Picked this up a few months ago took my time on gettin parts to turn her back... — Honda 350x

Picked this up a few months ago, took my time on gettin parts to turn her back into a trike!! The conversion actually handles pretty good...but I love 3 wheels!!

  • Boone I know a dude with 5 frames if you decide you need one

  • Bobby!! Hey brotha!! PM me. I'll be home for Christmas and may pick one up. Thanks man!

  • I'd be interested in the whole bike if you want to sell it.

Ian Mercer shared his photo to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

if you see this in your mirror its because its about to lap you LOL

  • KnN are already in. The cams I'm unsure of because I like the mid-range character the engine has which is why I'd love to meet some one who has gone big bore! Gas flow and higher compression is a good route along with better spark. The cams increase power at the expense of lower end grunt - but I'd love to see a dyno of yours ;-) Weight wise, the Dymags, lack or road lights, loom, standard silencers and rear sub I guess must make yours 10 - 12kg lighter and since this is off un-sprung weight and the rear of the bike the handling will make the most of this. I'm looking forward to stripping mine back and improving the suspension. My track riding is good enough to keep up with inters, but the weakest link on my bike is still the pink blob on top of the bike! I need to brake much later, corner speed is good, getting on the power and overtaking when given the chance, but I still brake like a road rider!!

  • hey presto , 1 dyno print out , this is my stage 1 bike ( I havnt dyno`d the stage 2 nor will I ) all standard gearing .

  • So the next question is, what performance mods make up the stage 1? 118bhp at the wheel is a good gain over standard :-)

My first of 7 track days this year This one at Oulton Park me waving to my... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

My first of 7 track-days this year. This one at Oulton Park, me waving to my wife as I exit lodge. I have some on-board footage of Oulton and Anglesey which one day I may figure out how to upload too!!

  • lf I were keeping the VTR as a road bike then Id have to go Castol Honda colours, black works fine for now. If I had the money, gas flow, high comp pistons, dymag wheels, Maxon suspension...... Im going to start by removing everything a track bike doesn't need. B-)

  • Black is almost best, but then there is castrol...mmm

  • Shame about the mudguard tho

48 hours and I ve been banned from Facebook bikers — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

48 hours and I've been banned from Facebook bikers

Is my mouth that bad

I should a blue peter badge for it

With hero on it

  • Ha ha ha


  • If your gunna talk shit then you've got to back it up.

    I said my BMW would have him off the line.

    Yes it would as the brick of a engine is all over the front

    I've had it in first and dropped the clutch and it just went

    No wheelie or wheel spin

  • I learnt a long time ago that some peeps just have a problem with anyone being, or even so much as thinking they might be, faster than them. For me this was because I was riding with peeps between 35-60 yrs old from 21 years old and was as good or better rider than most of them within about 6 months of that....but that's coz I ride year round, not just on Sunday's. Most of them didn't like it, one or two of them (the racers and looney's) loved it.

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

  • Great to meet you guys yesterday... hopefully we'll catch up again on the road.

  • Great picture

Photos from Josh Hughes's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

XR250 tank mounted today, a bit fiddly as my friend and I had to make our own brackets (if I'm being honest, more him than me), and we also relocated the ignition switch to just below the speed also.

  • Thanks Robin, needs some TLC but getting there! Loved your ADV ride report btw

  • Cheers mate, it's not finished by a long shot so keep reading.

  • No fear of that!

— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

  • ci-joint une petite photo de mon vtr 97 ,60000km,mise en street pour plus de confort

  • slt les french ;-) seb tu peut me dire les modif pour mettre un guidon com ca stp j adore

  • c'est vrai que ca leve facilement mais ce n'est pas le but rechercher qui est le confort et la conduite est plus fun ,plus sympa comme tu dit un vrai velo.comme modif soit tu perce le T de fourche et tu mets de simple pontets (ainsi les frais sont moindre) c'est ce que j'ai fait mais attention de bien centrer les perçage sinon ,tu risque d'avoir un guidon de travers.sinon il existe des kit street avec t de fourche usiné et là, tu n'as plus qu'a remplacer celui d'origine.sinon ,j'ai juste changer les durites de frein d'origines qui sont trop courte par des durites aviation,adapter un feux de CB1000 autour duquel je me suis fait un habillage en resine j'ai changer le compteur d'origine que j'ai remplacer par un koso refait une araigée pour tenir tout ça et mis des ecopes optima c'est tout rien de bien sorcier

Can any one identify this. Picture taken yesterday in St Johnsville NY — Honda Shadow Aero

Can any one identify this? Picture taken yesterday in St Johnsville, NY.

  • Definitely Indian

  • Just an fyi, Oldys Custom Composites sell front and rear fiberglass Indian fenders. just drill em, paint em, and mount em on your aero

  • well we know its not a Honda lmao, definitely an Indian bike, this one yes could be a 1940's Indian, not impressed what they did to the tank, custom this one looks ~

Is this a manual cct Jason This voltage regurlator under seat crowler right... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Is this a manual cct? Jason? This voltage regurlator under seat crowler right hand side, it has fins on it

  • With enough CCT failures I'm surprised no-one has started a class action against Honda on this issue

  • @John H. i've buy my VTR 2003, 2 years ago with 65.000 kms i've made change the CCT at 79.000 kms. 7.000 miles afraid :-( my bike run's every day thince 2 years 100kms by day to go to work.

  • For sale. One slightly used pair if auto CCTs. No longer required :-)

Anyone know where I can get replacement pin for my pin lock insert I have 2... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Anyone know where I can get replacement 'pin' for my pin lock insert! :-( I have 2 visors, tinted and clear and 3 inserts but I'm not sure if I 'pop' out the pin lock on the clear visor, it'll A) Survive the ordeal and B) Not come out damaged! I've looked around the normal places..:-(

  • Don't have pinlock anymore. Too expensive. Just a drop of dishcleaner does the trick for me.

  • I was lucky and got 2 visors and 3 inserts when I bought my lid but my old Shark ( lovely lid) I used to lightly smear it inside and wipe over with good old fashioned washing up liquid, did the trick but then my lid along and the rest is history lol (y)

  • I allways use a pinlock visor, never any trouble, worth the money !!!

Ooooeeerrrr think my freshly powder coated gold wheels are coming hoem tomorrow... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Ooooeeerrrr, think my freshly powder coated 'gold' wheels are coming hoem tomorrow night! whoopeeeee....

  • Bloody better be done for tomorrow afternoon as their brand spanking new 50k machine broke down and was repaired this morning ( for 50k I would want a new one!) and the guy at the company said 99.9% will be ready tomorrow for collection.. forks are almost done and callipers are in middle of being sprayed atm.. :-) Should be looking tip top early next week! :-) (y)

  • Was thinkin of goin gold on mine same as calipers colour not sure yet. post a pic of yours n it might help make up my mind;-)

  • I'm just waiting on my 'after' photos before posting but I was seriously contemplating going red for callipers but decided 'Satin black' and maybe touch up the words with red paint as already have that in the garage so it will look subtle against the black and Satin Black will look good against gold wheels otherwise too much red on my bike.. (y)

  • Mmm colour schemes can be tricky to get right

  • Tell me, I have been through every combo you can think of, it is a hard one when Red/White bike, as you have a bit more lea way with say all Black bike etc.. So tricky but I think it will work...fingers crossed anyway!

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

what do you guys and gals think of these plugs out of my 07 aero 750? i know the pics make it hard to tell but any input is much appreciated. im trying to get the jetting and tune set good on it.

https://www.facebook.com/media /set/?set=a.626652760690477.10 73741826.100000372774162&type= 1&l=949767f8cc

  • cool thank you for the advice I'm leaning toward calling it good before i mess something up

  • yep....i'd do the same thing....

  • thank you

My 2007 Aero 750. 3 or so months riding and diggin it — Honda Shadow Aero

My 2007 Aero 750...3 or so months riding and diggin' it!

  • no problem just a question do you have pics of the way they are mounted? i would recommend looking at my pictures in my mobile uploads and if its not already done then try and do what ive done. what i did was reccommened to me by mutazu. because the abs isnt that thick with the weight of stuff in there and the flexing they have been known to crack, but with the help of what i did or something simalar they wont crack. mine are strong enough to hold my daughter in them.

  • Very cool. I do get a little flexing, but i have had them loaded up and they did fine. I'll look at your pics for sure. I'll drop you a pic or two this weekend as to how the guy that put them on attached them.

  • Yeah please do as im curious. What I did is a bit over kill but better safe than sorry. The main thing is to spread to load so its not all on the bolts that hold the bags to the mounts a lot easier and cheaper way is to use old license plates on the inside. That same company also sells a support bar that connects the. 2 bags to each other when I asked them about it they said it only. Helps a little thats why I didnt. Buy one. But you may want to look at that as well. You might like it.

Throw over saddlebags blew off the back in heavy winds passing a truck and... — Honda Shadow Aero

Throw over saddlebags blew off the back in heavy winds, passing a truck and doing freeway speed. By time I got turned around to pick them up they were gone. And they were only 30 years old, anyone with opinions on leather vs non leather, or recommendations, want to stick to throw overs, not huge ones.

  • Visit your local bobber shop. They generally have piles of these to rummage thru.

  • My bike is outside 24/7 so I was advised to go with vinyl because the leather wouldn't hold up in the weather. Lots of bags out there you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Yes, there is a difference. Wish the media would not lump them all together.


  • I have seen both groups be Aholes and both be excellent. We all ride and share the same roads. Let's not stereotype anyone.

  • There is road rage everyday with cars. Doesn't make the news. But you get a group of ignorant thugs on motorcycles, the media can't stop talking about it. Then it hit me... that's because us "bikers" very rarely do anything to Warrant bad publicity. Just goes to prove that we have the better manners. Keep it up. We out number the "thugs"!

  • This shot says it all. Cuts off the driver, hits his brakes AS HE'S TURNED AROUND, looking at him...

Tracy Mckie Peart shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Just bought this, I did make them a cheeky offer so I'll tell you now, they don't accept anything below 47euros..So now have this to compliment the one on the other side that bought from Martin Veck ... Being ill has it's benefits, all day online browsing from ya sick bed ha ha.. hubby is out getting primer and paint as forks are all stripped and smoothed back to metal now ready and waiting.. Callipers off, being serviced and resprayed satin black.. Ready in anticipation of new powder coated gold wheels coming back hopefully end of week :p.. I'm ill and I can still shop ha ha ha


Mick Beemer shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

OUTLAW motorcycle gangs call themselves the ''1 per centers'', the fringe minority that will never be part of mainstream society. But police figures show bikies commit less than 1 per cent of all crimes in NSW and ''are not a threat to mainstream society''.

  • There are lies, damm lies and then there are statistics. 1% of the crime of the total community but what % of the total community make up outlaw bike gangs?

  • Really ????? What friggin idiot would really believe this shit

  • Just because someone rides a motor cycle does not make him a friend of mine, wake up !

Is there anywhere in Nsw australia that sells brand new Ct110 engine gearbox... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Is there anywhere in Nsw/australia that sells brand new Ct110 engine/gearbox units?

Or is there more powerful engine that

Fits them

  • There's a guy on eBay who sells Chinese clone engines and engine mount adapter brackets. I think you can go as big as a 160cc, but you have a normal style manual clutch. Here's a 150cc kit for just over $1K.


    Oneten Motorcycles in Caboolture QLD also sell reconditioned units for around $1,200.

    Not a cheap exercise either way.

  • The Lifan motors seem to be a pretty common replacement, but it's hit and miss as to whether they're any good, everyone has an opinion on them

  • Chinga motors dont fit properly amd the brackets they make look very weak , they do utilize the rear engine mount

  • These guys regularly have second hand engines on eBay:


  • Check out one ten motorcycles they might have one

I was almost knocked off my bike today some old twat decided after seeing me... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I was 'almost knocked off my bike today' ...some old twat decided after seeing me with a clear right of way in a 30, that he wasn't going to stop and give way to me since the stationary traffic was on his side of the road, he just carried right on headed directly head on for me, I almost had to mount the pavement to avoid being thrown over his car and hubby was behind me with an SP1 rider in his van behind him.. After I stopped, as I saw dave giving a mouthful, I was rather hoping he was getting his reg as I just too far to see, but Rich stopped his van and asked me was I ok! Dave then turned to go 'find his car' but no luck. The guys old Volvo is known to the SP1 rider as being local, so as soon as I have his info, I'm reporting to the police.. I came to witihn, what you guys say 'a fannies hair' today of being thrown from my bike, luckily my skills saved me cos god knows he didn't give a shit! He apparently was overheard saying "fuck off" AFTER dave left him..His card is truly marked.. Funny how folk have a big mouth but can't back it up..If I wasn't using my survival skills to the max, I'd of kicked his door..

  • People who are dumb enough to post it on YouTube deserve to be done,n regularly are! I bet the met have a team known as 'tubes' for that very purpose( trawling youtube to prosecute) n all at tax payers expense no doubt..

  • I know what you mean though Craig Andrew,had I not been using my life skills to save my bacon,I'd of kicked his door but I was busy trying not to mount pavement! Hubbys favourite is to snap the mirror lol...

  • I'm thinking about permanently using a bullet cam - every ride!

Great day of riding during the Panama City Thunder Beach Fall Rally Stopped at... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Great day of riding during the Panama City Thunder Beach Fall Rally. Stopped at the Outpost for a refreshment before heading home.

  • Your bike looks exactly like mine, what year and mileage?

  • 2003 spirit, 27k miles. I love it!

  • Mine is 2004, 12k. Bought it last year with 8k. Love mine also and my wife actually rides some on the back. Still working on her.

  • My lady likes riding too...but she's on the taller side and is starting to feel cramped. I'll be looking at some new passenger pegs with maybe some offset adapters.

Grabbing a not so crafty fag on way too RTTW 2013 excellent day congratulation... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Grabbing a not so crafty fag on way too RTTW 2013, excellent day, congratulation too all that made it

  • What is a fag, some of us in the colonies (U.S.) don't speak English.Actually I have some next door neighbors from the motherland I can ask them.

  • a smoke.

I have a 2004 Spirit 1100 I was wondering if anyone has put on loud pipes like... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I have a 2004 Spirit 1100. I was wondering if anyone has put on loud pipes like Vance and Hines for Safety reasons. How did it work out?

  • I have a 750 09 Shadow Spirit with Cobras. 4 wheelers were always pulling over on me until I put on the pipes. Money we'll spent. I've even had the hard nose Harley riders tell me it sounds good.

  • i have a set of cobra slip ons. they are about perfect sound wise in my opinion. not real loud unless you get on the throttle than they make noise. i didnt jet mine and have put 30,000 on it since with no issues with spark plugs. i run 89 ethanol in mine also.

  • small block Chevy rev'd up with Cobras...nice back-off the throttle sound,too ! Roar !

So what is on your Christmas Birthday wish would like seeing as I posted I... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

So, what is on your 'Christmas/Birthday wish/would like' seeing as I posted I really would like an Undertray! lol.. and the odd Lush product.. Every lady I know will stop in her tracks passing once of their shops and 'inhale' you can smell them from the street, divine! What's in your ' basket in your mind' lol....I know Jason Morrisons seat is a christmas I think? And John Hinsby wants his seat 'birthday' I'm guessing? lol.. C'mon guys, lets have a bit of light hearted who wants what, reality time here no fantasy getting carried away lol..

  • Nitro injection:-) for a bit more acceleration !

  • supercharger...

  • and at last a very good bank where you can get the money hahahahaha

Following on from Richard Allbrightons post re his Character lid is their a... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Following on from Richard Allbrightons post re his Character lid, is their a shelf life for lids? or just the lining? Or is there a recommended period of time then all change due to the protection or effectiveness it will offer you? I like a good debate :p

  • If it was at stock and never used, it's not really a problem according to me, allways good to protect helmet against direct sunlight. But main issue is the innerscale !

  • I change every five , i dropped a older lid once n it sharrered so the old one go bye bye

  • 5 years then out it goes, unless its dropped then out it goes regardless of age. I know its expensive, but so is my head!!!

Nice and New — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Nice and New

  • OMG, you live really close to Else Made you lucky lucky man!! You can get to browse at your lesiure if he allows so and could prob walk your seat to him!!

  • Yer. There doing mine soon to haveing vtr pit on it

  • I've posted photos of mine.. :p VERY HAPPY

2007 Spirit — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

2007 Spirit

  • The same model I ride.

  • Only difference I can see between 2005 and 2007 is the 2007 has a Tear Drop Shaped Airbox.... the 2005 is Oval

  • I have a 2004 Spirit 1100, anybody ever put on new pipes? Vance and Hines to make them louder for safety reasons?

  • Look at this, one neat dependable bike with those other 2...

  • The blue one is mine. The black one next to it, also a Shadow Spirit, is my 60 year old friends. She got it new in 2003 when she turned 50 and now has 36,000 miles on it.

Ok my Shadow friends lets really get to know one another — Honda Shadow Aero

Ok my Shadow friends, lets really get to know one another!

Give us "YOUR" greatest experiences that have happened in your Shadow.

Here are the rules: NO stories about births, deaths, marriages, lovers, partners, friends, family or animals are allowed.

That will make you think!

Now 1,2,3, go for it!!

  • wrecked the bike in June. The pavement sliding stopped about 4 ft from an 18 ft drop off the side of a deserted road. Although this isn't the best experience, what followed afterward was. Towed the bike home. Repaired and restored everything damaged over the course of 3 and a half months. Not a better feeling knowing your machine in and out.

  • The ride home the day I bought it!

  • It was a Military retirement gift, plain and simple - there no marriages, lovers, friends, partners, animals, births, deaths, how am I doing so far. HA HA - All of you have a great DAY - CD

Josh Hughes shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

New exhaust fitted! Video does not do it justice..it sounds amazing!

  • Is it a oneten exhaust?

  • No I bought it on eBay actually, I have the sellers name in the youtube description if you feel like tracking them down - I posted them here before and they've since sold out of them I think

Photos from Joshua Breshears's post — Honda Shadow Aero

My 04 shadow aero 750, two tone paint, lowered, custom exhaust, about to bob it, change to bars, (going with ape hangars), smaller peanut tank,and all new paint

  • like to see it when it done!!

  • Looks good. The paint is sharp. :)

So anyone else planning on riding along the Blue Ridge Parkway Cherohola Dragon... — Honda Shadow Aero

So anyone else planning on riding along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohola, Dragon, Deals Gap, etc. in early November?

  • Not now, many sections closed due to the gov shutdown......

  • Where is that at, Theresa? Maybe if it's somewhat close....

  • NW GA, western NC and SC, eastern TN and parts of VA. Weaves all around the Blue Ridge Mountains and Smokie Mountains. I know the National Parks are closed but I'm hoping(!) some sanity will prevail soon.

  • Far as I know all is open

Hey guys I have a question I just changed the brake pads on my 2000 shadow... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Hey guys! I have a question, I just changed the brake pads on my 2000 shadow aero 1100. It had sintered pads. I changed front and back to ebc organic pads. Immediately I heard a buzzing sound from the front that sounded like cicadas. I ordered some oem handa pads which also appear to be sintered and installed them. The cicada buzzing is gone but I hear a gentle metalic rubbing/grinding noise while in motion and braking. Is this normal? Do the brakes always make this noise?


My 2000 shadow Aero 1100 by the way — Honda Shadow Aero

My 2000 shadow Aero 1100 by the way. :)

  • I've never found anything better than the Westley's Bleche Wite, but I'll try the Spray Nine. And you're absolutely right, whitewalls are the only way to go on these bikes.

  • One of my favorite colors on this bike besides mine and also the creamsickle ONE

  • I like the creamsickle one too. What color is yours?