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    kung malapit lang sana ako mukhang masarap maki chill sa group nato — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    kung malapit lang sana ako mukhang masarap maki-chill sa group nato =)

    • Hahaha kiya Zirk Sarmiento :) ang dami tlga nabibiktima isa na ako dun ^_^

    • Haha. Dulo pala ng bulacan. Ang benefit mo naman malapit ka na sa mga magagandang lugar.

    • Oo nga. Dulo na nga.

    hello to everyone i have a question how do you change a handelbar on a honda... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    hello to everyone, i have a question: how do you change a handelbar on a honda shadow spirit 750 ?

    • Lol

    • Good to have this friends...we can exchange needed information...!!

    • Anytime Fernando I don't know everything but do know some...lol.

    Photos from Phil Farmer's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    FOR SALE:-VTR1000FW-SC36 (REG;14-8-98)

    4 Previous keepers



    Ta x = 12 Months

    Mot = 9-4-15

    Current Mileage = 28,805

    11-4-14 – Full service,Oil & Filter,Plugs,Air Filter ( I have a K&N to put in as the garage said mine was past it but I put it in a parts washer at work and it came up like new and have reoiled it)

    Brake and Clutch fluids changed

    Front and Rear EBC HH pads

    Front forks replaced,came off a 2000 year model,the fork seals and dust covers along with the oil were all replaced as a precaution. Mileage when work was done 28,551.

    This is a well looked after bike,listed below are the things that make the bike special in my view.

    FULL ENGINE REBUILD AT 19,000 MILES,including New Rings,Bores Honed and Bearings.


    EBC Heavy duty Clutch and Springs

    APE Manual CCT`S


    The bike was then taken to a rolling road and set up by a V-Twin guy who drag races,resulting in 111.09 BHP DYNO SHEET TO PROVE THIS FROM A OPEN DAY I WENT TO IN 2012.


    New Chain and Sprockets 15/43 better gearing ratio DID 530VX Chain.

    Genuine HRC Fast action ¼ turn Throttle Sleeve,less wrist aggro and more FUN!!!!

    At the same time I had 2 new Pirelli Diablo tyres fitted Mileage 27,622.


    Laser Oval Carbon High Level Race System (have original)

    Colour matched Pyramid plastics Belly pan (has a crack in as I missed the side stand one day!)

    Colour matched Tail Tidy

    Stainless Steel Braided Front Hoses

    Iridium Screen

    Renthal Fat Bar Conversion,makes the bike a lot nicer to ride

    Mirrors with built in Indicators

    Fender extender on Front

    BESPOKE HAND MADE stainless steel exhaust hangers and rear foot rests

    Anodised Red folding and adjustable levers

    HiD Headlight Conversion along with LED sidelight bulb

    Yamaha R1 reg/rec modification (runs cooler)

    Clear rear light

    Mini indicators

    Speedo Healer

    Scott Oiler



    Loads of red anodised bits as well.

    Apart from the Bellypan,this bike wants for nothing.

    • Damn, a very nice storm <3

    • Now on ebay

    Anyone out there had any bad experiences with the cam chain tensioners — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Anyone out there had any bad experiences with the cam chain tensioners? Mines a 2005 model and I've heard that honda sorted them after 2001? Coming up to the 24000K service and I'm wondering if I should bother changing them?

    • I've seen it on the superhawk forum some bloke had sets with different dots apart and reckoned they were exactly the same.

    • They're all the same as far as I know. Honda used the same design for 10 years on different bikes. They're really only a critical issue in V engines.

    • Following as I have a 2006 with 19000 on it

    Primary drive front sprocket. 13 vs 14 teeth — Honda 350x

    Primary drive front sprocket ! 13 vs 14 teeth?

    • 13/40 22" tires is stock for 85. Doesn't 86 have a different carrier and rear sprocket? Or no? Can't remember

    • The rear sprocket is different because of the type of bolts. The carrier might be as well not really sure I'm running a dual row

    • 14-40 here seems perfect gearing for what we do.

    Anyone know of a decent set of handle bars that fit the postie nicely — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

    Anyone know of a decent set of handle bars that fit the postie nicely?

    • Braaap bars fit up nicely mate

    • sweet i'll have a look, bent the shit outta my bars when i crashed and its like $70 or $80 for another set from onetenmotorcyles.com.au, was hoping to get out of it a little cheaper.

    • Get some pit bike ones mate there stronger with the crossbrace, I got some off eBay for 25 bucks but there not the best

    • Pro taper 50 bars are good and they are a bit higher

    • Handlebars arnt in fashion anymore famalam try a goat-tee all the kids are having them these days bruv oath

    Like a few people I have the problem of wind buffeting over the screen I like... — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

    Like a few people I have the problem of wind buffeting over the screen, I like the look of the bike so I don't really want to put a larger screen or additional screen on the bike. I was wondering if any one had experience of lowering the bars or replacing the bars with flatter ones? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

    • I had the same problem but I got a MRA touring screen with a adjustable wind deflector , it helped but had to adapted it to

    • Hello Sean, have you allready checked if a higher or lower position is better. You get buffering only if the border of the airstream hit your helmet. If you are above or below, every thing is fine. Just raise and lower your head while riding, you will feel the changes.

    • Hi guys thanks for both pieces of advice. After a ride of my brother's Blackbird I realised just how comfortable the CBF's riding position is!!!

    • Hey mate, I know this is 4 months after your post but I solved the problem by raising the seat to the highest position and lowering the screen to lowest position. The wind now strikes my upper chest rather than flinging my head all over the place. I've done over 18,000 touring miles like this so it works for me.

    • I have the standard screen fitted in the lowest position which means your head is in free flowing air. Wind blast at 80 to 85mph crusing is fine even on motorway. I think if I really want full protection then a Pan or GS, but I don't want that kind of bike. It's all a compromise.

    Mga ka xr125l may tanong po ako kasi kanina may mga highway patrol mga 4 ata... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Mga ka xr125l may tanong po ako, kasi kanina may mga highway patrol mga 4 ata sila tapos may convoy na 4 suv, ung isa sa SUV ang angas pinapaalis ako kasi nasa side nila ako, galit na galit di ko pinapansin eh, inasar ko p ng konti lalo ako lumapit sa suv hahaha sabay humarurot na ako at iniwan sila, now ung mga ganun ba pwde nila akong ticketan? May violation ba ako nun?

    • Cge po salamat sir Jvhan Accel may point ka dun baka nga may gumanti satin pag nag long ride n tayo sa susunod di ko na ulitin hehehe!!

    • uo sir Kevin, madalas mangyari talaga ganyan.. meron pa nga experience namin sa kahabaan ng kalsada papuntang bataan, may humaharurot na tricycle pa nman.. medyo bata pa ang driver overtake sya ng overtake, kaso ang haba namin para malampasan nya.. kaya ang ginawa na lang namin blinock na lang namin sya para makabalik sa hulihan.. kesa maka aksidente pa.. kaya ayun li-low na rin sya sa hulihan.. hanggang sa bumitaw na..

    • Kala ko ba ala nang utak wang2x sa Pnas? Lol

    Attachment Unavailable — Honda Rebel Riders

    This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

    • We can't see the attachment Megan :(

    • Bobby Demers- We had to make it out of a 7/8 socket, like in the video. Not an easy task.

    Attachment Unavailable — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

    This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

    • very good but only cross tourer stuff on this forum will leave this for the week so....

    • Very good safety advert no matter what bike, well done for posting it.

    — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    • Si Atoy Mo yata ang nakablue. :)

    • Ikaw pla yan sir mon ginud time ko ata ako eh ano nga ba tinuturo mo jn?

    • hahaha ako ba iyan? Kung ako iyan, malamang sinasabi ko kay Zirk na huwag nang suntukin si Marvin kasi iyong kumuha nang make-up kit niya eh tumakbo na at doon na sa malayo. :)

    Pano ba maglaba ng gloves — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Pano ba maglaba ng gloves?

    • Leather ko punit na kasi nababasa sa ulan

    • Ang pag laba ng gloves ay, di dapat kukusutan, binababad lng po 30min sa powdered soap with color safe zonrox and after it, anlawan lng ng tubig hanggang sa mawala ang dulas ng sabon tsaka di rin po ito tinitwist, e hahang lng po not directly to sunlight or pwede rin sa likod ng aircon...

    • Pasok nyo sa loob ng medyas tag isa tapos hagis sa washing machine yabg ang lazy mode kung tawagin hahaha

    Zirk Sarmiento shared a Page to the group: HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines. — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Mga kuya pogi. Racing daw for girls. Magsponsor ng ride yung suzuki. Game tayo dito? https://www.facebook.com/women onwheelsmagazine

    • Sali ka jan its a club race maganda yan sa skills lang mag kakatalo same bikes lang kasi yan...

    • gogogogo!!! nasa likod mo buong XR125L community ^^

    • Zirk, nagregister kna? :)

    Waxed up with the tail bag off — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Waxed up with the tail bag off.

    • I use DuPont chrome cleaner on the metal chrome parts, I just use quick detailer on the plastic parts.

    • Thanks when I got mine that was the first thing I thought was man there's a lot of chrome

    • I've never had a problem keeping it clean or maintaining it. The rims need to be kept waxed, it looks like Hondas weakest point in the chrome.i noticed a few small pits in the from wheel from it sitting under cover for a few months in the winter. I keep them waxed now.

    ngawet ang paa kakatingkayad. hahaha. D — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    ngawet ang paa kakatingkayad. hahaha :D

    • Nice1 sir!!!

    • Sir Ramon kano pala nagastos mo sa mod? Hirap talaga ako sa trapik eh.

    • Eros Panem, Pagka-alala ko :

      1. 14" x 2.15" alloy rims - P1,500

      2. 17" x 1.85" alloy rims - P1,200

      3. 14" x 4.1 knobby tires Leo brand - P700

      4. 17"x3" yokohama knobby tires - P600

      5. Spokes install and Balancing - P1,200

      6. 14" x 4.1" tube - P105

      7. 17"x 3.75 tube - P95

      total = P5,400

      Di kasama ang merienda, gasolina atsaka pagod. :)

    mother s mag and aluminum polish. anyone got the lowdown on this stuff — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    mother's mag and aluminum polish....anyone got the lowdown on this stuff?...using it now, can it be used with 0000 steel wool, or i buffer, or just by hand with a soft cloth?...and do ya keep polishing til no black comes off?..in other words any secret tricks with this stuff?...thanks

    • not sure why

    • i sanded the hell out of them, applied paint stripper

    • different material, i think those are mixed with a different material ??

    Minutes of the meeting May 7 2014 Jollibee Shell Gas station marcos highway — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Minutes of the meeting May 7, 2014 - Jollibee Shell Gas station marcos highway.

    Thank you for attending our first General Meeting. There are 12 attendees all in all.

    1. Zirk Sarmiento

    2. Armando Pedroza

    3. Ramon I. Castillo

    4. Allanzkier Rafols

    5. Brynn Punay

    6. Jet Velas

    7. Marvin Xanth Geronimo

    8. Kevin Charles Tan

    9. Ding Leynes Fernando

    10. Atoy Mo (Renato Mahayhay)

    11. Remson Ibalan

    12 Francis Terence Gilmo

    The meeting was presided by Pres Zirk and started at around 9pm. The following items in the agenda were discussed.

    1. Logo - Pres Zirk placed this on hold pending Mission/Vision statement. Ding Leynes will forward a copy of the FZ16 group for us to study it.

    2. Our meeting will be every 1st wednesday of the month in Jollibee Marcos Highway Shell gas station after Sta. Lucia until such time that we will decide to transfer location. Next meeting will be June 4 Wednessday 7pm onwards. those who want to go earlier please announce it so that others will go early too. :)

    3. On June 1 (sunday) , we will have an offroad clinic in a race track besides RC Cola plant in Cogeo Antipolo

    4. Once our logo have been finalized, we will have t-shirts and customized safety jackets made.

    5. Pres Zirk will require complete safety gear when we do our road trip. :)

    6. Allan won the solar rechargeable lantern raffle and I won the motorbike gloves raffle courtesy of Pres zirk. Thank you pres Zirk. :)

    7. there are some members who plan to go on a road trip to marilaque this saturday May 10. :)

    Please post corrections on additions to this report if any. Thank you very much. :)

    • Tugma ung logo ni Jet Velas at ung mission vission :)

    • Di n muna ko buy safety jacket, wait ko n lng ung s group ntin

    • Thanks Sir Mon...

    Baka may hahabol pa — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Baka may hahabol pa :)

    • sabi n sir arman tama na daw pala ung pulopot nya mahaba, bnago nya pa, ginaya sa amin. hahaha

    • Inikot ko p ng matindi ung sakin ayun hahaha napunta tuloy sa ilalim :( bawi nlng tyo sa susunod

    • Si Allanzkier may dala pala totoo camera hindi agand nilabas.

    Photos from Jake Adolacion's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    Sir Tj Acoih ito na yung bike ko..

    Pa post lang po mga sir..

    • baka mga 2 weeks ngaun sir Kevin Charles Tan matapos kona yan kasi my ginawa na akung design medyo bussy pa kasi sa work..

    • Samahan mo nrin nung rubber na prang spring ung kinakabit sa fork pra lalong pogi (y) ano nga ba tawag dun?

    • di ko alam sir pero may friend ako naka pag sabi ng pwdi daw pagawaan ng fiber ka customized..

    mga ka XR125 question lang po madulas ba ang stock na gulong sa city road ng... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    mga ka XR125, question lang po. madulas ba ang stock na gulong sa city road ng XR125L pag bago? makukuha ko na kasi si XR125 ko mamaya, para lang sa safety

    • Well, this is new, hindi ako nakatulog ng maayos hahaha, naka park lang kasi yung xr ko sa labas ng bahay, pero naka chain at naka disk lock naman. Yun nga lang syempre worried pa din sa mga magnanakaw. Gusto ko tuloy lagyan ng alarm. Nakabawas ng worry yung comprehensive insurance na i nadd ko nung nag purchase ako, pero still ayaw ko naman mag pabaya, hehehe thank you mga ka xr, sana magkaron ng meet-up dito sa taguig, para malapit lang ako, since ayaw ko pa mag travel ng malayo. Hehehe kung sakali lang naman. :D thanks mga sir!!

    • Haha paranoid effect napagdaan dn nmin yan bro

    • uu..kahit ngayon sir praning parin ako..ayoko nga may lumalapit eh at tinitignan..haha...naka disc lock with alarm ako..basta always park at secure places away from the heat and rain and most importantly AWAY SA magnenekew..haha..park na may malapit na gwardiya..

    Well sad news got the time to finally put the durablue posi lok nut on and the... — Honda 350x

    Well sad news got the time to finally put the durablue posi lok nut on and the seller on EBay gave me the old switcharue put this lok nut inside a 250R/350X box it's different it does not have the grooves needed to fit, very irritated to say the least eBay is getting worse and WORSE!

    • I have a correction on the purchase price, total was 36$ shipped I see that they sell for about double :D

    • Wow, yea I paid around $80 for mine

    • It took me about 2 years to build my X and I started with just a titled Arizona frame and part by part put it together... A family friend purchased one new and as soon as he got it (about ten minutes) he let me take it for a spin I was about 14 and I wanted one ever since that day... AMAZINGLY BALANCED ATC.

    For all the Aussies on here I m in Victoria looking to sell a set of mega loud... — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    For all the Aussies on here I'm in Victoria looking to sell a set of mega loud standard mufflers off an 06 and a Ventura rack with rear facing bag make me an offer I can't refuse!

    • Is delivery to uk possible, for rack & bag?

    • I've had a look at your pix John and your Termi's look to be set in a fair way. I reckon the L brackets would clear yours.

    • Nah I think it will foul....I had another look today

    Johnny Rentas shared Motorcycle Memes's photo to the group: Honda Shadow Spirit/Ace/Aero Riders. — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    • Not funny. Every rider is a friend to me, no matter what his ride is

    • Btw, I didn't want to be rude, it's just, like, my opinion.

    • it is just a bit of trash talk. like I did not buy a Harley because I do not like to have oil stains in my driveway

    • My comment was more for the picture actually :) I do enjoy the pun

    Photos from Kyle Kerr's post — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

    Selling a spike air filter for the shadow spirit 750. Comes with install instructions and 1 jet, in very nice shape. $140 shipped

    • Ebay or google search, I got this one off kijiji in the Toronto area

    • So cool I want but I live in Costa Rica

    • Just a tad to far Ricardo,

    thanks admin for accepting my request to join your group and sana makasama sa... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    thanks admin for accepting my request to join your group...and sana makasama sa mga out of town nyo na lakad......

    • Iyan si Sir Mil, kakasali lang join na agad sa invitation ng event :)

    • i try my best n makahabol

    • Welcome po sir Mil Argawanon sama kayo bukas meet.and greet natin :)

    • Mil Argawanon Attend ka Sir mamya...

    John Hinsby shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners! — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

    Ok evening all. I have some news and I am looking for everyone's help on this.

    I have just been handed the keys to the ozfirestorm forum and I am looking to inject some life into this with new members, new content and some new ideas along the way. My main aim to to use that as the main depository and easy way to look up info and subjects but to link this in with this great little Facebook page as well.

    I really hope all of you will look at joining the forum and mixing it with people that have been around storms and part of the forum for over ten years.

    This is a great opportunity for all of us.

    I look forward to seeing you there.

    Http://ozfirestorm.proboards.c om


    • I joined ozfirestorm a few months back, there was very little going on there so I found this page. I still pop on to ozfirestorm to search different things about the storm though. Good luck with rejuvenating the site.

    • Mate thanks for letting me know. The more we use it the better so if can maybe post a few questions or add to many post that may interest you that would be great.

    • Remember to join up as there is a heap of info and we are always after others feedback

    mga sir nasira tread ng spark plug ko dahil sa nagmarunong na mekaniko — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

    mga sir nasira tread ng spark plug ko dahil sa nagmarunong na mekaniko.Paano po kaya yon, re-tread o palitan na ang cy-head?sira po talaga ang tread kasi pinilit nya nkatagilid pala ang spark plug.

    • brod....dalhin mo sa machine shop yun at padaan mo ng handtop or retread baka kaya pa......

    • mga ka XR advice ko lang po sa mga baguhan na may MC or kahit mga propesyonal MC user. mga sir pag may problema po tayo lalo na sa engine wag po tayong mag atubili na pumunta sa honda dealer para dun magpagawa kasi guys ang mga technician po dun ay aral at dalubhasa pag dating sa makina at calibrated at accurate po lahat ng tools nila at nasa standard un po ang mahalaga......medyo matagal nadin po akong honda mc user ni minsan di po ako nagpagawa sa ibang mekaniko... honda technician lang po....marami pong salamat...

    • my gulay papano na yan?

    Photos from Terry Erickson's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    This is not a honda. But yes I have a 84 Honda Sabre V65. But DON'T YOU JUST LOVE MICE!!! I picked this little gem up for $250.00 from the original owners. They had the fairing and the sissy bar and road peg's put on it when they bought it new. But they wanted $600. Because they couldn't figure out why it didn't run. (Older couple). I popped the side covers off and said , Ahhh $250. They took it. IT is a nice little 1980 Suzuki GS 450 L. With 5,027 Original miles. Here's some pics. And what the mice did. Already rewired the regulator. Starting on the CDI Igniter but boy did they chew close to the boxes. If this is not alright to be on here you can remove it. Just thought i would share!! THANKS!!

    • hahaha seal those big compartments up and you could ice down the beer for those long rides

    • Ya, that thing is big alright. Feels weird even turning it while im pushing it in the shed. But man, it sure is in good shape.sorry to say it's in such good shape that it's in the shed being worked on in the 84 Sabre V65. Outside under the awning right now!! I'll get to it. But right now it has a screwy title. But the Suzuki title I have in hand

    • That fairing is big!