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Lookin for info guys — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Lookin for info guys.....

Put new cans on the bike and got out for a spin today. Sounds great but pops and bangs hugely when I shut throttle, especially at low revs. Is this a norm for twins wheu u change cans. They are purpose built scorpion cans for the storm. And are the pops unburnt fuel????

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  • If you can covers look like this you have it

  • The pairs system is there for emissions purposes, get it removed and blanked off, it should give you a couple of bhp boost as well.

  • Most after-market exhaust systems lack a proper sealing joint from the header pipes to the mufflers (unlike the Honda OEM that have a sealing gasket) causing the popping you are describing. In such case use some copper based RTV silicone between the header pipes and the link to the mufflers. Another cause is lean pilot circuit which is common for Honda bikes. There is a proper tool to open the adjustment screws; and I suggest you try different openings while adjusting your idle to 1100RPM - 1200RPM. My set-up is like yours and my pilot screws are open 3 turns for front and 3 1/4 for the rear.

A hearty welcome to all our new members. Enjoy — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

A hearty welcome to all our new members. Enjoy

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  • What brand and size of radials are the two of you running? Thom- I grew up in Lafayette, Oregon. It's between McMinneville and Newberg.

  • i am still running the stock rear shock, and yes it holds air fine, there is a guy over at v4 muscle bike forums that sells a modded up shock for the sabre, only problem i had, as i said, is the spring rate couldnt handle 2 up, plus the weight of the bike, so i went back to stock, the modd added some adjust-ability,hence why i tried it, im running a 110/80/18 up front, and a 140/80/17 avon av46, its the only radial i can find that fits, and by going to a 80 instead of a 90 profile, its lowered the bike a little, which for me worked out great ;)

  • oh, and the front is a Avon Storm ST 2 Ultra AV55, but there are a few other brands for the front Tyre ;)

Ok guys. any suggestions on how I get the lower head bearing seat of the shaft — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Ok guys...any suggestions on how I get the lower head bearing seat of the shaft.....heat?..tried prying it off but wont budge....

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  • Its ok...sorted now..thanks everyone

  • How'd you do it then Nick ?? :D

  • Done it Nigel's way...with a hacksaw....I aint got a grinder or a welder...

Honda 1985 200x Part Out. All parts are off of a good running bike — Honda 350x

Honda 1985 200x Part Out. All parts are off of a good running bike.

All Part Do Not Include Shipping In The Price!!!!

I will ship and deal via pay pal. Giving y’all the first chance before the stuff goes on eBay. Let me know soon. My number is 1.870.612.4792 for fastest response.


• Air box and carb boot-$25

• Full DG exhaust-$100

• Rear brake rotor-$10

• Complete working rear brake assembly-$120

• Complete working front brake assembly-$80

• Swing arm-$20

• Rear axle-$80

• Triple trees-$20

• Front forks $60

• Throttle with cable-$15

• Kick Start-$20

• CDI-$20

• Wiring Harness-$10

• Clutch lever with cable-$10

• Front hub-$10

• Rear hubs (both)-$40

• Rear and front sprocket-$20

• Skid plate-$10

• Clutches with basket-$20

• Sprocket/chain guard-$25

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  • .

  • Still got about everything left

Steve Thompson shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

Looking at the snow blowing past the window today, this classic Arlo song with a new story he added a few years back seemed appropriate

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  • Or, if you prefer one of the earlier "classic" versions: Sorry if you're not an Arlo fan, I'm just suffering from a little PMSS (Post Motorcycle Season Syndrome)

Getting ready to ride — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Getting ready to ride.

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  • Travvis Stayton the lager windsheild helps. The system is a 100 watts

  • Nice. I have a windshield similar. I've been wanting music though and have come across this setup a few times online but didn't know if it was worth it. Thanks!

  • I got this one on Amazom ,there a two a 100 watt and 250 watts

Photos from Muthu Kumar Kanakachalam's post — Hero Honda CD 100

Tomas Räumschüssel much you love your Hero Honda Cd 100!!!

Here is my HH CD100 1985...restored a year ago to absolute Stock Glory

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  • classic restoration work, really nice

  • if you can please elaborate on the cost occurred for this build, and was it done from the scatch?

  • super

I need both side covers for a 1983 v65 vf1100c — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I need both side covers for a 1983 v65 vf1100c

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  • Sorry for the delay guys. I am now unpacked in the house. The shop is almost ready. I've been delayed by doctor appointments and medical issues. I promise they will be out by the end of the month. When are taxes due????Time for an extension!

  • Chad Frederick no they are not interchangeable.

  • :( lol

Tomas Räumschüssel changed the privacy setting of Hero Honda CD 100 from Public to Closed. — Hero Honda CD 100

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  • Actually there is one bike for sale here in my place in scrap condition,i need to check whether it is made in japan engine or indian engine

  • Didn't japanese engines have an inscription on it's side that said "made in japan"?

  • k i will check it out

Photos from Tomas Räumschüssel's post — Hero Honda CD 100

These are from my first bike journey ever. When I bought my cd100 It had 35.000 km on the clock. But it still had a lot to give.

This first bike trip was to San Luis (remember I'm from Argentina) which is nearly 800 km from where I lived at the time.

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  • Here in India this was sold in the name of Hero Honda SS Sleek.

  • Kashyap Nps over there is also a sleek zoom the pic and see .its also a sleek.peace .

  • Valentino Raymond Rodrigues read my comment I said its a Sleek as sold in India.

    Not sure if it was sold as CD100 else where as I did not find Sleek in its stickering.

— Hero Honda CD 100

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  • It is a calender pic tomas

  • I have this one set as wallpaper right now.

  • Esta es la misma que tengo yo, un fierraso y desde hace 18 años sigue con su nobleza...

We are the 4th of February and i m still driving my Mk1 daily in Brussels — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

We are the 4th of February and i'm still driving my Mk1 daily in Brussels :) This is insane :)

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  • Looks like this winter is going to one of the mildest since records began, its also tipped to be one of the wettest as well.

  • I guess we have to thank Mister CO2 and Co for this ;)

  • Its great!

    No tests or training days cancelled this year so far.

My little bike ct110 big ported head 26 mill carby ct 200 front and rear... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

My little bike ct110, big ported head , 26 mill carby, ct 200 front and rear , stainless exhaust, disk break, manual clutch,

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  • I found I couldn't get enough air to my 26mm Mikuni with the standard filter. Went to a K&N high flow and modified the original air box to accept it.

  • I have no problem at all cut out the steel box under the rack

  • Yeah, even with the back completely off the airibox it wasn't getting enough air through the foam, however my motor is slightly larger as well.

Does anyone know just a thought but can you is it possible to clean Titanium — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Does anyone know, just a thought, but can you/is it possible to clean Titanium? as in clean it up? I know ordinary polish doesn't work but thought is there something specific you need to clean Titanium? I'd love to give my cans more than a chamois can offer lol...

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  • We have all air tools/ polishing materials for all polishing including my beautiful parts that are either highly or mirror polished,thinking I'll just stick to my old way. I've got 20 micro fibre cloths for finishing polishing bits by hand when hubby's done with the air tools/ sander etc etc n I also use Mr sheen or pledge with micro cloths on wheels wipes off crap in a flash! ..the normal polishing is tip top mirror or excellent..

  • I use the wd40 on my titanium cans, and it works perfect!

  • Why the hell polish titanium ???????

In the process of sorting the rear out on my storm has anyone fitted one of the... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

In the process of sorting the rear out on my storm, has anyone fitted one of the £20 LED integrated tail lights from China? I know there's a black area when it comes to MOT's with these but I'm not too concerned with that. Ta

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  • if you use them and the plod are behind you during daylight hours, use arm signals, which ae quite legal, at night just ride forwards lol, hyperthetically of course, I would never advocate misleading our fine fun spoilers, sorry I mean peace officers :P

  • As long as an E is imprinted in the unit, you're fine in Europe.

  • Or an ABM (approved by me)

anyone use Shell Rotella T 15w 40 oil in their bike the JASO MA for wet clutch... — Honda Shadow Aero

anyone use Shell Rotella T 15w-40 oil in their bike? the JASO MA for wet clutch compatibility was tested and the rating is shown on the back of the bottle; $7 for a quart of conventional motorcycle oil is ridiculous! Shell Rotella T is @ $13 per gallon at Walmart; thanks

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  • I heard that T6 is really good. Me myself I use castrol power rs full synthetic 10w50 with a Mobil One filter and I change my oil about 3-5times a season

  • I have been using the Rotella T6 for a few years now and have been very pleased. The Rotella T 15W-40 is cheaper, but is not a true synthetic like Rotella T6. Because our oil also lubricates and cools our transmissions, we have to be careful of additives that can create havoc there, especially Molybdenum which is added to auto oils to improve fuel efficiency, but can screw up your clutch big time. I think the Rotella 15W-40 is moly-free, but formulas and labeling requirements are always changing, so a little more research might be in order. Also the 15W can make the engine harder to turn over if you ride in cold weather like we do here. But if you are in warm weather and you change at regular inter intervals, probably will be okay. For me, I agree with Josh. Spending a few extra dollars a year is worth it for the peace of mind & knowing your engine is protected. This is a big topic of debate in some circles, but I think that if you use a good moly-free oil and CHANGE IT REGULARLY, you and your bike (especially a Honda) will be happy for a long time. If you are really interested, here's a good overview of oil and oil additives for motorcycles: l

  • Guys, I've been reading this with great interest. This is really good info. Thanks.

Photos from Christopher Ebarb II's post — Honda Rancher Forum

Added 2" High Lifter Lift and HMF Utility series Exhaust. Bike did awsome at the High Lifter park yesterday.

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  • How do you like the pipe?

  • I love it dude, not too loud when cruising around on a trail but when you pour the fuel to her everyone within a half a mile knows.

  • Hahaha that's sick that's what I'm lookin for

Pauline Lewis fast orange Storm up for sale 17 000 miles Manual CCTs finned... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Pauline Lewis fast orange 'Storm up for sale... 17,000 miles. Manual CCTs & finned reg rec, YTX14 (bigger) battery. Factory cans, not the Blueflames in the pic. Its had an odd occasional misfire opening up. Absolutely fine at full revs. It's had the carbs stripped twice, once by me, once by a mechanic, coils swapped for known good, new Iridium Plugs. Just hesitates for a moment as you roll on if you've shut the throttle from wide open. Once through it she goes like the clappers. So - the bottom line is, if you are interested, price would be £1,400 - we need to recoup the money we borrowed buying the ER6F - let me know your thoughts...

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  • I see no reason why you shouldn't get that all day long :)

Hi everyone looks like we are running our ride in August this year we will be... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hi everyone looks like we are running our ride in August this year we will be leaving from Mackay and finishing in Mackay we are yet to lock the route in but it will be 7 day ride again we will be riding the area that the RACQ CQ rescue helicopter services which is a 200km radius of Mackay but we will be just going just out side there boundaries so I guess I need to know who is keen so I can start to get numbers I'm hoping for 25 plus people this year. Oh yer and the ride will be call POSTIE BIKE SAFARI PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES 2014 so who's keen!!!!

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  • is there a facebook page or other website about it. I'

  • disreguard, just found it...

Hello there I have a 125 Rebel am currently working on hoping to have it up and... — Honda Rebel Riders

Hello there, I have a 125 Rebel am currently working on hoping to have it up and running soon but wondering if anyone would have a work shop manual on the bike or know were I could get one.

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  • Have fun fixing her up :)

  • Although I own a 125 rebel, I've only managed to find a cmx250 workshop manual. Almost everything is the same, exept for engine and gear ratio specs. Let me know if you would need it

  • Thanks Stefano that's great to know, guys will post a few pics of the bike in a few days. I have had this bike a few years and only getting around to getting it fixing it up now, hope to be ready for the road this summer.

Need a new back tyre Any recommendations has to be a good tyre for touring... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Need a new back tyre. Any recommendations, has to be a good tyre for touring, going to France in May and then heading into Belgium.

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  • i have Michelin pilot road 3

  • Michelin Pilot Road 4

  • Pirelli Angel GT. Excellent, even in wet conditions.

Photos from Bruce Stewart's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Not too bad, considering.

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  • Frame looks good so far, need to take off the neck cover and look closer there. Forks are straight, handlebars are straight. All lights are untouched, levers are both good. Mostly the add ons are what got trashed. Needs a breather assembly, side cover, a footbrake pedal, tank and rider foot pegs.

  • I still have my stock pipes and breather assembly. Shoot me a message (after things calm down, of course) if you're interested.

  • That brake lever can be straightened out, how do I know? Well I dumped mine a couple of years ago and it bent pretty bad, I didn't have money to buy a new one, so I dug out a pipe wrench and bent it back into shape. Is it perfect? No, but it has been working for the last 2 years. If you need the front foot pegs let me know I have a set laying around.

Photos from Robin Thomas's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Stopping power for mountains.

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  • Sean Alcorn and AN DY, I have another person expressing interest in having a kit put together as well. AN DY, I didn't get your PM? I think you have to "Friend" me first?

  • For people wanting to have a go themselves here's what was used on my bike. Honda Scoopy hub, disc and speedo cable. Hub was laced to the original rim with new spokes. Original axle is used. Yamaha Mio caliper and Brembo brake lever with master cylinder. Nylon spacers and hand crafted brackets. You can probably use other bits if these aren't available.

  • Should be in your "other" messages. Option for friend requesting isn't present on your page.

Photos from Raymond J. Milot's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

My V65 and his little brother V45 - restore almost complete. Clutch shaft leak on the V45 - keyhole or teflon? Have both. Both bikes less than 7k original miles - thrilled with how they came out.

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  • Awesome! Thanks Thom!

  • I got lost in the site....411 overload!

  • Teflon didnt work for me either on clutch slave - keyhole method it is - seems to have worked just fine

I ve noticed while looking at a lot of 350x s mostly 85 s a lot of them have... — Honda 350x

I've noticed while looking at a lot of 350x's(mostly 85's) a lot of them have a repair spot on the frame above the left foot peg behind the engine. Was this a common problem with the 85's only or both 85 and 86 models? did they do anything to the 86 frames to fix the problem? Any other weak spots in the frame to check out when looking at one? Thanks

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  • the point is i was telling the guy the 87 frame wouldve been reinforced even more than the 86. u dont need to be a prick

  • sorry, i just thought you were going to start in on the 87......

  • Steve Brown we do need ur negativity here 87 were produced and sold lets keep it at that lol....................................

Photos from Kevin Hooks's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Here's my

2002 Honda Shadow Spirit SS750DC. Custom paint (8 Month Project).

Hardtail, 4" forward controls, V&H Short Shots, Thunder Manufacturing Stage 3 jets, custom air cleaner w/K&N filter, 12" Dennis Kirk apes, aftermarket headlight, mirrors, turn signals (all with LED), brake light, custom solo seat, chopped rear fender, Purple LED accent lighting.

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  • Thanks. Y'all!

  • That's a sweet ride!

  • Awesome

Buyer backed out so my leftover parts are back up for sale Seat and passenger... — Honda Shadow Aero

Buyer backed out so my leftover parts are back up for sale. Seat and passenger seat, stock rear shocks, front foot pegs, saddlebags with mounting brackets. All parts are in new condition off 2010 Aero with 3,000 miles. Everything is for sale, best offer and will ship.

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  • What parts do you have left? Looking for a shield and sissy bar. I know you said you sold the bar, but was this the buyer that backed out.

  • Jo Ann Willman What size of windshield are you looking for? I also might have a sissy bar/w pad to sell.

  • Not sure of size will have to ask hubby when he gets in. All I know is he wants a full size shield. Do you have pics of the bar and pad?

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

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  • Love it.

  • Where do you put your feet? Between the frame and the engines? Would be hot. How hard is it to change gear?

    Any more pics? :D

  • Fantastic piece of art. I cant see it being functional, but looks great.

OK so Im really hating the ES system I took shift motor off cleaned greased... — Honda Rancher Forum


OK so Im really hating the ES system.. I took shift motor off. cleaned.. greased the shift gears since they were dry, made sure all connections were greased. Saturday I took it out.. I could ride handle bar deep for hours and never an issue. I take it on some dry trails and run it hard and 15-20 min later it wont shift.. Sometimes it threw a code..sometimes it didnt.. I ended up stuck in a hole because it wouldnt shift from neutral.. Just ordered new shift motor/bank sensor and shift tool to force it.. not sure what else it could be? Read on a forum that the onboard computer could be bad..Anyone else have thoughts or suggestions? Next step is to light it on fire and walk away if these repairs fail.. LOL!

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  • And I know whats done to ma bike. I tell yall the little so ya think u got something

  • Never backed out fat ass I dont wanna take baby bike home woth me.

  • Join canam Polaris smack talk that shit gets surious which I own a Honda and a brute force so Yeah