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  • 99 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100. The blue bike is my garage coat rack !

Am I crazy or can I hear my engine playing a musical tune when it s idling — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Am I crazy or can I hear my engine playing a musical tune when it's idling? Has anyone else heard it?

  • damn yes man, my bike just criing: im gonna die :-(

  • so, my front cylinder wil dont work anymore.........................this become a large surgurry :-( (forgive my bad english!!!) :-)

  • Does it sound like

    "Po tato, po tato, po tato?

    If so, you could be riding a harley.

  • Yes, sometimes I have people dancing too it

  • Yes sir

Having had my Firestorm for two weeks I was wondering about tidying it up — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Having had my Firestorm for two weeks, I was wondering about tidying it up.

29k miles from one owner and a couple of cracks in the plastic body work. Currently held together by tape.

How do I best clean it all? Was advised hot hand jetwash but being gentle near hoses.

And how do I best repair the plastic? Small cracks only.


Installed double stacked handle bar risers tilted handle bar forward... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Installed double stacked handle bar risers & tilted handle bar forward. Additional weight but satisfied with the new riding position.

  • Stock lng yan handle bar ko

  • San ka bumili sa riser mo sir :)

  • San ka nkabili sir?malaki butas ung available ksi dto

Productive day installed my new Shorty switchblade change the oil and oil... — Honda Shadow Aero

Productive day installed my new Shorty switchblade, change the oil and oil filter. Had to get the filter off with a screwdriver through the middle. Put in Honda synthetic blend. It shifts much easier now.

  • Just did my girlfriends with the same oil. Very easy oil change compared to my Roadliner with three oil drain plugs and 5quorts of oil. HP4 is supposed to be really good oil for the Aeros.

  • Thanks for the posting. I have some small shifting issues, I'd rather take this step first and just happen to have a filter sitting next to my foot.

  • Paul also make sure not to overfill the crankcase. Last year mine was a bit overfilled that may have been a shifting issue as well.

  • Okay, thank you, I should check that now, I didn't do the last oil change. Although I've checked it, I haven't looked hard for an overfill.

kinda think i have a problem a funny knocking sound every so often coming from... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

kinda think i have a problem a funny knocking sound every so often coming from the front end of the bike so i think my head stock bearing are worn or loose any ideas as to how i can get her up into the air without damaging or risking falling over whilst i play bike doctor ?

  • Rear paddock stand & trolley jack under sump works fine.

  • cheers guys will try it tomoz as it is the bank holiday

  • Mine is already up and waiting on parts

Vishnu Mehta shared a Page to the group: Hero Honda Karizma. — Hero Honda Karizma

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Hi guys can you please tell me if you can still buy the 4 degree ignition... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Hi guys, can you please tell me if you can still buy the 4 degree ignition advancers? I have looked everywhere and they seem to be discontinued.

  • Some say yes, others say no, it seems the 2degrees makes things worse, there is some info on the superhawk forum about it. Read some people really struggled with it.

  • I se there is a performance dip right in the sweet spit which isn't what you want so it might be more hassle than it's worth....

  • The flywheel of the guzzi was reduced from 8 kgs !!!! to 5 kgs !!!, much faster into revs , but with the standard flywheel on the VTR you will save less weight if lightened, so difference will be less i expect. Allways look on the costs and performance increase , Is it worth doing it ??? Very personal in my opinion.

It looked like I was finally going to have a decent ride today after a week or... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

It looked like I was finally going to have a decent ride today after a week or two of problems. Covered around 30 miles without any issues, opened it up (three digits but on a private road officer) and it died. Started again easily enough and did another 10 miles without a problem so it looks like the fuel tap still isn't 100%. I can sort that though. I noticed the temp gauge wasn't working anymore. I checked the fuses and the fan fuse had blown so I replaced that. The needle moves up off the stop when I start the engine but doesn't rise after that so I'm guessing the sensor is the next thing to check. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • Just a thought but when you changed the fuel tap, did you inspect the diaphragm too to check for tear/ split

  • The old diaphragm looked ok and no sign of light when I held it over a torch. I only changed it because it was a possible cause of the cutting out I had last week but I've since discovered the front spark plug drain hole was totally blocked so it was more likely to be that. I've just put the old diaphragm back in. When I opened the tap the new one wasn't sitting totally flat. It was kinda ruffled on one part of the edge so that would explain it. The old one was a much better fit so fingers crossed it's ok now. It's running happily at the moment. Just the temperature gauge to sort now.

Wendell Duran created a poll in HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Good pm, :) newbie here.. ask lng sana ako, is it normal na madaling mg.init ung bike koh.. specialy pg ma.init ang panahon, ang init sa paa.. un lng mga sir.. thanks :)

  • mainit tlaga yan malapit pa sa binti ntin ang cylinder block at exhaust . lalo na pag matrapik, saka ka na magpalit ng brand ng oil after 2k mo, about sa fuel efficiency, matakaw p yan during break in period at depende yan sa riding habit,

  • well compared to lower displacement underbones, matakaw siya, pero for this bike hindi, nakaka 45kms ako pero liter eh, for me its not bad....about sa mainit sa paa, yes sir mainit talaga but depende sa langis and riding habit mo din. Mainit talaga honda oils, nung nag palit ako ng Shell ultra di na gaano..

  • thanks sa mga sir.. :)

Just got my radio how long does your battery last n you have the key off — Honda Rancher Forum

Just got my radio how long does your battery last n you have the key off ? Just wondering anyone got an answer

  • That's the one thing I love bout my 350..pull rope!!

  • Get you a capacitor from an audio store and it'll last twice as long and is easier on your charging system and battery life. It'll fit in your audio tube also.

  • My got water in it from water coming over fenders on my 300 but it never got to speakers just splashed on the tube and then I washed it a d it was soaked inside and I bent aux cord and that messed it up so I took it part and my friend and I were trying to get amp out and punched a whole in the tube with the screw driver when he pryed I didnt pry I used screw driver for leverage I as pissed cause I just bought it 3 weeks ago but I got whole fixed but gotta fix aux cord now

Newb here with an 82 V45 Sabre that I acquired for virtually nothing Needed... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Newb here with an '82 V45 Sabre that I acquired for virtually nothing. Needed rectifier, replaced that. Now discovered leaking from behind the fuel selector knob when turned to on or reserve. Does not leak when turned to off. I did remove the diaphragm from behind the silver cover below and stretched spring and made sure diaphragm was pliable. It seems fuel will flow when cover is off and I switch to on. Would anything wrong be going in behind knob, it just a diaphragm engagement issue behind the silver cover even though it seems ok when disassembled?

  • Update, cannot pull fuel through by sucking, when I remove diaphragm fuel does flow. Looks like the diaphragm is not functioning.

  • Soaked the diaphragm in soap water, made sure was working when I sucked on it off bike, it did. Put it back on back, suck on it with fuel on, still nothing. Again, fuel does flow when the diaphragm is removed.

  • I think I may just rig the vacuum petcock to work as gravity. Will just have to remember to shut off when shutting off bike.

Hi All members — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

Hi - All members.

I am and have been member of the Honda Crosstourer Forum @ for sometime. (SPW999) . On Friday 02/05 I set off to meet up with other members of my IPA UK Motorcycle Group, in the Eiffel Region, staying at,

Hotel-Restaurant Forsthaus

Nettestraße 12

D – 56745 Volkesfeld (Ortsteil Riedener Mühlen)

On my outbound travels I will be staying overnight on Sat 03/05 in Banneux, Belgium.

Any members around would be good to meet them.

My travels are available to view on the following link. Live now but no input until I set off.

  • Hi Sean. I have to help by son fix his CB1000R after he dropped it last weekend so I can't meet up as planned. Luckily a slow drop, but €600 Euros to repair nevertheless - and he's OK. Access road to the Autobahn in rain and diesel smeared surface, lost front wheel. The Crosstourer rode through it, the CB fell over 30 meters behind me - the scorpions work on a rain-soaked slippery surface, BT015s don't :-(

    Enjoy your trip into the Eifel.

  • PS. Even though the BT15s have only done 2500 km, PR4s are going on the CB next week - and they'll be on the CT soon too!

  • J-p - I arrive Volkesfeld - Sun 4th - Leave on the 9th

maybe someone can help me on here I own a 04 vlx 600 Last year it started to... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

maybe someone can help me on here, I own a 04 vlx 600. Last year it started to cut out at higher rpms and got worse this year, so I started cleaning the entire fuel system and I found a torn diaphragm on what I believe is called the Carburetor Air Cut Off Valve. It is located behind the chrome plate below the gas tank on the left side. anyhow, I contacted my local honda shop and they are telling me I have to buy the whole assembly and its 90$ anybody have this issue or know where I can find just the diaphragm and spring??


Photos from Kevin Charles Tan's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Repost lng po!!


What: meet and greet tayo

Where: markina or san mateo rizal then proceed tayo sa montalban pra maka panood ng motocross! Pag sinwerte may free lunch p tayo

When: may 1 2014, 6-7am ang waiting time before pumunta sa montalban

Who: all members of this community

How: basta gusto may paraan

Note: wag pong mag alala na baka ma OP kyo sa grupo natin kasi po kahit ako na nag iinvite ngyn wala pang na meet in person kahit isa sa lahat ng members dito kaya sama n po kayo!!

Comment lng po ang mga sasama,

Comment lng dn po ang mga suggestions,

Ride safe everyone!!

  • cge text na lang kita pag nasa timberland na kami.

  • Cge cge sir!!

  • Sir allan dont forget to tx me ha!! Ung iba po pwde pa humabol sa puregold san mateo ng 7am tpos daanan ntin si sir allan then proceed n sa montalban tx me nlng po sa mga hahabol 09326803818

Hey Guys almost done with a complete rebuild new frame rebuilt engine new... — Honda 350x

Hey Guys, almost done with a complete rebuild (new frame, rebuilt engine, new electrical, new brakes, rebuilt carb.) but it looks like I'm going to have to rebuild the clutch. You guys have any recommendations on kits I should buy on ebay? Any I should stay away from? Any advice would be great!

  • Yep I do not want upset anyone but, Barnett clutches have a bad rep. With all the racers I know they gave me advice to stay away from them they gave them much trouble, I had my KG clutches since 1999 and they work great and I have them in a 2 stroke and I ride it hard and fast and I have it geared very high 15 front and 40 tooth back, Good Luck

  • You're correct. Sounds like your clutch is due for replacement. Just make sure it doesn't need a simple adjustment at the pirch before you drop $ on a clutch kit. If you replace your clutch keep up with regular oil changes, your clutch will last a very long time if you do. I'm running a basic vesrah clutch in my 350X, it's been in there for over 10 years with no problems.

  • Ran a Tusk kit from Rocky Mountain. Worked great for me and not expensive.

Photos from Nigrophotography Nigro's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

I have a 2008 Honda Shadow Spirit with 8700 mile for sale. It comes with Hard Krome pipes, Mustang seat, passenger seat, and sissy bar. Memphis shade, new Saddleman bags and Kuryakyn grips. Also included are the factory pipes if you prefer quiet. The Hard Krome pipes have two additional set of baffles should you like to take the db's down a couple of notches to stay friendly with your neighbors. Factory gun fighter seat is also included.. Bike is spotless without a scratch. $3900.00. If you would like to see it, email me.

  • My Spirit sold tonight :*(

Mga ka xr totoo b n allowed ng Lto ang dirt bikes n sa side nkakabit ang plate... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga ka-xr, totoo b n allowed ng Lto ang dirt bikes n sa side nkakabit ang plate number?

  • Dito di pwede, kaso inconsistent lang talaga ang TMC at LTO.

  • Sa ncr paslang ang abot pag nsa gilid hehehe!!

  • mgkano ba pnalty pag glid ang plate #?

sarap talaga dalhin ang xr125L di lang enduro ang tawag farmer s bike din kasi... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

sarap talaga dalhin ang xr125L, di lang enduro ang tawag, farmer's bike din kasi tawag nito sa ibang bansa...alam ko na kung bakit, although 159 kg ang load limit (includes passenger) kanina total load namin is 137kg, ang handling at stability ay almost the same lang sa walang karga (of course depende to sa nagmamaneho). Ayos talaga ang bike na to, all around, so sa mga nagdedesisyon pa, bilhin niyo na, all around bike talaga.

  • Oo ganda yan, gagayahin ko yan hahaha peace tol Elbert Navarro :)

  • Di kita ma tag sir lawrence scroll down mo lng sa page ntin makikita mo post ko

  • go lang ng go tol Kevin Charles Tan :3

Does anyone use a Bluetooth helmet intercom — Honda Shadow Aero

Does anyone use a Bluetooth helmet intercom.

Shopping for a quality set.

Suggestions please.

  • I don't have any problems with my helmet I. Answer my phone with no problems

  • I have an open face helmet, and to protect the mic (with foam cover) I cut the top off of a small gas line anti-freeze bottle, with cap on, cut a 1/4 inch slot out of the "neck" and slid the "neck" over the foam covered mic... gives decent wind protection...

  • Smart idea Skip Beairsto. Thank you ;)

04 aero carbon fiber wrapped — Honda Shadow Aero

04 aero carbon fiber wrapped ;-)

  • Have thought about the carbon fiber look myself. Looks good!

  • Thanks, the one good thing about a wrap is when you don't like it anymore you just peel it off :)



  • LOADS of people have my friend. If yours is a spirit are the risers built into the bars? If so, you can throw them all away, get new pullback risers and different 1" bars and you're sorted :)


  • in that case, take them off, and buy other ones with more of a pullback

  • Loosen up the allen head bolts...roll em back...tighten em down

  • you can also reverse the factory risers to move it forward a couple of inches for comfort as well.

Looking for opinion on aftermarket two up seat for my aero 98 1100 c3 and a... — Honda Shadow Aero

Looking for opinion on aftermarket two up seat for my aero 98 1100 c3 and a luggage rack that fits hondadline backrest.

  • Mustang. That's the best improvement I made on mine.

  • Mustang on mine

  • Mustang. I put a national cycles luggage rack on my 99 c3. And I have the factory sissy bar on line as well

  • Mustang.. I posted a vid of the comparison of stock vs 2 up Mustang on here with my 99 1100c3

How many of you use the oil mod kits on your bike Mine is an 83 V65 and I... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

How many of you use the oil mod kits on your bike? Mine is an 83 V65 and I notice most of my riding is around 3000RPM. Mine has 24000 mile on it. Has the damage been done already?

  • The most important thing to prevent cam failure is your valves are set correctly using the Dave Dodge method and your oil pump screen is clean. Thats my 2 cents most cam wear is from the rocker arm having the 2 valves on each rocker at a different gap causing the rocker to gouge the cam. If you remove your valve covers it should show whether you have a good flow of oil to the heads or not but valve clearance is crucial

  • my bike is a 84 tom ;)

  • cool, i believe they made some improvements with the 84's and with the 83's seem to be more vulnerable.....but we have the better carbs ;-)

Came out to my 2004 aero 750 and saw 2 hose lines hanging out of the bottom of... — Honda Shadow Aero

Came out to my 2004 aero 750 and saw 2 hose lines hanging out of the bottom of the bike right in front of the rear tire. Didn't have time to investigate yet...anybody know what these 2 lines are for?

  • Oily ? Lol

  • Why "oy"? Megan Rienzo

  • Battery overflow lines.

may nakatry na ba mag palit ng cylinder block and head ng TMX supremo Maganda... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

may nakatry na ba mag palit ng cylinder block and head ng TMX supremo? Maganda kaya effect?

Ang plan ko kasi is kung papalitan na namin ang RS100 namin na pang trike, i will suggest sa father ko na kumuha ng Supremo then pagpapalitin namin block, cylinder at carburator. Di naman kasi need ng high displacement na pang trike, kasi usually pinapalitan namin mga rs100 namin ng ct100 lang.

  • Ma una ka boss. Balita lng smin kng ok ba.

  • hehe actually kaya xr pinili ko kasi d ko na need ng speed na naibigay na at pibagsawaan ko sa dati kong motor.. kaya ayaw ko sumugal hanggat walang nakasubok hehe

  • sir dami na dito na yan ang naiisip, pero di pa talaga naitry...pag subok mo na sir, post agad..haha

Hi Guys — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Hi Guys,

Interested po ba ang group niyo na mag pasok ng entry sa customized bike contest ng Motorsiklo News Magazine?

Free po ang entry registration.

The event is entitled "Siklowista Bikers Day out" to be held on May 17-18, 2014 at 10am at the Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, Roosevelt Q.C.

Please do contact us at


Or send us your name, club, contact number, and motorcycle entry at

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I need some advice putting a new head on my firestorm with new cams etc when... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

I need some advice, putting a new head on my firestorm with new cams etc, when assembled the cams are tight and seem to not want to turn freely and i know this isn't right, they should turn freely right? Or is that normal for new head/cams and will free up once worn in? Or do I need to ground them in with some paste or gazillion grit sand paper or whatever?

Where am I going wrong here?

The clearance is right, the caps are right, the buckets and shims are right, everything is in place and done properly 110% and double checked yet as soon as the caps go on they lock the cams in place and they won't turn.

Can't find info on it anywhere.

  • The cams need a smidgen of oil, as when the engine is running they are coated by the residual circulating oil.

  • So I'm guessing while dry they will just be clamped in place until the oil squirts in and frees them up? Sound about right?

  • Scrap it :P

  • Try it with oil, they should easily turn by hand! Did you mount the caps on the right torque? Overtightening will also give more resistance

  • Chuck oil on the caps. If they are the wrong caps for the head ie different caps to what it was made with then you might as well scrap it cos they are line bored at manufacture

Good Day All I have a 2012 Aero and I was just wondering when the dummy light... — Honda Shadow Aero

Good Day All...I have a 2012 Aero and I was just wondering when the 'dummy light' for fuel comes on? Is it when you start to use the 'reserve'? Meaning I would have 3.5 litres (0.9 gallons) left?

  • 2007 - no light, just trip meter. When I hit 120-125 I start looking for a station.

  • 2012 aero here also. fuel light has been coming on at about 130 - 140 miles.

  • Yep, after a pipe and re-jet on an 04 my mileage did suffer. But the performance was worth it. Around 125 miles I start looking.

Looking for more advice on my 84 VF700S I haven t had it long and it had sat... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Looking for more advice on my 84 VF700S. I haven't had it long, and it had sat for around 10 years before I bought it. It has only 7K miles on it. I took the carbs out and cleaned them really well. Most parts looked great and were re-used. I bench synced them with the paper method, installed the carbs, and it started right up. It starts easily and hardly needs choke. Once warm though, it won't idle. I can give it throttle and it'll stay running roughly but if I let off it will stall. Choke won't keep it running either.

I've tried letting it idle with the fuel cap open. I've rebuilt the petcock with new parts. I've verified the bowls have fuel in them when it starts acting up. I put new p hi lot screw o rings in and set them to 2.25 turns out.

I have a vacuum gauge and I'll sync the carbs better with it running but I wouldn't think that would cause it to not idle when hot (may be wrong though).

If it cools off, it starts super easy and will idle until it gets hot again (5 to 10 minutes).

Someone put some loud Harley mufflers on it, and I'm planning to change them to a set of V45 Magna mufflers that I found if I can make them fit (I can't find good/affordable Sabre mufflers). Not sure if that would contribute, and not sure if it was re-jetted when the mufflers were installed.

I think I've gone on long enough. If anyone has any thoughts about how I might get this thing running better, it would be very much appreciated. I'm trying to do this on a tight budget but if I have no choice but to buy full carb rebuild kits for it, I guess I will have to...

  • Take carb cleaner spray in fule pump let it sit.

    Take air blower with rubber tip.

    Shoot a shot of air in it .

    Just hit with short shot of airblower .

    To get it unstuck inside

  • I finally got myself registered on and posted my issue there. While I was thinking it must be carb related a lot of people are suggesting the electronics as the culprit. I'll have to investigate that.

  • Joey Giddens if you want to come to Chicago and pick it up, let's make a deal! It has new tires, fork seals, battery, LED turn signals, petcock rebuild, carb rebuild, brake calipers rebuilt, clutch master and slave rebuilt, etc, etc. I'll detail it real nice for you, and then I have 2 other bikes that I'd like to ride....