What tyres are we running through this constant rain — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

What tyres are we running through this constant rain?

Im on pilot roads bought from m&p at £145 a pair

  • I started using Pirelli Angel ST''s about 6 years ago and love them. They have never let me down. Whenever I get a new bike I change to the Angels at the first opportunity. But to be honest, I accept that I only use a fraction of the tyres capabilities. The tyre question always brings out a lot of strong opinions but there is no right or wrong answer. The best bike tyres are the ones that give the bike rider the most confidence on his or her particular machine in whatever conditions he or she is riding.

  • Well put. No such thing as a bad tyre really thesedays. Unless they are 2ply nylon.

Early Days — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Early Days.

  • Look up look up!

  • You dont have Harley gear on

  • Hes wearing a Harley Hat

Has anybody had any relibility issues. In particular with the FA8 — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Has anybody had any relibility issues? In particular with the FA8.

  • Spoke to Honda Farnham

    Finally a diagnosis of throttle position sensor. A snip at £1300+ vat as Honda only sell it as a whole entity with throttle bodies.

    Off to the breakers for me!

  • Thanks for the uplift Adam

Well my bike made it home before I did I get out of rehab today Can t wait to... — Honda Shadow Aero

Well, my bike made it home before I did. I get out of rehab today. Can't wait to get home and figure out what my new normal is. Gotta check the bike and see what it'll take to get us fixed up. Sounds like my leg took the hit and the bike isn't too bad. I'll post pics later.

  • Still praying for you & your wife Bruce...love your attitude about things. Please keep us posted :)

  • There is a system called a Linked Braking System - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C ombined_braking_system

  • No fluid leaks, so I had to see if it would start. Fired right up, just smelled a little flooded. Tires are up, need to see if the wheels are true or warped. But that'll be when I've healed some more. When I feel up to it, I'll start taking off the damaged stuff and get a closer look for any damage that might be hidden.

    Mary had a rough day pain wise, mine comes and goes, phantom pains are the worst for me. Thanks for the help and concern.

Photos from Kevin Crum's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Hey everyone I have a 2004 Honda Shadow 750, I selling ,a awesome bike just going bigger, she won two trophies already, I live in Walterboro , SC, If Anyone Close enough looking for a nice ride , Get back with me. then i'll give ya my number.


Photos from Kevin Crum's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Hey everyone I have a 2004 Honda Shadow 750, I selling ,a awesome bike just going bigger, she won two trophies already, I live in Walterboro , SC, If Anyone Close enough looking for a nice ride , Get back with me. then i'll give ya my number.


Anybody know where I can find a 2002 VT750DC yellow OEM replacement fuel tank... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anybody know where I can find a 2002 VT750DC yellow OEM replacement fuel tank for a reasonable price?

  • Philadelphia cycle center

  • Thanks Kyle Wilkinson.

    And a great site too.

    Looking forward to stalking their inventory. Lol

  • There is one on Ebay with a dent that looks easy to fix

Here is my 98 aero — Honda Shadow Aero

Here is my 98 aero.

  • I have a 2000 yellow and black with cobra pipes. Very similar otherwise Nice looking bike Lyle.

  • I have also ...

  • nice bike I have a 99

Has any one here done a fork swap on their bike non thumpster import to give... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Has any one here done a fork swap on their bike (non thumpster / import) to give it a little more clearence? if so what donor bike did it come off?

  • I used cm250 forks ,just changed main center bold, early honda xl / sl, early yamaha yz 80 etc ,are straight bolt in

  • Rx 115 yamaha what price

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

  • ah, the new progressive springs.

  • how does that work? what exactly hit the ground first?

  • I think I landed on the back wheel first, the bottom of the drain was concrete

  • wow

  • Holy crap that was a big hit to do that sort of damage to the bike & looks like a broken ankle as well

Photos from Jaron Ransley's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Turns out this wasn't to best short cut to take, waiting till I can stand up without crutches to see what the damage is to the postie.

  • well you had a good go at it ,,owchies!

  • Haha Evil Ransley!! try to build a ramp next time.... btw i have Honda xl 185 shocks on the back very firm :)

  • A true Crusty Postie Demon. Both will ride again. I hope.

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Took my baffles out

  • I want help getting mine done, i'll find a local riding buddy who knows mechanics to help me ~ Im not a miss fix it lol Not putting HonDa bikes down, but our bikes to me its not worth spending 100's on getting new Cobra or Hines pipes put on our bikes, so YES get the baffles done on your stock pipes why not?! :) They sound great Adam vroom zoom

  • It took me about 45 min to remove them

  • I agree. Baffles out sounds awesome. And thanks, but I'll spend the $500 on something else to trick out my ride...

Photos from Chris Barnes's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I'm entering a photo contest. It due tonight and I'm stuck between these two pictures. Help me please! I know it's not a normal post but I trust people who ride VTRs decision more then anyone else which one should I use?!

  • left

  • Thanks guys! I ended up submitting the one on the right. So far he's already sent me an email needing proof of ownership of the knife. Lol he said "no one takes pictures like that with there cell phone. To confirm ownership please send verification with the knife next to your face." Lol

  • right one :) goood!

Brian Gillis shared a link to the group: Honda Rebel Riders. — Honda Rebel Riders

Here's a great story with pics...long distance travel on a REBEL

  • That is awesome!

  • Well worth the read! that was awesome.

  • He stopped in my town! Temecula, California

  • Wonderful story, wonderful pictures...thumbs up

  • Wow... a dreamed trip! I hope to cross my country on my Rebel Clon!

Hey don t forget our up coming spectacular live music great food and a special... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey don't forget our up coming spectacular live music great food and a special venue "The Austrian Club" Special prizes and it meant as a family day so bring ya favorite girl, wife, sister, sock sorter or ya mum. Kids welcome as well

There will be a Postie bike prize.


— Honda Shadow Aero

  • Does that cup holder work well? I'm thinking about getting one, it that a kruzer kaddy one?

  • Yea I got it at a bike rally

Anyone know of a good website to get bike routes from — Honda Shadow Aero

Anyone know of a good website to get bike routes from?

I'm looking for maps or something I can download into my phone GPS.

Appreciate the help.

Too cold to ride, but thought I'd get ready for the spring.

  • Many state tourism sites now have popular bike routes on then that can be downloaded.

  • Craig, search out America Rides Maps on FB and like their site.....more than you will ever need.....

latest from mario — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

latest from mario

Hello Adam.

Today I spoke with Maurizio's previous boss, the one with he had problems.

He's a client of mines (PC and software stuff).

I asked him to NOT to trash Maurizio's molds and tools. I told him I need to repair my bike (little lie).

So I hope, if he's (the boss) a gentleman, we can get back all we need to build more fairings.

Yes, sure you can place my pics on your facebook page. I appreciate. I used to su much "famous" on the net years ago that I was the first result on google search.

If you really have some other riders interested I could persuade Maurizio to find out a place to build fairings again.

As I wrote you he used to build in the factory where he worked. (boats builder and other fiberglass stuff)

Have a nice day.

Mario Nava

  • I'd be interested in a full set of carbon fairings.

  • Any one want to deliver a set to australia? :)

  • I dont know anyone else with firstorms but I would have a set in an instant!

Photos from Joe-Annette Sprouse's post — Honda 350x

1986 350x big bore with Dura blue extended axle , nice tires and wheels has DG pipe, k&n air filter. head light guard, skid plate and chain protector. 6 speed, lights hi and low works, Choke works as it should. Shes very fast. Its geared for the woods now but comes with another sprocket for top end if desired. also included are the original exhaust, original axle, another body and rear fenders. also extra front wheel and tire. for sale $3200 I've had her for 5 to 6 years and hate to sell, but need the money. selling everything together if someone wants to go back stock with it. Thxs! I'm in WNC

  • No one wanted to part the bike out we wanted the extra parts

  • Well good thing I bout a sled! My 350x isn't gonna move!!!

  • ^

Photos from Andrew Hillier's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Some more pics of my twin engined vtr1000f cinquecento. Will post a video with sound as soon as I can

  • Awesome!

  • Beast I swear I started the cinqy grass track racing off . I had a cinq my 1st car in 2001 and I went to watch the racing at Radford and I had loads of people going on about my car saying it would make a good track car and about 6 months after everyone started racing them :-)

  • You could well of done Barry Rich. They make excellent autograss cars in class 7. They are small and light. Take the back seats out and put a big engine or 2 in there lol

My 02 Shadow Spirit VT750DC with Willie and Max bags Mustang seat inverted... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

My '02 Shadow Spirit VT750DC with Willie and Max bags, Mustang seat, inverted risers, Factory Pro stage 3 jet kit (after this wknd), custom (by me) exhaust, bean box (snorkel) mod, 4° timing mod, and so much more customization to come.

(Don't have the bags anymore but the rest is the same.)

  • Foreever

— HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

  • share mo link sir para makit an pud nato diri

  • Nag celfone rko. Search lng xr125l muffler.

  • maganda yung arrow na muffler..kaso bawal ang mga loud pipes..baka mamaya papatayin ako dito ni digong..hahaha

Which clan are you from remembering that we all Scottish or want to be Scottish — Honda Shadow Aero

Which clan are you from remembering that we all Scottish or want to be Scottish! ?

Go for it Shadow owners!

  • Know I've got a bit of Scottish, a lot of Irish, bit of English and a good bit of German but no idea what Clans. Is there one called Mutt?

  • Clan Semple on my mothers side...

Tracy Mckie Peart shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hang on yer panties ladies & Gents, this is what I ended up ordering as thought "ah feck it,we're only here once" ..I did speak to a lovely lady called 'Sam' and she gave me 10% off total for Front & Rear Disc Bolts.. This price is JUST for front dics..She said they provide the highest standard quality to Moto3 Moto2 and are trying to get a foot in the door of MotoGP..

Excellent items, made by themselves and they do bolts for every part! Good god, like i need an excuse! If you want a whole set, or are buying a few (or bulk orders) items, then she'd be happy to look at a discount for you guys and gals.. I personally think they'd looked the mutts on my new Wavy discs on Gold wheels and I think hubby will know I have won Craig Andrew competition ha ha

  • Bet they'll look the dogs on my gold Powdered wheels though n new wavy discs!!! eeek, it's like xmas and it's my b'day next week!

  • Tracy Mckie Peart. I bet your all excited and can't wait like a little kid as I would be lol

  • Yep, just odered my new Gold Visor for my lid and disgusted it cost £70 EVERYWHERE, not even in the US,where Shoei stuf comes from,was it any cheaper! tis done now. I emailed Sam and asked her how much for the calliper pins and fork bolts etc..

Anyone here turn the risers around — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anyone here turn the risers around?

  • I was just thinking about this myself. probably depends on what kind of risers you have on how much it effects bar position though.

  • I have factory still. I turned them last year and it put me about two-three inches forward and I can feel more road bumps, but I got used to it.

  • I did that. Turned my stock riders around so they pull up instead of back. It's a more aggressive stance. Gives more control over the bike, in my opinion. A little higher and a little more forward. Just right. Thought about putting 1" riser extensions, but why mess with perfection, right?

  • risers*

For everyone interested and asking about mario nava fairings — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

For everyone interested and asking about mario nava fairings.

Message from the man himself.

Hello Adam.I am sorry but at the moment we can't build fairings.Maurizio, my friend (the builder) had to quit his old job (too much troubles in getting paid).So he lost the space and the tools he used to build, in spare time, the fairings.Relationship between him and the boss did not quit "smoothly". Molds and other stuff have been left there.I hope Maurizio got the chance to get there and pick up everything otherwise all is lost.I sent him a message to ask if he has news about this matter.

  • Message him telling him I will go and get them for him.

    I will also leave a horse head in the boss bed

  • I feel another firestorm tour coming on lol

Still working on it — Honda Rebel Riders

Still working on it

  • Where did you get your pipes or were they on it when you got it?

  • The straight pipes were on it. Lots of room to do what you want. I thought about some short pipes

  • Yea the shorties look real good on a bobber sweet ride non the less.

  • Thanks!

  • '87 Rebel 450

David Andreski added 2 photos to Untitled Album in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

could not find a honda that i liked

went with this 05 yamaha 1700 roadstar midnight silverado

honda should have made a bigger shadow

  • Honda honestly has nothing at the moment that I would "move into"... they dropped the ball

  • The Stateline cruisers are too stretched out, the new Valkyrie looks like it belongs in a Batman movie, give us a nice cruiser!

  • looks like the only way im going to be riding Honda when im done this one.. is if I can find an older model Valkyrie with low mileage lol

Photos from Gonzalo Bocchi's post — Honda Rebel Riders

Hi everybody! I have not a real Rebel. I have a chinese clone that looks almost equal.

My byke is called Motomel Rider and it's assembled in Argentina.

This is the picture of my bike, tell me what do you think.


  • Beautiful!

  • Yes, it's really close! Same engine, same pipes, someone told me that is a copy of the Australian Rebel (because of the top of the cylinders).. I really have no idea about Australian Rebels, but i really see few differences between mine and a real Rebel.

  • Really beautiful

On Jan 12 my wife and I were hit on our Aero She suffered compound fractures... — Honda Shadow Aero

On Jan 12, my wife and I were hit on our Aero. She suffered compound fractures of the right tin/fib and has a rod in her lower leg. I had to have my right leg amputated above the knee. Eventually we'll be fine. But the fate of my bike is unknown at this time. Insurance has a hold on it, don't know if I can get it back or what.

Watch out for idiots in SUVs. Everyone ride safe and enjoy.

  • In my prayers

  • sorry to hear about your accident; first get yourself & your wife built back up (healing, rehab, getting fitted for a prosthetic); after that your riding can continue thru creative methods...first is to assess whether you can manually shift; if you can & if your bike is salvageable, it can receive a trike conversion; if not there are several brands of maxiscooters that can be considered...I'll list them here, but first a sidebar comment about perceptions; buck off anyone who would belittle you for riding a scooter! riding is riding! I dabble in both venues...my '06 shadow aero 750 & a 125cc scooter and I have very few bad interactions with riders; back to scooter recommendations:

    (adaptable with trike kits)...Yamaha majesty 400cc, Honda silverwing 600cc, Suzuki burgman 400cc or 650cc, ?BMW 600cc & 650cc?

    (reverse trike scooters that lean like a motorcycle, but lock the wheels upright when parked)...piaggio mp3 250cc, 400cc, or 500cc

    whatever you eventually decide, recover and get well!

  • My bike made it home before I did. It survived surprisingly well. Looked it over when I got home yesterday. Saddlebags, seat, tank, crash bars, fairing, trunk, right side cover, breather assembly, all trashed. Paid me $4K for it. For those that don't understand why I was worried about the bike, I'm the kind of person that needs something to do. Bolt ons are something I can do between my home therapy and trips to Dr's and rehab. As I have said, my wife and I will be fine eventually. Just some lifestyle adjustments that we'll have to make.

    Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers and get well wishes. They are greatly appreciated.

Attachment Unavailable — Hero Honda Karizma


Tour type: 125cc & above motorcycle tour

Duration: 2 Days | 1 Night

Schedule ride dates: Sat, 25th & Sun,26th JAN’14

Start | End: Panvel | Panvel

Total distance: 500km

Route: Panvel – NH17 –Mahad – Raigad – Poladpur- Pratapgad - Panvel

Itinerary (subject to change)*

Day 1

Route: Panvel (Take away Snacks Corner) – NH17 – Mahad – Raigad – Poladpur -250kms

0700hrs: Reporting & briefing at Take away Snacks Corner, NH4 naka, Panvel

0715hrs: Start of ride on NH17 after breakfast

1200-1500hrs: Break for lunch at Hotel Balaji,Poladpur( Hotel Check In)

2000hrs: End of ride after visit to Raigad Fort.

Day 2

Route: Poladpur- Pratapgad - Panvel -250kms

0730hrs: Reporting and briefing at hotel

0830hrs: Start of ride after breakfast

1200-1500hrs: Lunch at Pratapgad Fort

1800hrs: End of ride at Panvel (Take away Snacks Corner)

PACKAGE 1 Price: INR 1999 = INR 1999.00 per person

(same price for rider & pillion)

Price inclusive of:

• 2breakfast, 2 Lunch & 1 dinner( Unlimited Food and Starters)

• Twin & three sharing accommodation(Tent or Cottage accommodation as per choice)

• Mechanic

• First- aid kit with necessary medicines

• Support vehicle with Leisure Routes staff

• Tour guides

• T-shirt & stickers

• Unforgettable memory for the all life!!

• Rope way

Price exclusive of:

• Alcohol

• Tips

• Motorcycle & fuel

For Further Details Please Contact Us:

Team Leisure Routes Pvt Ltd

Call: +91 9821271607 | +91 9920399898 | +91 9594307907

Email: leisureroute@gmail.com

Visit us on: https://www.facebook.com/event s/1446870242201531/


Tyre Pressure Sensor. 2 pc. 32 PSI Rs 350 — Hero Honda Karizma

Tyre Pressure Sensor (2 pc) 32 PSI - Rs 350

Shop @ http://gadgetstuff.in/

http://gadgetstuff.in/collecti ons/motorcycle-accesories/prod ucts/tyre-pressure-sensor-2-pc

Getting some air in your tyres can save your life and will also Increase you Mileage & Tire Durability. Tyre Pressure Sensor helps you know your current tyre pressure instantly .


When you're good to go, the indicator in the clear plastic-sight glass will be entirely green. However, if tire pressure drops 2-3 psi or less, a yellow indicator & red indicator will appears in your wheel valves, letting you know to check up on your tires.


- Green shows that tire pressure is normal.

- Yellow shows that the pressure is insufficient about 10%.

- Red alerts you that the pressure is insufficient by at least 25%.


- Remove the car / bikes original black valve cap

- Screw this new pressure cap tightly onto the valve stem

- Check out the color regularly to know whether your tire pressure is normal or not.


I just registered another domainname v shirtz com so now i have to built... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I just registered another domainname: v-shirtz.com :-) so now i have to built a website in order to start promo of Vtwin t shirts for VTR's, SP's, TL's, SV's , Duc's .....except Harley's hahahahaha

  • Tracy, i can arange a latex one for you :-)

  • EEKK! latex is a bugger, have to 'talc it up' ha ha

  • I own several domain names for one of my businesses ( all pointing to same server) using 123-reg as they're brilliant, and I have access to a fantastic local web designer back home who gives local businesses 2K discounts through local council grants if they are based in the NE.I designed my own and had my up and running when I needed a new web master as mine did a bunk yrs ago. Some do that! There are some great incentives here in the UK bu a lot of ppl are afraid to take the leap and try.

Did somebody take down my post from yesterday I don t see it and never got an... — Honda Shadow Aero

Did somebody take down my post from yesterday? I don't see it and never got an answer...

  • Gus; My Hero2 makes pics in the JPEG format, and movies in the MPEG4 format….

  • John and Chris, Thanks very much for your input....sounds like maybe I should have gotten a Hero2...the Adixxion was on sale so I went for it. Gonna try to call JVC today and see what their tech support has to say. Thanks again for the inputs...

  • Good Luck. I like my Hero2, but feel the menu and buttons could be better; maybe they are in the Hero3. But I like where the mobile cameras are going, it's been a long time coming. Now for a compact, affordable FLIR system to spot those pesky deer at night and I might ride in the dark again. We are living in great times for technology to make riding safer and more fun.

Photos from Rob Cuffling's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

New Givi touring screen fitted tonight . Its 19cm taller than the standard, but as I found out can only be fitted in the lower position {which gains you 15cm ,as the slots are 4cm apart } as in full lock the mirror stems foul on the screen , which also inhibits the ability to use the steering lock.

I don't like looking through a screen or I would have bought a G-Wing ;-) I just need a bit less wind noise , to hear the intercom better at high speeds , and the sat-nav sat on the back ,telling me that I've missed the turning :-O

  • Here you are Rob Cuffling, the arrows show the screws you remove. Then lift out the brackets and use a slightly over sized metal drill bit to elongate the holes, then when refitting, screw in the two lower screws first, then loosely fit the top two crews then pull / tilt screen forwards toward the front of bike as you tighten all 4, that mod along with spacers in the top two actual screen mounting screws gives you ample clearance ;-)

  • Top man Colin Clark :-) I could easily manage that if needs be .

  • Had the bike out in the daylight today, to have a proper look at the screen .Very nice apart from the miniature dog that is embossed onto the screen ;-)

So it shouldn t look like this then — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

So it shouldn't look like this then

  • Cleaned it off. Gave it a really good spray with our stripping it down, (wishful thinking) but no joy. Still the same. Gonna have to chance it to get to work today then strip it down tomorrow when I'm off.

  • Could be wiring issue

    Have you checked the bulb an is it clean where you screw/push it in

  • all the bulbs are working so not even looked at them. im gonna strip it down tomorrow and check all the connections and bulbs now ;)