Paul Carter shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


Quite a successful day tinkering today:

- New rear 7x5 on to tidy the back

- Changed the starter motor to see if it's better on the BBK (this one id=181455493357&globalID=EBAY-GB )

- OPMID head temp sensor / voltmeter fitted

- Dremel taken to the back of the standard airbox kept to protect the BBK cone filter to allow a lot more air through

- Fitted carbon side vents courtesy of Carrie (thank you!)

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  • Cheers Gavin, not sure I can be arsed with that tbh.

  • Should be an easy job, nice thick cable too. Better than the normal fiddly stuff.

  • Anything you'd recommend (& where would I be able to get it)?

  • Paul - have you got a short video of you starting the bike? Would be useful to see if we are all having the same issue.

  • ^^^ good idea that man!

  • Not yet Joe, but I can get one.

    In summary it is pretty much this:

    1. Turn key

    2. Dash does the scroll-up / scroll-back check sequence

    3. Hit the button

    4. Nothing at all happens for 1-2secs

    5. Starter starts to turn

    ... then starting is subject to throttle-tickling, especially when cold.

    Hot restarting is easier, but the delay between button press and starter turning is still there (poss a little shorter).

  • For stuff like starter cable, you want to know how much current you battery can produce, and how much your starter will draw. Then go a bit above this. So if the battery can put out 65CCA, and the starter motor is rated for 80A, then as a safe bet maybe aim for 100A cable? Not done this before, working from first principles here! :) Also compare this to the cable spec currently fitted, to get an idea if you're upgrading it enough. I'd go for tinned cable, as it is more corrosion proof, and takes solder more easily. When you fit the connectors, don't just crimp them, solder them too. The aim is to get the biggest and best conduction path possible. Going too big won't hurt, but it just a bit of a waste, that's all. And why didn't I do this to mine you ask? Well, I never got round to it! :)

  • I've used these guys before, good service 48/1/cables

  • Sounds familiar Paul! It would be good to get this issue sorted before it gets cold again. I'll get a vid of mine tomorrow morning after a weekend without use - we can compare!!

  • It definitely sounds you need a thicker cable