i want to replace my front froks tubes on my 2002 shadow Vt 750dc but i can t... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

i want to replace my front froks tubes on my 2002 shadow Vt 750dc ! but i can't find 'em in Morocco !

Is there any other bike that it's forks would fit on mine ?! Thanks guys !

  • Maybe the whole triple tree !!

nakakatuwa motor ko daming admirer nong umuwi ako sa amin sa sultan kudarat... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

nakakatuwa motor ko,daming admirer.nong umuwi ako sa amin,sa sultan kudarat dming nagtatanong tungkol sa motor.karamihan mga kapatid nating maranao hehehe ganda daw ng porma.doon sa munisipyo namin kasi apat lang kmi may xr125

  • And make sure lang natin kapatid na mabibilhan ng lock hanggat maari..para safe din..the more admirers the more schemers..protect your bike and ride safe sir..

  • kagandahan ng motor natin kukunti pa lang gumagamit.di pa gaanong mainit sa mata di gaya ng xrm.

  • Dito sa buong munisipyo ng Calatrava 2 pa lang kami.

May mga taga davao na ba. besides me — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

May mga taga davao na ba?..besides me?..

  • Uu, labi na pagdulhug. Hehehe. Sawayon mngud ko sa akong misis nga mura daw ug tingog sa pedicab png pasada. Hahaha.

  • Hahaha...ataya..mao mao jud ug tingog bitaw..nya bugat pako nga tao..haha

  • Mao lagi, kong normal ra waly problema, maanad sa sila. Hehehe.

old pic of the one I had a few years ago — Hero Honda CD 100

old pic of the one I had a few years ago...

  • Matias fijate que hay muchas piezas de motor que se consiguen por el parecido que tiene la mecánica con otros modelos de honda. Tableros por ej hay algunos parecidos de un ciclomotor zanella 4 T. Las cosas mas difíciles de conseguir son las cachas! La cola por ejemplo con la luz es muuuy dificil.

  • hola yo tengo una honda cd 100 para la venta funciona bien pintura echa los interesados llamar al 0247415551404 escucho ofertas

  • Le sirven repuestos de eco como la caja carburador mofle y guayas entre otros tambien de ax 100 y de pulsar solo algunas cositas unas con pequeñas adactaciones pero otras hero mas nuevas tienes cositas parecidas y la pintura le queda bacana el rojo metalisado de la rx 115 depronto las tapitas de avanti eso si no se pero muchas pilas con el cuñero de volante es diferente y los bujes de los amortiguadores son unicos los de las tijeras de abajo son mas pequeños que los de arriba yo tengo una tambien y es un fierro de moto vale la pena la imbercion

Honestly what the hell is the point of building a three wheeler if you don t... — Honda 350x

Honestly what the hell is the point of building a three wheeler if you don't ride it ??!!!

  • they do use the 450r but you can also build one off a 350x platform from what I've read

  • i hear ya i like the inverted front forks

  • I have a garage full of Atc's I restored. I ride every one of them during the summer. And if friends/family want to join, they jump on the ones of their choice. I like mine looking good, but they def get used too.

Photos from Damian Oldham's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

2007 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit

8,300 miles

Well maintained and taken car of. It was used only as a weekend cruiser. I don't ride it much so it's time to part ways with it.

Price is 4,995 obo. I'm located in St. Louis and I don't mind traveling a bit for serious buyers.

Motivated seller!

Contact (call/text) Steve at 314-704-6648 or message me and I will defer you to him. Thanks for looking!

  • Does say obo. We all have to start somewhere eh?

  • Very true, and it is the season.

  • And a honda;)

Wala ba rollback sa gasolina buti pa LPG 20pesos rollback haha LPG na natin... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Wala ba rollback sa gasolina?..buti pa LPG 20pesos rollback..haha..LPG na natin to mga sir/mam.

  • unleaded ako hehe

  • Ewan ko lang kung april fools day or what not, pero ang petrolyo tumaas at ang LPG bumaba..wtf...

  • oh yeah. april fools day hahaha. time to bring some pranks up on workmates :3

  • Hai...tumaas na naman ang gasolina.

Photos from Steven Lancaster's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi i took off my old back brake light and my indicators any one can help for with wires go were lol ? the new has 2 yellow and a black red and green the ols wires look more complicated :/ any help is nice :) thanks


I work in makati pero nasa camiling tarlac ung xr ko Just learned to ride MC... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

I work in makati pero nasa camiling tarlac ung xr ko. Just learned to ride MC last november 2013 and the xr125 is my first MC.

  • Tarlac :) Malapit sa Mt. Pinatubo :)

  • like it... planning to break in my xr this holy week baguio and highest point ang plan kong destination. pwede bang pahingi ng route from manila ^^

  • Ginoogle maps ko lng din ung route namin sir. :)

Hi all i bought a back light with all lights built in to it they look as if... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi all i bought a back light with all lights built in to it they look as if they are LED will this work on my storm ? Just pug and play ?

  • i put on the flush mount indicators now i change the back light to get ridd of thous massive bulbs on the bike lol

  • Yep, and I have mine built into my mirrors too for belt n braces at front!

  • Just ordered one too at my local bike shop, found out my back light was modified by the former owner with glue and paste stuff, so i got a led light too with indicators, theyre going to place it

Tracy Mckie Peart shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

New Firestorm Group discount code for Australian Bikers Gear as of tomorrow is TVTR on the website www.bikersgearuk.com : OR if you visit their Ebay store, find what you want, write down the item number etc and ring the guys up and order via phone including the code for 10% off your total. I have just got off the phone to the boss. It's all arranged and until tomorrow night the usual code of 'carolnash12' is still available. Also. NEW COLOURS in the KEVLAR HOODIES: Rick Sayer has the black ones but they now have RED, GREY & BLACK up to a 4XL.. That's BIG, as my Dave is a 55" chest and he takes their 2XL. They do all the gear including the Kevlar Lined Cargo Jeans ( Red/White/ Black/white/ Black plus Kevlar Lined Levi style Denims for men around £45 ish.. It is shipped super fast and usally in mainland UK arrives next day via Yodel. I'm always looking at savings for us folks.. ;-)

  • yeah something to do with them going to water profers.so ill just wait till there in stock and get a hoody at same time

  • I think I'm right but it is a pay week lol

  • Could be Chris Holmes lol.. I had a Group discount organised from a cpl of months back but have changed the discount code as of today to make it easier and they're stuff is good too,given the price level. :-)

Sir Maam Suggest ko lang po sa mga bagong join sa group mag pa kilala naman po... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Sir/Maam :Suggest ko lang po, sa mga bagong join sa group mag pa kilala naman po tayo at kung pwede post your bike with you para naman kahit sa page na ito eh mag ka kila kilala tayo. salamat po 100+ na po tayo .. mabuhay ka xr125l.. suggest ko lang po ito ha.. take it or leave it. salamat po.

  • And i think we have a file on this page where you can edit in your location. That way makakaplan tayo ng rides if magkakalapit lang ng locale.

Not many posts lately. is this group finished — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

Not many posts lately.. is this group finished?

  • No, I still wanna see pics....

  • Friend just got one, I suggested they share photos.

  • I also recommend.. Honda Rebel Riders

  • esta apagado el grupo ! una penaaa

  • No haven't had time to do anymore work on the bike.

Attachment Unavailable — Hero Honda Karizma

RIDE WITH Hansa Adventure Tours. & MOTOGraph Under the guidance and supervision of Guinness World Record & several Limca Book of Records Holder.

For the first time in the history of organized motorcycling tour, this tour will take through the unexplored parts of Ladakh to experience the beauty of Himalayas at its best. We will take you through the famous “Lake trail” which used to be trekkers paradise at some point of time, but now you will be amongst the first organized motorcycle tour group to go through that route. Our vast experience in scavenging Ladakh ranges and our guides being Guinness and Limca Book of Record Holder will make you feel safe and comfortable all through the way.

Registration already started for Discover Ladakh In The Way Never Explored 2014. As you know this ride will be an unforgettable ride for lifetime. Registration charge is 3000 (non refundable). Last date for registration is 15th / April / 2014. There is chance to get discount for early birds. Lets not waste time come and book your place for the unforgettable ride.

https://www.facebook.com/event s/238293813009942/

Note : Limited seats available.

For more information on the route, cost and the journey please contact us

Vinayak Mehta / Vishnu Mehta +91- 89058 32244 (Gujarat and Other States) inquiry@vishnumehta.com | vinayak@vishnumehta.com

Ratul Chakroborty +91-9560321841

prof.ratul@gmail.com (Delhi - National Capital Region)

--- Management Team


Is there any difference between the V45 engines offered on the sabre magna and... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Is there any difference between the V45 engines offered on the sabre, magna, and interceptor? Looking at just replacing the entire engine instead of doing all the work that is needed, and keep finding a bunch of sabre engines. As long as the engine will fit on my frame, and will use all my magna parts, then I'm happy.

  • Good thing about them though is since they are sunk in, it is highly unlikely that you're going to snap a ceramic. When I changed the splugs on my ranger, the driverside has all the EGR bull hitch on that side, always snap the plugs. either what i said before, and/or the engine got hotter than usual, causing the aluminum to shrink and expand around the threads on the plug, making it a pain in the ass to remove.

  • The V45 Sabre and V45 Magna engines interchange perfectly. You will need to use the carb and air filter box from your original chassis. Also note that the VF700 has different carb jetting, lower primary gears, and different ignition boxes. So it is best to swap 750 for 750, and VF700 for VF700.

  • Yeah I wouldn't really want to go smaller even if it is only 50cc. I know what the 750 will do, so my expectations are high

Zirk Jet Honda Carafun. papuntang batangas na sana sila hehe — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Zirk & Jet @ Honda Carafun. papuntang batangas na sana sila hehe..

  • Naligaw kami at nabilad sa arawan. May sun burn ako ngayon. hahahaha

  • At as usual. Maluluwag sakin yung freebies. Tignan niyo naman yung vest sakin. Nagmukhang sash. hahahaha

  • Ako mukha pa din pupunta sa mall.

i sold my modified cd 100 for 39000 rs in sangli — Hero Honda CD 100

i sold my modified cd 100 for 39000 rs in sangli.....

  • no i sold it 2 my close friend.....when i want ride my love its for me anytime....

  • can u post a pic of ur modified cd ..coz i wanna modify mine too...

  • bOss just fit magwheel of passion plus circle headlight of cd dawn paint it in original ss and a seat of bullet remove carage.....

One from last Sunday. Good to get out from the usual work commute — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

One from last Sunday. Good to get out from the usual work commute!

  • not so, I have some spacers which allow me to fit the standard rearpegs over the top of the high level end cans, I just have no need to fit them as i'm womanless....lol

  • not always a bad way to be :P ... sshh. haha

  • it just makes me selfish as I do what I want when I want, but I have no one to keep me warm on a winters night and you best hope your other half doesn't read this....lol

maybe wishful thinking but I wonder if we could put a European meet together... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

maybe wishful thinking, but I wonder if we could put a European meet together, somewhere in central europe, or maybe Amsterdam...wink wink nudge nudge

  • Tony Boom Boom Bollen the idea is you bring the cct's along with you and the experts will be looking over your shoulder whilst you fit them, pointing out the do's and don'ts along the way, there should be a good turn out, I reckon near 20 storms, it would be good to see you there fella, in case I forget, get in touch with me before the 26th for more details, or join the vtr1000.org forum and look at the rideout section, Jamie is organising it and I believe he's a member on here as well. speak soon I hope buddy

  • cheers fella I am on the forum also as ajay31. had my storm since 2006, but been off road for a few years so wanna give it a proper sort out before I ride it anywhere. still be good to come up tho, hopefully on my storm.

  • if you do, just let Jamie know, try and make it buddy, lots of bikes and lots of bullshit, you can't beat it, if we finish early enough we go for a rideout. the whole day is dependant on the weather tho.

Mga ka xr ito yong bagong lumabas sa south america NXR 150 bros Kahawig ng... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga ka xr, ito yong bagong lumabas sa south america, NXR 150 bros. Kahawig ng xr125l natin.

  • Ganyan na ganyan din sinabi ko Tj Acoih nung sinabi sakin na dadalhin daw yung 150cc dito. </3

  • Pangit nyan, drum brake lahat, mas maganda pa xr natin

  • mas ok headlight niyan haha

Photos from Jet Velas's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Honda Carafun 2014 - Jvhan Accel, Zirk Sarmiento.

Jvhan, nakausap ko yung cousin ko special prize daw sa club ninyo this Holy Week sa Calaguas Island Experience: Ala iAdventure Style is P1,500.00 na lang.

  • salamat sa mga pics sir Jet Velas, pahingi ako pics hehe salamat

  • Sige lang. Grab mo lang mga pics.

  • congratz...

— HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

  • salbahe yang ipis na yan sir.. hahuntingin ko yan pag nakapunta ako sa inyo hahaha..

  • hinadlangan ang kaligayahan ko? he he hanggang ngayon ba naman ang pinitensya ko?

  • hahaha.. bawi na lang tayo sir sa sunod, madami pa nman.

Photos from Steve Crum's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Hi Folks! I'm new here. Favorite son and I have developed a kinship to the V-Mags in the past few years. I enjoy doing mechanical work as a hobby and these old Mags seem to be a natural fit. The first picture is of my son's 82' and my 83'. I built mine back from a totalled wreck. The second picture is of an 83' I bought last August which is proof positive that idiots shouldn't be allowed to have jumper cables (totalled fire loss) we can rebuild er' (work in progress now). And lastly just for giggles (and good price) an 84' V-30 I picked up last November. We're patiently (son not so patiently) waiting on better weather for bike season here in northern Pa. Favorite son has already clocked several hundred miles in the past month. This looks like a great group! I hope I can be a positive addition, Thanks!

  • Welcome!

  • Thanks!

  • Welcome

  • as a fellow northern pa guy/magna owner i know what ya meal lol

Photos from Elbert Navarro's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

New side mirrors, handle bar and grips installed :3

  • hmm taga san ka po? kasi i would recommend sulitdito moto from facebook. sa bukid kasi ako assigned eh. once in 2 weeks lang ako nakkabalik sa ozamiz..

  • ok lang no probs.. natanong ko lang salamat

  • and mas ok po kung ikaw mismo magbuy sa shop para makita mo at mapainstall mo po doon sa binilhan mo.

Bikers view — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Bikers' view ;)

  • Does it fit with the original windshield? From the pictures shown on the website, I get the impression it could be too high...

  • I do not know, I have one that I have done alone and uses the same principle and I am very well

  • Ah, okay... I was just curious... Well anyway, I already got mine and I'm pretty satisfied with it, so I probably won't buy a new one ;) Can you post a picture of your own?

Photos from Oliver Gröger's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Okay, first day into the Alps with my new bike. 555,9km and 4 passes (did not get more because of the snow and winter closures). What started with minor uncertainties (Travel-Enduro vs. Allrounder, heavy weight, dual clutches, automatic drive) turned out to be real love. The weight turns out to be irrelevant. You simply don't feel it. The design is perfect and every match to an Allrounder like my former CBF1000. Regarding gearshift I had to rethink about my habits. D-mode simply isn't for me. Shift's up too soon and down too late. S-mode is perfectly suited for country roads and brings fun to riding. But when it comes to montains, with steep and narrow curves and turns, automatic drive is a goner. You have to turn to manual shift mode and that's where the real fun is. DCT shifts so beautifully soft, shfiting gears is no big deal even at the crest of the most narrow turn. I tried it today, several times and then some more - even at the stability limit of the bike :) Wow! The Power, capacity and smoothness of this bike makes your heart beat faster and brings the grin on your face to the max. A perfect first day in the Alps! #Crosstourer #Honda

  • Very Beatyful places, where are??

  • Wish I was there too - extremely jealous DCT rider here!

  • Hi Claudio Riboldi I tagged all the pictures with the location where I took them. You should see it in the top right corner when viewing them on your PC...

  • Steven N A Holliday come on down to Bavaria end of May and you can join in on our four-day-weekend-tour starting in munich, going to Austria, Switzerland, South-Tyrol... 2.000km, between 30 and 40 passes, cool guys and lots 'n lots of fun :)

When riding my cbf1000FA as low speed in lower gears I get a lot of vibration... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

When riding my cbf1000FA as low speed in lower gears I get a lot of vibration through the seat. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem & is it common?

  • Check the chain for tight spots.

  • Cheers, peeps. Just have to get my undercarriage to like it, I suppose.

  • For me there's a buzz at legal highway speeds that makes my naughty bits go numb : ( I don't believe the officer would accept that as an excuse for speeding, though.

I m ready to go on a ride — Honda Shadow Aero

I'm ready to go on a ride

  • Ditto here. We still have a little snow on the forecast, but I hope to be riding by next weekend. This has been a long and unrelenting winter with no real chance to ride at all.

  • Snow and cold here this week and roads covered in gravel from winter

Anyone know any tips or tricks for removing the rear sprocket and putting a new... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Anyone know any tips or tricks for removing the rear sprocket and putting a new one on? Having trouble getting the nuts loose.

  • If the nuts are too tight, use a breaker bar, if you don't have one go to Bunnings with your socket handle and find a metal pole about 1 meter in length that will fit your socket handle in. I got mine for 6 bucks.

  • I'm having trouble more with holding the sprocket stationary while trying to apply enough pressure on the nuts. I'm using a long arm torque wrench.

  • Oh, I put mine in a bench vice with two blocks of wood.

  • First you need to smother yoghurt on it, this eases up the rust.

    Then you need to pour petrol on the nuts and set it on fire.

    After the fire get some gherkins and smush them onto the nuts, and leave overnight. The gherkins attract goblins who just love undoing nuts covered in burnt yoghurt.

  • Yeah that worked. Also had to put a screwdriver through a tooth gap and brace it against the vice to stop the sprocket twisting in the vice. And ended up using a normal socket drive and smacking it with hammer. Took a bit of effort, are they meant to be that tight?

Photos from Chris Robinson's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Now I'm ready for riding season! Just picked up my bike with the new risers and apes installed. Here's how she turned out:

  • That's a sweet white bike - nice black touches to this - have FUN

  • Thanks!

— Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

  • Oh bollox... oh well, if Tony said that, he'd know for sure.. Why would they not work on the Storm?

  • different type of front wheel spindle I believe hun.

  • bummer :-(