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kelan lng ba sir ang xr 125 l sa pinas ? unti plang nakikita ko nka ganito . plan to buy din . unti ipon lng . pero wla pa ako idea kung anu klase motor to ? anu mssbe nyo ba mga sir tungkol sa enduro bike na to ? about fuel, performance etc.

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  • standard ang taas yan sir pag nilalabas nila, pa adjust mo nalang po sa mekaniko na kakilala mo yan din o kasi ginagawa nang karamihan

  • mas maganda kasi kung mga mekaniko mismo ng honda bka kasi pg sa tabi2 e mgkaron ng kung ano

  • di gagalawin ng honda crew ang unit kung hindi sa standards ng honda mismo...kaya kung may babaguhin kayo, sa isang trusted mechanic niyo ipagawa.

Need to pick some more brains if poss is it possible that a bike first sold... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Need to pick some more brains if poss... is it possible that a bike first sold outside the UK would have clocks showing MPH? I have a second storm that I bought last year with the intention of tidying up and selling.. after i pinched a few bits for my bike first. This said bike has 21k on the clocks which is less than half of whats on mine but going by the log book the bike was first registered in the UK in 2008 so I am assuming clock change... I'm trying to find ways to make my mind up on whether it is actually a lower mileage bike or not because one of the bikes has to go so must decide on which one to keep :-s

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  • Dean Hall is right It might be worth seeing if u can get any info from dvla

  • Quite a few were bought in Europe and brought back to UK - Grey Imports. Some would have had the clocks changed to MPH. When I took mine to Australia I needed to fit KPH clocks which were readily available on UK eBay, probably removed off grey imports.

  • I bought my vtr in California with mph and brought it to spain and as strict as they are in mot I did not have to convert to kph,only had to make the turn indicators not be on all the time???

Photos from Britt Cain's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Can anyone help me determine if the synchronization adjusters on these VF700S carbs are as they should be? Where the spring loaded adjusting screws are, there is play that allows one set of carbs to operate well before the other. It seems like each pair should be firmly linked together rather than there being "slack" between them. Should there be springs on either side of the surface that the screw sets against? If so, perhaps these were forgotten during a carb cleaning by a previous owner?

I found the 2nd picture on an Interceptor forum and it shows two springs per screw, and that makes more sense to me than what I currently have....

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  • Yay for Sears Hardware! They had springs in just the right diameter - just had to cut them to length. The carb assembly is working as expected now. Will install it on the motor this weekend and hopefully hear it purring for the first time. Thanks for the help guys.

  • Installed.

  • thats great Britt, my only concern would be the coil strength ??, not sure if it should matter, , and im sure if it does, maybe Dave Dodge will know !??

Hello everybloody bit of advice is what i m after if poss Main fuse keeps... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hello everybloody... bit of advice is what i'm after if poss... Main fuse keeps blowing on my bike. Ignition off, fit new 30 amp fuse.. reconnect electric plug and instant blow. Bike had been fine with no signs of electrical trouble until battery went flat (bike just parked up for couple months) a few weeks ago... or atleast it was a few weeks ago when I realised battery was flat. Charged battery over night, next day turn key and had ignition... was turning the bike over for only seconds... bike started to fire (bike cold and not started in a while) and then everything went dead. Was wondering if anyone knew of any particular problems that can cause this... was hoping there was something I could go straight too before I make a meal of things and start pulling the bike apart . Cheers :-)

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  • Cheers Rob de Hoo I will have a proper look on ebay a bit later... will get a finned one but will just look for as cheap as possible, selling the bike so just want to get her running.

  • They are on ebay for £7.99 if u can wait a couple of weeks for delivery

  • Thanks Gary Postans For that price I can wait :-) My bike is on the road... need the reg for a second bike that I bought late last year to sell on but at the moment I'm trying to make my mind up which bike to sell and which to keep.. either way I have to swap a few parts around between the 2 bikes plus do a little work so it be a week or 2 before either one is ready to sell.

Now I really don t know why the Honda Magna Saber gets a bad rap about the cams — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Now I really don't know why the Honda Magna/Saber gets a bad rap about the cams. I myself personally have never come upon one with bad cams. Oil Starvation is what everyone speaks of. And we all know about the famous oil feed kit. My first 1985 v65 had close to 52k on the speedo when I sold it. My second one I bought with 45K on the speedo and the cams had very little pitting. My current one has 32k on it and no pitting. I do plan on being safe and put a oil kit on, but does anyone have a personal experience with oil starvation to the top end????

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  • Guess I better find some '85 cams. Shoot I still have the engine from the '83 V65. And the '84 is the one I am restoring. My '85 Magna wasn't as quick as the '83. And what's funny is that i had a friend that had a Vmax. We actually compared rides, taking turns on each bike. We both agreed that the '83 was quicker than the Vmax. But I could tell you the '85 wasn't. Could have been a carb synchro issue, colder plugs, etc. But the '83 just plain kicked butt! And if you have a Magna that is ridden under 3k rpm, is that really considered riding???LOL

  • the earlier bikes had more HP, come mid 80's they tuned down the horse power in favor of Emissions :( , if you have no ware on any of the lobes on all the cams, you dont need to replace them, their is a oil line mod kit for sale that helps this issue, depending on which 1 you go with(their are a few different types) they start around 150.00bucks ;)

  • Oh I know Thom. But I've never seen the need for one on my Magnas, which why I posted the question. Of course, I usually keep my rpms up over 3k too!

Photos from Chris Robinson's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello from Southern Illinois. I need some advice. I just paid off my 07 today and am ready to begin the transformation from stock to rock. I've already replaced the seat because the stock seat had been chewed up by dogs (previous owners bad, not mine). The next thing that has to go is the stock handlebars. I've always liked ape hangers and love the way they look on Aeros. Obvious issues here are risers and replacing the cables. From what I've measured sitting on the bike, I can go up to about 20" from the surface of the triple tree before it gets above my shoulders. For risers, I want something simple, probably about 4" rise, no crazy twists or designs and no pullback. I've narrowed risers down to 2 options. Option 1 is the drag bar kit from Blue Collar Bobbers (because it comes with plain jane risers and a 1" drag bar, and I can just roll with that setup until I can really afford new cables & some bars that I really like). Option 2 is the Baron riser adapter. This is only the nuts and bolts that run through the triple tree but they allow you to run pretty much any Harley riser, which in turn allows you to go with most any 1" Harley bar. Does anyone out there have any experience with either of these? Does anyone know of any other risers or adapters I may have overlooked? Also, I'm not dead set on going the full 20" from the tree but I'm not ruling it out either. Can anyone tell me how far off the tree you can go before you absolutely have to replace the cables? Any help/input/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • You got a good deal then

  • Just saying there are plenty of options depending on your budget and what you want

  • I ended up going with a set of 4" Paughco risers and 16" NYC Choppers Nice Curves apes

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • Ya that's a great seat

  • I got it late in the season last year so I havent got to ride with it much, but so far so good. It has a gel insert for the rider but I make no promises for a passenger.

  • I don't think my wife would like it.

Insurance paid us more for the bike than we paid for it. and we kept the bike — Honda Shadow Aero

Insurance paid us more for the bike than we paid for it......and we kept the bike.

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  • someone going shopping?

  • Only for a few parts, bike wasn't really hurt. Trashed my add ons, but rider foot pegs and an airbox would have it back on the road. I'll have to see how stable I feel when I get my prosthetic leg to know if I can ride it again.

Lambda motorcycles helped a customer with his custom Postie — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Lambda motorcycles helped a customer with his custom Postie !

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  • What's the turbo off ?

  • Saw this on ebay a while back! Did it ever get running??

  • when we got it from the customer- it had wheels motor & frame that's it- 9 hours later- wiring chain & sprockets carbie & throttle tube- oil pump drive & clutch running gear & a muffler she was ready to ride- the wiring was not easy as there really is next to do where to put it.

I m considering a higher windshield on my mk1 but which one to choose Pueg... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

I'm considering a higher windshield on my mk1 but which one to choose ? Pueg, Givi, Mra... They are all kind of costly peaces of plastics so any feedback would be much appreciated... ps : i'm 6.2 tall / 1.88m.

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  • anyway I'll tomorrow take a closer look to it but it stinks...

  • When I put a high screen on my NC700x the wind noise was awful. I like the low screen on my CBF as it keeps my head in clear air.

  • I just bought one large model from Cal Sci.. Should arrive to Belgium within 10 days... I'll keep you posted !

Joseph Scianablo shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

If your looking for a fairing or saddlebags. For your HARLEY, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki..

Check us out. I can include free shipping. And get you the best possible price.

Call me for any questions any time any day. Or email.


Nymotorcyclerepair@gmail .com

I am the main point of contact. I work exclusively with them for the last five years. I have installed thousands of there products there is no one who has more knowledge or installation experience. I travel to all the big bike rallies selling and installing there products. We will be at 405 main st Daytona this march. Stop in!

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    Whatsup Aeroheads Anyone ready to take a ride out near VA West Virginia way — Honda Shadow Aero

    Whatsup Aeroheads Anyone ready to take a ride out near VA, West Virginia way? I've got the itch and a road map.

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    • Mines still buried in the garage hibernating

    • Same here. Looking for mutual peer pressure

    • Leaving 5/3 for the Blue Ridge Pkwy and all the wonderful side rides. Sorry, only getting toTN this trip and I wanted to make sure I didn't find any icy surprises.

    just found the secret toolkit compartment on my 86 rebel — Honda Rebel Riders

    just found the secret toolkit compartment on my '86 rebel..

    i bought this bike used and ALL THE TOOLS WERE INSIDE!!

    now its time to time to adjust the suspension.. #winning

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    • Mi chinese Rebel clone, have it too. Under the seat.

    • Joey - i happen to like uummm.. 'stuff'

    • lol

    I have a ticking sound from my storms engine coming from the left front — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    I have a ticking sound from my storms engine, coming from the left front(ish) area. I only hear it under load. If I have it idling on the stand it doesn't do it. If I rev it, it doesn't do it. That's why I can't pinpoint where it's coming from. Any clues ???

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    • Haha. Thanks Francis. I thought that only worked for company cars.

    • Or company vans (I added a subwoofer :-))

    • moving or stationary as it may be drive chain hitting exhaust

    Mike Kontzoglou shared his photo to the group: Honda Rebel Riders. — Honda Rebel Riders

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    • everything you see is dated 88except the rear endings of the exhaust. the friand that did tha paintjob cleaned everything by hand and with his tools. i ll ask his what the tool is specificaly for this job and i ll post it

    • Yeah, the headers won't stay like that once you start riding...

    • the headers and some other parts were cleaned by hand with stain brush (the one wi usually use in the kitchen to scrub pots and pans) other parts with detailed sander

    I Have nothing but positive things to say things about the blind But if a... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    I Have nothing but positive things to say things about the blind. But if a person walks up to you with a cane, dark glasses and a seeing eye dog and asks to rent your boat. I would say no. Or this could happen. I hope nobody rented him a motorcycle. For what it is worth, the person driving this boat was not hurt.

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      Still have all of this left. Also have tons of 200x and other misc. 200 parts — Honda 350x

      Still have all of this left. Also have tons of 200x and other misc. 200 parts. 185s as well.

      All Parts Off of a Running and Driving 350x.

      Will ship and deal via paypal. What is not sold will go on eBay, ect.

      My number is 1.870.612.4792.

      All prices DO NOT include shipping.

      • Motor (runs and drives perfect, no smoke)-$600

      • Foot pegs-$30

      • Swing arm w/ good bearings and rear-end-$200

      • Throttle-$20

      • Clutch lever w/ cable-$30

      • Carb-$150

      • Triple trees-$20

      • Front forks-$50

      • Full exhaust (no holes or problems)-$200

      • Kick start lever-$20

      • Chain-$10

      • Rear sprocket-$10

      • Back rack (custom)-$50

      • Frame-$50

      • Seat-$100

      • Rear plastics (slight melted spot where exhaust is. Not completely melted through, can be refinished)-$130

      • Skid plate-$20

      • Brake rotor disk- $20

      • Front plastic-$40

      • Carb insulator-$25

      • Complete air box and carb boot-$40

      • Tail light-$15

      • Swing arm skid plate-$50

      • Headlight with no wires (basically where you put the light bulb in is gone. Has great glass and everything else)-$100

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      • Can't do that.

      • 10

      • I'll keep it for $10. Thanks though

      color code for yellow storm — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

      color code for yellow storm?

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      • Just take it to a paint shop they'll scan it for you job done :)

      • That works if they stock it,motorcycle paint shops should,but some might not if it's old n originally used with lead in it,they won't be able to as lead was banned in paints after some colours were done.. Worth checking out..

      • If your bike was painted after 1978 they'll be no lead in it :)

      Hello Everyone I have a 1999 Shadow Spirit 1100 I found that Roadburner makes... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

      Hello Everyone ! I have a 1999 Shadow Spirit 1100. I found that Roadburner makes a set of 2.5" Chrome pipes for this bike. I heard that Hard Krome and Road Burner are related. Question is: Do I or should I need to rejet the Carbs ? I really don't want to so if they need to be re jetted I might just go with the Cobra slash cut slip ons. There is not a lot of exhaust that will fit this model. There are a lot for Ace.



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        Here s a semi old photo of my NZ post kitted CT110 which was purchased through... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

        Here's a semi old photo of my NZ post kitted CT110 which was purchased through a NZ Post auction. They usually get them to do around 30k in mileage before they get flogged off.

        The Postie CT comes fully loaded and kitted out for some heavy haulage but I've taken all the luggage panniers off it as the original ones are all bunged up.

        I do believe they are getting some what harder to find as either NZ post stopped selling them or stopped selling them all kitted out.

        Just from visual experience I've gathered over the years, I reckon a late model Postie kitted CT will be the way to go rather than a brand new one. Nothing quite like a preloved postie ready to take on some more mileage!

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          Installed a pair for Bridestone BT30 s for my ride and it feels awesome — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

          Installed a pair for Bridestone BT30's for my ride and it feels riding confidence has increased positively compared to my previous old tire....adding to that we went on a road trip of 900kms last weekend, bike was turning off very frequently about more than 50 times during the entire trip, we dint know the reason and we had to ride the bike for about 800kms between 80 to 90kmph speed and if we exceeded it the bike stopped and backfired at times....completed the trip in a slow speed and took my bike to the mechanic yesterday.....he found that the fuel petcock valve had failed and it caused the fuel flow to stop when exceeding speeds above 90kmph and was the reason for the frequent a good lesson learnt for me.....but it was a great experience as I was riding in a different country with a faulty bike....

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            Hello guys and thanks giving permission to join the club — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

            Hello guys and thanks giving permission to join the club!

            i am a Japanese but living & riding CT110 in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam :D

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            • Hya & welcome

            • Cool, I'll be heading to Laos in a week. Are you going that way too?

            • thanks all. i had planned go Laos 1st week of Feb.with 2 another Japanese to ride. but i couldn't go there because i had customer here.

              They told me Laos is much more fantastic place than Vietnam.

            Have a question. Was thinking of putting on a goki starter on my 85 350x — Honda 350x

            Have a question. Was thinking of putting on a goki starter on my 85 350x. After my knee surgery I am having difficulty starting it. Just don't have the strength in right leg anymore. Do they hold up well?

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            • Had Goki starter on my x with 12:1 compression worked great for years, Sold it to Andrew Brown and he is still using it today. I think it was a great upgrade for the x, sure beats trying to kick it it on a steep hill or creek bank after you kill it!

            • That's good to know!

            • The goki is a great addition. Costs a little bit...but you really don't feel the weight.

            Have had the Biffa MK1 GT for 2 years 15k miles and still got the grin factor — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

            Have had the Biffa MK1 GT for 2 years 15k miles and still got the grin factor. They are not a head turner but still a very underrated bike.

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            • I do actually like the look of the Biffa, its just the bulk of UK riders seem to go for head down and arse up machines. In my opinion they are missing a trick......

            • Graham, Bryan was saying that there have been some reliability issues with the bike. Have you found any?

            • I have only had one issue, the stator (charging system) gave up last month. This was replaced under warranty at no cost to me. It is a known fault on the MK1 and Honda have extended the warranty to 7 years. The replacement part is upgraded so I shouldn't have any further problems. The MK2 does not have this issue.

            Got my new bike yesterday First ride into London today All good fun Had the... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

            Got my new bike yesterday. First ride into London today. All good fun. Had the dealer swap the crappy OEM BT057s for T30s. Seemed OK today and not even fully scrubbed in yet.

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            • Please elaborate on bmw driver..

            • Looking great !

            • Bryan, I was riding up the M3 in lane 3 in mid-December and the lovely chap in lane 2 decided to overtake the... umm... air in front of him and pull into lane 3... :-/ Fortunately I stayed on, but slid right up the right-hand side of his car and look his wing mirror off with my hand/clutch lever. I don't think there was a huge amount of damage to my bike (CBF1000 Mk 1), but the f**ktards at 4th Dimension put a £2000 estimate on it. I reckon it needed a new screen and clutch lever and probably not much else. The other party's insurer decided to write it off. :-( Still... new Mk 2 :-)

            why should I buy a CBF1000 — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

            why should I buy a CBF1000?

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            • Test ride them both. I agree the cbf is a bit of an armchair compared to the fz1 at about 40ish bhp under and may run out of steam if you want to revisit the adolesent years but it is silky smooth in comparison.

              It is a sensible grown up bike but also a wolf in sheeps fairing in the right hands. Stick her in 6th and she will pull like a train over any ground. Ring its neck and it wont disappoint on any bend, eats footpegs for breakfast.

              Older models have reliability issues and Honda are impossible to deal with.

              But when it works it works well.........

            • Dont know that I would win a motogymkhana on a big scooter (maybe on a little one!) but I know I can (and did) on the biffa.

            • Thanks for that, I currently ride a Yamaha FZ6 which is a great little bike. However, for my style of riding the torque is in the wrong place. Rode a 1250 Bandit, but for some unknown reason, I don't want one.

            How many people are interested in a fuel injection conversion for there vtr — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

            How many people are interested in a fuel injection conversion for there vtr. Including dyno mapped ecu and closed loop full time air fuel ratio correction wired into ecu (self tune) for different climates and altitudes? 10 to 20 hp gains . Fuel economy with lean cruise back to 5 litres per hundred km or 50mpg.

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            • Ok . Been doing a lot of calculations and speaking to other tuners. To get good idle control will run a set of 28 pound injectors(2) and for flat out full throttle high rpm a set of 60s. Basically the engine has a crank sensor but no cam sensor. So it does not know whrn it is tdc overlap ot tdc compression. I will be using batch fire injection and waste spark. At 10000 rpm engine turns 6 times per ms. Or a full cycle every 720 deg is 12 ms. We only see tdc as previous mentioned so injectors will fire every 360 degrees. Which means only have 6 ms per rev . Which will with the sixty pounders run around 3ms at wot and 3ms dead time. Or for sequential it would be 6ms out of 12. All it ensures is we get enough fuel in per cycle while still giving good dead time. Most people just use inj calculators but with high rpm batch fire it needs to be thought out. I have done the calcs and 28 lb will be good for quality idle qnd cruise and the 60s will cover uptop. With plenty of room to move. I will be using ls1 vy injectors as primarys and ev1 60 secondaries . Seimens most likely. If pulse width is where I am happy with I will leave it. If not I can go down to the earlier vt injectors on primaries or also step up to 80s on the secondaries or if it to much try 42 968 bosch. The beauty is there only is 2 of each . And ev1 injectors are very cheap and easy to swap over. Im confident the initial estimate will be very close

            • Hey Joel Prince, just a thought, will this injection system work (be able to be tuned) with previous mods like timing advancers?

            • Will do away with timing computer. Will use the 12 3 crank trigger. And run sequential without a cam sensor and will use map signal spikes to determine when its approaching tdc. Timing is controlled by ecu. And I have changed mind. Will use two id725 injectors with excellent low pulse width control in full sequential meaning smoother running from injector timing adjustments. And does away with staged. So to answer your question. No it should not change a thing. In saying that I have not installed one before. How are they installed. Do they replace the stock trigger wheel. If so it may effect crank trigger offset a little

            Been told my ticking sound could be from exhausts Apparently a leak could be... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

            Been told my ticking sound could be from exhausts? Apparently a leak could be the issue have recently changed them does this ring true with any of you peeps?

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            • I've got a couple of small air leaks on my exhaust, where the link pipe joins the headers. I get a ticking noise from there too. I've had it happen on another bike before too. Its just the gas pulsing at high pressure that causes the noise.

            • Think I'll take everything off use a bit more fire gum and put back together

            • If it's ticking at cold and gets better as it warms up, it could be tappets need adjusting/replacing.

              If it's a tiny ticking and as revs pick up you don't notice it, could be zorsts or cct/cam chain are worn and need replacing. I don't know the history on your bike so I can't reliably say if this is likely or not, but if it is a cct issue then I'd recommend not riding until it's fixed.

              If it IS the zorsts, using a thin piece of paper can be more reliable to check for blowing if you're like me and can't always feel the blow on your hands. Also thin bit of paper helps for getting between pipes and engine block, as sometimes it'll only blow out of one side of the join. Most likely place for zorsts to blow is from where the downpipes mount into the engine, but a little bit of gun gum on all the joints in the pipes won't hurt and will eliminate that as a factor.

            WELCOME TO THE REBEL FAMILY — Honda Rebel Riders



            this is my stock 1986 honda rebel 250

            1800 original miles.. i paid 1800 for it


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            • something like this..

            • Switching bars isn't bad it does no harm, but don't cut it up lol

            • That's my favorite tank design, and the chrome side covers look a lot better then the new style.