My Dear Fellow Honda Rebel owners do me a big big favor and vote for my 2002... — Honda Rebel Riders

My Dear Fellow Honda Rebel owners do me a big big favor and vote for my 2002 Honda Rebel on the Advance Auto Facebook page for the sweepstakes free gas give away. You have a chance that you could win too. In this economy any help I can get I surely appreciate. Pay Cuts SUCK!


I get to ride mine soon — Honda Shadow Aero

I get to ride mine soon!!

  • I'll be riding tonight. Laughing in Irene's face. BRING THE WIND!!!!!

  • I'm stuck in the sandbox till she blows away...

Besides don t tell her anything and let the MSF Basic Rider Coach teach her... — Honda Shadow Aero

Besides "don't tell her anything and let the MSF Basic Rider Coach teach her everything," what tips do you have for getting your wife/girlfriend/daughter comfortable with the bike before she takes the MSF course to get her license?? My wife is excited to get on the bike and learn (and of course nervous and anxious), and I'm passing my first bike on to her, my 2004 Shadow Aero 750. We've already let the clutch out and let it idle in a straight line in first, then stop. She got her feet up on the pegs and then braked smoothly. But I just am wary to go any further. But she'll need more practice eventually.

Thanks for the help!!

  • What's nice about the course is that it reminds you to pay attention to possible bad habits that you may have developed. Skills that you may not practice on your own are covered, like the sudden turns left and right. Really good practice with accelerating through the curves, sudden stopping that you may not have had to do yet. If you remember the 2 u-turns or figure 8's in the basic, thinking tighter and faster.

  • also, i try to ride as late into the season as I can, but there are still about 3 months where I'm off the bike. The advanced course is a great way to get back on the bike, safe and supervised, without having to sit through the "here is the key, here is the clutch" course

  • Oh man, I aced everything in the beginner course EXCEPT the figure-8 u-turns! Argh!

    Well, I guess that's where I need the practice then!

A friend asked me the other day while we were riding in my truck on the... — Honda Shadow Aero

A friend asked me the other day while we were riding in my truck on the interstate why I was following a motorcycle who was running at the posted speed, instead of passing him like all the other cars/trucks. After thinking about it, I guess I was blocking for him, so no one could hit him from behind. I think being a rider I am way more aware of bikes than the average car. Does anyone else find themselves doing this as well ? I talked about this with my wife and she says she finds herself doing the same thing...

So if you find yourself riding in the Raleigh NC area with a black Silverado following you, don't just assume you are being stalked... LOL It might just me watching out for you.

  • I do that too.

  • That's really cool. While I don't play blocker, I DO give much respect to bikers and make sure to follow the golden rule and give them as much room, notice, and courtesy as I know I'd want. And then I shake my head when a rice rocket flies by in shorts and flip-flops at 120 MPH. I generally slow down so I don't run over his road-rashed parts up ahead.

  • I do that as well. I notice bikes alot more now.

how much oil does the 750 hold i know its 3 qts plus a lil but i forgot — Honda Shadow Aero

how much oil does the 750 hold,,,,, i know its 3 qts plus a lil but i forgot....

  • thx wade......

  • np... had good luck with the puralator and the Wal-Mart (but the US made one is getting harder to find).. the AMSOil is great too, but about as pricy as the dealer one. Rest fit fine and I'm sure they are good too but havn't personally used them.

  • 2.7

My cheapo air intake mod under 40 bucks Easy to do too Not sure if there s... — Honda Shadow Aero

My cheapo air intake mod, under 40 bucks. Easy to do too! Not sure if there's any performance gains though.

  • Like I wanna figure out a way to do my own risers, instead of spending like 150 bucks for a couple small pieces of metal.

  • Handlebar risers that is.

  • risers really need to be milled. you can do it but it takes some machinery. Unless you want to do a weld job and I think it would look like crap.

I have a picture for you guys to describe biker it s below zero and I m on the... — Honda Shadow Aero

I have a picture for you guys to describe biker.. it's below zero and I'm on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This was December 31st.. I also took it out on new years :) family tradition to see who rides the latest and earliest.

  • Nice tradition. I imagine that'd be like who leaves in the rain for a planned ride. Or a midday ride in the 100-degree sun, with full gear (just no stopping lights or signs!!).

  • My buddy I ride with (the only one consistently, so far), rides a sport bike, a Hayabusa. So we look just like that - a cruiser, black and chrome, and a sport bike, armor jacket and ground lights, lol. An odd couple, for sure!

  • the aero has no problem keeping up.. scraping floor boards and all :)

  • I don't mind the weather - I commute on mine every day. Short putt though - only about 25 miles one way. That's a nice pic, though!

Took the hogs nose off and went old school. Looks better in person though — Honda Shadow Aero

Took the hogs nose off and went old school. Looks better in person though.

  • interesting look

  • what do you use for tag lights? in VA you would have a cop all over your ass

  • thinking the same thing

  • Going to replace one of the spikes with one that has an LED in it. Saw a set on ebay.

  • ah ha

I was reading a blog post on a website the other day about what a real biker is — Honda Shadow Aero

I was reading a blog post on a website the other day about what a "real biker" is...what makes a hardcore biker. Of course the writer quoted "Live to ride, ride to live," cause of course, THAT really narrows it down. (We're supposed to have the picture of drifter Peter Fonda on his chopper from Easy Rider, with his pack and sleeping bag as permanent accessories on his bike). Of course, for being an honorable, patriotic bunch, leaving our families, no longer being a productive citizen to hit the open road is the "real biker lifestyle." Nonetheless, this blogger got lots of responses railing him on his narrow-minded view of this culture and definition.

What is YOUR DEFINITION, FOR YOU, of what you are, as a real bike (if you do identify as one)?

  • Jason, sounds familiar. Monsoon season, lol. I understand that!

    Everyday I look out my ofc window and hope my bike will be dry again in time to go home!

  • Yea, don't see much rain here, kinda envy you. Riding season here is all year though. Just have to cover the bike or the sun will tear it up bad.

  • I'd say it just the feeling of enjoyment you get when you're saddled up. For me it doesn't matter if you're riding a big ol' 1300-cc Harley or a 125-cc Suzuki job like the ones you see all over Asia. It doesn't matter if you're wearing leather chaps or streetbike gear. And it's not about the 'lifestyle' - it's about the ride. All the rest of it is secondary. Some years ago I did an 8-hour ride all in the rain and wind during typhoon season. That was probably the worst ride I've ever been on but I still had a blast. I think as long as you enjoy riding, you're a real biker. Just my 2 cents...

Taking my first LONG trip on the Aero next month. Excited — Honda Shadow Aero

Taking my first LONG trip on the Aero next month. Excited.


  • Boston from Philadelphia for a wedding. It's going to be a test on my backside. It gives me an excuse to add some good stuff to the bike though.

  • about 7 hours?

  • Yeah 7 hrs. It'll be worth it.

  • From where and when to where and when?

    Ken and/or Pam Chambers

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • I do like the seat.. where did you get that?

  • It is a Mustang seat I bought off a guy that had his Aero backed over by a cube van in a parking lot.He sold it to me torn for 100.00. It cost me $ 75.00 to recover it and insert the studs. The seat also has the diamond pillow effect on it.

  • Looks like the same Mustang solo I have. Great seat - beats the stock seat all hollow. Nice job - nice bike too!

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • How is the exhaust hung on this side?

  • thru the swingarm. I've seen this setup and like it.

  • The ace tourer was made with duals, and since the two share a frame the aero can have them as well.

  • These were Roadhouse Brand TrueDuels. I now understand Roadhouse has ended operations.

— Honda Shadow Aero

  • You have dual exhaust? That looks cool!

  • Thanks. These are Roadhouse Brand TrueDuels. I now understand Roadhouse has ended operations.

  • Very nice this Aero, love the red & black seat & all

  • Fantastic 1100aero with double pipes fishtails! great....

  • White walls and fishtails.... Sweet!

Rob Blackburn added 4 photos to Rob's Rosie in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

  • was the light blue and tan leather seat bike just a picture.. I feel like I've just gotten back to the hotel after prom to find the bra was stuffed.

  • It was an Indian I almost purchased in Boston, however the bike was not certified to import into Canada at the time. Looks much better in person.

manual — Hero Honda CD 100


alguien me podria ayudar con el manual de taller honda hero cd 100 sleek

  • ah bueno, esto fue hace rato! jaja si lo buscas en el ares está, yo lo subí! sino en la página motomanual tal vez aparezca.

  • en la página motomanual no está, me acabo de fijar. Yo lo tenía en cd, pero se lo dí al nuevo dueño de la moto.



  • I use Bel-Ray oil

  • AmsOil

  • Valvoline 10-40 Motocycle oil from Auto Zone. Works great and found a bosch oil filter that fits bike just fine. Dealer wanted to charge me almost $200.00 to change oil and filter and I do it for around $20.00

new front an rear plastics on the 425x — Honda 350x

new front an rear plastics on the 425x

  • wasnt build to race just to eat up coal hills and perform well in the woods. if i had to guess it dose 70mph or more

  • no grab bar?

  • ? their is a PRM on the back

looking at cycletrader com one will find 118 1998 2002 Harley Davidson... — Honda Shadow Aero

looking at one will find 118, 1998-2002 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classics (Aero's evil stepsister) for sale nationwide, yet only 1 Aero 1100........ Ahhh to have taste in motorcycles........ like a fine wine, they get better with age

  • Yes I have to admit at least checking them out, but I just like the aero I knew that was what I wanted. most of my friends have harley's I not here to talk down anything. For me the aero was the one .

  • I have had a few Harleys, Kawis, Suzukis, Hondas a Triumph and a special construction and never had as much fun riding, customizing, and pride of ownership, as I have with my 98 1100 Aero. It came out just as I envisioned her, she has been a dream to maintain, I never stop without getting positive comments. They are very versatile to customize. She will probably go through several more changes and thousands of more miles before I even consider replacing her.

Love riding my motorcycle but right now my family and I are dealing with the... — Honda Shadow Aero

Love riding my motorcycle but right now my family and I are dealing with the reality of how dangerous they are. About 2 mnths ago my husband hit a deer on his and really busted himself up. After almost 4 weeks in hospital and rehab he came home. Well today we got bad news - it is back to the hospital next week for surgery on the shoulder where when they get inside may turn into full shoulder replacement. Definitely has put a bummer into our summer.

  • That is the unfortunate thing that can happen. I have been riding 35 years and have only had 5 or 6 cars pull in front of me, which I avoided, lol. A deer is not good in a car!! Best wishes to your family, hope everything goes well.

  • I can relate. When my bike was 8 weeks old, my father had it. He was riding to work (Honda engine plant) when his boss hit a deer with his truck, and Dad was in the bike, crossing train tracks. With the truck stopped in front of him, plant traffic to his left and the deer to his right he had no choice but to lay it down and pray. Luckily, between the rod in his leg, and the reconstruction surgery, he is back to his old self. That will be ten years ago this thanksgiving. Your husband will be fine, as we all send prayers to help with his recovery.

  • My husband was slammed against a curb last March. He's had 2 surgeries on his hip. Thanks heavens I have good insurance for us... or we'd be drowning. I'm sending good vibes your way and hoping all goes well!

Is there an annual get together for this group of Aero Riders in the US If not... — Honda Shadow Aero

Is there an annual get together for this group of Aero Riders in the US, If not we need to start one.

  • You guys really need to go to the Honda shadow aero forums on delphi forums...I don't find the FB thing to be as useful...just sayin

  • yup...and awesome forum with very helpful folks!

  • That would be cool

If Honda brought back the Aero1100 c3. ie 98 02 models. would you purchase one — Honda Shadow Aero

If Honda brought back the Aero1100 c3 (ie 98-02 models) would you purchase one? If you currently own an 1100 what changes would you like to see made?

  • hook up a garmin.. adds all kinds of useful info on the trip.. including an accurate speed

  • been looking, just haven't done anything yet, lol

  • My 99 was wrecked at 8 weeks old. I pressured the insurance company to pay for xraying the frame, which came back fine, and fought tooth and nail for the repairs to be made. I made daily calls to the insurance company usually in transit to see my father in the hospital, then rehab, to get it back to new. As soon as he was cleared, he was right back in the saddle......of my Aero...... and both made a full recovery!

Out of the wide array of bikes to choose from what made you decide to purchase... — Honda Shadow Aero

Out of the wide array of bikes to choose from, what made you decide to purchase your Aero? Did you buy new or used?

  • The fit (height & weight) and the retro style appearance.

  • Im 53 just bought a new 2009 Areo 750 I love the fit the balance and expect it to last the rest of my riding days.

  • @Brett ... I can attest to the short stature. My wife is 5-3 and I'm 6-1. But I can take the preload out of the rear shocks and it sits low enough she can ride it. Couldn't say the same for my Wing though.

I use mine as a primary transport to work instead of my Ranger truck Saved... — Honda Rebel Riders

I use mine as a primary transport to work, instead of my Ranger truck. Saved over $800 in gas, so far, this year :)

  • Where do you live? I ask because you speak of mountains. We lack the mountains here in Ohio or at least in the Northeast part where I am.

  • NC, Blue Ridge mountains, near ASU University

  • I also have Ranger, haven't gotten the Rebel up and running yet so I can't park my Ranger like you did Jerry....but hope to by the Spring riding season! :::::::crossing fingers:::::::::

This is my baby — Honda Shadow Aero

This is my baby.....

  • Beautiful bike! Love the colors. My 2006 has 19,250 miles on it. Still looks brand new and runs like new!

  • My 2004 has 159,951 miles and runs like new !

  • My 05 is up 20,000.

This is my and My Rebel Cruising Skyline Drive in VA Most people said it... — Honda Rebel Riders

This is my and My Rebel Cruising Skyline Drive in VA... Most people said it couldn't be done on such a small bike ..... Proof's in the puddin here.... Did the whole thing... Bike Handled like a champ on those twisties.... LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!!!

  • HI,,very cool,, we have the same year bike,,,and,, my brother has a general lee also!!!!

  • @ Kathy that's awesome!

verry verry fresh 350x — Honda 350x

verry verry fresh 350x..

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It doesnt. I wish. haha.

  • header pipe looks similar what mods u need to do for that pipe to fit

  • I think the flanges have something different about them, so you have to cut the header part off and put 350x flanges, then the tube hits the right frame, so you have to cut and add sections and reweld, the muffler should line up okay after you do that..Ive seen many people do it.

It was so cute at work yesterday and today Yesterday I rode my Rebel to work... — Honda Rebel Riders

It was so cute at work yesterday and today. Yesterday I rode my Rebel to work and of course parked it where it could be seen. Don't want anything happening to my bike ya know. Well I work at a Child care facility which is a branch of a larger organization. Anyway I was told by a lady that her little boy saw the bike and was so excited he ran towards it so fast he about knocked it down. He wanted to climb upon it. lol Then asked who's bike it was. Well she told him it was mine and he said no Mommy it can't be. She said yeah ladies ride motorcycles too. He said Noooo Mommy it's a man's bike because look it's black. He associates black with men because his Daddy drives a black car. I was getting some good laughs from that deal. Especially when this little boy is the bosses grandson. :) Then another little boy saw it and was told the same, that it was mine. Well he left that go but then today the first thing he did when he saw me was where is your motorcycle? I said I left it home because I drove the car because I was running late. He then had this disapointed look on his face. I broke the little guys heart because I didn't have my motorcycle there for him to see again. These two kids are preschoolers. They are smart little guys and cute too. My Rebel might be a little bike to some but it is a big deal to the little guys. :) Just thought I'd share my warm and fuzzy times with you. :)

  • Too cute. I work at a small printing company and many of our customers will not come in unless they see my Jeep in the parking lot because they don't want to deal with anyone else. Of course in the warmer months I try to ride my bike to work as often as I can. At first we could go almost a whole day with no customers coming in, which is very weird. Now that they know I also ride they look for the Jeep then the Rebel and are very pleased to find me at work. Even the guys with the "big bikes" comment on how nice MY little bike looks! I am very proud of my bike and proud that yes - I am a girl with a motorcycle.

— Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

  • This is my 2007

  • matching the vette, nice

  • Thanks

  • This bike is absolutely heaven to ride!!

— Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

  • This is my 2007

  • looks nice but take a picture of the other side,it looks better.

  • LOL, it always does. Something about that air cleaner side.......

  • and the pipes too I think...

  • Looks like your stand is tweaked. I just replaced mine too!

Was thinking while riding yesterday yeah I know multitasking can get you killed... — Honda Shadow Aero

Was thinking while riding yesterday, yeah I know multitasking can get you killed, about the addition of a second OEM headlight, not one of those small lightbars. All I have to do is obtain second headlight, remove original headlight, fabricate mounting bracket for both so they are side by side, obtain waterproof relay to operate both, since I believe the amp draw would be too much for stock system, fabricate wiring harness. Yep, think this will work.


We have a request on the right from Chuck Keen to join this group For some... — Honda Shadow Aero

We have a request on the right from Chuck Keen to join this group. For some reason it won't allow me to add him. FB has already allowed this in the past because I created the page. Can anyone see the request and add him?

  • How many members are there total? I know my Mastiff rescue page noted that after so many ppl joined, that I couldn't add any more.

  • That's not the issue then.......

My Rebel is giving me trouble. I put a brand new carb and battery on it in June — Honda Rebel Riders

My Rebel is giving me trouble. :( I put a brand new carb and battery on it in June. Yet it won't stay running unless I leave the choke on. Why? If anyone can help I sure would appreciate it. I was wondering could it be the spark plugs? We didn't replace those this year.

  • maybe you need to adjust the timer?

  • Mine did that too just adjusted the throttle adjuster srew (on the carb) under the right side and poof problem gone

  • I had this problem last year. I ran a can of Sea Foam though it, 1/2 can per tank of gas. It is running GREAT! No chock

  • I decided to replace both plugs because that surely can't hurt as well as put some sea foam in it. My husband has some and said he can put some in for me but I will for sure be checking out the throttle screw deal. That is what it sounds like it could be. Thanks for the help folks. I'll be riding her to work in the morning. :)

  • if only running on choke - sounds like it's running too weak / lean on the mixture - which needs the carb jet adjusting to richen mixture up - do it a bit at a time and see when it runs properly when choke released, otherwise it may end up adjusted too much the other way and you won't need choke at all. Honda have always set the bikes up from the fatctory to run very lean as it lowers the emissions to pass laws in different countries and gives good economy etc.

Yes there is. I found out tonight. Did not believe there was one but there is — Honda Shadow Aero

Yes there is. I found out tonight. Did not believe there was one but there is. What is it you may be asking? There is an overflow on the fuel tank. Really topped of the tank tonight at $3.43.9 per gallon. Had it almost all the way to the top of the neck. While putting the cap back on I looked down on the port side of the bike and there was gas dribbling fast onto the ground.

  • Had mine a week tried to filled up I filled up it went down I filled up it went down. Dumb leaked gas for awhile. Lesson learned

  • I want a full tank

  • On my old CBR600 I filled it up too full and the overflow flowed directly into my shoe. Never overfilled it again.

  • I did the neck punch mod on mine and overfilled it once.....only once, that stuff is too precious to let drip on the ground.

Does any know of a mods you can do to the gear change peddle so you can change... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Does any know of a mods you can do to the gear change peddle so you can change gear while keeping our foot on the footrest and not having to lift your foot off the peddle to change with your heal

  • I had a similar issue:

    For me my legs are a bit too long and awkward so I took the peddle off and repositioned it back on the spline slightly more anti-clockwise. This gave me the ability to change the gears and have my foot on the foot rest without getting a sore ankle.

    Give it a try, it might help!

  • Great thanks Mitchell, i will try it.

  • I'm having a bracket made to make the seat 6 cm higher, not too difficult and can be removed easily. I considered having the tank made taller but will look odd I think. Have done the same as Mitchell with the gear lever.

  • I have a basic seat on the rack so I can slide back and sit on it. Usually half on the normal seat and half on that. I can change gears no problem either way and its a more comfortable sitting position.

Hey I know this is the Aero forum but if anyone out there has or knows about... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hey, I know this is the Aero forum, but if anyone out there has or knows about the ACE, this is just a basic question about battery charging.

I have a 2000 Shadow ACE 1100T (as well as a 2004 Aero 750), and I'm pretty sure the battery is dead (but it's only been 2 or 3 wks since I've started her). The guy who sold me the bike also threw in the battery charger. Now I can access the battery directly from the leftside cover, no seat removal needed. Should I take the battery all the way out of the bike in order to hook up the charger, or just disconnect the batt cables and hook up the charger.

Also, the charger only has 2 cords itself, a plugin to the wall outlet, and one for the battery, so I want to hook that one up to the positive, correct? Do I to ground he negative at all while charging?

I'll admit I have barely a basic knowledge of electrical stuff, so I don't wanna screw up anything and zap out any systems.

Thanks for your responses!



  • always have it n 12 volt, is it a trickle charge? what amp does it say? if it is a amp or two,leave it on. I might also suggest watching it, battery might just be dead and charger revived it for a short while

  • I know I've gone through batteries almost every year. Have a gell cell on order. Depending on the brand, if run completely dead, it may not take a full charge. If the battery was hot when you unplugged it, or sounded like it was boiling, then the battery is very short lived. The Ace T and the aero share the same frame, and I believe the same battery style. My 99 aero has the T shaped battery. I recommend finding a gel cell. Longer life and a better warranty.

  • And never large a 12 volt battery on the 6 volt setting. And jump starting is fine. I've jumped mine off my car many times since we uncrated it at the dealership. And lastly, there is no good way to test a bike battery. Been there, tried that.