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  • jan tayo punta sa net long ride ntin lol

  • CHris Toy Mao ni Lumba haha

  • eto sana sasabak ko dyan e.. heheheh

Nanganganak xr samen hehehe — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Nanganganak xr samen hehehe

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  • dito cotabato marami na rin kaya lang wla pa mga birth certificate (plate # at or/cr). kelan kaya darating kasi sbi ng dealer one month lang.sobra na one month wla p rin...

  • dito sa davao, tinanong ko desmark tungkol sa plate ko, sabi nila yung mga december of 2012 pa daw ang nadating..ahaha..akala ko kasali na ako, kasi december din akin eh, of 2013 nga lang..

Hello — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


I have got a Problem with my VTR. It doesnt't start..

First: my english is not the best, sorry for that!!

The starter is running and the relais clicks, but motor doesen't start. Had the same problem two weeks before.. I checked the plugs of all connections i found and after the third trying, it startet! Next day i took a long ride, and it started whitout any problems all over the day.

Two days later, i wanted to ride... First it started without problems. I had forgotten to turn rack up. It turned off (like regulary) by switching into first gear. After that i can not start my bike. I checked the plug of the rack, but it looks good. Same thing like two weeks before...

The starter is running and the relais clicks, but motor doesen't start.

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  • Vacuum pipe to the rear of fuel tap?

  • lol not again : )

  • Have to Check that with my father. I have no idea how to do that

Hallo — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners


Ich habe ein Problem beim Anlassen meiner Maschine. Vor zwei Wochen hatte ich dieses Problem schon einmal. Der Anlasser dreht, das Relais (hinten) klickt, aber der Motor startet nicht. Zündkerzen sind neu, Batterie ist geladen. Vor zwei Wochen habe ich alle Kabel kontrolliert konnte zwar nichts finden, jedoch ist sie danach angesprungen. Hatte an allen Kabeln die Stecker nachgedrückt, falls einer Lose sein sollte. Anschließend war die VTR auf einer Tagestour nach jeder Pause ohne Probleme sofort angesprungen.

Vorgestern habe ich sie gestartet (wieder sofort angesprungen), jedoch den Ständer vergessen hoch zu klappen. Beim Gang einlegen ist die Maschine wie sie soll aus gegangen, aber seit dem bekomme ich sie einfach nicht mehr gestartet. Stecker am Ständer sieht i.O. aus (habe ich ab- und wieder angeschraubt).

Wieder dreht der Anlasser und das Relais klickt! Kann mir vielleicht einer Tips geben wonach ich schauen kann?

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  • Na ich würd erstmal sagen batterie messen, lade strom etc. wenn's dann doch nicht der Regler ist ist's schade ums Geld

  • Schau die mal die Steckverbindung am Regler an. Kann man mitunter schon den Schaden erkennen.

  • Ok, vielen Dank für die Antworten. Ich schaue gleich mal nach!

Hi all I have an 08 CBF1000 with an MRA touring screen and am getting some... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Hi all I have an '08 CBF1000 with an MRA touring screen and am getting some serious helmet buffeting over 100 km/hr. I am 6'4" tall. Anyone got any experience on finding a fix for the buffeting? Thanks for all input.

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  • Std. screen is at higher position, and I look over the top of the screens and laminar plate. I like to experiment, as you might tell.

  • These are what I would go for, if cash flow permitted... http://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/CBF1000prod.h tml

  • Thanks guys for the comments and pics. Sounds like I need to budget for a calsci :)

So I pulled into my garage and forgot to put my kickstand down and let it go — Honda Shadow Aero

So, I pulled into my garage and forgot to put my kickstand down and let it go. Luckily nothing was damaged, expect pride.

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  • Did it 2nd month. Trapped under the bike. Bought a crash bar so at least I can get out from under it. Tend to be OCD now about making sure it's locked down!

  • Only happens once ...

  • I hope it only happens once. If it happens again I'm keeping quiet.

I have a value question I have a sharp 2006 Aero 750 that I love I m... — Honda Shadow Aero

I have a value question, I have a sharp 2006 Aero 750 that I love. I'm considering doing a little upgrade, but not sure what the value (private party resale) should be. My bike has almost 10,000 miles (4K awesome miles rode last year when I bought it). Since buying it last spring I have added new windshield, hard leather saddle bags, highway bar, pegs, floor boards. It also has cones exhaust (is that stock)? Thanks for any input or help.

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  • Check out the Cycle Trader app. You can search for bikes similar to yours and asking prices.

  • My '06 Aero was wrecked in January, with add-ons similar to yours was offered close to 6K. Mine has 45,000 miles on it. Decided to keep it, so I didn't get that much, but still got more than I paid for it.

  • One of the problems with a 750cc cruiser motorcycle is that people buy them and really fast come to the conclusion that more cc's is better. It is like a 600cc sport bike. Down in South Florida you can get a 09 with 3000 mile asking price is $3300. The market is a little flooded with these bikes. I would prefer to buy a bone stock bike then deal with someone trying to recover money for the accessories that I did not pick out. Kelly Blue Book has a motorcycle value guude that gives different prices trade in, private sale. Its a place to start. Summertime in South Florida is probably not the best time to sell a bike. It is very suggestive to put a price on a bike. I have priced bikes to get rid of for a quick sale. Look on Craigslist to get an idea what people are ask7ng for that model. If you do post it on Craigslist and don't get any action quickly your asking to much.

Hi I ve got a MK1 with just 3000 miles on it that s still got the original... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Hi I've got a MK1 with just 3000 miles on it that's still got the original alternator on it. Can I still get it changed under warranty? I live in Nottingham

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  • Will do cheers

  • Thanks Neil Jenkins I'll give him a call

  • Yep, I called them. They asked for my phone number and said Damon would call me back. I'm still waiting. Guess they forgot..

Hi Looking for a genuine set of cbf panniers if any of you ladies and gents got... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Hi,Looking for a genuine set of cbf panniers if any of you ladies and gents got a set for sale.

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  • Know what you mean dave - been looking for months - driving me mad

  • I think there might be a couple on ebay at the moment but too late for me.

  • Cheers

My first bike picked it up on Friday. Very very pleased with it — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

My first bike, picked it up on Friday. Very very pleased with it!

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  • It's a great Bike. You wont regret it.Have fun and be safe!

  • I had lessons on a 1200 bandit n passed mod 1 on her but the clutch was a bitch , so when I got Goldie (Cbf) in jan this year I took lessons on her n what a difference just so easy to ride n passed march 18

  • Great bike. Don't forget to visit www.cbf1000.com where you will find really friendly people with tons of good advise. Have fun.!

mga sir kanu SRP ng Xr125. kng direct sa honda mgkanu kya — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

mga sir, kanu SRP ng Xr125? kng direct sa honda mgkanu kya?

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  • ahhh ganob.. jube sigurado straight pasok namin sa xr kc.. negative na nmn kami sa dealer

  • Mahal dito sa munti ah. 8500 yung cash na tinanong ko. Saan kaya mura? Yung dito lang malapit sa muntinlupa?

  • calamba try malapit lng nmn yan ahhh

Terry Sorensen shared a link to the group: Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna). — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

I have a 1982 v45 Sabre with an original Hondaline fairing. Has anyone installed an audio system on one of these? I am looking at the Pyle PLMCA60... It calls for mounting the speakers on the handlebars... not sure they will fit due to the rather unique design... thoughts? Also wondering where the amp will mount. It is supposed to mount to the frame.

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  • Hey Thom Buck… I was not planning on hacking up the fairing… it is too nice of a bike for that. However, I noticed today that there is a metal bar behind the gauge holes in the fairing. I do not have anything in those holes… other than the factory plugs. I am going to see if I can somehow get the speakers in there and mounted to the bar. Everything else should be able to be hidden in the fairing without any new holes. Still not sure where to mount the amplifier… it is supposed to be mounted in a "cool" location but directly to the frame… Any ideas on that? I might try to find an inconspicuous spot… then run a wire to the frame somewhere as a ground…. still need to work this out.

  • the sound of the engine is all i need to hear :-)

  • Ya know most times I would agree… but I tend to spend 8 hours at a shot… maybe more on the bike. It only had about 14000 miles when I got it in July… now almost 19000. I have lots of free time during the summer… between camping, mc riding and fishing I keep pretty busy. I enjoy my tunes.

Photos from John Alexander Kent's post — Honda Shadow Aero

this is my kinda aero saw this on one of my forums man its amazing i LOVE it

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  • Looks like a smaller version of my Valkyrie Interstate.

  • Looks good, my kind of Aero too.

  • Just bought a new fairing and an old Goldwing trunk trunk for mine, to replace the damaged ones.

— Honda Shadow Aero

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  • me i have corba lo boy shotgun pipes. the owner of this bike said "I also could not find a set of true dual exhaust for the shadow. I got the bike with Cobra shotgun pipes. I cut these up, kept the header tubes, and welded my own true dual system out from there. the front cylinder exits right out the back under the right hard bag, and the rear cylinder pipe takes a turn under the swingarm and out under the left saddlebag. at the ends of the pipes are screaming eagle touring mufflers, they let the bike growl a bit but they really get quiet on the freeway, which is how I like it. the mufflers are bolted to the saddlebag mounts and the whole structure is very rigid, nothing flops around or wiggles. its nice and tight."

  • again not my bike. but i don't know if it has baffles or not I'm sure it does the owner says its not that loud

  • don't be sorry just don't wanna take credit for someone else's work. it is a hell of bike.

Share lng mga bossing — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Share lng mga bossing

Photo from other page

Another breed of set up for xr125

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  • mga sir an0 poh ba top speed ng all stock xr125?

  • Glofer Anino umabot ako ng 120 - 125kph, and kagabi lang, may backride ako (asawa ko) sinundo ko sa terminal na may bagahe, nakuha ko pa ng 100kph.

  • hanggang 90 lang ako. takot nako bumirit pa hehe.

Photos from Tom Wright's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Just discovered these clay bars, how the hell did i live without them before....and the wheels....i can almost shave in my air box cover... :-)

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  • i have come to a conclusion...i am much better at polishing aluminum then painting.....:-(

  • I have an old964 Suzuki T10 250cc twin. That sat outside for year's. I knew I could never find a tank for it. So I've been doing my own thing to it.

  • 1964 I mean. This is what it looked like when I got it.

Good day mga sir ano po bang saktong pag break in nang motmot natin Salamat... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Good day mga sir! ano po bang saktong pag break-in nang motmot natin?Salamat poh. Xnxa na poh newbie lang :)

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  • waaaahhh, ako 20-30 lang ang speed ko? ok lang ba o dapat ingat ko ang speed? pls help 80Miles parang natakbo ko,hehe

  • Sir Glofer Ocol Anino ung sa akin di ko alam top speed nya kasi pagka bukas na pagka bukas tinanggal kona speedo meter nya

  • 0-500km 60_80kph then 500km - 1000km 70 to topspeed mas ok ung hard breakin

Sadly after much deliberation my storm has gone to pastures new and I ve got... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Sadly after much deliberation my storm has gone to pastures new ,and I've got myself a suzuki bandit, the storm was playing havoc with the old knees and back . Thankfully the new owner has been looking for a storm for a while and is good to know it will be taken care of and appreciated .

I've told him about this page and all the good advice etc he will get.

Thanks must go to Rob de hoo for his supply of tensioners etc ,also passed his info onto the new owner,

I will still stay on this page and keep up with what all you guys are planning with your bikes.

Going to feel strange without the roar of my storm ,at least my neighbours will be happy lol.

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  • I'm sure you'll still have plenty of fun. Iv jumped onto my dads bandit 1200 a few times whilst we've been out, feels like a sofa compared to the vtr but goes very well and sounds nice. :)

What type of person is happy riding a biffa BTW I m a 60 yr old returning... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

What type of person is happy riding a biffa? BTW I'm a 60 yr old returning biker & love the steady nature of the machine.

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  • I'm gonna start a questionaire about it on cbf1000.com maybe you right Mick

  • 46 and started loving it :)

  • 42....young enough

Hello I have a question Does anyone have the owner s manual for the Honda... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello, I have a question . Does anyone have the owner's manual for the Honda Shadow 2000 Aero VT 1100 ? and would be so kind as to share it

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  • Your welcome, glad I could help :)

  • You can get all the manuals from Hondashadow.net

  • I bought CD on line of ebay for 99 cents plus 4.99 shipping

Just rode the M1 from junction 14 to 21a back plus some A B roads this morning — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Just rode the M1 from junction 14 to 21a & back plus some A & B roads this morning. The Mpg calculator says my average mileage is 48.5 mpg. As I was in the fast lane most of the time & well in excess of the normal. Like I have said before the mpg is damn impressive on these biffa's. What are your mpg's.

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Photos from Edgar Garcia's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Beautiful day in chicago

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  • Ours are still in storage her in Moncton N.B. Have a great ride!

  • Yo no sugiero movér de San Diego a Chicago, yo quisiéra moverme de Chicago a San Diego

  • It will be even better tomorrow.

The previous owner of my 85 250 had carb cleaned and adjusted two years ago — Honda Rebel Riders

The previous owner of my 85 250 had carb cleaned and adjusted two years ago. Was not run last year. This year I'm running it and only getting 50mpg. I heard they are supposed to get 80mpg. I know my old 86 Would get 180 miles to the tank. This one only 117. What's going on? Any suggestions. Thanks

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  • Rich idle or other spark plug issues can be checked by a visual inspection

    http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/tech_support/spark_pl ugs/faqs/faqread.asp?mode=nml

  • However, I've never seen running rich to be responsible for a difference of a third of the fuel consumption

    I'm assuming that there has been no change to your top up interval

    A leak is my best bet

    If the rubber seal around the fuel tank cap is ok, then perhaps lubricate the keyhole of the tank cap

    Also check the fuel hoses for near-invisible cracks

    A minimal crack in a fuel hose will only reveal itself under pressure - usually when the bike is running

    Lastly since you have already closed the fuel valve, just for investigation, you should leave it on - make sure you are near a source of suitable fuel in case you need to refuel

    A sticky float in the carb will soon cause the carb to overflow

  • Thanks. I will check these out.

Just ordered a new chain. DID 525VX 122 X Ring Chain with Connecting Link — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Just ordered a new chain (DID 525VX-122 X-Ring Chain with Connecting Link) and a 39T JT sprocket for Dorothy Pearl (currently at stock). This is going to be my first time doing this printed out a lot of instructions on how to do it.

Think the seal on my water pump is leaking anti freeze so I bought a new seal for it. So next Friday, I have a big project ahead of me. Kind of excited but nervous don't want to fuck anything up.

*Called the locksmith people at 9 this morning, they said they were going to call me back with in 45 minutes to give me a time when they could come out. Didn't call back until 4 something, I told them I would not be needing their services. In the morning, I will be calling someone else to attempt this again maybe I will get better customer service.

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    — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

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    • Wiring is reversed at the solenoid?

    • ok, im confused here, you pulled your key ignition and the starter button, right?, so, when you did that, did you change/disconnect any wires ??, because thats the only thing i can think of as to IF your wires are backwards ???, it doesnt make sense as to why your starter is turning backwards !??

    • Problem solved...uploading video

    — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

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    • there's no better feeling in the world then riding our bikes knowing that we have everything in order, we can actually enjoy the ride.

    • plus, its only april, lots of time yet

    • very true indeed my friend !!

    Steve Crum created a poll in Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna). — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Hey does anybody know a way to test the spark control units on an 83' V-45? My bike is hard starting and I think misfiring at speed. I've checked the pulse generators and the coil packs with an ohmmeter and they are in specification. The book says to change the spark units if the timing is not correct, I'm thinking maybe if one of these were marginal, they might be causing the hard start/misfire issues too. I do have spares to try but asking first.


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    • Tom Wright where are you located? I am in Ottawa.

    • I am going to try it too, I have a couple tune/carb rebuild jobs here where the bikes are ridden for 6 mos. and parked for 6 mos. Ethanol gas just is not living around here... quick evaporation. We are now going into summer and we are now running 105+ degrees. The locals don't usually ride around here during summer, especially when the temp goes 110 - 125 degrees.

    • Pierre Couffon east coast

    Anybody know how or can provide a link for a video in removing the ignition... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Anybody know how or can provide a link for a video in removing the ignition swtich on a 03' spirit so I can take it to get a new key made. Lost my key in the rain two days ago. Looked at taking the helmet lock off but it looks to be welded.

    *locksmith want $115 to come out but only 50 if I bring the bike to them or the swtich.

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    • Thanks for the "advice" guys. Allowing me a moment to think this out before I ended up tearing my bike up. Lol

    • Please get extra keys

    • Yea unfortunately they will probably only cut one key for the price I will be paying in the morning. Thus, I will have to try not to misplace/lose this key until the first then I will get another made.

    Does anyone happen to have a right side cover for an 82 83 magna — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)


    Does anyone happen to have a right side cover for an 82-83 magna???

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    • I need one too!

    • Michael McDonald be your huckleberry boys.....just give him time\

    • he's the only one out there trying to help us out by making them...it costs him money for the moulds.....