Per David Pesarchick I have achieved The Silence Of The Lambs Managed to make...


Per David Pesarchick, I have achieved The Silence Of The Lambs. Managed to make a packed-in-baffle remover from bailing wire, yank those bad boys out and toss the fiberglass.


Back to my nice, low throaty tone.

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  • Could use a washer welded to a bolt and use two nuts on the outside to lock it in place. Called the lollipop trick. Google it. Then you can set the washer at the angle that sounds best.

  • Oh, I'm not trying to make it quiet, trust me ;)

  • I love it!

  • You ocasionally see NOS Snuff R Not's on Ebay but pricey.

  • There's a bunch of them on there now

  • Great. Now I'm gonna get obsessed with it.

  • What?? Aw, hell.

  • eBay, here I come.

  • I have modern day snuff or nots on my Super Trap mufflers on my V-Max. I have them as a tribute to the 60's which is when I got into bikes. I keep them closed, it all just for show.

  • These are the ones on my V-Max, I'm just demonstrating how they work using a ratchet to open and close them. In this case they throw off the tuning so bad they are useless, strictly for show.

  • Never heard of these?

  • I only knew of the homemade version lol

  • put them on your beer bottle to slow ya down

  • No! I'm in love! (But not so in love I'll pay $80 on eBay. Not that kinda love. It's kinda like when you meet someone really great in L.A. then find out they live on the West Side. You're all "You are so amazing you're totally my soulma- ... Oh.... Been nice chatting, bye!")

  • Lmfao!!!

  • Just make some...

  • Becky - I always imagined you would have a nice low throaty tone.