Hi Chasing a cheap postie to buy in the Brisbane area If anyone knows of or... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hi. Chasing a cheap postie to buy in the Brisbane area. If anyone knows of or has one for sale please let me know. Dont mind if its old or not in great knick. So long as it's road worthy and will get me to/from work.

Also I have a 3/4 complete postie for sale. It starts first go but runs a bit rough. Would be good for a project or to wreck. $200 ono

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  • what does the project one need

Tach installed and working good — Honda Rebel Riders

Tach installed and working good =)

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  • No problem at all i have put about 600 miles on it since installation now and its working like a charm!

  • what year is your bike?

  • Mine is a 2004 i might be able to find the schematic for an older model if you need it

Well I m trying again hoping the picture comes through this time I finally got... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Well, I'm trying again hoping the picture comes through this time.I finally got around to installing Dave Dodge's oil modification kit on my 82 V45 Magna. It was a lot of work, but we'll worth the effort. Thanks Dave.

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  • Same here. I wonder what the explanation is. Is it a claim the cylinder cams on one side or the other are more vulnerable?

  • Would the 1 line route the dirty oil from the tranny thru the filter whereas not before? I don't know I'm asking.

  • ALL Honda V45 / VF700 / VF1000/ V65, Sabre / Magna / Interceptor 1982 thru 1988 share the same stock oil system. The stock oiling system feeds unfiltered oil to the heads at low pressure and low volume from the low pressure port of the oil pump after passing through the transmission. Installing a properly engineered top-end oiling system will feed filtered oil to the heads at twice the pressure and volume of oil vs. stock... with increased lower-end oil pressure at idle. Added benefits include dedicated oiling to the transmission for improved trans life and cooler oil entering the heads thru 2 lines providing equal pressure to both heads. Any oil mod that uses any stock oil system components is not properly engineered. This also goes as far as using off-the-shelf hoses and fittings. http://www.honda-v4.com/sabmag/v4honda/oilmod-dd.h tml

Para sa may gustong makita ang ginawa ko sa front tire ko — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Para sa may gustong makita ang ginawa ko sa front tire ko,

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  • Di po mainit sa right leg or foot ung engine?

  • Mejo ramdam ko nung itinakbo ko ng long ride ng walang tigil, kung init lng sir, mainit tagala, alam nmn nting mainit ang makina at dun malapit ang foot rest,

  • Thanks sir. .

right guys need some help info im sorting a 97 vtr1000 for a mate the front cam... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

right guys, need some help/info im sorting a 97 vtr1000 for a mate, the front cam tensioner went on him the other day, now I;ve re-timed it and fitted new manual tensioners but it sounds like its dropped a valve as there is a pinging coming from the front, what I need to know is would the valves from a rear head fit the front head ok?

or has anyone got a complete front head in good order and ready to fit for sale please

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  • We got past the ccts bit Sebas Zeemering but I ddin't want you to see the other post and not this one to save you going over stuff again. :-)

  • Now i hope that you can use my info :-)

  • John Hepburn is right. Do a comp test. That will tell you if you have bent valves.

Photos from Sael Requierme's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Share lang, My 2nd Trail to Mt. Palay Palay. Pico de Loro, Ternate Cavite

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  • tatlo po ang classification ng tires ito ay natutunan ko lang po sa kasama ko sa mga trail na matagal ng nag ttrail. soft for mud, intermediate for terrain which is mix na me hard or soft terrain and hard for hard terrain like yung mga matitigas na lupa, not advisable to use full knobby tires asphalt or concrete roads bukod sa delicado madali makalbo ang knobby tires mo dun sayang. kaya the oem tires ng xr naten ay dual.

  • Ah okay. Thank you Sael. :) I am assuming that your soft/intermediate/hard eh sa rubber compound nang tire iyon?

  • Yes tama po...

Sael Requierme posted in HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines — with Drachir Zerep and 2 others. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

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  • ahh ok po. yung flexible led ba or yung pabilog?

  • Ikaw kung ano ang type mo, ako hanap ko yung manipis lang ponaka manipis impt me tail light lang

  • ahhh. ok ok. thanks po

is there a way to tell if my rear floating caliper is actually floating — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

is there a way to tell if my rear floating caliper is actually floating?..i cleaned, lubed, inspected all parts but there is still a slight drag on the wheel....it spins quite freely with caliper off, when put on and i use my foot to spin the wheel it spins about 1/3 turn...about a full turn or more with caliper off....i really dont want to remove pistons as i do believe that will mean bleeding...also, the brake pads are brand new.....and the front tire spins like a top..i should mention the pistons look fine, cleaned them up good while i pumped them out a bit

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  • ok..no washer on the left side afterall....it looked like there was its just the nut with extended circular metal on it

  • sorry for any confuson dave, what looked like a washer under the nut, was in fact just a nut that looked like it had a washer under it

  • If the axle was that hard to move, take this opp to clean and lube it.

Ready for our Mt. Palay palay trail tom. Pico de Loro. for the 2nd time — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Ready for our Mt. Palay palay trail tom. Pico de Loro....for the 2nd time...lalaban na naman sa malalaking bed of rocks ang xr 125L ko tom.

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  • Sarap naman kahit Friday nakaka pasyal :)

  • pico de loro sa cavite yan yung malapit sa kaybiyang tunnel?

  • malapit sa marine base yata.. boracay de cavite.

Jet Velas shared BBC News's video to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Kaya nung pauwi ako mag isa galing cavinte 40km lang ang takbo ko pag paliko.

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  • In UK a double white line is absolutely no overtaking. Plus there are road signs saying slow, slow pero lalong binirit ang motor noong driver. Idiots like that creates a bad name for all riders.

    We have a family friend who was badly hurt with a broken skull and 21 broken bones because his leisurely bicycle was bump by a speeding motorcycle. The motorcycle driver was very drunk. His wife is very angry with all motorcycle drivers. Saying they are all "gago". It was very hard to explain to her that not all motorcycle drivers are like that and I am driving a motorcycle too. Haaaayz sometimes the irresponsible behavior of a few affects the reputation of the majority.

  • Napansin ko nga din fault nung nakamotor. Plus hindi naman sharp yung curve pero nagoovershoot. At least lucky padin siya na sa mukhang malambot na damuhan siya gumulong gulong. I guess natuto naman na siya after ng accident na yan

  • Tsk tsk...

My 99 Honda Rebel 125cc — Honda Rebel Riders

My '99 Honda Rebel 125cc.


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  • In Canada.. most rebels are 250cc. Haven't seen one out here at all yet..Couple of 450cc Rebels here

  • You won't either Brian, unless someone imports one specifically. The 125's were for the European and Far East market which is dominated by smaller cc bikes. You won't see the Honda 450 Rebel successor either over there (or here in the UK/Europe!), the Honda Steed 400.

I wouldnt mind your thoughts if poss Trying not to make extra work for myself... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I wouldnt mind your thoughts if poss. Trying not to make extra work for myself so was wondering what folk thought of the white wheels. All being well will add a couple red decals to go with seat but cant make my mind up if the wheels go or just clash with the red/black :-S

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  • Julian Kroesen Not sure what I'm doing with seat just yet. It will either stay on the bike when it sells... or i will be putting a plain seat from my bike on which means I will need the seat for now until I sort something out for my bike. If I do keep it for now, I can always give you a shout when I am ready to get rid of it.

  • Helen Lincoln-Smith it's S - '98

  • I like the white wheels... but trying to make best with what I got and not sure they go with seat... if i had choice I would have plain seat with cowl and would of painted some number boards on front and rear sides in white to match wheels.... Have got some nice black rims that I could put on with red decals and red trimmed seat but I really don't want to let the black wheels go. I'll keep thinking for now lol

My horses. Mas mahal ko yung red. Hehe — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

My horses. Mas mahal ko yung red. Hehe

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  • Jvhan ang XRM125 ba eh semi-automatic? or manual?

  • Walang clutch Sir ang XRM.

  • uo sir mon, walang clutch karamihan.. may isang nilabas na xrm na may clutch xrm trinity yata yun. kaya yung ibang nag te trail na xrm ang gamit pinapalagyan nila ng clutch.

Photos from Brian Friedmann's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Has anybody experienced coolant leaks from this hose? It is the main hose coming from the front of the bike and goes to the water pipe in top of the rear cylinder. It is leaking from the front and rear of the hose, and yes the clamps are on and in the correct placement. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  • may be as simple as disconnect / reconnect with new clamps

  • mine is 99 honda areo 1100 also

  • Sometimes the plating on that pot metal gets crusty and starts leaking. You could pop them off and clean the pipe as best as you can, then re-install the hose with worm-drive clamps.

Lady Fred shared her event to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello USA Ladies! Please join in on the fun, only requirement ... RIDE! Share with your friends, so we can show the World how strong the USA is with Female Riders!

Inside this event there is a link for the World Ride and USA ladies may join that as well!

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  • US citizen living in Canada I'll be riding!!

  • Very cool Amy! There is a link in the event for the World Ride and that will take you to the IFRD group page. I know there is a Canada event floating around too!!!!

Photos from Telly Buhay's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Just letting you know, you made the right decision buying the XR125. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew it wouldn't win any beauty pageant, but it'll definitely be a kickass all-around "baragan" bike. True to its dual-sport nature, the XR125 rocks on the road and rocks harder off it. The photos are when we first tested the XR125, and when I say tested, we thrashed it around HSDC and Honda made it even a competition to a best time around the track.

Congrats Honda XR125L riders!

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  • malaki sau.. bagay sakin.

  • prang motogymkhana :-)

  • jvhan - nope, but 2 other Honda bikes.

I need some help from the experts with my VF700S I m finding that it takes... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I need some help from the experts with my VF700S. I'm finding that it takes much more cranking to start when using the fuel tank and factory petcock than it did when supplying fuel from a bottle and some tubing (no petcock). When using a basic bottle and tubing, it starts right up even after sitting for days. When using the fuel tank and petcock it needs to be cranked for 10 to 15 seconds before it will stumble to life, after sitting for a few days.

Please educate me if my thinking is wrong, but does that mean that the bowls are emptying out when it sits, and the cranking is required to open the petcock and re-fill the bowls? What would cause the bowls to empty after sitting for a day or two? I'm not seeing or smelling fuel leaking from the carbs, but it seems like it's going somewhere.

I recently rebuilt the carbs and the petcock. I put a new fuel screen on the petcock but did not see any parts that appeared to need replacing in the carbs.

Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated...

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  • where does the stock fuel filter go to and from Dave Dodge

  • On a Sabre, the stock filter goes inside the tank on the end of the gas valve. On any V4 with a fuel pump, the filter goes between the lower tank and the fuel pump. Adding a second filter on a fuel pump bike can actually shut the pump down when there is too much backpressure.

  • Can anyone show me the correct fuel line routing from the petcock to the carbs? Mine is in kind of a loop and I have no idea if that is correct.

tanong ko lang po kung kilan ba dapat pwedi mag patune up kasi sabi ng... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

tanong ko lang po kung kilan ba dapat pwedi mag patune up.?.kasi sabi ng binilhan ko after 1000km daw..eh ok pa pa naman ung tonog nang makina ng xr ko..

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  • Sundin mo muna ang nasa manual at warranty ng honda..ako naman every two months nagpapatune up at change oil ako regardless sa status ng oil..

  • ok po sir Tj ..tnx

Jet Velas shared GIVI Philippines's photo to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Saan kaya mura ang ganito?

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  • Nakita nyo n b mga sir yun SEC na topbox? Mura lng sya at mukang maganda rin ang quality

  • Si Zirk naka sec okay naman daw. Hindi ko lang alam saan nakakabili.

  • Sa sm north and sm nova meron kiosk ang main nila sa binondo naka 20% off sila on all items till end of this month

Photos from Daniel Craig's post — Honda 350x

Out for a jont on the ole 350x

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  • They are crazy how slow and far you can lean them. I'm rebuilding one all army green with white stensiling and a 6hp robin engine. I'm trying to figure out something other than the fake tank to use because I'm not using the original clone and gas tank. I wanted to use this old Harley Davidson tank I have but its too long.

  • Yea ive got 1200$ of wrk in mine, those tires were 400$ alone lol i just bought a 6.5 hp gx200 last night for it and next thats goin on is the TAV2 Torque converter and a snorkel for muddin :) if u want a bomb tank the 2012 mb200 tank fits the warrior, the warriors original tank is hollow aluminum but the mb200 tank has a watertight storage compartment and they are only 50$ on the ombwarehouse website. Go there for all the parts you need they have the best prices for aftermarket parts

  • And if you call yamaha and tell them you have a bruin 350 and would like 2 handlebar velcro covers they will send them either free or dirt cheap, and they just so happen to fit the forks of a warrior like a glove as forkcovers

Just to think about. Using the 4 6 mm spacer at the rear will give less grip — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Just to think about: Using the 4 - 6 mm spacer at the rear will give less grip !!!

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  • My 2 cents worth. The purpose of both mods is to reduce the rake and thus the trail. Dropping the front reduces ground clearance so whilst the bike might tip quicker, it can't lean as far so can't turn quicker. Raising the rear improves clearance but the raised CoG makes for moving the weight further and so cancels out the benefits as I see it. This can be compensated for by leaning off the bike further but this has it's limits. And if you do both, the bike becomes too light in the rear under heavy braking . With the VTRs engine braking, this can lead to skips and loss of stability. I have tried both mods and found the best solution was to leave the bike stock. The best mods for the VTR I have found are a good set of rearsets and a forkbrace. Get your body low and forward as possible (and tuck your feet up)

  • I often play with the settings and geometry of mine. With the roads round here every little tweek is noticeable and I have to say I agree with Karl. :-)

  • I fitted a 6mm spacer and went on a diet and lost 2 stone.

April is Amputee Awareness Month — Honda Shadow Aero

April is Amputee Awareness Month.

I had a second check socket fitted today. Bob (my stump) has shrunk quite a bit since last week, and will require a third fitting. That delays my getting a leg by another week.

Disappointing, but that will make for a better fit when I get my final socket, and my socket should fit longer before I need a new one.

That is something many don't understand, that amputees need sockets replaced as their stump shrinks or changes shape over time. Diet and exercise play a part in how your socket fits, as well as gaining or losing weight. A poor fit means the amputee could get sores or otherwise injure themselves.

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  • Supposed to call and let her know when her appointment will be.

  • Waiting is the worst....best wishes..

  • Glad to hear you are doing ok Bruce. How about the wife?

Nice day in VA to take a ride on my 2007 Shadow Aero I just bought — Honda Shadow Aero


Nice day in VA to take a ride on my 2007 Shadow Aero I just bought.

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  • My brother lives off 207

  • I will be dusting off my aero soon. Almost out of tradition I hit the parkway for my first real ride of the season.. going thru gordonsville.. up the parkway.. to Sperryville and back.

  • Sounds like a nice ride.