• parting out 2002 rsx

    Parting out let me know what you need will be stripping it soon

    Swap sold

    • Albert Diaz

    • ,Cristian Leal

    • Jesus Regino Hinojosa Rodriguez

    • Cuanto pides por todo el carro $$$$

    • How much the rear wing?

    • Interested

    • Is it a type s?

    • 2500 for complete swap motor ,tranny ,shift linkage, shifter, engine harness and ecu k20z1 with 6 speed transmission

    • Yes it's a type s

    • Cuanto los soportes

    • Wheels

    • Have you sold the engine harness ?

    • How much for hood latch?

    • It was bent no good

    • The cable for hood release