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Hi guys

got a little problem (story of my life)

Coming home from work last night I noticed the indicators wouldn't work, so as it was nearly midnight I just gave the switch a good dose of WD40, thinking that any crap or water in there would flush out over night.

But this morning it was still the same, so obvious choice next on the list was the fuse. Blown. All sorted I thought.

Indicators, horn and brake lights all work, but when I cancel my indicators I can hear what I presume to be the flasher unit clicking at a really fast rate.

Have any of you had similar problems and is it a case or just replacing the "turn signal relay".

  • Start to a new year. Helping out ;)

  • I've posted a pic of the switch. Think it might be full of crap.

  • Indicators do go odd with cold weather. Could try changing the flasher unit to rule it out. (Don't get the cheap ebay pattern ones as they vibrate to bits).

Can you replace the stock aero 750 shocks with vtx 1300 shocks without... — Honda Shadow Aero

Can you replace the stock aero 750 shocks with vtx 1300 shocks without modifications? I want to beef up the ride in the back for 2 up touring.

  • Thanks guys

  • Same here Larry, My wife and I are about the same weight and have never had any issues. The stock shocks are great!

  • Thanks guys

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Is that V&H Long Shots! Long time = Sweet Ride!

  • Thanks and no cobra low boy shotguns

  • Nice bike where did you get the front faring

  • thank you its a tsykayu

Hey all need a little advice changed the cct s removed tank both cam covers air... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hey all, need a little advice, changed the cct's, removed tank, both cam covers, air box, radiators, carb's and front fairings, checked timing on front and back all okay, put it all back together, and it fired up okay and will idle ok, test drive: all okay at first, after a mile at a junction while in 1st or 2nd at low rpm it started to stumble and woulnt rev out, it slowly picked up and perfect again, temp was at half way, any ideas on what would cause the stumble? And should it be so hot?

  • it is fuel related; check the fuel tank breathing tube that isn't blocked or kinked anywhere.

  • Thanks everyone, John Hepburn was spot on, i had the vacuum hose on the bottom of the fuel tap, switched to the back and problem solved.

  • A happy ending for everyone, now where's that cigarette?

Can the cable connection be replaced separately the nut has disintergrated so... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Can the cable connection be replaced separately?..the nut has disintergrated so have had to cut it off...if I take it apart can the bolt/stud be replaced....if not...anyone got a good starter for sale?

  • I had the same problem. carefully cut the 6mm nut with a junior hacksaw at an angle across a flat until you can pop it open with a screwdriver blade. Clean the stud with a die. Get a cable lug for 16mm cable with a 6mm hole from your car spares (or electrical wholesaler) The only difficult bit will be crimping the lug without the proper tool, if you know a sparky they might be able to help. When its all back together don't bother putting the rubber hood over it, just bury it in silicon sealant.

  • I found Stephen's solution Robert Hagemann. ;)

  • Yes, thanks Jay, but did Stephen Austin also repleace his terminalbolt, because he only " cleaned the stud with a die"

    If he repleaced the bolt what bolt did he used, please come in Stephen Austin :-) :-) :-)

what is the easiest way to check for cct failure — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

what is the easiest way to check for cct failure?

  • That's what happened to me on my old one and I had I only had it 1 month!! I was riding to work one dark murky nov morning on a rural road at 6.30am and it made like a clattering noise ( nuts n bolts in a washing machine) and just stopped...completely..stopped.... Head Cylinder shagged and all valves bent full blown CCT boom! I bought an almost new one off a breaker using www.gissit.com for £90 complete with all valves/hubby did the work = job done! phewww, potential engine wrecker and if you don't have the know how = cosatfrgginpacket

  • If the engine rattled and died you will have damage on the valves, probably front head exhaust valves if lucky. If not lucky the inlet valves are bent as well and in the worst case you will have damage to piston and bearings. (not common though)

  • had mine done at 40,000klms. Make sure its TDC before pulling out.

In desperate need of a new chain and rear sprocket for my postie Please let me... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

In desperate need of a new chain and rear sprocket for my postie. Please let me know if you can help. (:

  • Try a honda dealer !

  • Probably will mate. Just wanted to see if I could pick some up cheaper first.

  • Have you had a look at Brookys motorcycle spares. They carry multiple spares.

My 2010 Aero all bobbed out. Almost done and ready for the summer — Honda Shadow Aero

My 2010 Aero all bobbed out. Almost done and ready for the summer!

  • My bars are 12". Anything more than that and you'd have to extend clutch/brake cables. Didn't want to deal with doing that. 12" is more than enough.

  • Sorry, meant the seat. lol

  • Oh lol. Yep. 13". The 15" is too wide and the overhang looks stupid.

The date s wrong This was actually this past November Toy run for Christmas... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

The date's wrong. This was actually this past November. Toy run for Christmas in the name of a dear friend who died riding.

  • Hey Jennifer Kent I'm looking at $2800 to $3000 if I advertise or $2500 if someone wants it locally. It's well worth that. You have to see this bike.

  • Harry Randy Buford is it a Spirit? Color? Like I said, I'll keep an ear to the ground.

  • Yes Jenifer Jennifer Kent its a Spirit...black.

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

just picked up my parts from the painter

  • the fairing i got it on sale for $550 plus $200 for the stereo system then $500 for the paint job but the paint job is all the pieces in the pics. the fairing can be had for cheaper depending on how and what you want it to look and act like. i recommend buying them with out the radio system and getting your own as you will have a better system than what comes with it and come out cheaper if you have a black bike its even cheaper check them out heres a link and good news they are still on sale http://www.tsukayu.com

  • K thanks man

  • no problem.

Simon McGennan added 10 photos to January 18, 2014 in Honda Shadow Spirit/Ace/Aero Riders. — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

This is my 1993 "Made In The USA" VT1100c , mini apes new chrome mini risers, cobra exhaust , relocated to the front forks (standard fitting on rear) clear LED indicators . chrome radiator cover and leather saddle bags , only ridden on the weekend (because the rest of the time its 12 hours a day in the truck)


Honda owners club if anyone needs one — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Honda owners club if anyone needs one

  • I've already mentioned to them how they use www.parcels2go.com and how MyHermes are usually the cheapest tracked and signed I sent my Sheoi lid to Durham this week for £4.95 and it only cost £5 to send the seat so it is generally up to 20kgs from around 4-5kgs it comes out around £6 ,under 4kgs is usually around £3.95 but add 85p for signature..

  • So you can't really over charge on postage or I would say "get to fkc"

  • Power bronze screens suck ass. I've got one that nearly fits...

Photos from Tracy Mckie Peart's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Come to momma, Shoei Qwest Tc 1 Bloodflow..it's not my B'day until next week, but treated myself and it streamlines perfectly to the bike and the seat... Gold Visors for it cost a bloody fortune! I'm using a source in the US to see if he can get me 1 and ship it' gift' to avoid customs charges!!! Failing that, I'll have to dig deep! Cos I think the Gold visor will work so well following on with the colours of the bike.. I was told the 'DARK TINT & ALL Iridium visors are NOT road legal! They do not not let enough of the natural light! I rode with a dark tinted visors for years and not once was I pulled up on my bike.. Anyone here EVER been stopped for their visor? I mean....Come on!!

  • I've always used dark tint visors Tracy, and they were just stamped 'daylight use only' If I knew I was going to be out later I carried a clear visor tucked inside my leathers. Never fitted it though and never had trouble from plod! Now I have a silver mirrored Visor, and to be honest I think that is the last thing QLD plod will be locking me up for!!!

  • That's my thoughts EXACTLY Craig Andrew and I too wore a Dark Visor all the time on my other Shoei and never had a pcikin of bother, and yes, If we knew were going to be out late, we'd carry clear ones in the bag... I think they just have to make you aware that they could potentially' get you pulled'.... The cheapest pin lock Gold Visor I can find is £70 or £15 in the US where they're made!!

  • I know Jeff Mushty Whitham I once rode home with visor open for about 2 miles, needless to say, I look like a 'countess' with Mascara all over my face when I got back ha ha

  • I am buying a Gold one anyway,( well hubby said he would for my b'day) but it's whether I HAVE to spend a blooby bomb on it or whether my friend in the US can come up trumps for me ..He's looking into it..

Hello My new to me ride is an 08 Aero 750 Looking to improve sound and... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello, My "new" (to me) ride is an '08 Aero 750. Looking to improve sound and performance...I know the holesaw mod is one method, but has anybody tried slip-on mufflers? I'm retired and can't see spending $400-plus on new pipes....thanks.

  • Christopher, Skip, Wojciech, and Steve...Thanks for your comments. It's great having this page to go to for input from other Aero owners, and thank you again for your comments, they really helped me with insights. And yes, I love the Aero. The first time I sat on it, it fit as though it was made specifically for me, and the ride is awesome. So far, I've installed a windshield from National Cycle...same as I did on my 600. I think I'll go with the holesaw mod like I did with the 600 and re jet if needed. Also will look at seats, thanks for this idea. One other thing will be highway bars. That'll be it for this year. Oh, one more thing...neighbors are awesome, so thankfully I don't have to kill 'em! Seriously, thanks again guys...

  • well I spent 15 bucks and cut out my baffles on my 2013, real nice improvement, nice low rumble. I noticed a difference. no proformance lose that I noticed.

  • Thanks!

I got to test my rad fan today 111 degrees F 45 min ride fan came on as I... — Honda Shadow Aero

I got to test my rad fan today, 111 degrees F, 45 min ride fan came on as I pulled into my driveway.

  • Like you, mine generally only comes on when I stop after riding for a while in the heat. I think the only time it ever came on while riding was when I was just creeping along in stop and go traffic on the asphalt in 95 - 100 degree weather with about 2,000 other bikes in D.C. a few years back. It comes on so infrequently that its kind of reassuring to see that it is working properly.

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  • wonderful color combo beautiful paint

  • Thank you

Hey Scooter Gal when are you starting your tour — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey Scooter Gal when are you starting your tour?

  • I'm already two months in. Done Vic and Tassie - heading to can erra next week then the adventure travel film festival in Bright. Then west from there.

  • Www.postienotes.com.au

  • Cool, thanks. Met someone at the Chiang Mai HU meeting who had spoken to you at a meet in Oz.

  • Ain't it a small world.

Test fit for new lower fairings — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Test fit for new lower fairings

  • Hahahaaa. I have seen your 2 race bikes and there is one thing that makes them stand out.....the yellow. I bet they wouldn't be near as powerful without it. :)

  • I`m going off you fast Jay !

  • Hahahaaa!!! ;)

Hey guys it looks as though I ve occasionally got petrol coming out of the... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey guys, it looks as though I've occasionally got petrol coming out of the petrol overflow, as if the bike is flooded, but it's not.. no running issues at all, and only seems to happen occasionally. Any thoughts as to why that might be the case?

  • sticky float needle. a new needle and seat and spring should do the trick.

  • It only had a new needle about 6 months ago at most, still think it's worth replacing?

  • Float level to high ?

  • Could be something stuck in the needle valve seat. Take it off and blast with carb cleaner.

  • It's a postie, it's only marking its territory :)

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • That's one piece of art! Nice!

  • Thanks to Lyle Wayne Nolan, and Elco Verhulst

  • Spettacolo

— Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

  • Cobras , mini apes and now with clear(l.e.d.) indicators relocated to the forks, more pics soon

  • Hi Simon. Did you have to re jet the bike for the Cobras ?

  • No , these pipes still have baffles; although im told they are loud, cant hear um much under my helmet ha ha ha , Btw there is one thing ,they do make checking the oil when the engine is hot a little tricky as the front pipe takes a different route to the original, that said you could always try "slip ons" if your engine pipes are still nice?

Anyone doing Custom Pipes — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anyone doing Custom Pipes?

I have a '07 SS750

  • I've got Road Burner straight shots on mine. Sounds good. 05 750

  • not looking for aftermarket , looking for full on custom built , have exhaust flanges to fit 2" od tube

  • Talk to a friend of mine. Tubby Tim customs. Tell him Brendan sent you. He can do pretty decent custom exhausts around $200.

    (630) 618-6938

My 2011 Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

My 2011 Aero!!!

  • Nice bike Laurie, have a 2011 Aero myself, same color, so I am kinda partial to this bike. Keep putting on extras and make it your own dream ride.

  • It's my first bike since I just got my license last spring but it's a nice one to ride! I am really happy with it and slowly adding extras!! Can't wait till the snow disappears!

  • I have a 2012 that looks just like that...I love it! Mine has the removable windshield as well.

My 2012 Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

My 2012 Aero

  • My 04 looks very similar.!! Nice ride

  • Nice looking bike josh Josh Hethcoat

  • Thanks man

Photos from Trent Scott's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Front end is on just waiting for a new 17" rim to turn up

  • What's the front end off? Looks good

  • It's of a 150 pit bike hence the small wheel

  • Sweet, the head stems the same length? It certainly looks sweet, look forward to seeing it all finished mate

  • No had to machine new one up

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

  • FinBro 125. Made in Thailand, running a 26mm Mikuni 115mm main jet with a K&N HighFlow air filter. Pulling sprocket size of 15T x 42T, Getting a fairly easy 100kph and very good acceleration to 80kph.

  • What sort of price are you looking at for one of these mate? If you don't mind me asking.

  • Hi Jordan, my motor was 9500 Thai baht plus another 1000 for the 26mm Mikuni. Best to contact the company directly.

Any one with the ES auto trans. Got an error code and wouldn t shift into gear — Honda Rancher Forum

... Any one with the ES auto trans.. Got an error code and wouldn't shift into gear.. 2 slow dashes and 4 fast.. Anyone ever have that issue?

  • U ant gunna tell me I cant when I done did it before kid

  • And on another note udk what people have so beforw u aay a stupid comment like that know ya facts kid

  • So don't blame me when I know my facts, that is precisely what the mechanic at the Honda shop told me when mine screwed up. Just because you change wheels and tires adjust your brakes and check the oil doesn't make your statement credible. You don't know everything, kid!

Photos from Steve Kay's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I’m back, why is it that three of the four nuts come off ok and the last one is always the one that’s a right git to get off! Half a tin of WD40 later and carefully working it back and forward it’s off with no stud damaged. Had a dry day yesterday so I remove the header pipes for a much needed cleanup and found two blow holes in the welded section, better buy some gas for the mig welder and sort that out and remove the labyrinth of excess pipe work that’s in there too on the outlet to the right hand side for the link pipe!

  • Donald Gunn Funny you should mention the outlets, just done mine today, all trimmed back with no restrictions in there now. Going to be interesting getting it setup again, going to weld a couple of O2 sensor bung's on the down pipes ready for the re-jetting.

  • I have a set of Metwrench tools. They will take off any nut.

  • you need a can of 'Freeze your Nuts Off' works wonders!!

I have a Travelcade sp seat on my VF1100C The thing may be comfortable but... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I have a Travelcade(sp) seat on my VF1100C. The thing may be comfortable, but it's just not my style. Any Corbin seat owners out there? And what are the drawbacks and benefits of this seat, besides looking better than stock and WAY better than the Travelcade! I was looking for a Mustang seat, but it seems they don't make them for this bike anymore, at least what I find online.

  • well i own the big boy V65 , and i have a corbin on mine , ive never ridden the v65c model, so not sure on the ride position/comfort, but i can tell you this, i love my corbin, "IF" there was 1 thing to consider getting a corbin it would be that the corbins tend to start out stiff, but a short time in the saddle and the corbin conforms very nice, plenty of good support, i have put 22k miles on mine so far and have no complaints ;)

  • I have the V65 so that is what I need the opinions on. Funny story; I first had an '85 V45 and loved that bike. My church pastor at the time ,Travis, had a V65 Magna(we were riding partners along with another guy who rode a CX650 Turbo and ZX10). Travis was 6 foot 8 inches tall, and he was always complaining about how cramped he was. I sold the V45 for $3500 and bought his V65 for $2800! Travis then bought a Suzuki Madura.Every time we went riding, he was always wanting to ride his old Magna because he was so afraid of either running out of gas. I think it was because the Madura was even more uncomfortable for him!

  • i have the v65 S model, i sure they are pretty much the same !?, ether way, if your looking for a good seat, try the corbin, depending on how/where you ride, you can call them and have the Foam density matched to your style/weight , i love my corbin, good luck on your choice ;)