• every where I ride I get compliments on my 08 shadow today this guy asked what... — Honda Shadow Aero

    every where I ride I get compliments on my '08 shadow, today this guy asked what did I name her...hmm... he suggested Lord's Shadow...possible...but I'm leaning more toward Wind Chaser...any one else give thier Shadow a name?

    • Berta

    • Big Red

    • Sweet Pea

    Anyone have or use AAA for their bike. For 33 more a year I can add it — Honda Shadow Aero

    Anyone have or use AAA for their bike? For $33 more a year I can add it.

    • I've never used it for a bike but it's saved me when my car broke down. I would much rather have a rollback come get my bike then to try and lift it into a pickup.

    • and if you run out of gas lets say seeing how far you can go without filling up they'll send one of their minions out to give you a gallon or 2 of gas

    • yeah man, I have it. 100 mile tow for free!!! and they cover my boat if my car breaks down. they send a truck for my car and another for my trailer and boat

    • Check out Honda road riders association. They offer a membership, along with road side assistance. We were members of HRRA, as well as GWRRA, when I still had my 03 wing.

    My wife has a 2009 Aero 750 I just noticed that the brake light does not light... — Honda Shadow Aero

    My wife has a 2009 Aero 750. I just noticed that the brake light does not light with the rear brake pedal. I know with some older bikes, it was not unusual for only one brake to trigger the light. Should the rear brake on an Aero light the brake light?

    • Yes it should. There is an adjustment for it, its prob not set properly. right at the rear brake pedal, above it you should see a wire connection, follow it. you should find a "plunger" type piece. that is where u adjust it from. if u need a pic let me know

    • Thanks, I will check it out...

    • happy to help. I can take of mine if u need it, so u can find it easier

    • Found and adjusted the switch, works great now. Thanks for your help..

    • ANYTIME!!! RIDE ON!!!

    — Honda Rebel Riders

    • HEHE!! :)

    • Sorry if this offends anyone,,,,its just a shirt! :)

    • Love it!

    • Sweet love it !

    I thought you folks might appreciate this — Honda Rebel Riders

    I thought you folks might appreciate this. :)

    • Love it!

    • That's fantastic lol I've seen the Harley one before, but not Rebel :)

    • I would love to post it at my work but then why bother I am the only employee that even rides one to work. lol

    This is my 02 1100 love it — Honda Shadow Aero

    This is my 02 1100, love it!

    • LMAO Casey, I am a Blue Knight, a law enforcement motorcycle group, my friend with the police car is also a Blue Knight. He just finished detailing my bike for me. Thanks linda

    • Thats cool! I used to work for the sheriff dept. Now I'm in the EMS field and do armed security every now and then.

    • Lovely!

    I have a Aero 750 when I get in 5th gear and im going over 50 it seems more and... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I have a Aero 750, when I get in 5th gear and im going over 50, it seems more and more to be struggling to go fast, engine is revving real high and lots of vibrations and it doesn't really pick up that much. And I've only taken it up to like 70 or 80 but the speedometer goes up to 120! Starts to sound like the bike is gonna blow up! Is it just cause its only a 750 or do I have some tuning issues?

    • I must have an "ODD BALL" 750 Aero. I have no lose of power at all. And no problem getting to 100 MPh and beyond. Its actually kind of scarey how quick mine gets to 100 MPh

    • but you are not running stock

    • No, mine is not stock, but had no problems when it was stock. Other than the fuel tank issue, which I still have

    This is our new Aero. We LOVE her — Honda Shadow Aero

    This is our new Aero. We LOVE her!

    • Thanks guys! We have only had it a couple of weeks. We sold our Shadow Spirit and this has been a great upgrade! Ken, is yours a 1998 as well?

    • Yes.

    • Love it!!!

    Instead of telling someone who rides a motorcycle how dangerous it is Look... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Instead of telling someone who rides a motorcycle how dangerous it is ... Look twice before switching lanes, making turns, or pulling out of a drive way ... Stay on your side of the road, especially in corners ... Don't follow too closely ... Keep your eyes on the road and off your cell phones ... If you care about someone who rides a motorcycle, please re-post ...


    Hey Karl That s just a leisurely 3000km ride — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Hey Karl, That's just a leisurely 3000km ride. :)

    • at $5 bucks per 150km's, would be cheaper than the thieving mongrels are charging....would have to take a year off to get her down here though.....

    • Nah! 300km a day. Take a week off. Be a nice trip.

    • shit do 150 a day and injoy the ride .It would be great

    Mitchell Cope shared a link to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Heys all,

    Just letting you know i have recently wrecked 5 postie bikes and am in the process of listing all parts on ebay. If you need any part or even some advice feel free to contact me.

    Below is one of the listed items.

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBay ISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220822 985846&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX: IT

    Any questions contact me through facebook or send me a message through Ebay.

    REMEMBER,Mention you heard about this on facebook and i will give you a good deal $$$




    My 2000 Honda Shadow Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    My 2000 Honda Shadow Aero

    • Wow!!! Rob Blackburn your aero 1100 is very beautiful!!

    • I was reviewing some of the older photos on the Aero page, and those I liked and commented on all moved to the top of the page feed!

    • I've got the same bike but not as sweet YET!!!!

    I was talking with a friend of mine who lives in Venezuela and said that — Honda Shadow Aero

    I was talking with a friend of mine who lives in Venezuela, and said that

    the spokes of his 99 Shadow Aero are increasingly opaque.

    they don't shine as before. and I said it was due to years.

    I can tell you that in that country is too poor to get mechanical spare parts or accessories, what has been thinking about removing the spokes and send to chroming..... so, what do you think about that? and After assembly the Front and Rear Rim, will be as before?

    • I forgot to tell you, with the same spoke set.

    • In theory yes. I did it with a car once and it turned out ok.

    • Tie a rope around the hub with a larger then average knot.

    • I used 0000 steel wool on mine. It's the finest grade, and although it is time consuming, the results are great.

    • mothers polish with a foose ball worked on mine.

    My 05 Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    My '05 Aero

    • spelled that wrong I think

    • scheme, but so true

    • Thanks everyone. I can never decide whether I like it all dressed up for touring better or stripped of bags and shield. The guy that painted it did an amazing job. The red is candy apple and the white is crystal white pearl. I've never been able to really capture it in photos.

    — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    • So you got the bike then huh?

    • Next Wednesday!

    • Yea buddy!! We gonna ride then?

    • Oh yeah... for sure...

    • Wild Hogs! LOL

    My 09 Aero 750 Navarre Beach FL — Honda Shadow Aero

    My '09 Aero 750 - Navarre Beach FL

    • Janice, I had the same problem but i just kept working with the position of the saddle bags until i got the bolt to fasten.

    • Daniel and Steve .... thanks .... i really have enjoyed it so far.

    • Well thats what I sort of planned on for this next weekend. I never been very good at giving up Okay so Im a bit on the stubborn side lol. Thanks

    My 02 Aero 1100 — Honda Shadow Aero

    My '02 Aero 1100

    • Hey! Looks familiar! Black and chrome, black and chrome. I have a 2004 Aero 750 that's black and chrome, with a sissy bar and medium size soft saddlebags.

    Power port mod — Honda Shadow Aero

    Power port mod.

    • nice mod...

    • worked well today. I cant believe it was 100 degrees out. like driving in a furnace.

    • Very nice. Thanks for taking the time to post the video

    I have a question I have a 07 Honda Shadow Aero 750 When adjusting the pilot... — Honda Shadow Aero

    I have a question. I have a 07 Honda Shadow Aero 750. When adjusting the pilot screw or fuel mixture screw, whichever is the correct name for it, which way do I turn it to increase the fuel mixture? In or out?

    • But thanks for the fuel mixture screw tip! Ill just have to do some trial and error to get the right setting, I had removed half the exhaust and re-jetted the carburator, and removed the air cleaner snorkle, so im trying to get the right settings for peak performance.

    • And I got a low priced spike air cleaner kit that ill work on putting on to increase air flow, not sure how balanced it is.

    • My jetting kit recommended two full turns out with the screw. Of course, it depends on altitude and your jet size. Take your plugs out every so often and that will tell you how close you are. Any Chilton or Haynes manual for any car should have a set of color photos in the back showing what plugs should look like.

    Any1 got a MINT Condition 85 350x they wanta sell — Honda 350x

    Any1 got a MINT Condition 85 350x they wanta sell?

    • ok thanks. ya ive got all the seriouse breaks welded and patched, and i noticed one crack up bu my gas tank mount, on the right, ive got to get that one done

    • I've seen frames on ebay. :-)

    • thanks :)

    how many of u likes only karizma r — Hero Honda Karizma

    how many of u likes only karizma r

    • nikhil - read my comment correctly first..wat i wrote is the quality of mono shock we get in these small bikes aren't that gud like igrs shocks..cuz they doesn't make ride for pillion rider comfortable..ofcourse all big bikes has monoshocks but u can't compare those monoshocks with that of R15's n all..just don't misinterpret wat i wrote but get the meaning behind it wat i was saying..

    • me me me me

    • m also the one who likes it

    Nothing wrong with wearing construction hikers boots for riding right — Honda Shadow Aero

    Nothing wrong with wearing construction/hikers boots for riding, right?

    I've read up on all the motorcycle-specific styles of footwear, but when I was first gettin' geared up, amid all the costs, I was given a budget, and I ended up with a pair of construction-type brown leather boots from Walmart for $40 or $50. They have sturdy hard materials and cover my ankles, and that's all that really matters, right? the bulky textured rubber soles don't get in the way of my brakig and shifting.

    I guess I'm just wishing I had some black leather bike-specific boots. :-(

    • better than sneakers or dress shoes as far as I can see I wouldn'

    • t worry about boots. I use rossy work boots. Down here in Aus I see people riding in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops (Nuts).

    • sorry wrong spelling rossi I might get the motorcycle boot next tim

    — Honda Shadow Aero

    • Mine should be here today according to the tracking #.. I went with a pyle set. 69.00 so I guess we will see if they are any good..

    • Chris.....hopefully your speakers match. I received mine in march, with one broken, received a replacement, which doesn't match. Now I can't get them to fix their flaw. Very disappointed, and I ordered mine from shark themselves.

    • Where do you hang the "disco mirror ball" ?

    does Honda make any other size of the Aero I have a 02 1100cc but all I see is... — Honda Shadow Aero

    does Honda make any other size of the Aero? I have a 02 1100cc but all I see is a 75cc on here!

    • In 1995, Honda released the Shadow American Classic Edition, and this would be the precursor to the Aero. In 1998, Honda released the Shadow Aero only as the 1,100 cc, VT1100C3 model. Honda continued to produce the Honda Shadow Aero VT1100 until 2002. In 2003, the company decided to forgo the 1,100 cc size for a smaller 750 cc model. As of 2011, Honda continues to produce the Shadow Aero VT750C.

    • in 2000, Honda Shadow Sabre was introduced, based on the Honda VT1100 engine. The most notable feature was the front cast aluminum wheel.

      Some models used chain drive, but the shaft drive returned in 2004.. 2007 was the final year Honda made the Shadow Sabre.

    • In 2004, Honda discontinued the 750 ACE, and 750 Nighthawk in favor of the Shadow Aero VT750. The key difference between the 2004 Shadow Aero and these models was that the Shadow Aero used a quieter, smoother shaft-driven transmission.

    It s too hot in Ohio to wanna ride We all know Rebels are air cooled and it... — Honda Rebel Riders

    It's too hot in Ohio to wanna ride. :( We all know Rebels are air cooled and it surely won't cool properly when it is this hot. Besides I don't like feeling like I am getting blown with a heater when I am already hot.

    • yeah, I agree with you. I wanted water-cooled Rebels. I usually ride Rebel at nights in heat wave days.

    • or early mornings rides

    • Hey Misha...Where do you live that it is so hot?

    • near Dallas

    • Misha, I also live near Dallas....maybe we can ride sometime when I get my Rebel running again! I'm north of Dallas...

    looked at my bike all day trying to figure out where to mount a power port — Honda Shadow Aero

    looked at my bike all day trying to figure out where to mount a power port (aka cigarette lighter) finally drilled out the neck plate and now it looks like it came with the bike... gps.. phone.. ipod I'm good to go for a long trip again.

    • Post a picture please!

    • I'm looking to do the same. I'd like to see a photo too if you get a chance.

    • posted vid

    My Rebel 125 — Honda Rebel Riders

    My Rebel 125

    • honda 125 is very rare.

    • Not as rare as you think............. depends on what country you are thinking of ;)

    Has anyone tried the Pulsar plugs They are 15 a piece They are supposed to... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Has anyone tried the Pulsar plugs? They are $15 a piece. They are supposed to increase power. I have a jet kit, larger intake, and larger pipes. Was wondering if anyone tried them out yet? Really don't want to pay $60 for a scam.

    • Which plug do you use? The one the manual says for daily driving or the one for high speed riding? Would it help out enough to make it worth my time changing plugs everytime I do a long highway ride?

    • I use the iridium for every day riding, in city and highway.

    • You can get four packs of the NGK iridiums on e-bay. Think I got a set four $12.

    im new to honda rebel and in need to change oil what oil should i use to... — Honda Rebel Riders

    im new to honda rebel and in need to change oil. what oil should i use to change the oil filter?

    • 250 dont have oil. Filters thays why u have to change oil a lil more often.

    • I change mine every 4,000 miles you can clean the screen because there is no filter i just hit 24,000 miles in my 2009 this week and never a break down very good bike to have.

    • I use Amsoil

    • That is true that Rebel has no such oil filter. Just flush it and put new oil in. I changed it every 1,500 miles because I am motorcycle mechanic. I want to keep my bike engine clean as whistle.

    • Just watch out clutch disc.

    The wife and I wear full face helmets Just how am I to put two of these on... — Honda Shadow Aero

    The wife and I wear full face helmets. Just how am I to put two of these on this tiny helmet holder?

    • Use the master lock idea. I did it for over a year and had no problems.

    • We've been thinking of a cable and lock, like for a bicycle, put the cable through the face openings and then around the triple tree, or in our case the luggage rack. We keep thinking that some smartass kid could come along and just cut the nylon strap the the D ring is attached to. It would make the helmet unsuable, but they wouldn't care.

    • why not use a small cable wit eye loops.. run them through your helmets and lock them to the bike lock? you could just keep the cable there all the time.

    My 05 Aero — Honda Shadow Aero

    My 05 Aero

    • mine was jetted as to not blue the pipes, no windshield

    • are the cobra pipes comparable in sound to a harley

    • Yeah, they are not bad. They have no baffles of mufflers. Corba Drag Pipes

    — Honda Shadow Aero


    • Try eBay Tommy Nall

    • Honda actually makes a OEM rack to replace the rear seat. If you didn't know, the whole seat is actually two pieces bolted together. Or at least on the 2005 it is.

    Has anyone done the mod to the fuel tank filler of punching a hole in the side... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Has anyone done the mod to the fuel tank filler , of punching a hole in the side to allow the air to escape faster?

    • 1999 aero 1100c3.

    • yeah same bike no problem just wish I could get more go go juice in there

    • I think Lance, this is due to the newer Gen having the tank mounted speedo and the fuel filler beside it, like the Harley Sportsters. Ours are smack dab in the middle, so both sides are filled in unison.

    Vance and Hines Straight Shots installed today I love the way they look and... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Vance and Hines Straight Shots installed today. I love the way they look and they sound awesome! Tomorrow, Dynojet Jet Kit.

    • Kristy, that would be great! Check out meetup.com and look for Delaware County Motorcycle Riders. We do lots of awesome rides and social events. Where do you live?

    • I live Kennett/work in West Chester. I am a member of that MeetUp but haven't been to any rides yet. Maybe we can meet up at one some time! Stay in touch:)

    • Great! Looking forward to meeting you and riding :)