Question ano pa ba ang tindahan nang mga rider s accessories maliban sa Moto... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Question, ano pa ba ang tindahan nang mga rider's accessories maliban sa Moto Mart? Pumunta ako kanina doon sa libis, buti nalang sale ang LS2 helmets, I got it for P1,500 each. pero iyong ibang items ginto ang presyo. Pagbinili mo lahat, mahal pa sa motorsiklo natin. hehehe For example, leather gloves P3,800/pair. Riding boots P9,000/pair. Jacket P15,000 - P39,000. Backrider support P28,000 Brake lever P22,000 etc... Wala ba iyong marami kang makikitang mga accessories para sa rider pero di ginto ang presyo? It does not matter kung walang brand? :)

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  • Pwede kaya credit card dun sa store sa Manila?

  • sige Jet, minsan punta tayo. :)

  • he do shipping, contakin nio lng cya cash lng po dun sir...

Ok lng b i apply ang Armor All even s metal parts ng motor like gas tank rims... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Ok lng b i-apply ang Armor All even s metal parts ng motor like gas tank, rims & engine?

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  • maganda ang t. wax sir yung hard shell or yung ice...tag 400+ ang presyo pero good for 6months...di nababasa ang motor, madudulas lang ang tubig..haha..isang pahid shine agad..basta microfiber towel lang gamitin..

  • Pagxure mo uy, kawaton na atoa motr ana hehe asa PD ta makalit ana mga sir

  • nabibili ang wax sa mga ace lang ako nakakita ng t.wax ice..

Sir s anong position ng choke ng motor natin na lilito lang sa paliwanag ng... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Sir's, anong position ng choke ng motor natin? na lilito lang sa paliwanag ng mech.. ano ba ang tamang setting nya?

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  • Pag medyo mtagal n di nagagamit ung motor e npapanis ung gas s linya kya minsan di agad magstart, pag itinaas mo n ung choke e papasok s system ung fresh gas pra mapastart sya,

  • maidagdag lang sa sinabi ni sir arvin, off mo nalang yung fuel valve kung matagal na tatambay ang motor..

  • mga sir, sa akin hindi ko ginagamit ang choke need lang wag papalit ng gasolina. para hindi mgkakaroon ng carbon ang spark plug.

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • same with mine had to redrill holes to fit under tail light

  • Looks wicked at night with the light shining down on it doesn't it

  • to bad the eyes don't light for brake and turn

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • Oh yeah, that's even better, cool as hell

  • There are many poor quality knock offs on the market. There are the high quality originals

  • so where are the high quality originals from?

Photos from Leeanne Mills's post — Honda Shadow Aero

My boy parked away for winter. Wanted to share new master cylinder & air cleaner cover. Skull mirrors and skulls front (on headlamp) and back (around my plate) as well as new Vance & Hines blacked out short shots (stage 2). Waiting for spring

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  • very good. from where did you get them?

  • Blacked out v & h pipes look good!

  • Thank you Matthew! The exhaust sounds fantastic!

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • verry nice

  • Nice ride.. What's the screens brand? An American Cycle maybe?

  • libaneis

Ok VTR brain boxes went on a very long ride on Sunday motorway and country... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Ok VTR brain boxes :) went on a very long ride on Sunday,motorway and country roads,whilst on the motorway thou doing reasonable speed :) my throttle hand was vibrating so much i lost the feel of it...not a good thing at speeds is it really, had to stop at services.Now its only that hand,does anyone else have this problem? i also think my bike has been dropped at some stage due to scratches i've found after cleaning him up etc, forks are fine,nothings loose.any ideas?

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  • Yes i did do that last w.end. . I will get use to it. I love my bike its just a minop problem

  • It's not just VTR's that do it, my GPZ900 used to do it as well. VTR's are going to be prone to it though with being big twins.

  • Mm yes the twins are great lol

Malas naman wala palang butas yun stock na handle bar natin bumili ako ng hand... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Malas naman wala palang butas yun stock na handle bar natin bumili ako ng hand guard hindi ko tuloy nailagay need ko pa mag palalit ng may butas na handle... inis much :)

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  • ako sana kaya lang walang butas yun HB ko :( ... pa post naman ng pics mga kaibigan

  • Nakita ko sa motorcyclephilippines na website

  • papaano kaya nila kinabit? :)

I have a question pag naka 1000kms na ba siya do you have to bring it back to... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

I have a question, pag naka 1000kms na ba siya, do you have to bring it back to the dealer where you bought the bike or can you bring it to any authorize Honda dealer and just present your warranttee book? Ano ba ang First 1000kms check-up free service lang oh kasama ang parts like oil etc... many thanks in advance. :)

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  • Wala ba existing packing cok yung motor bakit kailangan bumili?

  • pinapachange ng honda mechanic yan eh, every tune up and change least dito sa amin.. Honda Desmark..ganun talga sila since nung honda Xl, xr200, dash at xr125 namin, every time na tune up change talga ng packing cock..di ko na tinanong..ten pesos lang naman..haha...

  • as per experience ko naman sa motor ko (not xr hehe) about packing cock. nagkakaroon ng ng oil leak sa drain plug kapag gastado na ang washer.

1st change oil had my rear grill removed at Star Honda — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

1st change oil & had my rear grill removed at Star Honda.

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  • Mas bumaba ba? Magkano kaya ang original na upuan ng XR. Tumigas yung upuan ko. Ganyan na lang kaya gawin ko.

  • wow ganda motard na din

  • pwede rough..wag lang sa mud or stony kind of rough road..

Hello Friends — Hero Honda Karizma

Hello Friends,


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is it possible na ma convert yun drum brake ng XR to disk type meron na po... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

is it possible na ma convert yun drum brake ng XR to disk type?, meron na po bang naka gawa nito, post pics naman po

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  • yes meron na..nakakita ako dito sa planning about it as well.

  • possible sir, budget lang hehehe parang xr200 lng din yan

  • meron anong naka usap hindi na daw need palitan yun stock na hub, meron lang daw ilalagay na conversion ng disk brake pwede na, totoo kaya yun?

ano pong top speed ng motor natin. kaya bang maka 100kph — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

ano pong top speed ng motor natin? kaya bang maka 100kph?

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  • sa 1st and 2nd tune up di talaga nila inaadjust unless talagang 3rd above na nila napansin ko lang ha...

  • OK tanx 1st pa kc tune up ko

  • Skin 1st and 2nd tnanggal nila ung head. Inadjust ung valve clearance.

Mga sir ano po ba magandang engine oil sa motor natin. tnx — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga sir ano po ba magandang engine oil sa motor natin?....tnx

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  • thanks sir, i try ko yan this week mag cchange oil naman ako.

  • Kakilala ko umitim ang makina sa castrol active...tsaka yung mekaniko ng honda di niya nirerecommend ang castrol...

    Shell AX7 gamit ko sir...masarap, kahit long drive na, ang smooth pa rin mag clutch...halos di mo na masyadong naririnig ang "click" na tunog pag nag di rin nainit ng husto ang makina..

    try ko pa next time ang Petron Enduro...

  • Thanks din sir Tj Acoih, cge try ko muna ang petron enduro just same with Sir Brynn Punay advice. Thanks sa creator ng page na ito nakakatulong sa mga bagong info.. he he..

Hi fellow vtr owners A few weeks back I spoke about a fuel injection setup for... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi fellow vtr owners. A few weeks back I spoke about a fuel injection setup for the vtr. I see a lot of people seam to spend money on quality components to make a great bike better. I was wondering what would people like as far as an efi conversion and the price range people would pay for a quality plug and play with a basic install.

I want to use quality wiring with instruction manual. Quality ecu that will have many hours of dyno testing for a quality tune. Oem type fuel pump. Good quality oem injectors. Good lines and fittings. There are other things I would ask for. One is throttle body arrangement. Either two throttle bodies and ram tubes. Or two ram tubes into a plenum with front mount single throttle body. The later is easier to setup. Does not require balancing ever! Power difference is none! As has ram tubes inside the plenum. Cost of only one oem throttle body which means an iac stepper motor can be used simply meaning steady idle speed s perfect cold starts. It is just a much easier and cheaper option with less tuning time and better ridability. Either way I am happy to do either setup.

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  • Call me old fashioned, but one of the biggest things I like about the VTR is that it doesn't have EFI. :)

  • The Varadero XL1000 is injected so it would stand to reason that all the fuel injection parts would be available. I have often thought of finding a wrecked one to get the engine and fit to a VTR

Hello my name is Bart and I ride a firestorm for 3 years now Before this I... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hello, my name is Bart and I ride a firestorm for 3 years now. Before this I started with a GSXR750, Yamaha R1, Shadow 1100 (biggest mistake ever), a VTR1000F and recently a second bike, a Multistrada 1100. But the VTR stays too because it gives me so much pleasure!

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  • Welcome aboard :-)

  • Edward Refalo it was the only bike, the shadow, at that moment..

  • Ryan I should have known you meant that. No problem.. ;)

Bryan Turner another thing you didn t tell me was how much the Bike vibrates — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Bryan Turner another thing you didn't tell me was how much the Bike vibrates. Holy Moly, it is like sitting on a giant vibrator at low revs. On the upside, it corners like it is on rails & is possibly the easiest bike in the world to tide.

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  • They don't vibrate, they buzz. Have siliconed one or 2 bits in the fairing but still have one fairing buzz I cannot locate!

  • I can't remember noticing any buzz on my CBF1000FAA. Then again I ride with music most of the time. It doesn't really vibrate though, I would feel that even with music.

    I'm mostly using my bike to ride to work which is around 30-45mph. Some longer trips at high speeds at around summer time. Can't remember having any issues with vibrations last summer either.

  • Bit of experimentation, methinks. I don't really mind it as all bikes have some quirk or other.

I wonder if anyone can help me Have a firestorm on a 1997 plate and the temp... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I wonder if anyone can help me. Have a firestorm on a 1997 plate and the temp gauge has stopped working does anyone have any ideas were to start to find out what the problem is

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  • Turn ignition on and earthit out from the plug. If the guage goes to full hot then temp sender is stuffed, if it doesn;t then you have a gauge or wiring issue.

  • It's actually the plug under the green plug. This is a pic of me doing the guage test months ago. Have you done a coolant change recently? If so you may have an air pocket.

  • First thing to do is unplug the wires to the temp sensor and earth them out if gauge goes all the way to hot then gauge if fine and prob the temp sensor

What kind tyre you recommend Dunlop D404 F R or Bridgestone G701and G702 — Honda Shadow Aero

What kind tyre you recommend, Dunlop D404 F/R or Bridgestone G701and G702 ? Please about particular opinions.

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  • Actually I got my MC II's last spring from Dennis Kirk and all together it was right around $300.00 delivered. 04 Aero 750, went up a size on the rear too.

  • I can't find the sizes of Michelin Commander for 750 Shadow Aero on the Dirk Kirk's website at the moment. I don't know, what you found and bought them . I only find Michelin commander for front but tubeless .

  • I got mine online from the Motorcycle Superstore and I to went up one size on the rear

VTROTM march — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

VTROTM march ..

Requirements .

Only one picture please or you will be banned for the month.

A brief description of you vtr mods mileage and what not .

If you have won it before you can't enter till the Xmas special .

The vtr with the most likes will win .

If more than one has the same number of likes a 24 hour vote will be set up .

VTRs that can enter are as follows

Firestorm , superhawk . Sp1&2 rc51 .

Saxo's won't be accepted .

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  • Na it a honda in triumph colours

  • that has to be the briefest list of mods ever !! ie : nothing Lloyd Catterall LOL .

  • If I listed them I'd better enter next months as it will take me that long to strip it down and take note of them !!!

Tracy Mckie Peart shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

A few guys have asked me where to get the indicator mirrors from as Dean Hall had bought one of the last pair as did Viveck Maher so I got looking for some more Universal ones.. These ones are fine as all you need do is take the off base these which is one bolt, then use a couple of washers as spacers to fit these ones into the normal mirror base... Job done Then you can see right the way down the road as the vision is improved 100%. The standard mirrors are crap. I've never had the bog standards on either of mine so these are the closest ones to mine and incredible cheap n located in Bristol. hope this is useful (y)

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  • Liam Bennett I did say they are a straight swap etc no need for relays etc as Steve Kay says.. They're a great alternative for very little money. On the main post I've explained how easily you swap them. But if you buy n get stuck,shout up.

  • No worries cheers ive got led indicators front and rear with aftermarket relay to correct the flash rate might buy myself a set of these. As an electrician im sure ill be able to get them going lol

  • Dead easy Liam Bennett

I have yet another request for advice on my VF700S I ordered a petcock screen... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I have yet another request for advice on my VF700S. I ordered a petcock "screen set" that includes the long fuel strainer that fits over the petcock fuel tube, a small O ring, and a short piece of rubber tube maybe 1/4" long. The rubber tube is sized to fit over the brass fuel tube but I have no idea where it should sit. The O ring seems to be sized to drop onto the brass fuel tube before the strainer goes on over it - but when I took the strainer off, the O ring looked to be partially intruding into the opening where the fuel flows into the petcock. Anyone have experience with the proper way to do this?

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  • Part #4 is what I ordered, but it doesn't show the short rubber hose. Putting the O ring on before the screen seems to be the idea but I just didn't seem right with the way the O went out of shape and into the opening for the fuel into the petcock.

  • Screen fits into recess, and o-ring goes on over sceen on top of lip to seal screen to tank.

Photos from Jet Velas's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Got mine today :) Wala pala ito indicator kung nasa anong gear ka na and wala din siya indicator kung mauubos na yung gas mo. Nasanay lang sa Shogun Pro.

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  • davao..naglalaro sa 54-55 peysos...

  • Hehe. Ang layo mo pala. Dibale sir madami naman magaganda view diyan sa inyo.

  • ahh oo talaga...basta wag lang sa npa areas..hahaha

Hey hey. if any one can help i m after a fairing panel. Tidying bike up to sell — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hey hey... if any one can help i'm after a fairing panel. Tidying bike up to sell... current side panels are a bit tatty as well as being cut off above the mirrors ... Just nabbed a cheap left side panel on ebay so now after the right side. Colour doesn't matter, also don't matter if a bit rough around the edges, scuffs and small cracks etc are fine. Just looking for as cheap as poss panel. Could also do with both inner panels that indicators bolt too and both air ducts that fit inside the side panels... Side fairing most important though... the rest will depend on costs because things are a bit tight for me at mo.

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  • You bought it from me mate hope its ok it left today via ups so should be with u monday

  • ^ small world

  • Parts sorted! Thanks Gary Postans :-)

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TT race Isle of Man, CT tour 2 days if you would like to come for this please book your ferry ticket as


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Vehicle Inc 2 Adult 364.00 FARE TOTAL 364.00ST





Please find above details of your booking.

Arrival times are approximate and subject to tidal and weather conditions.

This is your travel ticket and should be presented at check-in

For details of our latest special offers, departure and destination

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for further information call our reservations team on 08722 992 992

Steam Packet recommend passengers obtain personal travel insurance.

Thank you for choosing to travel with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Imperial Buildings


Isle of Man


Port Details for SatNav systems are Heysham Port, Lancs LA3 2XE

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    — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

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    • Parang idle lang ang madjust natin walang adjusan sa hangin

    • Yung wire po dun sa clutch natin may purpose din Hindi mag function yung electric starter kung Hindi mo I press yung clutch nyo pagnaka gear

    • Idle at fuel. Nsa ilalim ung sa fuel. Di daling mg adjust.