• Got a friend who said he ll paint the tank side covers and fenders for me in... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Got a friend who said he'll paint the tank, side covers and fenders for me in Cadillac Pearl White so it's pretty much a match to the original color. (Owns an auto body shop and specializes in custom work but he's slowly shutting the place down to enjoy his retirement.) I haven't stripped a bike down in over 30 years. Tank doesn't look too awful hard, front fender and side panels are easy but the rear fender looks like it might be a bit difficult. Any advice before I end up with a bike I can't put back together myself? I don't have a garage or carport so I'll have to ride it to his place and then start stripping parts off.

    • Tips: 1.you may or may not have to take the front wheel off to remove the front fender. Some people have small enough hands to drop the bracket and slide it out from the back. 2. Run the tank dry before removal and be gentle, there's two vacuum hoses attached to the tank on left and right. When you reinstall the tank, snug the rubber stoppers in tight 3. After paint, have a buddy help with the rear fender to avoid scratches. One holding the fender one bolting it on. Good luck man, I'm sure youll be fine!

    • Thanks for the tips! Wish I could roll it inside but I live in a townhouse built in the late 70's and the entry is too narrow. I've tried when hurricanes are blowing in! Gilbert - I definitely will run the tank as dry as I can & then we'll "dry" the tank so its safe in the paint booth. Starting to think I may take it to my mechanic and have work done while the paint gets done. Time for a valve adjustment and probably could stand to have some hoses and cables replaced. It sits outside 24/7 and I live on the coast in Central Florida where its a very corrosive atmosphere. Really wish I had someplace I could get setup to work on it myself but can't afford to move AND keep the bike.

    • I hear ya. If you have any questions just let us know. Plenty of people on this page to help

    Is there a maximum weight the postie should carry I m loaded to the hilt and... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Is there a maximum weight the postie should carry? I'm loaded to the hilt and Mo seems to have no problems no matter what I throw at him.

    • its 120/130 from memory legally.

    • Is that weight including the rider?

      John, I like those red panniers - what did you make them from?

    • 130kg max rider with 25kg on the rack, but auspost likes their riders around 90kgs i believe.

    • Thanks - I weighed some stuff at the Post Office today and I reckon I'm carrying close to 22kgs. But I'm not disclosing what I weigh ;-)

    • The max weight is not determined by if it pulls away from the lights or if it gets up a 30 degree gradient. It's when things go pear shaped that the weight counts.

    Is this what they call a folding bike — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Is this what they call a folding bike ?

    (it supposed to be a suzuki gsxr 1000 )

    • He stopped with Superbikes, sometimes does some supertwin racing on a Aprilia RSV Mille and some races in the States on a Ducati 900 SS (AHRMA)

    • Hats off to him. Shits me up every time I first get back on after a smash.

      Will point out though, if you come off at speed it can work in your favour...IF!! you're able to slide. If you roll, bounce or anythin....painful when you wake up.

    New to the group just wanted to introduce you to my ride meet freak she s an 04... — Honda Rancher Forum

    New to the group just wanted to introduce you to my ride meet freak she's an 04 350ish rancher with a bunch of goodies

    • Your a real long ways from Louisiana dude and we both work oilfield so out hours are long atleast for me there's not a lot of time to spend doin work on other peoples bikes

    • Agreed with mike. We sometimes barley have time to work on our own bikes. If u want a lift get with dusty he can hook u up

    • I think it's time or a change

    My 82 V45 Sabre Slips in second gear Not like a clutch slip but like a gear... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    My '82 V45 Sabre Slips in second gear. Not like a clutch slip, but like a gear slip. Ex father in law says it's the synchronizer. Any help?

    • Jumping under hard accel is the typical symptom of second gear going out. It only gets worse the more you do it. keep it up and soon you'll not have any usable second gear.

    • That's why I parked it!

    • I'll tear it down this winter and fix all it's problems.

    Going to look at a 83 v45 in 6 hours what should i be looking for that would... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Going to look at a 83 v45 in 6 hours... what should i be looking for that would indicate a problem?

    • finaly warrmed up here a bit. replaced the plugs in it and fresh gas fired right up. took bout 5 minits to warm up to ware could run with out the choke. and... found a fuel leak also the radiator was steaming pretty good. temp gage didnt go hot but it dosent wanna idle at all. ran it for bout 10 minutes. any ideas im thinking replace all fuel lines carbs were rebuilt n need tuned n radiator prolly needs replaced. seems like she runs hot by cylinders but no cam noise at higher rpms

    • Did the fan come on before it stared steaming

    • or shortly thareafter

    Hey fellows what oil do you use in your CT110 Find anything works better than... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Hey fellows, what oil do you use in your CT110? Find anything works better than anything else?

    • the cheap oil is on sale atm at supercheap, 2x4litre bottles for $20. as mentioned before i've never had a problem.

    • I've been told from a motorcycle mechanic that the CT's are supposed to run mineral oil instead of synthetic oils, something to do with the friction modifiers but bot really sure what a mineral oil even is.

    • basiclly it doesn't really matter if its synthetic or mineral, just as long as it doesn't have the friction modifiers in it which effect clutch operation. once you have used synthetic oil it is usually recommended not to go back to mineral oil because mixing the two can cause it to react together and cause a major sludge in the bottom of your motor.

    Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

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    • I was putting in the straw like thingy, it was giving trouble going in.... Then it squirted me in the eye.... Now I understand why those Porn Stars, close their eyes for the Squirting Part.... Not that I have ever watched porn myself.... I was told so..... ;)

    — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


    • Hey Viveck Maher make sure you put the vacuum tube onto the correct nipple on the fuel tap, thre's 2 the same size. You want the one closest to the back of the bike. And don't buy the Haynes manual, Rob de Hoo recently posted the Honda factory manual.

    • Viveck, if you need help, just send me pm and i will try to give some advise that will help

    • Thanks guys didn't end up messing around yesterday was quite windy and raining if it stays okay today will have a go but think I had popped onto the right one as mentally noted the one it came off but now am second guessing myself lol

    Put a down payment on this. Picking it up once the weather clears up — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Put a down payment on this. Picking it up once the weather clears up.


    Rob de Hoo created a poll in Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    How many firestormers are interested in progressive springs(front) , perhaps i can get better pricelevels from manufacturers if we buy more sets at once, i could have a go on it.

    • The progressive spring story: I will contact some of the producers and ask for prices, curious if they're willing to give discount. I will start with WP as they have good products, we used some stuff on the roadracing bikes from them.

    • Good god,well done Ryan Captain Crawford on that post!! Must have taken ages!! Im assuming it's not a copy paste job :-)

    • Hope you understand it Tracy , progressive springs are really worth the money.

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • The wind is cold right now Lance but when it warms back up we will be back out there! Hope you are doing good!

    • We are good. tapping our feet waiting on better weather....lol

    • I know you are! Stay safe!

    So today I ve fitted a new Arrow Carbon Aluminium end can — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

    So today I've fitted a new " Arrow" Carbon/Aluminium end can.

    Positives are a nice sound, looks great, light weight and easy to fit.

    Negatives are no extra long bolt supplied to allow the fitting of the actual end can to rear mount (had to raid my tool box for suitable nut and bolt), very loud without baffles so they are staying in, but the worst of all is that the OE centre stand has had to come off. With it on the link pipe is rubbing on it.

    Not too worried about that final point as I rarely use the stand but thought others might want to know before parting with £300:00 for similar system.

    So Im happy with it overall and saved about 10kgs in weight with loosing the old exhaust and centre stand ;-)

    • Hey Russ Quinlan, looks like you got your main centre stand still fitted. Mine clearly wouldn't work with the arrow system installed. How'd you make that all work out then?

    • had to get a local bike shop to weld a little bracket to the exhaust for the stand to fit up to when riding but as you can see from this photo, its mighty close to the road and ground down a few times so Im contemplating removing it !

    • Yes looks a bit low there but that is a sharp corner with camber and looks like your leaning into it a bit. I suppose if it's grounding too often normal roads and you don't really use it then get shot of it :-/

    How many of you have refilled the cans or thought about doing it I uploaded... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    How many of you have refilled the cans or thought about doing it? I uploaded some info for those who want to do it. Most riders don't think about it, but if you have absorption cans it is a must to check and refill, especially on big twins due to the heat !

    You can easily check the cans content, if you knock on it and the material is gone it will sound different (hollow) compared to a filled one (solid sound). Carbon cans can damage easily if the packing is gone, the heat of a big twin engine can cause cracks in the carbon.

    • So true Jason Morrison! And it wasn't this morning but yesterday evening ;-)

    • Running Jardine RT1 cans and I do them every year,my bike likes it!!

    • If you run carbon cans they should be done often .

    Mitch Williams shared Postie Bikes Australia's photo to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Found this on the P.B.A. page.

    As Scott announced, the repainted ones seem to be hitting the road.

    Much better look.

    • Yuk

    • their shit

    • They do look alot better then the first ones, shows how much a paint job does to a bike appearance. But thet CT110s are still my favourite and I would rather get a different bike.

    — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    • Super duper stripped back and freshly painted forks and callipers, hand finished for that 'special' look :p :p lol..I'd of made a right arse of it ha ha

    • Ok, I'll have another go at the lettering just to finish them off.

    • Oh yes I reckon black would look awesome with a the rocker covers and shock spring painted the same blue as me wheels and decals

    Photos from Steve Kay's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Back end all sorted and going back together, wheel and calliper painted, new swinging arm link and bearings fitted, under tray painted and fitted. Now to start on the front end, what will I find when I pull that apart!

    • Not far at all, just a blip down the M5 on a Storm :-) got the full service history and the one I have lived up in Glos for a while.

    • Ooh well tidy...Looks as good as mine ha ha ..seriously, well done that man!

    • My powder coated wheels have not yet touched tarmac lol..

    Attention TASSIE postie owners — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Attention TASSIE postie owners!

    I have sold my ride, and now have a couple of engine spares getting around. I'm moving house early Jan and anything still here will be chucked in the bin. If you want this stuff for nix let me know and I'll organise a time for you to get it. Cannot really deliver sorry

    I've got a engine, I rebuilt it but must have misread the rebuild manual and missed a shim in the gear box. First test ride had the engine locked up and wouldn't move. No clunks, bangs or anything like that just stalled and the back wheel wouldn't move. I assume two gears shifted and interlocked. May need replacement parts but from what I've been told it should be good. Had about 29000 on the clock when this happened.

    Also have carby and exhaust.

    Take the engine and you'll get the Clymer manual that gives you the rundown on rebuilding.

    If this stuff is still here at new years I'll bin it and sell the manual here


    • Stuart Baly

    • anyone?

    • what year is the clymer manual for

    Robin Thomas added 6 photos to 10 December 2013 in Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    A very small sample of the thousand plus bikes on show at Sawee Classic and Custom Bike Gathering in Southern Thailand.

    • I just read your latest update over at ADV, there are some REALLY sweet bikes in that lot!

    • Thanks Josh Brennaman Hughes the small bike scene in SE Asia is huge and some very innovative designs are produced. I'm pretty keen to find a good builder and see how PB can be improved. I'm thinking of a bigger motor but don't want to go the Lifan route.

    • Yeah I've heard the Lifan route is good for some, not so great for others.. a bit hit and miss I guess. Let me know if you come up with anything though, those guys seem to know their stuff. I just spent $600 having the top end rebuilt on my postie, probably could have replaced the engine with that cash but just wanted it fixed

    • I'll post any pimping if it gets done.

    • Great!

    Looks like new after an hour of cleaning — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

    Looks like new after an hour of cleaning...

    • When I was running mine in a bike cop pulled me over and told me that I had averaged 90mph over 9 miles .It was up in the mountains where the speed limit is 60mph.He was not behind me,but did that speed to catch me up.He was in a good mood and let me off!

    • nice tyres what are these

    • Heidenau K60 Scouts

    JOsh Evans shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    OK guys Xmas is here… Check it out!

    'Arrows of Fire' Documentary is now available through the Facebook store on the eye of the rider page www.facebook.com/eyeoftherider

    “I used to think that Australia was one of the world’s most bike-friendly places, until I saw this.” - Chris Hunter - Editor www.bikeexif.com

    A father, his adult son, and two mates head off on a journey to discover the grittiest, most beautiful bush the country has to offer. Yet what they find is something they were not prepared for, confronting their own mortality.


    • OK Im back…I've been yapping away on radio.. The eyeoftherider.com website is a few days away. But the Facebook store is up and running for a few days now. Sorry Josh Brennaman Hughes I thought I was answering, my mistake.

    • Thanks Josh Brennaman Hughes I received your payment. Ill post it tomorrow.

    • No problem mate! I look forward to getting it :)

    Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • Ive felt your pain

    • millions of people each yeah suffer from the same thing BBS is a real problem.

    Photos from Harry Crash Baker's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    If you can pick this up, you can have it cheap for spares/repairs, I think the engine is fine, might need cleaning out etc. I live in Croydon

    • However I actually want to get another honda bros 400!!

    • 5 days !! That's not good .

      400 bros nice little bikes I thought about one once but ended up with a cbr400rr

    • bros was my first bike 6 years ago, loved it, heavy stubby little thing, great fun though

    looking into getting a bigger bike. any comments on the vtx1300 vrs. the 1800 — Honda Shadow Aero

    looking into getting a bigger bike. any comments on the vtx1300 vrs. the 1800. thanks

    • I liked the 1300 VTX & yes it does sit low, good for riders like myself 5'4 lol, no matter what motorcycle you ride you learn to be a custom to it ~ learn your bike ~

    • We looked at a 1300 for my wife's first bike. She tried my aero, but could barely touch. (She's 5-1). The 1300 was perfect height for her. The only thing I didn't like about the 1800 was the handlebars. Seemed closer together than my aero. That's why we opted for the GL1800 Gold Wing.

    • Funny you should ask. I love my Aero 1100, but was also longing for a little more power and picked up a 2003 VTX 1800R this fall. I managed to put about 400 miles on it before the snow started flying and really love the bike. The comments that others have made are pretty spot-on. She is definitely heavier than the Aero, but that really didn’t take any time to adapt to. The throttle response will absolutely get your attention. Again, that was no problem to get used to, but it is noticeably different from the Aero. If you are looking for a major improvement over your VT1100, I don’t think you will be pleased with the VTX1300, at least not in the stock form. There is a huge assortment of aftermarket performance parts & accessories for the 1300 and many of the used 1300’s out there have already had some extensive mods that help squeeze quite a bit more HP and performance out of the 1300 engine. But overall, I think you will be happier with the 1800. The “R” model has a retro look similar to our Aeros.

    Can anyone educate me on the decompression cable Mine doesn t have one not... — Honda 350x

    Can anyone educate me on the decompression cable? Mine doesn't have one & not sure where to start looking for one

    • suppose to leave .5mm-1.5mm gap between the rocker arm and the decompression shaft mine works perfectly and is very nice to have at times

    • Back when I had my 85 and 86, the 85 always kicked over harrrder, even after I rebuilt both of them. The 85 I had to jump on to start it, and I'm 220, the 86 not so much, neither had the decompression cable

    • I have a decompression cable on my 86 350x. Im 5"9 225lbs and I have to jump as hard as I can to kick mine over since its rebuild.

    Hi all I started this group because riding is an expression of freedom and the... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Hi all. I started this group because riding is an expression of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. And these bikes are classics. I added an administrator John M Nighthawk Smedley Jr. about a year ago because his passion for these bikes (he rides a v45 magna) and I could tell he was a great guy. Unfortunately John has fallen on some hard times and has lost everything right before the holidays. We bikers take care of our own when there are hardships and I'd like to ask you to join me in supporting our brother this Christmas. His paypal address is johnmsmedleyjr@cs.com if you can send even $10 toward buying a trailer to live in that is warm and safe for his family. Blessings to you, friend.


    Evening gents yet more trouble with my devil Sabre Trike She s starts up and... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Evening gents, yet more trouble with my devil Sabre Trike!!! She's starts up and runs fine when cold, the hotter it gets the worse it runs. When you rev it she'll stick at about 3000rpm and slowly comes down and sometimes sticks there tried to adjust idle but it's all or nothing and it won't idle. I've had the carbs of twice now, cleaned out jets, removed, cleaned, checked floats and reset, reset mixture screws, bench set butterfly's, I've checked everything on the carbs basically and all is ok on the carb side. The only thing I'm thinking now unless I'm missing something is, coils, igniters or pet cock valve, could these be at fault?I have spare ones of these I'm going to try on tomorrow. If anyone could shed any light on this it would be great as it is doing my head in!!! Any help would be great. Thank you

    • Sounds like the choke is on or partially on.

    • You may have a choke/enrichening plunger thats sticking open,,,,,,if so you should be having some black smoke out the exhaust,,,,,,it could be as simple as re adjusting your choke cable or you may have to check each plunger,,,,,,,it could also be the coils,,,,,if you have a spark tester check to see how strong the spark is after it dies,,,,,,,,,

    • Not returning to idle and sticking at 3000 rpm indicates a vacuum leak at intake. The most common area for this is the rubber carb boots. A way to check that is this; start the bike up. Take a propane torch and turn it on but don't light it. Hold the torch around the carb boots. If the rpm increases, thats where the vacuum leak is. Instead if a torch you can also use starter fluid. Good luck.

    Bike still won t start in the cold This morn when I turned it over I took my... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Bike still won't start in the cold. This morn when I turned it over I took my finger off the start button and could hear a fizzing/ hissing noise it was coming from the rusty old bolt on the starter motor that the lead fixes to. Could this be the problem of not starting in cold??

    • Same as Stephen Austin totally corroded with same fuzzing and smoke as you Clayton Parkinson striped it down and replaced the nut and bolt with a copper set, did post up my findings a while back.

    • Nope. Maybey the startermotor is giving up it's ghost.

    • First try to close a bit the cone valve in carburator. It Will vaporize more the fuell and strart easilly

    My shadow enjoying a crab dinner during this nasty snowstorm — Honda Shadow Aero

    My shadow, enjoying a crab dinner during this nasty snowstorm....

    (No, I didn't make a plate for my bike, but my Subaru ate some tasty snow!)

    • And yes, we store our bike in the dining room during winter....

    • I have a tolerant wife, who enjoys riding as much as I do!!!

    • Lucky I live in FL. I've tried to get my Shadow inside few years ago when a hurricane was coming but the door is too narrow and so is the hallway. I've got several people now lined up in case of pending disaster again!

    • Subaru!

    • I used to store my bike in the kitchen/dining room for the winter before I had a garage. My wife loved it!

    She passed — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    She passed!


    • I've always got on well with grant . Then again I don't give my bike to any one to fix.

      Def meet up

      Good to get a storm out with mine. Shame about the colour tho ;)

    • So did I so I thought more interested in taking me money than fixing me bike lol

      Yes mate like wise :-) ha ha just cus yellow stands out no need to get jealous ;-)

    • Yellow is thee BEST colour!!!!!

    Gonna be 78 degrees today in North Carolina before really cold tomorrow — Honda Shadow Aero

    Gonna be 78 degrees today in North Carolina before really cold tomorrow. May have to take the bike out for a quick ride today!

    • ride safe my freind

    • I talked with my daughter on the phone she said it got up 80! and I'm stuck in new England.

    • Yep was 80. Now in Savannah GA. For a Savannah River Bridge Run and 76. Nice!

    Hey guys I have made it to the finals in the 2Wheeled Racing News and Views... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Hey guys ! I have made it to the finals in the 2Wheeled Racing News and Views photo competition for my Storm, need likes to win some bike art, please like their page and my photo on their page. Costs nothing and no spam or catch just good bike chatter. Thanks.

    • I made mechanical tensioners out of the originals for mine...chuck all that torsion spring rubbish out, push in a sleeve, tap a thread, ball end a high tensile bolt to press on the tension blade, spark a hex in the end...add a lock nut and hey presto !! Tension every 2- 3000 km....sorted.

    • Will do that after the rebuild.

    • Thanks for liking this photo but to make your like count you have to like it on 2 Wheeld Racing News and Views competition page after liking their page...only member votes count ! Ta muchly

    Almost done just gotta run vent lines bleed the brakes then figure out what s... — Honda Rancher Forum

    Almost done just gotta run vent lines bleed the brakes then figure out what's popping when I make sharp turns

    • Thats the only bad thing about the big lift. The turning sicks and its cuz the bike is way wider thwn it use to be

    • Yeah lol I have one bad boot I'm going to order another one from gorilla and replace it

    • And I bet thats the one thats poping. Pull apart the cage and racer and bewrings pull it all out clean the cv and all internals put grease. High temp grease black or red and put back together and ya done. Fixed. Cant wait to ride with u. Its always fun to ride with lifted hondas

    Has anyone put on the Cobra Black Freeway bar for Shadow Aero s Bought one and... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Has anyone put on the Cobra Black Freeway bar for Shadow Aero's? Bought one and I can't make sense of the mounting instructions. Swear it's the wrong one. Has 2 tabs on top that are suppose to mount under the shroud on the frame above the radiator. My other bar mounts to a hole directly above the radiator on the frame.

    • It looks weird, but it works out. If you need, I can take pictures when I get home.

    • Thanks Rick but a friend helped me out and put it on. Totally upside down and backwards from what I expected. Plan on sending Cobra a letter about the instructions. Everyone who has tried to read them has generally used some version of "ka-ka paper" to describe that waste of ink. The bars look good though. Next project is the audio system.

    Hay guy s can someone help my rev counter ain t working all the time and it s... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Hay guy's can someone help my rev counter ain't working all the time and it's not the connections on the back of the clocks. Can someone tell me were the rev censor is? Thanks guy's

    • .......... so just check out your reg/rec to be on the safe side.

    • Thanks for all the help and am very happy to say I took out both the icu's ( if thats what the both of them are) cleaned the pins and sprayed some wd-40 on them and made sure all were getting good contact and that fixed my rev counter issues. And the even better news is my storm hasn't coughed in 3 days. Could this be the problem for all coughing storms!

    • Good work Karl! Always great to hear a problem is gone. :)

    Photos from Alastair Else's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Hi Guys. its not long till Christmas and my trim shop is stacked full of customers seats and im fast loosing room to move. In order to gain me space im going to sell of a few of my show seats. so hears one for you.

    VTR seat in our Slipstream style, cover is in carbon fibre vinyl with red stitching.

    The seat has not been sat on since it was recovered so is NEW. The base is a genuine Honda seat pan, the pan has had a small section removed to fit on a modded bike but this dosnt effect the seat in any way at all, (please see photo)

    Price is £130 DELIVERED

    • Be rude not to! (y)

    • gel a memory foam cant wait

    • I had some of that memory foam once - but I can't remember where I left it

    Christian DiMeo added 4 photos to New Seat on my 2000 Aero in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    My Buddy does custom work on mostly Harley's but he custom fit-up my second seat and I put it one before she goes away for winter wanted to share with the group, best wishes to all of you for a Healthy Happy Holiday.

    • Yes beautiful Aero Jeff, thanks

    • Beautiful!

    • Damn that looks good!

    And here we have it. one donor 19lt petrol tank for my bike which comes with — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    And here we have it.... one donor 19lt petrol tank for my bike which comes with,... well.. the rest of the bike :-p New wavy disks/pads/chain/sprockets/seat cover/db screen to list a few items. Idea was to pinch/swap just a couple bits off the donor for mine and then both bikes being made lovely over the winter. All being well being left with a nice bike to sell and an even better one to keep ;-) But.... after looking a bit closer at the black one i'm not sure which should stay and which should go :-s

    • As much as the idea appeals to me won't be keeping both of them. Maybe 2 in the future :-p Black one is solely to make a few quid on. Iv'e been in the motor trade working on cars all my life and want to get more involved with bikes instead, figured if i don't make a change now I never will. Bought it as a non-runner for a few upgrades for my bike and then either tidy up and sell next year or break. However, it's runs and sounds very nice too. It has 21k miles on it but I don't have history to back it up plus it shows on log book that it was imported in 2008. It may be worth making this bike in to what i want for me and I'll sell my orange bike next year instead. Decisions decisions.... Tracy Mckie Peart The black bike although not too bad isn't much to look at at the mo.. tbh it looks horrible parked next to mine but nothing a quick lick of paint won't solve ;-)

    • what a absolute bellend................

    • Sounds like a plan Shaun Westaway..Good luck anyway and at least you have all the gear to do it. :-)

    My 98 — Honda Shadow Aero

    My 98

    • I've been looking for highway pegs like that. Love the bike.

    • The red and black combo on the aero is great looking, seen t on another similar in age - it was super sweet

    • nice my 98 is all black!

    thanks guys this is my firestorm. anyone on here from new zealand — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    thanks guys, this is my firestorm :) anyone on here from new zealand?

    • nz stormers page sounds like a go aswell as coast stormers! i mite start one up on my pc later if someone else doesnt :)

    • That would be great Kane. I already administer the Wanganui Riders page. I'll join as soon as you tell me it's up and running.

    • Yeah good idea

    — Hero Honda CD 100

    • I didn't know that one, that's a cg 125 engine right? I have one of those engines in my 2008 kymco pulsar luxe 125. Great engine! reliable and simple.

    • Ya its a CG 125

    • It's not cd 100 engine