Mga boss Ng inquire na ako sa honda Knopare namin yung manual sa xr125 at tmx... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga boss. Ng inquire na ako sa honda. Knopare namin yung manual sa xr125 at tmx sup 150. Gud news pwdng pwede. Kahit gasket at bolts is d same. Di na kelangn palitan ung head. Sa carb pede daw e rejet.

Block P1022

Piston P2253

Ring P1125

Yng piston at ring pnili ko yng oversize 1mm so kelangn e robore yng block at mging 155cc base on my calculations.

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  • sir magkano daw yong carb ng tmx supremo? diba tps din xa?

  • Mahal nman ng piston 1336 lang sa Honda safety ent. Pati cylinder block 900plus lang.

  • Yn po nsa price list nila. Tga sn po kau boss? Bka mgkaiba bawat honda shop.

My new seat from Top Selliri — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

My new seat from Top Selliri

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  • Nice seat looks better!!Is it more comfortable?Does the gel get hot?Does the gel need time in order to feel more comfortable?

  • looks nice! (Y)

  • Kritolaos Pahiadakis.

    The seat is much more confortable and it is not hot.

Absolutely disgusted For years now I ve been told by my Aussie Car loving... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Absolutely disgusted. For years now I've been told by my Aussie Car loving mates that if I choose to ride a motorbike I'm an idiot. I'm a temporary Australian. If I die because some moron in a car doesn't follow the rules it's somehow my fault because I chose to ride. I chose to do this thing that I love, but I'm mad because I don't have a cage to protect me. I can't be seen as easily - why should a car driver learn to look out for me, learn I can move faster than they expect, or give way to me because it's the law.

Really if I get hit, on the road, doing what I love it's my fault. Doing what is within the law for me, but might be slightly different for you in a tin top. I don't really deserve to be there, I zip and I zing and change lanes so fast how could I as a car driver expect that.

Oh My f**king god they just legalised Lane filtering in NSW, what will I as a driver do at the traffic lights if they ( the motorcyclist) filter in front of me ??? , who cares if this eases congestion and I get to work in my 3 tonne truck faster because of that - how can I be expected to take those 2 wheeled over powered road rocket menaces into consideration ? and it's kind of my fault if you kill me .

well guess what .

I've just seen a bunch of VTR riders use the same arguments and attitudes against cyclists and road rules in QLD.

My take on this : WHAT THE FUCK

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  • Im baffled by riders getting rear ended nowadays . People need to look ahead more

  • Texting maybe

  • Possibly , its illegal now in canada so thats a start n theres no filtering too mind you we ride only like 6 months a year

Attachment Unavailable — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

I know this is off-topic but I'm sure that all the members of this group are interested about this. :) Yamaha just released 2 dual sport motorcycles very recently. The XT250 Serow and the XTZ125E. The serow is positioned to compete with the CRF250L and the XTZ125E is positioned to compete with our XR125L. Dual sports bike competition is heating up in the Philippines. :)

Here is the link: 82571132.1073741866.143088649153112/47557504257113 6/?type=1&theater

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  • Init p po eh maya maya hahaha medyo busy kaninang umaga sa pups, pinaluguan ko kasi at pinavaccinan ung isa

  • sir ramon do u have an idea where i could buy xr 200 rims or crf rims.mas bigger pa ba crf rims

  • cguro dag dag cla transmision gear...

Allanzkier Rafols shared a link to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines





Land mark: PNB cor. Kalayaan st.




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  • nakakainggit naman kayo... good luck mga sir. ingat nalang kayo.

  • ako sir 2 kmi from antipolo

  • see you guys tom @Petron Famy

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  • 3inches un sa fork sir.. pure stainless.. 3inches din un tinaas ng shocks kaya balance.. hehehe..

  • Un cable sir sakto lang sa 3inches..

  • ang taas (y) :)

Going to purchase a windshield for my 2009 Any suggestions for brand and... — Honda Shadow Aero

Going to purchase a windshield for my 2009. Any suggestions for brand and height?

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  • I bought a full size shield, then had it cut down to to sit chin high as i didnt measure it properly before ordering it. Had to have it cut down to cut out the wind/vibrations it caused. It wasnt hard to cut it down with jig.

  • I like the Switchblade windshield I have on my 09'.

  • I put a Memphis Fat Shade on my Aero. I ordered it online, I think from JP Cycles.

Dyno is booked for the thunder tour. Will see who has the fastest bike 3 — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Dyno is booked for the thunder tour!! Will see who has the fastest bike 3:) anyone who wants to join us only for the dyno that day is welcome! I got a special offer €25,- for 1 bike including info about your bike and info about better adjustments.

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  • Sorry no idea .. what date?

  • The motogp is 28th of june...the week before that :-) join the thunder tour page for more info!

  • Nou wel puur toeval dat Firestorm MF topic ook op die dag samenkomt, misschien kunnen we eea samen doen? Ik vind die pagina niet overigens? Alleemaal thundertour dingen in Maleisie etc.

Out of curiosity has anyone tried carbon wrapping exhaust cans Was wondering... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Out of curiosity.. has anyone tried carbon wrapping exhaust cans? Was wondering if there was any wrap about which was suitable. Bike having a repaint in a couple weeks time and fancied changing the look of the cans.

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  • Mine are wrapped ! Will find out where my mate got it from all I know it's sticky back ! Been on my bike 8 months ish all good

  • If you have high flowing exhausts, and live in a cool climate, your cans won't heat up that much so wrapping should work fine.

  • pj engineering make just about everything you could want. I do know that.. Not seen snyone carbon wrap their cans, good luck with that.. (y)

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6. Ferdie Angara - Makati City


5. Zneir Cruz - Manila / Parañaque


8. Carl Rodriguez - Pasay City


0216. Jet Velas - Pasig

Quezon City

2. Zirk Sarmiento - Quezon City

4. Kevin Tan - Caloocan

7. Pring Cortez Tolentino - Quezon City


3. Allanzkier (Allan Roy Rafols) Fort Bonifacio, BGC (0949-6161266)

9. Eros Panem - Taguig City





0000. Brynn - Antipolo City

0001. Mon - Antipolo City

3. Armand Pedroza - Antipolo City

4. David Lemos - Antipolo City


5. Willie Palenge - Cainta, Rizal


6 Mike Sanvictores - Taytay

7. Leynes Fernando = Taytay

San Mateo

8. Oliver Ryan Santos - SanMateo, Rizal




1. Telly Buhay - Bacoor

4. Mark Anthony Parena - Bacoor

5. Edd Tortona - Bacoor


2. Rolan M. Malapit - Imus/Marinduque

3. Daniel Abraham - Imus


1. Arvin Tan - Lucena City





2. Jhonel Prondo, Calamba, Laguna

3. DiezTen Oller, Calamba Laguna

Los Baños

1. Nanie Perido, Los Baños, Laguna

Sta. Rosa

4. Bell Mag-usara(Bell Cooper), Sta. Rosa Laguna

5. Sael Requierme,  Sta Rosa Laguna

6. Jhong Fontanilla - Sta. Rosa Laguna


1. Pael Samson - Malolos, Bulacan

2. Le & Emiline Jones - Muzon, Bulacan


1. TJ - Davao City


1. Alexi - Digos city / Satwa, Dubai


1. Jorgejill Duyaguit/aka Semper Paratus - Calatrava, Negros Occidental

MISAM IS OCCIDENTAL - "Brownouts, Not Fun in Mindanao"

1. Elbert Navarro - Clarin, Misamis Occidental 



1. Siegfred Gornez Mayormita / Cebu City



1. Fritz de Leon, Northern Samar



1. Jun Paras - Calapan City  



1. Jairus Carbonel Mateo - Bulanao, Tabuk City, Kalinga 3800

2. Legrev Monroy Masiong - Atok, Benguet... proud to be igorot


< p>

1. Rey Talan - Municipal of Pandan



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  • Salamat din po Sir Nanie Perido (y)

  • done adding mga sir.....thanx

  • Sir Nanie Perido, mukhang nawala dito yung communication nating dalawa regarding sa kung paano magkakatulungan ang bawat member para maayos ang ating grupo? Sinusundan ko kasi yung thread natin at inaantay ko kung ano po ang isasagot ninyo sa tanong ko at kung sino pa sa ibang member ang makakapagbigay ng positive inputs para sa ikaaayos ng grupo. Nawala po kasi yung usapan natin sir Nanie Perido. Napansin po ba ninyo?

— Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

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  • nice bike ! Is that a 2008 model ? (i have the a 2008, black)

  • Hi Swen

    Yes it is a 2008 model but i purchaced it last year in marts in New condition.

Attachment Unavailable — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

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  • Nagpagawa ako ng extension sa fork.. hehehehe.. pantay na sya.. heheheh.

  • kung sa pick up pa yan sir HILUX ha ha ha the IRONMAN

  • Saktong sakto na sa hieght ko sir.. hehehe..

Photos from Jordan Scott Brunson's post — Honda Shadow Aero

This is my shadow I was wanting to get rid of the stock license plate bracket and get a side mounted one too.

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  • I have been wanting a jet kit I don't have any baffles already and I found a cone shaped air intake on eBay that I want. The pipes I have now are cobras. Is stage 3 the one (jet) I'll need or that's best to use? The kits I've seen usually have several jets with them. I watched the video on how to change them it looks easy enough. Could you tell a huge difference on take off?

  • I got the radiator cover from it was like $60.00 after shipping and easy to install it bolts on to the existing plastic cover and they have several different designs.

  • Yea I've got cobra hole-shots on my aero. The kit I got from cobra had 3 different jets in it ( stages) but with the biggest jet the factory breather won't give sufficient air. Its the best in my opinion.

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • Customizing Stage I, u'll see the stock bracket Jordan.

  • Yeah it looks a lot different but I was just going to bound-o it up before I repaint it. But anyway it looks good I like it. I posted a picture of my bike on the Honda shadow aero Facebook site I couldn't post it on this comment.

  • ur bike is also good, but carry back license plate to the left side of wheel. My next plan remove the front signals and install them under the handlebar grips.

Gene Dixon shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

A group of long-distance motorcycling enthusiasts looks for adventure on the open road, a few thousand miles at a time.

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  • Why would you want to? 300-400 tops! Your ass would be hamburger on one of these bikes!

  • I've done it on the BMW a few times now. The Aero I generally get to numb to ride after 500 miles or so from the vibrations.

  • oh yeah did and loved it. did on my little aero 750 getting ready to do it again in may only this time ill do 1500 miles in 36hours for the bun burner

Hi hope you don t mind me asking a silly question I have surfed the net... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hi, hope you don't mind me asking a silly question. I have surfed the net looking for advice on front sprocket sizes. i am 100kg plus and the roads around here have a lot of 80kph zones. will my weight preclude me from going to a 16 or 17 tooth front sprocket?

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  • User comment: I only weigh 57Kg

  • O ly way mine was hitting 90 with 15 tooth was down a hill with a tail wind

  • 88 is the top speed with a good engine, clean air filter etc. a tired old Postie will struggle with worn rings and valve gaps all outta shape. Adding a 16 tooth sprocket is only going to amplify the situation. Go a 14 tooth to get an old girl going ;-]

Just sharing my thoughts as I repair a set of fairings For the DIY peeps... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Just sharing my thoughts as I repair a set of fairings. For the DIY peeps around, dont use fibreglass for repairing plastic panels. Its crap, odd small repair maybe but for a few extra quid you can buy carbon fibre based fillers which is made to stick to plastics. Just for the record im not using fibreglass, just repairing previously repaired panels. The annoying bit is, although fibreglass isnt right for the repair it still sticks just enough to be a pain in the ass to get off when you cant get a sander to it. Ok, thats me done.... Back to work! :-P

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    salamat sa pag accept Kakakuha ko lang po ng xr125 ko kahapon pano po ba... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    salamat sa pag accept.Kakakuha ko lang po ng xr125 ko kahapon,pano po ba tamang break-in?

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    • Sa akin parang medjo hard kc ang taas ng mga bundok akyatin at very rough road daanan bago makaratting sa amin 100km, pero 50 to 60km/h lang speed ko dko nman pinalampas

    • ride mo lang sir pakiramdaman at enjoyin ang motor as long as hindi palagi birit takbo mo ok lang yan.. congrats! another member of the family. ;)

    • salamat nga sir.

    Update lang. Tuloy po yung proposed mini tambay bukas. 8PM Shell Q. Ave — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Update lang. Tuloy po yung proposed mini tambay bukas. 8PM @ Shell Q. Ave. Para magkakila kilala na tayong XR 125 L users :)

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    • aba, malapit ako dyn s lucban, pagmabilis takbo e 30 mins lng from lucena

    • cge, mdami p nmn nxt time, mamemeet ko din kyo

    • Sa caliraya pwede din :)

    I ve a question for everyone. What bike did you have before you got your storm — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    I've a question for everyone. What bike did you have before you got your storm??? It's ok to mention even if it wasn't a Honda.

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    • my first bike was Yamaha xs 400 87`then Kawaski Zl 600 86` but then iv got my beloved beast Yamaha Vmax (Full Power) 86`:D Old good times :)

    • Start to finish for me would be Suzuki ran 50, Kawasaki Ke 100, Honda lead 125, mz ts 150, Suzuki rgv 125, spend a few years away from bikes then hyosung rx 125, Honda nsr 125 Italian import factory unrestricted, Honda cb1 x2, then the vtr and I've a cbr 600 f4i sport. Have 3 at the moment the hyosung the vtr and the cbr.

    • Had a few but the one previous to the storm was a ZZR600, had 2 of them, the 92 pre ram air and a 93 ram air model, I loved it but it was so heavy and although it's a sports tourer it was hard on the wrists and back,

      Also had a xj600, cbr600, sv650 and rode and reviewed loads of bikes :)

    Heard someone riding in my neighborhood yesterday I wanted to get mine fired... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Heard someone riding in my neighborhood yesterday.....I wanted to get mine fired up. Think I'll wait though, too much sand and salt on the roads yet.

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    • Throw a load of ACF50 on and get riding!

    • Beautifull weather since couple of weeks ago went for a ride in sunday near beach, was magnificent

      God bless Moroccan weather :D

    Gas Consumption — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Gas Consumption

    Km: 452.1

    Full Tank: 9.834

    Km / L : 45.97

    Yung Shogun ko 64km / L ang consumption. Bakit kaya mas malakas siya pareho lang naman silang 125cc.

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    • kasi pag long drive mas tipid talaga.

    • pag babad ka sa low gears, malaking difference din sa gas consumption whereas pag naka long drive ay cruising ka sa high gear,,so nakakatipid don..

    • Yun ang tamang explanation. Hehe

    Instead of spending 500 1000 on some new cans I think a full bafflectomy is a... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Instead of spending $500 - $1000 on some new cans I think a full bafflectomy is a better option for that sweet v-twin sound considering I only paid $3000 for the bike.

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    • Yep, they are lean enough from the factory to pass emissions. One day when i build my shed, the storm is getting pulled apart so I get can get a few more ponies out of her. Engine is dead standard now. You will notice a lot more popping when decelerating on closed throttle, sounds cool though

    • My 2000 model has been rejetted and no pop n bang on closed throttle. The VTRs with the secondary air system may pop. My 1250 Bandit does a small amount.

    • Yep, mine is an 9/06 build, bought new in 6/07 so there is a bit of crap to get rid of.

    My CD — Hero Honda CD 100

    My CD

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    • Ye konse bike ki sit hai

    • Cd 100 ka

    • Nhi bhai ye cd 100 ki sit nhi ho skti....

      Ye toh bajaj avenger ki sit jaisi dikh rhi hai....

    Hey everyone Its towards the end of winter here in New England and that means... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hey everyone. Its towards the end of winter here in New England and that means one thing motorcycles! Anyways I took the cover off my honda and just did an overall eye inspection and I definitely need new tires. The thing Ive been running into shopping online is that there are three types of tires Bias ply, Bias belted and radial. I did some research and found that you shouldnt mix and match with bias ply and radial. Does anyone know if its ok to have a bias ply front and a bias belted rear?

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    • just buy 2 Michelin commander II 2 new tubes and 2 new rim strips and call it a day trust me it'll be the best thing you ever did to your bike what a difference the commander 2's make for ride quality, handling, tracking, wet, snow, dry, stopping, and anything else you can throw at them. WOW is the only word for them. (oh btw i ride in the snow as well)