So. I painted my frame and replaced the stator side cover. It ran great after — Honda 350x

So. I painted my frame and replaced the stator side cover. It ran great after. But now it wont start. Could it be the stator?

  • where exactly is it? Im working on pulling flywheel now

  • Pics or anything?

  • If you can find it or see it that's probably the problem.

Attachment Unavailable — Honda Shadow Aero

Hi folks. Quick question since my jet kit tech support will not respond. I am trying to figure out what piece is the snorkel. Is it just the piece the arrow points to held on by 4 screws? If so, where on the snorkel, exactly, would I drill the ten holes, as the jet kit modification recommends as an option. I already have a K&N in the bike but want a little more air flow. Thank you.

  • It looks like the arrow is pointing to what holds your filter in place. The snorkel goes up under the tank, off of what the arrow points to. I removed the snorkel on my girls 750. mfmc/14meg4e1/meg4f1700a/assem bly_files/9/0_0.png

  • 21,13,8 and 10 Is the snorkel I remove. I cut #12 so it just holds the filter in place and discarded the rest.

  • Okay Ronald Pidgeon I get it. I heard so much about removing the snorkel from people, but am still not sure if they are only referring to the setup you have, or if it can be done with the VT1100 under the seat air box set up. Thank you for the information.

New to the group I just picked up this 2000 Aero Super clean and good running... — Honda Shadow Aero

New to the group. I just picked up this 2000 Aero. Super clean and good running bike. It just has a small dent in the tank that looks fixable. (That's what I do)

  • Those are fast as well.

  • I getting ready to put cobra's crossover duals on mine. I feel that Honda made an epic fail when they only produced this option on the vt1100ct. No baffles and a stage 2 jet kit. Loomed at factory CT exhaust (direct fit to Aero) but the cost is ridiculous....

  • Yeah I think all bikes need an exhaust makeover.

Today marks six months since the accident that took my leg and Mary s was... — Honda Shadow Aero

Today marks six months since the accident that took my leg and Mary's was severely broken. Things are looking up, as Mary finally got off crutches last week, and may be cleared for work in a month. I have had my prosthetic about six weeks and continue to improve. I have really had the urge to ride today, but parts are in the paint shop.

  • Stay strong!!!

  • God speed!

  • WONDERFUL news....I am so glad that you are both doing well.

So I ve seen this question about 100 times But nobody has answered it with a... — Honda Shadow Aero

So I've seen this question about 100 times. But nobody has answered it with a definitive answer. Can we modify our bikes to install a hyper charger? Or with our intake setups, is it just not possible. Im not talking modifying as in a custom tank, seat, etc. modifying as in a way around the under the seat intake. I haven't had the bike apart yet to inspect this issue myself. Yet.

  • Carl Schmid although that is cool, because you have a single carb, it will not work for the under the seat VT1100. I wish it did.

  • I have never been really convinced of its performance benefits, 1100 would be nice though :)

  • That's the next thing for my '05! A buddy has a '03 spirit and he always smokes me when we get to second gear!

Question What should the rear shocks be set at for two riders totaling about... — Honda Shadow Aero

Question. What should the rear shocks be set at for two riders totaling about 340lbs.?

Also will be riding by myself at times. Is there a good setting to accommodate single rider or rider and passenger without having to change settings all the time?

2005 Honda shadow aero.


  • Mine is on 4

  • 5 for two and three single, but even at 5 with the lowering kit we scrape on the big bumps.

  • Max. No, that's exactly why the preload is adjustable. With some practice, the shocks can be adjusted by using just your hands. Try it.

Elijah Pannier added 2 photos to June 12, 2014 in Honda Shadow Aero. — Honda Shadow Aero

Honda Shadow VT1100C3 Carb Slide Diaphragm re-assembly tip. If rebuilding carbs it is crucial to get the slide diaphragm seated correctly during installation. If not, it will not allow the bike to go above 75 mph or so. The trick is to use you thumb of finger to push the slide up while installing the spring and then gently put the top cap and four screws in while holding the slide still and in the groove. Otherwise, when you push the spring and cap down against the diaphragm, the diaphragm pushes down and does not seat correctly in the groove. See pics. When installed correctly and you move the slide up and down it should should sound like there is an air seal inside. Trust me, do the repair once so you do not have to remove the carbs TWICE. Speaking from experience.


Question. what is the chrome piece between the V twin. Air filter case — Honda Shadow Aero

Question...what is the chrome piece between the V twin? Air filter case? How does one install this on the vt1100?


Punturin Valenzuela MX track see you tomorrow. Cno po available jn — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Punturin Valenzuela MX track see you tomorrow!! Cno po available jn?

  • Pre, baka d pwd ikutan un.. basa kc

  • Maputik ba masyado un? Bahala na basta silipin ko lng mamaya

  • Sama k smen s sunday pre?

  • Tignan ko bro may lakad kasi ako ng hapon :(

Hi Guys Gals This is Elijah s bike Can anyone tell me where I can find the... — Honda Shadow Aero

Hi Guys & Gals, This is Elijah's bike. Can anyone tell me where I can find the front and rear fender extensions. I have found others but can't find these. Thanks

  • Those were Hondaline parts. The front part number is 08P08-MBH-100 and the rear part number is 08P09-MBH-100, if you want to search around. All of those desirable add-on parts are VERY hard to find now.

  • Thanks Mike, That is a great piece of info

  • Anytime!

Rhonda almost finnished — Honda CT110 Postie. Bike Forum

Rhonda almost finnished

  • Any info? Build story somewhere? :-)

  • hi's a very brief rundown...I found Rhonda in the back of a shed on the outskirts of Sydney in a very poor state ...all the parts were roughly there but in a bucket! I picked her up for a song $60 (she's a 74 model) I was going to use her as a donor for another project she sat at home in the shed for a while until one day I was playing with the kick start(she had no wheels, just a motor in a frame) and it gave a bit of a cough, so I gave her some fresh petrol and cleaned the plug and gave her a couple of my surprise she started 3rd kick!! I figured she deserved more than becoming a donor so I feelinlove and started restoring.Unfortunately at the same time I suffered a massive heart attack and had to be airlifted to Sydney for emergency Rhonda sat in the shed for a few months until I got some strength back .. after some rehab( I was very lucky)I am now able to spend some time on her again and have got her to this stage..when I have recovered a bit more I intend to take her on a bit of a road trip, camping and fishing for a couple of Weeks that's about it. regs, steve

  • Thanks for the story! You will be fine racing around in no time! Great bike :-)

Anyone know reputable companies who repair oem gas tanks Any help is... — Honda 350x

Anyone know reputable companies who repair oem gas tanks? Any help is appreciated, idk if auto body shops do this or fabricating shops or if I have to ship it to a specialty shop google pulled up.

In my case I have: zero leaks, zero rust inside or outside but I will probably coat the inside after anyway, my paint is old and will need repainted or powder coated anyway with my restoration, I have a very solid tank except for the dents and missing paint around the top edges & gas cap.

Restoring OEM has it's advantages and disadvantages as well as switching it out for a new aftermarket plastic tank.

What are things you guys have done?


Anybody no the specks on how much the stator should b putting out on a 2000... — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anybody no the specks on how much the stator should b putting out on a 2000 1100 Honda shadow spirit

  • It should be 80 volts at 5000 RPMs

  • Ty

  • I hope it helps out...Google it...If you haven't yet

  • I just looked a couple of different places. One said stator output was around 40 volts. Also said using an ohm meter you should not get any reading at all between any of the the stator leads and ground. Should read less than 1ohm between any two of the three leads. Said if it fails either of the ohm tests it is bad. Also the plug where the three stator wires plug in has always been a weak link. It's best to get rid of the plug and solder the wires. Good luck.

Photos from Tom Wright's post — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

My dream bike is about to make my dreams happen...:-) oil,filter, new plugs, new coolant(full flush)...damn....doesn't get much better then this...:-)

  • owned 4 bikes, 2 camaros, one 72 gto.....never ever got a speeding ticket in my life.......but guess what.......i wouldnt mind getting one on this bitch :-)

  • thx Dave Dodge you pretty well walked me through most of this....for the polishing and paint i thank Ken Pichulo Kevin Mxo, and Vrod.....going to re-do the whole paint, i got it wrong with the clear-coating....but i guarantee you next time round i'll get it right.....just the way i am :-) many others that helped me too...i thank you all...funny...this is like winning an emmy...which most of us will never do....not sure what it is about these bikes, but i had the fever since 1996.....i wanted this bike to be the best it could be so i asked alot of questions, where i come from that is the way to go, i am the one guy who will stop and ask for directions while most keep going thinkin' they will find the way....most keep going in circles until they get so pissed off that they have no choice but to ask for help.....most good bosses i worked for always said to me, dont hesitate to ask questions.....i and never hesitated 1 second, and i never will...cheers ya all... :-)

  • The best part will be when yu make her growl and feel the raw thrust,,,,,,,,,no better feeling than knowing you did it yourself ,,,,,,,,,,

I have a 99 shadow aero 1100 c3 Just wondering if any other people with the... — Honda Shadow Aero

I have a 99 shadow aero 1100 c3. Just wondering if any other people with the same bike have the issue as me. I got one of those maintenance free battery's and when the bike is not running the lights are on. The issue is the lights drain my battery in about 30 seconds and I can't start the bike because the battery is dead. I do have fog lights but Theyre never on unless I ride at night. It sucks cuz sometimes I forget to turn the key off when getting gas or just parking the bike and that leads me to walking the bike and droppin the clutch to start it. Before I break out the meter and repair manual to do some continuity test, thought I'd ask some other 1100 owners. Oh yea sometimes the Starter clicks or the engine turns over really slow but the battery still holds a charge when the battery doesn't have enough juice to fully kick it over.

  • Found the issue. I had very low doubts that its the battery because Its pretty new and it's still holding enough charge to run the bike even with all my accessories. I started fooling around with it today after work. Found my voltage rectifier connection all black and brown. That same connector is fed off the stator and crossed my fingers that the stator is ok. Got the volt meter and checked for continuity. If you get continuity by touching a probe to one of the leads and the other to ground then the stator is junk. I lucked out with a extremely corroded rectifier wire. I found people upgrade their voltage rectifiers to an after market because the stock ones run way to hot and don't regulate the juice for aftermarket accessories on bikes. Found one on bikebandit that I'm gonna get because when im riding 500+ mikes I don't wanna have to worry about this stuff.

  • Glad you got it worked out Jay. It could be that the output rating was being reached sporadically by any aftermarket accessories you installed. It just reached critical mass when the charging became intermittent. Upgraded stators can handle higher loads. Ride on and enjoy!

Nice evening to drive in holland — Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners

Nice evening to drive in holland!

  • I used pirelli non stepson my old storm but I'm now on pilot2s n have a 6mm spacer in rear shock n it really helps the Nike stand back up out of a one of those ' oh shit' corners plus,tyres stick like glue! I get s psi fitted for £165

  • Oh, n I'm coming to Holland next sat for 8 days riding n Motogp! Dyno planned whilst there, etc

  • Raised the back and lowerd the front. You should try it Tracy Mckie Peart. Its 10 minets work and give much more feel at the front. Even with shit tires like diablo's

— HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

  • Mali agad ung info sa umpisa plng obviously hnd ito reliable source :)

  • the gas consumption is based on how you drive. baka hindi sya marunong magmenor sa uphill kaya nasira 3rd gear nya. every rider has a different style of riding.

  • Actually i had the chance to talk to him through e-mail. He is a credible source. Take note he rode that bike for a long time, parts wear out regardless if its a BMW or a Honda. He is talking from experience not only that he rode it to its limit. Most probably he knows more about the bike in long term use than most of us here. Our bikes are built in China, I have had several Honda's before the XR and honestly i think its build quality is the poorest. I still like the bike but thats just an honest assessment of the bike. Just because I own it it means I have to bias about it.

Anybody In the Charleston SC area. I need people to ride with — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Anybody In the Charleston SC area? I need people to ride with.

  • You aint sweet baby James are you!

  • Why yes, yes I am.

  • Well I got Carolina on my mind.

  • Yeah that's pretty funny.

  • I got the steam roller blues too..

Can i use Shell HELIX ULTRA fully synthetic motor oil 15w50 for my honda rebel... — Honda Rebel Riders

Can i use Shell HELIX ULTRA fully synthetic motor oil 15w50 for my honda rebel 125 cc?

  • I've read MANY articles about what type of oil is best for the Rebel. Synthetic or not, I would make sure the oil is formulated for a "wet clutch".. I use Castrol "motorcycle"oil in mine. It's made for motorcycles with a wet clutch. Otherwise it could cause premature clutch wear.

    I bought a used 05 Rebel with only 4k miles. The clutch went out within the first month. My mechanic said it was due to the previous owner using the wrong oil.. That really pissed me

  • Haha cheers mate ill buy the right stuff later

  • was told that if you use sinthetics....stick qith sinthetics

Latest problem on my fa8 — Honda CBF1000 Owners Forum

Latest problem on my fa8!

After appx 20 mins riding the abs light flashes and headlight goes out. Stop for a bit and abs light goes off and headlight comes back on???

Now here's the strange bit.....

Since flywheel etc replacement the grip heaters would only work on lower settings (also would flash if put on full power!) but when abs light flashes they work on full heat?????? Im guessing its because headlight is out and they can gain required voltage.

Anyone else had similar or am I just the most unlucky cbf owner ever?

  • I'm no expert but that sounds like a dodgy earth somewhere. I had my stator replaced in Oct last year and had nothing happen like you have. The stator replacement is covered under a 12 monh warranty, i would take it back and explain the problem is only since they had it apart. Good luck

  • Out of topic but Is it still cold up there to use grip heaters? Anyway, if it's happen every 20min riding after cold start, i think there must be very little crack on a cable cover affected by heat expansion. When the heat raised up, maybe the gap of little crack grow enough to leak (?) electricity. I suggest you have to check all cables after reaching 20min riding heat.

  • Reckon you are very unlucky with that bike Bryan. Hope you change it or starts to step up to the plate & behave like a true Honda!

Magandang gabi po mga ka xr magtatanong po sana ako kung anu po yung magandang... — HONDA XR125L and HONDA XR150L Community - Philippines

Magandang gabi po mga ka xr.magtatanong po sana ako kung anu po yung magandang monoshock na maaaring ipalit natin sa (stock na monoshock)may mga brand po ba yung ganun? Magkano po kaya ang magagastos ko kung papalitan ko.bumaba po kasi yung shock naaangkasan po kc ng 2 kapag naghahatid ako ng studyante.maraming salamat po..

  • Alin po sir yung stock po natin na monoshock pepede po ba pagawan yun?

  • Yup kagaya nunh kay sir Arvin Tan check mo pics ng xr125l nya

  • Gnun b sir. Cge salamat ha,:)titingnan ko yung s knya.hehe

Aero aerodynamic particularly used in styling of cars and aircraft. Sleek — Honda Shadow Aero

Aero - aerodynamic, particularly used in styling of cars and aircraft. Sleek.


how hard is it to replace the gear sensor its on my dads 08 420 and he asked... — Honda Rancher Forum

how hard is it to replace the gear sensor? its on my dads 08 420 and he asked me to do it. would like to know what im getting into. is it just one of the little sensors on the back of the motor?

  • no the rancher is my dads. All i have is my yfz. Its just for recreational riding like trails

  • Did cleaning brushes work?

  • well i rode it for a little while and it was fine. washed it off and started throwing code 24 and wouldnt shift. so i sprayed the sensor with lithium grease so hopefully that helps. i just hope it holds out for dad on his trip. did figure out how to do manual shift though

My 09 spirit — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

My 09 spirit

  • *did you do.... My stupid phone writes english worse than me.

  • Im not shaw mate they were on the bike when i got it

  • Ok thanks, I'll write to V&H ;)

Little words of advice from the experienced would be nice about now — Honda 350x

Little words of advice from the experienced would be nice about now...

1. I need to buy front and rear brake pads and I don't know jack about atv pads... I just bought a brand new rear rotor from EBC because mine was warped. What are suggestions and why do you like or stay away from?

2. I am buying decals/graphics and putting them on brand new never before opened plastics all the way around. Do I need to prep the plastics at all for the graphics? Have ANY of you cleared your graphics afterwords? I will be running a plastic tank.

3. Have any of you used a hi flite desert seat before or ridin anything that had one and rode the exact same machine with the stock seat. Mine is destroyed and I have a seat pan. So it is pay an upholstery shop for a brand new aftermarket seat or hi flite desert seat that is thicker and taller. Recommendations?

4. I have purchased fork seals for my front forks. If you look on the Oscar Mayer repair manual it appears to be #3 as an oil seal that sits inside the fork. Today the lightbulb came on and I saw on eBay they have what looks like #1 as a dust seal but it isn't really called that especially under a 350x. I know we run 35mm forks but are dust seals interchangeable for any brand if it is for "35mm"? I also NEED to know what else I should replace while I am tearing my forks apart including tools to do the job. I have heard of progressive springs for the lower fork springs but is there a way for me to test my current fork springs? And are "any 35mm" progressive springs good to go?

5. My rear shock makes all the correct click sounds on the soft and hard and 1-4 for dampening/rebound adjustments. But by just pressing on it and halfway jumping my butt on it I honestly can't tell a difference. Gentle Coaching sought please. This is my first rear suspension trike I've owned let alone am restoring. What do I look out for to know it is going bad or needs rebuilt? What about when will it possibly need a fresh nitrogen charge?

6. My other frame will be back next week from the fabrication shop after being given a gusset kit. When I move my swing arm over my current swing arm bearings should still be fine to swap over, correct? They currently have zero issues at the time.

  • You can coat the inside of a plastic tank and get paint or anything you want to stick to it. Oem brake pads will outlast anything.

  • Are you talking about the same coating stuff used on the inside of rusty gas tanks? What is it called?

Photos from Chris Lawrence's post — Honda Shadow Aero

Found a good use out of an old leather rum bottle pouch :)...being crafty.

  • Thanks guys. I really like to personalize my toys. Nothing does it better for me than original one of a kind accents :)

  • very nice

  • nice

how long does it take seafoam to start working once you add it to the gas tank — Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre Magna)

how long does it take seafoam to start working once you add it to the gas tank?

  • Turn the fuel valve off, run the engine til it dies then drain the rest of the fuel out of the carb bowls.

  • If the rust breaks up fine enough Tom it can get by the best fuel filter. I found out the hard way. My tanks have since been thoroughly cleaned

  • 2 ozs should be fine though. I had used half a can back when I had issues a few yrs back

tell me 1 thing frankly who is the fastest indian karizma R 223 or pulsar... — Hero Honda Karizma

tell me 1 thing frankly ....who is the fastest indian..karizma R 223 or pulsar 220F EVERY KARIZMA R USER MUST COMMENT...

  • Karizma R

  • karizma r......bcoz its stunning performance without causing any shivering on handle ...

  • Guys ,, jus don't comment karizma R becoz u own it . Even I too own karizma . Be frank , 0-60 karizma wins , after which p220 takes off its position till top speed . But remember karizma has 200% reliable engine when compared to any other bikes in this segment .

Hello everyone thanks for allowing me to join — Honda Shadow Aero

Hello everyone, thanks for allowing me to join,

  • 1. they share the intials H.D. 2. The girls love them.... 3. They love to ride around in pickup trucks.....

  • I sold my 1969 Harley Ironhead to get this one.

  • Nice bike.

Photos from Dirk Mingelinckx's post — Honda CrossTourer Forum Forum

At Grossgloeckner , weather could be nicer ...

  • deja fait 3 fois superbe endroit

  • Tout à fait d'accord ! Moi aussi , auparavant avec la vfr

  • Wow!

  • Very beatifulllllll

  • beautyful !

Mehkii Jerome Alexander shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Spirit/Ace/Aero Riders. — Honda Shadow Spirit Ace Aero Riders

Dope and Real! Plus, watch for motorcyclist hehehe

  • fucking rude brats!

  • Not sure who "reported" this post, but its not coming down. If anyone has an issue with posts up in this group unless the obviously obscene they aren't coming down. Don't like it? leave. Thanks!

  • Yeah, Im sorry... I did! I didnt read the complete article, my bad!