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Mga paps tungkol sa choke ng alpha natin.. mejo nalito po ko, pag nka taas ba ung lever ng choke nka on ba un or pag baba? Alin po ba dun ang "choke-off" taas o baba? Salamat po...

May isa pa po, normal ba na hard starting kapag umaga alpha natin? Anong diskarte/ orasyon nyo pra start kagad alpha natin? Akin kc mejo matagal mag start bka may maibgay kayo tips salamat po

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  • Alam ko sa deposet gas yan wala syang deposit hinde talaga mag sstart yan yan din nangyari sakin pa timing u sa mikaniko

  • sa hapon paandar paps pg ganyan wag sa umaga..hehe

  • Ayus sagot mu idol

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Must part with my project. Two thousand invested into the bike and parts sell as a lot or separate. Many brand new custom parts. Bike frame is 1985 Honda rebel serial number 13 with papers. Have pipes and engine with cone filter, new jets and gasket kit also. All wires and new battery and remote starter with alarm. Only 3500 miles on the engine. Atlanta NY. Make reasonable offer on package of ask for prices on parts. I will give it a couple of days before committing to parts. Cross posted. Can deliver within reason. Or ship parts.

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  • The original piece for the mirror signage are connected to my controls

  • Could you take a photo?

Patrick Doyle shared a link to the group: Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only. — Honda Goldwing GL1200 Only

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  • Patrick Smith

  • I'd take it if it were closer!

  • So would I! I have one in black. So wine berry would be cool.

— Honda TMX 125 Alpha Forum Page

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  • Pati plaka matagal..aabot pa ng isang taon bago makuha. Haynaku..

  • Tapos ang daming poster sa loob na "no to fixer" Anti red tape. XD.

  • Puro multa eh plaka at sticker d NLA mairelease eh. Unahin muna NLA ung problema nla.

we need 25 para makaprint sa logo sticker 3m reflectorize diay ni so far mao... — Honda RS150 CEBU Fan Page

we need 25+ para makaprint sa logo sticker, 3m reflectorize diay ni. so far mao pani ang naa sa lista. Kung maprint ni ugma pls lng sad tungha inig meeting. Walay meet up2x ug reserve2x

andy - 2

mrky - 4

mark - 2

robert - 2

dan - 2

cabardo - 2

felix - 2

ferven - 2

anthony -2

john carlo - 2

chemak/regel - 1(kay nabayran nani daan nahutdan lng pag1st batch)

romeo - 2

artche - 2

total of 27

comment lang kay ako iedit ang post. thanks

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  • total of 25 nah. naa pa sobra lima kay 30 man kabuok. palista nah kay init pa

  • Akoa pod 2...

  • ok master

Ok so how is everyone going about lowering the front end on their grom — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Ok so how is everyone going about lowering the front end on their grom?

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  • Yea thats the exact setup im doing looks sick man thanks for the info

  • Just to say you will need to find a new kickstand. you can cut the the stock one and weld it or you can buy the composimo one

  • I was gonna do the relocate on it looks cleaner anyways

Photos from Chris Roy's post — Honda Bike...Lifan Motor

Greetings! New member here. Just did a 125cc auto swap into my 1965 ct200. Man I love it! Starts so easy and runs so much stronger than the old 89cc pushrod motor.

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  • Jeremy Miles are you in Australia?

  • Nope sorry i wish i was

  • Finally got my wiring all figured out today. Success! Once I realized I had to "tee" the yellow off the 12v-6v reg into the yellow from my motor and then into the headlight circuit, everything works!

Mga Boss anu ba oil ung mganda at Myra lng pra sa motor naten Anu b ung mga... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Mga Boss anu ba oil ung mganda at Myra lng pra sa motor naten. Anu b ung mga synthetic na mga cnasabe nila at mura lng. Mgchange oil kc aq mea. Tia!

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  • Ay. Regalo lng kase saken to my dad q. Wala p kase q trabaho kea practical muna tau. D nman kase tau engineer

  • Pertua

  • haha..kaluka toh.." hehe

— Honda Rebel 125 250 450

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  • Cool bike, Like your tires. Which size and brand are they?

  • Dunlop 150 r 120 fr

  • Thanx, gonna get my self one of those then

Photos from Ondo Aranas Rojas's post — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

PTPA, mga sir, ano po ba compatible na fork seal para sa motmot natin para naman maka mura ako. Hehe. Tnx sa sagot

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  • Try mo ung a/f mixture nya sir Earl Castillo bka pwede png mahilot or else proceed to d valves and last recourse are d rings..

  • oil seal 750 orig pang xr125

  • Sir yan din po nang yari sa motor ko sa right side din po tumagas..dinala ko sa honda bumili lng ko ng seal oil tpos pang supremo na rubber po kasya jn mpa mura ka:)

Photos from Martin Smith's post — Honda Atv s of America

frontend porn..some will get it some's dirty!!!!!!!had alittle R stop by to say hi and drink afew beers with me.

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  • Sam Myers imo not even

  • Yea that's what I was figuring lol

  • Sam Myers but i'm cheep.i dont see paying top dollar for leager,lonestar,houser,etc.i have had them all and have sold them all.i dont mind my american star a arms.

Photos from Lucas Harrington's post — HONDA SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Just picked up my first Honda shadow last week! What do you think? Ordered the V&H short shots and PC5 any body running the same that might be able to help with the install??

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  • Where did you order the short shots from? Nice bike btw

  • Thanks. I went on motorcycle superstore. com. UPS ended up losing them. I ended up going to my local Honda dealer and they ordered them, had them the next day and they charged me the same price. Vance and Hines has their own website too. I paid about 420.00

  • Love that bike I have the same one lol

Mom says the bike can stay in the house tonight as it s the cleanest thing in... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

Mom says the bike can stay in the house tonight as it's the cleanest thing in the house

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  • Clean bike but voids your house insurance should it cause a fire

  • Mines in the dining room an home insurance said that's fine it's classed as storing it in a garage... Churchill

Photos from Anthony Wilde's post — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

armando sent me a link with these pics.i like this!!! i like it a lot!

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  • Good to see the radiator remounted .

    Makes it easier to focus on the cool stance of an unfaired VTR. I like it.

    It'd be a bloody handful on the flat track, a mate of mine did a Dust Hustle on one, keeping the it upright wasn't easy,with all that torque in the dirt..

  • My first thought as regards the rad is.... Is it big enough to cool the bike sufficiently ? That's only one of the original two?? There was a chap somewhere on here who fitted an SV1000 rad to his when he 'fightered it... And that appeared to work though....

  • There's a lot of extra hose line.. Obviously it would t cool like a second rad, but would increase the amount of fluid... It's a good point you raise.

Should I buy this 2300 km new tires not a scratch on it runs good rides good... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Should I buy this 2300 km new tires not a scratch on it runs good rides good $2800 Canadian dollars

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  • Aaron, try this site. ( Lots of knowledgeable people their and good advise on how to bring a bike back to life that has been sitting for a wile. ;)

  • Think I'm just gonna sell it for parts

  • Aaron it's prob not that big of a deal ,possibly the previous owner never used fuel stabilizer for storage ,that's alot of years for no more miles than it has. A bike sitting for long times seem to cause more little bs issues than one u ride constantly. It's way to early to panic and part it out

Robert Roye updated the description of the group Honda Rebel Riders. — Honda Rebel Riders

This is a group for all Honda Rebel owners on Facebook to share their love and knowledge of Honda Rebels. Past, present, and future owners welcome. Have a question about anything Rebel related, feel free to ask. NO BASHING!

This is a family-friendly page, so keep everything at PG rating or better, please. We strive to make this a great place for everyone, and your help and cooperation is appreciated.

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    Handbrake setups. What are people running. Company produced ones PSD DKS etc — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Handbrake setups.... What are people running? Company produced ones - PSD,DKS etc? Or bodging your own?

    Been quoted around £500 for a complete HB setup shipped from USA running Brembo's

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    • You amaze me lol.

    • You can get dual line setups that run the foot and hand brakes to the same caliper.

    • with a tap in you loose pressure in the rear footbrake that way so it becomes pretty much useless

    Photos from Paul De Doncker's post — Honda CB CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975)

    after having the pistons cleaned a few days ago the work is going further. Yesterday I placed the pistons, cylinder and cylinder head.

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    • I was reading about glass bead blasting cases and it said you have to make sure to wash out your cases very well after cause it can get into the motor areas and cause wear. Have you had any problems with leftover glass pearl afterwards?

    • I clean it afterwards with brake cleaner and air pressure

    • what is that guage that is used in the THR engine rebuild video on there site. Is it called a runout guage?

    Takegawa seat cover. Any good comfortable or not — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Takegawa seat cover ! Any good / comfortable or not ?

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    • you would be surprised how much difference it makes I hated stock normally and the cover makes it decent :)

    • I got one fitted Tudor came out wrong. It is much better over stock

    • Put it this way it cor be no worse

    I have plans on doing a full exhaust and power commander v in the near future... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    I have plans on doing a full exhaust and power commander v in the near future but for now..............what is the most ideal gear ratio to start with?

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    • Cheapest best is 14 on the front and leave the back. 15/36 is just the same and would allow you to get a nicer looking sprocket, but dearer.

    Attachment Unavailable — Honda Forza 125 Forum UK

    I may buy this instead of the forza :)

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    • 6ft2 its rather low for me but then the bike I'm looking at getting when I pass my tests is even lower

    • That is the new Forza 300cc version

    • :D

    Ty Lloyd created a poll in Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna). — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

    opinions and discussion on the oil mod?

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    • What's the "drill and tap" ?

    • On the side of the oil pressure gauge on the bottom of the engine there is a spot where you can drill into the oil galley and tap it to an 1/8 NPT thread. You then take a 90 degree AN4 hose and route it up to the engine between the cylinders, then you take a splitter and split it to 2 AN3 hoses to the heads. Here is a pic of it in the works.

    • It's almost as if it was put there for a reason.

    Gotta say enjoying the sound of the Akra a lot enjoyed the sunshine and ran in... — Honda MSX125 Owners Forum

    Gotta say - enjoying the sound of the Akra a lot - enjoyed the sunshine and ran in my 143 kit a bit - good times. Few more miles and I'll push the tyres.

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    • Easier said than done buddy, got a wife and 2 kids and every bill to pay for. My bike is my hobby and I think I've brought every little thing for it. I struggle to buy the bigger stuff. ATM I want a seat cowl air filter disks brake lines the list goes on. Haha one day I'll get there. It would be cheaper to get it sprayed yellow TBH

    • Very nice indeed.. Nice grom

    • Where's that swingarm from? Looks smart

    Second FYI This group is about the Honda Rebel Not sport bikes Not people... — Honda Rebel Riders

    Second FYI - This group is about the Honda Rebel. Not sport bikes. Not people doing burnouts on sport bikes. I'm getting tired of removing posts. Next I'll just remove people.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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    • We're not interested in bashing any group. We';re just also not into having a bunch of sport bike stuff in our group. This is a group for Rebels. If anyone wants to post stuff about sport bikes, they need to do it in a sport bike group. Those that do not listen will be removed and the group will continue on in happiness. No bashing intended or allowed.

    • If you look close you will see that I said "Most" people that ride them.

    • Good write up Robert.

    — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

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    • Wo ist das? Where is that?

    • Rannoch Moor. Scotland. On the Glen cow road

    • Beautiful! I am on the Isle of Man from 25. May - 4.June. I am living in Northern Germany.