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Mud guard at last ")

  • up ko lang ito. interested akong gayahin. where do you buy vinyl plastic? many thanks. :)

  • sir. nasimot ko lang sa.paligid ligid kahit ano na.medyo matigas at kaya i pattern ng ganyan pwede mo ilagay not necessarily vinyl..;)

  • yan lang kasi available sa akin kaya yan ang nailagay ko

Ang tagal ko nag hahanap nito. aalisin mo lang pala yun rubber nya. MX na — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Ang tagal ko nag hahanap nito. aalisin mo lang pala yun rubber nya.. MX na :)

  • Nice Bro. you give me an idea ha ha ha.. tagal ko na rin nag hanap nito?

  • hahaha ako din pag ka kuha ko pa lang ng motor yan agad una kung nakita at sabi ko papalitan ko.. kahapon aksidente ko lang nakita na may turnilyo sa ilalim pag lakas ko yan na... :) save my money..

  • ahah..ayos pare!..

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Sunday Outride 3 - 509km's from Home - This is Steve and his KTM 1190 R

  • I have a set - Having not ridden on anything else I can't comment about vibration etc etc but both on and off road they are superb, I feel they are confidence inspiring on the dirt and good on tar - never felt loose or unstable in tarmac corners of any severity....hope this helps

  • Clinton Gray: It does, thanks.

  • My next set of tyres will be the MITAS E07's - people have had nothing but great things to say about them, here in South Africa - once I have tried them I will at least have something to compare the Heidenaus against from a personal opinion point of view

ayos. may ride kami sa april 18 20. 300kms more or less. davao city to surigao — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

ayos! may ride kami sa april 18-20..300kms more or less..davao city to surigao..

  • wala bang davao to manila? he he he

  • lols..patay tayo jan..enduro run na yata ang hanap mo allanzkier..

  • Sir sanay kasi ako sa mga long drive. last year manila to negros occidental byahe ko.. he he

Great day here in San Diego CA Took a 105 mile loop through the mountains with... — Honda Shadow Aero

Great day here in San Diego, CA. Took a 105 mile loop through the mountains with some friends. Shadow ran great!

  • Pine Valley - just on the other side of that "tall bridge with the terrible X-wind" :P

  • Clement Lawrence yes but we did not ride the freeway. Came over sunrise hwy through Laguna. Very windy and still a little cool there.

Ok for my future reference how much of a pain is it to install new rear axle... — Honda 350x

Ok for my future reference how much of a pain is it to install new rear axle Carrier bearings in a x

  • i got a good amount of tools I've just never had to install them before. my self and my x will need them in the future i am sure what's a good bearing kit to buy off ebay

  • I usually get all balls bearings.

  • cool

I m selling my 98 Aero 1100cc — Honda Shadow Aero

I'm selling my 98 Aero , 1100cc

$4g's new tires and rear shocks.only replaced tires because old ones were weather beaten. A little over 6000 miles on it. But it's not running right it starts choking when it gets warm. Straight pipes. Stage 1 jets. Any more info contact me


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Anyone within riding distance of Charlotte NC who is interested in becoming part of a new riding group please check out NCR at h-Carolina-Rider/

We are having a meet and greet next Saturday afternoon. We are looking for riders of all ages, men, women, couples, singles...whoever you are as long as you love to ride! PM me or check out the site for details.


Slowly gathering parts for our Aero Have nearly everything to put it back... — Honda Shadow Aero

Slowly gathering parts for our Aero. Have nearly everything to put it back right.

I meet with my prosthetist Monday to see if I'm closer to getting parts for me. Mary is on partial weight bearing on her leg, and started therapy on it.

Hopefully we will be ready for riding season soon.

  • Glad to hear the news Bruce.

  • Have been thinking about you...hoping that you both continue to make progress and can get back on 2 (or 3?) wheels soon

  • Great news Bruce! Keep us posted

I went to start my bike and it won t turn over I should have had the tender on... — Honda Shadow Aero

I went to start my bike and it won't turn over. I should have had the tender on it. Does anyone know what type the factory installed battery is on a 2008 Aero?

  • I just bought a new one from my dealer yesterday for my wife's 09 Aero. It wasn't bad, $86 I believe. If you want to get a batt that you won't have to think about again, get and Oddessy spec rated to hold a charge for two years without topping off at 70 deg. and will make it fine through the Winter without a Tender. But you will pay for that right, about $50 more.....

  • Yuasa is the OEM battery and the preferred replacement, but there are various brands to consider that offer good replacements at often the 1/2 price of the unlimited, bike master, motocross, wps, etc; if I need one this year, I am considering a gel battery made by Deka or a Motocross, but I'm gonna research NAPA to see if the quality is decent...$70 is a good price for a battery for Honda Shadows; whatever way you go you'll want a minimum of 200 cold cranking amps!!!

  • Try ebay! !!

Quick question — Honda Shadow Aero

Quick question,

I have my bike stored and went to start it and it seems I have zero power. Battery is good, fuses are good, kill switch is in the on position, key is on. I still get no lights...nothing. Can anyone think of something I may be overlooking?

  • Do you have a maintenance free battery if not you might need to see if cells are empty and add distilled water to them

  • Sometimes, if the battery has developed an internal short, a charger will show full, but the battery is dead.

  • If you take the battery out, just replace it. It's cheap insurance and if the cost is spread over a three year time frame, it's even more cost effective, and you'll remove the worry of it going dead on you down the road somewhere. Just keep the Tender on it during the Winter.

Hello everybloody. after some advice and recommendations. I got clutch trouble — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hello everybloody... after some advice and recommendations... I got clutch trouble :-( Although I didn't use my bike much through the winter, I didn't take it off the road as such... have always used my bikes in all weathers and it had been running fine. Insurance and tax both ran out end of Jan so bike didn't move through Feb while waiting for funds to put back on road. Took it out tonight, only local to blow the cobwebs off... most noticeable in 4th and 5th gears, if I open her up good and proper and at around 6-7k rpm clutch is slipping like crazy... upto a 2k surge in revs. Don't notice it in lower gears or at slow speeds.. advice... could it be anything other than a knackered clutch and if so what do I need.. Bare in mind although I have been on and off bikes for well over 20 years I have never worn a clutch out so don't have a clue what parts would be needed in all. Recommendations... if I do need a clutch then what make clutch to go for. Now as much as I would want to buy a tidy upmarket bit of kit I'm gonna be restricted due to lack of pennies so looking for something decent enough to get me through the year at the best price possible.

  • Barnett is an AWESOME upgrade. You really feel the increase in transmission!

  • shaun I have a set of used clutch plates that you can have, I took them off an old bike, they worked fine, can't say how much life they have in them tho. and I've only gone and put the gen cover bolt somewhere safe, i'll go hunting for it

  • Martin Veck Thanks for offer... I'll keep clutch in mind mate... not sure what i'm going to do yet... money tight but things are picking up in work, there is still some life left in my clutch as long as I don't cane it too much... may wait a little while and see how work goes over the next couple weeks.

Who s In for a ride meet up lang tau. Im from ANTIPOLO — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Who's In for a ride meet up lang tau... Im from ANTIPOLO...

suugest lang po kung may alam kayong magandang location

1.) Real beach seafoods food trip...

2.) Jariel's peak


  • mayron din cguro dyn sa davao, national naman daw yang MRO.

  • No i mean for xr125 club..hehe

  • ha ha ha pwede cguro ah? mag invite ka dyn para dumami tayo,

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  • The phenomena of the name started years ago at a rally some where in Europe as beers were taken and suddenly, the term, Shadow International Tourers was spoken.

    It was soon Realised what the acronym would look like and

    the term was born.

    It has now grown and there are now Sh.i.ts all around the World.

    Proudly wearing the black, gold and white patches That Has many trying to read it from afar without being seen to do so.

Any idea about XR 125L muffler modification I modified by removing all... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Any idea about XR 125L muffler modification?( I modified by removing all partition and replaced it by fiber).

  • paano tunog na?...

  • ibana ang tunog nya pag hindi naka kakabit ang silencer. buo ang tonog nya na malakas. pag may silencer parang bumalik sya sa dating tunog, pero iba na ang hatak nya ang bilis pumalo ng 100kph my back ride pa.

  • di tayo masasabit sa lto niyan?

  • wag lang dadaan sa bacoor cavite sobra higpit don kahit kalkal pipe d nakakalusot

  • sir, napakalkal ko ang muffler ko. pero naibalik ko ang silencer, parang dating tunog parin.

The Mrs — Honda Shadow Aero

The Mrs.....

  • Super clean. Nice bike.

  • Wow!!!

  • Lovely bike

  • Love the white walls

Photos from Simon McGennan's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

NEW Highway Pegs ,many thanx to Brad at Global Motorcycles in Dandenong Victoria Australia for the expert fitting and re-fabricating of my front engine mount bolt and a big thanx to the bloke on Ebay USA who sold them to me for 10 bucks. Happy As :-) :-) :-)


Does anyone know the original part for 1999 Shadow Aero 1100c. c. battery — Honda Shadow Aero

Does anyone know the original part # for 1999 Shadow Aero 1100c.c. battery?

  • interesting

  • Go to that's where I get just about everything for my bike bike. They found that other battery's can fit, some of them aren't cheap though. I usually spend the extra money on a battery because if I'm a couple hundred miles from home well you can't just go to autozone or whatever to get a replacement. It's worth it.

  • yeah.. ive been buying "what it calls for".. im not a fan of being stranded

mga sir anong changes sa sprockets ang gagawin if gusto kong mas mabilis ang... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

mga sir, anong changes sa sprockets ang gagawin if gusto kong mas mabilis ang acceleration at pra di rin maghihirap sa uphill?

  • its the torque that pushes uphill diba?..pag ba yung sa tmx supremo gagamitin, mas gaganda ang uphill?

  • Yes Tj, Allanzkier torque is what you need when you want more power to go uphill. Increasing the number of teeth in the rear sprocket or decreasing the number of teeth in the front will increase your torque but will reduce your tops peed, if you do the reverse your top speed will increase at the expense of lower acceleration.

  • Mas favor ako sa more torque pang trail :)

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If we have child abuse, is there a bike abuse?

This why i like enduros more than motocross bikes.

  • Nice. Hindi ba kaya yan ng mga motor natin?

  • Kaya din ntin yn, kya lng e pagkatapos ng trail e muka ng 10 yrs old motor ntin s dami ng gasgas. Hehehe

  • hehe. okay lang yun. Mukhang enjoy naman :)

  • yung red bull enduro challenge romaniacs panoorin niyo..mukhang nakakapagod pero enjoy..

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

  • Dam, she's running Perfect !!!

  • Now Tim are you suggesting you'll be throwing your leg over this thing or 4 wheeling again bro

  • Bahahahah I'm not goin this year mate after 10 years it's time to have a rest but I might do Robbie's ride in my new 4x4 lol

  • Roger, I might do both fuck it

— Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

  • what wheels are you using Flemo?

  • I made them , there 14" honda rims with ct90 hubs and rm 80 spokes

  • A CT110 Super Motard, cool.

  • flemo what a bike love it

Photos from Clement Lawrence's post — Honda Shadow Aero

an Aero at the "aeroport" - She's a 2007 with a hair over 5,200 miles on the clock. No longer a "bagger"; the small, stiff, difficult-to-stay-open saddle bags, trunk and sissy bar have been removed. Stuffing anything into those leather Venus fly traps required a three-handed person with the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the agility of a tree surgeon. With the bag retainers and luggage rack remaining, I can lay a three foot long duffel bag along the back seat and rack, and carry a lot more stuff than I could with the bags and trunk - the perfect combo for a weekender to the coast .... if it would only stop raining (Oregon ... the "Rainforest State) :/

  • I solved the saddle bag problem by attaching ammo cans...waterproof and easy to open, not too much weight and they function like crash bars to protect your legs. (06 Aero original owner 41k miles)

Me and my Shadow — Honda Shadow Aero

"Me and my Shadow" :)

  • Awesome pic!

  • All 4 of you!

  • Very cool!

  • Needs more chrome.....

Can somebody help me After been helped verry good in my last question I am... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Can somebody help me? After been helped verry good in my last question I am looking for the following parts: Number 2 and number 7 of the following drawing. Maybe also the level sensor if it does not fit the biggger tank but that one looks the same.

  • The ones in the link I put on this topic

  • Lloyd Catterall have you never got any problems that the varadero nipple (tap) delivers too little fuel to the carburators? I suppose the varadero nipple is smaller than the vtr nipple or not? Correct me if I am wrong please..

  • Not yet if you have concerns fit a cbr600 f3 fuel pump

Could anyone please tell me the difference of a 16 litre fuel tank and a 19... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Could anyone please tell me the difference of a 16 litre fuel tank and a 19 litre please? Is there something I can see without needing to fill it? I think I found a 19 liter fuel tank. It is of a model after 2001 but I don't know if it is an american fuel tank or not. Because I believe the american models never had a 19 litres tank. Thank you in advance.

  • If somebody knows something about the level sender, I will be happy to hear about that!

  • USa models don't have 19 ltr tank

  • I know my comment doesn't matter now because you have worked out what tank you got... but for future reference for anyone wondering the difference.. going by stickers isn't a reliable way to tell the difference between tanks unless by chance you know the tank is 100% genuine ie not repainted. Also... if by chance you cannot look under the tank (fitted to the bike) you can just look at the top... I mention this because ever time i see a tank size conversation, I never see anyone post 'look at the tank' they are different shapes and on the top of the tank forward of the petrol cap there is an obvious difference and very easy to spot if you know what you are looking for.

Me and mine at Cadwell — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Me and mine at Cadwell .

  • Great photo! Looking forward to getting mine back on track. Im stripping off all road going junk and treating the 17 year old bus to Maxton suspension front and back. The engine will need to wait till next year for engine mods. I have little money and time but any spare of either will go into my bike!

  • Suspension and Brakes are the best mods for the track , drop a tooth of the front sprocket , get it dynojetted and the engine wont need anything . The very modern bikes will pass u on the straights but i just pass them in the corners again lol .

  • Cheers Neil. Im down a tooth on front and up 2 on the back. Had it dyno jetted last year. The bike red lines in top now at a theoretical 156 mph. The speedo rekons the bike is doing over 185 as it gets its info from the front sprocket! Next year I plan to fit JE pistons to raise the lazy compression from 9.4 to 11.6. I will gasflow the heads too. My bike has 104bhp at the rear currently, just those two mods could see another fat 15bhp! Looking forward to the Maxton treatment, I dont feel any issue getting the power down but with an improuved front end I hope to be later on the brakes!!

  • Mines is 105bhp and i wouldny bother with the engine mods , most tracks i have been too I never really hit top gear or top speed flat out - only at Silverstone for about 15seconds. I can keep at it with any Millie,blade, or gsxr750 , its not about top speed for me its about how many times i can make a fool of people through the bends .

  • Well said Neil. Thats my game too, theres nothing more fun than turning up on an old bike armed with a bottle of lucozade and besting the guys on nearly new bikes kitted to the gills with Snap-On tools, Data loggers and a boggling array of tyres!

This is the tapping I was on about u can just hear it under all other noise — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

This is the tapping I was on about u can just hear it under all other noise.

  • Hahahaaa.

  • 10W30 sounds plausible, I remember my Hornet felt pretty good running 10w30...although wouldn't you lose out on hot weather protection?

  • I thought Jason would use banana's instead of oil to get things going

Normal ba sa motor natin na pag nasa mababang gear e parang galit na galit... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Normal ba sa motor natin na pag nasa mababang gear e parang galit na galit makina? napapasin ko sa motor ko hindi ko maibabad say sa 3rd or 4th gear na hingi na agad ng kasunod, o baka hindi lang ako marunong mag motor ? :)

  • Correct nga sbi ni tj, proper timing lng ng pag shift,

  • pag malakas ang takbo nyo ok yan 3to 4 gear pero pag mabagal trafic,2to1 lng kasi mabigat yan walang pwersa

  • San po sa laguna si Nanie Perido?

Photos from Eric Premo Goodwin's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Hello everyone ... I'm new to the group and this is my Honda Shadow 750 ace spirit.

  • I appreciate the compliment

  • Nice bike

  • Nice bike ,this to the group please check your blindside on this past Sunday I had to lay my bike drown .Thanks to GOD I walked away with a bronken leg . ( the bike was not hurt)