps with my brand new socket. You see the result.. I don't know why but they just wont give in. :cry: You see what kind of mess I ended up with. ;(( sucks! Also you know those couple of circle rings under the seal, one has plastic coating on the underside, well one ring has a few scratches in it. Is it also a problem?? Can't believe that i bought the bike not two weeks ago, just rode it home and put it on the stand. grrr, any adice Ian, Ken? Thanks

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        Heading to Sturgis — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

        Heading to Sturgis.

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        • thanks mate thats good to hear,same here in australia

        • You are right Shawn I live in Upstate NY it would take me 26hrs of continues driving to get there, so I have never gone. I have been to Americade and Laconia Bike week would like to go to Daytona ans Sturgis someday just cant get that much time off but I am working on it !!

        • My wife is from Oswego, NY. I live an hour and ten minutes from Daytona. Last year I didn't even go once. I normally go every year but it is no longer worth the hassle. So much traffic and only one or two good roads to get there. I do go to Biketoberfest every year. Mostly to hit up the swap meets. Save your money for Sturgis. It is a riders rally.

        can you run LED turn signals in the rear with the stock incandescent bulb in... — Honda Shadow Aero


        can you run LED turn signals in the rear with the stock incandescent bulb in the front? I'm sure i'll need load resistors for the LEDs but will i have to replace the flasher?

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        • yes you can run the combination of the two... a resistor is a good idea like you figured. and nope ya don't need to replace the flasher unit. :)

        • thanks i appreciate the help!!

        • Out if curiosity, why not go all LED?