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"The XR-125 L Philippines" Bonding at Rest House Of Ramon I. Castillo..

Thank You so Much Sir.

May God Bless Your Family Always...

From: XR 125L Admin and Members of the Group...

  • Sir Zeener kung nakita mo yung unang group pic namin mukha ako pupunta sa mall. Helmet lang din ang gear ko. Napilitan bumili ng gloves kasi masakit sa hands yung grip ng xr.

  • Kevin Charles Tan, iyong meeting and EB on May 7 wednesday, sa Shell marcos highway iyon. Iyong may Jollibee about 500 meters after Sta. Lucia Grand Mall, before Masinag Market. :)

  • Ok sir Ramon I've been there before madali ko mapupuntahan yan :)

Tire pressures. Can t be arsed to find the manual — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Tire pressures ?? Can't be arsed to find the manual ;-)

  • Had 26 in front and rear. Was panicking thinking my new wavy discs had warped already

  • Maxxis: Yes they are very good, if its what you want, diamonds are a very triangular profile, which suits stuff like being aTT marshall, where youre on the edge all the time,they are a very tippy tyre, you can get down into corners very fast, they are very grippy, but are very sporting and have a very triangular profile, plenty of grip though.They are a bit sensitive for touring,and the narrow hard centre tread is not good on greasy roads, Dunlop, sportmax are good, rounded profile and good wearing,grippy touring tyre ,

  • I had pilot road 2s. They were good aswell

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"THE TANK' critique away...i'm here to learn

  • do all this by hand correct? roatry tools?

  • rotary

  • Wet sand by hand. A rotary will go to fast through it. U can use a buffer though for the final polish. It may be hard to hold the tank still tho.

Hey all I have a technical question about replacing fixing my headlight — Honda Shadow Aero

Hey all, I have a technical question about replacing/fixing my headlight:

I have a 2004 Aero VT750, and the lowbeam regular light no longer works, so I only have light when I flick on the highbeam.

I've searched and can't seem to find complete info about what kind of lamp bulb is used, if there's a separate bulb for low and high, and if there's not, then what might be the problem as to why my low beam isn't working (is it something electrical)??

If it IS a matter of replacing it, does anybody have the spec on what bulb I need to order? Price??

...the bike manual does NOT have any spec info on the headlamp bulb type or operation. :(

All help is appreciated!!

  • It should be a h4 build but I could be wrong that is what I have in my 2005 vt750c and should be available at and auto parts store

  • To clarify, my bike is a VT750C (I left the "C" out previously).

  • It's a 9003 or a H4 bulb in an auto parts store; do yourself a favor an go with a Silvania Silverstar, a few bucks more but good light output

  • Thanks guys!

— HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines


— HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

  • good thing sir... nasa daanbantayan ka ngayon?

  • no sir, dito ako manila may trabaho kasi, minsanan lang ako umuwi jan...

  • Plan ko umuwi sa Cebu sir via Land travel XR125... ipon lang ako budget

— HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

  • Pinawisan ako kanina sa trail natin, parang gusto ko nang umatras at bumalik kanina. :)

  • warm up palang yan sir hehehe

  • i love this... ganda ng place mo sir ramon balikan yan;)

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  • Loko loko. Kinakabahan nga ako baka may nakablue na mangpara. Hehehe

  • balak kong mag XR125L kaso di na kaya ng powers ko ang ganyanhehehe naki uso na rin si Jvhan Accel ?

  • Motor ko pa rin sir Edd gamit ko. Pwede yun kahit saan hehe.

Floorboards. like then or hate them — Honda Shadow Aero then or hate them?

  • Hate them on my 05'Aero. Scrape them every lean

  • have them on my 2012 & love them!

  • I've been looking at the Cobra's; looks like thats the next purchase

New member here and sharing my still un moded 1 month old adventure bike — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

New member here and sharing my still un-moded 1 month old adventure bike. Shot was taken at Kathrein Cafe near Sierra MAdre resort during a solo ride this morning to Tanay.

  • Nope from Grand Baie.

  • okay thanks. welcome again jeremy. :)

  • :)

HELP — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


My ride will not start.

Battery is good.

Plugs are good.

All fuses and relays are good.

Starter is cranking.

R/R is good (replaced with R1).

All rubber hoses are good and in correct locations.

When i try to start it, i get lots of back fire, and although the flames popping out the exhaust look good i would prefer if the bike just started instead.

Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

  • Yes - mine turned out to be vac pipe - after Lloyd Catterall and I replaced just about everything else!

  • +Vac pipe is the devils shit pipe for fuckups, : ) put some tippex or paint on it for the next owner to see,

  • Finaly had chance to take a look.

    Thanks for all suggestions.

    It turned out to be the vacuum pipe to the rear of the fuel tap.

    Again thanks muchly fellow stormers.

I need a tire for the rear of my postie so I can work on it a bit easier — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

I need a tire for the rear of my postie so I can work on it a bit easier. Don't need to be road worthy

  • There is a wide selection from vee rubber and that's the brand Australia post use when the factory ones wear out. Usually the 3.00 size.

  • What size should I be looking for.

    Are the front and back the same

  • Front and back the same size. Size depends on the tyre. This is what the posties use but maybe look around and find what you want. 3/?p=772&cur-cat=motorcycle

Now im happy at all with it — Honda Rebel Riders

Now im happy at all with it!

My "Rebeca" rebel!

  • Buena transformación...tengo el mismo modelo que el tuyo y con el tiempo kizás haga algo parecido.

  • Te animo a facil...con algo de maña! :)

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She polishes up well...

  • For Moto Works type in the search to find their page. Based nr sittingbourne Kent.

  • The bikes on 69k not me!

  • If you ever do the margate run or the sittingbourne custom show, Moto Works is worth a chat and a coffee, I think he is sponsoring the custom show this year,? Even from Guilford it's worth the ride out for a service etc.

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Here some better pics

  • Well that's my plan to grab the one I found redo the carbs switch engines and keep the other as parts the Garage near me said they have 10+ that I could pick from

  • wow 10 plus bike to pick from I need to find a deal like that for my 65.

  • Lol I get it

I put a new battery in my 2008 Aero because my other battery wouldn t charge — Honda Shadow Aero

I put a new battery in my 2008 Aero because my other battery wouldn't charge. I took my bike to the shop to get new tires, the bike fired right up for me. When the shop went to take it for a test ride my bike wouldn't start. I can't imagine it's a problem with the battery considering it's brand new. I hope it isn't anything major. The tires cost me $560 and now my bike won't start.

  • Never assume a new battery is good. I put a new one in my 99 and made it to Knoxville Tennessee and it shorted out. This was 430 pm on a Friday preceding a holiday ....... Do you think for an instant the dealer would help? Nope. But the owner of the motorcycle pit stop found the issue and had me up and running with a new- new battery.

  • Well the saga continues. The dealership where i bought the battery didn't charge it enough. The place where I had my tires put on charged it up. Not sure how this will all work out. It's been a tough week.

  • Just ordered a new set of Bridgestones from Motorcycle Suoerstore for $238! Local dealer quoted me $480!

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  • Sama boss pag san mateo lng malapit lapit samin

  • Ako din :)

  • Mga ka xr yung xr naten ay maganda pang trail yung weight nya without the lights tama na na hindi rin ka uuno during hill climb, less 1 tooth sa engine sprocket so far mejo ok pa naman. But i saw na in the future lalakihan ko yung sprocket ko pa sa likod ng mga 2teeth para pang hard mud trail...and pinag isipan na sin ang paglalagay ng supremo 155 head....good morning....

Sir anong klaseng carb ang carb ng xr125 iba kasi eh may hose na galing sa... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Sir anong klaseng carb ang carb ng xr125?iba kasi eh,may hose na galing sa head papunta sa manifold,sa xrm wala,

  • For more details basahin mo to. pair.html

  • thanks sir,yung iba kasi na nakikita ko eh euro 4,hehe

  • Ang Euro 4 compliant kasi nasa 1 gram carbon monoxide emission level per kilometer for gasoline power vehicles, Samantala ang Euro 2, not more than 2.2 grams lang.

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  • Greetings all. As a new member of the group I am looking forward to hearing about others Aero stories questions and answers. I bought mine about two years ago and it is a 2006 750. I use it mostly to ride back and forth to work but take short trips too. I have posted some pictures of it. The passenger seat, sissy bar and back rest are off a Harley. Needed more padding for the wife. Also added the Cruiseliner bags (Craigslist) and painted them to match the bike. It looks like they are gold but in the sunlight they match. Honda wasn’t much help with the paint so I had to have it computer matched.

  • Good looking bike. What type Hatley did the rear seat and sissy bar come off of? Was there a lot of modifications to make it work?

  • Not sure what type of Harley it was. My cousin had sold his and had the seat, bar and back rest left over. It wasn't to hard to modify the seat, made a new bracket to mount the rear seat to the front seat and another small bracket for the rear mount. The sissy bar took some doing though. I had to raise it 3 inches (to satisfy the wife). Had to cut, weld and re-chrome that. But the bar itself fit. I also had the back rest recovered, had big HD logo on it.

  • Nice ride..really like those bags.

Looking forward to a nice weekend for a change — Honda Shadow Aero

Looking forward to a nice weekend for a change.

  • Love the fairing!!! Can I ask what type it is???

  • Memphis Shades Batwing. My opinion is that it was worth every penny. Does a great job and looks pretty nice

  • I have a Memphis Shades Speed Demon, I know I would need different mounting hardware, but it looks GREAT!!

  • I had a fats, so i just needed the plates. Can switch back in seconds if i wanted.

Going riding this weekend. Suppose to be nice on Saturday. I can t wait — Honda Shadow Aero

Going riding this weekend . Suppose to be nice on Saturday. I can't wait . Stress relief therapy.

  • Was the best ride ever love you family

  • Just had knee surgery. Glad you had a great ride!

  • Aww I hope you have a fast recovery . My prayers go out to you . Get well soon

Just took a ride with my new Cobra floorboards this is going to take some... — Honda Shadow Aero

Just took a ride with my new Cobra floorboards...this is going to take some getting used to.

  • I'm wondering about floorboards. When I get my prosthetic leg, I don't know which will work best for me. Always liked pegs before.

  • Won't for long. You will love them.

  • That is what I have and like them. Also have toe-heel shifter

Photos from Brody Clark's post — Honda 350x

Alright guys. I'm building a few bikes and I have to generate some play money somehow. I've used parts off these bikes and sold some already. I have an almost complete 85 Honda 250r (already been stripped down)(believe motor is sold) and a complete 85 Honda 350x (almost stripped down). I'm selling out almost everything I have for these two bikes . What's left goes on eBay. Also have tons of air cooled R stuff but no motor pieces. Call or text 1.870.612.4792 for individual pics or comment below. Thanks guy, just trying to help some fellow atc guys out with hard to find parts. In Arkansas but will ship!

  • How's the rear caliper on the 350x?

  • This one is already sold but have others for sale

  • 350x motor how much

  • May have already asked you, but I can't remember. I'm interested in rear brake master cylinder & reservoir.

  • I should have one that needs rebuilt. I sold my working one.

Thinking of trading my shadow in for a vtx 1300. hows the rating on this bike — Honda Shadow Aero

Thinking of trading my shadow in for a vtx 1300...hows the rating on this bike..thx for any feedback

  • The Fury is so cool looking.

  • 1300 is doggish. When Honda still had the homecoming I took the chance to ride one. Factory fresh and found my 99 aero had more cajones. I prefer the first gen 1100's (98-00) as these were single pin cranks vs the 2nd gen (01-02) which had dual pins. Same harsh lope of a Harley without the daily maintenance. The 1800's have great reviews, but I'd have another Wing if I went that big. I adored my 03.

  • And I'd agree with Matt Breitzke. The first 5 years had the best styling. Flowing lines, killer color combos and for three years, big fat white walls.