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Changed front indercator lenses and bulbs today. Now running smoked lens with white running light.

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  • Where did you buy the indicator lenses? Def want this on my bike

  • Honda.

  • Can sell you the hole set up if your intrested

Photos from Sam Biere's post — Honda Rebel Riders

Bobbin' the f*** out of my '86 450. Chapter solo springer seat is opened. Tuesday my Black 50mm Springs will be delivered. Then chapter exhaust cutting and wrapping will happen.

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  • Brother now I want my like that!!

  • Yours is beautiful....

  • Thanks Hanna!!!!

7700 mga sir — Honda RS150 CEBU Fan Page

7700 mga sir..


Cebu city philippines

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  • Sino kayang na ka try ng ecu bos para mg ask tayo kng ok ba jud

  • OK naman ang ECU.. Adds power to it sonic.

  • Ah ok bos wala pay naka try dire sa pinas ana bos

suggestion for mini ride for this coming saturday — Honda RS150 CEBU Fan Page

suggestion for mini ride for this coming saturday

pde ra pareha pag last sunday lunch balamban liempo den tuyok south pra ka try pd ko haha

mag abot sa shel jy alas9 nya magsugod ug alas10


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  • ikaw boss? its ur call :)) suggestion rna ako hihi

  • Emerson Bacalso larga! 10am lng kay magpachange oil pko hehe

  • game ko ani dah...

Rainy day s question. had someone already install this healtech gear indicator — Honda CBR 954 RR

Rainy day's question : had someone already install this healtech gear indicator? Where you put it on the dashboard? Which range of rpm for the change alarm?

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  • ecco come dicevo io: Patrick Pa Paciarelli

  • Si , prima ho telefonato al meccanico, 90% lo piazzo li pure io, magari metto un biadesivo piu serio

  • Is that a USB connection that runs off the PC111?

Question Anyone using a motorycle GPS on their Shadow Is the Garmin Zumo... — Honda Shadow Aero

Question: Anyone using a motorycle GPS on their Shadow? Is the Garmin Zumo worth the big bucks for it? I see the TomTom is a little cheaper, and now on eBay there are some Chinese models, but I'm leary of them. Would love to hear your pros and cons of any model you have. thank you.

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  • I use a very basic model Tom-Tom. It doesn't have a lot of features but it gets the job done and gives me GPS. The GPS was given to me by someone that had no use for it, so it was like a free-bee.

  • I didn't even know those companies were still around, since so many use smartphones with GPS. I'd look on craigslist. I'll bet there are endless low priced ones available.

  • thanks Bonnie, I actually have an older car-based TomTom, but my biggest concern with it would be the glare on the screen, and an integrated lock. To Mike's point, I do have Rever on an Iphone as well, which does a pretty good job, I'm just lacking a proper ram mount / charger setup, which I could do. Certainly a possibility. Was hoping for any comments from riders that had a Zumo or TomTom Rider.

Photos from Carlos Marquez's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Sold my bike. Going to focus back on my cars. I just wanted to thank everyone in the group for all the help these past few years. Be safe.

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  • What I need is a good Carburetors For Dummies book.

  • That does not sound like a good idea.

  • Where are admins???

Hi guys here are the updates sa saturday meeting — Honda RS150 CEBU Fan Page

Hi guys, here are the updates sa saturday meeting.


Thanks sa tanan nitungha sa Honda Safety Riding Seminar. Wala damhi na champion sa skills challenge. Salamat sir Brian sa pg invite


already done.

[logo sticker]

next meeting na ipakita ang sticker 3m refelctorize 3by3 ang size by master Jeff. SRP is 45pesos ang isa. After meeting nextweek diha nata decide how many ipa print. Sa ganahan sa sticker kindly give your payment kay master Ferven atong treasurer/secretary. Walay joy buyer ug bogus buyer kay dili lalim makatapal labi na dili pakita sa meeting. We understand everybody is busy and naay work you can coordinate ni master Ferven and contact him. Lisod kamiy mucontact sa tanan if mukuha ba logo sticker kay official member ra pwd makakuha. Official member is listed sa "Owners Group Info" under sa files. You can edit it.


the design is already submitted by master Felix. Mao na to final. As of now nangita pa mi kinsay muprint and makaprovide example size sa ilang tshirt. Much better is mutungha sa meeting para maapil test sa sizes. Or we will announce sa size dimension if ang provider dili kahatag example tshirt sizes.


Our first official ride is March 19. Round South ta, sakto c master Emerson about sa rides dapat 1 month advance para makatigom ug makafile ug leave. March 5 is nextweek so icancel lang nato kay kalit kalit ra sad pwd ra mini ride to TCH/Felixberto.

Same location sa meet up mcdo mambaling. sa dili makaadto sa meet up then niuli or naa sa probinsya sa south dapit kay ato sabutan kung wat time ang group mulabay sa mga lungsod/province. ang 4am nga meet up murag sayo ra sad kaau pero kung ontime tanan. We will make it 5am sa ganahan mamahaw pwd ra sa mcdo mambaling then 5:30 ride off mulakaw na ta. about sa speed limit is 80 lang ato max. pls maintain 60-70.

[Honda Registered club]

this monday mureply na c mam Mary Ann about sa atong submission. And she added naa daw daghan event sa honda this year.


we would like to thank sa tanan nga nihatag donation para sa kadtong biktima sa tulis sa dumanjug. About sa gipost ni master Everick.

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  • bisag kinsa bai, pwd gani imu uyab

  • basta bayad daan

  • cge mag inquire nya tas tshrt ky mag dpnde man pd ang price kung pila ka colors ang design

msx — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum


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  • meeeeee toooo

  • I need this.

  • Wow night rider bike. I wonder if the guy who posted it is called Michael lmao

Hard starting po ba tlga alpha natin kasi sakin tgal mag init eh ska di siya... — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

Hard starting po ba tlga alpha natin? kasi sakin tgal mag init eh ska di siya one click/ one kick.

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  • Pre . Pag nag kick start ka wag ka gumamit ng silinyador hayaan mo lng kase nalulunod po un . One kick lng po yan . Pag mainit na ok na un . Ganun po tlga sa bago . Di cia katulad ng iba na pagpinadyakan mo may kasama ng silinyador

  • Tama..

  • Wala sa tono carb

Mga ka xr sino nka try mag open ng stak na pipe Balak ko sana kunin silencer... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga ka xr sino nka try mag open ng stak na pipe? Balak ko sana kunin silencer ng tambotso xr ko, pwede ba? Tiningnan q prang mahirap tanggalin.. Patulong naman po mga ka xr kung paano.. Salamat po

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  • Ako nag open pipe ako ng orig n pipe..

  • Pinaopen pipe ko sa mga gumagawa ng pipe at pinalagyan ko ng fiber..

  • Pm

A question to all of you that may know a bit about painting on motorcycles — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

A question to all of you that may know a bit about painting on motorcycles. It is this. I am replacing my broken trunk with a nice used, same color replacement. The rack that holds the trunk and antenna is rusty in a couple of spots, mainly where my driver seat rest attaches. What would I need to do to the chrome, other than completely stripping it, in order to paint it either a flat black or a glossy black? I appreciate any answers.

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  • Cokeacola and steel wool will take rust of chrome don't get it on the paint

  • my sidecar rear rack mount had the chrome peeling so I wire brushed it and bug bombed it with chrome paint. It worked really well. it's the rack to side car horizontal mount if you can see it here. the pic is when I got the bike.

  • CLR and a kitchen sponge/ scouring pad.

Should I do a reset as I ve done a few mods. Air filter and full exhaust — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Should I do a reset as I've done a few mods. Air filter and full exhaust.

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  • I looking at changing a pipe that run from back of airbox to the manifold. This is because like the pipe inside the airbox, it restricts air flow. I will need to find a pipe as it will be custom. If it works I will share the info.

  • Ecu resets it's self every 300 miles or so

  • Cool cheers peeps

Disappointed with Honda — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Disappointed with Honda

Told me my MOT was due a year early but failed to inform me of a factory recall regarding drive shaft issues on my cross tourer

Could of failed at anytime

Check with your dealer if you have a vfr1200

Mine needed a new driveshaft

Only done 3800 miles

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  • There is a pice of software on the forum in which you type your vin number this will tell you if you are due a replacement

  • Honda.EU website. Enter your VIN to check

  • Or click on the link below that I posted. v v

Baka meron na pong nakapag palit ng crf na rear fender at side panels sa inyo... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

"Baka meron na pong nakapag palit ng crf na rear fender at side panels sa inyo mga Sir, papost naman, hehehe!!!"

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  • thank you sir.tanong ko lng po,wala nmn po bang problema yung xr nyo after nyong iconvert sir?

  • Swabe

My 85 V65 Magna Ride one identical to it in 1986 when I was a freshmen in High... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

My 85 V65 Magna , Ride one identical to it in 1986 when I was a freshmen in High School, told my Dad someday I would own one and in August of 2014 I got this one for my Birthday at 42 years old . Now 44 and live in a town with bikers of all sorts and can still run with just about any new bike on the market today, stock or modified and mine is bone stock minus the Kurakyn grips . Will never get rid of this bike , ever . May want to be buried with it when I die.

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  • I was simply posting the Magnas I have owned in the past and the one you bought from me was the first one I ever owned and have had well lets see including the 3 I have now , would make 6 Magnas , the black one with flames is the first V45 750 Magna I have owned to date. Aint got near the power of the V65 by any stretch of the imagination but still fun to ride all the same .

  • There is a V65 Sabre on Craigslist for sale here in WA state for only $1500 bucks and looks in Mint Condition and only has 18k miles on it . Its Beautiful just not a Sabre fan, Didn't like the way they sat or there stance , They resembled a Sport Bike more than a Cruiser and just didn't like the way they looked .

  • Wish I still had mine but it got sold at auction during my divorce.

Photos from Nasirul Khoiri's post — FORUM CB150R Tulungagung RHSF-TA Riders Honda Streetfire Tulungagung

Selamat sore !!!

Salam Naga Motor Surabaya

Kembali kami menyapa akang sekalian rider Honda CB150R dimanapun berada.

Bagi yang ingin mengetahui TESTIMONI bisa like fanpage kami: 52754/?ref=bookmarks

Cek stock part untuk Honda CB150R nya kang mungkin ada yg lagi dibutuhkan oleh kuda besi kesayangan

Spion kanan – kiri @40.000

Visor speedometer 30.000/pcs

Setang setir 70.000/pcs

Piringan cakram depan 200.000/pcs

Piringan cakram belakang 150.000/pcs

Selang bensin 150.000/pcs

Tensioner 250.000/pcs

Kiprok 300.000/pcs

Seal klep set (isi 4pcs) 40.000/set

Dudukan setang setir 30.000/pcs

Karet tangki/shroud 5.000/pcs

& masih banyak lagi part lainnya

CP :

Naga Motor Surabaya

Sms / Call / WA : 0812-1772-8981

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    Photos from Joseph Williams's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    My 82 V45 Magna , has 89,000 miles on it and about time for a rebuild on the old girl but finding out its cheaper just to buy a used engine complete than to rebuild one of these part by part. She has been alot of fun and own a V65 as well that's my pride and joy. Picked this bike up for $300 bucks and rode it home just the way it looks in this pic. Couldn't believe it , I thought it was a typo or something, nope , $300 bucks it was mine . 2 years later and 28,000 miles more put on it ,haven't spent a dime on a part one to date but can feel her losing power and things starting to wear.

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    • One thing I have noticed about owning the older Magnas is that I can't seem to ever find much chrome accessories or dress up kits if anykind for them , or maybe its just where I live they aren't available as much . Would like to find some after market chrome accessories for my Magnas !

    • Oops Silver Bike I meant

    • Losing power and you have not put any money into it...Question have you had the valves checked and adjusted also how about the carbs...Just curious as these bikes will seem to go forever with proper maintenance

    Photos from Dan Ddm's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Rear set plugs I had special delivery from Tudor Toma yesterday. Only just put them up. Such a snug fit. Looks smarts. Cheers mate

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    • Nice mate :) glad you are happy

    • Cheers again. Very happy. Things so small but very exciting lol pmsl

    • Haha yeah mate all about the little touches :)

    Just bought my XR150L yesterday Ready na for commuting D Any suggestions mga... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Just bought my XR150L yesterday. Ready na for commuting! :D . Any suggestions mga sir for upgrades or maintenance? First bike ko po kasi thanks..

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    • Ano po gmit nyong gas unleaded premium?

    • Opo

    • Unleaded po ba? Or premium po? Ano po ba mas maganda?

    Ok what the hell is a plasma booster sounds like something of a spaceship lol — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Ok what the hell is a plasma booster, sounds like something of a spaceship lol

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    • Oh ok so would fix the cold start problems people are having or is it not that simple lol

    • I dont know mate

    • Damn it, thought I solved everyone's problems lol

    Attachment Unavailable — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Keep watching out for my stolen baby...

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    • Well there are only 5 Groms where I am so if another pops up anytime soon i will be on the case, Especially if the reg starts with LC

    • Aw that really sucks, when'd it get jacked?

    Sunday ride from Lebanon — Honda Shadow Aero

    Sunday ride from Lebanon

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    • Ride on!

    • Love the helmet! I was thinking of getting a Shark helmet but not sure yet. How do u like it? Easy to put on and take off?

    • Man this is a very special shark helmet... The only prob no open face if u want to talk to some one u need to take off

    Matt Cherrington shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club. — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Watch "GROM BRAKE RESERVOIR" on YouTube

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    • Please Explain.

    • These tasks don't need videos. But if someone wants to make them they should be competent. Your hack job on the starter cover and the points noted above on this video suggest you're a blind man auditioning to lead other blind men.

    • I appreciate your points and I see where you are coming from. I'm sorry you feel I am a "blind man".

      Maybe my videos just are not for you. It would seem that you are a highly skilled person with a brilliant mind and no need for informational videos to help you. However I am sure there are a few people in the world that find my limited information and hands on view of these cheap parts, very useful. If anything. The starter video should tell you NOT to purchase the product, instead of watching it and thinking I am a moron. So feel free to not watch my videos if they bother you. Or if you get enjoyment out of commenting on them, feel free to keep watching. It's all the same to me either way. Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it all. Good or bad.

    If your commute on your Forza is less than 8 minutes i would not bother with... — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

    If your commute on your Forza is less than 8 minutes i would not bother with the heated grips, this is how long they take to heat up to full temp, my journey is only 4 minutes so while they make the bike more saleable in the future they are not much good to me.

    Another major plus with the bike is the size of the fuel tank, a fellow member mentioned this in a sub link, the only one to do this, i do not know why because one of the major headaches with scooters is having to fill up every 125 miles or so, while on the Forza i am filling up at around 250 miles and am not on empty.

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    • Andrew - have you had any problem with the Gerbing gloves? And which model do you have. I have a much older pair (which I still use minus the heat), however they broke and I'd not kept the invoice so couldn't get a replacement. At that time (circa 2011), there appeared to be a problem with their product and support in the UK. However, they were brilliant when working, so would have no hesitation getting another pair if they have sorted reliability and improved customer support again.

    • Never had an issue Paul..

    • Thanks Andrew. Will rejoin the world of working Gerbings shortly.

    Brendan Marett shared a link to the group: Honda CB/CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975). — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    Should I buy a petcock rebuild kit for $15 or a whole new non-genuine petcock for $22...? My guess is a whole new unit will work better longer than trying to clean & rebuild 20 years of gunk and neglect...

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    Pwede ba lagyan cooler ung motot natin — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Pwede ba lagyan cooler ung motot natin?

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    • Mga bro update ko nalng pag sira na hahaha

    • Korek! The road is where my heart us.

    • May point ka ren. I think I'm starting to get watchu want TS. Mahirap, pero it's still possible. Definitely mas madali sana quest mo kung Honda rs150 nlang kung Honda ren Lang na tatak at gusto mo speed. But xr150 is not bad...

    Photos from Mark Coles's post — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Bumped into a fellow Grom yesterday in Norwich his exhaust sounded amazing. 80 quid on eBay. Said its so strait forward to put on as well. eBay here I come.

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    • Yer that's right, no official make but at 80 quid. I'm gromtastic!!!

    • Same as mine

    • Wemoto on ebay

    So I m going a little off topic for just a second Has anyone else on her... — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    So I'm going a little off topic for just a second. Has anyone else on her bought a new bike from Honda and had to have something serviced through the warranty? I bought a CB300F in September. One year warranty unlimited mileage. Zero miles when I took her out. I have almost 1,700 miles on it and had stored it up during our crappy weather. Today was her first day back in service as a daily and my valve cover is leaking significantly. It's not a big deal to me if I fix it because I've built more bikes than I can count, but it is under warranty and I can clearly see where the valve cover gasket has rolled back in the front left corner and hasn't seated properly. Its not decided to leak until today and I hadn't really paid no mind to it until today when I had a nice little bead of oil running down the jug to the crank case. I've dealt with warranty work years ago and they always find a way out of fixing something or a way to charge me, but I'm hoping over the last few years and maybe some other input I can hope for a better result this next time around.

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    • Is the warranty parts and "labor" or just parts. That's typically how they bend you over.

    • Yeah. Lucky me. Lol. Mines going to be a job to get apart.

    • Not from Honda, but I used to have a Vulcan with an extended factory warranty that got plenty of use. Also noteworthy, dealers tend to take warranty work before paying customers. Granted things may have changed since 1998-99...

    Extremely off topic but I want to tell the world — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Extremely off topic, but I want to tell the world.

    May I introduce a future Grommer, my little man Hibiki.

    Came into the world yesterday lunchtime

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    • I'll take that as a compliment Denn, cheers

    • well as they say like father like son mate lol

    • Ah, so he's a TRUE grommer.... already well versed in removing excess fluid from the airbox drain!

    Hey group I have a karizma from a couple for years now the problem i have been... — Hero Honda Karizma


    Hey group, I have a karizma from a couple for years now, the problem i have been facing is with the Fibre panels. They keep cracking and breaking. The fittings are so vulnerable. How i can i prevent the fittings from breaking? Any suggestions?

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    • Thats pretty good idea, home come it never struck me. Wonder where I can have it done here in Hyderabad? Thanks for the idea thou

    • Fiber parts will tend to lose their elasticity with years and will break/crack eventually. Most of us have faced this problem.

      For bonding the broken parts, best way is to join them from inside. Recently found this product called, "Bondtite: Fast and Clear" from company RESINOVA. Easily available from any hardware shops. There are other more varieties of bondtite, but i found for fibre parts, fast and clear works easily and rapidly. Hardly half and hour and the joint becomes rock solid.

      And for rattling sound from any fiber parts, use rubber packing from any old rubber tyre tubes, this will solve the rattling sound 80%-95%. Place them properly and at right place.

    • Thanks bro, i will keep that in mind. I am planning to change the panels, but this time before installing them i will fix all the vulnerable joints so that they give better life