• The ct forum is now introducing — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

    The ct forum is now introducing:

    "free Bed and Breakfast" for CT members from CT member forums!!!

    What we are proposing is to give a bed for the night for anyone who is part of the CTforum so if you ever pass or travel near a CT member house and you need a bed for the night you will have the possibility to park your bike in a safe place and have a nice clean bed for the night and maybe just maybe a local bike tour ride from the member!!!

    if you are interested in this please write down on this thread (post)

    only pm the member directly do not post your adress directly on this post, but if you want to join the skim please post here what town and country you are in! with thanks

    • /

    • je suis en normandie j'ai un grand terrain aussi avec possibilité de mettre une ou plusieurs tentes et moto sous abri

    • merci ally hon

    Aight. Need knowledgeable help — Honda 350x

    Aight... Need knowledgeable help.

    Will a 86 350X motor and rear swing arm and triple tree bolt in to any of what years for the 250R? I am tapping a lot of my sources and my sources-sources for a 350X frame. If you know me, you know I tap into things pretty deep when I need too...

    I have only one lead thus far.

    Does anyone know if this would work? Or just the motor and if the 350X axle would fit the R swing arm?

    Or just the motor?

    Talking out loud with options here.

    • or a 85 that needs welding

    • Heck, its in the best interest to weld gussets in anyhow so what's a couple more welds hurt? My brothers frame, I had tpc repair numerous places before I even stated the gussets and its frickn stout now and already seen one race

    • I'm going to be buying one from Christopher Six :) and then when I get it I will gusset it and powder coat it. Idk I'm kinda thinking a powder or baby blue frame and white plastics.

    Lady Fred shared her photo to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

    Please join the USA event if you haven't already done so ladies and let's show the World how strong the USA is! I know there are more than 700 plus USA Women Riders out there!

    Also please share with your friends. Let's try and get at least 1,000 on the event!!!

    PS ... For the Ladies outside of the USA ... there is a link in the description for you to join in on the fun too!


    Hello — Honda Shadow Aero


    I have a question: I would like to install in my Aero 750 the forward control extensions but I'm not sure if it works with the freeway bar? What about the floorboards with the extensions? Your comments would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Photos from Lee Hawkins's post — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    At approximately 2200 hours (10pm ) 24/4/14 my ex-australia post motorcycle was stolen from penrith railway station , it is fairly identifiable by the silver toolbox and led lights on the rear ,pictures below. If anybody finds, sees , hears of or knows anything please contact the nsw police on 131444 immediately. Any help appreciated.

    • Hope you get her back.

    • Any news on your bike?

    • No i think i know who's involved but i have no evidence

    good evening po mga sir ask lng ano po bang oil ang mgandang pang change oil sa... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    good evening po mga sir, ask lng, ano po bang oil ang mgandang pang change oil sa xr125? brand po and number. thanks po.

    • ako po standard oil lng gnagamit ko, honda 10-30 ok naman cya

    • Ako shell ultra full synthetic..masarap gamitin, no negative points observed.

    • Shell advance (10w-40) fully synthetic nman po sakin.:)

    • thanks mga ka xr125, ginamit ko po kc castrol na 20-40 na syntitic, kaya lang napansin ko masyadong mainit ang makina, parang nag ooverheat, dati kc hndi ganon kainit, nung hndi pa castrol activ 20-40.

    • huwag castrol, panget talga ang castrol..mas maganda ang honda oils mismo compared sa castrol..

    Meron kyang gnito nabibili sa pilipinas — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Meron kyang gnito nabibili sa pilipinas?

    • Parang wala the last time nag check ako sa Exceed...marami sa ebay.

    • Sayang. Wala po bang store nang Polisport d2 sa pinas?

    • hv lng yan pero order basis po yan.

    • Try nyo s caloocan sales.. sa unahan lng ng konti ng exceed

    — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    • sir kevin naku censya na nakabili ako meron pla dto sa taytay.pero try ko punta .saan ba sir meting place?

    • ay puregold pla try ko sir

    • Cge ok lng buti d p ako nakabili, sana makasama po kayo sir :)

    Jet Velas shared That Caption's video to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Grabe mga motorista dito sa lugar na ito. Hehe

    • Saang lugar ito? Lahat yata ayaw magslowdown sa intersection ah. :(

    • Hindi ko alam Sir nakita ko lang sa wall feed ko.

    • Idol ko ung puppy at ung yellow n car, tsaka na rin ung sumemplang ng dahil sa gulat sa last part

    • Both driver mc and four wheels are stupid they dnt know the meaning of intersection.

    Allanzkier Rafols created a poll in HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Who wanna ride on: May 01, 2014.

    Place: WAWA Dam at Montalban.

    Meet up time: 6;00 am Mcdonald libis C5.

    Head counts start here>

    • Ah ok cge po san mate puregold n nga lng ako maghintay

    • ok

    • Up sama na kyo guys

    Thanks for admitting me I have a shot at a 09 Honda Rebel CMX250C Any good... — Honda Rebel Riders

    Thanks for admitting me. I have a shot at a '09 Honda Rebel CMX250C. Any good comments on the year and model? Negatives?

    • Rebels are simple, easy to maintain, and easy to ride. not powerhouses by any means, and are on the small side for larger riders. I like mine.

    • Tough, reliable engine, great gas mileage, and they are fun bikes to ride. Rebels are also very easy to maintain and repair. Anyone with a good set of tools and a steady hand can work on a Rebel. I've never heard anything bad about the 09 models in particular. I have heard a lot of the 04 models left Honda with bad clutches. If i remember correctly, the judder springs were installed backwards when they left the factory. This caused rapid wear of the clutch on a lot of the 04's.

    Photos from Aleš Krčmař's post — Honda Rebel Riders

    My Rebel 450 1987 now and before... I build it ... Czech Republic ;-)

    • Rear fender is from Harley davidson sportster , but I very custom it (i must shortened it and narrowed and grind it. Sorry for my english ;-)

    • No problem man.. I understand what you meant :)

      And you did a great job!!

    • Really nice! I love the 450's..

    — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    • Very nice I would like to get that seat for my bike.

    • Mustang Seat. Thanks for the compliment

    • More pics? Looks the best of all I've seen

    — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    • I like!

      Not a big fan of that seat tho :p

    • Mustang seat is 500.00 well spent. Your the first i have ever heard say anything about a mustang seat. But thats cool, glad u like the bike

    • love it

    Thanks for letting me join this is Our new addition to the stable She made the... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Thanks for letting me join this is Our new addition to the stable. She made the jump from a Rebel to a Shadow. This is a 09 I had a 04 at one time but 09 has a lot more pep.

    • Very nice. I went from a Rebel to a Aero, too. :)

    • She was surprised that the Shadow was easier to ride. That Rebel was a brutal little bike to ride.

    • Nice! Interesting to note that I'm not the only person out there that went from a Rebel to an Aero! :-)

    • I wanted her to learn and pay some dues before getting something nice. She did drop the Rebel one time going slow and learned more from that then anything I could have told her.

    anyone have any insights on black mamba tires — Honda Rancher Forum

    anyone have any insights on black mamba tires

    • I agree!! There is no valid reasoning to putting Mamba on! Just too big of a tire!

    • I've got 27" mudwisers on my 420 and turn them fine!

    • I still have 25in Bearclaws but I got some 26in Silverback XLites coming soon!

    Hi All Anyone in HSOCUK will probably be aware of this event however for people... — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

    Hi All, Anyone in HSOCUK will probably be aware of this event, however for people that are not, and are local, heres one for you.

    Midlands - England.


    Event Date: 14/9/2014

    Meeting time and area: The Bell Inn Car Park B46 1AA ~ 9:00AM (Get there earlier if you can!)

    Set off for Atherstone: 9:20AM

    Arrive at Atherstone: CV9 1AN ~ 9:40AM

    Event Official Start time: 10:00AM

    Event Website: http://www.atherstonemotorshow .org.uk/

    MAP: http://goo.gl/maps/IZXLQ

    Be-sure to visit the forum or comment here so i can get numbers and try and make sure we don't leave without anyone.

    http://www.hsocuk.com/forum/vi ewtopic.php?f=4&t=17838


    This is my ride 2009 shadow spirit 750 16000k just done giving it some color — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    This is my ride- 2009 shadow spirit 750 16000k just done giving it some "color"!

    • Right? The accident happened in Aug., they picked the bike up in Oct., and it is still not done. They told me last Fri. I could pick it up on Sat. Get there and they tell me it is not done. Keep in mind, this place has worked on my bikes for over 20 yrs. Never again though. What a way to treat a loyal customer huh?

    • everybody's got problems- labor problems seems like-shops 'round here are like that- good to chat wiff ya , peace -out!

    • That's a crazy bike! Love it!!! Any other pics?

    Just got cone air filter for my 2008 Honda shadow spirit to find out I mite... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Just got cone air filter for my 2008 Honda shadow spirit to find out I mite need a base plate has anyone put on one

    • I got a spike filter for my black spirit. The mounting plate came with it and bolted to the cylinders. Those spikes don't let much more air in than stock with a K&N (which surprised me), so you may not have to rejet.

    • Thinking about sending Honda a email it can't hurt

    • Well we made the plate up oh my

    Hi guys wondering which exhaust kit to get kerker for 785 00 or the Mac 4 1... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    Hi guys..wondering which exhaust kit to get ...kerker for 785.00 or the Mac 4-1 for 225.00.What's the difference?

    • Cops here leave me alone...not on my Harley with ape hangers...

    • My magna had MAC mufflers on it when I got it. I didn't like the sound, kinda "tinny" if you know what I mean. I replaced them with stock mufflers and have never regretted it. Now that NOS mufflers are going for about a grand, the MAC would probably sound a lot better. The kerker is probably going to be louder but it sounds pretty good.

    • I found MAC's sound better when you pull the guts and wrap it tight, I use a fire blanket and stainless wire, then shove it back. Loses some of the "hollow, tinny" sound. They're not much of a muffler though in my opinion. I just threw a pair of MAC megaphones off my XS650 and fitted an old pair of Lafranconis I had, much better, the MAC's made it sound like an old tractor.

    Photos from Mehkii Jerome Alexander's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    How should I go about fixing this or should I just get a mechic.

    • I will search for one later on today. I think it would be in my best interest to get one.

    • I found a service manual for mine here....The service manual is more detailed than the owners manual...http://www.vt750dc.com/mainten ance/service-manuals

    • Thank you I appreciate this a lot.

    Photos from Sean Martin's post — Honda Rancher Forum

    I do not really want to get rid of, but bought a RZR and need the room...

    2011 Honda Rancher 420--4x4, IRS, Power Steering, Auto/ES, Custom Airbrushed Radiator Relocate, Extreme Snorkels, 2" Highlifter Lift kit, Clutch Kit, Full Ricochet Skid Plates, 28" Zillas S/W, on SS12's, Rigid Duallys on front and rear, Highlifter Front and Rear Bumpers, Green LED Underglows and Whip, Koplin Rear seat, Alumium Cup Holder, 1614 miles and 296 hours, Runs great, this is a real steal, over 10k in this bike total....Located in Cypress(NW of Houston), Texas-----------------$$5500.00 Cell 281-615-8301

    • How much would you take for just the rear Dually?

    • Not parting out. Thanks

    • Dammit.

    bonjour j ai un petit problême sur mon vtr je sent le train arrière qui glisse — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    bonjour,,j'ai un petit problême sur mon vtr je sent le train arrière qui glisse :-( j'ai des michelin pilote road 2 dû au pneus ????

    • D'abord tu fais un bon burn,pour virer cette m....et ensuite un bon petit coup de wd40 dans ton cable .pour le réglage il y a une molette de tension de câble. Mais je ne sais pas ou elle est?N'hésite pas si tu as un soucie avec ton VTR.;-)

    • merci l'ami V a toi

    • V a toi aussi.;-))

    Awkward experience kanina may nakita akong apart na naka xr125 invite KO Sana... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Awkward experience kanina, may nakita akong apart na naka xr125,invite KO Sana sa group, kaso, mga bodyguard pala in mayor duterte..lol..

    • hehehe aus un sir ah...

    • hahaha ininvite mo sana sir para untouchables n tayo

    • para may body guard din tayo. :D

    • ivite mo sila sir...

    Sabi dapat daw ingatan ang chain natin Ano ba ang maganda ilagay sa chain para... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Sabi dapat daw ingatan ang chain natin. Ano ba ang maganda ilagay sa chain para sa maintenance?

    • so..... ano magandang chain lube? at ano ano mga dapat gawin??

    • Linis nlng siguro every 15 days tapos wag masyado maraming lube kasi pag marami masyado madali kapitan ng buhangin lakas makasira nun

    • 7,500k plus po ung Original na set pra sa XR

    My Firestorm let me down for the first time today. — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    My Firestorm let me down for the first time today :-(

    It's been running fine in the few weeks I've owned it, went for a good ride at the weekend with no issues. This morning it was ok. Riding the 18 miles home though it probably cut out around 10 times. I called into a garage on the way and he thought it might be the front ht lead. He took the end off and it was a bit green so he cut and refitted it. Unfortunately it didn't solve the problem. A Firestorm owning friend thinks it could be the fuel diaphragm. I can't decide if it sounded like it wasn't getting fuel or dropping a cylinder. It was a similar kind of sound though. No power and then it'd get jerky and die. Any suggestions for things I can look at before I start ordering random parts?

    • could be carb icing, only use high grade fuel, as well as a host of other things.

    • The fuel diaphragm is easy to check. Use a 10ml syringe with the vacuum hose on the fuel cock. If when you pull out the syringe, fuel flows steadily, its fine. Of course, be prepared for a lot of fuel coming out

    • If it was the rectifier the battery would be flat.

    • Battery is fine even after stopping and starting so many times. I've checked and it's charging ok. Now I've had a chance to think about it the fuel diaphragm fits perfectly with the issue. It was popping too just like when you're about to run out of fuel. After it cut out I had to leave it a minute before I could start it. It'd idle no problem for as long as I wanted it to. It only cut out when I started riding again when it was trying to take more fuel.

    Midweek mountain fun on my 08 — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

    Midweek mountain fun on my '08.

    • Hello Greg, I've got a '08 too.Same color. I love my Bike!

    • mines an 08 too but in gold , like it in red

    • Greg, where is it? Want to go there right now!

    • May be a bit of a trek Mick it is Springbrook Mountain, Queensland Australia.

    Kevin Charles Tan shared a link to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =j_EJlbUrM90

    ang saya saya nila hahahaha!!!

    • Balak ko din gumawa ng ganitong compilation. haha

    • Tawa ng tawa yung naka 125 eh. hahahaha. Dumudulas kasi yung gulong nila. Nagdi-drift sa putik eh

    • Ayus. Sa unang major trail ride natin gawa tayo :)

    • WOAH at 8:18

    PTP admin mga sir pa advice poh anu dpat gawin sa xr125 pra kum0pya ang porma... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    PTP admin, mga sir pa advice poh anu dpat gawin sa xr125 pra kum0pya ang porma sa crf 150...qng pwd pu sana pa upload ng pics ng m0dified xr125..tnx


    I have the irs version and my four wheelers like clicks when you hit the rear... — Honda Rancher Forum

    I have the irs version and my four wheelers like clicks when you hit the rear breaks or when your driving and you let off the gas any ideas on what it could be I know that it is the back somewhere but that's it

    • The ranchers rear diffs aren't the best they go out often that's why a lot if ppl use 680 rincon rear diffs when building irs set ups

    • So if the diff went to shit I should put a 680 diff in it do I have to change the front diff also and my fourwheeler is a 2013 can't beleave it went that quick

    • Idk much about the 680 rear diff after I finish rebuilding my bike and stuff I plain to start an irs conversion for my 10" lifted bike. But in ur case if u still have a warrenty I'd let honda replace it

    Mga kaXR125L feedback nmn po dito Cno n po nakagamit nito Ok po b to sa... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Mga kaXR125L feedback nmn po dito? Cno n po nakagamit nito? Ok po b to sa xr125l ntin?

    • Pssst. Wag masyado sa gilid. Madulas yun sa gulong

    • maam Zirk Sarmiento yung gulong sa akin nilalagyan ko para hindi kapitin ng alikabok, pag nag washing ako, spray lang tanggal agad.

    • mayron akong isang VS1 air-freshener para sa helmet naman.

    Hello question I wish we shall see how the right side cover attaches to the... — Honda Shadow Aero

    Hello...question: I wish we shall see how the right side cover attaches to the frame of aero 1100; someone could post pictures of the right side of the chassis of the Aero 1100 without the side cover and a photo showing the back of the right side cover...because I bought new side cover for my aero 1100 but do not snap at the top right...I do not understand why...Help me please...Thanks.. :-)

    • There should have 3 or 4 rubber grommets attached to cover or frame side where cover goes!

    • The right side has the key lock in it. The left is just four pegs that snap onto the bike like Felix said.

    hi guys quick question why would the bike pull to the right when you release... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

    hi guys, quick question; why would the bike pull to the right when you release the handlebar at several speeds. i know the bike has no accidents in its history so its not about a damaged/twisted chassis.

    • hi Ken Dickson, i can swear i sit centrally on the seat but i have to check it with someone else watching me.

    • Hi Omer Harun Sohret how is your front tyre? Does it need replacing as my bike was doing the same particularly under acceleration. All fixed with a new balanced front tyre.

    • hi Greg Pyne my tyres are new, and balance problems usually (as far as i know) comes with vibration, not pulling one side

    Can someone take a look at these plug and let me know if I have it right — Honda Shadow Aero

    Can someone take a look at these plug and let me know if I have it right. Thank you. NGK DPR6EA-9 Standard Spark Plug

    by NGK

    5 customer reviews

    List Price: $2.95

    Price: $2.09 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. Details

    You Save: $0.86 (29%)

    Only 20 left in stock (more on the way).

    Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.

    Want it tomorrow, April 22? Add it to a qualifying order within 4 hrs 8 mins and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout. Details

    Solid copper core for greater spark

    Longer insulator nose prevents fouling

    Corrugated ribs on insulator prevents flashover

    Zinc dipped shell prevents corrosion

    Triple gasket seal eliminates combustion gas leakage.

    • Looks correct

    • Depending on the year of the bike and the size I'd step up to iridium plugs. Twice the money, but a hotter plug. I dumped the original dpr's in my 1100 and gained 5 miles to the tank.

    • Normally I'm not an overkill kind of person. But I run a hotter plug and premium fuel. The bike runs smoother, and has better acceleration , plus I'm getting better mileage. So all in all its a win win for me. Running a hotter plug won't hurt the 750's. And, you won't have to change them as often. Choice is yours really. I just wouldn't stray from NGK or denso. Both are high caliber plugs.

    • Thanks Jeremy, I do appreciate the help. Ride safe.

    Say I wanted to polish up my swing arm forks and half the frame What grit... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Say I wanted to polish up my swing arm, forks and half the frame... What grit would I use? And how difficult is it to do?

    • Sisal, soft, brown and blue compounds and near death experiences. My drill burned my hand so deep!!

    • Yeah, go for it like you say, better than norm, and you can always do them again later on. I had my wheels powdered but my hubby is going polish the rims on his I think. Good luck anyway :-)

    • was done with polishing mop on drill and polishing soap cheap for a set of ebay

    Photos from Silvia Aarts's post — Honda Rebel Riders

    This is for Emerson Cole, about the queston you ask me, about the mustache bar/highway pegs, i made a picture of how its made on the bike

    • Thanks for posting the pics.. I really like the look compared to crash bar/highway pegs. Very low profile..

    • No problem :-)

    • Hello I like that but I've got a question it looks like you have no support on the top of the bar, Do you have trouble with it dropping or moving down any

    • No problem for me, i put my ankle on the top of the bar to rest!

    • Oh ok thank you