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  • My rancher is the es eps efi esp also top end model just mine is the sra a bit stronger for pulling , towing , hauling & draging deer out of the woods !!!!!

  • That IRS is well appreciated though!

  • Oh god yea it is it rides really really smooth a plush ride !!!!! But i needed quad fo work so went with sra then put in a Detroit Locker so now when put into 4wheele drive all 4 wheels dig !!!!

Can someone recommend the best Postie mechanic in Sydney preferably inner... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Can someone recommend the "best Postie mechanic in Sydney"... preferably inner city rather than Campbelltown but I will travel if they are outstandingly brilliant!!

There's nothing specifically wrong with Mo but I want him to be in tip top condition before we tackle the Nullarbor.

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  • John harding, you can catch him at motoItalia Tuesday to Saturday but he does do private work. I work in the motorcycle industry and only a few people I trust to touch my bikes and he is one

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Update about the engine swap.

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  • Very much looking forward to hearing your results Robin! You wont know what to do with all that extra power :D

  • All of the fitting is done and I've had a couple of rides with a little pod air filter fitted. Power seems good but as this is a long distance touring bike I'm insisting on using oiled foam as in the original bike and this is causing problems with getting enough air to the 26mm carb. Lots of fine tuning to go before it's right.

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DISCOUNT GIVEN:::: Anyone needing any new Bike Gear, get in touch ROLAND @ Bike GearUK Barry/Cardiff and he'll offer you a 10% discount no problem. I got myself a full set of leathers and another pair of Red Camo Kevlar Jeans as was not a happy bunny at putting on some weight through Thyroid problems I'm having at the minute. :-( Their sizes are spot on and they sometimes do in between inches sizes say you're 36 but creeping towards 37. The Kevlar Jeans are hand made so some might be dead on a 36 or 38 some may be 37 or 39..Even better! Just give him a ring with your measurements and he'll find/measure the garment to get the exact right size for you. He accepts all Card Payments over the phone and has some cracking little deals on at the minute too. Some gear is half price. Tell him 'Tracy the Geordie' mentioned a discount ** No problem. He does up to 5XL!!

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  • They own the Australian Bike Gear stuff too Neil Ledgerwood, it's all good but if you mention me, yous get a discount on whatever you buy. I got his info from a pal who runs the TT's ages ago but never had any use to buy anything up until today. It's all coming tomorrow, mega helpful guy so I'll report back once I try it all on as I wasn't driving to Barry to 'have a look' when on the phone works well for me.. (y)

  • Thanks tracey been after a new pair for a while but always had draggin but prices are a bit exspensive and if there 45 quid a go its a no brainer really

  • Plus 10% off Remember to mention ME and he has promised me and I have it in writing in an email too. So happy Days, I know what you mean Chris Cummings sometimes it's all about the name! and sometimes you can hardly tell the difference and hey, if they do the same job = happy days right! His are same Kevlar lined and I bought hubby Kevlar jeans 2 yrs plus now and still going strong and they weren't Draggin Jeans. Worth a whirl all the same! After all, more pennies in your wallet = more pennies for bike!

Pulled the rear wheel and suspension off The swingarm doesn t drop free it... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Pulled the rear wheel and suspension off. The swingarm doesn't drop free it holds horizontal with springyness vertical. is this normal?

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  • I don't think it sounds normal. Maybe check the torque of the bolt and nut that hold the swingarm on. They might be overtight

  • Meant to be like that.

Photos from Paul Burton's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

This is my current seat

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  • Yeah, you were on Op Storm Wales last Sept!! It was good, shame we didn't take you over the mountain though, but next time, was a bit cocked up at the finish but everyone enjed it me thinks, yeah, my bike has changed slightly since then, subtle bits like the Carbon covers and link pipes/seat etc....

  • Really enjoyed Op Storm Wales, great to get local knowledge on the roads too. Even when we were riding through the rain, the roads were still awesome and didn't slow us up too much ;D

  • Auuuugggghhhhhh factory pipes, WTF?

Tyre Suggestions Planing to go for Bridegestone BT23 for the front n rear — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Tyre Suggestions---- Planing to go for Bridegestone BT23 for the front n rear....any suggestions ?? Will do occasional touring's, smooth roads with 30% wet conditions all around the year....looking for good grip in wet roads and longer tyre life for performance oriented riding style....

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  • Michelin pilot power 1 or 2 works great for me.

  • Conti Road Attack 2: I use it on my Hornet and provides great grip and confidence when leaning into turns. The tyre has a coarse surface for improved grip and requires no bedding in. Side walls are textured with a checkered flag which looks great. And for a smoother ride, consider using balancing beads.

  • Michelins both ends here. PR3 on the back and a Pure on the front. The lighter weight of the Pure sharpens up the steering about the same as a 6mm spacer on the shock without jacking up the rear. Grip is exceptional, enough to scrape the header on the RHS twice (I have rearsets)

Photos from Alastair Else's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi all. hope everyone had a good holiday. Its been a few weeks so i wanted to show you a few new seats. have a look see what you think. Feedback welcome :)

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  • Andy Snape he'll do it to your your own spec..I'd send him an email of you bike photo and details etc..

  • I will do just that! thanks Tracy Mckie Peart!

  • Thank you all for your kind complements. I haven't yet found a bike i couldn't make a seat for ;) All of the seats can be made in any combination of colors & types of vinyl including NONE slip, carbon in silver or black and brushed alloy & brushed titanium. With the slip stream style the stock seat cowl STILL FITS. The nose of the seat can also be raised to help reduce ball crush. If you want more information on what i can offer please Email me direct at Alastair@Elsemade.com with your inquiry as i find it hard to keep track of request on face book lol.

I have a bunch of stock parts off my 09 Aero I m selling Seat rear shocks... — Honda Shadow Aero

I have a bunch of stock parts off my 09 Aero I'm selling. Seat, rear shocks, sissy bar, River Road leather saddle bags, front caliper, front brake lever with reservoir, complete air cleaner assembly with brand new air filter. Let me know if you're interested. Selling cheap!

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  • What do u need for the bags?

  • Seat and saddle bags sale is currently pending to Adam.

  • Sure I'll need an air cleaner assembly, haven't seen my bike yet, still in the hospital. Right side impact was pretty hard. Guy at the bike shop near the impound said it held up well, considering. Hoping it will fix

I m kinda curious how I got picked to be in this group Can anyone tell me... — Honda Shadow Aero

I'm kinda curious how I got picked to be in this group. Can anyone tell me please?

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  • RECHECK your Settings ~ I think once someone has been added to a group admins of groups can creep peoples friends list, and yes FB peeps! have your settings set, keep your friends list for only for YOU to see for sure! i changed my settings for this exact reason! i also went to an organizer of a not naming group as i had a friend who i added to the group his friends where getting PISSED! because of this! sort of thing happening, & back to me because i added my friend in the first place not thinking organizers or admins would do something like this all for there growing numbers for there own groups pages. Organizers & Admins should not be doing this, they do it to make there numbers higher. In my books not respectful and BIKERS lol BIKERS DO NOT LIKE THIS! LOOK OUT lol,.. just sayin, It is a nice group though Steve

  • This is to the administrator of this group, I do not like that you can add me to your group like this. You need to respect peoples privacy. I will take my name down from here. Nothing against other Shadow riders, as I consider their choice in bikes as excellent, but I alone, will decide what group to join.

  • Id like to know who they got your name from ~ As they went into a friends profile & i assume found your name and saw you ride a shadow, that's my good guess! again i had a pissed friend at me because of an Organizer doing this in another group i am in & i know they still do this ... numbers in groups do not grow as quick while groups are waiting for there group to grow in numbers, so this is what some do, and yes DISRESPECTFUL i wonder what other FB people think again i agree with you, Steve sorry to see you leave, as there are awesome riders in this group. Organizers/Admins for groups will have to figure a better way to find new members then creep members profile friend lists. One thing ya do not do to BIKERS

My 2007 Honda Shadow Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

My 2007 Honda Shadow Aero!

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  • Sure lol just return it by about April or May

  • if you were in michigan i would take you up on that. lol as ill be riding sooner than that so i would be able to test it. does it get hot with the gel thats in it?

  • Nah not really not to me anyways

How do you store for the winter if you do at all — Honda Shadow Aero

How do you store for the winter, if you do at all?

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  • The VT1100C3 is stored, attached the charger and parked it in my garage under a bike cover..waiting for better times. Don't I ride at all? Well..I also have a NC700X DCT, and when the weather is not that bad it's my daily commuter. It's no Shadow, but it's a Honda also.. :)

  • I am in Washington, Snow and Ice means Garage for the Aero!

  • We have ice and snow now. Don't mind riding in a little snow. The 0-10 degree temps this week here in northern Arkansas keep me from riding, but maybe Friday.

Going to check out the cost of one of these this week — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Going to check out the cost of one of these this week.


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  • Those service intervals apply to both engines.

  • With the recommended sprocket sizes, he said to expect a top speed of 120km/h for the High Performance engine but that taller gearing will give higher speeds but poorer acceleration performance.

  • OMG!!!!!!

My 09 aero — Honda Shadow Aero

My '09 aero

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  • Nice ride.

  • Craig I was wondering how much higher you sit with the bcb seat vs. stock saddle

  • To be honest I feel about the same

Hi all just got my new cobra exhaust and want to remove the baffles decibel... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hi all, just got my new cobra exhaust and want to remove the baffles (decibel killers) but when I take off the the screws I can t remove the baffles ! Can you guys show me how I can do it ? Thanks in advance :)

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  • Just grab the baffles and twist pull!

  • Thanks Daniel ! What do i have to twist ?? Is there anything inside the exhausts that allows me to grad and pull ??? And are you talking about Cobra ones ?? :)

  • Sorru, i tried again but so hard ! I almost broke the baffles inside ! Normally it has to be easy to remove cause there already a screw ! Thanks for your help !

Photos from Colin Clark's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

So today I've fitted these, for those who have not heard of or ever seen them they are called Grip Puppies and are installed over your bikes original grips. Personally I found the CT grips a little narrower than those on my other bikes and I like a wider feel and as they are spongy they help reduce any vibrations felt through the bars. They work fine with heated grips, it takes a tiny little bit longer to heat up but once heated you wouldn't notice any difference. The bike feels a lot more comfy now I have these on. They cost anywhere between £12 & £15 delivered from eBay ;-)

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  • I also think that the CT grips feel narrow on their own Colin. I ride with Oxford hot hands (the wrap around type) most of the time which give me a bulkier feel, which suits me after damaging a tendon in a finger. The puppies look good though :-)

  • may have to try those to I agree the grips are to small

OK I m in frigid cold Iowa weather. No garage. Bike is under a good tarp — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

OK, I'm in frigid cold Iowa weather. No garage. Bike is under a good tarp. Should I be concerned about the battery. Fuel is full of Stabil.

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  • My shop is in my basement and that's where one of them would usually be. Right now I have a VF1000F and CM250 in various stages of repair/restore and I like having a little room to move around. No worries, I've kept at least one bike running all year round. The salt on the roads is a bigger deterrent than the temps.

  • what part of Iowa are you in??? In NW Iowa where I am its going to get -15 tonight.

  • Lived in Tempe for 30 years. Too bad I'm not back now. But, you come out to take care of elderly parents and their house, and now that's all gone, it makes you plan about where else to go.

Honda Shadow Aero Luggage Rack. Cobra Brand. 85 — Honda Shadow Aero

Honda Shadow Aero Luggage Rack. Cobra Brand: $85

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  • Yeah it looks great solo out

  • Yes John. I'm in TN but it's an easy ship. If you'd like it you can send me a paypal would be good. Shipping is about 12 dollars us mail

  • Canada might be a little more but I'm happy to check

Can anyone help — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Can anyone help??

My vtr sometimes coughs when u lay off the revs??

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  • So by now you've proberly realised (MY SPELLING IS CRAP) if you can't take a joke you should not have bought a VTR Tosser lol

  • Dean im shocked u know how to spell vtr!! Hahaha

  • My bike back fires when throttling off, but have changed jetting. Its never worried me as tin tops usually hear it before they see me,, other than exhaust note, so as good an early warning system as any in my book. Sure makes girls on the back squeeze their arms around ya abit more the first time they hear it, pmsl.

The games up cat s out of the bag Courier turned up this morning before I was... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

The games up, cat's out of the bag! Courier turned up this morning before I was up, hubby stood at the door whilst courier went to van, he dragged the box huffing and chuffing and hubby said to him "That looks heavy, wanna a hand?" to which the courier replied "It says '6 tonne Heavy Press' on the order" bugger, so hubby came upstairs and announces (probably trying really hard to hide all excitement) "are you getting up, you have presents" which in my terms translates to " please get arse in gear as I'm dying to see inside the box" ha ha ..So what is up to right now? That's right, nothing like a lovely new shiny birthday present to get the bike side of our garage totally cleaned up to make room ha ha .... Oh well, good job I still have the little present to wrap! Seriously thinking of buying Hydraulic Bike lift thingy! hummm,

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    Is it possible to convert the CT110 engine to electric start I was wondering if... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Is it possible to convert the CT110 engine to electric start, I was wondering if the electric start units on some of the thumpster motors would be adaptable. Has anyone got experience in this area?

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    • a GOOD 540size remote control electric motor will kick them over if mated to the correct ratio.

    • Hmm ok cheers

    • Seems way more trouble than it's worth to me.

    Why did you get a Honda instead of a Harley — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Why did you get a Honda instead of a Harley?

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    • great price vs a used Sportster 883, more comfortable, easier shifting

    • My buddy sold me my first motorcycle, a Honda years ago, it was such a great bike, I have been riding Honda ever since, First CB750 Custom, rode that one until she was just to tired anymore, then I bought an 1100 Spirit, hit a deer on that one, I survived, can't say as much for the deer and the bike, then I bought the 1100 ACE I ride now. I agree, you pay for the Harley name when you go that route.

    • Great comments and very helpful info. The first bike that caught my eye was a Harley. I think it was a soft tail deluxe? $14K. I could have bought it too, but after talking to several service techs from other dealers, they all said the same thing about Honda. Dependability. So I bought two nice 750s for far less money and couldn't be happier.

    ok guys i joined this group because i was supposed to trade for a 420 and... — Honda Rancher Forum

    ok guys, i joined this group because i was supposed to trade for a 420 and needed info. well that guy turned out to a handjob. so now i'm thinking of buying one. what i would like to know is, if you guys will inform me here. why a 420 and not a foreman 450 or 500. i'm not after a mud submarine. trails, woods, some mud. which has best power and top end ? now outside the honda box. what about grizzly, brute force, polaris sportsman ? what about the belt thing vs gears thing ? i'm looking at 02-08 models. i'm not a little guy. are they all about the same length ? width ? irs or sra ? auto or is there much choice ? thanks for any help here.

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    • the rancher suited for moving trailers and pulling logs or would that be too hard on the clutch ?

    • A 16' trailer wouldn't bother it. If you pulling a lot of trees you may consider the foreman.

    • i appreciate the info.

    Yep that s a Memphis Shades I just put on my 98 VT1100C3. Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    Yep, that's a Memphis Shades I just put on my 98 VT1100C3. Aero.

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    • do you have the part numbers for the sheild and mounting kit? It looks great

    • I used the kit for a 00-07 Honda Sabre. HOWEVER I needed some easy modifications and brackets made. I have pic of the kit and brackets.

    • Absolutely love the colors of this bike

    Why is it my 450 can run on 91 octane with just over 12 1 compression but im... — Honda 350x

    Why is it my 450 can run on 91 octane with just over 12:1 compression but im told a 350x need race fuel with that compression ratio...new technology vs old?

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    • So perhaps just a little blend of race fuel mix would keep the beast running cooler... my buddy Josh Gettemy is in yhe middle of building his to a 12:1

    • well ill try the 12:1 then, thanks for the tips and info guys! im putting an 83 200x together too & ill try the same if the 350x piston works out good

    • i have to kick my 350x 5 times and it starts & runs for about 5 seconds at a time...i do that like 10 times to build compression up for it to run when cold when it finally get running good...its kinda laggy feeling and when its warm/hot i can sit on the seat and kick it over and start it and the decompression is set right. engines has no noises but i think my compressions low LOL engines never been apart yet. ever

    Wishing all members of this F B page a very happy safe new year — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

    Wishing all members of this F/B page a very happy & safe new year

    It was a year ago today that I told my wife that I was considering swapping my bike for a CT DCT, while sat in a supermarket cafe, and then searching her smart phone to see what there was for sale.

    It's funny how things work out , as I tried to phone Grantham Honda to see if they were open to show my wife one in the metal . As the excitement was already kicking in about the prospect of the DCT to ease my tendonitis trouble in my arm while riding a bike. I was disappointed when I got no answer from Grantham. No surprise I thought as it was new years day , but if I had only phoned the bike sales number and not the general number for the dealer switch board, I would have found that they were actually open for bike sales.

    If I had gone down to see them ,I had already seen a S/H black DCT which they had in with all the extra's fitted ( heated grips,tall screen,center stand, hugger,Akraprovic exhaust) It might have been enough to sign on the dotted line there and then, and I then wouldn't have seen my first black special edition

    It was good to meet a few of the members of the forum last year, and receive advice from others . Hopefully I'll get to meet more of you guys this year. :

    Rob. ( Saxon747 from the forum)

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    • Happy new year

      Is a pleasure for me to dialogue with members of the forum

      and i Hope to meet in the 2014 someone of you.. ..

      I am happy to be in this Group.. .. .

      Many km o miles for All.. ..

    Jus spent past 4 hours tryin to get the axle out of my barn fresh 85 bike has... — Honda 350x

    Jus spent past 4 hours tryin to get the axle out of my barn fresh 85, bike has very few hours on it, and has never had anything replaced, finally got axle nuts off, wth the help of 2 3ft pipe wrenchs, and now to the rotor hub, tried torch, sili kriol{penetrateding oil}, multiple hammers, air hammer,....ugh.. guess ill let it soak n try tommarrow...

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    • This cheap lil harbor frieght air hammer has go me out of more jams then i would of ever thought, i bought it thinkin id never use it, now its used more than any othr air tool i got... def lifesaver

    • Yeah that was my last resort ahren, i was really avoiding that, but it does work, but new carrier and axle arent in my budget... i hve ducati that needs some love too, and i really want to get it done by spring, complete clutch, tires, chain and sprockets... plus i jus bought a new foreman 500 4x4 n the stock tires have to go..so thats another 400-500 there...so my plates pretty full...lol...i need another income to support my toy addiction

    • don't we all haha good to see it came apart!

    What do you reckon the noise is only does it on first starting it its like a... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    What do you reckon the noise is only does it on first starting it.its like a clacking noise?

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    • Thanks Steve...

    • Kevin Ritson-Hall you'll need to lift the rear of the tank, you'll see two security torx, undo them and turn the tps anticlockwise, without modifying the body slightly you should get it close to 600 ohms. You can get the reading with a multimeter from the cdi unit under the seat, its a lot easier than trying to get a reading from the tps socket pins, very limited space under the tank and frame.

    • Need to take out the air restricter at the start of the air box. Will definitely make an improvement.

    Hi wonder if anyone has the same problem as I my vtr has run 42 k . 1999 model — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Hi, wonder if anyone has the same problem as I, my vtr has run 42 k, ( 1999 model) and with dynojet kit / slip on pipes. Fore some time now, it does not run well between 3-5000 rpm, and my mechanic says the dynojet kit has ruined the carburetors, and tell me that the only solution is to replace them. If so, where can I get new ( used) carburetors, that has not been running with dynojet kit? Regards Erik , and a Happy New year to anyone, from Oslo, Norway

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    • You don't need new carbys, you need a new mechanic

    • Godt Nyttår

    • Bryan Boulding I is right you need a new mechanic. An upgraded air filter and new mechanic will sort you out mate. ;)

    Ok feel like an a Didn t completely fill my gas tank before winter Finally... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Ok feel like an a$$. Didn't completely fill my gas tank before winter. Finally got around to filling tank and noticed a small amount of rust. There's like a small band inside the fill hole. That's the best I can describe it. If you open the gas cap and look into the hole there is a thin flat band about an inch down into the hole. It's about 2 or 3 mm thick and about an inch wide. I see a tiny bit of rust on the 3 mm thick edge of band. What do I do??? Any ideas?

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    • Is that just a temp fix? Or do I just keep applying as needed?

    • don't know keep an eye on it and see. I have had some luck in the past.

    • Thank you for the tip

    Hit and run today Bike still running busted off my license plate and dented my... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Hit and run today. Bike still running, busted off my license plate and dented my strut on my rear wheel, left side. Hit at 90 degrees because some dick decided to run a stop sogn, or red light. By the time I got up and checked my bike, this mother fucker was gonnnneee. Fucked need up my left elbow. Might need stitches but ive had worse cuts without them. Just glad im alive enuff to tell my shadow riders to look twice, these fuckin pricks dont givd 2 shits about us riders! I hope u have someone watching out for u from above. I know my angels are getting fed up!

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    • Glad ur ok bro......ride on

    • Thanks, just aching. Both for my body and my bike

    • Glad your ok brother.

    Ok folks looking like I may need a new battery loads out there but anyone... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Ok folks...looking like I may need a new battery...loads out there..but anyone suggest a good one to go for????

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    • I thort I needed a new battery with the cold weather draining it until I got an optimizer only used it once and not had a problem/fault since charging the battery with it.

    • mottabat

    • and mottabat have four terminals

    I have a set of Harley Davidson hard bags and a batwing fairing I want to mount... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders


    I have a set of Harley Davidson hard bags and a batwing fairing I want to mount on my bike. Has anybody done this? Any suggestions on how to mount them?

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    • well, plans have changed. I just bought a new bike so now I am selling this one

    • I see. If I ever get the bags done the way I like ill post a pic

    • Ok, I have a nice set of Harley hard bags I am going to sell for $400 if interested or if you know anybody that might be.