Got a question I have a 2000 shadow aero 1100 I recently changed the brake... — Honda Shadow Aero


Got a question. I have a 2000 shadow aero 1100. I recently changed the brake pads. They were sintered pads. I put ebc organic pads on front and Back and found that it made a terrible buzzing noise like cicadas from the front set. So... I ordered some oem Honda pads (which look to be sintered like the old ones were.)

The cicada buzzing noise is gone but I still hear a gentle metal scraping/grinding noise during regular motion and braking. Is this normal? Is there usually a noise from the brakes?

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  • They said everything looks good. Some rubbing is normal and you may hear it a little, if it's real loud, then something is wrong and to have it checked out.

  • Ok thanks man. I really appreciate it! I guess i'd say mines probably not that Loud... not exactly sure what they consider real loud but I think I'm probably safe though. Thanks again! Ride safe!

  • No problem, you too!

Ok gang got one to throw out to you all — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Ok gang, got one to throw out to you all.

Took the carbs off yesterday to do a bit of rework, Ok Dyno jets stage1 :-) when I took the air filter cover off and pulled the filter out I noticed that the two sub-air cleaner elements had perished and there wasn’t a lot left of them, I thought the bits had just dropped out though the two holes in the filter housing. When I come to pulling the top cover off the carb and pulled out the diaphragm and slider the foam was in there between the slider and diaphragm!!! Now that’s not a good place for the foam to be because it could block up one of the two holes in the sliders and also stops the slider sitting back down properly . Not sure if anyone else has come across this before or you already know you had no foam left when you last looked in there, it’s a possibility you will find it's in the same place I found my missing bits of foam! Thought I’d better share this as new possible Storm problem on the horizon.

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  • I got to Dyno stage 1 and that was me gone lol..

  • VTR1000 site is brilliant (y)

  • Same for the site , you only need to speak German, i am lucky as i do :-)

Any of you guys got spare VTR seat lying around in your garage spare room that... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Any of you guys got spare VTR seat lying around in your garage/spare room that want to sell? some of the guys from Oz are keen to buy but ebay is not coming up with much at the minute.. Worth an ask.. I've already given mine away for price of postage as not needed but ebay is asking a bit much I think for 2nd hand seats!

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  • If someone was asking £25 and I needed one, I'd pay it. :-) it's making life a lot easier for some and no need for any international shipping as the guys are just wanting UK sellers to send it to Alistair and it only costs £5 postage .. Easy

  • Just bought my second seat. It's in better nick than the one on the bike so my old one will become the custom covered seat. $NZ65.00.

  • You stain yours brown after the van incident or somethin? ;)

Finally got my purple LEDs put on my bike — Honda Shadow Aero

Finally got my purple LEDs put on my bike!!

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  • Where did you get purple ones and how many and where did you place them?

  • I got them from It is the 180 led super bright accent light kit. They are placed on the front tire and all throughout the engine. I didn't put them on the back tire because my saddle bags hide them.

Photos from Linda Baron's post — Honda Shadow Aero

My bike and my passengers...well one of them anyway.. Mr Woody rides in his DogRyder carrier and Lil G, Georgia rides in her Tbag carrier..

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  • Rockstar Puppy Boutique has alot of biker dog items that are very cute!

  • BTW I had a custom bracket installed to put that carrier on..the supplied brackets were useless..the carrier is removable but I leave it on to also carry groceries...

  • I call my bike the WoodyClampettmobile! HAHA!!!!

Anyone want to trade an OEM seat set for a Saddlemen in excellent shape for my... — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone want to trade an OEM seat set for a Saddlemen in excellent shape for my 1998 Shadow 1100 Aero?

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  • Ok ill take a pic when I get home from work

  • cool

  • Not sure if Jay sent you a picture but here is mine. Has about 14k butt miles before it was replaced.

hi guys. is anyone selling a cheap ct110 in the hunter valley Sydney area — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

hi guys. is anyone selling a cheap ct110 in the hunter valley/Sydney area. doesn't matter if it needs work. im really keen to get into these great bike just cant seem to find what im looking for

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  • There is a cheap one going in Bathurst at the moment I think, $400 if it's so available

What would be a acceptable price for a new pair of linkpipes. stainless — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

What would be a acceptable price for a new pair of linkpipes (stainless) highmount.(slip-on)

I negotiate at the moment with a supplier to get them produced in small series but need some pricelevel feedback

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  • I've been looking for high mount pipes for almost a year now. Any more then $250 would be considered outrageous

  • They seem to an all round 'hard to get hold of' item for most VTR owners as Chris Barnes says, he's been looking for almost a year, and it took me almost a year to get my hands on some then got pairs within a week! Bit like buses ha ha ..Bought hubby some that had come off a Race VTR and they are belters but they had the cans as a 'oner'.. So if Rob de Hoo can source high levels on a regular basis, he would definitely have a market for them! (y)

  • local exhaust place to me said they could do a set for £120 (y)

OMG New memory foam custom seat on it s way Whoop Thank you so much for... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

OMG! New memory foam custom seat on it's way! Whoop!! Thank you so much for fitting them in before you jet off on your hols Else Made! Much appreciated to all who gave you a helping hand, can't wait to see Daves 'Brushed Aluminium' Silver one! ... Whoop!! I know you said it looks bit pinker in the photo than in it is, as it is red,just the light when taking a photo makes a difference. I know it is RED lol.. I'm not complaining, it looks the dogs! Thank you. ALL VTR owners get a discount of 10%.

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  • Looks really cool will have to have one I think !

  • God, it would be rude not to!! I can see all you guys saying "huni, I don't want anything for my birthday or Christmas except ....THIS" lol..

  • Me thinks Else Made is going to be super busy in the winter! lol..

Photos from Alastair Else's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi all. just wanted to show you all some of the seats that have came out of my trim shop in the last few weeks :)

These can be made in a wide range of colours and styles.

Prices from £95.

have a look at my page for more styles and to see what else i can offer

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  • That's what I did Chris Cummings, I bought a cheapie slightly torn 2nd hand one and had duffy courier it to Else Made for a £5 charge! bargain..

  • thought it was an american way or somthing. lol

  • ah yes should have pm'd sorry. I am an upholsterer by trade and not the best at spelling -lol.

technical question — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

technical question:

Engine with cct damage.No damage on piston, two exhaustvalves damaged. New head fitted with manual cct's. Turning engine by hand and you hear a single tick after compression stroke. Engine started, regular ticking sound from front cylinder. Remove headcover, turned engine again by hand, no tick ???????

Camchain tension is ok, no damage to see on camshaft or camshaft cover.

I think this could be a small-end or big-end problem, any other suggestions.

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  • sim may have moved out of top of valve ,but still be under tappet

  • to check for this put piston to fire stroke tdc,,look under cams and see if one tappet sits higher than the other ..

  • Thanks all for suggestions, have visited the guy and solved it within 5 minutes, timing not correct allthough a "specialist" done the job !!!! A happy customer in the end :-)

You know Shadow s just have a way of making everything look nicer Here s a... — Honda Shadow Aero

You know, Shadow's just have a way of making everything look nicer. Here's a shot from my trip out west last year.

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  • I bet a lot of folks would like to get in on that trip.

  • the more the merrier :)

  • Atlanticade next year is the same dates as 2013... June 27 to July 1

Has anyone installed any battery LED stick on accent lights to their bikes — Honda Shadow Aero

Has anyone installed any battery LED stick on accent lights to their bikes? Thought this may be a better approach than to run a bunch of wires and fuses. Comments? Thanks Randy

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  • I just went to radio shack and got a plastic battery box that held 4 AA batteries and it powers my 12 LED lights just fine. And it was really easy to do.

  • Jordan, that was exactly what I wanted to hear. Someone that had the same idea and had good results too.

  • If you want to hard wire the lights. You can easily connect to the running light wire under the seat. I can show you just email me at MAUISCUBASTEVE@GMAIL.COM

Photos from Lisa Brantley's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Just adding a recent find for my Aero friends-I recently purchased a helmet lock on Amazon ($22) and placed it on the left side of my handlebars. My helmet now rests comfortably (and secured) on my tank/handlebar and it is in a very convenient location. I noticed they also sell them in black or gray. One word of caution, the screws they send with this lock are self-locking (i.e. permanent), I went to Ace hardware and purchased two regular screws instead for 65¢. I just think this was a great find and wanted to share in case it may help someone else.

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  • Nice purchase. I got the bar ends that fit on my kuryakyn grips.

Photos from Martin Vtr's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

for sale

vfr800 single sided swingarm, rear wheel and tyre, one off underseat exhaust system and rear subframe,seat,fairing.

aftermarket rear shock, braided rear brake lines. even a frame and non running engine.

nearly everything needed to put together a very special firestorm. £400 collected from east London. i can deliver within 10miles of central London as long as my fuel costs are covered.

please send me your email address if your interested.

i do have a guy from the states whose interested, but the cost of shipping would be crazy.

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  • no worries ian.

  • don't get me wrong marty , I still want it ! I just cant as I don't have the room :-(

  • i'm sure i can twist your arm ian

Steve Kay shared Roaring Toyz's video to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Anyone seen this!

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  • What ever side de fence ur on, its messed up.

  • Bunch of total fuckwits acting mean in a group, the guy braking needs a right kicking..on his own he would'nt try a stunt like that IMHO.

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • Love the flag too!

  • Thanks. I need to find a way to fasten it to my kayak, too.

  • ... or the other way around! HAHA!! I have everything I own geared to handle paddling stuff! I am now working on getting something to carry my folbot with my big bike.......

Postie Bike being set free in East Timor — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Postie Bike being set free in East Timor.

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  • Mount Ramelau in the morning, climbing to 2900 metres.

  • Made it to Hatubulico, the town near the top of the mountain. Highest part of the road about 2200m. Is this the highest a Postie has been in Timor?

  • I've got this thread bookmarked, can't wait to follow it through

Rudy Landry shared Vestsof Leather's post to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

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  • Have friends on H-D's and one particular who has been riding more than 40 years. Has always been a Harley guy. Bike before last was a lemon and his Wide Glide has been such a lemon that after the 3rd rebuild and only 17k miles he traded it in for a Honda F6B Goldwing. Loves it but did add more lights and louder pipes. Thing was so quiet you could talk at normal level while he revved it. Says instead of riding 500 miles a day he figures he could do 750-800 easy now. His club is giving him some hassle but he just smiles, cranks teh throttle a little and sails on by.

  • Rode a friends Harley the other day and it was not comfortable, no thanks, I'll stick with my Aero!

  • punch line should have been "Look Dad" "You're the one who bought the Harley instead of the Honda ...YOU PUSH IT!!"

    and yes I have had the pleasure of trying to push start a Harley, three of us pushing and still it wouldn't go.

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

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  • Nice art, now it needs a creator.

  • Hey Mick, is that your own artwork? I'd love to have one done of my Postie complete with me and luggage.

  • Hey Mick, is that your own artwork? I'd love to have one done of my Postie complete with me and luggage.

We postie riders got a mention on Temporary Australians yesterday. Yay for us — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

We postie riders got a mention on Temporary Australians yesterday....Yay for us.

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  • What was said ? Anything interesting , I missed it

  • It was about adventure riding and a bloke that hurt himself, I haven't had a chance to look at it closely yet

  • Can hurt yourself doing a lot of things, might as well be doing something you love!

Anyone ever done an SSSA set up. I think it s about to happen — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Anyone ever done an SSSA set up? I think it's about to happen

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  • I got the pictures and sent a return email. What about piece by piece? Just exploring all options. There are other options I'd also like to talk about such as shipping of only the necessary light/lighter pieces to the states. One other question can you uses standard high mount pipes with the SSSA?

  • yes you could use the hi mounts, but ideally i'd like to sell the lot, rather than breaking it all up. i could split the frame and engine, but that would leave a lot still to be shipped.

  • you only live once Chris Barnes , if you really want it have it (y)

New Look — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

New Look...

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  • oo sir kita nmn hahanapin mo lng ang tamang angle, mas maganda ikabit sir stock sidd mirror nang CB110...

  • un nga balak ko sir, khugis kc nung side mirror mo ung sa cb110, kya ntanong ko, gusto ko nga ilipat ang sa cb ko sa xr,

  • oo sir pareho hugis mejo maliit lng yan

Hey guys having a strange mech problem at the moment want some second opinions... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey guys, having a strange mech problem at the moment want some second opinions - did some work and put some fuel system cleaner through the tank in order to improve some idle problems, adjusted the idle as well and she's running sweet as now - except for if I ride it and come to a stop, she idles great for about 15 seconds, then just idles down to nothing and stalls unless I give her gas.

Going to strip the carby and clean it up, and I think this should rectify it but anything else I should look at while I'm at it?

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  • I wonder if something as simple as changing the plug could case it, surely not tho?

  • It is a Honda plug given to me for the bike though from the Honda workshop that services the au post bikes, so you'd think they would know.

    I played around a bit with the fuel mix last night but couldn't ride as the weather is crap but I'll report how it goes!

  • Yup, looks as though it was the needle thing and the jet in the carby, both were worn when compared with the new ones, have fixed the issue :)

Can you believe it decided to walk down to the supermarket to stretch my legs... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Can you believe it, decided to walk down to the supermarket to stretch my legs and bumped in to a fellow Storm rider! He didn’t know there was an FB group, hopefully we will have a new member and he lives in the same town as me :-)

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  • I takey you likey! lol..

  • The very fact Steve Kay that you KNEW exactly how I KNEW you stalked that poor bloke ( prob on here reading this now going "what are these ppl on" ) means we are similar ha ha :p (y) haroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ..

  • I’m stalking, were is he? BTW he has a very nice paint job on his wheels and belly pan too, god I’m turning into a pervert!

Don Ball shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Spirit/Ace/Aero Riders. — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Would you rather be riding or working??

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  • Since I am retired.....RIDING!!!!!


    >_______________________ _________

  • Could always just ride to work....

  • Work?????????????...been working since I was is time for fun, relaxation and loving life.....



Anyone in the New England area looking to buy a complete 1986 350x all new... — Honda 350x

Anyone in the New England area looking to buy a complete 1986 350x all new bearings throughout the trike, chain & sprockets, custom stainless steel grab bar, new Douglas rims (not the cheep ones), front tire & brakes, frame was repainted, dent free/rust free tank, (painted black by an apparent re-tard) mint seat w/new seat cover, perfect headlight assembly, rear plastic is junk, front is fine and I already started removing the black paint! Haha, plus 3 parts motor's, there should be enough parts to build 2 motors w/the one in the bike! The former owner had the motor rebuilt w/a new clutch, all the bolts have been relaced w/allen head bolt. he rode it for a few weeks untill he replaced the bolt for the oil line w/one from a 200x, about 15 mins later it locked up! I plan on restoring it since i just parted w/the one I've had for 10yrs but I'm in the process of building a house and could use the extra cash so if I can pull enough out of the bike and or parts motors I may let it go! Now accepting offer's...

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  • name a price and where in new England are u

Photos from Greg A. Redden's post — Honda Shadow Aero

'07 Honda Shadow 750 Aero - keep'n it simple.

I did replace the seat with a more "Ultimate" ride.

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— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • What brand seat? Is it any higher than original?

  • It's an "Ultimate" seat, same height as stock, but with a more vertical back. It also will accommodate a backrest for the driver.

Just got confirmation from the shipping company that my Postie will arrive in... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Just got confirmation from the shipping company that my Postie will arrive in Dili on the 27th. Can't wait to get riding again.

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  • Thanks Tony San, I went to Customs this morning and showed them my documents. They said no problem and that I can collect the bike on the 27th. But I will not be surprised if it turns out to be the 28th.

  • Yes I remember that. I have the address of a nice place to stay in Kupang so at least I have an escape plan if "sinister guy" shows up.

Anybody selling a 1100cc shadow Friend of mine want to buy one in the Chicago... — Honda Shadow Aero

Anybody selling a 1100cc shadow? Friend of mine want to buy one in the Chicago land area

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  • For the right offer I may be selling. 01 VT1100C3

  • I've got a 98 for 3k. Problem is I'm in north MN, and not willing to make the trip with it myself.

  • I am near Buffalo, but if your friend doesn't mind making the trip or shipping, I have a 98 and a 99 that I will probably have to sell soon. I just bought a VTX 1800R and now own eight bikes. Fortunately, the Harley will be spending the winter in the shop (Imagine!) but I should still thin the hurd a bit before the snow flies so I can fit my cages in the garage for winter. If your friend or anyone else is really interested, just let me know.

Photos from Tracy Mckie Peart's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Now then, next on the 'Tracy's ever growing list of Jobs for Hubby'.... Taking delivery of a set of wheels delivered hopefully on Wed, I'm thinking of doing them powder coated Gold, as they seen to look really good on Jazz's bike and also on the Ducati 916 sps as it is similar in colour to mine.. So Red wheels hell noooo, white...Defo Nooooo, black too plain, running out of options so I think I'm settled on this, will see the swatches all the same in Swansea next week... humm..

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  • Gold is perfect as you ca see at my bike.

  • Antal Csiky, one wheel is off a Blade and one off a VFR says the guy who owns them :-)

  • Thank You Tracy!

Photos from Tracy Mckie Peart's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hubby working hard in between night shifts bless.. Nearly there now, swing arm all done,just needs one last finish over..It went from painted black (as I bought it from Bennys sale) you can see the one that Dave took off my bike and sat them side by side, my new shiny one, which was black! and my own grubby one!! eekk... Then the frame he has made a start on.. Got wheels coming via courier Wed.. That's for another day!! Dave had done a good job and still has to just go over swing arm now by hand! Frame has been started...Think you'll agree, he's doing a grand job so far! I'm fair chuffed.. New chain n sprocket ordered.. Well, be rude not to! Can't do all that and put mucky old chain back on!

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  • I will send mine over to you lol

  • just wont my swing arm done now

  • Luckily i have no rear pegs! so less work for hubby.. Did you do it yourself Glen Eggett? It doesn't take long really, but it is time comsuming and had to go back a cpl of stages and forward again.. It's gonna look so good come the weekend..

How goes the riding folks — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

How goes the riding folks?!

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  • Not a single problem! It is getting near a winter service time tho.

  • Great, rode 1 hour yesterday and to and from my carpool every day.

  • It would be great if we could keep my husband's Yamaha running. I keep telling him to get a Honda, but.....