My new horn i love it — Honda Shadow Aero


My new horn, i love it

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  • we were thinking about the led thing but not sure yet.

Bryan Turner shared a link to the group: Honda CBF1000 Owners Club. — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Some interesting comments!

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  • I have obviously misjudged Ian & think he is totally right. All this victim culture from bikers, is rubbish. Most of it comes from the fair weather sports bike riders who are also car drivers in everyday life. They ride like the wild horsemen of the apocalypse in sunny weather. Even the everyday bikers have to bear some of the burden as they are encouraged by biker culture to think everyone is out to get them & boy do they revel in it.

Hab eben mal eine Runde gedreht Mir ist aufgefallen dass bei gezogener... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hab eben mal eine Runde gedreht. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass bei gezogener Kupplung (beim Rollen) aus dem vorderen Bereich ne Art Schleifgeräusch kommt, kein Klackern...

Bremsen schließe ich aus, denn auch im Stand (Leerlauf) ist es zu hören. Komisch ist hierbei, dass es bei gezogener Kupplung weg ist, also genau andersrum wie während der Fahrt.

Woran könnte das liegen?

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  • that would be early for a clutch...but not unheard of if the wrong oil has been used in the bike

  • It. is the right so far as i know, but i think maybe it is time for a changing. The man i bought it from told me it was made 200 kilometers before selling the Storm... But i can't know if it was true what he said.

  • David 'Magneto' Allain, changed Bikes with my father today. I wanted to know if he hears the same like me. He said it could be the clutch, but it is too early for a changing. Maybe we have to change it the next season, just cautionary..

Here s mine for those who haven t seen 97 with 19k miles — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Here's mine for those who haven't seen, 97 with 19k miles.

Mods so far are;

Dyno Jets and tune,

K&N filters and inline fuel filter,

Iridium plugs,

Exhaust system and cans,

Polished internals,

Clutch plates and springs,

Wheels apparently lighter?

Battery upgrade,

Paint :)

Mods to come;

Airbox mod,

Better mcct's,

Cams and sprockets maybe,

Gearbox maybe,

More aesthetic goodies :)

All about the moneys and I'll probably pour loads into it over the coming years.

I've not had it long and I've been offered 4 different bikes to swap, one being a ZX12R which i cant insure lol.

Unless someone offers something seriously special I'm keeping it and making it my own :)

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  • Love the smokin joes paint

  • Got an NC30 in same colours

  • Custom ? Wasnt smokin joes only in the states for the cbr 600 ?? Anyways love it !!

Honda Carafun Update 3 30am meet up sa Shell Q Ave ha 4am sharp ang take... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Honda Carafun Update: 3:30am meet up sa Shell Q. Ave ha. 4am sharp ang take off. Ang malate daw sa 4am, iwan. :D

Kita kits mga sir. Wag kalimutan safety gears at matulog ha. Wag masyadong maexcite. :D

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  • Thanks Brynn Punay! Goodluck naman sa north loop mo! :)

  • Kylan ang norte m sir brynn??

  • sori po late reply.. tapos n po last march 29 10pm - march 30 10pm

1 000Km — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

1,000Km :)

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  • Ibreak in na namin motor mo sir Ramon :D

  • Ilan po ba ang break in ng xr125l?

  • Hahaha Zirk, I am very busy right now, fulfilling prior commitments plus the fact that my motorcycle is not here. It is resting in Jala Jala. :) BTW here is the picture of my XR125L. It has 14" rear and 17" front I have to lower it so that I can Flat Foot it. I don't feel comfortable riding a bike that I have to tip-toe. 7933488&set=a.10151623161018488.1073741831.5565684 87&type=3&theater

Maraming salamat sir Brynn Punay sa direction papuntang RPK motorcycles pra... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Maraming salamat sir Brynn Punay sa direction papuntang RPK motorcycles pra makabili ng xr125l ntin...

Good news nakapunta na ako dun :)

Bad news wala sila stock :(

San pa po kaya may stock ng xr125l near caloocan or qc?? Please help

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  • Hahaha excited tlga ako wiw punta ako dun bukas mraming salamat sis!!

  • Youre welcome sir. Text ko nalang din na pupunta ka bukas. :)

  • Paki sabi handa nila ang red carpet hahaha!!

Right then guys this bike is going to be my pride and joy and im going to put... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Right then guys, this bike is going to be my pride and joy and im going to put everything into it, so.. Thinking of putting in uprated cams, sprockets and a tsubaki cam chain on both cylinders to start with, is it worth doing, like the yoshi cams etc, will it make any difference to performance, engine strength and reliability?

Also as soon as I have some money spare I'm getting a pair of decent mcct's and generally overhaul all the naff parts for shiny new better ones :).

So I'll probably be calling on Rob de Hoo for some goodies :)

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  • No not just that .

    You need to remove all the crap out of it and do some work to the lid too

  • I'll look into it, it makes sense though as the airbox is full of obstructions

  • Yeah come one some one - stick a turbo in there.

Saan ba pwede bumili ng gloves and ano dapat ang bilhin Parang need ko na yan... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Saan ba pwede bumili ng gloves and ano dapat ang bilhin? Parang need ko na yan baka gumaspang ang hands ko at masakit sa kamay yung hawakan ng XR natin.

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  • sa pier po mura lang yan.... Trex Mo To Gears suki yan ng lht ng riders :)

  • Kay trex nalang nga sa Pier. Mura pa!

  • May map ka ba nung Trex?

Well they don t like going slow do they — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Well they don't like going slow do they?

And then when you give it the power it wants it tries throwing you off the back :)

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  • I don't know what's in there at the moment, Jordan Bikes set it up with a Dyno Jet kit, they are massive main jets.

  • Martin, shift yer arse back a bit on the seat when you accelerate and hold the bike in line with a bit of pressure on the footpegs...there's a little lift where the pillion's part of the seat starts which I park my arse against to help stop me from sliding back. Enjoy the second gear fish tails. :)

    Catherine, on the bumpy bits I stand up on the pegs and let the bike flounce around beneath me, shift my upper body to keep it pointing in the right direction...seems to work better than staying in the seat and having my arse battered, but each to their own. ;)

  • Sometimes I do, not as easy to stand up on this bike as my 800GS though. But it just makes me laugh the way it doesn't take any account of the bumps.

Hallo meine Firestorm hat jetzt ca 10000 km runter und ist aus dem Jahr 2004 — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hallo, meine Firestorm hat jetzt ca 10000 km runter und ist aus dem Jahr 2004. Ich habe eine Frage bezüglich den SKS. Wurden diese in jüngeren Baujahren geändert oder besteht da auch das Problem mit der Feder?

Falls ja, sollte ich sie jetzt schon tauschen oder erst bei höherer Laufleistung?

Kann mir auch jemand die günstigste Methode nennen, diese zu tauschen?

Hi, i have a 2004 Firestorm with 10.000 km. Are the CCTs at this model a problem, too? Or did honda changed them?

If they are the same, at how much kilometers should i change them? And can you inform me about a cheap solution?

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  • Wenn du nix ungewöhnliches hörst kannst auch damit weiterfahren, die Hysterie wegen der Spanner steht in keinem Verhältnis zu den dadurch verursachten Motorschäden.

    Günstig und gut gibt es bei Danner Motorradteile.

  • Oder bei Rob de Rob de Hoo

  • CCT's could go at 5000 miles...or you could get lucky and they could last as long as 30000 miles. No way to tell, depends on the bike/rider/history.

Interesting it seems indicators from a MAZDA 6 GG GY fit onto the VTR fairing... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Interesting: it seems indicators from a MAZDA 6 GG GY fit onto the VTR fairing , these are flat indicators, will look for pics.

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  • Davin Casey: I use my creative mind and as i use some special search engines they find almost anything i want except cash

  • Very nice! Does anyone have some lights like this for sale? :D

  • Dennis Dahlmans go to the nearest motoport and they got them for €30,- you can choose for orange,white or smoke (y) or look on the website of my friends from the

And again the dutch customs and or USPS do a shit job the ordered zero gravity... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

And again the dutch customs and or USPS do a shit job, the ordered zero gravity screens are still at the customs depot for clearance and i cannot change it !!!!! I buy from all around the world and never have any problems with the customs , only parts coming from the USA have this problem. It looks like they do it on purpose just to annoy you. Sorry guy's waiting for your screen, takes more time than expected. All other parts ordered with the screens have allready arrived and waiting for dispatch, just these screens ........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • Same experience here Rob, only the packages from US are stopped and we have to pay duties. Never have any problems with stuff from China/Japan etc

  • yep, i don't mind paying the vat and duties, but i do mind the way the handle the the USA parcels (time)

  • Rob what are these screens like? Do you have a photo and a price for them?

I do not want to sell manual cct s just for the selling or so just supply... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I do not want to sell manual cct's just for the selling or so, just supply people these KRIEGER manual cct's if they want them or need them.In my years working as commercial/technical and marketing manager i have experienced that people want straight , honest advise and good customer support, before during and after the sales ! You can make your own decision or in case of doubt just ask me for advise (it's for free) and do not feel obliged to buy from me as i know i won't sell to every VTR owner. I only know that the Krieger's are a high quality product and have proven to be reliable and that Mark as well as I try to help the customer as much as we can.So, here's the sound of cct failure , it's from one of the FB members (sorry can't remember who it was) but it gives a clear indication of the noise you could hear if a tensioner fails.

And remember: If you're not familiair with engine timing issues you'd better let somebody with more technical skill do the job.

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  • Tracy will fit cct the weekend , iam hoping this is the problem .

  • When you do would also do a service as it wouldn't go amiss

  • I'm hoping it's your only problem Mark good luck.

This has probably been discussed numerous times but what chain lube do you use... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

This has probably been discussed numerous times but what chain lube do you use/recommend? I went down to my local accessory shop to buy 'maxima chain wax' as this is all I have ever used (on road bikes). The guy behind the counter tried to talk me out of it saying it doesn't lubricate the chain and will increase chain wear (I assume because he did not stock the product). I went to the next shop and got the wax.

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  • Scott oiler, always working lubing, so why say its a hassle if you have to adjust it a little, or clean the beats cleaning a chain every week. Best thing I ever fitted.

  • Just a warning: if you fit the scottoiler use the vacuum hose from the tank and split it, i used the connection on the fron cylinder, took me ages to get that small connection bolt in it's place (a bit of a stupid action)

  • But if you fit it to the connection on the front cylinder it makes carb sync easier when you come to do it cos you can use the Scott Oiler vvaaccuumm tube ;-)

Photos from John Offield's post — Honda Rancher Forum

Thanks for being added! First quad ever 2014 420 4x4, had a Honda three wheeler and dirt bikes back in the day. Simple upgrades so far, skids, winch and lightbar, 12 volt power and lighted power switches. Heading out this weekend to get her dirty! Tons of great photos, ideas and help here for sure, thanks again!

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  • Charles Brown ull need a 69 for 32.5 ol2s

  • Yeah lol I'm gonna wait awhile for 32.5 at less until I work all the bugs outta my lift

  • Shouldmt b no bugs in ya lift if u instalked it right.

Hey everyone After being crashed 6 weeks ago 5 minutes after I gave her new... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hey everyone. After being crashed 6 weeks ago, 5 minutes after I gave her new oil and filter, I am rebuilding my Storm. Just one question. It has been standing still for 6 weeks with the oil in it but not closed because of the crank case cover is broken so the oil was on the air for 6 weeks. Should I just refill, 1.5 liters of oil lies on the street after the crash :) . Or should I replace all the oil because the oilreservoir was not closed and the oil ws on the air for 6 weeks because of the hole in the crank cas cover.

Thank you.



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  • OK, I will get an oilfilter too then. Thank you!

  • Best be safe,than risk any contamination of sorts,

  • Also check air box etc for oil as when bikes are on their side quite often they suck oil into the airbox. :)

— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

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  • Will check it out tomorrow night, rest day tomorrow and if the weather holds out I'm off for a full on blast on the bike :-)

  • Lucky you! Have a 2500 word paper to turn in by tomorrow tea time :-o I'll dig out the link for plates as I never found,another one that had the actual ' firestorm' logo on their menu..:-D

  • Thanks Tracy,

— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

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This is what they look like — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

This is what they look like

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  • I have them available as well for people who want them

  • I found this link to show how to fit them =28583

  • Yep, plenty info available, i have uploaded lots of info on this FB page , have a look at the files

Could this be the cam chain — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Could this be the cam chain ?

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  • ADe. Have u any more tensioners ?? As if so I defo have a set my numbers 07771568766 as can't inbox u as Facebook won't allow me to ?? Cheers

  • Ade Whitmarsh can u add me please ?

  • Ade Whitmarsh have sent a pm please check others :-)

My bike obtained an advisory last week for notchy head bearings on the mot had... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

My bike obtained an advisory last week for notchy head bearings on the mot, had them replaced yesterday along with the fork oil and the difference in the handling is enormous!!! Could also be down to the fact that my tyre pressure gauge appears to be faulty and the tyres only had half the recommended pressure in :-( now looking for a new tyre gauge:-)

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  • That may also be why your boot was tasting tarmac ;-)

  • But not with a faulty gauge ?

  • Indeed!

Fact — Honda Shadow Aero


2005 Honda Shadow Aero VT750 stock tire size:

- 160/80-R15 rear

- 120/90-R17 front


I would like wide whitewall tires but the rear size appears to be unavailable; will a 170/80-R15 fit?


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  • Rubbed on the left sidewall.

  • Guy at my bike shop runs a 180 rear without problems. It's an 05 I think.

  • To conclude my query, my survey was inconclusive so I bought the Metzler tires, as spec'ed by Honda. Thanks for all the input!

Umabot ako ng 120 more or less sa takbo kanina galing ako nag exam for... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Umabot ako ng 120 (more or less) sa takbo kanina..galing ako nag exam for government, paguwi ko, pansin ko napaka clear ng daan..haha..120 (more or less) ang takbo and the engine is still strong..parang kayang kaya pa itaas..kaso natakot ako bigla nung nakita ko ang speedo..haha..wala na akong madinig eh, puro hangin nalang..

It could have gone faster, why?, i weigh around baka mas mabilis pa ang nakuha kung magaan..haha..

But i am never gonna do that again..


Tak ot na

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  • 90kg rn bgat ko. Kombati boss.

  • Anong max speed mo boss bago ka mag 5th?

  • Sa 4th ko bay nasa 60 ako..tapos nag 5th na..then tuloy tuloy..di ko ni full throttle agad..slow increase lang..

GUYS Sino po available this March 29 to March 30 May Honda Carafun po sa date... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

GUYS! Sino po available this March 29 to March 30. May Honda Carafun po sa date na to at Caliraya, Laguna. Overnight ride po ito, free gas, food and freebies with Honda vest. May games and raffle prizes at meron ding safety riding seminar. Please confirm to me ASAP para sa mga sure sasama, limited slots lang po. May open pang 3 slots for XR 125L users. Full name and plate number reply dito or message me directly, within the day lang po confirmation.

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  • Hahaha pero di bale, nahahasa kanang magdrive nang malayo. :) In the future pagbutas na ang general Nakar to Dingalan (probably by next year) Iyon ang gusto kong ilong drive natin. Bagay na bagay sa motor natin kasi meron cemented portion atsaka meron gravel road portion tapos marami pang small stream crossing. Tapos camping sa beach. :)

  • Sayang late na ako nkasali.. Sakto sana na break in.

  • Haha. Uu ng Sir Ramon, kunakanta kanta na lang ako habang nagmomotor mag isa. Baka kasi bigla may magpakita na white lady sa may mabitac.

mga xr bros. may nakikita ako samin benta mga brandnew usd forks worth 4 5k — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

mga xr bros. may nakikita ako samin benta mga brandnew usd forks worth 4-5k. ok ba yun? or dun nako sa mga 12k+ worth? thanks!

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  • pg nakauwi po ako ng ozamiz. hehe

  • oo madami dun sir sa inyo pasalubong ha: hehs

  • Ok naman siguro ang used..basta wala lang tagas sa langis..and walang damage whatsoever..

Trent Scott shared Postie Bike Safari's post to the group: Honda CT110 + Postie. Bike Club. — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

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  • I'm just waiting to find out how much all the machine work comes to and I will work out a price all the parts I use are all brand new and is set up to run the standard postie bike head set bearings

  • Any photos and/or details on the brakes?

  • I will take some pics when I get home on Saturday but it a single piston caliper

A few members are interested in Pyramid Bellypans I have the guy off eBay on... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

A few members are interested in Pyramid Bellypans.. I have the guy off eBay on speed dial n have arranged direct sales cheaper than ebay price.. So before anyone goes off n buys one,pm me n I'll see what I can do. Only takes a phone call and I can negotiate for direct payments I.e no ebay /paypal fees etc..I do know I was quoted for the US including shipping all in £175.. So for guys in the US or Oz,this may help.. Let me know,I'm always helping where I can,I get nothing in return but satisfaction from good karma.. Us stormers stick together... :-)

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    My 2003 honda shadow 750 with my new saddlebags — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    My 2003 honda shadow 750 with my new saddlebags :)

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    • My husband said it took about an hour and a half cause he had to take the rear fender off as well to install it.

    • Thanks a lot... really appreciate !!!

      Sorry for my english :p

      Enjoy riding your beautiful bike ! :D

    • Thank you!!

    Photos from Norio Kato's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum




    On Saturday when it was fine,


    se ven CT gathered.


    In Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka-Prefecture, JAPAN.(2014/03/22)

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    • Are all Mugen Hondas that lovely SILVER colour, do they make them in that common red colour? :-)

    • I bet that a few people in the UK would like to see that all white version over here. It's a pity that we couldn't get our 9 CT's together at the Ace Cafe last weekend Ian Scotson

    • CrossTourer sold on 2012 and 2013 in Jpan is imported CT colored as same in Europe area, or customized CT by MUGEN based on silver color model.

      In 2014, HONDA sells CT camouflage

      colored as Japan model.

    Photos from Semper Paratus's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Sir Tj nasa pinag weldingan yung tagas.

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    • natural po yan sa stock na tambutso lalo na honda....ginawa yung butas para madrain ung tubig sa loob ng tambutso para di mapunta sa mkina ung tubig...

    • Yup drain hole po tlga yan mga sir (y) pra di didiretso sa makina ung tubig pag napasukan

    • Ok lang yan sir semper immediate threat sa motor yan..actually maganda nga eh parang drain na rin..haha..

    Painted my headlight guard today i think it gave it a lil face lift next is my... — Honda 350x


    Painted my headlight guard today i think it gave it a lil face lift next is my gas. tank I'm debating on keeping it white or goin black but it forsure needs repainted

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    • ryan that's prob the best thing to do u ever look in a 83 84 250r tank there no rust ever cause of the oil in the gas if u don't ride the 350x a lot or its going to sit for a while just put 2 stroke gas in tank and let sit then drain and put fresh gas when u ride

    • ill prolly end up getting a plastic tank for mine if it gets russty

    • white plastic tanks turn yellow after awhile