Back wheels gone stuck at working waiting for recovery — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum


Back wheels gone stuck at working waiting for recovery :(

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  • Yeah said they can pick it up within the hour and funny enough told me that they couldn't fit me in till Friday (told me over the phone this morning ) but now they can see me straight away lol

  • Good stuff well as long as you're not to put out today. It is a shame that the msx is the worst built honda I have ever seen them make. I've had 4 and Love honda

  • 1st geared bike and she's dead noooooo

Takegawa bore kit oil pump and clutch springs ordered for tommorow. Can t wait — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Takegawa bore kit oil pump,and clutch springs ordered for tommorow! Can't wait

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  • All I'm saying is ring Ben Harman for a deal and a half

  • With next day postage free

  • Haha yeah I know Ben been to the shop a few times was just wondering how much you paid :)

Ok i just got a 954 and was trying to figure out the brake light For some odd... — Honda CBR 954 RR

Ok i just got a 954 and was trying to figure out the brake light. For some odd reason it stays on and wont get brighter when i hit the brakes. Ive located which wires are for the brake switch . at this moment i have no rear tail light . it will light up when i hit the brakes. Btw its an intergrated tail light. And suggestions

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  • Im gonna look into it. But that would be weird for night ruding

  • You just turn your lights on at night

  • There is no on off for the lights

David Lake created a poll in Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Does the Postie engine need the bash plate to support it?

Does the engine ever fracture or anything else?

What would happen if i didnt install it.

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  • Seen frames crack from constant vibration .. I see it as the bash plate is apart of the frame

  • It is part of the frame. I'd keep it.

  • If you ride it off road bash plate is the go.Also triangulate s the frame spreading load/stress

Photos from Bryan Glover's post — Honda CB72 77 U.K. Owners

On the topic of 72/77 advance unit

I've stripped a 1965 one down and removed one Bob weight and the central part (which was cracked) the Bob weight has no plastic - rubber or otherwise its just metal to metal fit

So I would gamble these parts are case hardened and as the hardening wears away it becomes softer and even more prone to wear causing the Bob weights to travel further and advance the ignition past its full advance position

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  • Or even springs getting older & altering the range of control?

  • 2 degree on the cam is 4 degrees on the crank! but who's counting, I would be more worried about worn weak springs advancing the ignition early and causing pinking. I would also think the rubber/plastic sleve would be for noise reasons as the bob weights would chatter just as the timing advances.

  • To be honest I do not think it's a single item problem if you look at wear in cam chains sloppy return springs wear on Bob weights etc etc it's easy to see how easy it is to get errors in both ignition and valve timing

— Honda Rebel 125 250 450

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  • Shawn Liau Liked this little setup. Had to post it up. Great work my friend.

  • thank you mr David Lee Watkins will Post more soon.hope i do it right.

Will a VTR SP1 2 Engine with just some little fixes fit on my Honda VTR... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Will a VTR SP1/2 Engine, with just some little fixes, fit on my Honda VTR Firestorm frame???

The costs im having are more expensive then a second hand engine...

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  • Sorry English people! I will hijack this post in Dutch to help him Nilz Baeten a bit faster. Als jij een complete motor nodig bent gaat er heel veel tijd en geld in zitten om alles om te bouwen! Kosten besparend is alleen een kop overzetten wat Jay zegt. Als je spullen nodig bent adviseer ik je om contact op te nemen met Rob de Hoo, hij is ook lid van deze pagina en heeft een eigen zaak in motor onderdelen en gespecialiseerd in vtr! Hij en Jay kunnen je door het ombouwen heen helpen via bellen,app,skype etc. Het hele verhaal van sp1/2 motor inbouwen gaat never nooit niet werken ivm schanierend achterbrug en nog een aantal dingen. Succes en mocht je hulp nodig zijn geef je maar een gil

  • Would also recommend getting in touch with Rob de Hoo for parts if you're in Holland. :)

  • I have a spare engine in stock :-) Partly dismantled but in good condition

— Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

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  • got my new white fora 125 last night. and cut up some old carpet for under the seat

  • glass cleaner not working. tried hot soapy water but seem to take for ever .there must be an easier way of removing it

  • Or try a little bit of vinegar not to much let soak for 15 to 30 secs then try or also spirit not to much as well

24 for my first service not bad — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

£24 for my first service not bad

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  • Looks like Hunts forgot to charge you the £54 plus vat labour rate, unless you agreed a free 1st 600m service, paying for parts only?

  • Never paid a penny for all 3 of my 1st services

  • Hunts don't charge for labour on a 1st service if you buy a new bike from them.

New member. Thanks — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

New member.... Thanks!!

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  • Box is a pain when getting on and off the bike but makes the bike so much more usable for shopping, takeaways etc.

  • I agree. The days of just swinging your leg over the seat are gone. ..;)

  • I second that but the Givi I bought snaps off in like two seconds from the luggage tack when it's lock is in the open position so if I'm going on a ride where I won't need to carry anything, I take it off but for the most part it's always on. It's awesome being able to go places and carry stuff.

For sale Open for swap. Auto pass sa 2 stroke — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

For sale Open for swap. Auto pass sa 2 stroke.

- Kawasaki Fury 125 2009mdl All stock. new tire back and front. new change oil. new horn. Complete papers with deed of sale. Issue: wala preno harap. at paso 2012 last registered.

Price: 25k nego for sure buyer.

Swapping price is higher than asking price.

rfs? Need funds.

Kindly Txt me 09361300224.

Mexico Pampanga Area!

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    Karl Weding shared a link to the group: Honda Bike...Lifan Motor. — Honda Bike...Lifan Motor

    1963 Honda C105/CA105 Trail Cub

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    Mga ka alpha pano po ginagawa yung sumisipol na tambutso May nakita kasi ako... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Mga ka alpha, pano po ginagawa yung sumisipol na tambutso? May nakita kasi ako kahapon na naka alpha din eh, stock pipe tapos sumisipol.

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    • Gusto ko din sumisipol c alpha, nagtry ako ng washer mahina sumipol, dapat ba maliit lang ang butas?

    • Quality mga boss susi na bilog. Try and tested

    • Yun ang di ko alam basta gagayahin ko nalang yung parang nasa truck hehehe

    Has anybody bought a new wiring harness from CHP or wherever where the wire... — Honda MiniTrail s Buy, Sell Trade

    Has anybody bought a new wiring harness from CHP or wherever where the wire colors are different from the stock colors on the bike?

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    • Took you advice and ordered harness from trailbikes

    • Trailbikes has a lot more parts then on their website and they are good parts. It is unfortunate, they don't update the website, but I think they are too busy to do so.

    • Trust me joan knows her stuff.

    This is a 1982 Honda Motra I think if the Chinese started repoping these they... — Honda Bike...Lifan Motor

    This is a 1982 Honda Motra...I think if the Chinese started repoping these they would sell a bunch of them

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    • Too much work. Another frame selection would better for that. Motra is underbone attached motor welded to a frame. I felt like a cheap frame ove a Passport mimicks that look with much less effort.

    • I really like the Shinko 244...great tires

    • Great price and perfect look for this project

    Just wanna share a benefits of having disc break — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Just wanna share a benefits of having disc break..

    1. Mas safe

    2. Plus POGI points

    3. Additional speed

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    • 16t by 40t, medyo nabawasan lang xa ng kunti ang power nea kasi nahihirapan na ako magpa wheelie,..

    • Pwede kana siguro magpatakbo mabilis kasi lumakas na preno

    • Top Speed mo bro?

    padaan lang kami ni yayo — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    padaan lang kami ni yayo ...

    pa share naman nang mga naka shifter na

    penge idea mga sir ...balak ko mag

    customize na shifter ei tnx po sa sasagot

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    • Up

    • up

    • Boss Roj Twlv san mo nanili yung signal light mo saka yung pinaka holder nya pang harap saka likod saka kung nakamagkano ka boss,salamat!!

    Troy Naeyaert shared his video to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

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    • Good music too.

    • LOVE my Volbeat!!

    • Great video! Loving doing riding videos. Surprised youtube hasn't shut me down from all the videos I had posted. This was a video I did last year for the Ride for Kids event where we get to take a couple of laps around the Texas Motor Speedway. You will see some of us trying to creep up on a steep bank. Video was made with my original music. Need to create some more tunes but computer I was using is having issues. You have to have a beefy computer to mix music.

    — Honda Bike...Lifan Motor

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    • Skyteam sell these new and complicated here...

    • CY50...only sold in Germany

    • Nice. Definitely looks Apeish

    Hey guys took the front apart and just something with the back of the headlamp... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Hey guys, took the front apart and just something with the back of the headlamp is bugging me, is there a rubber grommet or cap missing, This is how it looks on mine...Is yours the same?

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    • Nothing missing, mine is the same way

    • All like it!

    • Alright thanks :)

    Any early 80s brake lights out there Also what else could be used I can t find... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Any early 80s brake lights out there? Also what else could be used I can't find one for my ride.

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    • I used a trailer light. Looked nearly the same

    • The early 80's bikes had a much larger tail light than the later bikes, the mounting bracket was different too, it mounts the indicators on metal bars beside the number plate, instead of on rubber stalks beside the tail light like the one in the picture... If you can't find an early model light you can swap to a later model tail light assembly, because the mounting holes in the mudguard are the same.

    • i have one Will Spray - still on bikes- looks in good nic- i could take a pic for you ? - 0413395565

    Photos from Tom Schwartz's post — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    Honda CB500T



    Have just about everything for the bike, minus the motor, forks, and wheels....let Mel know what you need.


    Thank you!!!

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    • No interest in this stuff?

      ...Might be heading to the dumpster

    • I'm interested in the tank if you want to sell that alone. I'm in 83669 Idaho. Asking price shipped?

    • What ever you think is fair to offer for shipping

    Magkakano po ang alpha ngaun — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    Magkakano po ang alpha ngaun??

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    • Yn presyo dto samin sa premiumbike.... parang tip ko dyn is boxer na kase sa cc hehe.. sa porma ok dn nmn porma niya... tmx alpha user ako d ako bashers hahaha

    • 49900

    • Mag istallment k n highest down muna. Pag lumabas rehistro e saka mo i cash... Mas matagal kc pag totally cash. Ayaw ng casa walang kita... TIN# din hahanapan ka...

    Photos from Scotty Nelson's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Anyone got these pro tapers but xr50 ones and this sort of seat on there grom ?

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    • I didnt do that on my fat bars :/ they rotated but only with force

    • Yeah mate its a safety issue makes me cringe when I see people who don't drill it its proper simple to do

    • Yeah mate ill sort it i suppose it would have helped in my off n wouldnt have damaged my throttle switch gear as i presume is gonna be awkward on that ? Is it easy to change throttle side ? And keep throttle tube etc ?

    Pa anu mag tanggal ng gas gas sa gas tank Kasi kainis ung isang arw may skygo... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Pa anu mag tanggal ng gas gas sa gas tank? Kasi kainis ung isang arw may skygo na pang habal2x.. na tumba na damay ung mc ko naka park lng na gas gas pa hay.. buti hnd na yupi ung tank gas gas lng..

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    • sticker lagyan u

    • bili ka rubbing compound saka paint wax. kung hindi abot hanggang bakal yung gasgas pwede maremidyohan yan.

    (^_^) — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

    FOR SALE MGA PAPS...kylangan ko lng ng pera comment nyo lng ung price nyo..bka mag kasundo tau 9months plang sya hnd ko lagi nagagamit...valenzuela,malabon and caloocan area lng boss

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    • up up up up

    • Up

    • Cash nb yan or meron png itutuloy sa casa?

    Wanted rear axle nut I have rounded mine off completely today while adjusting... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Wanted: rear axle nut! I have rounded mine off completely today while adjusting my chain, using a cheap socket! Can anyone help?

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    • Awesome!! Just bought it! Thank you matey! I owe you one.

    • It's how you word things I guess, I was searching for rear axle nut for MSX

    Photos from Lee Vitout's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Got caught up in the riot in Lambeth last night helping popo and saw this, anyone here own it?

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    • That tonight Stuart

    • Looks like it yeah..

    • Prob smashed that estate agents windows, might go be nosey

    Doing my best at tuning the carbs How s it sound And keep in mind there are... — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    Doing my best at tuning the carbs. How's it sound? And keep in mind there are no mufflers yet.

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    • But then again, I'm in SoCal with my 365 riding season. It's hard to spend the time when it could be used riding.

    • That sounds awesome. Very healthy. I'm so far away from that I can't even see a dim light at the end of the tunnel. But someday...

    • It took me a while. But we'll worth it.

    Hi Guys Gals I have four various engines in bits and intend to build them into... — Honda CB72 77 U.K. Owners

    Hi Guys/Gals, I have four various engines in bits and intend to build them into one good one to go into a CB72, Question one is would YOU start with a 180o or 360o crank? Question two, 250cc or 305cc?. Subject to everything fitting where it's ment to!! Thanks in advance for your oppinions.

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    • The only CB77 series bikes with Type 2 engines were the CYP77 police models. For 250s there were CBM-72, CM-72 and domestic CL-72 editions. The second digit in on the engine number gives a clue as to whether it was a Type 2 or not. Type 1 engines have a 1, but Type 2 models will have other digits instead. Type 2 engines were produced through most of the production years 1961-66 in one chassis or another. MrHonda

    • Bill Silver is a world wide recognised authority on Hondas and has an excellent knowledge of them ...he knows their ups and also their downs advantages and disadvantages and is quite correct when he says the various models available at the time

    • As Soichiro Honda has passed on Bill now manages the helm for Honda this side of the globe.