Before and half way through Bare metal respray on tank New custom rolled rear... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Before and half way through. Bare metal respray on tank. New custom rolled rear fender. Waiting for good weather to paint them with a custom blended Ivory.

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  • Some more tidying up to do and still a few more bits to fix up, but coming along nicely

  • Looking amazing. That's kinda how I want to set mine up. I'm just having troubles finding the parts that fit into my budget. Is there a huge difference on how the seat and fender will mount between yours and a VT600 that you know of?

  • Not sure about mounting them on the VT600. I made all of the brackets and mounts to fit the seat and fender. If you can weld at a beginner level, you can make anything work. I'm sure there are some forums out there that have info on that.

PTP mga Sir — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

PTP mga Sir,

Balak ko sana kumuha sa January 2016 nang XR150L kaso mukhang mahirap kumuha ng engine spare parts specially internal. Baka kasi mgka problema asawa ko pa naman ang mgdadala. Mahirap ata sa maintenance ang unit na to. Wala pa bang ibang issue sa inyo mga sir. May mga nabasa kasi akong post regarding valve, oil pump at un pang ayaw mg start :(. Nadismaya tuloy ako. Any advise or share some issue para mabigyan babala ang asawa ko. Gustong gusto pa naman nya to. :(

Salamat sa lahat. Have a blissful life at ingat lagi.

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  • Chad Cumbis Marasigan anong crf sir meron nah manufactured sa atin sir? kung 250l, not a good for a starter kung 150f naman di ko alam kung available sa atin sir :) any idea?

  • That time sir cguro sir dami ng parts nyan...normal pagbago wala p talaga yon....tapat tapat lang yon my mga sira...

  • un na nga din sir mil Millette Opina. in my part sa internal bearing at clutch ang possible trouble kasi first timer gagamit di gaano expert sa may clutch kailangan ko lng ang advance idea. salamat sa lakat na mga ka XR. two thumbs up mga sir. :) ingat tayo lagi sa daan (y)

Photos from Raul Gagatam's post — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

Patambay lng po ung red alpha q..

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  • panu ipaoera pipe mga paps? di ba bawal yun?

  • Di ka naman pagagawang super ingay mild kng ung madinig mu lng ang broooooouuuuummmmmm... . brom brom :)

  • Pde rn paps^-^ ..nsa sayo ang dcsyon go na paps..hehe broom2x

Jack Vlad shared a link to the group: Honda CBF1000 Owners Club. — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Something you chaps may have heard about. (John Zani is my aka)

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  • This is Bertha my very trusty old and abused XJ900, 92,000 on the clock and still going strong. I rode her last year on the ride but this time she and Gertie (CBF) are making way for little Edith (Enfield 500 Classic). It will be a great day out with lots of fine people.

List of Member giving thier plegdes And Im thankful to all member na ngbigay... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

List of Member giving thier plegdes....And Im thankful to all member na ngbigay ng kanilang ating kasamahan na accidente at ngkaroon ngnainjury noong medical mission...kung sino yong gusto humabol pa txt nyo ko or pm nyo ko until saturday september 12....god bless you all...

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    Brad Baisley shared a link to the group: Honda Bike...Lifan Motor. — Honda Bike...Lifan Motor

    Not our kind of Lifan, but this is kind of neat in a 1/3rd the price of a Grom kind of way!

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    • Gonna hot rod it at all later?

    • Shannon, like Ricky Bobby said: "I just wanna go fast." Ha! Yes, I'm sure I'll experiment with some aftermarket parts this winter.

    • Something I didn't mention, the headlight and taillight are AC and can not be turned off. If the bike is running, the headlight/tail are on. The rest of the lights are DC and can be turned on without bike running. The bike also has 4-way flashers, never had that on a bike before.

    A couple of days ago I found and purchased a 1983 V65 Magna that I sold roughly... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    A couple of days ago I found and purchased a 1983 V65 Magna that I sold roughly 20 years ago. I was unaware the bike still existed, but when I saw it's unique two tone paint job posted on a Craig's List ad I knew it was mine. I went to look at the bike and verified it was my bike. Well to say it mildly, the bike is not in the same condition as it was when I sold it. The condition is much worse than the picture shows and most of it just setting in place to take the pictures. I am looking for a .pdf of the factory service manual if anyone can provide one.

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    • Haha..kenny g

    • Really unique. Like that look.

    • Is that a 45 or a 65 and how much

    Hi — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum


    Im new to the postie.

    My front wheel does not move freely off the ground(Is this normal?) and makes a squeeling noise when cold. Any help in fixing problem would be appreciated.



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    • Could be your shoes also

    • Seems to be the brake arm(for want of the real part name) is having trouble moving after applying brake. Hoping a little lube will have loosened it up.

    • It occurs that grease becomes insufficient

    just bought a 1984 honda magna for my first bike After spending a week dealing... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    just bought a 1984 honda magna for my first bike. After spending a week dealing with some electrical issues I finally got up enough courage and took her out for a ride today. I'm in love!! I've always been jealous seeing people riding bikes because I've always wanted one. It was a great choice for me. I'm looking forward to working on her some more and getting to know her better. I already ordered some new turn signals and painted her black. Really looking forward to riding some more!! Awesome.. is the feeling i'm having right now!!

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    • Haha..right..i could swear mine starts floating right there

    • Find something smoother? good luck. Find something faster? Yikes! Find something better looking? Good luck. Fins something newer? that's easy. Radial tires and anti-lock brakes are the only improvement that 30+ years has brought us.

    • Agreed

    So how hard is doing the brakes on the rear tire I have never owned a bike... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    So how hard is doing the brakes on the rear tire? I have never owned a bike with drum brakes. I know I can handle it, just wondering how big a pain I the ads it is.

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    • Crap... Ok. It's soo easy. Lift the rear of the bike off the ground. Pull the rear tire off 4 bolts I think. Slide the chain over. Once you do that then u will see who it all works. (Take pics)!!!!!! Before you ever touch the brakes. Undo it all slowly then reverse the steps going back together.. If your not a mechanic then I recommend a boom! It will save your life lol

    • How*

    • Book*

    Anybody put drag bars or something similar on their rebel Curious how they... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Anybody put drag bars or something similar on their rebel? Curious how they compare to stock.

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    • I'm swapping the bars off my old MTB. Should look pretty awesome

    • Thanks for the info. I am thinking of going to some dirt bike style bars or something similar to get the forward lean but clear the tank.

    • How about apehangers, anyone have those on your rebel...plz share pics if you do.

    Does anyone know what all sprockets will interchange with the 03 SS VT750DC — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Does anyone know what all sprockets will interchange with the 03 SS VT750DC? And what lowering way did you guys go?

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    • New 39T rear on!!! Makes a world of difference... You don't go looking for the 6th gear that's not there

    • I run 17/38. Nice for highway

    • The 39 did great wonder

    Saturday of maintenance and doing some carb adjusts — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Saturday of maintenance, and doing some carb adjusts!

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    • Is this the original wheels? And those pipes look awfully long from here. Please tell me you didn't run a set of chopped Rebel pipes through a set of VLX pipes.

    • I bought the bike with that wheeels and the originals pipes where ruined, so i was forced to buy new ones and those was the cheapest... Im on low budget but at least sound cool

    ganda umaga mga paps comment ung nagbbenta ng bullet tsaka price pagadian... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    ganda umaga mga paps...comment ung nagbbenta ng bullet tsaka price...pagadian location q...mgkano kaya shppng

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    • pag relatives may discount

    • pati yun nag rek0menda,aku at si sir rex yabut,.hehehe j0ke

    • kasinsin joff salamat sa discount...

    Photos from Scott Wotherspoon's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    So my fellow grom people. If you don't know I will be possibly loosing my beast for a little while. As I was reversed in to but a van, the guy didn't want it to go through insurance as it was "only my front fender he had done damage to.

    I took my bike to my local dealer to have it checked out, what he thought was going to be around £70 turned in to a massive £1285.74

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    • That what I was thinking. But then I have the option to buy it back for scrap price, then my finance will be finished and I will have money for a new bike hopefully so I will use it all to fix mine and get it looking good

    • Fuck him. Let the idiot pay and take the hit on his insurance. He's lucky he didn't injure you and get slapped with a huge lawsuit. Idiot cagers need to look twice for motorcycles. Glad you're okay and the only damage was to your Grom.

    • Cheers man and I'm going to it'll make him look bad and in the wrong for hitting a motorcycle :)

    gud am mga paps. anu difference in terms of speed ng rim 17 at 18 — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    gud am mga paps..anu difference in terms of speed ng rim 17 at 18?

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    • gnun b?.tnx mga paps

    • . . .ooh galing ng explanation Rodelle Bueno Soriano. .

    • Yun kasing gear box natin naka set siya sa rim 18 at yung hub ng xrm naka set yung gear box (dito naka attached yung spedo cable) niya sa rim 17.

    Nathz Bato Mirasol shared AJB Freeman Trading's post to the group: Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page. — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Affordable CarsMotorcycle Lights & Accessories

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    • Wala po ako nun sir Magikero E. Valdez

    • up

    • up

    Michael Stevenson shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club. — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    HOW TO Reset your ECU, Clear your DTC Codes, and Reset your TPS Video.

    Unless you have a 100% bone stock bike, eventually you will have to reset your ECU, Clear DTC Codes, or Reset your TPS.

    Since many Grom owners don't have a copy of the Honda Service manual, we decided to just make this video.

    Even those who read the manual get confused on the steps.

    Hope this Video helps everyone in the future:

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      I have a 2006 Spirit 1100 Approximately how many miles should I get on a stock... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

      I have a 2006 Spirit 1100. Approximately how many miles should I get on a stock tank? Thanks

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      • I'm 280 Lbs. My first 70 miles tomorrow is mostly highway. Then about 90 miles back roads. Then another 70 or so highway. I'll have time to fill up

      • You will be fine.

      • My 04 1100 I get about 135 before reserve, better on highway at around 150 before reserve

      Just bought a 2009 Rebel 250 Can anyone give me some pro tips on exhaust... — Honda Rebel Riders

      Just bought a 2009 Rebel 250. Can anyone give me some pro tips on exhaust options? The previous owner fabricated his own and they are falling apart.

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      • If you don't mind spending a little money, the Jardines have a great sound. Check out the YouTube review.... BlueCollarBobbers make a nice set as well for around $140.

      • Stick with stock unless you want to reject the carb

      Anyone running 17 34 gearing with bbk if so how do you find it wanted to run... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Anyone running 17/34 gearing with bbk,if so how do you find it.wanted to run 16/32 but can't find a rear 32 sprocket to go with a 428 chain.cheers.

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      • Running it on my bike on 420 chain, done 3000km and it stretches almost nothing. Using DiD chain type ER 420 moto cross, not expensive and it is wider than standards, so longer sliding bearings etc.

      I just changed my exhaust and was wondering if a little decel pop would hurt... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

      I just changed my exhaust and was wondering if a little decel pop would hurt anything? I plan on jetting just not immediately. I used OEM honda crush washers to ensure no leaks. Baffles are still also in the pipe.

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      • flameproof paint ??? that sticks to chrome damn i got to find some of that i want to do to the side cover i have in black like u did yours

      • Jake Borneman its VHT flameproof flat black. All the chrome was rusting and in bad shape. So im pretty much flat blacking everything!

      • I have straight pipes and every time I let off the gas it rumbles ,pops and some times crackles

      Anybody know a more blue white headlight bulb I don t want to mess with the... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Anybody know a more blue/ white headlight bulb? I don't want to mess with the electronics though...

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      • Should be yeah. Pretty sure there h4 from memory.

      • Cool thanks, I'll double check, but at that price, shouldn't be a problem :)

      • Pretty certain this is the one I've got that you liked on the Rutland Run buddy. vision-130-h4-upgrade-car-headlight-bulb.aspx

        You also get discount on there if you say you're apart of this group I believe.

      Loved the ride on the msx today Love it Proper Lil toy More acceleration... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Loved the ride on the msx today. Love it. Proper Lil toy. More acceleration would be better dow.

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      • Remove airbox intake snorkel metal plate behind air filter and the inside snorkel :) there a tutorial on YouTube just type in Honda grom air box mod click first video

      • It worked on girly's Grom. Power pipe helped too as well as awesome noise vs the standard putter

      • I got stainless steel straight through airbox mod sounds so awesome

      Tudor Toma shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club. — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Moto Gymkhana video, tell me what you think :)

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      • Looks like ton of fun. Would cost me a set of tyres on my Tuono and I know I would get lost too lol

      • Exhaust sounds nice too!!!

      • JEEF we use certain techniques to train people and build there confidence especially cause gymkhana riding can be used for road riding in general, the GP8 figure 8 u mention is one of these tools to help riders gain confidence to learn there bike throttle control and handling in a short time (y)