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MALL PRICE : 2,600






























SMS/VIBER : 09079580265

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    Hola a todo el grupo poseo una xl500s 1981 en plena restauracion y me esta... — Honda xl125 xl175 xl185 xl200 xl250 xl250s xl500r Paris Dakar Motorsport

    Hola a todo el grupo poseo una xl500s 1981 en plena restauracion y me esta faltando el silenciador si alguno tiene uno por favor avisar desde ya muchas gracias

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    • En Colombia

    • Pasame tu numero asi te llamo

    • Cuanto pedis x el silenciador???

    When i ride i ride ballls to the wall. Cylinder were 53mm stock bored to 57mm — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    When i ride i ride ballls to the wall. Cylinder were 53mm stock, bored to 57mm. . Streched frame 11" bobbed my fender to a point . Got rid of the shocks welded a cross bar so nlw a hardtail .

    Im going to put on a springer.

    I threw a rod. Rod bearing went. Rebuit bottom end. And she'll be running tomorrow.

    These bikes are so easy to work on

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    • wow..with original stock block?

    • no need..just feel it xD

    • Thats as big As it will work. But i have to cut the skirt to.make the piston lighter

    what kind and brand of oil do you guys put in your bikes im about to do my... — Honda Shadow Aero

    what kind and brand of oil do you guys put in your bikes. im about to do my first oil change by myself i just bought the fram oil filter

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    • The presence of friction modifiers are what allow the oil to be ENERGY CONSERVING. It is those friction modifiers that aren't compatible with a motorcycle's wet clutches.

    • We use Shell Rotella T6 in all of our Hondas. Full synthetic and a little more expensive. However, when you are only using 3 or four quarts at a time, I consider that pretty cheap insurance against engine wear.

    • Does anyone add an ounce of marvel mystery oil I know a lot of engine guys who recommend it they say it leaves a nice film on all the engine components and I add an ounce per tank of fuel to the tank to help keep the carb clean?

    Good Morning mga Bro s may XR 150 ako gusto kong mag switch sa rims and... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Good Morning mga Bro's...may XR 150 ako..gusto kong mag switch sa rims and wheels na 21 front tpos 18 sa likod..

    okey lang ba to?

    i need ur suggetions..^_^

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    • Ferdinand M Pundan ung original rims ng XR 200 sir DID japan po...nakuha ko for 5k lahat rims front and rear slightly used tires with tubes then complte set of spokes..un po sir

    • sir kaya b maging kamukha at kaheight ni xlr si xr150l.. tia

    Sino ba yung may exos pipe na benta dito magkano yun. Post pic po tanx admin — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Sino ba yung may exos pipe na benta dito magkano yun? Post pic po,, tanx admin

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    • Meron dala silencer , removable and keychain

    • May benta namn fiber or pwede mo tangalin ung sa stock mo

    • May dalang silencer at keychain,

    Photos from Donna Smith's post — Honda Rebel 125 250 450

    Decided to ride about 25 miles, over to see Kilyn and Kinley (my granddaughters) ... and the other Mamaw ... but they weren't home. My first, non-stop ride outside of my little area. Average speed, about 65mph and she handled just fine. :D

    Temps at the house when we left were about 63 degrees. Sun was out all day but there'd been a good breeze blowing also; enough to make flags fly out and stay that way. The ride wasn't all that cold ... even with the NON-STOP line of semi-trucks in on-coming traffic - 25E is the detour of choice from I75 through Campbell County. A little 2-lane road ... and today, with 6-7 semis in a row, followed by a car or two; maybe space of about 1/16th of a mile and then another line of semi. Non-stop all 25 miles.

    Coming back, the traffic was no where near as bad (thankfully) but because the sun was dropping, so was the air temp. Not even halfway back, i began to feel the cold on my legs. On a little further and i was shaking from the cold. LOL!! But i sucked it up and we made it home safely before i became a popsicle. ;)

    Maybe next time i'll catch Kinley home since she said i couldn't ride "on her watch"! (Kinley is now 5 yrs old. She weighed in at a whopping 1 pound, 6 ounces at birth; born 3 months early but she is as healthy and normal as any other child!!!) :D <3 !!!

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      Nigel McElfatrick shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

      Some advise guys. Looking for an ultrasonic bath, so wondering if anybody had any decent recommendations for something that can take a stripped caliper etc. I was looking at one of these, but if any body had any other recommendations it would be appreciated.

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      • I got the 6ltr; its a good tool to have. The solution you use is a major factor in getting good results. Jay Morrison suggested me a fine cleansing powder which I still haven't tried yet. It's what they use on tattoo rigs.

      • Fill it with freon

      • What's the best solution to use then for callipers. ?

      Ok here s an anecdotal that I was told by a Honda tech years ago It s... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

      Ok here's an anecdotal that I was told by a Honda tech years ago. It's primarily concerning the 45 and 65 motors. The cam chain tensioners are a mouse trap affair. They have a spring that is covered by a piece of hose. When this hose get brittle it can cause the automatic tensioner to not take up the slack in the timming chain. The bike when running will have a "rattle" that comes and goes with off idle to 1/4 and back. The "fix" according to Honda is to replace the tensioners...EXPENSIVE time consumming pain in the butt. HOWEVER he told me that once the valve covers are off you can get in there suff a rag under the thing and with an exacto knife cut the hose (#9) off. The spring (#4) may "sing" and I am not sure if vibration would cause premature spring wear on the hooks. BUT I'd give it a try VS doing what honda recommends.

      http://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/1983-honda-mag na-1100-vf1100c/o/m151750#sch5293

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      • He is a member.

      • Dave Dodge

      • There ya go..

      I ve put an exhaust and airbox mod on my bike and I was wondering does the ecu... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      I've put an exhaust and airbox mod on my bike and I was wondering does the ecu need resetting? Changed plug to iridium today and my other plug was white running very toasty..

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      • I thought iridium plugs were meant for one race use them replaxe?

      • Nope. Last longer than copper.

      • Good investment imo, improved responses

      My beauty refusing to fire up in Macclesfield en route to the peak district — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

      My beauty, refusing to fire up in Macclesfield en route to the peak district..

      Cant find it in me to be angry with her though...

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      • Im assuming its a repeat of the offside wiring loom behind the engine cover. Last time if you agitated the wiring, the fi light came to life.. This time nothing.

        Yet out of the blue it fired after two hrs of twiddling my thumbs.it seemed to start firing without the fi light then it lit for a second or two whoch was just enough.but since got home nothing again

      • ? Didn't understand anything ?

      • I had same issue with mine at 15k but was the regulator that went!

      Ride out from Preston intending to take in Buxton and Matlock but bike failed... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

      Ride out from Preston intending to take in Buxton and Matlock, but bike failed to fire in Macclesfield, Grrr

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      • Got that problem on my Hornet.....took 1st key on monday,2nd key on another day....got mad with this...then i lost the 2nd key and the problem was solved... :-D

      • Italian girls...they don't work with the false key....haha ;-) :-D

      • Tried that in sept Markus. Made no differemce...

      Photos from Mike Bova's post — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

      I put the tank and side covers on today and discovered the petcock is the wrong one. I just need to get the correct petcock and get a rear fender re-chromred and I'll be pretty much done, for now.

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      • 450 brothers from a different mother

      • Mike Here is a honda service update showing correct routing for gas lines on the 450. Copied from a hondatwins.net article earlier this year. Hope it helps, Mike Dunlop

      • I have always seen them run under the right carb with the wire on the fuel line. I think they ran them under from the factory did this change at some point?

      — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

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      • You know you've gone too far with your wheels when I step ladder is a must have

      • I like different, but this is just screaming NO!!

      • To mate that looks nice just needs a bigger engine

      I M LOOKING I M LOOKING — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum


      Hope the IAM cover these observations in training lol

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      • I would end up crashing lol

      • Looks like 2 rabbits fighting in a sack

      • A lot more noticeable than those stupid POLITE BIKER high viz vests

      Hi guys just wanting to know if anyone has fitted any led strips to their... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

      Hi.guys just wanting to.know if anyone has fitted any led strips to.their bikes if so how where they wired in and have you got a pic

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      • CBF600sa.

      • CBF1000f: Cree drls from switched relay , replacement Bullet sidelights.

      • Those just show how crap the standard headlights are. That is a serious spread of light, I shall have to try some!

      Gold carbon — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Gold carbon

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      • So sick

      • Lol looks easy isn't easy to get the results you want. Phone cases at home maybe etc spray paints ruin the hydro graphics ink and can guarantee home attempts won't come close to the proper way of doing it. Plus spray can lacquer is rubbish you don't get the shine or uv protection and it never goes hard, then you've ruined your was good panels

      • Painting ain't an issue for me got a few mates with paint shops

      have any one had a problem with getting into neutral from 1st — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      have any one had a problem with getting into neutral from 1st

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      • this gets better after a while... many new motorcycles hat this problem. also can be a problem when you have to much oil in the engine.

      • was serviced 1000 miles ago by honda and its only done 3500 now just doesn't seem to be getting better

      • It was difficult for me as well. I stalled it out 2 times so far at a stand still cause of this. Now I just make sure I pop into gear once in actually in neutral. If you're having problems just move bike forward and back slightly. Then it gives neutral to you so much easier. Also downshifting from second to neutral is a pain too. But once you figure it out it's simple. On this bike it is just strange to me but I have figured it out.


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      • Thanks for the compliment! And good call, they are 16. I was nervous about going so high, but honestly, they are so damn comfortable! Just the tight turns, U-turns and what not, are when it's tough, but overall I love them

      • Here is a view with some better light

      • Welcome from Indianapolis Indiana

      Just got told about doing the trx400 front end swap on the 350 rancher — Honda Rancher Forum

      Just got told about doing the trx400 front end swap on the 350 rancher. For the electronic 4wd switch, anyone got any information

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      • Ok i gotcha now. I was thought you was talking about a 400 foreman. But yes the 400 rancher diff is the same gear ratio.

      • No, but I do have a buddy putting a 500 rubi under his 400, idk why or how but he is lol. I'm doing it cause it's more custom, most factorish looking and 2/4wd lol it beat payingn 379$ for one little switch that's been known to fuck up

      • Actually the 400 rancher at and the 350 have the same pinion just longer for the actuator and ring gear is the same teeth and spacing on both I done enough research and have not had any problems with mine it works amazing

      Anyone sellling mods — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Anyone sellling mods?

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      • Hi Kyle how much are you look for your levers mate ? Plus P&P

      • How much mate?


      — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

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      • 1100 C2 ACE

      • If you don't mind me asking what kind of forward controls are those and do you like them? I have an ace as well and am 6,2 and am trying to decide between forward controls or floorboards.

      • Black & white ACE...awesome bike. I may be slightly prejudiced though.

      Finally I can get the old bike out — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

      Finally I can get the old bike out!!

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      • SEI

      • I'm interested in buying an Anniversary Issue or an SEI. I like the color and the "electronics". I saw the experimental Honda GoldWing 2000 cc. they only made one I understand. that was 5 years ago

      • They r out there. Ive seen a couple in really nice shape. Prob 3 grand is avg price. Google that bike specific. Prob is finding one near u. There is a guy in Cali that has my exact bike in mint condition. Wants like 3500. Good luck my friend!!

      Hey guys anyone had the same issue leak in the exaust It has about 1300km and... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

      Hey guys, anyone had the same issue/leak in the exaust? It has about 1300km and not even a year.

      Thank you

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      • humm, i noticed this today. yeah, ive got that area all dirty -.-

      • +1, the plating on the shock suffers from this dirty water too.

      • Bit of exhaust sealent sorts it out

      mga paps gusto ko sana ipa w sidecar c alpha. magkano kaya magastos ko — Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page


      mga paps gusto ko sana ipa w/sidecar c alpha...magkano kaya magastos ko? at ano requirements?..salamat

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      • up

      • wala nmn up ung gawin m p double shock m sa likod at ung gulong m plitn m ng mtiby n gulong

      • may sidecar napo..upa change body ko po sana sa LTO..