thanks sir Jvhan Accel for accepting — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

thanks sir Jvhan Accel for accepting.

  • Magkano daw niya ibibigay? Haha! Jvhan Accel sumabay kana sa pagbili nila oh

  • Go Jvhan Accel :)

  • Madaya si Edwin Go ayaw pa sabihin sa akin ang price hehehe..

good am anung stock size ng xr125 rear na gulong. at may nagbebenta ba — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

good am, anung stock size ng xr125 rear na gulong? at may nagbebenta ba? salamat

  • ha ha pwede ko ipahiram sa iyo punta ka bahay. kita kitz bukas ng gabi.

  • sus ginoo.. mahiyain ako sa hiram haha.. mas maganda nga may 30k na deposit, esep esep ako at ipon ipon..

  • Ayun oh. 30K lang may XR ka na Jvhan Accel :)

Hi had new stater and battery on my CBF two years ago having starting problem... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Hi had new stater and battery on my CBF two years ago having starting problem so put new battery on question is I'm getting about 14.2 volts at battery with engine running is this ok I've been told it's to high and may fry battery??

  • Yes I no there's been problems thanks!

  • I also upgraded the reg/rec from electrexworld

  • i had replaced the stater coils twice and the rectifier once and there was a problem in the cables(a short circuit or a cable touching the bike i don't remember).Anyway my mechanic fixed it and now it works fine for two years.Maybe you have a problem like that.(in case the coil burns again check the cables).14,2 volts you can't say it's low...But maybe it's okey,i think the best thing is to ask a question to a honda engineer.

Photos from Kelly See's post — Honda 350x

For y'all that have been following my frame issues. I am breaking down all my plastics etc to take it to the shop for an inspection today and I just happened to catch my front end and I've always thought something was up. It does not appear straight. It is slanted if I am not mistaken? Top left is at 11 o'clock and bottom right is at 5 o'clock? I can not tell if it is my stem/collar or my triple trees or if I have bent forks! HELP PLEASE. I pushed the stems in to bleed in air if any and the right fork was fine just a hiss for half a second. Then the left one (facing the front of the bike) bled this red stuff. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

  • Haha! I wish I could slap you right now... No but for every other 3 wheeler and motorcycle.

  • Yeah thats exactly what i said "no junkyard for this bike either"…..youre working on this bike I'm not talking about other bikes...

  • You need to learn to read my sarcasm lol I know

Thanks for the ad — Honda Rancher Forum

Thanks for the ad

My gfs 2008 420cc rancher es

28 inch tires, wheel spacers, 2200rpm clutch hit, gear reduction, snorkel, hmf pipe, fuel optimiser, 2 inch lift in front, hijacker springs,50 ft winch, 2 dry boxes, full skid plates and a-arm guards and lots of powder coat

Just rolled 1000 miles

Im having some shift problems!

Anyone on here think they can help me out?

  • Check angle sensor on back of motor

  • How much grease did u put I done a foreman one time and put to much grease in a plug and it caused all kinda problems

  • Well it did it before I cleaned and greased all the plugs

    How do you check if the angle sensor is good ???

    Me and my Gf beat the shit out of it today doing hot laps in a field and it was fine then got it on the road and after a while of driving it wouldn't shift again.

    # honda es problems lol

Eddie Wallace created a poll in Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

HI my rear tyre is gonna need changing soon but is it ok to have different brand of tyres on front and rear ?

  • Thanks for the advice lads I'll think about it

  • I'm currently using a 180 70 55 diablo super corsa on the back and a 120 70 metzeler race tec on the front, it sticks to the road like glue, very confidence inspiring, gonna need new footpegs soon!

  • Yes of course you can mix brands. It makes no difference

My 2001 Honda Rebel 250 took him out for a ride today was a beautiful day — Honda Rebel Riders

My 2001 Honda Rebel 250, took him out for a ride today, was a beautiful day......oh...his name is Ole Blue......

  • Oh my Matthew... that must have been rough.

  • It was pretty rough but i tell ya i dont complain about rain no more LOL

  • BTW I love the electric blue on that bike soo sweet!

Returned from a four day tour in Sicily Italy. encountered all kinds of weather — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Returned from a four day tour in Sicily, Italy .......... encountered all kinds of weather ...... what an experience!!!!!!


Hi All has anyone changed their front sprocket for a larger one. 17 tooth — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Hi All has anyone changed their front sprocket for a larger one (17 tooth)? Am interested to get feedback on the results. Thanks!!

  • Sorry can't help

  • i think if you put a larger front sprocket it becomes like it has a longer gear box,which means better fuel economy its gear makes more kmh but less nervous ,less acceleration.I think also the most important thing is that your speedometer will not show you right it will show as if you have done less kmh than the actual.There is speedohealer and other devices to correct that.Your chain will not have a problem,usually the chain has a problem if you do the opposite shorten the gear box,more nervous ,less kmh per gear,most people shorten it.Personally i wouldn't change it.In my opinion it's the point of balance between everything.

Andrew Jenkins added 4 photos to 4 May 2014 in Honda CrossTourer Group Forum. — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

  • Hello Guys I have an Akrapovic titanium and carbon can for sale.This can is one year old and unmarked.It has a removeable baffle so it is road legal.I would like £350.I hope it is ok to post for sale on here.I will give you first chance before advertising it.

  • Stefano pensa pure a questo! ;) :)

  • I can only afford £200 and I will have it

Out on Sunday morning ride — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Out on Sunday morning ride.

  • ok mine is a silver colour on mine but yes would make it stand out more

  • I bet the pipe rock on the highway, mine sounds nice with the Cobras, I'm going to pop the baffles out one day and wake up the dead.

  • I want a bigger headlight, I've been looking around for one.

Best mods for cbf 1000 — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Best mods for cbf 1000 ???

  • Love to see pictures Ade. My MK2 came with a scott oiler which I found under the back seat. What a great piece of kit. I rode over 800 miles before it needed topping up & the chain is lubed perfectly with very little throw off on the back wheel. I would defo recommend buying one. It also had handguards, Givi topbox & older version of the MRA screen which also works well for me at 5ft 11in.

  • Fitted scott oiler, bullet lights, hugger, rad cover but my favourite is my paint job.

  • Top Sellerie seat

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My first driving this year with my daughter! Was a wonderful day, perfect bikers wheater!

  • lucky you was raining here in scotland

  • Yes, it was by a sattler

  • oh thanks, but i read the scottisch are the perfect biker on rainy Germany we have many only sunny biker

  • we have to it rains all the time lol

  • your pics spoke another speach, so sometimes you see the beautiful landscape of scotland

Question for all you old timers 07 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750C2 I didnt start... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Question for all you old-timers... '07 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750C2: I didnt start the bike in a week and theres been some cold nights. its in the driveway under a cover. In 60 degree weather yesterday, it started right up without choke but sounded like it was going to shut off, so I gave it a little throttle and it shut off. Throughout the day, I tried starting it and on 1st try it sounded like it wanted to start for a second, but won't. The 2nd try I just got the battery clicking. Do you think it's the battery, and if a trickle charger will do the job or do I need a full charge? Am i not starting this thing correctly? How does these things start?

  • Yes, thank you Juan!

  • I think a lot of people (please don't take offense) just don't understand when to use the choke. No matter what the ambient temperature around the motor is, the engine is still "cold" in a sense. I personally use the choke on every cold start up and give the engine some time to warm up before turning the choke off..... If it's a cooler day, say around 45-50F then I'll leave the choke on about a quarter way to keep the engine running, then loosen the plastic adjustment nut enough for it to go back in completely when the engine has reached is normal operating temperature.

  • Living in Wisconsin we have lots of cold nights and mornings. Hell, days for that fact. lol I always use the choke when the bike is cold. Never a problem.

  • I use choke just a bit every first start up of the day. '08 750 Shadow spirit

  • When it's cool the easiest way to start mine is choke out, no throttle, and it starts almost instantly. If the ambient temp is 60's or higher it's no choke and soon as it fires give it some throttle. I'm also jetted richer for the Bean mod and the pipes and have advanced the timing so my warm weather no choke procedure may not work for you. Sounds like you might be headed for a battery replacement too. Mine started giving up quicker before it went completely bad. Mine's an '06 DC model by the way.

My 1100 shadow Spirit 87 — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

My 1100 shadow Spirit 87"

  • Awesome year for the VT1100. Nice looking bike.

  • Thank u

  • Looks good. I have a 97 with 31k miles.

  • I love how bikes last like forever! I just bought an '07 Spirit.. I hope i can say what you guys are saying, many years into the future.

  • Mine is 85' with 90,000 km, and still running strong as ever !

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guys ok na pwde tayong mag laro dito sa race track na to anytime set na natin kung kailan

  • eto ang gusto ko... papano ba mag palipad ng ganito?? kaya ba ng xr natin ito?

  • punta kayo sa race track Sir Nanie Perido, ipapakita ko sa inyo he he he.

My Scoot — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

My Scoot


Hey everyone Seem to be having a carb issue Hoping someone can help Gas is... — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

Hey everyone. Seem to be having a carb issue. Hoping someone can help. Gas is filling Into cylinder 2 or left front and trying to figure out some causes and tips to resolving this without breaking the bank. I have put some seafoam in the gas because I thought maybe it was some trash in the tank. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Not sure whats wrong with yours but I just fixed my dumping fuel issue... One of the floats on both sides of it was about 3/4 the way full of fuel causing it to sink and valve to stay open. Ordered these and some floats and solved all of my carb issues. 068523?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:I T&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

  • Cleaned the carbs, did an oil change and she's running like brand new. Thanks to everyone for all the helpful tips!!

  • Look if float valve is sealing .

    The fule gose pass the valves into cylinder . Or float needs adjusted .

    So when u shut bike off turn gas off.

    Replace float valve or put a whole.carb kit in it.

    Might just need float adjustment

mga sir saan ba may magaling na mikaniko para sa xr natin mga bandang... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

mga sir.. saan ba may magaling na mikaniko para sa xr natin mga bandang paranaque , pasig or taguig area lang.. medyo maingay yung makina ng xr tingin ko kung hindi racking arm sa timing chain yung prob.. yung bobong mekaniko kasi sa motor trade sabi hindi daw sya authorized mag open nun! what da!! naging mikaniko pa sya.

  • ano po yan sir law? pag low gear ka maingay? pero pag high gear na takbo nawawala ang ingay na parang may sumasayad ang ingay?

  • baka need na po adjust valves if di pa na adjust sayo.i think first 2k ina adjust na.

  • maingay any gear

Hey guys had a huge ass pod filter on my bike for the last 12 months Needed a... — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Hey guys, had a huge ass pod filter on my bike for the last 12 months. Needed a restrictor plate in the pod to run it due to the huge flow inlet. Got a tad sick of its bulkiness and just took it off. Now I have to start the bike with the choke pushed down but need to lift it up to get any type of speed out of the bike but it won't idle unless the choke is pushed back down. So, is anyone out there able to provide some steps to tuning it right or back to stock? Any help is appreciated!!

  • The mixture has been fiddled with I'm pretty sure. I'm just curious as to how it all works and whether the small screw is the only external was to adjust things.

  • Clean carby will help while your in the lift needle will run better

  • Think we're having a communication issue. Thanks anyway mate (:

Mga brothers may nabili akong nano energizer ceramic coating sa engine — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga brothers may nabili akong nano energizer ceramic coating sa engine. Ihahalo lang sa oil marami daw benefits. Made in Korea to. I need ur advice. Thanks.

  • medyo magingat lang kayo sa mga additives. Dati meron akong brand new na kotse, regular kong nilalagyan nang additives tuwing change oil. teflon liquid. Nakalimutan ko na ang brand. Ang claim niya di maninikit and mga piston mo at seals. Makaktipid sa gas at hahaba ang buhay nang makina.

    Ayun after 3 years kumatok na ang makina nang kotse ko. Overhaul na ang kalingan. Ang effect kasi niyan taon, maganda man o pangit. :)

  • Thanks for the heads up bros...

  • Thanks for the info brothers!

Quintessential Autumn day in New Zealand — Honda Shadow Aero

Quintessential Autumn day in New Zealand!

  • I have heard from people how beautiful it is there in N.Z. I see they were right. Thanks for the nice photo

  • John, it is the size of UK with only 4 million people. Here in the South Island we have 1 million, half of them in 2 cities, that leaves the countryside absolutely empty. Think Colorado Rockies and Montana and you get the idea, with a bit of Norway thrown in with some tropical rainforest. February is the best time, best weather.

my new motorcycle I got it at Mazatlan Bike Week 2014 — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

my new motorcycle, I got it at Mazatlan Bike Week 2014.

Shadow 1100cc 1996

  • Nice Bike Joel, what mfg and model are your hard bags ? I have been looking for a pair like that.

  • I don't actually know. I've seen them on 2003+ bikes. EBay would be my recommendation. I took them off a rebuild I'm working on. They came on the bike when I bought it. Has matching trunk too

  • Sorry, that's not very helpful

Good news bad news time sorry did I say good news there ain t any front end... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Good news, bad news time.......sorry did I say good news, there ain't any :( front end judder has returned and cct has just gone say I'm cheesed off would be an luck with bikes continues :(

  • To bad man. I have a good head for you (front or rear) only located in holland. No problem to ship.

  • I've front end judder. Got it down to worn fork bushes. 82 sovs for all bushes and seals plus postage from lings ;-)

  • Thanks for the info guys and the website too Tracy will give it a for the front end I think you are right Mark, the discs are only a couple of months old and there is absolutely no movement in the brake lever when the judder occurs which I would expect with warped discs :)

its alive lol — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

its alive lol

  • Tracy Peart already spoken to the guy, all being well will order belly and tray from him next week ;-)

  • Good good, if you tell him you don't want super fast delivery = £10 extra it'll be shipped for less and maybe 2-3 days.

  • Already checked postage with him... told him i wasn't in a mad rush for panels.

Photos from Sael Requierme's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

My "Burfy" 95% to finish, kulang nalang jan yung fiber glass air box cover tom pa dedeliver ng after lunch and done..... Saturday sana mae uuwi ko sya....share lang mga Bro

  • From the looks of it mukang malaki laki ginaan nya sa timbang lalong gaganda yan sa trails (y)

  • Ano n po size ng rims mo sir?

  • inverted forks din sana para completo na :3

Mga kaXR Pakicheck ang bolts ng brake light nwala yung sakin kahapon kaninang... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga kaXR. Pakicheck ang bolts ng brake light. nwala yung sakin kahapon kaninang umaga ko napansin. wala akong pics kasi nainis ako hehe

  • tonight we drink tomorrow we ride :3

  • punta kami dyn sa 8.

  • Wait lng installan ko lng ng salbabida xr ko hahahah


MGA KA XR, MAY MALAPIT BA DITO SA FORT BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY? TAMBAY KAMI NI Kevin Charles Tan, Shell station malapit sa Saint Luke Hospital.

  • copy.

  • sorry mga sir, mesage ako kanina posadas n ako. nw. bnan na me.. sayang na sayang, ,sir allan sorry d me naka reply sau sa pm mo. punta na lng me sa may 7.

  • Ako bicutan !

Photos from Jet Velas's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mabilis pala mabali yung clutch lever natin. Semplang kahapon sa Cavinti,

  • sino ang may binebentang hand guard? baka pwedeng magdala nang mga items para sa XR125L natin sa wednesday mga for sale items. :)

  • Mkbli nga handguard mdli lang b ikabit sir handguard ng xlr tel q?

  • sir mon i coordinated it to sir Francis Terence Gilmo and Rhine Bautista to bring parts suit for xr125...

Anyone in here agree with lane splitting And the severity of the danger... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anyone in here agree with lane splitting? And the severity of the danger involved.

  • Just seems unbelievably scary to me.

  • as long as you do not blow past them at a hundred. Just take it nice and easy. We do not want anyone here to be starring in a look what happened video on youtube.

  • just looked it up and it is illegal in USA with the exception of California. Glad that most of the cops around here are riders as well.

Mga Sir ask ko lang sana kung pwdi ba ung REAR FENDER ng CFR sa XR125 natin — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga Sir ask ko lang sana kung pwdi ba ung REAR FENDER ng CFR sa XR125 natin..

  • Na post mo motor mo dito sir Tj Acoih?

  • Mga bro de pwede yung upuan natin sa fender ng crf rear fender malapad nasyado yan upuan, yuung sakin bumili aq ng isang buong set

  • ayun Jake Adolacion, kung gusto mo crf 150 look, si sir Sael Requierme ang pwedeng mapagtanongan, kaso kelangan talaga may mga physical changes sa bike mo, and that requires cash..hehe

Lady Fred shared her photo to the group: Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

Get on your bad Motor Scooters and RIDE, RIDE, RIDE LADIES!!! This Sat is a day set aside to HONOR those of us who ride our own bikes! Ladies from ALL over the WORLD will be riding their bikes on the same day!!!! I think that is just SOOOOO Flippen COOL!!!!! If you haven't joined the USA Event yet, Please do! Please Share! Link below. Let's show the WORLD that the USA Supports this HONOR!!! Wooo Hoo Yippy Skippy Doo!!!!!!!!

05-03-14 Sat - 8th Annual USA International Female Ride Day, ANYWHERE, ALL DAY LONG!!! s/271437849686398/?context=cre ate

PS … If you live outside the USA, Open the event and there is a link to take you to the World Event.